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Dear all The 24th IBO is history now, even if we have been still working on it for quite a long period of time. We will carry the wonderful memories for ever in our hearts. And actually, there has been no emotional emptiness straight after this huge event since there were enough other challenges. In the meantime we analysed the IBO 2013 and I am still able to say – as I did immediately after the event – the IBO 2013 was a big success. Many of the innovations we boldly imple­ mented have been welcomed enthusiastically and have set new standards, for example the changes in the weekly programme, the translation software and the computer tablet based theory exams. There were no major problems, minor ones have been carefully analysed and transparently solved. The feedback from the majority of the delegations was enthusiastic and appreciative. Could we have dreamed any better? Let’s hope we and Switzerland with our culture, way of solving challenges or sharing know­ ledge could offer all of the participants and jury members a unique experience, a lot of joy, sustainable new friendships and inputs for their future lives.

Knowledge is one of the few things that doubles when you share it. So does joy. Once more, I wish to thank the University of Bern, the Association of Swiss Scientific ­Olympiads, the Natural History Museum of the Burgergemeinde Bern, the city of Bern, the canton of Bern, the State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation SERI, the ­Principality of Liechtenstein and all our supporting partners for their commitment. Only your reliable and huge support made the IBO 2013 as the first international science Olympiad in Switzerland possible. Last but not least, I want to thank again our volunteers who did an amazing job during the week. We hope you enjoyed the IBO 2013 in Bern and will come back soon. Thank you.

Mathias Wenger, MD

Chairman IBO 2013

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IBO 2013 Final Report