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meant that if the financing could not be ensured, the realization of the IBO was questioned as otherwise the financial basis of the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads could be jeopardized. Both options were certainly not satisfying. It was therefore of the utmost importance to be able to plan as soon as possible the expenses, i.e. have a good estimation of the number of participants in order to take the necessary steps against these risks. But then, there still was another point to consider. Swiss organizers early on made the decision to set a very low delegation fee in the belief that fees should not be a reason for any country to decide against a participation in the IBO 2013, especially in times of financial disarray, as already the trip to Switzerland could represent quite a financial burden for many countries.

5. 2. 1  Fees With respect to the points outlined above, the idea to implement a scaled fee system came up early in the preparation of the IBO and was considered to be a good solution to meet various demands: ▪▪ Countries usually know quite soon, if they will take part in the next IBO. There should therefore be no difficulties to announce the participation early, especially as no names or details were asked for at an early stage. ▪▪ As a result, the organizers had an early enough estimate about the number of ­delegations and were then able to extrapolate an approximation about the number of participants. As a consequence, infrastructure could be organized quite early and better prices negotiated. ▪▪ Last but not least, the system of scaled fees is already implemented and used for scientific conferences, also with some additional costs that are induced when changes are made afterwards. Hence the organizers could expect most coordinators to be at ease with such a system; if not, support was supplied on demand. The scaled fee system was set as follows: Registration

Delegation (max. 4 students and 2 jury members)

Additional jury members ( per person )

Till March 2, 2013



CHF 1,700.-

Till April 13, 2013

CHF 1,200.-

CHF 1,800.-

Till May 31, 2013

CHF 1,500.-

CHF 2,000.-

From June 1, 2013 onward

CHF 2,500.-

CHF 2,500.-

TABLE 5 . 1  Newly implemented scaled fee system depending on status of participation and time of registration.

It must be stressed that none of the delegation fees (for 6 persons) but the highest one covered the cost of one guest for the week. The decision about such low fees obviously had quite an impact on the budget as the contribution of the delegations to the IBO would be modest and the missing sum would have to be compensated by raising funds elsewhere.

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