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Get a sense of working in 'real' time with Virtual Employee

Most outsourcing companies share partial US working hours  Most outsourcing companies in India share only partial US office working hours  Some outsourcing companies even work in diametrically opposite time zones, with no shared working hours at all  This can create some loss of productive hours and even delayed deadlines  It can also create communication issues's offices are open 24 hours 's offices are open 24 hours  So, it doesn't matter whether you are based in the US, UK, Europe or Australia  You will always have access to both, the employee and the VE management  This gives a big edge over its competitors

Two major advantages of being open 24 hours  offers two major advantages to its clients  These advantages can play a major role in the competitive world of outsourcing  One, their virtual employee(s) can work the same office hours as the client  Two, the client will always get a quick response from the VE Customer Care team for any queries that they might have

Same office shift hours  Your Virtual Employee can work the same shift hours as you, if you want  What does this mean? Greater productivity and enhanced communication  Any work-related problems get addressed immediately without any loss of time  You get a sense of working in 'real' time

Immediate and quick response  With most outsourcing companies, there is a considerable waiting period between a query and its response  This is not the case with  There will always be a Customer Care staff to help you with your queries, any time of the day or night  Since the VE offices are open 24 hours a day, all queries, issues get resolved as soon as possible

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Get a sense of working in 'real' time with VirtualEmployee's office is open 24 hours a day which means that both, the virtual employee and the VE management, are available during...