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Graphology In Your House -- Session Twenty -- Understand Any Individual Instantl Y Graphology the bottom line is...

• how do you combination your current 't's and department of transportation your current 'i's? 1 combination consistently balanced= focus on details 2 combination to be able to right= rapid , aggressive 3 combination and department of transportation to be able to left= clash using dads values or even likes mom's ; hesitation; problems for making decisions 4 combination missing=absent-mindedness; gets preoccupied; inattention to be able to details 5 combination ascending=desire to boost situation 6 combination descending=belligerence 7 combination descending using pressure=belligerence/confidence 8 combination low=composed 9 combination pointed=sharp-tongue; severely essential personality 10 combination weighty and pointed=determination/sarcasm 11 combination slender next thick=savagery 12 combination light=lack associated with confidence 13 combination heavy=confidence; self-reliant 14 combination weighty and straight down heart stroke light=This form of composing typically reflects mom because prominent determine little one's life , be this specific for the positive or negative. In the unusual occasions that the author's dad is actually the particular prominent parent , it usually is only inside a damaging sense (vicious , lacking or even lifeless ). 15 combination long and heavy=determination/confidence

16 combination extremely long=determination/drive 17 combination extremely short=suppression; withholds suggestions , desires or even emotions through consciousness 18 combination hooked=resolute; provides or even exhibits a fixed organization purpose 19 combination incurving=envious; wish for the particular items associated with others 20 combination convex shaped=self-restraint 21 combination concave shaped=fickleness; inconstant 22 combination wavy=sense associated with fun 23 cross/dot joins subsequent letter=clever backlinking of ideas 24 just about all punctuation represents just placed=attention to be able to instant particulars ; memory space ; energy associated with reproducing past impressions ; call to mind ; usually revives the particular awareness of certain circumstances ; robust adherence to be able to details 25 department of transportation similar to arrow=cranky; irritable 26 department of transportation curved because 'laughing mouth'=witty; skillfully amusing 27 department of transportation because arc to be able to right=attentiveness; heedful 28 department of transportation 'muddy'="actual physical "/depression 29 department of transportation round and placed=goes through the rule 30 combination extremely hooked=very resolute; provides or even exhibits a very repaired organization purpose • what sort of composing do you have ? 1 school-copy; Palmer script=adherence to be able to custom ; conventionality; routine practice 2 round= soft method ; demure , very easily under control , inspired , enforced upon 3 garland shaped=flexibility; prepared to yield 4 angular shaped=rigid; hard ; inflexible

5 very angular shaped=extremely firm ; inflexible 6 thready shaped=non-committal; does not very easily reveal placement or even goal ; gut instinct to the task associated with other folks ; sometimes , hysteria 7 legible=understandable; very easily understood by others 8 Illegible=difficult to be able to understand 9 graceful=elegance 10 ungraceful=inconsistent moods 11 inharmonious, graceless forms=lack associated with psychological organization 12 unsightly writing=ugly character 13 deteriorated= ill-health 14 shaky=instability (actual physical and/or emotional ) 15 simple ; unembellished= intelligence 16 quick ; passes across and/or dots appropriate associated with stem= rapid personality 17 gradual ; passes across and/or dots left associated with stem=slow reactions 18 extremely round=very soft method ; demure ; effortlessly satisfied , inspired or even enforced upon 19 very angular and large=extremely rigid/pride 20 gradual and curved= gentleness ; mild ; tender • tend to be your current funds words tall , modest , and many others ? 1 printed= cleverness and culture 2 large= pride ; joy or even achievement inside triumphs , items , mirror , and many others. 3 extremely large=extreme pride/conceit 4 small=modesty; acts based on a typical associated with what on earth is proper

5 modest size funds (personalized pronoun) I=unassuming; not necessarily strong or even forward 6 flourished=exhibitionism 7 small and low positioned combination bar=humble 8 basic hunting and low positioned combination bar=humility; extremely unassuming ; overall lack of boldness; never forward 9 unsightly , coarse=offensive; provocative 10 using hooks=self-centeredness; concerned primarily using very own affairs 11 endstroke going through funds associated with name=disappointed using self 12 no capitals, particularly by name=poor self-regard 13 the two square aspects of funds my partner and i (inside software ) approximately identical dimension (notice arrows)= seems in which both mom and dad affected the child equally 14 top portion of funds my partner and i (inside software ) sprained or even angular shaped (notice arrow)= apparent parental conflict 15 underside associated with funds my partner and i (inside software ) sprained or even angular shaped (notice arrow) = apparent parental conflict 16 big and unusual=megalomania; delusions associated with grandeur 17 big and unflourished or even inflated=pride, mirror , exhibitionism • how do you design your current modest words ? 1 printed= cleverness and culture 2 sq shaped= making potential ; constructiveness 3 underside associated with words angular shaped=piercing, sharpened personality 4 very ornamented= psychological confusion 5 musical notes=personality associated with composer 6 determine shaped= mathematical abilities ; numerically adept

7 distinct form of identical letter= loves variety 8 sized identical modest words , the , c , electronic , and many others ; varies=vacillating 9 deb looped=susceptible, particularly to be able to flattery 10 language of ancient greece d=good style ; cultured 11 electronic shaped because 2 concave arcs to be able to right=surveillance; great at viewing over others 12 h shaped because determine 8=mental speed 13 humps associated with m identical height=balance; mental/emotional equilibrium 14 1st difficulty associated with m much higher than second=condescending; can treat other folks using not enough dignity 15 g built as common stroke=liveliness 16 versus covering word=protective; shelters 17 extremely weighty downstrokes (discover arrows)= expert figure • how do you slant your current composing ? When you superimpose your current composing for the graph below , it will most likely match a definite slant. 1 extremely reclined slant for the left=very chilly persona (cold-heartedness). In the majority of people , this kind of composing reflects the caretaker because prominent determine the youngsters life , no matter whether to the particular positive or the damaging. In the unusual illustration , if the dad could be the prominent determine the youngsters life , it usually is only in the damaging sense (vicious , lacking or even lifeless ); expert figure 2 reclined slant for the left=cold persona ; cold (mom typically prominent determine little one's life 3 top to bottom slant associated with writing= great persona ; expert figure 4 inclined slant associated with chatting with the particular right=warm nature ; pleasant , loving and ardent 5 extremely inclined slant associated with chatting with the particular right=very comfortable nature ; extremely pleasant , loving and ardent

6 slant associated with composing perspective usually changes= irritability ; unsure temperament • what sort of composing force does one apply ? 1 heavy=forcefulness; compelling 2 pasty=sensuousness; very easily affected with the senses 3 weighty and pasty=forcefulness; engaging ; sensuousness; very easily affected with the senses 4 light=passive; psychologically and/or literally unenthusiastic 5 extremely light=very passive ; very unenthusiastic, literally and/or mentally 6 very light=ill-health (actual physical and/or psychological ); actual physical or even psychological weakness 7 even force through writing= steadiness ; not necessarily given to unexpected changes in habits , loyalty or even disposition 8 sloping force through writing=unsteady; can be unpredictable inside practices , goal and behavior • does your current composing rise or even infiltrate ? 1 level bottom distinct writing=straightforwardness; vertical and frank 2 ascending bottom line=aspiration/"upward "; fervent wish for advancement 3 descending bottom line= tiredness (actual physical and/or psychological ); despression symptoms ; pessimism; looks for the dark side associated with things 4 wavy bottom distinct writing=deviousness; roundabout; not necessarily 'straight' 5 bottom distinct composing 1st descends next straightens= preliminary skepticism fixed ; determination ; prolonged in any business or even organization undertaken • tend to be your current modest words big or small ? Compare your current modest words , the ,c ,electronic ,my partner and i ,m ,in ,e ,r ,ersus ,ough ,versus ,w and a with the subsequent : 1 large=pride, sociability, adore associated with grandeur

2 extremely large= adore associated with grandeur/exceedingly proud 3 big and 'strange'=megalomania; eerie 4 small=humility 5 extremely small=low self-worth 6 small and light=humility/passive 7 small and cramped= pettiness/restricted • simply how much composing room does one get ? 1 extensive spacing among words=aesthetic judgment ; sense associated with splendor ; sociable poise 2 extensive spacing among words and words=aesthetic judgment ; sense associated with splendor ; sociable poise; unselfish 3 normally extensive spacing=aesthetic judgment ; sociable poise; sense associated with beauty 4 normally sloping spacing=poor sociable judgment 5 unpredictable spacing among words=inconsistent sociable judgment 6 inadequate spacing ; upperlengths associated with words below intrude in to range above=poor sociable behavior 7 cramped=restricted; restrained with a leash ; confined 8 words and lines not necessarily entangled= clearminded 9 words and lines entangled= distress ; muddleheadedness; blundering • does one connect or even detachment your current composing ? 1letters connected=decisions based far more upon specifics than intuition 2 words and words connected=stubbornness; does not very easily produce , obey or even comply 3 disconnections among letters=intuitiveness; fast awareness without having conscious utilization of thought ; intuitiveness plays big part inside decision making process

4 total disconnection associated with words through writing=impractical/moody 5 shaky connections=trembling; can feel great worry or even anxiousness ; can move involuntarily • what sort of commencing heart stroke , Endstroke, Upstroke, Downstroke & Cross-stroke does one make use of ? 1 long ascending heart stroke under preliminary letter=grates in individuals nerves 2 commencing heart stroke inturned= egotism; excessive mention of the and nervous about personal ; selfishness/greed 3 no commencing stroke= for the point 4 endstroke lengthy rightward = sympathetic; can feel concern regarding others 5 endstroke extremely weighty =very inhumane; lacks qualities normal to be able to individuals ; very unfeeling and hard-hearted 6 endstroke ascends to be able to right= challenging ; usually items for the exactness associated with given claims or even situations 7 downstroke descends to be able to right=unresolved dad protest 8 endstroke descending and pointed=sadistic; will get enjoyment through mistreating or even damaging others 9 burglary downstroke and aimed (notice arrows) = actual physical (localised ) ailment 10 endstroke thickens=becomes inhumane 11 club-shaped endstroke=inhumane; battering 12 weak endstroke descending to be able to right=weakness; low in force 13 endstroke absolutely hooked back=egotism, avarice , possessiveness 14 endstroke switched back=egotistic; avarice ; selfishness 15 no endstroke=short using others 16 organization downstrokes (notice arrows)= adamant ; unyielding 17 extremely weighty straight down cerebral vascular accidents (notice arrow)= expert determine ;

being partial to supplying orders 18 extremely weighty combination cerebral vascular accidents and weak straight down cerebral vascular accidents (notice arrows)= lack of positive dad image 19 endstroke weighty , descending and pointed=inhumane; sadistic 20 weighty force in upstroke (notice arrow)= sign of actual physical condition (crash ) • what sort of edges does one kind ? 1 even edges , left , appropriate , top and bottom=organized character 2 all over the place edges uneven=changeable; keeping the top quality associated with searching for diversity 3 left margin expands since it descends=enthusiasm, unthrifty 4 extremely extensive edges , left , appropriate , top and bottom=withdrawn; style ; sense associated with splendor and color • tend to be your current 'a's & 'o's opened or even sealed ? 1 a's and o's wide open in top (notice arrows) = wide open ; revealing 2 a's and o's extremely wide open in top (notice arrow) = extremely wide open ; extremely revealing 3 a's and o's typically wide open in top , occasionally closed=sufficiently wide open and may maintain the secret 4 a's and o's sealed in top= secretiveness; trend to conceal ideas , emotions through others 5 a's and o's typically sealed in top , occasionally open=usually deceptive ; rarely reveals about personalized life , apart from those people extremely near ; from time to time open 6 a's and o's twisted in top (notice arrow) = extremely deceptive ; very unrevealing-particularly about self 7 a's and o's wide open in bottom part (notice arrows) = deceitfulness; deceitful ; dishonesty; lying ; embezzler; to not be reliable ; increase working ; hypocrisy • which in turn special part of your current composing does one strain ? 1 long upper strokes=pride/assertiveness

2 unizonal words ,the ,c ,electronic ,my partner and i ,m ,in ,e ,r ,ersus ,ough ,versus ,w and a uneven=vacillating; wavers; exhibits indecision; inconsistent 3 big unizonal letters=sociability 4 large unizonal letters=insistent upon getting very own way/exceeding sociability 5 modest unizonal letters=ability to be able to focus 6 sized unizonal words even= consistent 7 sized unizonal words decline in the direction of end=wiggles beyond tough situations 8 sized unizonal words develop more substantial in the direction of end=undiplomatic; poorly competent when controling people 9 h upstroke passes across in commencing associated with downstroke (notice arrows) = pleased with sexuality ; sexually balanced 10 h upstroke passes across suprisingly low in downstroke (notice arrow)= sexually frustrated 11 soft , even loops=kindness; pleasant 12 underlength circles , ( f ,h , m , g , q , y , unces ) inflated=extremely enjoyment oriented 13 underlength circles extremely long= great physical/sexual interest ; very good sexual interest 14 long underlength extensions in h and y (not necessarily looped)= robust physical/sexual interests 15 loop associated with h and y short=minimal sexual interest ; undersexed; limited sexual interest 16 looped h and y brief and narrow=possible decrease of power or even stamina 17 h and y increase looped=strange habits 18 h and y aimed in bottom part similar to blade=domestic tyranny (due to sexual disappointment ) 19 long , triangular decrease loop=requires a solid materials basis 20 h or even y cerebral vascular accidents swing movement to be able to appropriate instead of to be able to left=extreme positive/negative tendencies to be able to others 21 bottom part loop associated with h drifts leftward= requirements mothering (particularly with guy

copy writer ) 22 lasso loops=philosophically good ; poetic taste 23 h wide open in bottom= deterrence associated with sexual responsibility 24 ink-filled words , particularly decrease loops=extremely sumptuous ; lustful 25 page g built as common stroke=strong physical/sexual pursuits ; typically sporting activities minded 26 underlengths distorted=sexual perversion; sexual change ; prurient interests • how do you signal your reputation ? 1 big , unflourished signature=self-pride 2 achieve signature=ostentatiousness; displays things formed by mirror , that will ask compliment or even flattery 3 ascending signature=hopefulness 4 descending signature=hopelessness 5 funds associated with name bigger than funds associated with surname=considers personal in more impressive range than father 6 personal left associated with text= flahbacks ; usually retreats through sociable gatherings 7 personal using range covering it= self-protectiveness; self-defense 8 personal underlined= pride/self-confidence 9 endstroke underlining signature=poise; "smug"; ease and pride associated with manner 10 endstroke enclosing signature=self-protectiveness; self-defense; need to be protected 11 funds associated with name smaller than funds associated with surname=considers personal in decrease level than father 12 funds associated with wedded female's name , bigger than funds associated with surname, specially when 'Mrs.i is disregarded=considers personal in more impressive range than hubby (specially when the particular title "Mrs." is lacking )

• varied Points 1 pointless punctuation=unnecessary must call focus on insignificant details 2 lacking letters=false demonstration associated with facts 3 statistics that could be mistaken regarding others=lack associated with clarity inside dollars matters 4 worsened ; plummeting apart=failing health 5 darker areas ; fuzzy areas ; breaks or cracks inside downstrokes=physical (localised ) ailment 6 bead-like dots=ill-health (actual physical and/or psychological ) 7 finish associated with word all of a sudden drops=despair; decrease of hope 8 curved inside , indented=physical deficiency/malfunction; sign of actual physical disease 9 feather-like writing= ill-health (actual physical and/or psychological ); actual physical weakness/unbalanced mind

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Graphology In Your House -- Session Twenty -- Understand Any Individual Instantl Y  

12 underlength circles , ( f ,h , m , g , q , y , unces ) inflated=extremely enjoyment oriented

Graphology In Your House -- Session Twenty -- Understand Any Individual Instantl Y  

12 underlength circles , ( f ,h , m , g , q , y , unces ) inflated=extremely enjoyment oriented