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5. 2. 3  Budget and Expenses The budget eventually settled at roughly CHF 2 Mio from which expenses for infrastruc­ ture and logistics (accommodations, catering and transport with excursions) sum up to 37%, whereas the jury session with the necessary technical support accounts for 9%. Expenses for material make 7% of the total of expenses (most of which, i.e. 84%, is exam material). Alto­ gether, the jury sessions and the exams take about 15% of the budget. Finally, the overall budget was structured as shown in CHART 5 . 1.

5. 2. 4  Contributions of University of Bern The University of Bern generously contributed the following infrastructure and services: ▪▪ All university owned rooms used during the IBO (labs, lecture halls (exams and coordinators’ meeting), offices) ▪▪ Office infrastructure ▪▪ Media support, administration human resources, IT (only regular office support; not the programming of the translation tools or tablets) ▪▪ Advice in legal matters, insurances, taxes ▪▪ Scientific assistance by university scientists for theoretical exams and, in case of three practical exams contributions to the preparatory works

5. 2. 5  Contributions of Natural History Museum of the Burgergemeinde Bern The Museum was an important partner for the IBO 2013 also because they supported one practical exam in its development and generously allowed the scientific management to use

Reception at the Natural History Museum of the Burgergemeinde Bern, jury members admiring the exhibition.

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IBO 2013 Final Report