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Hands of a Hero Foundation Newsletter DECEMBER 2013


Letter from the president

Hello Supporter

On behalf of Hands of Hero Foundation, I would like to welcome you to the first issue of HOHF Biannual newsletter, providing updates on our ongoing projects/programs, fundraising events, past activities and our future endeavors. This past year has been Hands of a Hero Foundation’s most ambitious year ever and we are proud to say the best is yet to come in 2014. This current newsletter will provide you with all the major highlights in 2013. At HOHF, we are determined to fulfill our mission, and with a vision to implement more sustainable initiatives in this organization and with our


Jan 1 2014 HOHF Newsletter

partners. Thus, we encourage individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their communities and also around the world to join us to make an impact together. HOHF has experienced tremendous success in all our initiatives in 2013 and without the generosity of our sponsors, supporters and partners, Hands of a Hero Foundation would not be possible. It is only with the assistance of our sponsors and supporters that we are able to provide such an incredible opportunity and experience for less fortunate children in Canada and Ghana.

We are deeply honored for such partnership and contribution. We sincerely hope that this association will be maintained and that you will continue to support us in our future endeavors. Thank you once again for taking your time to read our first issue of HOHF newsletter. From the Hands of Hero Foundation team to you, we wish you all a happy and successful new year. Priscilla Birago HOHF President



The beginning: 2013 Outreach Ghana Outreach Project By Priscilla Birago

One of the objectives of Hands of a Hero foundation is to eradicate poverty amongst children in Africa through the art of giving; by providing tools/ resources to help assist less fortunate children in becoming productive individuals within their communities. In January 2013, I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana on behalf of Hands of a Hero Foundation and to ensure that the organization’s mandate is fulfilled accordingly. The trip was the most eye opening and heartwarming experience ever and it has really changed my perspective about life. I had the chance to travel to different communities in Ghana, which also allowed me to assess and identify the real needs of the people in the communities. I discovered that there is a huge disparity between the rich and the poor in Ghana and there are only a few resources to go around, although there have been many charity organizations and government aid to minimize poverty among the people. On the other hand, I discovered that there is a huge emphasis on cultural communal, where everyone is looking out for one another. In addition, there was a sense of collectiveness and happiness among the people, including children, which is hardly seen in the western world. More Over, I also visited orphanages, primary schools/home and communities in Accra and in Kumasi during my time in Ghana. Hands of Hero Foundation conducted an outreach project for Jay nii streetwise Foundation in James town Accra, Ashiato Community, Ashiato Basic School and Westphalian Children’s village in Kumasi. We donated items such as clothes, toys, shoes , books, backpacks, pens/pencils and many more As an organization, we will continue to strive to eliminate poverty among children by enhancing our projects/ programs to continuously meet the needs of the people we are serving. Hands of Hero Foundation will be conducting another Ghana Outreach program in 2014 which we seek to fulfill our objectives once again.


Jan 1 2014 HOHF Newsletter

Fashion against Poverty Hands of a Hero Foundation’s First Annual Fundraising and Awareness Fashion show in support of the Ghana outreach projects such as little by little and the Shining Light project Page #3

Breakfast for Hope A brand new project emerging from an exciting partnership between Hands of a Hero Foundation and Help the African Child Foundation Page #9



Discovering You by Angeline Brew

On Sunday February 16, 2013 we held our very first valentine mentorship dinner. We had around 15-20 girls present. They had the wonderful opportunity to hear excellent guest speakers such as Mr. Francis Atta, Mrs. Anna Aidoo, and Mrs. Karlyn Percil. In addition to the wonderful speakers the girls were able to hear spectacular spoken word poetry written and performed by our very own Rochelle Mairs, and were entertained by a performance by REAL 3D. The night was full of love, empowerment, and encouragement. Each member of Hands of a Hero Foundation was paired up with a young mentee. We had some time during the dinner to talk to our mentees. After the dinner we kept in in touch with them and had constant conversations. Our goal for this dinner was to speak to the girls about being comfortable in their own skin and most importantly self-love. The outcome of the dinner was marvelous, and for our first mentorship dinner we did a great job!

Fashion Against Poverty by Nana Yeboah th

On May 4 2013 Hands of a Hero Foundation put on an unprecedented Fashion show uniquely coined Fashion Against Poverty. The entire purpose of the show was to highlight the many different fashions of the world, through the chosen fashion designers based in Ontario, and to bring unity to the fashion scene by creating one atmosphere of unique self-expression while generating money to put towards the many humanitarian efforts Hands of a Hero Foundation has dedicated itself to. Fashion is one of the few genres of skill that can be used to bridge many gaps concerning humanity, and it was realized that putting on such a show would not only bring out the fashion lovers, but to entrench it with a purpose

would also beckon the humanitarians to come out and support. The show highlighted fashions by Verse Ten, Je’Anne Pris, Epithumeo, Emua Fashions, Design of a Diaspora, ZD Couture, Maricar Sodusta and Luekos as the main focus of the show, distinctly dividing these designs into geographic sections, North South East and West; and was further made a success by its many participators such as Jozet Jems, and sponsors such as Metro Newspaper, Vinny Artistry, Stephanie, Priam Thomas Photography, Kathy Templeton and Designers Closet to name a few.

Fashion Against Poverty was a great success not just in the large crowd it drew or the money it was able to raise but most importantly the positive impact it left on all those who witnessed and were a part of it. As it was coined Fashion Against Poverty, the proceeds

HANDS OF A HERO FOUNDATION NEWSLETTER | Issue 1 from the show went solely to efforts, events, drives and missions made my Hands of a Hero to combat poverty in Ghana, west Africa as well as in Toronto. All information concerning the drives and the mission of Hands of a Hero Foundation can be found at And for all those who missed the 2013 show it can be viewed on youtube ( z6aqO8eCY), but also look forward to the second annual Fashion Against Poverty show which will be happening in May of 2014, which will be bigger and better. Thank you to all our supporters, and all those who made this event possible And remember, “Every helping hand is a hero in a child’s life.”








FASHION AGAINST POVERTY Pre-show photoshoot Designer: Je’Anne Pris Epithumeo

Behind the Scenes Hair and Make-up preparations for the big show

The Hands of a Hero Foundation Team From left to right: Rochelle Mairs, Vera Asare, Priscilla Birago, Nana Yeboah, Diana Sarpong, Matilda Donkor, Omolara Olugbodi, Angeline Brew.


15% Canada’s child poverty rate of 15 percent is three times the rate of Sweden, Norway or Finland. Every month, 770,000 people in Canada use food banks. Forty percent of those relying on food banks are children.

39% 39% of children in Ghana experience severe deprivation in sanitation and 30% in education

FOR MORE INFORMATION ChildDisparitiesWebService/stock/Refernce Documents/AFRGHA.pdf


Jan 1 2014 HOHF Newsletter

Verse Ten


The 2nd Annual Car Wash by Omolara Olugbodi

On June 29th, 2013 The Hands of a Hero team and volunteers headed out in the community for their 2nd annual car wash. They went out on the streets, recruiting various sizes of vehicles to support a great cause, and in return they cleaned the exterior of each vehicle that was recruited. While customers were waiting for their vehicle to be cleaned, they were able to learn more about the organizations goals and future ventures. The event was a huge success, at the end of the event, the organization raised about $500.00. The organization would like to thank Dave and the Wards Funeral home for permitting them to use their Facilities, also the volunteers for their time and effort. Look out for the third annual car wash.

“All About Me” Youth Program by Rochelle Mairs th

On Tuesday June 11 2013, Hands of a Hero Foundation successfully launched and facilitated its second GTA-based youth initiative – the All About Me Youth Program. Unlike their Valentine Mentorship Dinner which is directed towards young girls, ages 14 to 18, All About Me is more inclusive as the program is extended to both male and female participants and can also cater to older youth and young adults. Developed and implemented by HOHF’s own Director of Youth Development, Rochelle Mairs, All About Me is a series of workshops that focuses on youth from a personal perspective, dealing with subject matter surrounding “the self” such as: self-love, selfconfidence, self-esteem, self-image and self-expression. All of which raise a healthy sense of self-awareness and self-identity. Other aspects of the program include leadership, as well as business and social etiquette – all facilitated using an active, hands-on and artistic approach. The program was first taken to Eva’s Phoenix, a youth shelter for homeless and at-risk youth, located Downtown Toronto. Alongside Mairs, All About Me was facilitated by fellow HOHF director, Nana Yeboah. Using methodologies such as group discussions, interactive group activities, journaling, meditation and visual arts, Mairs and Yeboah engaged their 10 participants – the majority of which were boys, to their surprise. The deeply pondered questions, positive responses to workshop content and the rapport built with the youth all made for a successful program. Overall, the experience was both enlightening and satisfying to Mairs and Yeboah, as well as the youth involved. Lives were touched indefinitely – they were somebody’s hero. For every helping hand is a hero in a child’s life – no matter the age. 8

Jan 1 2014 HOHF Newsletter


Our goal is to double the amount that was raised in 2013.


3rd Annual Toy Drive, Little by Little, and Shining Light Drive by Diana Sarpong

On November 2nd, 2013, the Hands of a Hero Foundation (HOHF) team gathered together for the 3rd Annual Shining Light Project, Little by Little Project and the Toy Drive for children in Ghana. The Shining Light Project focuses on the collection of clothes and non-perishable food items for children in low income communities. The goal of the Little by Little project is to collect school supplies such as books, pencils, pens, backpacks and etc for school children. The Toy Drive focuses on collecting toys for children in schools and villages. The HOHF team spent over six hours organizing, sorting and shipping a massive amount of shoes, accessories, stuffed animals, books, toys, pencils, children’s, men, and women’s clothing and much more. These items were received from generous donors all over the city. The kindness from our donors has been tremendous and out of this world. Thank you to everyone who supported the HOHF team and continues to support our mission and endeavours. You are truly a hero in a child’s life. God bless you.




Breakfast for Hope Project by Vera Asare

The Breakfast for Hope initiative is a brand new project that emerged from a partnership with Help the African Child Foundation a non-profit organization dedicated to working hand in hand with people living in deprived communities in Ghana and Togo. With the same passion and determination the leaders of the two organizations came together and developed an innovative partnership, and project. The purpose of the project is to provide nutritious breakfast to over 300 children in communities in Ghana; this way we are able to positively influence children in school attendance as well as their learning experiences, and daily activities. Many children in Ghana are not granted the opportunity to enjoy a healthy breakfast on a regular basis, thus many are disrupted by their hunger pains, and fatigue, which results in lower physical activity and a decreased ability to focus. Breakfast for Hope will ensure school-age children obtain lasting and positive effects by participating in the program. Breakfast for Hope was launched on October1, 2013. Since the launch of the project many precious lives have been positively impacted, and we are genuinely ecstatic about the success of the project. The number of children we support increases each day, so we are asking for further assistance from you- with an in kind donation this project can continue to be an ongoing success. Donations are being accepted on “Charity activities are the force which gives our life meaning�Mazhar El Shorbagi





The Future: 2014 by Matilda Donkor Hands of a Hero Foundation is looking forward to the continuous support from all of our Heroes during our upcoming events and projects in 2014. We trust that all of our events and projects will help us meet and surpass our goals in the New Year. Join us as we use creativity, entertainment and educational avenues to carry out our mission.

JANUARY-Breakfast for Hope Start Date: Jan 1, 2014

JUNE-3rd Annual Fundraising Car Wash

End Date: December 31, 2014

Date: May 3, 2014

Help provide breakfast to over 350 children in Ghana every morning by donating

JULY TO AUGUST-All About Me Summer Youth Program

FEBRUARY-Valentines Mentorship Dinner

Date: July 2014 to August 2014

Date: February 16, 2014

Registration Opens: May 12, 2014

Admission: FREE

Application Deadline: June 30, 2014

Registrants: Girls Ages 14-18


Application Deadline: January 13, 2014

The Shining Light, Toy Drive and Little By Little projects

Tele-counseling Mentorship Program Date: TBD Application Deadline: January 21, 2014

Start date: August 1, 2014 End date: October 25, 2014

Start Date: TBD

Donations are also welcome prior to the start of the projects. Email for drop off arrangements.

Admission: TBD


APRIL-Afrobeats Workout


Networking Event DECEMBER

Admission: TBD

Christmas Gala

Registration is now open for the following opportunities:

For a detailed description about our upcoming events and projects visit

Designers Models Volunteers Sponsors

For volunteer opportunities and registration, email


Hands of a Hero Foundation

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Jan 1 2014 HOHF Newsletter


A run down of all the programs and initiatives HOHF have successfully completed in 2013. Look out for the 2014 Action!!

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