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8. Appendix All appendices (documents, pictures, video and more ) listed below can be found on the DVD provided along with the final report.

8 . 1  Media 8. 1. 1  Selection of Pictures Find an extensive collection of pictures made during the IBO 2013 in our online photo gallery: â

8. 1. 2  Media Coverage A selection of articles published in newspapers and websites can be found here: â

8. 1. 3  Daily Video Blog All daily video blogs published during the IBO 2013 can be found here: â

8. 1. 4  Video IBO 2013 The video summarizing all daily blogs and the IBO 2013 as a whole is available here: â

8. 1. 5  Bio Video Competition – The Winner The winning video of the Bio Video Competition of the Swiss and Liechtenstein delegations can be accessed here: â

8. 1. 6  mIBO – The IBO 2013 Newsletter All 8 daily mIBO newsletters are available as PDFs on our website: â

8. 1. 7  IBO King’s Cup Pictures All ten pictures of the IBO King’s Cup published on a monthly basis on Facebook can be down-loaded here: â

8 . 2  Exams 8. 2. 1  Theoretical Exams According to the IBO rules, all exams are made available to the public two years after each IBO. All exams currently available can be found here: â

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IBO 2013 Final Report