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Aug 10–16, 2012 • Pass it on


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

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SK Predicts Decline In Resource Revenue Gov’t States Budget Will Still Balance, Experts Believe Situation Will Get Worse Alex J MacPherson

some extent on resource revenue, I think it’s pretty typical. We’re still Saskatoon, SK — Despite the only province in Canada on declining resource revenues, the track to record a balanced budget provincial government is con- this year. I think that’s tremendous fident that it can balance the news, really.” budget this year. The decrease will be partially Estimates made at budget time offset by increases in tax revenue are higher than the most recent ($96.2 million), SLGA income ($19.4 fore cas t s, the million), and fedg o v e r n m e n t ’s “In the long run … this e r a l t r a ns f e r s first quarter finan- is a major concern with ($17.0 million), cial report states. a commodity-based bringing the toRevenue from tal projected denon-renewable economy.” cline in revenue -Doug Elliott to $113.2 million resources will be $245.8 million less than expected. — about one percent of the total This includes a $159.0 million drop revenue stream. The imbalance will in oil revenue and a $92.2 million be further offset by a $55 million dedecrease in revenue from the sale crease in spending, to be achieved of crown land. Government officials, “through efficiencies and expense however, are still predicting a bal- management within ministries,” the anced budget. government states. “I think it’s actually quite typical,” “I think this falls within the paBrian Miller, public relations man- rameters of what can be managed,” ager at the Ministry of Finance, says Miller continues. “I think … people of the projection. “Particularly with in Saskatchewan … should remain an economy that does depend to optimistic based on this.”

Miller also notes that the fiscal year is only three months old: “There’s another nine months for it to go the other way,” he explains. The official opposition is not impressed. Trent Wotherspoon, NDP finance critic, deemed the report “unacceptable.” He says the government should abandon its current accounting method, which focuses on the general revenue fund (GRF), in favour of a “summary perspective, which provides the whole picture.” “It’s past time Saskatchewan people receive proper accounting from their government,” he declares. “[The GRF model] doesn’t show the whole picture.” Wotherspoon also criticized the $55 million reduction in spending. Describing the response as a “kneejerk,” Wotherspoon questioned why the government allowed itself to be put in the position of having to make more cuts. “These are pretty good economic times for Saskatchewan, and

Photo: courtesy of Jimmy Emerson

I think it concerns Saskatchewan people … that their government continued to fail to meet the demands of putting forward a proper, balanced budget,” he says. Doug Elliott, who publishes Sask Trends Monitor, does not expect the decline in oil prices to stop anytime soon. “My first impression was that this is not a surprise,” he says of the report. “I think this is going to get worse. The price of oil is continuing to decline.”

Noting the delay between economic changes and shifts in behaviour, and pointing to global economic uncertainty, Elliott says the critical period will be the next six to 18 months. “In the long run? Yes, this is a major concern with a commoditybased economy,” he states. “These things go up and down. You have to prepare in the good time for when they go down, to have money for the bad times.” Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

Issued Building Permits Drop In Province

Construction Still Going Strong, Though Some Suggest Boom Can’t Go On Alex J MacPherson

Saskatoon, SK — Despite a slump in the value of building permits issued this spring, the provincial government remains confident in Saskatchewan’s economy. In June, the most recent month for which data is available, building permits totalled $308.1 million, a significant increase from the $227.1 million posted in June 2011, Statistics Canada reports. On the other hand, the current figure represents a 20.1 percent drop from the $385.7 million issued in May of this year. “This really is a positive sign for

the province,” says Denise Haas, concerned about the drop in value acting associate deputy minister, between May, pointing instead to Ministry of the Economy. “Number significant year-over-year growth. one, it’s creating a whole bunch “It’s not like we were in a recesof high-paying jobs in the con- sion last year and these numbers struction indushave just come try. Number two, “[It will] either crash or up to normal,” because there are else, preferably, level she explains. “You these new build- off…” have to keep in ings being built, mind that May -Doug Elliott was also a recordobviously there’s economic growth happening here. setting month. That’s the highest It’s an indication of a real strong May that’s ever been on record… economy.” The fact of the matter is March, Although building permits are April, May and June — four conissued by municipalities, they are secutive months — we’ve had the widely used as a measure of eco- highest record for building pernomic vitality. Haas says she is not mits.” Between May and June nonresidential permits tumbled by 44 percent, from $221.8 million to $124.7 million. Residential permits, on the other hand, rose by 12 percent, to $183.4 million. In both cases the 2012 figures were significantly higher than the corresponding data from 2011. Haas says the most important thing now is “to make sure the environment here is good for economic growth.” In practice this means making Saskatchewan an attractive destination for investors over the short- and long-term, she explains. Michael Fougere, president of the Saskatchewan Construction Association, states the drop between May and June was “a bit of a blip,” something that can be caused by big projects elevating the numbers

Photo: courtesy of Jordon Cooper

for a single month. He thinks the year-over-year analysis offers a clearer picture of the state of construction in Saskatchewan. “Construction is vibrant, lively,

and we’re very busy across the province,” he says, “[but] we do have these peaks and valleys that happen, and this is what we’re seeing here.” Although Fougere notes that issues like housing and high demand for skilled tradespeople could cause problems in the future, he is confident that growth will continue: “I think the province in general terms is positioned well, because the world needs a lot of things that we have here,” he says. Doug Elliott, publisher of Sask Trends Monitor, has a contrary view. Elliott is beginning to worry, especially when the data are adjusted to avoid seasonal fluctuation. “These numbers are a little too high to make me comfortable,” he says, suggesting that massive growth in the residential market might equate to “building a bubble.” “We cannot go on at this rate indefinitely,” he said. “We can’t even go on for another two years, I’d suggest. [It will] either crash or else, preferably, level off at a nice, sustainable level.” Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

Global At A Glance Search term power — Internet search

terms can be used as economic indicators. According to Google, “washing machine” and “refrigerator” were searched 72 percent more than they were during the recession four years ago, whereas “used cars” was down

Playfulness Appealing

Quality Signals Attractiveness To Potential Mates Adama Hawboldt

both sexes rank “fun loving,” “sense of humour” and “playful” as some of state college, Pa — On a the most important qualities they’re scale of one to ten, rate your looking for in a long-term partner. sense of humour. “Humans and other animals exFinished? Okay. Now, on the hibit a variety of signals as to their same scale, rate how playful you value as mates,” says professor Gary are. Chick, lead author I f yo u f i n d “A woman’s playfulness … and head of the yourself scoring may signal her youth and Department of towards the high fertility.” Recreation, Park end of both these and Tourism Man-Adam Hawboldt agement at Penn metrics, you’re in luck. Turns out playful, funny peo- State. “Just as birds display bright ple are more attractive and have a plumage or colouration, men may better chance of finding a partner, attract women by showing off exaccording to a new study. pensive cars or clothing. In the A group of American academ- same vein, playfulness in a male ics surveyed 250 undergraduate may signal to females that he is university students and found that non-aggressive and less likely to

harm them or their offspring. A woman’s playfulness, on the other hand, may signal her youth and fertility.” “Sense of humour,” “fun loving” and “playful” were ranked the second, third and fourth most desirable traits that women look for. Number one was “kindness and understanding.” As for men, they ranked “sense of humour” at the top of their list. “Fun loving” was third and “playful” was fifth. “Physical attractiveness” was ninth. “Our results suggest that adult playfulness may result from sexual selection and signal positive qualities to … mates,” says Chick. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Car Exhaust Affects Rhythm Of Heart: Study Adam Hawboldt

leeds, england — High blood pressure. Increased risk of sciatica. More headaches and mood swings. Those are just a few ways traffic can affect your health. And now you can now add a disrupted heart rhythm to that list of ills. Researchers in Leeds, England, have recently discovered that even low levels of carbon monoxide common to heavy traffic may affect the way your heart resets itself after every beat. This happens because carbon monoxide keeps sodium channels — which help control your heartbeat — open longer. This disrupts the heart’s rhythm, which can lead to things like cardiac arrhythmia. However, the Leeds research team, along with researchers from France, have found a common angina drug that may reverse these effects; the drug is now being tested on rats. “At the moment no one knows

how to treat this. We’re saying look there’s a drug on the shelf that might be able to help,” Chris

Peers, of the University of Leeds, tells the BBC. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

approximately 60 percent. While this provides food for thought, how to interpret the data, however, has yet to be determined. “It’s going to take some time to sort out what the meaning … is,” BMO’s Doug Porter tells CBC. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

Wine Helps Keep Bones Strong adam hawboldt

During menopause, this rate of dissolving increases, but by drinkeugene, or — Female wine lov- ing one to two glasses of vino a day, ers, rejoice! you can help slow down the bone Not only is your favourite al- turnover rate. coholic beverage good for your Sorry fellas, this only pertains heart in small doses, not only does for women. it delay the aging process and help And while this is good news prevent a host for female baby of diseases, but “[O]ne to two glasses a b o o m e r s , e xnow it turns out day can prevent bone p e r t s c au ti o n that red wine in deterioration and that those who moderation may indulge in daily also help protect osteoporosis.” wine consump-Adam Hawboldt tion not take it you from thinning bones — especially if you’re an older too far. Just because two glasses woman. may be beneficial, three or four A new study out of the Univer- a day won’t help your bones any sity of Oregon says that for women more, and could lead to negative, in their 50s and 60s, one to two long-term health issues. glasses a day can prevent bone John Callaci, director of the Modeterioration and osteoporosis. lecular and Cellular Bone Biology That’s because moderate alco- Laboratory, explains that the one hol consumptions influences bone to two glasses of wine a day does turnover. See, our bodies are con- not have the same effect in young stantly in the process of remaking women, whose bones are still debone: bits of bone dissolve and new veloping. bones are formed. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Lying Bad For Your Health

Telling The Truth Leads To Less Physical Issues Adam Hawboldt

st. Joseph county, in — Irish playwright Oscar Wilde once quipped that “the truth is rarely pure and never simple.” And while that may be true, what he forgot to add is that sometimes the truth is healthy — especially when you’re tempted to lie. According to a recent “Science of Honesty” study, being truthful when you feel the urge to lie

“[Reducing lies] was associated with … improved health.”

-Anita E. Kelly improves both your physical and mental health. “Recent evidence indicates that Americans average about 11 lies per week. We wanted to find out

if living more honestly can actually cause better health,” says lead author Anita E. Kelly, professor of psychology at the University of Notre Dame. “We found that the participants could purposefully and dramatically reduce their everyday lies, and that in turn was associated with significantly improved health.” The honesty experiment was conducted over the course of 10 weeks, using a sample of 110 volunteers ranging in age from 18-71 years old. Half of the volunteers were told to stop telling lies for the entire 10-week period. The other half was a control group that received no instructions. Compared to the control group, the no-lie group told significantly fewer lies over the 10-week period, and reported fewer mental health

complaints (like stress and melancholy), along with less physical complains (such as headaches). What’s more, participants who told fewer lies also reported improved personal relations. “Statistical analyses showed that this improvement in relationships significantly accounted for the improvement in health that was associated with less lying,” says Lijuan Wang, who is a statistician and co-author of the story. At the end of 10 weeks, the nolie group talked about their efforts to keep from lying. Some said they could easily tell the truth instead of exaggerating, others said they simply stopped making false excuses. Others still said they avoided hard questions and situations that might induce them to lie. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Global At A Glance brand new bird — A new species of bird has been discovered in the high cloud forest of Peru. Named the Sira barbet (or Capito Fitzpatrick), the bird has rich scarlet markings, and its habitat

appears to be limited to a forest on the east Andes. The discovery was made by a team of four young ornithologists, who have just published their finding. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

Anti-Drug Park Bench Folds Up At End Of Day Adam Hawboldt

Brooklyn, NY — Sebert Harper is a problem solver. Back in the 1990s, the Brooklyn horticulturalist was working at the local Drew Gardens, which were extremely drug-filled.

Sexy Stop Sign

Gran Uses Doll To Slow Traffic adam Hawboldt

near the crosswalk. The sex doll was dressed in skimpy red lace linbeijing, china — Don’t you gerie which is supposed to be racy just hate when drivers speed enough to distract the drivers on through crosswalks without even bikes, who slow down to take a look looking? at the beautiful seductress at the Now pretend for a moment that corner — only to realize the woman crosswalk was is inflatable. near your house. “[D]rivers … slow down And while it What would you to take a look at the is up for debate do? whether distractbeautiful seductress…” Call the cops? ing male drivers -Adam Hawboldt with sex dolls is a Put up your own makeshift stop or yield sign? safe option, the gimmick has apWell, one unidentified elderly parently worked. woman in China had a different, Reports in Car News China claims more creative, and slightly risque that traffic in the granny’s neighsolution. bourhood has slowed down. Fed up with vehicles zooming Which goes to show you that past her home, and with local police not only does sex sell, it also helps unwilling to do anything about the prevent motorists from speeding problem, the old lady said to hell through your neighbourhood. with it and tied a sex doll to a tree Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

App Turns Revolving House On adam hawboldt

north rustico, Pei — You have to see Stephanie and Steve Arnold’s summer house to believe it. Located in North Rustico, Prince Edward Island, the two-story cottage is something of a rarity in the area — or any area for that matter. That’s because the couple are building a house that rotates. The house is divided into two platforms, and each platform can rotate 360° around a bearing in the

middle of the floor. Not only that, but the Arnolds have a smartphone app that turns the power on and makes their residence spin. Not only will their rotating house give them a 360-degree view of the ocean, it will also have sunshine all day long. The expected cost of the house when it is fully finished is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1 million . Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Offbeat At A Glance biggest beer year — The world’s production of beer hit a new high last year. According to a new report, 192.71 million kilolitres (that’s 50.9 million gallons for you imperial folk) were produced

in 2011 — that’s 3.7 percent more than 2010. China was the largest producer for the tenth consecutive year, accounting for about 25 percent of total production. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

“They said you couldn’t even put a bench [in the Gardens] because of all the needles,” Harper tells the New York Post. So Harper invented a foldable park bench of steel and wood. They are secured with a chain and a lock when in the upright position. To

sit, the bench has to be unlocked, lowered and bolted into position. Thus, during the day the benches would be unlocked, then locked up at night so that unsavoury characters couldn’t use them under the cloak of darkness. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

Chipotle peppers are smoked, dried jalapeños.

idea of smoking jalape■ñosThedates back to the Aztecs,

who used to smoke the peppers in order to preserve them

It takes about 10 pounds of ■jalapeños to make one pound of chipotle

Chipotle peppers are ■made primarily in Chihuahua,

Mexico; however, they are also produced in other parts of Mexico and the U.S.

the chipotle pep■perHeat-wise, is about 5,000 to 10,000 Scoville units (medium-hot for the layperson)

are around 25 calories ■in aThere three-pepper serving of chipotle

Saboroso’s Tapas Menu Shines

Photos: courtesy of Adam Hawboldt

Duck Confit Nachos, Greek Poutine And More: These Eats Beckon Adam Hawboldt

According to legend, the tapas tradition began when Alfonso

X, the king of Castile, recovered Don’t believe me? Do what I did: from an illness by drinking wine go there and order the Greek Pouwith small dishes between meals. tine. It will knock your socks off. Once healthy, Alfonso decreed Made from oven-baked potato that all taverns in his country wedges, then topped with a creamy must serve wine with small garlic and lemon sauce, bacon bits, snacks — or green onions and tapas. “[Shrimp Swirls] come mounds of meltT h a t w a s with a dipping sauce ed mozzarella, sometime during that is spicy, sweet and this was a unique the 13th century. poutine that tickToday when downright ambrosial.” led my tastebuds -Adam Hawboldt in ways I never most people think of tapas, they think of olives, thought possible. charcuterie, cheeses, empanadillas, So too did the Crab Cakes. Crispy calamari, that sort of stuff. on the outside, full of moist crabBut at Saboroso the tapas menu by, potatoey, cheesy goodness on is different. Think of it as tradition the inside, these morsels are so, so with a twist. good. And the sweet yet smokey Now I know the restaurant is chipotle and roasted red pepper better known for its all-you-can- sauce they’re topped with is a great eat rodizio, but let me tell you this, complement to the dish. good reader: Saboroso has a terrific Then there’s the Sundried Totapas menu that just came out this mato Pesto Prawns, which are so big summer. and plump you have to cut them

up to fit in your mouth (unless, of course, your mouth is enormous, then by all means, bite away). And talk about taste! These little guys came pan-seared with sundried tomato and a coconut reduction, and were absolutely exquisite. Sticking with a theme, the Shrimp Swirls — pockets of shrimp flash-fried in a Brazilian Dijon sauce, then wrapped in spring roll paper — are an explosion of awesomeness in your mouth. They come with a dipping sauce that is spicy, sweet and downright ambrosial. Let’s not forget the duck confit nachos. Sure, it’s normal to see duck confit on a tapas menu, but this dish (served with tangy corn and black bean salsa, topped with diced avocado and mozza, surrounded by savoury flour tortilla wedges) is a delectable spin on an old favourite. Last but not least, the steak bites. Made from tender beef strips, rolled in panko jalapeño breading, and served with your choice of wasabi/ cucumber, teriyaki or a ginger/soy/ garlic sauce, these bites are a favourite at Saboroso. And for good reason: they’re simply scrumptious. And that’s just the tip of Saboros’s 16-item tapas menu. The kind of menu that would’ve made Alfonso X’s mouth water. Trust me. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.


Address: #340-2600 8th Street East Hours: Mon-Fri: opens at 3pm; Saturday: opens at 2pm; Sunday: opens at noon; Reservations: 249-4454


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

We Think It’s Time To Update The Olympics

The Playing Field Isn’t Even, Anyway, So Let’s Go For Broke: Mutant Games! The Editors of Verb Regina, SK — Over the years, there have been myriad Olympians who have gone to extra (and dubious) lengths just to get ahead. Think Ben Johnson. Think Marion Jones. Think the entire East German women’s swim team from, say, the late 1960s until the early 1980s. Even this year in London, with the most sophisticated and comprehensive drug testing ever in place, athletes are still trying to take shortcuts to the podium. They’re still injecting steroids and inhaling other stimulants to get a leg up on the competition. And, if you listen to the experts, things are about to get worse. Soon athletes will be turning to under-

“And if you want to have your body genetically bioengineered with gills … have fun with that…”

-Verb’s editors ground “gene doping” to alter their bodies in order to make them run faster, jump higher and lift ungodly amounts of weight in their quest for Olympic glory. And for those that don’t dope? Well, thanks to their biological makeup, some of the athletes are lucky enough to have a natural advantage over their competition: think longer reach, for example. So we say to hell with it. The playing field isn’t even anyways, and some athletes are always going to cheat no matter what, so why not throw the door wide open and have an everything-goes Olympics? You want to fill your body full of horse steroids and run the 100-metre dash in eight seconds flat? Have at it. You want to alter your genes so you can jump four metres in the air? Go ahead. And if you want to have your body genetically bioengineered with gills, webbed feet and an aerodynamic head so you can swim faster, well, have fun with that, fishboy. (But don’t be surprised when people stare at you!) Think about it. How awesome would the 50-metre freestyle be if some of the swimmers were part fish? Goodbye 20-second world record; hello five-second water rocket. And at that point, when everything goes, who really cares

which country wins? It’d be way more fun to see how the competitors would deal with that concrete wall at the end of the pool. Now we know that some of you may be thinking, “Well, that’s just not fair to athletes who don’t take drugs or alter their bodies.” And you have a point. So maybe instead of the

everything-goes Olympics, we could divide it into the Pure and Innocent Games, and the Mutant/ Drug Olympics. That way we the viewers could watch natural, drug-free athletes win medals and receive their just desserts. Then, with the flick of the channel, we could watch some altered

athletes with 87-inch reaches and fists like cinderblocks square off in a boxing ring while anabolic steroids, HGH and crack-cocaine course through their systems. Imagine how high the ratings would be if there was a very real chance one of the boxers may be hit so hard they’d fly out of the ring and land in the third row?

Then, after both sets of Olympics were finished, all the medalists could get together and compete in a comprehensive competition, just for fun. Just think about how heartwarming and incredible a story it would be if, say, Usain Bolt beat a cheetah/man/horse hybrid. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

Remai Art Gallery Nears Donation Goal

Gallery Will Be Space Where ‘Everyone In This Community Can Come Together’ Sebastien Dangerfield

Saskatoon, SK — There’s an intimate link between art and community. Art reflects the community, the community inspires art. It educates, enlightens and brings people together. The people on the Remai Arts Centre board of trustees know this. They know the important role not only art, but a facility like the Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, can play in a growing, blossoming city like Saskatoon. “Modern cities need a blend of amenities to attract families and workers and to be attractive to

tourists,” explains Jason Aebig, chair “A lot of people see art galleries of the board of trustees. “Of course as museums for art, but that’s a 20th we need recreational facilities, of century way of looking at things,” course we need athletic and enter- says Aebig. “Modern art galleries tainment facilities, of the 21st century conference facili- “[I]n growing cities like are people placties, but in grow- ours we also need … es first. They are ing cities like ours creative spaces…” designed around we also need galpeople, to bring -Jason Aebig people together, leries — creative spaces for people to convene and with art as a backdrop. To teach, to come together.” challenge, to explore and enlighten. And that’s the rub when it comes We’re not interested in a gallery for to the gallery. Scheduled to open in elites, we want to build a gallery in 2015, the new centre isn’t intended which everybody in this community to simply be a space to view art. It can come together.” aims to be a place that helps draw However, a facility like the Remai the community together. doesn’t come cheap. Under the Building Canada infrastructure program, federal and provincial governments committed $51 million to the construction of the new gallery. Then, in June of 2011, Saskatoon philanthropist Ellen Remai announced a donation of $30 million to the project — $15 million for construction and $500,000 annually for 30 years to help with programming. And still that wasn’t enough. So the board of trustees has launched a fundraising campaign to make the additional $20 million to run the gallery properly. And at the time of publication, the initiative had brought in more than $17.2 million towards the project. “It’s never easy to raise money for any capital project, especially one of this size, this magnitude,” says Aebig. “It’s been challenging, but we’ve been greatly encouraged by the response we’ve received so far. It’s just been tremendous.” And while the board of trustees is greatly appreciative of all the donations and are anticipating the day they hit the $20 million mark, they hope the buck won’t stop there. “We don’t want to stop at $20

Photo: courtesy of the Remai Art Gallery

million,” says Aebig. “We want to continue to raise money and attract donors to help out what’s going to go on inside that building, in terms of programming, in terms of community outreach and exhibitions.” Interested in donating to the project? You can check out http:// All donations are welcome, regardless of size.

“Something like a $25 donation means a lot,” explains Aebig. “It doesn’t only mean someone has decided to make a financial investment in this project, but it’s a statement about how they feel about the arts and the role of arts in a modern, growing, cosmopolitan city like ours.” Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Arts One

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Aug 10–16, ‘12

Guttermouth On Why Punk Rock Is Dead Photo: courtesy of the artist

This Hard Core Group Talks Genre, And Why Anything Goes At Their Shows Alex J MacPherson

soon as we’re done with this tour [we’ll] record it and get it out.” saskatoon, SK — My inGuttermouth records are usually terview with Guttermouth was well-received, but it’s difficult to slightly delayed, mostly because capture the band’s rapid-fire CaliAlexander Flamsteed wanted to fornia punk and lyrics that range go to the liquor store. between blatantly offensive and When Flamsteed, who plays downright hilarious. The best way drums in the Huntington Beach to experience Guttermouth is band, and singer Mark Adkins ma- and always has been in a packed, terialized on my computer screen, I sweaty club. Adkins and company could sense that it was going to be are known for edgy, controveran entertaining half hour. I wasn’t sial live performances that blend disappointed. pure adrenaline Beaming, Flam- “No one is changing the with outrageous steed launches world through their lyrics. stunts like the into a story about There’s nothing really aforementioned a recent trip to b e e r- d r i n k i n g Florida that more protest-y going on…” contest. -Mark Adkins or less exemplifies Beaming Guttermouth’s anything goes ap- again, Flamsteed tells me about a proach. particularly greasy show in north“Our guitar player, Dave [Luck- ern Japan. It was an illustration of ett], drinks a lot, and his gag re- how Guttermouth handles bad caflex is just hilarious,” Flamsteed tering — in this case the “Mount cackles. “He’s a little different. We Everest” of fried chicken. were having a sculling contest, a “We put it in a big garbage bag chugging contest. We’re chugging and set it right next to the drum away and then I sit back down. I kit,” he says, obviously enjoying count in the next song and Dave himself. “We had Ryan, the old just turns around and starts spew- drummer of Guttermouth, with ing all over my drum kit. I’m hitting us as well, and he ran up beside the the drums, and as the stick hits the drums, grabbed a piece of chicken, drum, the vomit is coming up and and threw it into the crowd, which hitting me in the face. So I start spurred me to have Mark play the spewing everywhere, barfing all drums and me sing a song. I think I over some other guy’s drum kit.” sang “Chicken Box.” I had a garbage Guttermouth have been play- bag of chicken, and I can’t sing. So ing fast, irreverent punk rock and I’m just grabbing these Japanese offending people since 1988. To- guys’ heads and hair and just shovday, Adkins is the only remaining ing chicken down their throats and original member which, given the throwing it.” band’s reputation for debauchery, “It reeked like a KFC in there,” isn’t all that surprising. Flamsteed, Adkins chimes in. who is 23, joined the band last year The point is, of course, that anyand will undoubtedly be the anchor thing can happen when there are of the record Adkins expects to no rules. And Flamsteed and Adrelease next year. kins are convinced that anything “We’re about to sign a deal with short of absolute unpredictability Hopeless Records and we’re really is boring. close,” Adkins tells me, acknowl“Every show is completely differedging that Guttermouth hasn’t ent,” Adkins adds. “We don’t even released an LP since Shave the World make a setlist … [i]t just starts and came out in 2006. “We’ve demoed we pretty much know when the six, seven songs that we’re pretty hour is up somehow, and that’s that. happy with, and it’s pretty much as Now, here’s the thing about

Guttermouth: their music may seem puerile and noxious and sometimes just ridiculous, but the band’s existence is predicated on the idea that punk rock is dead. “For me,” Adkins muses, “having a few more miles on me than everyone else in this band, [I think punk] has been dead for a long time. No one is changing the world through their lyrics. There’s nothing really protest-y going on that’s, you know, scratching the surface

of anything.” And when there’s nothing to be gained, the only thing left to do is have fun. Which is why seeing Guttermouth is probably the best time you can have with your pants on. Moments before the end of our interview, Flamsteed tells me to wait: “You’ve got to put this in,” he tells me. “I want to screw Dave over somehow. If someone throws a cup of vomit on Dave, our guitar player,

on the left hand side, they’ll get a free signed t-shirt.” “ That ’s generous,” Adkins laughs. “Why not just give him seventy-five cents?” Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Event Info


Where: Amigos Cantina When: August 23 Cost: $15 advance/$20 door

DJ Duo Project 46 On The Power Of Their Fans Alex J MacPherson

Saskatoon, SK — The strongest, most productive creative partnerships are remarkably durable, and can withstand pretty much any kind of turbulence you can imagine. Only recently, however, have duos been able to conquer distance — and nowhere is there a better example of this than Project 46. Project 46 is the unorthodox

union of Ryan Henderson and “Most collaborations are done Thomas Shaw, who happen to online now by swapping stems and live hundreds of kilometres apart. such, so we don’t think what we Henderson lives in Waterloo, Shaw are doing is anything new!” the Vancouver. But pair wrote in an that doesn’t mean “Our hope is to continue e-mail. “We are on the pair can’t work … to put out music that Skype every day together. In fact, people love.” swapping ideas they spend more and talking about -Project 46 music and busithan fifty hours a week online, together in a world ness stuff.” that knows nothing of distance. The result of this collaboration is a slew of club-ready tracks, a mixture of powerful remixes and bouncy originals. “We just work hard and put out music that we think people will enjoy!” the pair wrote. “Our fans are really responsible for our growth. Our hope is to continue to grow as artists and continue to put out music that people love!” But as Project 46 continues to grow, with more music coming up and a tour in the works, one mystery remains: what does Project 46 actually mean? “Actually,” the DJs and producers wrote, “this is an inside secret between us!” Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Event Info

Kelly & the Kellygirls Where: Lydia’s Pub When: August 18 Cost: $5 at the door

Project 46

Where: Tequila Nightclub When: August 18 Cost: $6 @ Ticketmaster


Where: Lydia’s Pub When: August 23 Cost: $10 Want some coverage for your upcoming event? Email ASAP!

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5 Qs: Kelly & The K

Singer R. Kelly Clipperton Talks C Alex J MacPherson

kind of swept me up too. Then one day I woke up and realized that I’d R. Kelly Clipperton is a Renais- started writing songs. That was sance man. Born in Mississauga, the beginning and I never really Clipperton has found success as looked back. a playwright, a photographer, a AJM: Do you think your experifashionista, a choreographer, a ences in other industries shaped the performance artist and a musi- music you make now? cian. Clipperton, who has been RKC: Absolutely. Toward the writing music for more than two end of my theatre studies at York decades, is known for his energetic University I was focusing on being latin- and jazz-ina playwright, and fluenced pop and “I work really, really hard I wrote and profor his flamboyant to try and say something duced four plays performances. I differently…” while I was in caught up with school. That was -R. Kelly Clipperton a tough learning Clipperton to chat about writing successful songs and curve for me, to be so young and learning to say things differently. have these really big ideas, and to Alex J MacPherson: For a man try and hone it into something that who has done everything, when did is so grand, like a full-length story, it become clear that music would be that takes a lot of practice. But I the anchor of your career? think when I first started writing R. Kelly Clipperton: It was prob- songs I realized I could work a lot ably in my early twenties that I de- more efficiently in a shorter time. cided to focus on music a lot. It was AJM: The songs you’re writing always on the back burner; it was now, and even disconnected from always something that I loved to the theatrical live performance, have do. I focused on theatre in univer- that arc you get in a play or a film. sity and then the fashion industry Can you tell me about how you write? RKC: I would definitely say that at the beginning of my career, when I started writing songs, I would force songs to work. I have no interest in doing that anymore. I will not flog a dead horse. With the melody — and I like catchy melodies — it’s either there or it’s not. If something comes out and I think it’s kind of alright, I’ll probably just throw it out.

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Enigmatic Rocker Petunia Reflects On Labels, Music, Touring Alex J MacPherson


Photo: courtesy of R. Kelly Clipperton

Creative Output And lyrically? For sure. AJM: Can you elaborate on that idea of saying something in a different way? RKC: I work really, really hard to try and say something differently, and certainly that theatrical arc, the up and down of the narrative within a two- or three-minute song, is really important to me. I’m not into rhyming schemes just for the sake of it and I’m certainly not into talking about the banality of love, if you will, which so many pop songs focus on. AJM: And yet you say it’s been a struggle to get people to pay attention, to hear your music. RKC: Absolutely. It’s been a constant struggle. At times, I find the struggle very empowering because, at the end of the day, I’m my own boss. I answer to myself, which as anybody who knows me well enough will say is the best situation for me, but at the same time you try and step outside of this world you’ve created for yourself. But there’s constant resistance. I don’t think that being an out gay man has really been that much of a hindrance to me. I think the music industry has shifted and changed so much in the time that I’ve been doing music, and especially in the last ten years, that gambles that the industry would take on artists thinking outside the box are really not there anymore. Feedback? Text it to 306881-8372.

veteran touring musician, he plays about 150 gigs a year. “I used to play Saskatoon, SK — Petunia is more,” he told me. inscrutable. His songs evoke the When I called Petunia he was generations of musicians who pre- driving his 1987 Chevrolet Beauceded him without sounding like mont down a highway somewhere them at all. He struggles to explain in Saskatchewan. He pulled over his music, preferring adjectives that to take the call, giving the van a describe feelings to adjectives that chance to cool down. describe sound. Petunia expressed concern that “It’s good music,” he tells me, applying labels to his music might after I ask about undercut the genre and labels. “It’s good music … and it strains of jazz, folk “It’s sophisticat- appeals to a wide array of and even punk ed, and it appeals people…” rock that infuse to a wide array his country ethic. -Petunia He mentioned the of people and a wide array of ages, from two-year- Carter Family, Hank Williams, and olds to ninety-year-olds. That’s as Jimmie Rodgers before explainmuch as I can describe it without ing that a direct line can be drawn sabotaging some of what I have between country and punk. musically to offer.” That line, I think, is called honPetunia, who was born in Que- esty. Early country music and early bec, is a guitar player, singer, and punk rock rose to prominence beoccasional yodeler. He has spent cause they were built on a simple more than a decade writing, per- idea: three chords and the truth. Peforming and singing songs that tunia’s music is more sophisticated are unlike any I’ve ever heard. A than, say, that of the Ramones. But

they’re both honest. “It’s pretty honest music,” he admitted “And it’s simple. If you’re trying to be fancy, but you don’t really have anything to offer, it’s really apparent. But on the other hand, if you have something to offer, and yet it’s really simple, then it’s also apparent. And people are going to enjoy it. People who enjoy that kind of music don’t go for bells and whistles as much.”

Petunia’s latest album, recorded with his band the Vipers, covers a lot of territory, and is both an exercise in musical fusion and an exploration of how much one man can do with a guitar, a tight band, and his limitless imagination. “I don’t think it’s done that often,” he said of his music. “Therefore it doesn’t have a description. Which is good.” Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

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AugPH 10–16, PH–PH, ‘12‘PH

The Campaign A Satirical Success

Ferrell, Galifianakis Deliver In This Timely Political Comedy The Campaign

Runtime: 86 Minutes Rated: 14A Adam Hawboldt Timely. That’s what Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis’ new movie The Campaign is. Not only that, but the film is also satirical and sharp and awesome and fall-off-your-chair funny. Honestly though, with all the cast involved here, what else were

you expecting? First, you have Ferrell and Galifianakis — two giants of modern movie comedy. Add Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses), Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters) and John Lithgow (Third Rock from the Sun) into the mix. Then, for good measure, throw in amusing cameos by political pundits like Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan, and you have a recipe for an award-winning political comedy. Okay. Who am I kidding? Pigs will fly before The Campaign takes home any serious hardware. But as a comedy, it sure as heck

Photo: courtesy of Warner Bros.

will take your breath away with plummet. So in step two power brolaughter. kers — Glen (Lithgow) and Wade Directed by Jay Roach (Austin Motch (Aykroyd) — who convince Powers), The Campaign tells the the nerdy, hobbit-like Marty Hugstory of Cam Brady (Ferrell), a slick- gins (Galifianakis) to enter the race. talking congressman who seems Bankrolled by the Motch brothprimed for re-election until one ers, Huggins gives Brady the fight of day he dials a wrong number and his political life. Thanks, in part, to instead of telling Brady’s penchant his mistress all the “[The Campaign is] a for sabotaging his naughty, nasty swift kick to the groin of own campaign. s e x u a l thi n gs politics in America.” Whether it’s he wants to do punching babies -Adam Hawboldt or getting busted to her, Brady is caught on speaker phone talking while bumping uglies in a Porta dirty to a family of devout Chris- Potty, Brady proves time and time tians. again to be his own worst enemy. Naturally, Brady’s poll numbers Between Brady and Huggins, it’s a nailbiting race — er, bumbling amble? — to the finish line. Who wins, well you’ll just have to watch to find out. And even if the candidate you didn’t vote for winds up the victor, this hilarious comedy is still worth the price of admission. The Campaign offers up a great mix of big laughs and harsh truths. None quite so harsh or true as when the movie takes aim at the realities of campaign financing and the problem money plays in the American political system. The satire here is stinging. Mean, even. And that’s one of the best things about The Campaign. Sure it’s full of raunchy jokes about sex and racism and adultery. But, at the same time, it’s also a swift kick to the groin of politics in America. By painting both parties with a brush of greed, the movie shows just how similar and irrelevant both parties are when push really comes to shove. And given this is an election year down in the States, The Campaign (with its hard-nosed message and barrel of laughs) is the kind of movie everyone should see. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

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The Bourne Legacy Weakest Of Franchise Photo: courtesy of Universal Pictures

Despite Intriguing Concept, Strong Cast, Action Film Just Can’t Hold Its Own The Bourne Legacy

Runtime: 135 Minutes Rated: PG Adam Hawboldt For the most part, you have to trust Matt Damon when it come to the roles and movies he chooses. Sure, he’s appeared in a couple of doozies. But for every Hereafter there are a handful of films like True Grit and Rounders and The Departed. The kind of films that really blow your hair back. So when Damon decided not to reprise his role as Jason Bourne and came out publicly deriding Bourne writer Tony Gilroy, well, let’s just say I had my doubts about the fourth installment of the Bourne series. Turns out, those doubts were well founded because The Bourne Legacy is nowhere near as good as the previous three films. Sure, it starts out promisingly enough with a gritty prologue in which we’re introduced to a new off-the-grid field

agent named Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), who is undergoing training in the wilds of Alaska as a part of Operation Outcome. And this guy Cross is good. He can run, jump, shoot, climb and anticipate danger every bit as well as Jason Bourne. But there’s a catch. Unlike Bourne, who is a naturally awesome spy (albeit rather addle-brained), Cross is a genetically modified operative. Meaning, he’s controlled by two pills: the blue ones boost brain power; the green ones improve physical performance. Eventually CIA manager Eric Byer (Edward Norton) decides to eliminate all the Outcome operatives and sends a drone to kill Cross. It doesn’t work. And so begins the hunt for Cross, as well as Cross’ hunt for more drugs. Eventually he tracks down a scientist who has what he needs, Dr. Marta Shearling (Rachel Weisz) and, well, to say any more would ruin it for those of you planning to see it. As for the film itself, let’s just say that on the surface The Bourne Legacy is a cool idea. Instead of trying to do an origin movie or something of that sort, director Gilroy (who wrote all the Bourne films) rewinds things to the last movie, The Bourne

Ultimatum, and weaves Cross’ story Clayton and Duplicity, but when it around previous events and old comes to tension and fast-paced characters. chase scenes, it E s s e n t i a l l y, “[Renner] doesn’t have seems like Gilwhile the CIA is the on-screen charisma roy is in over his hunting and try- that Damon oozes…” head. And, as a ing to eliminate result, The Bourne -Adam Hawboldt Legacy winds up Cross, Jason Bourne is still on the loose. Pretty being the least exciting film in the cool concept, right? Problem is, franchise. What’s more, Jeremy Gilroy isn’t an action director. Yes, Renner, while a damn fine actor, he did a good job with Michael just isn’t Matt Damon. He may have

the acting chops and he’s pretty good as special agent Cross, but in the end he simply doesn’t have the on-screen charisma that Damon oozes — and the film suffers (slightly) because of it. Now that’s not to say The Bourne Legacy is a bad movie. It’s just that with a different director and with Matt Damon back as Jason Bourne it would’ve been better. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

This Week: Bring Your Own Wine Last week we asked what you thought about introducing BYOW — here’s what you had to say. Next week’s topic: see page 9 — what do you think about our suggestion of mutant Olympics,

On Topic Why not bring your own wine in? It would be cheaper and it would make the night more ideal drinking something you want to drink rather than pay 30 bucks for something you may not even finish or struggle to finish BYOW? Really? You people must be on the good drugs! While you’re at it you may as well pack up your own baby back ribs for the restaurant.

or what changes would you like to see to the games? Text FEEDBACK and your thoughts about the topic (or anything else) to 306–881-VERB (8372) and you could see your text printed in next week’s issue! BYOW would kill the service industry. Guess what: your servers work for tips, they make min wage otherwise. Usually ona bill alcohol accounts for about half and you want to take that away from people who put up with crap from the public all the time so they get smaller tips? Hell no BYOW would just make it easier for people to get drunk at restaurants, and then when they leave it’s still the responsibility of the establishment

that they don’t drink and drive even though they didn’t serve them booze. Won’t work. Yes! Way to go BC, we should definitely follow suit. I loved that when I visited Montreal a couple years ago: show up with the wine I want (not at a hideously marked up price) and then take whatever is left over. Doubt the SLGA will go for it though. I’d love it if SK allowed us to bring in wine. I don’t think restaurants would lose out to much either they could just stock nicer or more exclusive stuff that maybe you can’t get at the liquore store. Good for patrons, good for businesses.

Off Topic Re: “Texting Drivers May Face Car Impoundment,” Local page, August 3rd issue

If the authorities were serious about the text and driving. they would legislate phone companies to program phones to disable themselves when the Gps tracks over 5mph unless connected to a

blue tooth device and text to voice enabled Re: “Texting Drivers May Face Car Impoundment,” Local page, August 3rd issue

No matter what the police do to the public on cell phone use noone will listen or care until they hit someone or hurt themselves cause of their cellphone use while driving police take away people’s car’s for alcohol related offences why not I say also less traffic on our already highly congested streets Re: “Texting Drivers May Face Car Impoundment,” Local page, August 3rd issue

What about the police on their computers while driving but thats alright for them There are no good sitcoms on tv anymore. I remember great sitcoms like Beverly Hillbillies, I Love Lucy, Married With Children and Three’s Company, just to name a few. Classic sitcoms and so well written. It’s hard to laugh at any new sitcoms these days. Yawn.

Re the text breaking down the bad grammar/spelling - I think the original text was intended as a joke. That’s why the person also misspelled “grammar.” Which the outraged responder also did :) Close your eyes AND ILL kiss you tomorrow ill miss you Remember youll always be B00 Man with the rental crisis moving is tough. No slack with no empty spaces. I had to be out by 12 PM and couldn’t move in til 6 PM the next day. Didn’t sleep for two days while moving. That was just too hard on an old guy like me! No summer is not hotter than the lowest level of hell. That is not an accurate comparison. Dear Verb the “Opinion” section in your paper has to go. I truely feel that you aren’t doing your paper any favours. Metro is the way to go

Texts This nanotech the hardware types are getting all excited about already exists. Its called biochemistry and biology. Duh! Billions of years of R&D too. If you can press your horn you can press your brakes. Never ever use your horn without damn good reason! It distracts too many other drivers in heavy traffic. I cannot believe how many stories are on the news these days about people being shot or killed other ways. Do people really have so much rage in themselves that it should end in the taking of people’s lives? We need to respect each other. We need to start having empathy towards each other. Empathy works. Revenge only escalates things even further. God is our only hope. Without God we are hopeless. People who clip their

Page 17

Aug 10–16, ‘12

fingernails on the bus is disgusting! Do it at home! Who txt that idle hands are the devils workshop? DEVILS got a job 2 do too! Love conquers all. I love you pookie! Mackenzie N + Kayley K Forever &’ Always Humans are the only “civilized” species that kills their own. Get out from under your rock!!! Humans know better animals don’t! Even know humans know better they some still kill their own! Civilized! My ass! Long climb from DOWNtown to the burbs. Looonnnggg climb! Most don’t make it. Even if you’re poor you can still be rich in spirit. If FedEx and UPS merged would it be called Fed Up?

Public buses are scent free. Please keep it that way. These includes smokers drunk and even cultures. Just noticed sombody hit the sign on 5th ave and 24th ouch! Looks preatty bad hope nobody was hurt Bad feeling at 10 yrs old knowing your teachers are too ignorant too childish to prepare you for the world thats developing. You ignore them. Educate yourself. Summer is spud nuts. 2 3 4 tell the people what she wore. It was an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini that

she wore for the first time today. Older drivers are not necessarily better seasoned drivers. They have just had more years to develop bad habits. To the stupid woman that splashed me about to cross Idylwyld and 23rd street last Friday. Have some respect! Going on a drive with my elderly grandparents in their enormous boat with no AC is like hell on wheels. I love ‘em, but it’s a sweatbox in there. Plus we go under speed limit so takes way longer to get there. LOL love them tho

That graffiti wall on Warman Road is ugly and should not be allowed! It messes up the neighborhood. Adam hawboldt mushrooms exhale carbon dioxide not co.i worked @ a couple mushy farms.the co2 makes u feel tired and can even kill u if 2much Fringe great again! The opinions expressed on this page are not necessarily Verb’s.


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Aug 10–16, ‘12

Friday @ 302 Lounge Venue

302 Lounge & Discothèque on Friday, August 3rd


302 Pacific Avenue

Photos courtesy of Patrick Carley (

Music Vibe

Top 40 remixed dance mix

Feature Deals

$10.25 triples, $4.75 strawberry shots, made with fresh strawberries

Popular Drink Rye and Coke

Something New

New DJ booth, bar lighting, stage, dressing rooms and table lighting

Coming Up

Every Saturday in September, 302 will be giving away a trip to Vegas, anniversary weekend September 7th & 8th, foam parties on August 24th and September 21st (those in bikinis and Speedos get in for free), and Ru Pauls and Morgan McMichaels will be doing a show August 25th


Page 19

Aug 10–16, ‘12

Saturday @ The Hose Venue

The Hose & Hydrant Brewing Company on Saturday, August 4th


612 11th Street East

Playing on Arrival

A remix of Flo Rida’s “Whistle”

Music Vibe Top 40

Regular Gig

A rotation of DJs perform Wednesdays to Sundays

Feature Deals

Double vodka or rye for $7.50, Jäg Bombs for $6.50, Pornstars for $4.50, and nachos for $10

Popular Drink

Chocolate Wasted — Espresso vodka and white Creme de Cacao

Food of Choice

Broadway’s Best Burger — topped with bacon and Parmesan cheese, and served with your choice of fries, soup or salad

Wing Notes

$4.50 a pound on Thursdays; of the 32 flavours available, lemon pepper is the most popular

Something New

New heat lamps on the recently opened rooftop patio

Photos courtesy of Patrick Carley (


Page 20

Aug 10–16, ‘12

hour 4pm, Béily’s UltraLounge. $5 cover after 9pm.

Photo: courtesy of the artist

(Next Week) SMOKEKILLER @ VANGELIS tavern — Mellow, but catchy. Low

John Antoniuk) is, simply put, one of the best solo acts you’re likely to see in the Prairies. This talented musician puts on a show that is captivating and entertaining; don’t miss him when he plays Vangelis on August 17th. Cover TBD. -Adam Hawboldt. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Friday 10

influences. 10pm, Amigos Cantina. Tickets available at the door.

key, yet vibrant. Kind of like Teenage Fan Club meets Ryan Adams meets Wilco. Describe Smokekiller’s music any way you want, but one thing’s for sure: once you hear it you’ll immediately like it. This local musician (aka

House DJs — Funk, soul & lounge DJs liven up the atmosphere at 6Twelve. 9pm, 6Twelve Lounge. No cover.

Foggy Notions — This local indie foursome makes exciting new music with classic

Austen Roadz — With over 25 years of DJ experience, Austen Roadz throws down a high-energy top 40 dance party along with DJ Ash Money every Friday night. Happy

Kashmir — Feel like climbing a “Stairway to Heaven”, then getting so “Dazed and Confused” you feel like having a “Communication Breakdown?” Well, here’s your chance. Western Canada’s top Led Zeppelin band will be in town all weekend. 10pm, Buds on Broadway. $6 cover.

have always been known to break the latest and greatest tracks in multiple genres. They are sure to have you on the dance floor in no time! 9pm, Jax Niteclub. $5 cover. West Hell, White Lightning, Harmful Effects, Agony Spawn — If you like your beer cold and your music heavy, you’re going to love this show 9pm, Lepps Metal Bar. Cover $10.

DJ Aaron Paetsch — This local DJ will get your head bobbing, your feet moving and your butt up on the dance floor. 9pm, Diva’s Club. Members get in free, cover $5 for non-members after 11pm.

Johnny Don’t — This upand-coming local band is eccentric, witty and all kinds of indie talented. Come check them out. 10pm, Lydia’s Pub. Cover $5.

The Noble Liars — A local rock four-piece that oozes talent and puts on a show you simply should not miss. Also on the bill is September Long. 10pm, The Fez on Broadway. Cover $5.

DJ Big Ayyy & DJ HENCHMAN — Round up your friends ‘cause there’s no better country rock party around! 8pm, Outlaws Country Rock Bar. $5 cover; ladies in free before 11pm.

DJ Eclectic — Local turntable whiz DJ Eclectic pumps snappy electronic beats. 8pm, The Hose & Hydrant. No cover. DJ Sugar Daddy & DJ JMats — Able to rock any party, these local crowd favourites

The standards trio — Featuring local talents Don Sawchuck (guitar/mandolin/ vocals), Todd Gursky (drums/ vocals) and Matt Gruza (bass). 8pm, Prairie Ink. No cover. Simple Plan — This poprock band from Montreal is

more than worth the price of admission. They’ve won Junos, MuchMusic Video Awards and pumped out more hits than you can shake a stick at. 7pm, Prairieland Park. See for ticket information. Bitten by Air — Come rock the night away with this local band. 9pm, Stan’s Place. No cover. Dueling Pianos — Terry Hoknes, Neil Currie and Brad King belt out classic tunes and audience requests, from Sinatra to Lady Gaga. 10pm, Staqatto Piano Lounge. No cover until 8pm, $5 thereafter. Yanni — Born Yiannis Hryssomallis in Kalamata, Greece, Yanni is a self-taught pianist, keyboardist and composer whose savvy contemporary/ classical/ new age sound has earned him fame, awards and critical acclaim. 8pm, TCU Place. Tickets $55–75, available a

Saturday 11

House DJs — Resident DJs spin deep and soulful tunes all night. 9pm, 6Twelve Lounge. No cover. Austen Roadz — With over 25 years of DJ experience, Austen Roadz throws down a high-energy top 40 dance party along with DJ CTRL every Saturday night. Drinks & appies 4pm, Béily’s UltraLounge. $5 cover after 9pm. Penny Reign — This local act plays an infectious brand of hard-hitting power pop. 10pm, Buds on Broadway. Cover $6. SaturGAY Night — Come join local DJ Nick James as he spins the night way. 9pm, Diva’s Club. Free for member, $5 for non-members after 11pm. Wild Uprising — If it’s good, hard rock you want, this local five-piece will give it to you. Also appearing on the bill will be Speed Control and The Seekers. 10pm, The Fez on Broadway. Cover $5.


DJ Kade — Saskatoon’s own DJ lights it up with hot tunes. 8pm, The Hose & Hydrant. No cover. DJ J-Mats & DJ Sugar Daddy — Able to rock any party, these local crowd favourites have always been known to break the latest and greatest tracks in multiple genres. They are sure to have you on the dance floor in no time! 9pm, Jax Niteclub. $5 cover. Later Day Saints, Pandas in Japan, Magna Carta, Exoskeleton, The BellaDonnas — Holy moly! Five hard hitting bands, one show … you don’t want to miss it. 9pm, Lepps Metal Bar. Cover $10.

Mo Marley — Come out from some reggae, reggae and mo’ reggae. 10pm, Lydia’s Pub. Cover $5. Reggae Fest — With acts like Roots Syndicate, The Steadies and Oral Fuentes, this party is going to be jamming. 7pm, The Odeon Events Centre. Tickets $20 (advance), $25 (door), $30 (VIP). Available at eventperformances.asp?evt=38 DJ Big Ayyy & DJ Henchman — Round up your friends ‘cause there’s no better country rock party around! 8pm, Outlaws Country Rock Bar. $5 cover.

Page 21

Aug 10–16, ‘12

Troy Hudson — Come check out this accomplished singer/ songwriter play his own brand of folk music. 8pm, Prairie Ink. No cover.

Collective Soul — Come watch these rockers from Georgia “Shine” at the Ex. 7pm, Prairieland Park. See for ticket information. Bitten by Air — Come rock the night away with this local band. 9pm, Stan’s Place. No cover. Dueling Pianos — Terry Hoknes, Neil Currie and Brad King belt out classic tunes and audience requests, from Sinatra to Lady Gaga. 10pm, Staqatto Piano Lounge. No cover until 8pm, $5 thereafter. Pop Crimes — Hailing from Winnipeg, this quartet plays a blend of experimental rock/ pop/chaos that is interesting and intense. 9pm, Vangelis Tavern. Cover $5.

Sunday 12

Saskatoon’s original industry night — Hosted by DJ Sugar Daddy; this crowd favourite has always been known to break the latest and greatest tracks in multiple genres. Drinks & appies 4pm, Béily’s UltraLounge. $4 cover after

9pm; no cover for industry staff. DJ KADE — Saskatoon DJ lights it up with hot tunes. 8pm, The Hose & Hydrant. No cover. Hand of the Horsewitch, Chronobot, Merv O, Autaris — Come out for some heavy music and good times. 9pm, Lepps Metal Bar. Cover $10. David Braid — This twotime Juno Award winner is one of, if not”the” top jazz pianist in the nation. He’ll be putting on a rare and awesome house concert that no jazz lover should miss. 2pm, 2113 Pembina Ave. Tickets $20, call 934-4460. SUNDAY JAM — The Vangelis Sunday Jam is an institution, offering great tunes from blues to rock and beyond. 7:30pm, Vangelis Tavern. No cover.

Monday 13

Todd Wolfe Band — After spending five years with Sheryl Crow, playing lead guitar and sometimes writing songs, Wolfe ventured out on his own and formed the Todd Wolfe Band, a trio that plays aggressive blues music laced with jam-rock throwbacks to the bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s. 10pm, Buds on Broadway. Cover $6. Abriosis — This four-piece

(Next Week) SITDOWN TRACY @ VANGELIS tavern — An energetic and

eclectic indie pop band from Winnipeg, SitDown Tracy has a rich sound that comes from blending keyboards, woodwinds and stringed instruments. Consisting of Janelle Mailhot, Trevor Graumann, Aaron Zeghers, Matthew

Photo: courtesy of the artist

Powers and Sean Perkins, this talented five-piece is sure to raise a few eyebrows with their breath-taking harmonies and full-bodied instrumentals. Come check them out at Vangelis when they roll through Saskatoon on August 18th. Cover TBD. -Adam Hawboldt. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

Music (COMING UP) JOURNEY @ CREDIT UNION CENTRE — “Just a small town

girl, livin’ in a lonely world/She took a midnight train goin’ ….” If you know the next word in this song, chances are you know Journey — the American rock band that has sold over 80 million albums worldwide. Since forming in ‘73,

Page 22

Aug 10–16, ‘12

Photo: courtesy of the artist

their sound has evolved from progressive rock to more of a standard rock/ pop/soft-rock vibe; come check them out at the Credit Union Centre on November 28th(along with Loverboy and Night Ranger) . Tickets $50.25–116.50 (Ticketmaster) -Adam Hawboldt. Feedback? Text it to 306-881-8372.

progressive death metal band from Vancouver is loud and awesome. Also playing will be Holic. 9pm, Lepps Metal Bar. Cover $10.

9pm, Lydia’s Pub. No cover.

available at

Open Mic — Come out to show your talent. 7pm, The Somewhere Else Pub. No cover.

Tuesday 14

Wednesday 15

Wax Mannequin — This singer/songwriter (also known as Chris Adeney) from Hamilton, Ontario is one of a kind. He’ll be in town with his strange and awesome folk sound this week. Also appearing will be Brucey Ramone and Brendan Flaherty. 9pm, Vangelis Tavern. Cover $5.

Todd Wolfe Band — After spending five years with Sheryl Crow, playing lead guitar and sometimes writing songs, Wolfe ventured out on his own and formed the Todd Wolfe Band, a trio that plays aggressive blues music laced with jam-rock throwbacks to the bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s. 10pm, Buds on Broadway. Cover $6. DJ SUGAR DADDY — Able to rock any party, this crowd favourite has always been known to break the latest and greatest tracks in multiple genres. 9:30pm, The Double Deuce. $4 cover. V E R B PR E S E N T S O PE N STAGE — The open stage at Lydia’s has hosted many of Saskatoon’s finest performers, and is a chance for bands, solo artists and even comedians to showcase original material.

HUMP WEDNESDAYS — Resident DJ Chris Knorr will be spinning all of your favourite songs and requests, every Wednesday night! Doors at 7pm, DJ takes requests at 9pm, 302 Lounge & Discotheque. No cover until 10pm, $3 thereafter. Bob Cook and the Mucho Nada Party — Playing everything to backyard rootsrock-and-roll to reggae, ska and soul, this up-tempo Edmonton quartet knows how to get the party started. 10pm, Buds on Broadway. Cover $6. The Avenue Recording Company presents Open Mic — Hosted by Chad Reynolds. Sign up and play at this weekly event. 10pm, The Fez on Broadway. No cover. DJ Kade — Saskatoon DJ lights it up with hot tunes. 8pm, The Hose & Hydrant. No cover. Dr. J ‘Souled Out’ — Dr. J spins hot funk and soul every Wednesday night. Doors 9pm, Lydia’s Pub. No cover. WILD WEST WEDNESDAY — This is Saskatoon’s top Industry Night, hosted by DJ Big Ayyy & DJ Henchman. 9pm, Outlaws Country Rock Bar. $4 cover. No cover for industry staff. Dueling Pianos — Terry Hoknes, Neil Currie and Brad King belt out classic tunes and audience requests, from Sinatra to Lady Gaga. 10pm, Staqatto Piano Lounge. No cover Kaskade — One of the topearning DJs in the world, the New York Times called this musician the “new face of electronic dance music.” If you know him, you’ll probably be at the show. If you haven’t, you should definitely check him out when he blows through town on his Freaks of Nature tour. Tequila Nightclub. Tickets $52.75–77.75,

Thursday 16

Bob Cook and the Mucho Nada Party — Playing everything to backyard rootsrock-and-roll to reggae, ska and soul, this up-tempo Edmonton quartet knows how to get the party started. 10pm, Buds on Broadway. Cover $6. Throwback Thursdays — Come experience the best in retro funk, soul, reggae and rock provided by Dr. J. 8pm, Earls. No cover. Thunder Riot w/ Conky Showpony — Come dance the night away as this local DJ plays the kind of music that’ll get your feet moving. 9pm, The Fez on Broadway. Cover $5. DJ Kade — Saskatoon DJ lights it up with hot tunes. 8pm, The Hose & Hydrant. No cover. DJ Sugar Daddy & DJ JMats — Local DJs J-Mats and Sugar Daddy will be rocking the turntables to get you dancing on the dance floor! Every Thursday night will be filled with passion parties, pole dancing, shadow dancers and much more! 8pm, Jax Niteclub. $5 cover, free cover with student ID before 11pm. The Atom Age — A talented punk rock five-piece from California, The Atom Age plays music loud and in-your-face. Also appearing will be local punk duo Zombie Bouffant. 9pm, Lepps Metal Bar. Cover $10. Want your show listed? Email!

4 7 1 3 8 9 5 6 2

5 2 3 7 6 1 9 8 4

6 8 9 2 4 5 1 7 3

Sometimes you too have to go into the metaphorical garbage chute, Pisces. This may be one of those weeks — where you have to roll up your sleeves and get dirty in order to get anything done.

7 3 2 6 1 8 4 5 9

Pisces (Feb 20–Mar 20)

Why not try to be cool like Han Solo this week, Virgo? If you find yourself in a stressful situation, don’t let the pressure get to you. Instead, act with grace, keep your head, and handle it.

8 9 6 5 2 4 7 3 1

Virgo (Aug 23–Sept 22)

Don’t take any guff from the doubters this week. Instead, tell them to bugger off and go about your business as usual. Keep your eye on the prize and keep pushing to whatever goal you’re presently pursuing.

1 4 5 9 3 7 6 2 8

Aquarius (Jan 20–Feb 19)

Don’t be cocky this week, dear Leo. Don’t let your pride get the better of you in the days to come. Keep things in perspective. And above all else, don’t get caught up in your own awesomeness.

3 1 4 8 5 6 2 9 7

Leo (Jul 23–Aug 22)

Keep your eyes peeled for people who don’t have your best interests at heart, Capricorn. Be wary of people you suspect may do you wrong this week. Trust your gut.

9 5 8 1 7 2 3 4 6

Capricorn (Dec 22–Jan 19)

If you have hate or anger bubbling inside, whatever you do, don’t use them. Not this week. Should you let your negative feelings boil over, you’ll find yourself in a situation with no positive outcome.

2 6 7 4 9 3 8 1 5

Cancer (Jun 21–Jul 22)

8 7 6 9 1 2 4 3 5

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the clichéd size of the fight in the dog. Don’t underestimate something because of how it looks, Sagittarius. Try to have respect for everything you encounter.

3 5 1 7 4 8 9 6 2

Sagittarius (Nov 23–Dec 21)

Remember that no matter what you think you’ve accomplished, there’s always a bigger challenge just around the corner. If you want to be successful in life, you’ll have to keep going after them.

4 9 2 3 6 5 1 8 7

Gemini (May 21–Jun 20)

You may feel like you need Jedi mind tricks to help you convince people this week, Scorpio. But unfortunately that’s not the way it works, so don’t get frustrated if people don’t listen this week.

7 4 3 2 8 1 5 9 6

Scorpio (Oct 24–Nov 22)

If you find yourself in a bind this week, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Yes, we know you’re capable of dealing on your own, but sometimes things can get too big for any one person to handle.

2 6 9 5 3 4 8 7 1

Taurus (Apr 20–May 20)

You may feel cold and distant this week. That’s not normal, we know, but you’ll be back to your cheery self in no time. And for now, use the distance you feel to do some solitary activities.

1 8 5 6 7 9 3 2 4

Libra (Sept 23–Oct 23)

Try to find the good in things and focus on that this week, dear Aries. It all boils down to your outlook. If you think things will be fine and dandy this week, they will.

6 1 8 4 2 3 7 5 9

Aries (Mar 21–Apr 19)

9 3 7 1 5 6 2 4 8


Aug 10–16, ‘12 5 2 4 8 9 7 6 1 3

Time Out

Page 23

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Directions: Fill each box with a digit from 1-9, following these conditions: - Each row must contain every digit from 1-9 once and only once. - Each column must contain every digit from 1-9 once and only once. - Each of the nine 3x3 boxes must contain every digit from 1-9 once and only once.

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Verb Issue S202 (Aug 10-16, 2012)  

Verb Issue R40 (Aug 10-16, 2012)

Verb Issue S202 (Aug 10-16, 2012)  

Verb Issue R40 (Aug 10-16, 2012)