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Why Should You Outsource Legal Services To India

India is the ultimate outsourcing destination for legal services and for a variety of reasons. The most compelling are: A stable democracy that has ample laws to protect a client's interests An independent and neutral judiciary Ample availability of law graduates Proficiency in the English language of the average India legal professional A well-established and thriving outsourcing industry

A stable democracy that has ample laws to protect a client's interests  India is a stable and the largest democracy of the world  The stability factor ensures that your interests are protected  Being an emerging economy, India has ample laws to protect the interests of overseas clients  All these factors ensure the safety of your outsourced legal process

An independent and neutral judiciary; your shield against unfair practices  India boasts of an independent and neutral judiciary  It protects you from any unfair practices  The jurisprudence here is similar to western countries  This means that you can easily get resources that understand your own country's laws

Ample availability of law graduates  India has more than 700 Bar Council-approved law colleges  India produces around 200000 law graduates every year  This means that there in no dearth of legal talent in the country

Proficiency in English language  India has the world's second-largest English speaking population  For all higher education, the medium of instruction is English  All the law graduates are well versed with English  This means you can easily communicate with and train the resources hired from India

 India is home to a well-established outsourcing industry  It has a proven track record of handling a variety of legal services  These services include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Contract management Document review Legal research Deposition summaries Patent and general legal research Patent assessment Patent portfolio management Contract drafting Review of contracts

Thank You Hire talented but cost-effective lawyers when you outsource to India Legal Services

Why Should You Outsource Legal Services To India  

Ample availability of English-speaking law graduates, an independent and neutral judiciary, and a well-established outsourcing industry are...

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