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A Raw Look at Pamela Anderson And Emma DunlAvEy To the Manor... and the Mansion... Born Written by Cindy Clarke

They look and act like sisters. Two blonde beauties, one from Canada, one from the English countryside, met in California where their shared story and book begin. Pamela Anderson needs no introduction. A best selling author, TV star, model, outspoken animal and human rights advocate and frequent guest at the Playboy mansion where she shot some 14 head-turning covers for Hugh Hefner’s magazine, Pamela’s face and figure have been idolized and immortalized ever since she was first discovered in 1989 in Vancouver.

Emma Dunlavey has until now put her talents to the task behind

the scenes. She grew up in England in the quintessential manor house before a series of happenstances brought her across the pond to work as a temporary assistant for a California photographer. A few years later, in one of those life-changing moments, she had the opportunity to serve as a make-up artist for Pamela Anderson. That’s when the stars aligned. What happened next and what evolved throughout their 20+-year relationship is documented, artfully, sensually, and fearlessly, in their collaborative new coffee table book, Raw. Published in warp speed by BenBella Books, Raw is part scrapbook, part diary, part photography book and all art, a personal journey by two very strong women who share their voice and vision on behalf of the vulnerable. The pages are revealing. Although it is comprised of candid photos of Pamela, posed, pensive and playful in different states of dress and undress, the book is not just skin deep as a first look might suggest. Each page is layered with handwritten entries from Pamela’s private journal and photos, etched with turquoise paint, taken and designed by her photographer and friend Emma Dunlavey. Not surprisingly, Pamela bares her all in Raw. “There are no secrets here. I have nothing to hide. I have always been an open book,” she tells me when I ask if her celebrity has made her keep some thoughts