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2. IBO in a Nutshell 2 . 1  Wording In order to put an end to the confusion about the differentiation between jury and observers, a decision was made about the terms and their definitions at the AB Meeting, ­November 2012. Henceforth, the following wording was used: ▪▪ Jury members – accompanying persons and members of the delegation of a country. The standard delegation consists of up to four students and 2 jury members ▪▪ Additional jury members – more delegation members taking over tasks as a jury ▪▪ Observers – representatives of countries not yet members of the IBO, who attend to observe as a condition before becoming a full member and being allowed to send an own delegation to participate in an IBO, as stated in the syllabus ▪▪ Visitors – persons who do not officially represent the country and consequently do neither take part in the jury sessions nor contribute to the discussion of the IBO test questions. They are allowed to participate in the evening program, excursions and ceremonies

2 . 2  Facts and Figures The 24th IBO, the biggest ever, was hosted by the Swiss Scientific Olympiads Association and the University of Bern: ▪▪ July 14-21, 2013 ▪▪ In Bern, federal city of Switzerland ▪▪ 62 delegations ▪▪ 2 observer countries ▪▪ Total of 457 guests:  240 students 205 jury members ( jury and additional jury) 3 observers 9 visitors ▪▪ 70 volunteers ▪▪ 145 medals distributed (25 gold, 46 silver and 74 bronze) ▪▪ 22 certificates of merit The Principality of Liechtenstein contributed to the organization of the IBO 2013 both with financial and with human resources.

Budget The IBO 2013 was mostly financed by fundraising. ▪▪ Budget: CHF ~ 2.3 Mio, effective costs CHF ~2 Mio ▪▪ Lowest Fees: Delegation CHF 950.– Additional Jury CHF 1,700.– pp Observer CHF 1,700.– pp Visitor CHF 1,400.– pp finalreportIBO | 11

IBO 2013 Final Report