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Using A Mobile Light Meter Via A Smartphone Previously, quite a few industrial light meters were stand alone units which were comprised of three fundamental components being the detection device, the computational processor the display screen. Depending on the particular type of light meter, the detection device could be a very small part of the system. Additionally, as electronics became smaller and smaller, the processor for a light meter shrunk also. Even display screens became thinner and lighter, but could not become smaller without losing display acuity. Ultimately, manufacturers took the first step toward producing a portable light meter by separating the monitor from the processor/detection device. This allowed customers to mix-and-match displays and detectors, allowing for a more flexible choice for both. A New Technology Develops Concurrently light meters advanced, telephony made great technological advances as well. As a result of size and weight of earlier cell phones, they were often referred to as bricks due to the battery integrated. Early analog mobile phones became digital phones, with the attendant clarity and quality of the signal. When the service providers blocked calls during the busiest times of the day, this was what was known as "trunking". Later on, the modest processor used in mobile phones to process the communication protocols were harnessed for a wide range of activities, including alarms, advanced displays, and eventually, cameras. The capacity and the speed of the processors improved dramatically and the mobile phones were pretty much mini computers with an enormous amount of features. As the Smartphones progressed they were able to perform all types of advanced processes making them sensible for a massive amount of programs. Light Meters Meet Smartphones The light meter field recognized that the Smartphone now encompassed two of the three basic components of a light meter system. This was not accepted nor essentially considered an advantage by the providers. Measurement manufacturers used the connection devices between the three elements as a barrier to entry. The monitor from one manufacturer in this manner didn't automatically fit another detector created from a different company. This crucial barrier was basically done away with when using Smartphones nevertheless. Providers Focus on Core Technology The use of connectivity as a promotional tool was overcome by the first supplier that offered universal connectivity as a feature. At that stage, other providers had to follow suit to keep up. The industry's landscape was quickly changed. The core technology of the light meters, the detectors themselves were now focused on where the service providers made the best possible systems in the market. The Customer Benefits in the End Now customers could benefit from the new industry structure by having two of the three Allied Scientific Pro

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Using A Mobile Light Meter Via A Smartphone components of a metering system as common off-the-shelf components. Since many employees already owned company issued or personal Smartphones, most companies did not have to make any additional investment to have a fully functioning light meter. The consumer was able to choose whichever display technology allowed them depending on the phone they owned including IPhone, IPod Touch or IPad, where a dongle offered that connectivity. Analysis Software The quality of the detectors distinguish themselves from the competition with the components used but also by the analysis software accessible for the Smartphones. Advanced analysis software provides charts, spectral analysis, data logging and regular calibration capabilities were then able to be used comfortably by the customers allowing more portability. This power for some could in truth be used absolutely free. For any company to outfit their qualified professionals with powerful portable light meter systems, this has never been so easy allowing for great overall performance on the job. Allied Scientific Pro sells a superb portable light meter so you can directly send results to your email. For more information on Allied Scientific Pro, stop by their webpage at

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Using A Mobile Light Meter Via A Smartphone  

Allied Scientific Pro sells a superb portable light meter so you can directly send results to your email. For more information on Allied Sci...

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