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INSPIRING women in BUSINESS... Inspiration ISSUE 6 / 2013 Bringing together this issue of Venus I realised the theme I choose (or chooses me) has a large impact on my life leading up to sending the final proof to print. During our growth issue in winter, both Venus as a business and I personally, experienced huge growth. Our spring issue on happiness gave me the experience of falling back in love with life and my business. Spending three months thinking, talking and writing about inspiration has been… quite simply, inspiring! I’m thrilled to share Sally’s story with you. She embodies our Venus philosophy and is a passionate supporter and active contributor within the community. She is truly committed to inspiring women to make fitness, and their health a priority. I love her work. I feel blessed to know her and her story is filled with lessons we can all benefit from, both in business and in life. I hadn’t thought about what my definition of inspiration was before now. I just loved the word and how I felt when I was inspired. Having given it some thought, inspiration to me is an internal spark, a desire to be in action. The dictionary defines it as “a sudden brilliant or timely idea” and “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” I’ve seen that as businesswomen

we launch our businesses, we grow our businesses and we make a difference in the world all from inspiration. I also love the words synonymous with inspiration; timely thought, revelation; informal brainwave, ‘aha’ moment. Inspiration plays an integral role in growing our businesses. When I chose this theme I was not aware of what inspired me. I was definitely inspired when I launched Venus, but got off track along the way. Because I wasn’t loving my work, I was out of integrity with myself. Out of connection with consciousness. This is where our internal inspiration comes from, consciousness communicating with us. It’s whispering our purpose through the emotion of love. Follow what you love doing and you will align with your purpose while being inspired with brilliant ideas, revelations and aha moments. What a gorgeous way to create a life you love! And if you are not sure what inspires you then this could be a great question to ask your intuitive wisdom. I’ve shared “My One Question” process in the Accessing your intuitive wisdom article in this issue, to help you become more inspired and to live in flow. Here’s to a summer filled with aha moments and brilliant ideas!

Vanessa x

Sally Feinerman RUNNING FOR LIFE

Not many women who undergo heart-surgery run a marathon less than a year later, whilst simultaneously navigating a major transition in their business. But then, Sally Feinerman is not your average woman. Kathryn Overall tells the story of this inspiring Venus member with a contagiously positive outlook on life.

Article by Kathryn Overall Photography by Logan Davey

If you cast your mind back to October 2012 you’ll remember that a vicious storm known as Cyclone Sandy rampaged through New York claiming 285 lives and clocking up billions of dollars’ worth of damage. What you probably won’t know is that one of our own Venus members, Sally Feinerman, was in the Big Apple when the hurricane hit. She had flown in especially to run the New York marathon with her husband, but less than 24 hours before the marathon was due to begin they received word that it had been cancelled.

Rewind one year earlier to a hot and sunny Auckland spring day. Sally was warming up on the starting line of the Auckland half-marathon, mentally preparing for the run ahead. She needed to complete the run in one hour and 44 minutes in order to qualify for the New York marathon. Three weeks earlier, during a training run, she had been alarmed to find herself hitting a wall at 16km and collapsing at the finish line, but she put it down to having been recovering from a cold.

Running the New York Marathon had been on Sally’s bucketlist for ten years. “Even though I totally agree that it should have been cancelled, I was devastated,” says Sally. Not to be deterred, she and her husband joined with 5000 other determined runners and ran an unofficial marathon called ‘Run Anyway’ in Central Park. If you know Sally and her story, this is not that surprising. She has a track record of pushing forward when life tries to knock her back. Besides, Sally had been through a storm of her own just to be there.

The Auckland half-marathon began well. “I felt pretty good for the first 11 km but then I started to find it hard to maintain my pace,” says Sally. “I was having a hard time just keeping going. I don’t really remember running over the harbour bridge but I thought if I could hang in there I would still be able to qualify.” However, just on the other side of the bridge Sally began to stumble. At risk of collapsing again, she made the heart-breaking decision to stop. “I thought that maybe the weather was too hot and that had made me struggle. I was so gutted that I hadn’t qualified and started to wonder if I didn’t have enough determination to finish.” /p 4

In fact, Sally is no stranger to hard work and determination. She is very passionate about fitness, so much so that she plunged into solo-preneurship with the launch of her fitness training business, ‘Fitness Fix’, in 2010. “I get such a buzz out of seeing the difference that exercise makes not only to women’s fitness levels but also their self-esteem and their confidence,” says Sally. At the encouragement of a friend, Sally went to see her doctor after the Auckland half-marathon, who promptly referred her to a cardiologist. “I felt pretty sure that they wouldn’t find anything wrong with my heart,” says Sally, “after all I was a fit personal trainer!” In fact, what they detected were several heart pauses of 4-6 seconds duration. Several months later instead of flying to South Island to walk the Heaphy Track as planned, Sally, feeling quite unwell, admitted herself to the cardio unit at North Shore Hospital. Two days later, just before Christmas, Sally underwent heart surgery and was fitted with a pace-maker.

“I felt both a sense of relief that they had found out what was wrong and also wondered why on earth it had happened to me,” says Sally. But rather than getting stuck in a ‘why me’ regress and retreating into a low-voltage life, Sally decided then and there, lying in her hospital bed, that she would find the positive in her situation. “I decided two things,” says Sally. “I thought that if I could share my story then it might be an opportunity to inspire more people to live healthy lives. I also decided that I needed to talk to the New Zealand Heart Foundation to see how I could partner with them.” But firstly, she had to do triage on her business. “I had to make some pretty quick decisions so that I could continue on with ‘Fitness Fix’,” says Sally. “Before the pace-maker, I was everything in my business. I worked most weekends as well as most evenings to keep ahead.” For the first 8 weeks post-operation, Sally couldn’t lift her arms over her head so training her clients was out of the question. She brought in a fellow personal trainer, Patricia, to look after her clients while she recovered. In the end Patricia

stayed on for one and a half years and Sally never went back to working the intense hours she had previously. “It was the best thing that happened as it forced me to spend time working on my business,” says Sally. “This gave me time to work on my 12-week ‘Get Firm and Foxy’ online programme – which has been a game changer for my business as well as for women in the programme.” Another of the silver linings from that challenging time was that Sally discovered and joined Venus. In fact, she was still recovering from her operation when she attended her first few meetings. “Right from the outset I got so much support from the women in my group,” says Sally. “They gave me the confidence that I could continue to run my business, albeit in a different way. It has been so amazing to have such a great support network of women to share your ups and downs with.” Post-operation Sally was proactive about keeping fit and was able to go for a walk each day during the first 8 weeks. ”This was a real tonic for me and it not only helped to keep me fit but it also helped my keep a positive outlook on life,” says Sally.

Despite everything, Sally still felt she had unfinished business with her New York marathon goal. She had already started running again when she received word out of the blue that she had won entry to the 2012 New York marathon from a random lottery. “I had won that out of a 8% chance, and that was the catalyst that made me decide that I was going to run a marathon less than a year after being fitted with a pacemaker,” says Sally. Though neither of them were official, thanks to Cyclone Sandy, Sally actually ended up running two marathons while she was in the States – an inspiring achievement by anyone’s standards, let alone someone who had undergone heart surgery less than a year before. “I want women to realise that having a pacemaker doesn’t need to change your life,” says Sally. “I feel just as normal as anyone else and I challenge others who have health conditions to stop asking ‘why me’ and instead look for ways to turn their situation into a positive.” Sally has also made good on her hospital bed promise to connect with the New Zealand Heart Foundation, running a free walking group for women every Saturday morning, collecting a gold coin donation for the foundation. /p 6

“Cardiovascular related disease is the single biggest killer of women in New Zealand and I want to stand up and make a difference,” says Sally. “When you have a cause that you work for it gives so much more meaning to your work. I have realised that life is short and that we have to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. I want to look back on my life and remember it for all the amazing experiences that I had and for the positive change that I was able to make to other people who came into contact with me.”

Sally Feinerman 021 900 643 /p 7

Q & A with Sally Feinerman Who inspires you in business? I get inspired by people who are action takers and who have a positive outlook on life. I love to surround myself with people who are creative as I am a very creative person. Watching Vanessa grow the Venus network has been an inspiration for me and motivates me to keep growing my own business. I love sharing ideas and collaborating with the like-minded women at Venus. Who inspires you personally? I get inspired by people who are up for adventure. I had a dear friend pass away a couple of months ago. She was 82 years old but she had such a young heart and she lived life to the full right to the end. It made me stop and think that I want to be just like that at my own funeral. I am inspired by her to get out and have fun. I have realised that life is short and that we have to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. Are there any similarities between running a marathon and running a business? Absolutely - they both come down to planning and implementation. With a marathon, so many people give up when they are almost there instead of pushing through to the bitter end, regardless of the pain. Business is just like that. I see so many people give up when they are almost there. But when you can see the finish line then you realise that all the hard work is more than worth it. First you need to set yourself a goal and then you need to set about achieving it, one day at a time. What is the Global Heroes team that you are part of? The Medtronic Global Heroes programme celebrates runners who with the help of medical technology have continued to lead a full, active life. Medtronic first heard about my story when I was on interviewed on TVNZ Breakfast in 2012. I was selected as one of 24 runners from around the world to be a Global Hero at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis in October 2013. It was amazing to be with others who had similar stories and one of the biggest outcomes for me was that none of us believed that we had anything wrong - we all believe that we are just normal people getting on with our lives. It was a very special few days and I felt so privileged to be part of such an amazing group. I really hope that by running that race I inspired someone else to do something amazing with their life... even one person.

he Venus Network is different; we are a business community dedicated to supporting women achieve profitable, sustainable growth in their business. HONESTY, GENEROSITY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, OPENNESS and COURAGE. Our values are at the heart of everything we do; how we live, how we work and how we serve the New Zealand business community. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. It enables us to act and innovate as we grow our businesses.

An important business virtue Aristotle called courage the first virtue, because it makes all of the other virtues possible. In addition to being the most important human virtue, it is the most important business virtue, as well. Other important business concepts like leadership, innovation and sales wither in the absence of courage. Leadership takes making bold decisions. Leadership takes courage. Innovation involves creating groundbreaking and tradition-defying ideas. Innovation takes courage. Sales requires being rejected before closing a deal. Sales takes courage. Contrary to popular belief, courage is a teachable and learnable skill, and everyone has the capacity to be courageous.

“Honesty, generosity, integrity, respect, openness and courage. Our values are at the heart of everything we do; how we live, how we work and how we serve the New Zealand business community.”

Three types of courage TAKE ACTION Courage: The courage of initiative and action— making first attempts, pursuing pioneering efforts and stepping outside of your comfort zone TRUST Courage: The courage of confidence in yourself and in others - letting go of the need to control situations or outcomes, being open to direction and change TELL Courage: The courage of voice— raising difficult issues, providing constructive feedback and sharing your truth

There is no question that you will need courage during this journey in business. To successfully grow a business that you love, takes courageous action, trust and communication. Every time you act in the face of fear you are widening your comfort zone and with the growth of your comfort zone comes the growth of yourself and ultimately your business. /p 9

Accessing your intuitive wisdom YOU KNOW YOUR OWN ANSWERS Intuition is a powerful tool that can allow you to unlock your creative potential, discover your soul’s purpose and transform your life. Intuition is a clear knowing, it’s an insight, its knowledge gained without rational or logical information. It is your internal compass guiding you on your purpose and allowing you to live more ‘in flow’.

By Vanessa Davey Director of Venus Academy /p 10

Your intuition is like a key. It unlocks the door and gives you information as you connect to consciousness. It is important to bring your intuition and logic together to work in harmony. Jonas Salk said ‘the intuitive mind tells the thinking mind where to look next.’ I want to share with you a process that I created and have been using for the past few months. The wisdom, direction and clarity that has come through this process has been – transformational. I share my story in my article in this issue about how my intuitive wisdom has helped shape my business plans and provide an experience of life that is, more and more, joyful, fulfilling and rewarding.

ONE SIMPLE QUESTION You confuse your intuitive wisdom by walking around each day with hundreds of questions in your mind. How are you meant to know what answers go to which questions? You don’t, so you stay unclear, stuck or unsure. It is vital to choose only one question each and every day until you receive an answer.

WHAT DO I ASK? You may have a decision to make or a perspective to understand. You may want to get clear about what your next step is. You might want a creative or innovative lead. Whatever you are considering, questioning or unclear about is the perfect question to ask.

WHEN DO I ASK? Every morning when you wake up and again each night as you close your eyes to go sleep. Until you have an answer to this one question, you keep asking yourself it. I invite you to develop your intuitive wisdom, by using ‘My one question’ process, so that you can experience more of your life ‘in flow’.

My intuitive mind will lead me to the best answer. My intuitive mind knows just what to say. My intuitive mind grows more reliable.

Vanessa Davey

‘MY ONE QUESTION’ PROCESS 1) ASK ONE SIMPLE QUESTION Choose a question that if you knew the answer to, would have a big impact on your life. And until you receive an answer to this one question you must keep asking the same question each day. 2) TRUST YOUR ANSWER IS ON IT’S WAY By asking your question you plant a seed and then let the seed go to your intuitive wisdom. You must trust that your answer will show itself. Here is the trusting part – you do not know when you will get your answer. It could be within an hour, a day, a week or a month. 3) WATCH & NOTICE Your answer will show itself if you practice watching out for it. This involves raising your level of awareness and trusting your inner voice when she whispers to you. Your answer could show itself as a thought or image in your mind, a desire to go to a specific website, visit the library to read a particular book, call a friend and hundreds of other ways. I journal every morning and I’ll share my journaling process in our Autumn issue, but for now I encourage you to start journaling as it’s another powerful way to uncover your answers. 4) CELEBRATE YOUR ANSWER When you do hear, see or become aware of your answer acknowledge and celebrate the connection you have with your intuitive wisdom. It’s like a muscle, the more you use and rely on it the stronger/louder/faster this wisdom becomes. /p 11

get involved...


My business story Tell your story and we’ll share it with the world. We want to showcase your journey and growth in business. Here is your opportunity as a Venus member to share your business story with us. We would love to celebrate your growth by publishing your story. Our journeys help inspire and empower other members and women in business to turn their ideas into successful businesses. All you need to do is fill out the form online – you’ll find it on our home page. Submit your story and we’ll let you know once it’s live.

Get known as an expert in your field

My success in Venus

Get famous in your field and share your content through the network. What helpful information can you provide, that potential clients for your business would find useful?

Share your Venus Success Story and we could showcase you in our next magazine.

Depending on your business, content could be almost anything: a simple checklist, a series of articles, video, whitepapers, reports, your company blog, podcasts, webinars… It’s anything created for the purpose of providing valuable information to your client. Its pull marketing, not push marketing. Prospects are drawn to you from seeing the value in what you are sharing in your content. One of the best features of content marketing is how it helps you leverage your marketing and sales efforts. Share informative information and you will become known as an expert in your field. All you need to do is email with an example of your content and she’ll be in touch to discuss publishing it. /p 12

We love hearing how Venus has been part of your business success. Here is your opportunity as a Venus member to share your Venus success story. We would love to celebrate your experience by publishing your story. All stories will be published on line and for 4 each quarter we’ll be publishing them in our magazine. All you need to do is fill out the form online – you’ll find it on our home page. Submit your story and we’ll let you know once it’s live and if you’ll be in our next issue.

NEWS FROM VENUS HQ SUMMER 2013/2014 This time of year is when Venus goes into development for the year to come. We are working on many new projects and developments with our focus being to add more value to your membership and grow our network consciously. Carly Shorter has been working in Operations Management at Venus HQ for the past twelve months. She has been a lifesaver for me as she works thirty hours a week, and has taken on the majority of the management of the Networking Groups and our Regional Managers. Come January 1st she will be our Director of Venus Network as I step over to the role of Director of Venus Academy. Together we are a dynamic duo, both passionate about supporting women in business and in love with Venus. OUR REGIONAL MANAGEMENT TEAM GROWS We are in the middle of recruiting for new Venus Regional Managers in the Hawkes Bay, Wellington and Christchurch. We are excited with the planned growth of the network over the next year and are thrilled with the calibre of women asking to be part of the team and helping us to make this network rock! They are as mad passionate about Venus, networking and supporting women to grow as we are.

Vanessa Davey Founder and CEO

TOP MARKETING IDEAS FROM VENUS MEMBERS We’ve put together all the marketing ideas that came in from around the country and condensed it into two pages (it was 11). We’ve bolded the most popular. Almost 80 various ways to market your business in NZ. Wow! Check out this PDF in the member’s resource section at NEW VENUS RAVE FORMS Whether you have been in Venus for a short time or a long time it’s great to be reminded of what a Venus RAVE is for, how to structure one and what questions to ask. This is more than just a great catch up with a colleague, it’s a business meeting to get to really understand each other’s business and each other. We have updated our original RAVE form plus created a new one for when you are on your second or third RAVE’s. You can get your copy in the member’s resource section at Wishing you a relaxing and fun Summer Vanessa and Carly x

Carly Shorter Operations Manager



Rebecca Snow 021 554 958 Vanilla Admin

Carolyn Tranter 021 353715 Baby Beginnings



Anna Chandler 021 856 656 Ray White Ponsonby

Michele Courage 021 610 317 BiDesign



Jennifer Myers 027 612 3493 10X Hamilton/Waikato

Catrina Bengree 021 0225 2866 Nourish N Nurture



Carly Shorter 027 235 9575 Venus Network

Carly Shorter 027 235 9575 Venus Network



Kate O’brien 027 920 4441 Create Yourself

Debbie Albrecht 027 698 3838 Colours Plus

VENUS IS A COMMUNITY DESIGNED TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE PROFITABLE SUSTAINABLE GROWTH in your BUSINESS Contact a manager in your region if you’d like to experience a Venus meeting as our guest


COULD YOU DESCRIBE RECRUIT NZ IN A NUT-SHELL? In a nut shell we are an employment consultancy who specialize in working with SME’s. We offer a one stop shop for all HR and employment related needs within your business from creating employment agreements and writing KPI’s to managing redundancies and recruitment of staff. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to our clients’ needs and budgets and appreciate that the typical one size fits all scenario in recruitment no longer works post GFC.

WHAT PART HAS VENUS PLAYED IN YOUR BUSINESS STORY SO FAR? In the early stages of my business Venus would have accounted for roughly 80% of my clients. I do still do a lot of work with Venus members but more so their contacts. I love how many amazing people I have met with Venus and how it is a great place for women to go to grow and flourish and be in a caring environment where they can watch, share and learn and not be judged.

WHAT OR WHO INSPIRED YOU TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS? I was made redundant the day that I found out I was having my son (he’s now 4.5 and Recruit NZ is 5) and decided I didn’t want to work for a corporate anymore or be an employee and work hard for someone else’s benefit. I was offered some great roles and packages but to this day know I made the best decision for me, my family and my clients!

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO NEW VENUS MEMBERS ABOUT GETTING THE MOST OUT OF THEIR MEMBERSHIP? • ATTEND meetings • Contribute • Be an active member and really invest time in your group - it will pay off! • Rave with all of your group to get to know them. If you are moaning about not having enough referrals then think about how you may come across to the group- are you making an effort? Do they see you as someone they could trust to refer their contacts to you? Know like trust ladies!

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE SOME OF THE KEY FACTORS IN YOUR SUCCESSFUL GROWTH SO FAR? Take constructive criticism- learn from it, make huge mistake and learn from them. There are ALWAYS opportunities and don’t sweat the small stuff, move on- life is too short to worry! Most importantly- stay 150% focused on what your vision and values are. Don’t let others side track you (because there’s plenty of people out there that slow you down) and believe in yourself. Take risks and if it doesn’t work- $%#@ happens! Move on!!!

WHO INSPIRES YOU IN BUSINESS CURRENTLY? My mentor who has recently sold her business for over $20 million dollars. She is truly amazing and so down to earth!

TANYA GRAY Director, Recruit NZ

MEMBER SUCCESS STRATEGIES ENHANCE YOUR SUCCESS IN YOUR VENUS NETWORKING GROUP We talked with women who are really thriving in Venus and asked them what it is they do that makes their investment in this community a success for them. We then looked at those members who love Venus and noted how they were being, what they were doing and how clear and confident they communicated. From this we put together three key success strategies to help you make the most of your membership in the areas of how you think, behave and communicate.




Your attitude

Your behaviour

Your communication


You will build strong relationships and have greater success in Venus if you are likeable, People do business with and refer business to those who are kind, caring, open and interesting.

BE in integrity, generous AND respectful

How you act will have the greatest impact on your success in Venus. Do what you say you are going to do. Take time to build sincere and cooperative relationships. Be generous with your time, ideas and support.


Communicate your marketing message with confidence and clarity. This includes defining your point of difference, benefits, pricing, and your ideal client. Be specific with how your group can support you. /p 16

MEMBER SUCCESS STRATEGIES questionnaire Take our Member Success questionnaire and see if there are any ways you can enhance your success in your Venus Networking Group. Without judgement answer each of the questions with a YES or NO.




My attitude

• Do I have a positive attitude in my meetings and RAVE’s ? • Do I speak positively about myself, my members and Venus? • Do I believe in an abundant world and there is more than enough to go around? • Do I like myself and feel I am likeable? • Am I genuine and real with my members? • Do I show empathy and friendliness towards my members?

My behaviour

• Am I acting in integrity by doing what I say I’m going to do? • Am I making time to have RAVE’s and attend every meeting? • Am I actively contributing to my group? • Am I making time to refer and introduce my members? • Am I respectful towards my members, Facilitators and Regional Manager? • Am I generous with my time, ideas, resources and support?

My communication

• Have I specifically chosen who my ideal client/niche market is? • Am I clear about the benefits and features of my services/products? • Am I communicating my marketing message with confidence? • Have I defined my point of difference? • Does my group know what a dream referral is for me? • Have I given my group marketing collateral that they can pass on to their contacts?

WANT TO GET MORE VALUE FROM YOUR MEMBERSHIP? Add up the number of YES’s and score out of six for each section. Look at the lowest number and choose one thing this fortnight that you can work on to improve or develop in yourself or your business. /p 17

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUPS What they are A private space on Facebook for working, coordinating schedules, sharing information and connecting with a group of people privately. You can post updates, poll the group, chat with everyone at once, and more.

Group Code of Conduct • This Code of Conduct is a general guide to acceptable and appropriate behaviour in this group. It has been prepared as a working guide and not as a technical legal document.

Why we think they are cool They allow for the continuation of networking, showcasing your business, sharing information and connecting with your group members. Here is an awesome article + how-to that explains all the ways you can use a private group www.socialmediaexaminer. com/how-to-use-secret-facebookgroups-to-enhance-your-business/

How we are using them within the Venus family Some of our networking groups and regions have private Facebook groups. These have been set up by Venus HQ as requested by the group ore Regional Manager. We have put together a code of conduct as a set of standards describing the behaviour we ask from members within these groups.

Venus Private Facebook Groups – Code of conduct This is a forum for your Venus group. It is a place where you can: • Carry on the raving and referring between fortnightly meetings • Discuss business matters • Support and encourage each other • Share expertise, advice and resources in your particular field/represented profession within Venus

• The admins for our page are the two facilitators. Please PM Admin/s if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns. • This is a private group and we ask that if a particular discussion has been marked as confidential then it is to be kept within the group to protect the privacy of that member.

• We want this to be safe and supportive environment for everyone. Please respect the feelings of others and their opinions when posting and commenting.

• Please do not promote non-Venus members events / offers when it is in conflict with a current group member. • Posts or comments that we feel do not comply with this request will be removed and repeated violations may result in you being removed from the group. If you have an issue with any page or person in here please PM Admin. • Members recognize that all Venus Network members’ contact information is to be used strictly for giving and receiving referrals and not for selling members without their prior approval. Members need to obtain personal permission before using member’s emails for promotion or publicity of services or products. • Members can occupy and promote only one category/profession in the defined category list with each membership. If a member’s business has functions of other categories for which they do not belong, they must not promote those functions in this group. • We don’t name and shame in here. If you have issues or problems with people whether in Venus Network group or outside and you need help from the group, please ask for it, but don’t post names of the people or business involved.

Please note these groups are not managed by, but fully supported by Vanessa & Carly, Venus HQ. Thank you all for your cooperation and support. If you want to find out if your group has a Private Facebook Group ask your Group Facilitators.


RACHEL BASHNICK, a Chartered Accountant at Crowe Horwath in Napier

NICOLA INGLIS, a multiple award-winning Wedding Photographer in the Waikato


Could you describe your business in a nut-shell? I’m a photographer of happy people…I help people record and celebrate the good bits of their lives, whether that’s a wedding, a particular stage in their family’s life or a portrait to record a very personal milestone.


What or who inspired you to start your own business? Having your own business is something my family has always done, I started my first business at high school selling handmade earrings to my friends. I went away from all of that for a while and became a teacher but having our second child made me wish that there was a better way to combine work and kids. When we decided to have number three I knew I needed something more flexible.


What do you do to cultivate inspiration in your business? I look at a lot of images but I try not to look at the work of too many wedding and portrait photographers. I like to take ideas from fashion, art and design into my photography rather than just rehashing things I’ve seen done by other people. There is always going to be a certain amount of cross pollination between photographers but I think it’s essential to find your own spin.


Who inspires you in business currently? I am constantly inspired by the fabulous people I get to photograph. They generously share their stories with me and I am honoured to help them preserve those experiences and memories. There is nothing more motivating than showing someone the best, most beautiful version of themselves printed and framed or bound in a fabulous album…it’s just the best feeling.


Could you describe your business in a nut-shell? My aim is to partner with business owners to provide support and guidance to grow their business. Every business faces unique challenges and taking the time to truly understand the issues provides clarity for decision making and uncovers potential opportunities. I know I am doing my job well when business owners consider me part of their team and seek my involvement on a day to day basis.


What inspired you to join your current company? I originally went to university to study Human Resource management. As part of my studies I was exposed to accountancy - and loved it! It occurred to me that many accountants overlook the people factor and often become too focussed on the numbers. By completing a double major in Human Resources and Accountancy I offer business owners a different perspective by bringing both elements into the equation.


Who inspires you in business currently? The clients I work with are my source of inspiration. Not only are they great at what they do, but they also manage to wear the multiple hats of business management, from marketing to production to finance. And they do it well! The energy, commitment and passion I see every day motivates me to go further than the compilation of a set of financial statements and consider the possibilities relevant to the client’s business and industry. /p 20

JEN TYSON, a business growth coach and mentor based in Wellington.

JENNY DAVISON, owner of Pixie Party Supplies



Could you describe your business in a nut-shell? Experienced and trusted small business growth Coach/ mentor. Marketing solutions, business strategy, change management. I focus on the best return on your investment of time and money.


What or who inspired you to start your own business? My husband, my close friends and business mentors. I feel we are all born with unique talents and skills and things that only we can contribute to making the world a better place to belong. Those close to me inspired me to move out into the business world and share my unique, enthusiastic self.


What do you do to cultivate inspiration in your business? I try to always cultivate an attitude of gratitude, openly and genuinely encouraging others, and to always be interested in others stories and journey. I am constantly inspired by seeing other business owners thrive at what they were created to do and contribute and by the passion they share.


Who inspires you in business currently? I can’t say just one person, there are many. An early influence was Jim Rohn (world class business philosopher), he was a VITAL part of developing my core business values today. AND the awesome women I get to build relationships with in Venus. I love being around women gunning for their own dreams and goals and to those whom I get to be a part of the journey I am always grateful, they inspire me.

Could you describe your business in a nut-shell? Pixie Party Supplies is an online store stocking party ware and decorations from New Zealand and around the world. We have cute children’s party supplies, beautiful baby shower ranges and lots of pretty boutique items for high teas, weddings and other events and occasions. We’ve also currently got lots of fab Christmas items in stock too!


What or who inspired you to start your own business? For as long as I can remember I have always had at least one business ‘on the side’ but in July 2012 I decided that corporate life was no longer for me and instead to put my entrepreneurial skills to the test and focus on Pixie Party Supplies.


What do you do to cultivate inspiration in your business? I think when you are passionate about your business and love what you do it’s easy to find inspiration around you which is essential to get through those tough times. From a business point of view I am becoming an avid reader of business books as I have a thirst for increasing my business knowledge and feel it’s important to keep learning. I also listen to lots of business webinars as with the speed that technology is moving I feel it’s important to keep up, especially around social media. And of course, the Venus Network which is full of inspiring women running businesses or having successful corporate careers while juggling home and family life too. /p 21

Sun resiliance It wasn’t that long ago that we were cautioned to avoid the sun at all costs. Lately we’ve realised that the sun plays a very important role in maintaining our health, especially because of the role it plays in Vitamin D production. Vitamin D is best known for its ability to protect our bones but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits this important vitamin offers. Vitamin D is also very protective of our health with evidence showing an association between low vitamin D levels and increased risk of colorectal cancer and cardiovascular disease. It is now said that if your blood serum levels of Vitamin D fall within the bottom 25 percent of what is considered normal, this significantly increases your likelihood of dying from most of the common diseases. The conclusion is that some sun exposure is important for our health. So it appears the answer is to be sensible about sun exposure, avoid the heat of the day and improve our skin’s natural sun protective mechanisms so we can get the best of both worlds. Let’s look at some simple ways of making your skin more ‘sun resilient’.

From the inside There are foods you can eat that contain nutrients capable of offering photo-protective benefits to the skin. Brazil nuts are nature’s richest source of selenium, an anti-oxidant mineral that has the ability to lessen the damage that UV rays have on skin. In 2009 a study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention showed that higher levels of selenium in the blood reduced the risk of skin cancer by half! Green tea is another wonderful skin food. The polyphenols it contains reduce the skin inflammation and DNA damage caused by excessive sun exposure.

Carotenoids are a valuable group of nutrients that give fruit and vegetables their bright colours (yellow, green, red or orange). Many studies have shown that this complex group of nutrients neutralize free radicals and significantly improve the skins ability to protect itself from the sun. Betacarotene is the most efficient nutrient in this family. It is found in orange and yellow fruits (mangoes and papayas), orange and yellow vegetables and green leafy vegetables. Lycopene, known for giving tomatoes their red colour, has also been shown to greatly reduce and in some cases prevent the formation of redness on exposure to UV. In one study, people who consumed tomato paste daily showed an average of 40% less redness and smoother skin than the control group. It is also worth noting that natural lycopene from tomatoes was found to be more effective than the synthetic version. So eat your vegetables and drink your green tea to boost your skin’s natural sun screening ability.

From the outside UV is a source of free radicals that damage our skin, prematurely ageing it and causing all sorts of imperfections. Fortunately like all free radicals they are able to be neutralised by antioxidants. Janesce has created a sun care lotion as a ‘must have’ product all year round offering a completely different, non-chemical approach to sun protection. And unlike many sun blocks available on the market the Janesce Suncare Lotion allows the skin to carry on its normal functioning and keep producing vitamin D. This amazing product would have to be one of my favourites in this beautiful skincare range. Rich in betacarotene and vitamin C it’s quite different than anything else in the market. It works because the product saturates the upper layers of our skin with these powerful antioxidants, a process that takes 7 to 10 days. /p 22

Over this time the antioxidants it contains are stored in the tiny spaces between the layers of skin cells in the outer most stratum of the skin. This stratum contains between 20 to 30 layers of cells and each layer becomes an antioxidant-filled barrier, capable of reducing the negative effects of the sun and greatly improving our skin’s ability to cope. All this activity is cumulative and it takes 7 to 10 days for the skin to be fully prepared. Because the SPF rating used in other chemical barriers must offer immediate protection, the SPF rating system does not work for the Janesce Suncare Lotion. Instead, your skin is in a constant state of protection provided it is used daily.

of melanin, a dark pigment that forms a tan, the Janesce Suncare Lotion won’t suppress this process because it is an important part of your natural sun resilience. If you are going to be exposed to high levels of UV radiation, by all means boost your protection by adding a chemical sun block, but for most days of normal sun exposure the Suncare Lotion is enough. Do remember it must be used every day to be effective because everyday you skip will have repercussions 7 to 10 days later. Janine Tait Director

Another thing I love about this product is that, unlike conventional sunscreens, it does not interfere with the natural protective mechanisms your skin already has in place to protect itself. One of these mechanisms is the production

BESTOW WITHIN the natural food journal volume 1


Wholesale: $10 / Retail: $19.50 To stock this book please contact us: phone: 0800 455 224 | email: | web: /p 23

VENUS MEMBER SURVEY 2013 Thank you to over 250 of you who shared your feedback in the Venus Member Survey 2013. Wow, we were blown away with how many of you wanted to have your say in the future of Venus. A very heart felt thank you for your generosity. The Regional Management team and I have collated the relevant feedback, we have listened to what you have said and would like to share our plans moving forward. Check out Venus Member Survey 2013 report in the member’s resource section at for the full report.

AMAZING SUPPORT TO GROW THE NETWORK 92% of you said YES when asked if you referred Venus. Thank you for your support to continue growing Venus. We were overwhelmed with all of your responses. Here are a small sample of the comments: • • • • • • • • • •

Absolutely! Good for my biz & personal development Yes, because it works Yes. It’s a good platform to get your name out there and to get to know others Because it is a wonderful group for supporting women in business It is so beneficial for me personally as well as for my business Yes, all the time to women in small business, I love it. Women empowering women It rocks! Yes - for the phenomenal business and personal growth Absolutely, Because Venus is awesome

YOU SPOKE – WE LISTENED We listened to you and here’s what we have already put in place: ‘Face of Venus’ promotion for those who would love to have Venus use your professional headshot as part of our marketing. ‘My business story’ – new opportunity for any member to share their story with us, so we can share it with the world. We have already piloted Venus Roundtables in Tauranga and will look to launch around NZ in 2014. Showcasing Venus Groups on the website - as soon as your group has all their online Venus Profiles complete we’ll book your group in to be featured on the home page of Venus website. Regional Managers are now sending out a monthly email with all your regions news. We’ve started recruiting for a contract event manager to help Venus roll out events around NZ. We have started working on a new website and will be developing free online e-courses to help you become more effective and confident in referral marketing and networking. We want to provide you with the education and support to help you maximise your membership and really enjoy your journey in Venus.

VENUS 2014 and BEYOND Here is what we are developing or enhancing moving forward A Member Success Guide

50 networking groups

An e-book to help those new to Venus to get up to speed with how to make the most of their membership and time in Venus.

Only open another 12 groups next year, to total 50 groups so our focus is on building all groups to 20 or 22 women depending on venue. (We’ll only open more if all groups are large and thriving in those regions).

Nationwide event calendar As soon as we bring on our contract event coordinator we’ll be sharing our event calendar for the year – so you have plenty of notice for all the events you want to attend. Website developments Update/develop our website so that members are featured on the home page. Develop the noticeboard so that it sits either on the home page or on the member log in page – this will bring more traffic to your notices. Build online forum for you to connect, share, ask for ideas or support and network all over the country.

Implement an application form so that members know what to expect and what is expected of them before joining. This will see the level of contribution and activity amongst members increase. Where possible we’ll also be matching the education topic with the meeting topic. Finalising a second RAVE form with a new list of questions to ask on your 2nd and 3rd RAVE’s. Launching Venus Academy The training and development sister to the Venus Network. Teaching women feminine entrepreneurship and leadership. Thank you for being part of our evolving business family. We are so excited to be sharing this journey with you and here’s to a rocking 2014 together! ♥ Vanessa & Carly x


I’m not sure whether walls have ears but they certainly have voices. As a designer I am conscious that every composition, colour, pattern, material and form communicates a message

not encourage you to book your trip using images of planes and airline tickets but they might with images of a family having fun in the sun by a swimming pool or a couple being awed by ancient ruins.

In the same way that a little red dress says something different to a little black dress, there are inherent meanings in the elements that form and fill our interiors. It is our customers, our staff and ourselves that receive these messages.

In my chiropractor’s waiting room, along with relevant magazines and fresh water, is an informative slideshow about lifestyle-related health issues. On other walls are quizzes and diagrams that both educate and support the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. This shows me that my chiropractor is knowledgeable in her field and cares about positively affecting her patients’ total health.

Three tips to add inspiration to our workspaces:


Emphasise points of difference

Our workplace is an opportunity to make our points of difference tangible. It is part of the brand experience — the sum total of our customers’ experience of our business and what it represents. It is not about simply looking pleasant, smart or any other easily replicable quality. For example, if a business is about personal service, create a room with no distractions, where customers receive undivided attention and feel, for the duration of the meeting, that no-one else exists. If a business prides itself on being part of the community, create a community feel: perhaps have engaging displays of photos and notices, which are regularly updated.

Create visual cues Does our workspace help explain what we offer our customers? What are both the features and benefits on offer and are we inspiring a desire to buy into these? A travel agent may



Reinforce the value we place in our customers

This is where spatial planning plays a vital role because it is in how we arrange our space that we affect the physical and visual journey for our customers. We want to create an environment where our clients feel welcome and comfortable; a place that looks clean and smells pleasant. We also need to consider what parts of our operation we want them to see and what is best located back-of-house. Use tools such as walls, furniture layout, screens and focal points to help manage what customers can see and what their eyes will rest on. Your workspace is talking about you behind your back — make sure it is saying the right things. Like all marketing exercises, start with specific objectives and invest well and wisely. The potential of our workplace design to influence the hearts and minds of our staff, customers and ourselves is both broad and powerful.

Article by Frances fraser Interior designer and director of Honour Creative, a Wellington-based practice offering integrity in design and process for commercial and residential spaces. Current group facilitator for Wellington City South Venus Group.

Look beautiful and feel confident from the inside out ‘The Makeup & Skincare for NZ Women’

With a love for make up and a passion for helping women feel great about themselves, it was a natural fit for makeup artist and hairdresser Caroline Martelli to launch her own cosmetic and skincare company M Collections & M Skin Essentials. “Makeup is a passion of mine and I feel so lucky that now I am making it a lifestyle for myself and my daughter, helping woman feel good about themselves,” she explains. Launched in the Bay of Plenty, Caroline has created two brands that complement each other perfectly. M Collections is a mineral make up range giving women a gorgeous flawless complexion. M Skin Essentials is an easy to use skincare range that is natural, hydrates and provides essential food for your skin. Offering make up parties as a way for woman to experience makeup and skincare in their own environment while having fun with their girlfriends. The parties allow women to learn tips and tricks about how easy wearing makeup can be. “We give woman confidence in wearing makeup, as I always believe that every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel confident from the inside out.”

Six years ago Caroline, a single mum living in Papamoa, was working full time when she saw a gap in the market for a hydrating mineral makeup that was light and flawless so combined with her hair and makeup styling experience, her makeup kit in hand she started organising make up parties. Fast forward five years and when her daughter started school mid last year Caroline decided the time was right to take on the business full time. With a lot of hard work, a commitment to be an active member of the Venus Network and client referrals she has taken the leap and experienced phenomenal growth with both of her brands , as all the while loving the ride. With consultants in Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Christchurch, M Collections & M Skin Essentials have clients all over New Zealand, Australia and beyond. A huge part for this growth is thanks to their clients referring to their friends. The power of networking is how her business is growing. When Caroline looks back and sees where she started and thinks how many woman love her two brands, she is really proud of herself and her journey.

Caroline believes deciding to join Venus at the same time as going full time in her business was a fantastic way to meet likeminded woman and help build her confidence and the ‘ you can do this ‘ attitude that has helped her achieve the level of success she has achieved to date. “I can’t recommend Venus enough for any businesswoman who wants a good start to their business and it just doesn’t stop there - there are so many opportunities within Venus. I have my consultants joining Venus too in their areas as it is so powerful for helping to building their client base.” Caroline says. We asked Caroline what is one piece of advice she would give to women just starting out, ‘What I have learnt is you need to have plans, steps in place and a checklist to keep you on track.’ Caroline truly believes business ownership can be so much fun and that life is for the living. If you’re doing something you love go forth and conquer. Life is precious and you don’t know what’s around the corner so enjoy it! Caroline Martelli M Collections & M Skin Essentials

NOT for PROFIT feature Venus member: Lisa Kent

Branch coordinator North Shore Member of Birkenhead Venus Group

Meet Lisa Kent

About Bellyful

Lisa became involved with Bellyful as a volunteer for her local branch North Shore in October 2011 and as her love and passion for Bellyful grew, so did her roles within the organisation and has been involved at both branch and head office level. She was very fortunate to have a Mum who moved from the North to the South Island to help with her daughter, and she doesn’t know how parents and especially Mum’s cope without that support. She truly believes that Bellyful helps provide a little bit of sunshine to those families lives by doing something so simply but yet magical at the same time. Lisa is married to Phil and Mum to Vanessa.

After Jacqui Ritchie’s first child was born in 2005, she struggled with anxiety and depression and found the experience of having a baby to be quite lonely and extremely stressful. So many books, so many opinions, but so little practical help! In 2009, after her second child was born, she experienced first-hand the difference it made to have a smiling face arrive on the door step with a meal for dinner. This sparked a vision - networks of women, all over New Zealand, cooking and delivering free meals to families with new babies, and families struggling with serious illness. In 2009, the dream became reality and today it continues to grow as more branches are added to the Bellyful family each year. There are currently 20 branches operating in NZ, with an army of 500+ volunteers and each branch delivering on average 60-100 meals to 20-40 families in their local communities.



BESTOW Affordable home decor

Summer Survival Kit’ $99 ( valued $138) Beauty from the inside out



GO MORE RAW Constructive eating making mealtimes fun A complete holistic body renovation program Beautiful, delicious, “alive” and nutritious



THE HONEST FOOD COMPANY New Zealand handcrafted originals Online party ware and decorations Bite Me! Protein Bars.


TOUGHEN UP! IT’S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE We are so often paralyzed by our own negativity and self-belief. We blame our current life, fitness, health and success on genetics, history, and circumstances like “it’s just me, it’s who I am”. We never step outside our comfort zone to challenge that belief and too often people surround themselves with those that support their current situation, instead of surrounding themselves with people who challenge them. If you want to change then you need to alter things that caused you to remain the same. If you are surrounded by coaches or people who just say what you want to hear, give you warm fuzzies and fill you with nice words about your current situation, you will continue to remain the same and never question the need for change, which is okay if you are happy with it. However, if you want to change, you may need to toughen up and be ready for the right advice and guidance to help you achieve success.

Don’t be misguided by rosy messages and false promises Magazines everywhere tell us what we want to hear, they tell us we can lose weight and tone up our butts in a few short weeks. They fill us up with messages that are misguiding with crap! If you go to a trainer or do a program that promises a six pack, toned legs and arms in 4 weeks and you can eat whatever you want, then run away. If you do a program or see a “nutritionist” or a “trainer” that promises a flat stomach and killer physiques by taking this shake or drinking this drink, then run for the hills. Here’s the truth!!

THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!!! Your body is far more complicated than just a few exercises and a magical shake or juice detox. Unless you address your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle, you will never get real results. Programs like weight watchers may help people with portion sizes and begin to lose weight. However, most don’t succeed because they don’t deal with the bigger picture. They don’t teach you on the right food for your body. If you believe you can have exercise with a poor diet, or you can eat whatever you want as long as you don’t go over your calories and never exercise, then you are wrong. If you think a magical shake is going to make you look like the picture they used to advertise to you, then you are mistaken.

Don’t buy into marketing. Don’t buy into trainers who tell you that you can achieve results in 6 weeks and eat whatever. Don’t buy into nutrition specialists who say you just cut calories and exercise no more. Our bodies’ haven’t changed in our evolution. What has changed is our lifestyle, our fitness and our nutrition. You have to address all areas to get real results.

THE CHANGE MUST START INSIDE YOU You have the power to change. No one forces you to eat junk food. No one forces you to remain the same. All you have to do is accept where you are and toughen up to change. Be willing to accept that it takes time and commitment and be willing to put in the effort. Get the right guidance, have the precise advice and support to help you achieve real long lasting success. It’s okay if you have followed bad advice in the past. All you have to do is accept it and be aware that you can do something about it today. It’s never too late. Don’t pull out the excuse cards that “it’s just you”, “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have time”, or “It’s all their fault, they told me…”. It’s time to move on to greener pastures and break new grounds; onward, upwards and never look back. Get real advice and know that in order to achieve real long lasting results and success, there is no quick fix. It takes time, dedication and hard work. Are you tough enough to do it?? by Nicola Reily,

Nicola Reily

COMMITMENT either you do or you don’t, there is no in between

DAILY CHECK IN FOR YOUR BODY Take a moment at the start of your day to think about what you can do to nourish and support your body. Ask yourself these four questions: 1. What can I do to nourish and respect my body today? 2. What sort of exercise does my body require today? 3. How can I make my body feel amazing today?

4. What sort of relaxation does my body need today? Learn to listen to your body and mind and it will tell you what you really need. Learn to love your body, nourish it and care for it. You only have one body. Treat it with respect.





My Business Review 2013 - Wins, Challenges and Lessons




your wo

Summer is a great opportunity to take some time out of your business and reflect on the year you have had. Reviewing how your business did over the last 12 months gives you the perfect foundation for setting your plans for the year ahead. I have outlined some questions to help you go through the process of a business review. WHAT WORKED WELL – MY WINS Time to pat yourself on the back for work well done. Take a look at the things that went well this year and why. Write anything and everything down. Resist the temptation to judge whether a win was too small or just a step toward something that became bigger. What worked?

Why did it work

What did you feel most proud of during 2013?

How did you feel?

WHAT DIDN’T WORK – MY CHALLENGES Time to review your challenges for the year. What didn’t work

Why didn’t it work

What actions will you take to improve these aspects of the business so they do work well or make the decision to stop doing them

WHAT DID I LOVE DOING THAT I WANT TO DO MORE OF It’s vital to include more of what you love doing in next year’s plans. This is your business and you get to grow it however you choose.

WHAT NEW OPPORTUNITIES AWAIT The end of one year is also the beginning of a new year. What things lie ahead for your business in 2014?

WHAT ARE THE BUSINESS THREATS What risks could seriously hinder progress towards your growth in 2014?

I review my plan every month and go through a shortened version of this exercise. It helps keep me on track, feeling great about the wins I’m achieving and thankful for the lessons I’m learning.









your wo

Whether you’re just starting out, growing your business or seeking outside help to take things to the next level, a well-thought-out strategic plan is your roadmap to help you achieve business success in 2014. Here is what is included in my strategic plan and helps me get clear about what I want to create in business, while focusing my energy on the important things throughout the year.

Vision. A clear statement of what you want your business to look like “stunningly successful”. It is a picture of the future you seek to create, described in the present tense, as if it were happening now. My business vision:

Purpose. Why does your business exist? What is the difference you want to make in the lives of the people you touch? How are you serving the world through your work? By clarifying your purpose you will feel closely connected to the work you do each day. Get clear on the purpose of your business and feel inspired and engaged throughout the year. My business purpose:

Values. Describes how you intend to operate as you pursue your vision. The standards of behaviour you want to work by. E.g. our Venus Values are honesty, courage, generosity, integrity, openness and respect. My business values:

Strategic Goals for 2014. 1. Where will you be at the end of 2014? What do you want to achieve? Your goals need to be meaningful and personally inspiring. Choose 3-5 key strategic goals, things that move you and/or your business towards your Vision. 2. What are the key objectives that are required for you to achieve your strategic goals? Come up with no more than five per goal. 3. How will you feel when you have achieved these goals? This is important as it’s the feelings that we’re after, not necessarily the goals themselves. Take the time to get clear about the feelings you want to experience next year. My 3 Strategic Goals for 2014

My Key Objectives



My Desired Feelings

2. 3. 4. 2.

5. 6. 7. 8.


9. 10. 11. 12.

The purpose of business – to serve you while serving the world. Listening to and acknowledging what you love and putting this into your plans for your business is vital to the long term success of your business and your happiness and fulfilment. Have fun!


I’m going to share with you my journey to creating a business I love. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” I came to realise earlier this year that I had done a really awesome job at growing the Venus Network to New Zealand’s largest business network for women. Yet in the process grew a business where I didn’t love my work.

MY LOVE FOR VENUS Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Venus and I LOVE the gorgeous businesswomen who are part of Venus. I LOVE what we stand for and how we are celebrating and honouring feminine values in business and I LOVE business. But the day to day work that I have been doing the past three years has been out of alignment with my strengths and what truly lights me up. There have been times that I have wanted to throw in the towel.

NOT TRUSTING SELF How did I get myself there? Unconsciously I didn’t trust that I knew what I loved doing. I didn’t trust that if I listened to my hearts desires I’d be able to grow a successful business. Where did this lack of self-trust come from? When I was six I was playing with my two older sisters at my dad’s work in Dunedin and we got stuck in an old lift. I was petrified of being stuck in there for ever (come on – I was six!) And I was petrified of getting into trouble the minute we got

out. In that moment I made a decision to not trust myself. Clearly when I listen to myself ‘hey that’ll be fun playing in the elevator’ bad things happen and I feel horrible. It’s only been recently that I realised that I made this decision not to trust myself.

LISTENING TO EVERYONE EXCEPT SELF When we put more value on what everyone else tells us; the market, our advisors, our friends and family, and not take the time to stop and listen within, we stop living ‘in flow’. We go out of alignment with our purpose. As a recovering workaholic and rushing woman I did not make it a priority to spend time alone, listening within.

REMEMBERING TO LISTEN WITHIN I introduced journaling into my morning ritual as a daily practice of listening within. I also brought awareness to the amount of times I’d ask other people questions, that really I would know the answer, if I only I gave myself the chance to answer. During this process I have reconnected with what I’m calling EVI. Thanks to Amanda Fleming who shared this concept with me in her awesome Human Superpowers Course. EVI stands for your Evolutionary Integrity. You might know it as your higher self, your soul, your heart or a combination of all of these things. EVI is when your head, heart and gut are in alignment, and you are receiving intuitive wisdom. /p 34

RECCONNECTING TO WHY I have had a crazy full on few years. In the hustle and bustle of growing this network, I forgot the reason I started my own business. To love my work and connect with other women, passionate about living their purpose through their businesses. It’s important to clarify the reasons you started your own business, and have these be at the centre of your decisions for growth.

A PURPOSE DRIVEN BUSINESS I am realigning my work within Venus with my purpose. I’m choosing to live and work in a high state of integrity, which supports me to be tuned in to EVI. I’m now proud to share I’m loving my work. What I now know to be true, is I am here to help women connect with their authentic work. And the process of doing this has them get back in touch with their intuitive wisdom.

YOUR BUSINESS IS MEANT TO SERVE YOU & THE WORLD For your business to truly serve the world, which is the ultimate purpose of it, it must serve you! That’s how it works. Is your business serving you? Are you receiving what you need? Are you loving the work? It’s time to do some soul searching and get to know yourself. Through

this enquiry you can uncover what’s important to you. Uncover what your business needs to look like to serve you. From this place you can create plans for a thriving and successful 2014.

VENUS 2014 For me 2014 brings a new venture that has evolved from this internal enquiry - the Venus Academy. A personal and professional development company working with businesswomen who are committed to feminine leadership and entrepreneurship. I’m in the development stages of this and I’m the most excited I have been in years. Create your business growth plans from your purpose. Let EVI guide you on your day to day journey and you will love your work, build a thriving, sustainable business and make a delicious contribution to the evolution of humanity. Love your work, Vanessa x Director of the Venus Academy



Hire or outsource the things unsuited to you

Remember that you are the resident expert in your business. For your business to thrive you must spend more time doing things you love and that suit your strengths. The key to business success is to surround yourself with people who allow you to focus on what you do best. Let others take care of all the rest.


Remember to say no

You get to design your business and your life the way you choose. It’s important to say no to things that don’t serve you. This allows you to say yes to the things that light you up. Plan your time and your growth wisely, focus on those things you love. If you’re not following your heart or following your plan, you’ll be following someone else’s. /p 35


Discover what you love

If you don’t know what you love then make time to enquire within as to what really lights you up. Some of the questions I have been asking myself are: Who do I love working with? How do I love to work? What activities fire me up with excitement? What are my strengths and how can I use more of these to serve the business?

What would your life be like if you were living your life by really ...think about it! Take some time over this. How would you choose your life to be if you were designing and scripting it yourself? And then when you feel really connected to this (your inspiration), from that space imagine what our world would be like if we were all living our lives by design. Doing what we are here to do, living our inspiration, on purpose, in our hearts, in flow.

CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU This is my vision for humanity. This is evolution - this is how we change the world. Its starts with you, right here, right now. Look in the mirror. What can you change? “If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change!” Michael Jackson, song Man in The Mirror. From an evolutionary perspective, human kind must adapt to this changing world. I believe our strategy for survival is to be ‘different’, to break away from the ways of the past, to wake up! Do things differently, do things better. And not do things just because others do, or our parents did. It’s about being self-designing to not only adapt to the changes now but to deliberately shape our future.

ALIGN AND DEVELOP YOURSELF So how do you step up, be different and act on your inspiration amongst the day to day realities of life? By constantly developing and realigning yourself to your purpose, what you are doing, what you value, where you are going. And making sure you are being personally productivity - effective and personally responsible – aware.

THE IMPORTANCE OF SAYING NO Part of saying yes to change is having the ability to say no to the things that do not serve you, or the planet. Saying no can be hard, especially when we feel a sense of obligation and expectation. Sometimes it’s the most empowered thing you can do. It’s about being responsible to yourself, those closest to you and to the priorities in your life. Place your oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others! Here’s an opportunity to check in with yourself - see how well you’re able to say NO to the demands presented on a daily basis. Say yes to the things that move you closer to your goals and that are aligned with your purpose and no to the things that you feel obliged to do or are doing out of habit for no worthwhile benefit. Until next time, Stacey



Educational Toys and Gorgeous Gifts for Kids


A Set of Christmas Tree Wall Art Pegs



RRP $29.00

To Enter, visit Squoodles website and answer this question: “How many designs of Wall Art Pegs does Squoodles stock?” Email your answer with your name, address and phone number to with VENUS in the subject line to be in the draw. Winner drawn 20th December 2013.

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Are the people most important to you getting the time and attention they need? Do you feel like there’s not enough time for YOU rest, eat well, exercise etc? Do you feel like you’re always doing things for other people? Do the projects you’d rather be doing take a backseat over the projects you feel obliged to do? Are you in a state of disorganisation and chaos? Do you lie awake at night thinking about your to-do list? Are you loosing perspective on what you are up to in life? When you stop (if you stop) and allow yourself to connect with what is important (maybe it’s your loved ones, your health) is there a pang of guilt?

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WHAT’S CLAIMABLE in your business I’m sure that you hear it time and time again that keeping good business records pays dividends. If good records are kept it will make end of the financial year a breeze, otherwise you could run into a stressful time putting it all together and miss out on claiming those deductible business expenses that help towards a reduced tax bill. Concentrating on your business income is important but the answer to a reduced tax bill is to claim all legitimate business expenses to their maximum.

ACC levies Accountancy fees Advertising Audit fees Bad debts Bank fees Cleaning & laundry Commissions Credit card charges Computer expenses Conference, training & seminars Consultancy Depreciation Donations (claimable in tax return) EFT-POS costs Entertainment (at least 50%) * Freight & courier

by Annette Giles Giles and Liew Chartered Accountants Ltd

A straightforward test when buying or paying for something, and to ascertain if it’s possibly claimable would be to always ask one essential question… “Is this being brought for business or personal usage?” Typical business expenses include (but are not limited to) expenditure such as:

Gas supply General expenses Home office * Home telephone (50% line + biz calls) Insurance Interest Legal fees (for certain services) Library Licences & registrations Lighting, power & heating Loan fees Motor vehicle expenses Operating leases Petty cash Postage Printing & stationery

Protective clothing & uniforms Purchases Rates Rents Rent – equipment (hire) Repairs & maintenance Research & development Security Sponsorship Staff training Subcontractors Subscriptions Telephone, tolls & internet Tendering Travel * Wages & salaries (including PAYE) Waste disposal

We have provided just a little more detail, on the expenses list marked with an * next to them, to give you a clearer picture on what you can claim.

Entertainment A number of business entertainment expenses are completely deductible while the other portion is only 50% deductible. Receipts are needed to be kept along with a reason for the entertainment.

Home office Large numbers of people who run a small business from home set aside an area for work purposes, making a portion of the following home expenses claimable: -rates, power, house and contents insurance, mortgage interest (if you own the home), rent You must keep invoices for these expenses. A calculation needs to be done at end of year to ascertain the total time spent on your business activities and the area of your home used.

Travel If time spent travelling is part of your business, costs incurred whilst doing so can be claimed as a business expense. Keep a log of travel in say a diary to show the business portion of your expenses. This log can be used to repay your costs on either actual or Public Mileage Rate (PMR) of 77c per kilometre depending on the vehicle used. When using the PMR you must record the reason for the travel. After reading this article, you may have a number of questions or seek clarification if something is a business or personal expense. Please contact our experienced accountants on any matters discussed in our articles as we are always happy to help and believe in going the extra mile. Disclaimer: The above article is of a general nature only. Please obtain specific advice on client situations as minor changes in facts can cause significantly different answers. This article does not cover all aspects of the law relevant to the topics covered. The views expressed are our opinion only. Neither Giles and Liew Chartered Accountants Limited nor any of its employees accept any liability to any person in relation to the material in this article. It is provided as a guide only and it is your decision and liability to rely on the above information.

Are you paying more tax than you need to?

Call us for your FREE tax health check Tauranga 07 571 1542 We specialise in providing small and medium sized businesses with high level accounting services at realistic and competitive prices.

There are a few common mistakes women make that stifle the love they desire in their lives. He used to show his love for you in all the wonderful ways. You still remember how the love flowed when he looked at you. But now you just don’t feel his love as deeply as you used to. Where is the passion and intensity? Mistake #1: Blaming him Women don’t realise that by blaming others they imply their own powerlessness. What if men stop expressing their love because we stop inspiring them? Ask yourself these questions: • How am I contributing to him not paying enough attention to me? • Do I do something to push him away, or am I controlling? • Am I not spending enough time with him? The truth is, we act as if we don’t have any say in life. I invite you to recognise your own power and you will inspire your man to give you the love you desire. Mistake #2: Trying to change him Quite often we see the things that we would like changed in our partner and he becomes our improvement project. Every man wants to be accepted and respected for just

the way he is. Once a man feels disrespected he stops wanting to give his woman the love she desires. He’s not motivated anymore to spend time with her and share intimate moments. This might be what goes through his mind: “What’s the point? She doesn’t like me the way I am, I can’t make her happy anyway. So why waste time and effort? I’d rather focus on something that I’m successful at.” Appreciate and admire your man and he will be inspired to give you the love you desire. It is possible to create the relationship you’ve always wanted. Maybe you just need some help stepping more fully into your power and learning a few secrets. Get my special report “3 Essential Secrets to Re-Ignite Love with Your Man” for free at Tarisha Tourok - Re-Ignite Your Love expert, member of our Auckland Venus Network

How to be a blimmin’ great public speaker A lot goes into becoming a blimmin great public speaker, but getting some of the basics nailed is a great place to start. The more public speaking you do the better and more confident you will become.


And the way to fast track this confidence is to add some techniques and strategies to your utility belt of public speaking skills.

Whether you are presenting a keynote to 250 people or delivering your one minute to your Venus Group of 20, having confidence that you know what you are talking about goes a long way to being a blimmin great public speaker.

STEP 1 – Practice conscious breathing Become conscious of breathing from your diaphragm not from your chest or throat. This will help get your nerves and voice under control. Breathing exercises are awesome to calm any nerves. When you are anxious or feel a panic setting in, your body is going into a very natural fear response... fight or flight situation. By maintaining control of your breathing you will calm your nerves and your voice and thoughts will also become clear. YOUR EXERCISE – PRACTICE SLOW, DEEP BREATHING TO CALM YOUR NERVES.

STEP 2 – Engage your voice

STEP 3 – Have confidence in your content

This means you need to take the time to prepare. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Take time to know what you are going to say, that it will fit inside the time you have and that it is communicating the message you want to deliver. Having coached and trained professional speakers all over New Zealand I can hand-on-heart tell you that these quick tips will help you grow into a confident and blimmin great public speaker. Go get em Tiger! Carly Shorter 027 235 9575

Gaining control of your voice so that you can vary tone at will, create excitement, add drama and emotion, animation and inflection takes time and practise. We’re looking at the basics here, so thinking about the skills above the best way to get great at public speaking is to tell your story rather than just read your notes. The art of storytelling involves engaging your audience and captivating them. Using variation in your tone and pitch, going a little crazy in the facial expressions so that you appear animated and you’ll find your

Carly Shorter Professional Speaker, Trainer, Venus Operations Manager and all round wicked chic!


Join a Venus Networking group and you can: Enjoy the support and friendship from likeminded businesswomen Receive referrals for new business

JOIN REFER THRIVE HOW DOES IT WORK? Groups of up to 22 businesswomen meet for a 1 hour facilitated meeting each fortnight. Starting at 9 or 9.30am our meetings give you the opportunity to present a 1 minute promo spot about your business and share referrals and wins with the group. As a member WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT ? Attend every fortnightly meeting Organise at least one business meeting with another member each fortnight Actively look for opportunities to refer your members

Increase your confidence in networking and selling yourself Learn smart marketing strategies and define your marketing message

Moroccan RAW Parsnip Couscous

2 cups of parsnips, peeled and chopped


1 cup of raw walnuts

1 tablespoon of cold-pressed olive oil

1 clove garlic

1 tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil

8 sun dried, organic apricots, diced (or sultanas or dates)

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

Zest of 1 lemon or lime

½ tablespoon of raw honey

Himalayan or sea salt A good handful of herbs such as coriander, mint, parsley Himalayan or sea salt and pepper Blend the parsnips, garlic and walnuts in a food processor until it makes a couscous type consistency. Add all dressing ingredients to a screw top jar and shake to mix. Then simply add all the other ingredients, stir in enough of the dressing to your liking and store the rest. Season to taste and serve. Try other dried fruits as well such as dates, currants or sultanas to really bring out the Moroccan flavour.

Juice of 1 lemon or lime ½ tablespoon of minced ginger ½ teaspoon of cinnamon ½ teaspoon of cumin powder ½ teaspoon of turmeric If you’re not really a parsnip lover we urge you to try this, you will be pleasantly surprised! This is another fantastic raw recipe ensuring you preserve all of the delicate nutrients it contains and making sure your food packs more ‘punch’. Walnuts are also a rich source of monounsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids. These fats help keep our skin supple and glowing. Gluten free / refined sugar free / dairy free

Recipe from BESTOW WITHIN - a natural food journal /

    

     

      | phone 04 297 1040

Responsive Reliable IT Quality Work, Care for People

For businesses and social-profits whose IT is critical. Serving the Wellington-Manawatu region for over 10 years. Full IT solutions and service. No charge for IT Strategic Review and Recommendations to Venus members. Limited availability. Please call or email now to book.

            

 Do you need admin support but don't want to commit to a full time resource? If you don’t have the time or expertise to make your work look and sound the best, then Administration on Demand can help you save time and frustration.

• Word processing (typing, reformatting, mailings) • PowerPoint presentations • Spreadsheets – budgets, graphs • Proof Reading – grammar & formatting Call or email today for an obligation free quote Nicola Tohill 09 570 9937 or 027 500 3433


Chris Henderson Director DDI: 09 307 8507 | M: 021 242 8748

Debbie Albrecht of Colours Plus Personal Image Consultant/Stylist Phone 03 313 5296 or 027 698 3838

NORTH SHORE The Travel Brokers Contact: Carolyn Hedley Phone: 09 416 1799 Mobile: 027 294 7744 carolyn

Carolyn has been in the holiday industry for over 20 years so can use that experience in planning your next holiday so everything runs smoothly. She can organise your family holiday, Coach Tour, Cruise, or your African Safari and put this all together to save you time and money and stress.

Wealth Works Ltd Contact: Kim Gallie Phone: 09 306 5820 Mobile: 021 331 395

Wealth Works Ltd works with you to create wealth and financial security. Our focus is to create a personalised financial strategy plan to: Help you build wealth and manage your assets, Protect your family’s future and the assets you have worked hard to create and Help you achieve your lifestyle goals today, tomorrow and in the future.

SilverStone Jewellery Contact: Lori Trigwell Phone: 09 473 5299 Mobile: 021 184 6467

Easy, secure online shopping for gorgeous handmade silver jewellery that sparkles! We are an Auckland based manufacturing jewellery company that stocks a massive range of sterling silver jewellery plus designs and creates all gold jewellery to order, and makes one off designer sterling silver jewellery.

Edible Blooms 09 4422260 027 2383535

Edible Blooms New Zealand offers a unique twist on flowers and gift hampers. Our range of chocolate flower bouquets, fresh fruit bouquets, cake pop blooms and gourmet gift baskets can be ordered easily online and delivered New Zealand wide.

Milestone Financial Services Contact: Katharina Tetzlaff Phone: 09 950 6810 Mobile: 021 201 4874 katharina.tetzlaff@milestone.

Milestone Financial Services North Ltd is a family owned and operated business giving advice on everything from Investment, Financial and Retirement Planning to Insurance and Mortgages. Kat is a Registered Financial Adviser, specialising in Insurance.

Pain and Health Management

Beyond Health Contact: Jan Stein Phone: 09 414 4960 Mobile: 0274741 932

At Beyond we offer unique forms of treatments and therapies, based on the principles of bio-energetic and informational medicine. In a nutshell “working towards finding the root cause” of why you are not performing at 100%.


Viva Expeditions – South America Travel & Tours Contact: Rachel Williams Phone: 098894214

Viva Expeditions specialize in small group expeditions and tailor made tours for all travellers to South America. Let our team of Latin America travel specialists help plan your trip of a lifetime.


New Zealand Home Loans Contact: Jenny Aitken Mobile: 027 253 6692 Jenny.Aitken@nzhomeloans.

Do you have a mortgage? New Zealand home Loans is a dedicated home loan provider, committed to helping clients become debt free faster. 100% NZ owned and the largest home loan lender outside the four main banks.


Residential & Commercial Lending





Investment advising

Craigs Investment Partners Contact: Claire Dower Phone: 09 919 7422 Mobile: 021 808 047

Craigs Investment Partners Limited is one of New Zealand’s largest investment advisory and management firms, offering personalised investment solutions to private, corporate and institutional clients.

Office products & supplies

Robyn Skeates Office Interiors Phone: 09 444 9000 Mobile: 021 935 999

We are office furniture, design and fitout specialists, based in Auckland. We take pride in making your office furniture decisions simple and risk-free while still delivering style and exceptional value.

Brookfields Lawyers Contact:: Janice Harland Phone: 09 985 6906 Mobile: 021 772 920

Brookfields Lawyers has a strong history of providing legal services of the highest standard. Our legal and support personnel pride themselves on the quality of those services and the friendly, welcoming way in which we deal with our clients.

Face & Body Contact: Margaret Walsh Phone: 09 817 4807 Mobile: 027 473 5914 faceandbodybeautytherapy

Award winning Face & Body provides quality Beauty Therapy services to Titirangi, servicing a loyal clientele base of 11,000 clients annually. The company is based in a two storey cottage overlooking the bush and harbour and houses three beauty therapy rooms providing bespoke skin and therapy treatments.

restaurants & cafes

Functions and Events Contact: Dominique Lowry Phone: 09 528 6463 www.functionsandevents.

Organising a party, dinner, meeting, Christmas function or team building event? Let Functions & Events do the leg work for you. Complimentary venue search service. 22 venues available.


Making Magic Happen Ltd Contact: Gaelene Adams Wood Phone: 09 817 2936 Mobile: 021 453 886 gaelene@makingmagichappen. com www.makingmagichappen. com

Making Magic Happen works with the Talent Dynamics suite of products to achieve meaningful, measurable, profitable change in business. Talent Dynamics is the #1 Business Development Pathway for accelerating trust and flow.




Commercial Law

love the way you work

CIL Investments contact: TRACY MALCOLM 021494166

Leigh Judd Law Leigh Judd Phone: 09 973 0798 Mobile: 021 116 3455

Leigh Judd is the principal of Leigh Judd Law a boutique law practice that provides expert legal advice in relation to all matters to do with property, commercial and trust law.

BAY OF PLENTY Hands on Osteopathy Contact: Jane Edmondson Phone: 07 213 0806

Osteopathy is a safe, gentle and effective treatment using hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat a wide range of health problems, aiming to relieve pain, discomfort and restriction.

ANZ Contact: Lisa Hall Phone: 07 5577175 Mobile: 0274 990451

I am a Home Lending Specialist, for all types of residential property transactions. First Home Buyers, New Purchases, Investment properties, New Home Builds. I am available to come and see you at your home, workplace or wherever suits you.


Jemma’s Homebased Child Care Contact: Jenny Tyrell Phone: 0800-536627 Email:

JeMMa’s is a privately owned homebased childcare service, where childcare is offered in carefully selected Educarers homes. We believe that homebased care is the next best thing to learning at home with parents.


Jarrah Construction Limited Contact: Merle Rankin 07 578-5316 Justin Mobile: 027 275-1646 Facebook page: Jarrah Construction Ltd

As Registered Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners, we are your one stop shop for building projects. We do Design and Build, Renovations, Office Fit outs, Commercial projects. No job is too small.


Personal Style Ltd Contact: Margaret Stodart 07 575 7415 021 234 8561

Personal Style workshops are unique to NZ and designed for Kiwi women. Simple, timeless concepts with easy, practical applications all explained in a relaxed way, saving you time and money.



Enter promo code “VENUS” to get a 10% discount off all gifts. Can be used as many times as you like!


Corporate Event Management

Interior design

Expertease Theatre Ltd Contact: Juliet Cottrell 0274585438

Expertease! is an entertainment service for conferences and events. We provide customised characters for comedy sketches at conference dinners, awards nights and other celebrations. We also provide roving characters for street theatre entertainment.

Smoke N Mirrors Contact: Jodie Robertson 027-2729688 06-8700288

Jodie has a great sense of style and meticulous attention for detail and a natural flair which can transform any room. 10 years experience in Melbourne real estate, photography and design. Design menu for you to choose from which I will assist you in making the right choice for your next project.

Beauty Therapy


No time to manage your Social Media?

NOW is a service led, fair and transparent telecommunications company offering broadband and calling services to businesses and consumers in Hawkes Bay and Rotorua.


growth through knowledge…

for all your business insurance needs


Write Plan


Connect. Engage. Interact.

+gst per month

NOW Contact: Pip Thompson 0800 GET NOW ( 438 669)

Job Done (for you)



Simply Indulgent provides skin treatments for women who want results. We take the time to understand your health, lifestyle and skin concerns. pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, sensitivity, or acne and design skincare programme just for you.

Simply Indulgent Contact: Fiona Ritchie 06 211 3952

“Hayley goes above and beyond to support her clients.” Kevin, Hamilton “When Hayley reviewed my life insurances it was easy and simple!” Melissa, Hamilton

Hayley invites you to call for a coffee and a chat Email: Phone: 07 834 3075 or 027 727 5722 A disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge



Aqua Filter Products Contact: Lisa Moger Phone: 0800 426 426 Mobile: 021 100 3243 www.aquafilterproducts.

Bringing the World’s Leading Water Purification Products to New Zealand. We sell an extensive range of water filters, water coolers, shower filters, UV Filter Systems and water treatment systems to the domestic, rural and commercial markets.


Central Media Graphic Design Contact: Lynn Peck 04 499 0030

Lynn Peck, Central Media Design, will write, edit, design and print manage your publications. Lynn has worked across many sectors – small and medium businesses, global companies, education, government, charitable trusts, law. 15+ years experience.

Catherine Fleming Accredited Bowen Therapist 04 2933069 0273484792

I am an accredited Bowen Practitioner with Bowtech. The Bowen Technique is a gentle effective healing modality that is suitable for everyone from new born babies to the frail or elderly. It addresses all levels of the body musculoskeletal framework, fascia, nerves and internal organs.

Ragini Rags 2 Fitness Contact: Ragini Vandrey Mobile: 021 251 4193

Rags 2 Fitness Mobile Personal Training

JAG Legal Contact: Nicola Jones Phone: 04 939 2366 Lower Hutt Office Phone: 04 297 2361 Kapiti Office

Merv Gaskin and Nicola Jones are thrilled that their practice has expanded and they are now here to help you with all your legal issues. If you need assistance with any legal issue please call.

Lush Lashes Petone Contact: Karyn Weller Phone/Text: 04 212 4850 or 021 971970 Email: karyn@lushlashespetone. Address: 199 Jackson Street, Petone

Specialists in Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions. The Ultimate Accessory! Beautiful Sexy Eyes 24-7! No More Mascara. Available in various lengths,thickness’s, colours and curls to suit everyone! (open 7 days day or night, by appointment to suit)

Bowen Practitioner



ery day of t he week

ush Lashes


r a free eyelash consultation. We have many able and are conveniently located at St Petone



50 or 021 971 970 THERAPY

Helping you look and feel fit and healthy all year round in the privacy of your own home. No contracts or membership fees. 30 or 60 minute training sessions.





kd one

Defined Contact: Carlene Dredge Phone: +64 4 9748640 Mobile: +64 21 877666

Business coaching to empower small businesses to reach the next level, increase profits, create high performing teams and have more time.

NZ Travel Brokers Contact: Zaheda Davies Phone: 04 976 7865 Mobile: 021 733 659

Zaheda has been in the Travel industry for over 25 years having worked in India, Russia and NZ. She has specialised in Corporate travel in the last 10 years with a boutique agency and is now a Travel Broker committed to providing personalised service - for pleasure or business travel.

kd one, skincare & cosmetics Contact: Kareen Holland Phone: (04) 473 1239 Mobile: 021 0697940

kd one has created a range of instinctively natural skincare and cosmetics which are perfect for people who are concerned about parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients, ingredient/product traceability and the effect of products on your health and the environment.

SKINCARE & COSMETICS by Kareen D Holland Kareen D Holland 021 069 7940 NATURAL INGREDIENTS – NO CHEMICALS Created by Kareen D Holland Professional make-up kd one store artist Entrance foyer, Morrison Kent House 105 The Terrace, Wellington 6011

CHIROPRACTIC Free eyelash tint and brow shape with any product purchased

Kareen D Holland 021 069 7940 kd one store Entrance foyer, Morrison Kent House 105 The Terrace, Wellington 6011

Cheyne & Sissons Chiropractic Contact: Shelley Cheyne Business Phone: 04 2377711 Email:

Chiropractic therapy is especially useful in treating back pain, migraines, headaches generally, neck pain and peripheral joint pain.





Recruitment giving you a headache? A recruitment specialist for SMEs. Let us take the time, stress and hassle off your hands so you can focus on what is important to you. A reliable and professional service that guarantees excellent results or your money back. Let us be the recruitment specialist in your business.

ContaCt us now for a Complimentary reCruitment audit. Tanya Gray (09) 280-3977 | 027-621-6111

Mary Kay Consultant Contact: Linda Fraser Phone: (03) 337 0698 Mobile: 027 414 7580 BeautyDirect

On-line shopping in your own time 24/7 and in your own way! Enter consultant number 006057nz at check out. Free Freight on orders over $180. $3.99 Freight on orders under $180. www. When you like my page, be sure to check the “Add to interest list” option if you want to receive all my updates.

Williams McKenzie Contact: Tania McKenzie Phone: (03) 311 8142

Good advice from good people. The team at Williams McKenzie know all about delivering sensible and costeffective solutions to their clients. Its 2 partners and 2 solicitors’ have a thorough understanding across a wide range of legal areas which means clients not only enjoy sound advice, but the benefits of a local and well-connected staff. receive all my updates.

An Extra Pair of Hands Contact: Jane Richardson Phone: 0800535355 extn 3 Mobile: 021357523

A One stop shop for Home Services including regular home cleaning, spring cleaning, Ironing, Oven cleaning, regular garden maintenance, Seasonal tasks.

clean, green thinking Make your mark without leaving one. Kale Print use vegetable based inks which substitutes for the harsh solvents used in the printing process. Vegetable based inks are renewable and clean. When printed on our certified sustainable paper it is the best option for eco-sensitive design and printing. Kale Print is currently working towards accreditation of the Enviromark label which is a certification of responsible environmental practises. This covers such processes as recycling, power efficient operations and safe working practises.


The easy way to order print online - for quality print at affordable rates check out the savings /p 53 p 07 578 7506 f 07 578 5059 e


pe Making you look good on pa

do you want to get

FIRM & FOXY in only



A great way for mums to stay in shape this Christmas

to invest in a working environment that tells your story, builds your brand and supports you to run your business call 027 474 9194

from No Time to Exercise? This online programme fits into your busy lives, is super easy and has everything you need – fitness, nutrition, support and additional tools – all in one place. NOW ONLY

NZ $192

for Venus members & their friends & family


SAVE $105! Think about how much you’d pay for a gym membership, personal trainer and a nutritionist... and we’ve packaged all that up for you for only $16 a week for 12 weeks! venus or call 0800 FIT FIX

FRANCES FRASER INTERIOR DESIGN integrity in design and process for commercial and residential spaces

027 474 9194

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Coach + Author shares her tips on defining success

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Buy a 12 month subscription to Venus Magazine for $38 and go in the draw to win a Bestow Beauty pack valued at $131. Terms and conditions: Competition ends 5pm Wednesday January 29th 2014. All subscribers will go into the draw. The winner will be notified by email. competition is open to NZ residents only. Prize is not redeemable for cash. Prize offered is not transferable.


“Over 80% of our business is through contacts of contacts at Venus” Tanya, RecruitNZ – Auckland

“Venus has provided me with a platform to find support and great business friendships.” Nicola Reily, – Tauranga (see photo, right) Venus is a community designed to help you achieve profitable, sustainable growth in your business. Join one of our 38 Venus Groups throughout NewZealand and use the sisterhood of businesswomen to fast track your business growth.

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Venus online issue six  
Venus online issue six  

A magazine for New Zealand women in business