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All other volunteers were housed in the youth hostel of Bern, with 2 to 5 persons per room. Although volunteers with the same jobs were put in the same rooms, they nevertheless often had different working schedules ( night shifts; early rises…) causing unwanted disturbance for their roommates. A maximum of 2 persons per room would have been preferable, taking into account the fact that most volunteers had long shifts and only few sleeping hours.

5. 4. 2  Jury Room The success of the IBO with an ever growing number of delegations each year as well as the technical progress logically have consequences on the demands on infrastructure. Needs and expectations about the technical and logistics facilities and requirements for the jury room grow and hence, finding a suitable location for the jury sessions was a difficult task. Some of the demands that needed to be fulfilled were: ▪▪ Enough working space for about 220 people ▪▪ Easily reachable from all jury hotels ▪▪ Room and facilities to serve lunch and dinner as well as to offer constant provision of snacks and drinks, also through the night ▪▪ Power supply for 220 laptops and 6 printers ▪▪ Sufficiently strong internet connection for all persons (the newly offered translation tool was linked to a data base and set up in an internet browser) ▪▪ Visual and acoustic technical infrastructure sufficient for 220 persons ▪▪ Technical support during the entire period (also with respect to laptops and computer systems from 64 different countries) After evaluating several options, only two possibilities were left. Either the entire infrastruc­ ture could be set up by the organizers in an exhibition hall (potentially a little bit cheaper, but related two a high amount of manpower and more coordinating/logistics problems) or a professional conference provider could be hired. In the end, the latter solution was chosen by booking a hall in the Kursaal Bern. This guaranteed a professional infrastructure with technical support, all in-house, including catering; a great relief for the IBO 2013 organizing team and worth every penny spent. It turned out to be a very much appreciated venue by all jury members. Due to the complexity of the jury work and the number of persons attending, it was not possible to guarantee a smooth process of the session without a specific, costly and complex infrastructure, at least not in a country such as Switzerland. Each delegation was provided with a laptop ( English keyboards) with which they could use the equally provided printers. Additionally, a USB stick and a hard copy of the practical exams in either English, Russian or both were distributed. The power sockets were changed to the frequently used European Schuko plugs instead of the unique Swiss power sockets. Adapters were provided by the technical support company upon request. A Wi-Fi internet connection was available throughout the entire period of the jury session.

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IBO 2013 Final Report  
IBO 2013 Final Report