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NJ'S TOP 10 ARTIST LIST Who's who in Indie music NJ. P..20



Payi ng Homage Th i s I ssue i s dedi cated to Sh aun Rage

One of th e most tal ented producers and one of Paterson, NJ's Hardest Rh yme Spi tters



For ew or d


By Kyrie Taylor

M icr oph on e M adn ess


By Ja'Alim Khabir



By BLACK 7 the Infinite Photgraphy By BLACK 7 the Infinite

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By Vote4Jafoh Photography By BLACK 7 the Infinite

Tr u Fact x


By Kyrie Taylor Photography Provided By Tru Factx

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M er y Jan e


By BLACK 7 the Infinite Photography By Rob Morales Photography Agency

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FO REW O RD Hip-h o p is a c u l t u r e, a c u l t u r e o f o f y o u n g Af r ic a n Am er ic a n s,La t in o s, a n d m in o r it ies t h a t w a n t t o ex pr ess t h em sel v es v er b a l l y t h r o u g h m u sic . Hip-h o p is t h e g r it ,t h e st r u g g l e,a n d t h e h u st l e,it pa in t s t h e pic t u r e o f w h a t r ea l it y t r u l y is,t h e pic t u r e o f l o v e a n d pa in ,o f f r eed o m a n d im pr iso n m en t . Hip-Ho p h a s b een a y o u n g b u t po w er f u l h o l d o n t h e w o r l d t h a t w e k n o w t o d a y ,a s o n e o f t h e n ew est f o r m o f m u sic t o c o m e o u t it c u r r en t l y h o l d s t h e b i g g e s t i n f l u e n c e s i n m u s i c a n d p o p c u l t u r e . So m e m ig h t a r g u e o n w h et h er o r n o t h ip-h o p st il l h o l d s t h o se t r a d it io n a l v a l u es,I w o u l d sa y t h ey a r e pr esen t ,b u t t h e su b st a n c e is n o t . Hip-h o p h a s b ec o m e so l el y d epen d a n t o n c a sh a n d f l a sh - t h e in f l u en t ia l ,r el a t a b l e,a ssist iv e a spec t d o e s n ?t m a t t e r a s m u c h a s i t d i d i n t h e p a s t . T h e m a j o r it y o f a r t ist s t o d a y o n l y w a n t t o m a k e m u sic t h a t so u n d s g o o d ,r eg a r d l ess o f m ea n in g o r su bst a n c e. N o w d o n ?t g e t m e w r o n g w e h a v e a r t i s t s t h a t f i g h t d a il y t o k eep w h a t w e h a v e l ef t o f h ip-h o p a l iv e,b u t w e a l so h a v e m a n y t h a t st a n d a g a in st t h e v er y f o u n d a t io n t h a t h ip-h o p w a s b u il t o n . To d a y m a n y b el iev e t h a t m u m b l e r a p is so l el y w h a t h ip-h o p is,h ip-h o p sa d l y h a s b ec o m e a sso c ia t ed w it h m u m bl es. Al t h o u g h t h e m u sic m a y seem l ik e a t o r m en t t o t r u e h i p - h o p s u p p o r t e r s , w e m u s t u n d e r s t a n d t h a t i t ?s a r t ,a n d it d o es d eser v e r espec t .On t h e o t h er h a n d , w e n eed t o r ea l iz e t h a t a r t is t h e o n l y w a y t o pr o d u c e c h a n g e,a n d w h en y o u h a v e a n en t ir e m o v em en t o f h ip-h o p t h a t d o es n o t r ev o l u t io n iz e o r sh ed l ig h t t o a n issu e,y o u l o se so m e o f t h e essen c e t h a t h ip-h o p h o l d s. Th is Ar t t h a t w a s f o r m ed t o c h a n g e l iv es d eser v es m o r e r e s p e c t t h a n i t r e c e i v e s . Go o d m u s i c c r e a t e s Go o d So u l s , a n d Go o d So u l s a r e o n e w i t h Go d . H ip -H o p Is t h e v o ic e o f t h e p e o p l e a l l a r o u n d t h e w o r l d. It w il l n o t b e s il e n c e d .

Excerpt from the book Big Blue Circle written by author Kyrie Taylor.



M i croph one M adness concert seri es w as created b y BLA CK 7 th e I nf i ni te. He created th i s pl atf orm to h el p l ocal underground and i ndi e arti sts bui l d on th ei r craf t and b ui l d a f an base. I n 2016 USM presented 5 sh ow s at tw o v enues Smack tone studi os and th e Bl ue Room. BLA CK promi ses to del i v er sev eral sh ow s l i ned up f or 2017. Th i s year h e pl ans to of f er opportuni ti es to Poets, Rock Bands, Dancers, R&B v ocal i sts and Gospel arti sts. A rti st l ook i ng to sh ow case th ei r tal ent and b ui l d a f an b ase w i th th i s pl atf orm, sh oul d contact BLA CK at uni q uestarmedi a@gmai l .com Fol l ow BLA CK on soci al medi a and be on th e l ook out f or f l yers f or th e nex t M i croph one M adness. p.3

TRUFACTX is a 19 year old New Jersey Independent Artist Born in Newark, raised in Montclair. His life defies the stereotypical montclair life. He grew up in a struggle, and overcame death. He has survived and has had to grind and hustle through rough times with his adoptive mother. He comes from lightless nights, and empty fridges. He has love, respect, and care for everyone and is anything but selfish. He has taken his adversities in life and has used them to fuel his want for change. He dreams to guide the people of the world to better days. TRUFACTX believes that the ?game? has lost what really matters, he believes that the cash and flash mean more to artist than the happiness and well- being of the people. He respects everyone's form of art but understands that the ?game? has lost so much substance. He believes that his mixtape ?Crack Dreams? is the perfect representation of what substance is and what should return to the world of Hip- Hop. His originality faced with his love for music is a dynamic duo that can?t be overlooked. TRUFACTX?s songs ?Crack Dreams?, and ?Top The Team? are two extraordinary pieces of work from his new classic Mixtape, and they definitely served their purpose. Those two songs showed what realness is and what makes up true artistry. TRUFACTX?s mixtape will definitely be one to go down in the books, it's filled with classics, originality, and TRUFACTX. TRUFACTX?s work ethic and charismatic personality separates himself from other artists we know today. He wants everyone to succeed together, and could care less about himself. His drive to be influential, relatable, and assistive to the world is hard to find, especially in today?s youth. There isn?t anything that this young artist can?t do, and he continues to grow every day. TRUFACTX grinds like there?s no tomorrow, he pushes and won?t take no for an answer. He?s what this world needs. The cash to him is just a means to fuel what he wants to do for the world. He is wise and wants to help his generation progress and establish themselves. He is the light, and the people will follow. TRUFACTX?S style is unique and stems from iconic individuals such as Tupac, Kanye, Kendrick lamar, Common, and Notorious B.I.G. They have influenced his style and inspired him to create his own. They are legends, and I can surely say that he will soon be one too. TRUFACTX doesn?t consider any point of his career a high point, he?s always looking toward the next goal and has no intention of falling flat. In the future he would love to create with J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Common, G Herbo, Dave East, Jay Z, Nipsey Hussle, Stevie Wonder, Lyfe Jennings, Sam Smith, Big Sean, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele, and Katy Perry. TRUFACTX gives shouts out to his mom for showing him what strength was, his Uncle lenny who mentors him and keeps him awake, he shouts out his oldest brother for trying his best to keep him from following his footsteps, he shouts out those that doubted him and slept on him, and he shouts out God every chance he gets because if it weren?t for him he would not be here to bless the world with his gifts. One thing is for sure this Young man is going to be something great, he is going to be the one we can rely on, the one we can follow out of the darkness.

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Hip Hop Fut ur e Icon Mont clair 's ow n

Tr uFact x

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O U T N O W !!!

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H I T S I N G L E !!!







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Comingstraight out of Morris CountyNJisoneof themost lyricallydynamicMCinyears. p.8

Th e In t er view


KIDPRO Knowledge. Intensity. Determination. Byhavingthese3thingsinvolvedinwhatever you

choosetodoinlife,youwill becomeaPro." BorninCali,Colombia,andlivinginNorthernNJsincetheageof 1,K.I.D.PRO,28,has appliedthisphilosophyintonot onlyhismusic,but toall aspectsof hislife. His introductiontoHip-Hopwas"Midnight Marauders"byATribeCalledQuest,andsince that first listen,hewashookedtotheartform.DrawinginspirationfromHip-Hop,Jazz, andRock,Prohasbeenabletocraft aflowthat representshisownindividual style,and not followtheconstant changingtrendsintoday'srapscene. Beingtruetowhoheis andwhat heknows,Pro'sfreshperspectiveoneverythingfromlifeanddeath, happinessanddepression,andchildhoodtofatherhood,isshowcasedoneverysong. Growingup,Prostartedmakingmusicwithother local actsandreleasedvarious mixtapeswithdifferent groups. Hewasalwaysonetolookout for histeam,but raninto afewsetbacksalongtheway. Brokenpromises,failedpartnerships,anduntrustworthy individualsmayhaveslowedhimdownfor abit,but henever let it stophimfrom chasinghisdream.It wasn't alwayseasy,anddealingwithother artistswhodidn't sharehishunger anddrivemadehimrealizethat becomingasoloartist wouldworkout best for him. WhenlisteningtoK.I.D.PRO'smusicor watchinghimlive,it'seasytotell that hehas somethingtoprove. Hisenergyandshowmanshipisalwaysahighlight of anyevent he performsat,andheexudestheconfidenceof atrueprofessional witheverystagehe touches. Sincedecidingtobecomeasoloartist,Prohasgottentheopportunitytorock thestagewithsuchactsasHeltahSkeltah,PharoaheMonch,Smif-N-Wessun,CyHiThe Prynce,DAS-EFX,andRakim.Thesky'sthelimit for K.I.D.PRO,andfrom theworkhe'salreadydelivered,fansfindthemselvestalkingabout morethanjust the featuredactstheycametosee. Toheremoreof K.I.D.PROviasoundcloud andfollowhimonTwitter andInstagramat @ iamkidpro WriteuptakenfromKIDPRO'ssoundcloudbio.

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Rest ar t video on You Tu be p . 11

V ote4Jaf oh Em cee, Ar t ist , Ph ot ogr aph er , En gin eer , Vocalist , Videogr aph er

1DRLaND St u dios Execu t ive t ak es u s st ep by st ep t h r ou gh

Th e Urban A rt Gal l ery p . 12

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Top 10 Li sti ng We are currentl y compri si ng a top 10 l i st f or arti sts. A ny arti st w h o are currentl y unsi gned to a maj or l ab el can compete f or pl acement i n th e V erbal Nati on M agazi ne Top 10 v i a our v oti ng app and w ebsi te. A ny musi c l ov er and f an can v ote or nomi nate a arti st. Th e categori es f or v oti ng f or I ssue 2 w i l l be... M al e M C Femal e M C M al e V ocal i st Femal e V ocal i st Rap/ Hi p Hop Group DJ Th ank you, spread th e w ord and good l uck to al l th e arti sts!!!


Mer yJ a n e RM PA M odel V ocal i st Wri ter & M C Paterson, NJ




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Want A ds Verbal NationMagazinealsoiscurrentlylookingto hirewriter,interviewer/host andassistant editor. Anyonewhowouldliketowriteor conduct exclusive interviewsfor our magazinecontactsusASAP! Whether youareapainter,muralist,vocalist, dancer,rapper,poet,fashiondesigner,model,etc. andyouwant toshowcaseyour talent inour magazineand/or behighlightedinanyfutureissues feel freetocontact us! Pleasecontact usat verbalnationnetwork@ or viainstagram p.23


Ver bal Nat ion M agazin e TV/ Podcast Live!!! @ Sm ack t on e St u dios 86 Lack aw an n a Aven u e Woodlan d Par k , NJ Jan . 27t h 2017 9PM -11PM

Host ed By BLACK 7 t h e In f in it e M u sic By Z Nu f f St ar r Tick et s 10$ in advan ce 20$ @ t h e door

NO EXCEPTIONS Get f r ee copy of Ver bal Nat ion M agazin e an d discou n t t ow ar ds t h e n ext M icr oph on e M adn ess Con cer t Ser ies.

Lim it ed seat in g available Fir st Com e Fir st Ser ved Tick et s available on lin e or con t act BLACK 7t h e In f in it e @ u n iqu est ar m edia@gm an d/ or @ ver baln at ion n et w or k @gm



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