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Water AND Your Health A Vital Connection by Tonya Fines

So what is the big deal about water, really? We are always being told to “drink more water!” Is it that important? Well yes actually it is, probably even more important than many of us realize. Have you ever looked at a satellite image of planet Earth? What do you notice? What should stand out above all else is that the planet is mostly water, approximately 70% of it to be honest, that is roughly two thirds of the Earth. I cannot speak for anyone else on this, but in my opinion if that much of our home planet is water I can’t help but believe that it is vital for our survival. Usually when the topic of water comes up we instantly think about dehydration. But there is more going on here than just dehydration and it is all interconnected. Think of it like dominos. When one falls they all start to fall and when you are not drinking enough water the dominos don’t fall into a pretty pattern. They fall in a scattered layout, wreaking havoc on your brain, your body and your emotions. The end result is the dysfunction of and miscommunication between most of your body’s systems. You need water and you need it every day, throughout the day, and not only on hot days. I could write an entire book about the infinite health benefits of drinking water. However I’m just going to mention a few here so you understand how it can support you in growing a healthy business, while staying healthy yourself.

Venus magazine issue four  
Venus magazine issue four  

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