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3 . 1  Steering Committee The steering committee was responsible for all strategic decisions concerning the organization of the IBO and supervised the work of both project managers. The members of the steering committee were representatives of all institutions involved in the realization of the IBO: ▪▪ Chairman: Mathias Wenger, MD, Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads ▪▪ Members: Natalie Baumann, University of Bern, Institute of Biology Michael Jutzi, Vice-President Swiss Biology Olympiad ibo|suisse Marco Hollenstein, University of Bern, Vice-Rectorate Development Marlis Zbinden, Director of the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads Due to its small size (only one secondary/high school) the Principality of Liechtenstein has been working very closely with ibo|suisse for its national biology Olympiad and was therefore involved in organizing the IBO 2013. Helmut Konrad, State School Board (Schulamt) of the Principality of Liechtenstein, was a guest member of the steering committee.

3 . 2  Management 3. 2. 1  Project Management Administration The project management administration was in charge of all operative and administrative aspects of the week’s program, i.e. all that had not a downright scientific essence (i.e. exams, jury sessions). At the beginning, the team consisted of 2 persons. A third person joined in the last months before the IBO: ▪▪ Project Manager: Irène Steinegger-Meier, M Sc ▪▪ Head of Secretariat, coordinator: Marco Gerber, M Sc ▪▪ Assistant: Ayse Turcan The project manager started her part-time work on June 2011 at a low employment percentage (40%) but due to the complexity of the work the percentage was soon raised (60-80%). Soon thereafter, the head of secretariat was hired to complete the “team” in a part-time position. He started out with 40%, increasing steadily to 80%. Both Irène and Marco have university degrees. Even though their job was not scientific, its complexity requires highly qualified employees. Knowhow of the functioning of the IBO would be an additional asset, however not imperative. For the last half year, an assistant came to reinforce the team, also on a parttime basis. From January to July 2013, the work percentage amounted to about 210-250%.

3. 2. 2  Scientific Management ▪▪ Scientific Project Manager:

Prof. Daniel Wegmann

The scientific project manager started with the preparation of all scientific aspects of the IBO in November 2011 with a 50% part-time job. For this job, excellent scientific qualifications in biology are imperative, and knowhow of the functioning of the IBO is an additional asset. Daniel met these requirements in an ideal way. In 2013, a supplementary task force of three 16 | finalreportIBO

IBO 2013 Final Report  
IBO 2013 Final Report