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The Reykjavík Fashion Festival, Reykjavík Art Museum | ARTS THREAD Blog

12/04/2011 17:50

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Posted in Accessories, Fashion Design by Kara Stanton


The Reykjavík Fashion Festival, Reykjavík Art Museum Accessories, Fashion Design

Vera Thordardottir, A/W 2011/2

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The Reykjavík Fashion Festival, Reykjavík Art Museum | ARTS THREAD Blog

12/04/2011 17:50

The Reykjavík Fashion Festival (RFF) took place March 31 to April 03 at Reykjavík Art Museum. Now in its second season, the festival was host to some of Iceland’s unique designers showing their collections of accessories and garments as well as an exciting mixture of music and culture from the various venues around the city. Opening the show on the first evening was the talented Vera Thordardottir whose designs have been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga. This was Vera’s launch collection at RFF and was inspired by the way the world changes from day to night. By using Swarovski crystal, silver wires and black silicon, Thordardottir was able to show “the way different objects chance with low reflection of light, how the eye adjusts in a moment of confusion when you walk from a bright daylight into a pitch black room”. The collection was filled with black and beige tones, highlighting the contrast between dark and light, combined with lace detailing to capture the idea of creating shadows.

Shadow Creatures, A/W 2011/2 Shadow Creatures, a relatively new label created by sister duo Sólveig Ragna and Gunnhildur Edda Gudmundsdottir, showed their second series of designs at RFF, with a collection inspired by “ancient Nepalese patterns, philosophical animalism, mortal imagination and cool sensuality”. Models filled the runway in earthy tones of pinks, browns and beige – with knotted details on the clothes and in their hair, perfect for the autumn seasons. Other inspiration includes the concept of darkness – the way in which tales are created through the images made out of the shadows, “it is the space between this terror and temptation the Shadow Creatures finds the inspiration for its mysterious spectrum of unique apparel”.

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No.6. 2010 November - December Copy

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wo days out of the Instituto Marangoni fashion school (the style-nursery for Franco Moschino, Domenico Dolce of Dolce and Gabbana and the likes) in London, Vera Thórdardóttir, 25, became an instant go-go, as Lady Gaga herself was seen in her tutu—a dress from Thórdardóttir’s graduation collection—at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball. A far cry from the meat dress or the bacon bag, Thórdardóttir’s pieces feature Swarovski crystals, fish skin and silicon to create icy textures. Thórdardóttir manipulates most of the textiles to get just the right frosty look. “I love innovative textiles, different textures and creatively cut garments. My design is about combining those things to make a look for confident and creative women,” she says. Earlier this year, her explorations of the same theme in two outfits under the name Boreal earned her an award in the Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD) competition as well as a spot in the London Fashion Week 2010—enough to make her a success even without the added fame. As for Miss Gaga, she has since been seen in another Thórdardóttir piece, this time a white tulle dream. Thórdardóttir’s designs feature in the exhibition Lady Gaga á Gogo in Paris from October 21, alongside Viktor & Rolf, Thierry Mugler and Bernard Chandran. The official “Vera Thórdardóttir” label is set to launch in February 2011 during London Fashion Week.



Skirt by Vera Thordardottir

Vera Thordardottir Pressbook