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3 So it goes with her boats as well, “I always come back to the boats.” People who have seen her work always come back for her boats too, says Boston gallery owner Beth Kantrowitz. “At first glance, they see a brightly colored, seemingly simple picture of a boat, or a person or a shed. Then, they sense contrasting feelings of joy and sadness that go beyond the mere image. Ultimately they find a peacefulness that touches them heart and soul.” “With Celine’s paintings, you have to imagine what’s in the boat or the cottage or behind the blank faces of her beautiful beach-bound figures. You won’t find oars to power the boats or facial features to influence your thoughts. What you will discover is an intimacy that connects you to the piece and works that are viscerally and visually stirring.” Beth says collectors clamor for the vibrant painting style Celine has mastered, saying they make an impactful statement that’s both decorative and deep. If you’re lucky enough to happen upon her boats and beaches in person, look closely, linger longer and dive in. Walk your imagination up to her sheds and cottages and go inside. These still images are anything but for they have the power to move you a little more each and every time you see them.


6 1. 2 Blue Cabanas, 36" x 36", oil on wood 2. White Boat with Rope, 20" x 20", oil on wood 3. Red Boat Turned Right, 36x36, oil on wood 4. Woman in Orange Two Piece Suit, 36"x36", oil on wood 5. White Cottages, 48"x24", oil on canvas 6. Whiteboat, 24”x24”,oil on wood

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