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– Thinking of others is not always easy, but IS always worthwhile Truth Is Power-Try It

– How much dirt is in a whole three feet by three feet by three feet? None, there’s no dirt in a hole.

– If you haven’t seen the Wolf of Wall Street yet, you should go. Superb movie

– Downtown guy/girl has been missing from the texts for a while where you at? Loved your stuff!

– Verb brought to you by pep and ched lol pretty funny Tweets ;)

– This polar vortex is getting me down.

– To the txter that said 2014 sucks, it will turn around :) there’s always bumps in the road but then they smooth out you got this :)

– PINK was amazing she is such a good musician glad she made it back for this show

– Power out all over the city! Be carefull out there not many traffic lights working. Four way stops everyone!

– Anyone who thinks climate change is a myth just needs to look at the above zero temperatures we’re having here in January and tell me that’s normal weather patterns for the prairies in the middle of winter.

– The ruts in the roads around the city are horrible and make driving on roads that aren’t main ones really hard thought that the extra tax we were all paying was supposed to make the roads like they were paved in gold thanks again Atchison

– It’s important to be true to who you are and not confirm to what society wants you to be. Everyone is unique and that is great!!!!

– Paid it forward :) Bought coffee for person behind me in line at Tim Horton’s told them to pass it on to. We can make a difference!

– To texter about not putting yourself down good for you! Start the year off right

– Ready for summer yup

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Verb Issue S273 (Jan. 17-23, 2014)  
Verb Issue S273 (Jan. 17-23, 2014)  

Verb Issue S273 (Jan. 17-23, 2014)