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5. IBO 2013 5 . 1  Logo

For most people the IBO 2013 logo was a surprise although the overall reaction was positive. The IBO 2013 decided not to represent the DNA spiral, animals or plants that are easily identified with biology. Instead, the focus was on other parts of modern biology with the abstract representation of signal transduction. The IBO 2013 logo shows a very simplified version of this fundamental biological process by which a biological cell reacts to external information. The signaling pathway is started by the interaction of a hormone – represented by the Swiss banner – with a receptor. This input will be transmitted through the whole cell by a multitude of proteins and ends up with a cellular response, represented by the four blue dots. According to the organizers of IBO 2013, this process has a lot in common with the IBO as it sends out new signals in scientific education. The young participants receive an important input, enabling them to gain new experiences and acquire additional skills. They will enlarge their knowledge in biology, meet new and foreign cultures and get to know many young peo­ ple from all over the world. IBO 2013 in Switzerland wished to inspire young scientists and affect their future activities positively.

5 . 2  Funding The success of the IBO, its growing, has obvious consequences on the complexity inherent to the organization of an IBO but especially also on its financial aspects. The size of the IBO, the number of participants, the increased needs in terms of logistics, IT and infrastructure is coupled with higher costs. As a consequence the budget could turn out to be a bigger problem each year for countries willing to organize this event. Switzerland’s situation may be considered as particular, as the associations in charge of the Olympiads and the IBO 2013 organization are funded through fundraising. Science O ­ lympiads in Switzerland are not state institutions and therefore need to raise their own funds. Only a start financing was granted by the State but nobody was ready to take up a deficit guarantee. This finalreportIBO | 27

IBO 2013 Final Report