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The interior design world’s fascination with the equestrian lifestyle: A perfect match By Tamara Matthews-Stephenson


s a busy interior designer and writer, I often muse about the leaders in the interior design world, the brands making new products, and all the exciting events that surround the industry. I have noted recently an increase in the interior design industry’s fascination with the equestrian lifestyle. This trend is not surprising to me, since the equestrian world offers a perfect tonic of old fashioned tradition, attention to detail, and quality products surrounding horses and the sport, but in a relaxed, elegant manner. The majestic animals add another beautiful aesthetic. It is no wonder these two ideologies marry well and find their way into our homes. Since my eighteen year old daughter has been in Kindergarten, she has competed in the Hunter Jumper division at horse shows. Over the thirteen years Gabby has been enamored with horses, we have traveled to hundreds of competitions from sleepy towns in Kentucky to the booming showgrounds in Wellington, Florida for both local and national competitions. In the horse world, there is a great deal of attention paid to the meticulous detailing of tack and grooming at competitions. Many industry brands offer impeccably hand-crafted and detailed products for

both the horse and rider. Likewise, when training a horse, the rider must pay close attention to the slightest commands, and the smallest movement of the hand or leg can make the difference in communicating to a highly trained horse. With the equestrian world’s gorgeous animals, pastoral settings, high-quality tack and handsome outfits from tall boots to cap and English jacket, it is no surprise the interior design world has taken notice. In recent years major fashion and design brands have launched home products with equestrian motifs. For quite some time, Ralph Lauren Home Collection has showcased tabletop fabric and accessories inspired by horses and the sports involving the animal. Hermes, which began as a French saddle maker in 1837, also produces home collections with tabletop items and cashmere throws. This year, Hermes launched a complete home fabric and wallpaper collection in the United States. Through interior designers and select stores, the collection is now available by the yard for upholstery, drapery and wall application. There are many quintessential Hermes patterns and colors taken from their scarves, and some are mannered after the equestrian world. > CONTEMPORARY CULTURE//MAGAZINE


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