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Fast and healthy Photos courtesy of Adam Hawboldt

Go Grill offers a new dining experience for Saskatoon by adam hawboldt


ave you ever been to one of those yogurt restaurants? You know the ones I’m talking about. The place where you take as much yogurt as you want, put as much

and as many toppings on it as you want, place your concoction on a scale, then pay according to how much it weighs? Well, that’s what a new restaurant in town, called Go Grill, is like. The

only difference? They serve stir fry, not yogurt. Now, before we get into this, let me say this: the idea of choosing the size and ingredients of a meal is highly appealing to me. Especially when dining out. Sometimes I feel like eating a lot, sometimes I feel like pecking. Sometimes I want loads of meat, other times I want an abundance of veggies. At Go Grill you can get exactly what you want. There are no set dishes, no set size. And with more than 30 ingredients to choose from (along with 10 sauces), the possibilities and variety of meals you can eat are epic. Feeling like it’s a meaty kind of day? Go up to the counter, grab the tongs, and throw a heaping mound of hot, spicy pork on your plate. Top that with teriyaki beef, smoked salmon, squid, sausage and chicken, then give

let’s go drinkin’ Verb’s mixology guide Tangertini


Want a cocktail that’s light, refreshing and so good it hurts? Try this martini. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

3 oz of freshly squeezed tangerine juice 1.5 oz vodka 1 tsp orange-flavoured liqueur (like Cointreau) ice


Put ice in a martini shaker. Add tangerine juice, vodka and orange liqueur. Cover. Shake vigorously until frosty. Pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a slice of tangerine. Serve and enjoy.

it to the chef, select your sauce (they range from curry to teriyaki to oyster), and in just a few minutes you have yourself a meat stir fry extravaganza. Same goes for the veggies. Me, I like my stir-fry with a bit of balance, so when I stopped by the Go Grill one cold, blustery day last week I tried to create the perfect stir-fry. Well, perfect for me at least. What did I chose? First I started with the veggies. With so many to choose from I didn’t really know where to start. But after a bit of hemming and hawing, I started my plate with a handful of bean sprouts, followed by mushrooms, bok choy, onions, broccoli and carrots. Then I grabbed a couple of cubes of tofu and topped the whole thing off with a liberal amount of hot and spicy pork. Selection made, I weighed my meal (it came to about $10), handed

it to my chef and asked him to cook it with some sweet and sour sauce with a dash of garlic. The result was a huge, healthy, delicious meal. Good choices all around, if I do say so myself. And the best part? I was in an out of there just as quick as if I went to, say, McDonald’s or any other restaurant like that. And there’s the rub of a place like Go Grill: it’s fast food that doesn’t taste like fast food. Oh, and it’s a lot healthier and tastier, too. In case you were wondering. Go Grill 3510 8th Street East | (306) 954-3663 Feedback? Text it! (306) 881 8372


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Verb Issue S273 (Jan. 17-23, 2014)  
Verb Issue S273 (Jan. 17-23, 2014)  

Verb Issue S273 (Jan. 17-23, 2014)