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ally, always after the students returned from other events. The students and team guides were free to meet, chat, play and stay up till the room was closed. The decision to close the room was made by the senior guides depending on the attendance. As the room was in a separate, uninhabited building across the street of the hotel, neither hotel guests nor neighbors were bothered by the sometimes quite vivid and noisy program. Within the common room, students were free to decide what to do. However, mostly senior and chief guides had organized special programs which they carried out spontaneously depending on the crowd’s mood. Thanks to our guides (most of them former participants themselves) this has proven to be a great solution. Hence, games were learned and played, little competitions and karaoke nights organized. The evening program was well appreciated by the students. As the answers in the questionnaire show, 85% of the students gave a positive feedback (see chapter 7). During all nights, students were free to go to bed whenever they thought fit. A couple of team guides were always present in the reception of the hotels in case of questions or emergencies and to make sure that no student would use the computers situated in the lobby. They were present as well on the nearby tram stop to prevent the students from sneaking into town. When the common room was closed, the remaining students were accompanied to the hotel. Find below a choice of the additional evening program that was set up for the students:

Ice Breakers, Monday:

In order to break the ice and help the students to get over initial shyness, so called Ice Break­ ers were kindly organized by the “Unisport” (sports program of the University of Bern) and were carried out with the help of the team guides. In funny games that took place outdoors on a sport pitch close to the common room, participants were encouraged to interact and talk to other students, especially from other delegations. The games played were optional but were attended by a very high percentage of all participants (event though exams were scheduled for the next day).

Sports and Entertainment, Tuesday:

Organized once more by “Unisport”, the students could enjoy a diversion from their brain powered exams after the practical exams on Tuesday and spend some energy on sports. Again, and thanks to good weather, the program took place outside and was attended by the majority of all students. It was considered important by the organizers to counterbalance the intellectual strain and relieve the nervous tension inherent to the IBO with physical activities.

Bio Video Competition, Tuesday:

The traditional Bio Video Competition took also place in 2013. As many as 10 delegations (highest number ever) have sent in their video in 2013, showing in their own creative way why they loved biology. Five out of them were selected in advance by the coordinators and shown to the students on Tuesday after the sports program for their final decision. The winner of the competition, team Switzerland and Liechtenstein, was announced on Saturday during the gala dinner.

Farewell Disco, Saturday:

After the closing ceremony and the gala dinner, students returned to their hotels. From former participants we knew that during the nights after the exams and especially on the last night,

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IBO 2013 Final Report  
IBO 2013 Final Report