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AIESEC is the first choice for cultivating future leaders.


Dec 2010


AIESEC is the first choice for cultivating future leaders. EBT Want U to Know P2-3 Great Efforts of OGX DT P4 Interview with a Remarkable Alumni– Susan P5-7

~ Incredible Success in CCLC’s Recruitment ~

EBT’s Want U to Know

their goals through importing alumni resources. We also hold some activities to make LC members and alumni get closer. Alumni is our cherish treasures and our powerful support because We are AIESEC Experience angel ★ By com- they had owned the dream-change the world pleting AIESEC experience, we develop our tal- like us. AC wants to deliver this spirit to everyents who can create more positive impact on the one in CCLC and try our best to be everyone’s strong wall. My dear manager Lynn and me society. This is our impact. Through recruitment, selection, performance management, and love you all♥ coaching, we aim to make sure our human resource is capable to achieve our goals and even more. We care about every member and deliver External Relations and Communications is the management of relationships and communicadifferent learning opportunities for different people. People, is the foundation for everything tions with internal and external stakeholders. we want to achieve. We are AIESEC experience We have corporate and non-corporate team to focus on the market status and the characteristic angel!! of target audiences. Then we build up the partnership for LC and bring in resources. Through the process of research, program planning, comHello, I am Chloe, the VP AC in CCLC! AC is munication and evaluation, we utilize several a warm function to support others to achieve ways and hold PR events to communicate with





AIESEC is the first choice for cultivating future leaders. to communicate with our stakeholders, such as media, brochures, newsletter, website, DM, radio, forum, speeches, conferences, telemarketing, press release, annual report, wiki and so on. And also we are responsible for LC’s good branding

FN Money! Money! Money! If there is no money, you can do NOTHING. VPFN is the controller of LC's money. FN gives some advices from finance analysis to help LC keep financial sustainability. It also allocates money to each part in order to make more positive impact in this society. VPFN will work and do with you together!!!

instance, you’re able to raise people’s awareness of certain issue, and help someone who has urgent demand. You’ll cooperate with some NPOs, and contact someone you may never have the chance to talk to due to "Project". Project is the function for "self-fulfillment " and gradually you will see diverse aspects of the world.


Hello, I’m Kelly~ My dear Sima, Tina, Jeffrey, Miranda, Rita, Julien, Kelly Hou, Kevin, Foncho, Angel, Jill and Frances!! How’s your recent day? Do you feel fulfilled and want to try more? OGX sends a lot of EPs to have internship in Ukraine, Russia, China and in this winter vacation. These EPs can gain a lot there. Can you beOur function is to let our member know more lieve? We really make a huge impact on them! about Taiwan’s market, industry situation, and Learn from active and dreamful EPs. You’ll behelp Taiwan’s industry to know more about the come more conscious of others and those people market information overseas. We create opportu- who have a lot of life stories soon. nities for @ers overseas, and also give them a chance to experience Taiwan’s culture. Besides, by doing these works we cultivate our members OGX MT/ET’s members not only help who’s to have presentation skill, Selling skill, and man- willing to work abroad, but can learn a lot of agement ability. We achieve our team goal via skills. Our function need to package, promote, team cooperation and maintain LC sustainability. and sell our program to induce more qualified




youths. We do market research to analyses the pool and job supply. After recruiting participants, Project is a very special function. It's not only we do and learn about job hunting skills to supworking for In-coming exchange. Doing the port them. We must be professional, know HR "project " can help you fulfill your dream, and well and be Consultancy! Based on these, we can directly make a positive impact on the world. For fulfill more dreamers’ future life & ourselves!!! 3

AIESEC is the first choice for cultivating future leaders. Great Efforts of OGX DT 1. Promoting Booth While CCLC was recruiting newbie members, OGX worked very hard to recruit Exchange Participants (EPs). It’s our booth beside McDonald Gate. It’s so hot at noon and here were Sima on the left & Julien on the right. Though it’s kind of tiring, we were still happy to attract many people!!

1. English Info-Session for Global Internship Program (GIP) Tina was introducing GIP in fluent English! Do you notice there’s a cute model holding a laptop? It’s Sima Due to some equipment problem, she needed to be our Show Girl, wow! There were so many people willing to go to Exchange. OGX team was extremely excited and welcome these qualified talents attend our activity on Oct 30th. Come on~ Let’s ROCK CCLC

Here’re Alfonso and Frances, thanks for their help in info-session.

The next photo tells the Exchange Story of Russia. She spent two months in Russia and completed her internship successfully. So Awesome! Fieja was sharing his internship to India. According to him, the culture shock is very huge! Amy’s Exchange experience is powerful and enthusiastic. Her host family is so sweet!!


AIESEC is the first choice for cultivating future leaders. Interview with a Remark-


able Alumni– Susan

是就毅然決然的選了。 

It seems that you’re well-


experienced, you may have

It’s our privilege to invite Susan, a lovely alumni, to be our very first interview figure! Susan is not only humorous and always smiling but had some small talks with us and encouraged our to try different kinds of activities. As 0405 LCP of CCLC, she reminded us some matters needing attention with her own past experience as well as her life in AIESEC. No matter you’re a new MB, Middle Structure or VP, it would be an inevitable reference!! The content of interview is as below:

good performance in busi-

ness. Why you choose to be a teacher in Ilan junior high school? How did you blueprint your future at that time? 其實我會去教書一方面是我有修教育學 分,二方面是因為家裡的因素,所以讓我 想回到宜蘭和爸媽在一起、照顧他們,中

Why you want to join AIE-




當初純粹就是喜歡 AIESEC 想要達到「世界







個在發揮你影響力的工作,就像在 AIESEC

學一起參加,至於到底 AIESEC 實際在做什




Why you want to attend LCP

Most AIESECers are saying


that they don’t have enough


time. Can you give us some


advice on Time Manage-

到,再加上當時我們 AIESEC 的成員都很厲

ment? 5

AIESEC is the first choice for cultivating future leaders. 效率很重要!為了達到效率,我大學時還






















效率,那不如就好好放鬆自己,時間管理 最根本的基礎還是在「管理你自己」,如


果你是個容易縱容自己的人,用再多的方 強調的: 法也管理不好時間。 


What’s your skills or attitude 徑,接著就盡力做,不要管結果」 towards leading a team?


個人有不同的風格,像我的風格是會不斷 後,可能就有一句話來點醒你,不要一個人 給MB信心,我會選擇用比較「正面」的話 苦思,不論大事小事多問問他人意見。」 來跟他們溝通(這時我們就玩起了角色扮演 這兩句話其實看起來都很簡單,但我們常 遊戲),另外我認為"信任”很重要,在團 常就因他簡單而沒有去做。學姐笑說:「當 時在 AIESEC 裡幾乎能找的到的 alumni、總會 隊裡你們要信任彼此才會做得好,當 Leader的要充分的信任你的Member,不要 的人都被我問到光了,因為遇到不懂的事 把什麼事都攬過來自己做,自己做不見得 情,最好的方式就是問!不要害怕別人會覺 6

AIESEC is the first choice for cultivating future leaders. 得你煩,怕的是你不敢開口,我相信很多人

凡事都先想清楚 Why、想清楚事情的意義、價






Chloe :


Susan 學姐真的是給人很溫暖感覺的學姊,他




訪問的時候問我們說:如果今天你的 Member


一直都沒有寄 mail 給要聯絡的外部代表,結

Editors of this interview have


some words…

你,你會怎麼做?令我意外的是,學姐說: 「我會跟 Member 說,你不是有寄信給那個外 部代表嗎?他好像漏收你的信的耶,不然我 們一起再寫一封信給他好了 」如此一來,不 僅給了 Member 台階下,也同時帶著他一起 寫,一來解決問題,二來也可以知道 Member 是沒有時間寫還是不會寫(如果不會寫,也趁 機會教他寫)學姊的細膩思維讓我佩服,也讓

Lynn :

我更了解為什麼很多 alumni 都很喜歡學姊--




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