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TANYA’S BUSINESS GROWTH tips Value Your Customers We treat all our customers as equally important, whether they are booking a bus trip to Wellington or a first-class ticket to London. Likewise, you should never get careless or complacent about customer complaints. I would never, for one minute, think ‘we’re a big business now, we can just let the odd one go by’. Every person counts. Hire Staff BEFORE You Grow You need to hire well and hire adequately. One of the biggest growth phases we’ve had is when I hired early in preparation and anticipation of growth. We had the staff and systems in place, so we were ready to go as soon as we started ramping up our efforts to bring new business through the door. The growth we experienced in doing that has been significantly more than when we hired in a hurry under the pressure of growth. Don’t Limit Yourself Think big! If someone had ever said to me in the early days that I would have a business this size, I don’t think I would have believed it. Just take it one step at a time. Before you know it you’re comfortable on that step and can take another. That never stops until you make it stop. Stay in Venus as You Grow I’ve made some key networks through Venus that have really enhanced my business. As you grow, it is easy to think ‘I don’t need to go to Venus anymore’, however my advice if you are feeling that way is it might just be time to start taking on new staff, delegating some of your work and continuing to grow your business. It’s important to take time out and it’s so immensely valuable to learn from other women in business, as there’s a lot of parallels in what we all do. Take Time For You As business grows, the pressure comes on and that can happen very quickly. You need to look after yourself in that process and take time for you, for exercise, down time, relaxation, and holidays, whatever it might be. If you fail to do these things then you can’t perform at your best – and as a result, neither will your people. Managing yourself is part of smart business growth.

Upon her return to Auckland she was repeatedly turned down for a role she wanted in a large law firm, which was setting up an in-house travel department. Only 23 years old at the time, they kept telling her she didn’t have enough corporate experience. “I said, ‘look if I can handle travel for Tiger Woods and Tyra Banks, I think I can handle your lawyers’,” smiles Tanya. In the end, she talked them around. “I think your ability to relate with people, understand them and respect them will make you successful in any business,” says Tanya. “Today, 18 years later, a lot of those people that I looked after travel for in that law firm are still my clients and have formed a lot of the growth we have had here in Papamoa.” The watershed moment came for Tanya when she responded to a House of Travel recruitment campaign. Having spent some years as a trainer within the industry, Tanya thought she could contribute to House of Travel in this way.

Venus magazine issue four  
Venus magazine issue four  

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