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Tee It Up In The Sun: Aruba Written by Bobby


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With beautiful, tropical marine climate, cacti-strewn landscape, and rolling hills, Aruba contains the perfect atmosphere to fall in love…or find yourself. Aruba is a 19 mile-long island located in the southern Caribbean Sea, 15 miles from the coast of Venezuela. Aruba has the highest rate of return in the Caribbean, perhaps because the destination is the most temperate of all the islands. The horizontally-inclined divi-divi trees, romantic, white-sand beaches, and natural coral bridges make the Aruban coast a popular haven for tourists. This picturesque scenery also makes a stunning backdrop for a round of golf. Whether you’re teeing-off or putting, the gusty trade winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean is sure to make your game of golf a memorable challenge. The warm, powder-white sand beaches are one of most popular attractions to Aruba. Eagle Beach has been named the number one Caribbean beach in a USA Today survey, while Condé Nast Traveler named Palm Beach the best family-friendly beach in the world. Head over to the Renaissance Island, where you will find two beautiful beaches laden with exotic animals: Iguana Beach, where iguanas will eat chickpeas and lettuce from your hand, and Flamingo Beach, where you will find dozens of lounging orange flamingos. If you’re into snorkeling, both Baby Beach and Arashi Beach are great places to catch bright tropical fish swimming through the clear blue water. Reefs and sunken shipwrecks make Malmok Beach a destination for divers, while wind and kite-surfers take advantage



of the wind and choppy waters at the site of the annual Hi-Winds Pro Am Windsurfing Competition: Hadicurari Beach. As well as being known for their paradise-inducing beaches, Aruba is also an island rich in cultural events and activities. Home to 80 nationalities, the island’s diverse population reflects the nation’s settlement, acquisition, and immigration. A mixture of African, Spanish, Arawak, and European ancestry gives rise to popular annual festivities. Carnival is a 2-month long event that happens every January through February. Daily events captivate and capture you with electrifying music of calypso steel bands, King & Queen elections, and torch light parades. The lengthy celebration culminates with the all-day Grand Parade. On the eve of June 24th, small fires are set throughout the island and smoke fills the air in celebration of the Festival of San Juan Dera Gai. Other cultural events include Dande, the African-inspired New Year’s celebration, St. Nicolas Day Parade, and the weekly Bon Bini Festival, which puts together folkloric dancers and local music. There are many adventure and water-sport activities to enjoy while vacationing in Aruba. Try out the island’s deep sea fishing, kayaking, and mountain biking opportunities. Aruba is also a great place to visit if you’re an animal lover. Spot stingray, lobsters, seahorses, and an array of tropical marine animals through the numerous scuba diving opportunities located on the island. If you prefer to stay dry, the submarine tours allow you to

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