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TABLE 5 . 6  Means of transportation chosen to travel to Switzerland of all guests that provided the relevant information.

Transfers during the IBO Week Public Transport:

Given the size of the City of Bern and its easy-to-use, dense and high frequented public trans­ port system, many transfers were done by tram or bus. For each guest, a 10 day-pass was pro­ vided, and, in the case of jury members, observers and volunteers, was handed to each person upon registration. This allowed all of them free transport in the entire city also for transports that were not part of the IBO program. The students’ passes were kept by the team guides in charge so that uncontrolled and unauthorized transports without a team guide could be limited.

Hired Busses:

Busses from a public transport company (PostBus) were hired for all excursions to locations outside the City of Bern, the arrival and departure shuttles and all exam related transfers. In each bus and during each transfer, at least one but usually two volunteers were accompanying and caring for all guests. On excursions, students were split into groups and assigned to one specific bus labeled with an individual logo. The logo was put in the badges of each student to make the assignment clear for both students and team guide. With this option, team guides could easily spot whether a student was amiss after a sight had been visited. Understandably, some students would have wished to change their bus during excursions to meet other participants but making it hence­ forth nearly impossible for the team guides to keep an overview on all participants. This was hence not accepted.


Similar to the pick-ups on the arrival day, guests were also offered drop-off services again to the Bern-Belp and Zurich Airports. Additionally, students were brought to the Bern main train station or the jury hotel upon request. Again, and even though all delegations were even reminded in the jury session during the IBO itself to submit their departure information online, not all delegations have informed us about their plans (see TABLE 5 . 7 and chapter chapter 5. 7. 2 ).

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