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The volunteers were offered free board and lodgings. Their expenses were of course taken over by the organization and they received the same gift-package as all our guests. At the end of the IBO, all of them received a personal work certificate in recognition of their commitment.

5. 5. 2  Team Guides As we mostly had Olympiads-experienced guides, the organizers made the decision to give each of them the responsibility for two teams, i.e. up to 8 students, instead of only one delega­ tion. The teams were put together mostly randomly. Every team guide was also deputy team guide for another colleague and had to step in in special circumstances. Team guides were hierarchically organized, 5 senior guides were responsible for 5-6 team guides each. All senior guides reported to the chief guide who himself was also in charge of team guides. This turned out to be a heavy work load for the chief as he also had organizational duties. Retrospectively, this organization worked out well but it would have been better to have an additional senior guide to ease the chief’s work load.

5. 5. 3  Jury Guides Here again, our point of view was that the jury members were all independent adults, mostly used to travel, so that we felt that besides a close support during the sessions, basic support would be enough, especially at the beginning of the week and till one found the venues easily. Bern is of course, thanks to its small size, very easy to get along with. Besides, the management was reachable at all time in the office or by phone. Further, the guides accompanied the jury on their excursions, took over an intensive shift for the printing of the practical exams and helped in various other tasks (e.g. during both ceremonies and the set-up of the theoretical exams).

5. 5. 4  Scientific Assistants The scientific assistants also were recruited among former participants of an Olympiad and were all “professionals” in their fields of action. Besides, 3 persons were responsible for the practical exams. One out of them took the overall responsibility for the 11 scientific assistants that would prepare and oversee the exams (with the assistance of team guides). Additionally, 4 persons were responsible of the IT. All of them were under the supervision of the scientific project manager and instructed by him. Some of them were deeply committed and invested many hours well in advance to the IBO.

5. 5. 5  All-rounders As stated by the name, these seven were our aces during the IBO. They were our reserve volunteers and jokers for any unforeseen situation. They had to be very flexible, be able to meet high demands and step in for whatever problem had to be solved. These persons turned out to be much demanded and extremely helpful. They were set on very different tasks, for example as nurse, messenger, jury guides and more.

5. 5. 6  Media Team The media team was recruited among friends of former Biology Olympiads participants or acquaintances. We were lucky to find skilled people, one of them even a professional journal­ ist, ready to pick up this challenge in their free time. Three of them concentrated mainly on writing, whereas the fourth member was an excellent amateur photographer. But tasks were 50 | finalreportIBO

IBO 2013 Final Report  
IBO 2013 Final Report