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Lacking a source for massage chairs (a much appreciated innovation provided at the IBO 2012 in Singapore) relaxation / yoga sessions were offered on Monday and Wednesday for all jury members during the afternoon break. The seating arrangements were done with reference to preferences as stated during the IBO 2012 in Singapore and according to languages, see appendix 8.3.3. Example for language col­ laboration: Switzerland translates usually in German and French and therefore works together with the other French and German speaking delegations, hence with Belgium, Germany and Liechtenstein. Belgium on the other hand is equally bilingual (French and Flemish) and works together with the Netherlands. These delegations were therefore seated next to each other.

5. 4. 3  Food and Beverage Nowadays, Swiss cuisine bears witness of many regional influences, especially from ­ witzerland’s neighbors Italy, France and Germany, but still features many specific local S dishes. A focus on traditional Swiss food was set during the “Swiss Night” on Thursday, July 18. For all other meals of the IBO week, catering partners were instructed to choose rather pan-European dishes commonly eaten in modernday Switzerland than to concentrate entirely on traditional Swiss food.

Special Diets

All guests were asked to inform the organizers during the online registration about their needs for special diets. The list, as shown in TABLE 5 . 3, was forwarded to all catering partners to ensure that all participants’ needs could be met. Additionally, all caterers were asked to label all dishes in English and to clearly state especially whether meat was used, and if so, of which origin ( i.e. chicken or beef ). Unfortunately, the labeling was not done by all partners with the same accuracy, making it in some cases difficult for guests with special diets to identify suitable meals. Vegetarian / halal


No pork


No pork or beef


No fish / sea food




Wheat allergy


Lactose intolerance


Other allergies


TABLE 5 . 3  Special diets of all participants ( including volunteers and organizers) based on data provided during online registration.


Being unable to organize all meat to respect Islamic dietary laws, we informed all catering partners that at least no pork or pork sourced products should be used during the preparation of any food. Additionally, all caterers were asked not to use any alcohol when preparing any dishes, guaranteeing at least all vegetarian dishes to be halal.

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