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ince 1842, Riva’s growth has never stopped. It is part of the mythical history of this boatyard that keeps contributing to its modern development, a source of great pride for all those involved. It may seem strange for a boatyard with 170 years of history to continue growing year after year. And yet this is the case. It is the search for perfection that has characterized Riva’s crafts since the very beginning and their innovative tendencies that constantly push this boatyard to create new models in order to satisfy the requirements of today’s boat owners and those of tomorrow. This long, established presence has helped to define Riva’s motoryachts as a point of reference, a steady and unchanging presence in the vast Italian setting of excellence. Riva yachts have always been a synonym of elegance, and simple luxury. The truly exceptional features of Riva yachts are the quality of materials used and timeless design. Craftsmanship, unmatchable quality, innovative but always functional design, has always been Riva’s hallmark and those are the same principles that remain firmly in place today 170 years later. From the Aquariva Super 33 to the Venere 75 Super 64


to the Domino 86 through the Duchessa 92 quality and timeless elegance trumps all trends. Expression of Italian artisan skill can be experienced throughout all of Riva’s models. Thanks designers Mauro Micheli and Sergio Berrta and some of the most sought-after furnishings currently available on the market, Riva yachts are refined floating dwellings. Artisan care, reliability, but also innovation makes Riva yachts unique products. Anyone choosing Riva does not simply purchase a yacht, but a piece of the history of world boating, surfing the wave of the legend. These are also elements which make Riva a luxury brand, simple, but immediately recognizable. Since the 50s a true gallery of famous people have enjoyed, and indeed continue to enjoy, a Riva yacht from Brigitte Bardot with her Florida to King Hussein of Jordan, who moored his Super Aquarama

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