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3. Organization Switzerland has been commissioned to organize the IBO 2013 at the coordinators’ meeting 2008 in Mumbay, India, after submitting its candidacy in 2006. The project was supported by the former State Secretariat of Education and Research (Swiss equivalent to the Ministry of Education ), now State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation SERI and the ­University of Bern. Eventually, the IBO 2013 organization was legally established as an or­ dinary partnership between the Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads with its member ibo|suisse association and the University of Bern according to art. 530 ff. Swiss Code of Obligations. In Switzerland, Scientific Olympiads are organized by independent associations (one of them being the Swiss Biology Olympiad (SBO) ibo|suisse association), all reunited in the ­Association of Swiss Scientific Olympiads (ASSO). Given the particular nature of the Swiss educational system, they are not a part of the Swiss federal educational system; however they provide an additional service to schools, teachers and students. While all members of ibo|suisse are volunteers, the ASSO consists of a small office with very few employees. Both ibo| suisse and ASSO have neither the manpower nor the financial capacity to organize an International Scientific Olympiad. Therefore, a separate project organization was put in place for the IBO. Its main characteristic was a dual project management with a scientific and an administrative project manager reporting to a steering committee. The project managers were employed on a temporary basis for their skills in their specific area of work. The indispensable insider knowledge about the IBO was ensured by the involvement of longtime members of the IBO, among others the chairman of the steering committee and the scientific project manager.

IBO 2013 Steering Committee

reports to

reports to

leads and decides


University of Bern


Biology Department


Project Management Administrative

Scientific Scientific Committee

Fundraising / PR / Media

Accommodation, Food, Transportation

Jury Sessions


Program, Ceremonies, Entertainment

Theoretical Exams

Registration, Administration

Practical Exams

CHART 3 . 1  Organization Chart IBO 2013.

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IBO 2013 Final Report  
IBO 2013 Final Report