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Can your business take advantage of hidden profits? Yes, it can! Trust us to reveal them, as we are the leading company in cost management.

FINDING EXTRA PROFITS From a small chain of stores to a multinational oil company, VERALLIS Expense Reduction services perform amazingly in a wide range of economic activity. We help CEOs, CFOs and senior executives, in almost every business sector, find extra profits by reducing expenses in many cost categories.

22.7% Average Savings

The benefits for you

VERALLIS finds an average cost savings of 22.7%. Our analysts continue to monitor the projects in order to ensure that the new services are implemented properly, the quality provided is at the right level and to measure the savings precisely. VERALLIS’ customers usually start saving money in less than 90 days. It is important to mention that more than 50% of our customers have retained their current suppliers, but at a significantly improved cost.

_ Emphasis on implementation and follow up _ Strengthened negotiating position _ Specialization and experience _ Benchmarking ability _ Less time invested in overhead costs _ Win-win cooperation _ Independent, objective and transparent procedure _ Fee based on results


Îœore than 10,000 projects have been completed offering an average cost savings of 22.7%. Find your hidden profits with us!

HOW VERALLIS REDUCES YOUR OPERATIONAL COSTS _ We have vast experience from successful projects. _ We enhance your purchasing power. _ We stay close to you in order to measure the actual savings since our product is the customer’s additional saving, not a report. _ We cooperate with our customers for at least 24 months to ensure that our estimated savings will be implemented. _ Our experienced analysts have extensive benchmarking data, knowledge of the right price level and the best practices per cost category and offer extra know-how regarding the project.

_ Our reliable and transparent procedure guarantees success in every project. _ We register your purchasing profile, not only by taking into consideration the quantity criteria, but also quality and procedures. _ The VERALLIS partner who undertakes your company exclusively ensures the proper implementation and management of the project, as well as something equally important: central communication with analytic reporting.

No savings – no fee! Our fees come from the benefit and savings achieved in more than 50 categories of costs. Average savings per cost category in Greece Logistics
















Rent Expenses


Cleaning Products


Security Services


Personnel Transport


Office Consumables


Οverall Αverage 0%

22.7% 5%






35% Source: VERALLIS

Do you have cost efficiency certification? Do you believe that your business has achieved optimal cost? Get certified free of charge. VERALLIS certifies businesses and organizations for cost efficiency in cost management. This certification is granted after expenditure control is conducted by our expert analysts in each cost category, ensuring that the customer has achieved optimum results and there is no potential for additional savings.

STRONG PARTNERSHIPS, VISIBLE RESULTS “VERALLIS gives businesses in the private, as well as the narrow and wider public sector, a huge opportunity to reduce their expenses, without compromising quality and while meeting the demands of the times. All businesses have the potential for cost improvement and, at the same time, the imperative need to better their results. VERALLIS’ expert analysts can offer solutions with speed, transparency and reliability, but they mainly help with their implementation and evaluation.” Stelios Stayridis , President and CFO of Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company “VERALLIS is a reliable partner, with a specialized team working on the telecommunications sector, which contributed to the smooth implementation of the proposed solutions and to the achievement of desired outcomes. The project’s success is widely due to the extensive knowledge of VERALLIS’ executives: Through surveying and approaching our company’s demands, detailed planning, determination in the enforcement activities of the project and the excellent cooperation with the financial services of our organization.” Spyros Armoutis, Procurement Head, Singular Logic “Despite the fact that we had a strategic supplier at an international level in the field of logistics, which meant good prices, VERALLIS not only managed to achieve greater savings for our company, but also helped us in the process of implementation.” Stathis Tsampounaris, CFO Konica Minolta

“It is particularly difficult for an organization to have executives with deep and specific knowledge in every cost category. VERALLIS covers this specific gap not only by reducing costs, but in providing experience and specialized knowledge as well.” Manos Nikolakis, General Manager Greece and Cyprus, BiC Violex SA

“At a difficult time like this, VERALLIS enabled me to reduce many costs when the company believed there was no room for further reduction. In a very professional manner, experts in every cost category succeeded not only to reduce costs, but also to ensure better service without disrupting our relationships with existing suppliers.” Chris Papazachopoulos, CFO, AHI Carrier SEE

“We are particularly satisfied with the project that was assigned to VERALLIS and we have been rewarded with excellent results in two projects, continuing the cooperation with the existing suppliers in one case and with a new supplier in the second. The result-based fee is one of the additional reasons that motivated our decision to start up a partnership. The benefits and conclusions from our partnership are many and cover the entire range of the company’s functions: cost reduction, objective evaluation of suppliers, but more importantly cooperation with exceptional people and professionals.” Michael Lombardos, CFO, Grecian Magnesites S.A.


L. Kifissias 227-229 Building 3, Kifissia 145 61 Athens, Greece T. +30 210 6128 583 F. +30 210 6128 584 E.

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Verallis brochure english  

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