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After a first positive feedback in the beginning, the flow of money dried up for most of 2012 and led the organization team to work out scenarios in case of continuing lack of funds. First steps were taken to react to the situation with an intensification of fundraising while making budget cuts (budget reduction of about one third) wherever possible but without affecting the quality of the event. Fortunately, by the end of the year, several requests, which had been pending for a long time, were positively answered. This meant that all financial needs based on the new budget were then covered and the team could concentrate on the core activity. This also meant that we could hire some much needed scientific assistants for the scientific project manager in order to meet the high quality demanded, as the formulation of the exam ques­ tions turned out to be much more intensive and time consuming (see chapter 6). The efforts put into this were more than legitimate as the quality of the questions was given high scores by the jury (see chapter 7). 86.9 % marked the practical exams with 4 to 5, i.e. good to over the expectations, whereas the theory exams reached the result of 79.7%. In terms of averages this would be 4.1 and respectively 4.04 points.

CHART 5 . 1  Expenses IBO 2013 in percent of overall budget.

The final budget of the IBO was very lean in the end but still allowed us to offer a comfortable stay in Switzerland with interesting activities and excursions.

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IBO 2013 Final Report