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Once uPun aVon rhyme in time Sang the Seraphim bout the Sam I Am Siamese Twins, Leo Neo Romeo Montague + Lioness Amethyst Juliet Capulet Peter Pan Labyrinth Sphynx + Lilly Libra Mink Tink Bella

Honey, Love Me Dew Tulips Glazin Lips Like Sugar Horus HourGlass Hips Give me a Kissy Kissy Kiss under the StarMaze Skies in the Pale Dark Knight Killing Moon Light

Prince Lancelot Link to the Past + Princess Peaches Zelda of Xmas Present

Eye Play Me Oh My Ohm Mega Man Osiris MyEye, You Play Ooh Wee Eye Spy SiStar Isis You Play Ida Vi Pi, Eye play Jimmy Keith Bruce

Frank Einstein Kronos + Elsa Isabel Bella Celestica my Amorphesa CeleXa Mystique of Aeon Flux StarGate Crux Donnie Brosco Darko Echo + my Eye0Echo Cellar Door ET and Gretchen Barrymore

Now my beloved Celexus, my Violet Violent Femme Vampyr, Demon Assassin Aphrodite SeaStar, Twin of Venus Air Universal Traveler Let us tally the synchronicities And Add it Up to Discover One Equals Zero


The Siamese Twins Entwined Alpha Asherah and Omega Yaweh Infinity Eyes Isis and Eternal Iris Osiris born of two spines, yet kundalini intertwined, like a bacchus grape vine of dionysus water made wine wrapped about oak casket steins intertwined eyes spiral like a strained eye strand of double helix dna strain soul sky, fire eye windows into the infinite present of paradise and peace into the eternal now of teary eyed mirror reflections into the warm blanket of the heart of god lost in the labyrinthine abyss of celestial love this here, tis the tale! the tail of the siamese sphynx one heart beating in time one quill swirling rhyme one flame ablaze in a purity ring fireshrine the tale of the telltail heart of my minx, sphynx tink bella streaming from the mind of the prestige, the young magic tesla great true blue illusionist ...α⧞Ω⧞α... the divine plan at hand to seed true love on earth end the karmic cycle bring alpha to omega to form a circle in radiohead street spirit alpha won omega zero to soul weave into form we sperms spun in twine we wrapped and hugged tight in angst about this flight to take the Plunge in birth and seed on Earth far from Paradise Home

the chosen two-ones the twins ratava 19 avatar 28 on a com truise interstellar cruise brokendate sperms now wrapped enter tubes incubate in love, enter womb enter sandman enter moon dreamweave of love in flume the future stream soon in cosmic gleam

...α⧞Ω⧞α... >>>stream of concho – to edit jack keroauc on road with my little purity ring her fireshrine in my treasure chest her oil slicks in a gran turismo atx formula one jpa mckay jet blackacura rsx type-s new clutch, no crutch tin'ys bar time en guadalupe flamingo flamenco then planet-k exit through the gift shop to little ceasers for an hnr block hot n ready 5 home to play with my pleadian maya isis my punskey brucestir her hips and kiss her on the lips my sky ferreira electra azul ferrari!!! and eye her 2012 cosmic black roadster tesla she my vegas cosmopolitan cadillac escalade at my side in time, never die, never dievide ida vi pi and jimmy keith bruce john milton chameliionaire and nike adidas reebok women mckay in la vega at bally's, buffalo bills, and paris jay-z and beyonce rebecca shootin craps calling hard eeeeight!!! Eye Her Rooster Alpha Alf Alfalfa AlcYone She My Black Swan Black Dalia Delilah Darla Eye am her Cosmic Black 2012 Tesla Her White SexCapade Cadilalc Escapade en Guadalupe Flamingo Flamenco Burning on Burnett in a Divine Comedy Inferno Grand Love Bacchus Bach Tocatta en Fugue Saturn Lord of the Rings Forged in Hapehestus FIreShrine Inferno in Heart of Obedears RibCage Eye Her BarryMore ET, Reebok my Katy Perry ET

aLivEviLa Twins Entwined in Time  
aLivEviLa Twins Entwined in Time