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t’s time to burst the bubble. Specifically, the student bubble. That simple, familiar sphere within which so much of student life seems constrained. The same few pubs and clubs that you were dragged to in Freshers’ Week, the same multiplex, the same characterless shopping malls, the same safe haunts that everyone else hangs out in. You’ve just arrived in an exciting new city. See it twinkling with promise all the way to the horizon. Now it’s time to explore. Bristol and Bath are brilliant places to be a student. Not just because our educational institutions are a cut above average, but also because both cities boast an unusually broad panoply of arts and entertainment, things to see and do, new stuff to experience, places to eat, drink and make merry. Finding your way amidst all these wonders may seem a little daunting when you first arrive – which is why this very guide you now clasp in your feverish paws will become something of a go-to text for your time in the mild, mild West. Laden with information from Venue’s longstanding team of experts, think of it as a paper-based social secretary – so that when someone asks ‘what are you doing tonight?’ you can do better than shrug and say ‘pub, etc?’. Surprise your friends with new-found insight into the city’s lesser-known wonders, the hidden gems and unrepeatable one-offs. Get out of the sameold same-old. Burst the bubble.

Meanwhile, if you’re concerned about your cash flow, flip to p.216, where you’ll find hundreds of special discounts and offers for many of Bristol and Bath’s best bars, clubs, restaurants and more. And look out for QR codes offering even more discounts online. You’re welcome. MIKE WHITE EDITOR WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/VENUESTUDENTGUIDE @VENUESTUDENTGUIDE




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If you like what find in here, there’s plenty more online too. The Venue website - – is stuffed with updated listings for film, music, theatre, comedy, clubbing, art and lots more. With previews, features and reviews, it’s your fool-proof guide to Bristol and Bath’s arts, entertainment and loads else. Head Office Bristol News & Media, Temple Way, Bristol BS99 7HE Tel 0117 942 8491 Bath Office Bath News & Media, Floor 2, Westpoint, James West St, Bath BA1 1UN Tel 01225 429801 Email Web Editor Mike White Sales manager Becky Davis Researchers/writers Robin Askew, Tony Benjamin, Melissa Blease, Darryl Bullock, Adam Burrows, Eugene Byrne, Simon Fry, Paul Riley, Mike White, Steve Wright Production Dan Srokosz, Cath Evans, Sub editor Mike White Publications co-ordinators Ruth Wood, Emma Gorton-Ellicott Ad sales Rebecca Baddiley, Ben 'Ballbags' Wright, Ellie Pipe, Adam Burrows

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ristol’s bigger than you might think. It’s also smaller. It’s a cultural giant, but easy to get around. The city fizzes with exciting stuff - world-class clubbing, oddball cinemas, art and food and weirdness - but it’s also dappled greenly with quiet spaces: the boat-bobbing harbour, the endless kite-flying Downs, the sleepy slopes of Brandon Hill. While you’re up that particular mound, make sure you climb Cabot Tower and launch a paper aeroplane from the top, then gawp at the astonishing view, which lays out in tempting technicolour another of Bristol’s big bonuses – it’s surrounded by rolling countryside. If ever you weary of the whirl of

urban life, swivel your kicks in any direction and you’ll soon be adrift in the greenery. But earn your rest first. Student life is mostly about pairing off with inappropriate conquests, being sick on someone else’s shoes, and partying. The clubscene bounces and throbs in all the right directions. Though the city’s rightly famous for its big-balled bass music – hip-hop, grime and dubstep being prime exports – there’s a scene to suit every ear if you know where to look, from the knock-kneed lo-fi of Café Kino’s basement to the bulbous beats of the Exchange; from the ornate eeriness of the Anglican Chapel to the avant-garde mystery of the Looking Glass. There’s a mountain of theatre, from the appropriately weeny Wardrobe to the ancient and regal Old Vic. Comedy comes by the cartload too, as does art – admire the big-guns like RWA, Spike Island and the Arnolfini for sure, but also seek out the lesser known places like graff paradise Weapon of Choice and the nomadic artspace Antlers. Whatever your bag, Bristol can fill it.

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0117 9300 543

181A Hotwell Road, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4SA

Enter 666 online for discount 9 p9.indd 9

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Don’t know one end of the city from the other yet? Tony Benjamin takes you by the hand.

BEDMINSTER & SOUTHVILLE • South of the river? Why not? What was once a run-down post-industrial no-go area became ’estate agent central’ as the century turned and the Tobacco Factory evolved from former

mass employer into nationally recognised Shakespearian theatre. Students had always enjoyed the convenience of BS3’s low rents and convenient access to the city centre, but the regenerated Southville has made it a distinct and vibrant part of the city’s cultural life. Things centre on North Street, where pavement café culture thrives outside Southville Deli and Café Sazz and relaxed bars like The Lounge (successful originator of a citywide minichain) and the popular Souk Kitchen offer interesting food and easy-going ambience. The original Tobacco Factory Theatre’s success has spawned the Brewery Theatre over the road (housed in the Bristol Beer Factory) and you can

catch big-name funny folk at the Comedy Box, too. Live music abounds, with splendidly one-off café venues El Rincon and The Old Bookshop and the evolving SouthBank Arts Centre offering great live music in stylish and intimate surroundings. There’s a real buzz about Upfest, an international graffiti convention that gives the neighbourhood an annual respray, while a long-established weekend Art Trail reveals a wealth of more

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conventional artistry going on behind those BS3 doorways... You can still find reasonably priced flats and houses to rent around Bedminster but the nearer you get to North Street’s hub the pricier it gets. PROS A lively ‘hood with the centre on its doorstep CONS It’s an uphill slog to get to Bristol Uni’s lecture halls

BROADMEAD & CABOT CIRCUS • It’s unlikely you’ll be living in Bristol’s retail centre but highly probable you’ll be frittering away your student loan within its portals. A combination of wartime bomb damage and 60s planning enthusiasm initially claimed the Broadmead area for shopping, with The Galleries indoor precinct built in the 90s followed nearly twenty years later by Cabot Circus, a state-of-the-art mall that draws in punters from the whole South


West region. Pretty much all of the big clothing names are there, from TopShop to Kurt Geiger via Zara, Ted Baker, Bench and good old M&S, and The Galleries’ branch of Waterstone’s has a good stock of academic books. Eating-wise, Cabot Circus alone boasts some 30 places suitable for all pockets, from the humble Spudulike to Harvey Nichols’s award-winning fine dining restaurant, and reliable favourites like Nandos, Giraffe and Yo! Sushi are handily positioned for Cinema de Lux’s 13 screens or Jungle Rumble’s indoor crazy golf courses. Escape the precinct, however, and you’ll find the long-established three-screened Odeon cinema and The Lanes, a hip ’n’ happening bowling-alleycum-diner-and-venue and the fastdeveloping creative spaces of The Island and The Station, all reclaiming abandoned buildings around Nelson Street, home of the annual See No Evil graffiti festival (and thus one of the most colourful thoroughfares in the country).

PROS Find your way around and you can buy pretty much anything here CONS Suffers from that ‘this town could be any town’ mainstream thing

THE CENTRE • It’s a necessary part of the student experience in Bristol that at some point you will wake with a start to find that it’s late and you have somehow ended up sitting against a wall with something greasily inedible tipping out of the polystyrene box in your hand. You will, of course, be on The Centre, where Bristol’s historic dockside offers something for everyone looking for fun. But it doesn’t need to end like that - for culture-fixers the Arnolfini and Watershed both offer art-house cinema programmes as well as fine café/bar hang-outs, and posh ecoeatery Bordeaux Quay sits discreetly up the quayside from the brasher ‘all you can eat’ streetfood behemoth ZaZa Bazaar and Turtle Bay’s exuberant Caribbean delights. By

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Bristol Drugs Project 11 Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8PE T: 0117 987 6000 E: W: Bristoldrugsproject


Drug or alcohol use getting too much?


ristol Drugs Project (Bdp) understands that not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol has a problem with them, but they’re here to help anyone who does. You don’t need to be injecting drugs, drinking a bottle of whisky a day or to have hit ‘rock bottom’ in order to use Bdp’s services. It may be that your weekend partying is getting a bit out of hand and you want to manage things better. Maybe your drug or alcohol use has been recreational for years, but now something has shifted and it’s getting in the way of your course, your ambitions, or taking up too big a part of your life. Bdp doesn’t just work with people who are having problems with their drug or alcohol use. They are a regular face in Bristol’s clubs and at local festivals, talking to people about how to look after themselves and reduce the risks. With so many new psychoactive substances available it’s more important than ever that you take sensible steps to stay safe. The POD service at Bdp specialises in working with people who are using drugs like cannabis,

cocaine, ketamine, mephedrone, MDMA, 2C-B and ‘legal highs/ research chemicals’ but they work with all drugs and alcohol. You might want to stop entirely or maybe just get things under control. POD can offer you oneto-one sessions that will help you work towards your goals, and like everything Bdp does is free and confidential. Advice and Information Centre open 9.30-5pm weekdays and until 12.30 on Saturdays at 11 Brunswick Square, BS2 8PE.

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day the nearby covered St Nicholas Market hosts a great bunch of nicely priced food stalls, with Wednesday’s farmers’ market a locally sourced treat, while the evening can belong to nearby King Street where the Bristol Old Vic, The Apple cider barge and jazz-loving Old Duke are all justly popular destinations. Big gigs happen off Colston Street at the Colston Hall and O2 Academy or in floating fun palace Thekla, and the local scene struts it best stuff at No 1 Harbourside, The Louisiana, The Fleece and Mr Wolf’s, before the DJs take over into the small hours, with The Big Chill Bar a choice venue (if you can get in). After that you’re on your own, mind …

INSIDER'S BRISTOL drinkeries await you after that, with The Portcullis a tiny haven of real ale and the Coronation Tap a legendary fount of ciders (and excellent live music), but a sunset tipple on the Avon Gorge Hotel’s bridge-facing terrace can win out on a warm evening. Things get much livelier once you leave the village, however, with the Whiteladies Road area a strip of popular bars and restaurants and the adjoining roads holding student-friendly treasures like the Alma Vale Tavern and pub theatre, the unlikely Channings’ majestic bar and tiny backstreet gem The Victoria.

PROS On a good night there’s a real buzz about the place CONS All that greasy temptation

PROS A reliably classy experience that’s surprisingly welcoming CONS Spend too much time there and you’ll feel it in your pocket



• Claimed ironically for a local folk club in the 70s, the ‘Village’ tag somehow stuck to the small hilltop enclave from the iconic Suspension Bridge across to Regent Street, and indeed there’s a sense of a world apart here, with posh chain restaurants like Strada and Côte a noticeable contrast to the independent spirit of places like The Clifton Sausage and Pizza Provençale. The village is best approached through Boyces Avenue where the award-winning Arch House deli sits next to the legendary greengrocer Reg The Veg, opposite the all-day tastiness of the Primrose Café and the alluring mysteries of the antique market’s arcade. Plenty of good

• Quite where Cotham becomes Redland is a mystery but the pie-slice of Bristol between Whiteladies Road and Gloucester Road is a tight-packed residential area with plenty of opportunities for renting flats and houses that, despite recent rent rises, are still possible for student homes. It’s a great combination of quiet side-streets leading to a few wellstocked byways with easy access to excellent bus services to either university as well as the city centre. Those byways? Cotham Hill boasts an impressive agglomeration of eateries, including Khan’s (the Falafel King’s mezzetastic basement), the wood-fired pizza in The Hill and Deco Lounge’s stylish

English classics, but is crowned by the fine dining small plates at Flinty Red. Chandos Road hosts the appropriately-named Moreish and the no-nonsense Ahmed’s Curry Café, both delicious, as well as long-established village bakery The Bread Shop. Beer-lovers will find contrasting temptations at the top of St Michaels Hill where venerable alehouse Highbury Vaults offers pints and pork pies opposite the contemporary craft beer and pizza bar Beerd. PROS Well-established student population means a warm welcome throughout CONS Too many students? Just kidding

EASTON, EASTVILLE AND GREENBANK • As one of Bristol’s longestestablished multicultural areas, particularly for the South Asian communities, the streets of Eastville and Easton are a delightful cavalcade of ethnic shops catering for all cultures. If you’re looking for the ingredients for an exotic recipe you can bet it’ll be here, probably on the teeming shelves of the Bristol Sweet Mart in St Mark’s Road, Easton’s main shopping street. The cheapness of the housing has maintained a vivid underground scene of artists, musicians and political activists in the area, which boasts Kebele, the city’s primary anarchist space, as well as vegetarian destination diner Maitreya Social. There’s affordable style aplenty in the retro-colonial chic of Thali Café, winner of innumerable awards for

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BRISTOL INSIDER'S its eco-friendly tiffin box takeaway scheme, and pub-wise pleasures include pool and cider in the back room of The Sugarloaf and relaxing shabby-chicery in The Chelsea. Over on Stapleton Road the Black Swan has been at the heart of hard-beating dance culture for decades, with regular soundsystem clashes as well as popular dubstep, reggae and Bristol d&b nights. PROS All human life is here, usually offering a friendly welcome CONS It’s an up-and-coming area - won't stay cheap forever. Lots of dog poo, too

FISHPONDS AND KINGSWOOD • The city and council of Bristol is one thing, but Greater Bristol is another, and though technically in South Gloucestershire, there’s no doubt that Kingswood is also Bristolian. It can be a handy area for UWE students based at St Matthias, Glenside or Frenchay campuses, with a good set of bus services linking to the city centre. Within the long and frequently leafy suburban streets, rented accommodation is plentiful and usually affordable, too. Fishponds offers a definite pressure drop after a day downtown, with a welcoming table at the Porto Lounge or Crosshands a ready temptation, particularly on the Crosshands’ Comedy Night – though things can be more reliably lively at The Van Dyck, an enormous Wetherpoons offering the usual economic deals. For all its urbanity Kingswood can never quite forget its past as a market town in Gloucestershire, thus the High Street

has a little of everything, with the versatile Bar Celona a cheerful place to drink and dine and the nearby Longwell Green Aspects Leisure Park offering bowling, Laser Quest and suchlike. Get yourself a bicycle, though, and you can take advantage of the Bristol-Bath cycle path or the surprisingly tranquil Frome Valley routes back into town. PROS Nicely relaxed suburban vibe at affordable prices CONS The nearest decent dancefloor can seem a long, long way

NORTH BRISTOL • The populous streets of St Andrews, Bishopston and Horfield have been a magnet for students for many a year thanks to the perennial attractions of the Gloucester Road, a winding parade of unlikely businesses with one thing in common – individuality. That ever-renewing student population is reflected in the amount of live music to be had, with bars like Blue Lagoon, Gallimaufry, Grounded and the Golden Lion offering a regular roster of musical treats, usually for free. Food is generally affordable, too, with any number of little cafés and coffee shops and established favourites Planet Pizza and BYO South Indian restaurant Dev’s alongside new arrivals Atomic Burger and unique Vietnamese diner Pho Hanoi. Best of all are the healthy bargain staples at specialist places like Scoopaway and La Ruca, Murray’s homemade sausages, the sea-

fresh fish at The Fish Shop, the home-baked loaves from The Bread Shop … in short, shopping the old way, with exotic treats from the Bristanbul Turkish bakery or The Olive Shop matching a well-chosen bottle from independent wine sellers Grape and Grind. Chuck it in a basket and head off to St Andrews Park, one of the cities best-used public spaces, and join the picnic and BBQ set for a nicely chilled urban summer experience. PROS Become a citizen of a place with its own identity CONS You’ve still got to get that assignment finished first …

PARK ST, PARK ROW & THE TRIANGLE • Very much in the shadow of Bristol University – the looming Wills Building tower is a Park Street landmark – there’s any number of people out there with an eye to those student wallets and purses, whether selling books, clothes, food, booze or just plain fun. It starts with The Triangle, blessed with Bristol’s best independent record shop Rise, always the first place to look, as well as sci-fi/fantasy megastore Forbidden Planet and a smattering of classier clothes shops. Night-time sees the place come alive with late-opening bars and clubs like Mbargo, Pam Pam and

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BRISTOL INSIDER'S Lizard Lounge all pretty much on the student map, as is Illusions, one of the country’s first ‘magic bars’ offering up-close prestidigitation. Down Park Street there’s always nice and loud entertainment at the Elbow Room and more refined pleasures to be had at The Folk House’s organic café and occasional venue or the worldrenowned acoustics of St George’s Hall. The area’s replete with well-known eateries like Nandos and Jamie’s Italian joining stylish independents like Goldbrick House and The Square, while Bristol’s only Korean restaurant Surakhan occupies the site of the legendary Dug Out Club in Park Row. PROS It’s all right there on your doorstep CONS They can see you coming!

ST WERBURGHS • If anywhere in Bristol will see out the next oil crisis, it’ll be St Werburghs, a place so green you can see it from outer space. For a start there’s a City Farm with an excellent café supplied by the valley of allotments that

surrounds it, then there’s the quirkily designed (and largely self-built) ecohouse community of Ashley Vale and the city’s largest selection of organic produce courtesy of the Better Food Company shop, which shares a building with Scrapstore, a project that recycles industrial rubbish for children’s arts and crafts activities. Werb’s even has its own nature reserve, for goodness’ sake. We’re not saying you have to have a bicycle to live there but you might find it handy. In return you’ll get to live in a seriously chilled part of town, probably in a back-to-back street of redbrick houses, and you’ll probably drink at the happily shabby Miners Arms or The Farm (famed for Sunday lunches) after taking advantage of the indoor climbing centre cunningly disguised as a disused church. All that and it’s a mere five-minute pedal to IKEA and the biggest Tesco in Bristol – not that true Werburghians ever go there, of course... PROS Frankly it’s all just plain nice CONS At some point you have to come back to the real world, if only for lectures

STOKES CROFT, ST PAULS AND MONTPELIER • Urban chic with a mixed reputation – don’t believe everything you may have heard about The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft, an area of Bristol that’s responded to official neglect and underinvestment by evolving a fertile self-help business culture. Now it’s flowered into something the city can’t ignore, not least because its street art cauldron brewed up a Certain Graffiti Artist. Check out the range of activity in community centre Hamilton House and you see it’s far from being a one-man show, and long-established Montpelier businesses like Herbert’s Bakery, Licata’s delicatessen, Radford Mill Farm Shop and the top-quality gourmet destination Bell’s Diner & Bar show it’s hardly a new phenomenon. Even older is the Afro-Caribbean community in St Pauls, home of great reggae music and a much-loved annual carnival, and lately reflecting a newer generation of Somalian families in the mix of shops and cafés. Back on Stokes Croft, it’s The Canteen’s cheap and wholesome food and excellent live music and DJ nights at The Bank that pull the evening crowds, while The Cube’s nearby ‘microplex’ offers a yearround volunteer-driven programme of fascinating

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Bristol City Council Council Tax – do students need to pay? If you are a qualifying full- time student living in Bristol on your own or with other full-time students then you won’t need to pay council tax, but you will still need to tell the council that you have moved to Bristol and register for student exemption.

Will I need to pay if someone in my house works? You may get a Council Tax bill if someone in your household works, claims benefit or no longer qualifies as a full-time student. If one of the occupants is not a full-time student then you may still receive a discount.

Foreign students If you have come to the UK to study you will still need to tell the council that you have moved to Bristol and register for student exemption. If you have come to the UK with a spouse or civil partner (who is prevented from claiming benefits or working) then you should let the council know immediately. You will still need to supply the council with your student details but you will also be required to provide a copy of your spouse or civil partner’s passport & visa stamp/conditions, confirming that they cannot either claim benefit and/or work

whilst in the UK. The council will then exclude them when dealing with the student status of your

household. localtaxgeneralenquiry

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BRISTOL INSIDER'S cinematic and musical weirdness. It’s not just vegans that enjoy meat-free munchies at Café Kino, nor just ecofriendly diners at locally-sourced tapas joint Poco, and the Runcible Spoon offer truly great seasonal food at student-friendly prices. Get the picture? PROS There’s always something to surprise you CONS Don’t mention the B*nksy

TOTTERDOWN & BRISLINGTON • Being on the main Wells and Bath roads, respectively, thousands of commuters thunder through Totterdown and Brislington every day of the week, probably without sparing either community a thought. And that oversight, plus access to fast buses into town, suits these quietly independent neighbourhoods perfectly. Totterdown’s steep streets lead you quickly away from the traffic into a calm and quiet neighbourhood of little Victorian houses huddled together lest they fall downhill. Locals make good use of the well-restored pubs like The Oxford and Star & Dove, the latter getting a gastronomic reputation especially for its mediaeval English tapas menu, and the local branch of the popular Thali cafés does

great business with its eco-friendly tiffin takeaway service. Down on the Bath Road side, The Thunderbolt runs its remarkable music programme of rediscovered new wave legends and great Sunday lunches more or less opposite The Paintworks’ thriving media village, where the Bocabar’s classy pizza and stylish Euro-ambience attract a big crowd, many from the more sedate backstreets of Brislington’s Sandy Park. Unlikely community attraction Arnos Vale Cemetery is getting increasingly popular with a programme of live events in the summer and even a café/snack bar for visitors taking in all that strangely soothing Victorian fatality. PROS Good solid housing in a wellconnected part of town CONS It’s an uphill cycle ride home, however you approach it

WHITELADIES RD & THE DOWNS • Take a quick scan of the delights of Whiteladies Road and you’d think it was designed precisely with students in mind, and there’s no doubt the legions trudging to and from the Bristol University Halls in Stoke Bishop have influenced its success. It’s a cavalcade of selfindulgent temptations,

with delicious food shops like Chandos Deli, Papadeli and the Better Food Company’s organic superstore alongside a global mix of cafés and takeaways including Las Iguanas’ selection of South American treats, the Burger Joint’s US-style belt-busters and the Greek delights at Entelia. For pushing the (fishing) boat out Rockfish is a legend for seafood, while slabs of premium aged beef sizzle in Cowshed’s kitchen. Bars? Oh yes, from proper pubs (Kings Arms) to exclusive cocktail hang-outs (Hausbar, Charlie’s Bar, Bar Humbug), your whistle need never go short of wetting as you celebrate a hi-fi bargain from the incomparable Richer Sounds. But life isn’t all about shopping and drinking (apparently), and thus it’s a happy contrast that brings you to the top of Blackboy Hill and out onto The Downs. One of Bristol’s finest assets, those 400-plus acres of rolling greenery welcome one and all, whether Sunday footie squads, lycraloving health freaks, lazy picnic parties or everyday amblers making their way down to the famed Suspension Bridge via the equally famed Zoo. PROS A very student-friendly vibe beckons from every shop doorway CONS Hold onto your wallet – they’ve seen you coming

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Bristol City Council Recycling and refuse collection

Many cities recycle and collect waste in different ways, so it is important to familiarise yourself with your collection day in Bristol as well as finding out what you can recycle. You can check your collection day at collectiondayfinder

Weekly recycling collections Nearly 80% of waste can be recycled. The council provides two boxes and one food waste bin for recycling that are collected weekly. • A black box for recycling paper, glass, textiles and batteries • A brown food bin for all cooked and uncooked food

• A green box for plastic food packaging, cans, foil, cardboard and tetra-paks For further details about what can go in each box visit recycling

Fortnightly waste collections You will have a black wheelie bin for all other waste that is emptied fortnightly but be aware that no other bags of waste will be taken. If you need to get rid of bulky items or rubbish then find out about Bristol City Council’s collection service from as little as £15 or visit your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

Tips for being a good neighbour • Put your bins out by 7am on collection day • Don’t leave your bins on the pavement after collection • Don’t leave rubbish in your garden For more information visit

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BRIS TOL HIGH LIGH TS Ten of Bristol's best bits

BRISTOL CYCLE FESTIVAL A freewheeling not-for-profit fest that brings together dozens of bikerelated events and activities over eight fun-packed days in mid-July. 2013 saw the return of the mighty Carnivelo bike carnival, a pedalpowered treasure hunt, wacky bikes, hill climb challenges, talks, tours and the chance to scare yourself silly on the UK’s only bicycle wall of death. FFI: BRISTOLCYCLEFESTIVAL.COM

From left to right: Balloons drift past Clifton Suspension Bridge; Gromit eyes a harbourside crane; one of Bristol Zoo's lorikeets; the mighty ss Great Britain

BRISTOL CITY MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY Currently offering pharaohs and prize-winning portraits, Bristol’s own museum also plays host to everything from Chinese lion dances to Banksy originals, with dinosaur stuff, animals in glass cases and an oddly evocative gypsy caravan – plus a glassed-off gallery space which hosts major touring exhibitions. FFI: 0117 922 357, WWW.BRISTOL. GOV.UK/MUSEUMS

BRISTOL INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA The Red Arrows, stunt biplanes looping overhead, parachute display teams, so many rollercoasters and sideshows you almost forget the main attraction, until you see a majestic mass-ascent of a hundred or more huge balloons, rising at sunrise, or watch a ‘nightglow’ when dozens of flame-lit balloons dance to music in the gloaming. FFI: WWW.BRISTOLBALLOONFIESTA.CO.UK

HARBOUR FESTIVAL One of those events that make Bristol what it is. Though it all started 40-odd years ago as a protest against road builders planning to ruin Bristol docks, it’s now the biggest free party on the City Council’s calendar. Filling Castle Park, Millennium Square and Queen Square as well as the waterside bits you’d expect, it brings funfairs, live music, continental markets and lots of beautiful boats. FFI: WWW. BRISTOLHARBOURFESTIVAL.CO.UK

M SHED M Shed is the people’s museum, telling the story of Bristol and its residents with a lively mix of hands-on interactive gubbins and lots of human-interest stories from everyday folk. Make a beeline here to learn all about your new home. Historic boat trips and steam train rides leave from right outside the door, too. Free entry. FFI: 0117 352 6600, MSHED.ORG

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BRISFEST Bristol’s by-the-people, for-thepeople festival has really come of age, filling the grassy loveliness of Ashton Court Estate with a monster weekender of music (Primal Scream and Toddla T top the bill in 2013), circus, interactive art, loony cabaret, comedy, clubbing and weird walkabout theatre. You can even camp over for the full festy experience. FFI: WWW.BRISFEST.CO.UK

BRISTOL SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL The old and the new in delicious juxtaposition, the BSF brings the Bard’s best bits to some very unusual locations every summer, consistently throwing new light on Old Bill’s back catalogue – this year we had ‘As You Like It’ in a city centre park, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in the

grounds of a castle and ‘The Tempest’ in a smuggler’s cave … FFI: WWW.BRISTOLSHAKESPEARE. ORG.UK

SS GREAT BRITAIN Explore the cabins, marvel at the tiny bunks, see inside the rat-infested galley and even read the diaries and letters of passengers from centuries past - Brunel’s mighty iron-hulled vessel was once the largest ship in the world and remains an impressive sight to this day, but it’s the human stories that bring this historic boatmuseum to life. FFI: 0117 926 0680, WWW.SSGREATBRITAIN.ORG

DOT TO DOT Bag a wristband early and dive in to this mighty showcase of new music that triple-dips between Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester each year in late May. Dot to Dot’s earned

itself a reputation for ahead-ofthe-curve line-ups, bringing two or three bigger names (2013’s included Dry the River and Tom Odell) plus dozens of up-and-comers, spread across seven inner-city venues. It’s a clashfinder’s wet dream. FFI: WWW.DOTTODOTFESTIVAL. CO.UK

BRISTOL ZOO Now offering after-hours Segway safaris and outdoor cinema nights, Bristol Zoo keeps coming up with new ways to marvel at its menagerie. Walk under water as seals and penguins dart overhead, feed a lorikeet from your hand, tremble as a giant butterfly lands on your head. Bristol Zoo’s been around for more than a century, using visitor revenue to fund conservation work around the world. Rainy midweek visits during term time best avoid the crowds. FFI: WWW.BRISTOLZOO.ORG.UK

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t would be easy to think you know all there is to know about Bath: it’s all about Romans, Georgians, crescents, tourists and posh people...isn’t it? Well no, it isn’t. Yes, Bath has a big history (it wasn’t awarded UNESCO Heritage City status for nothing). Yes, it looks like a film set (and has been used as such, on many occasions). But beneath Lady Bath’s superficially starched petticoats there’s a vibrant, modern mini-metropolis that maintains a thriving programme of cultural, hedonistic and trivial pursuits to keep attention levels up at all times. For starters, Bath is festival city, boasting a selection specifically

based around music, literature and film (visit www.bathfestivals. for the full lowdown). Meanwhile, venues such as the Pavilion, Komedia and the Forum keep giggers jiggling, while the dramatically inclined enthusiastically wax lyrical about goings on at the Royal, Ustinov, Mission and Rondo theatres. Cinema goes large and small here courtesy of both the big screen multiplex Odeon and the charming Little Theatre (which also works in conjunction with Komedia to broaden the spectrum even further). And, after curtain-down, the city’s night life really springs into action. Want more? You’ve got it! From art galleries, museums and libraries to sports facilities and parks aplenty, the city originally known as Aquae Sulis (established AD43, doncha know) brings Bath time bang upto-date in fine style. Go on - make a splash!

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furniture project

Quality furniture and white goods available to people on a low income. We can recycle unwanted furniture and household goods to those in need. 9.15am to 1pm 2pm to 4pm Monday - Friday 31a West Avenue Oldfield Park, Bath, BA2 3QB

t: 01225 421111 28 Bath Map.indd 28

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Fully licensed independent café. Serving our famous breakfasts, filled tortillas and ciabattas, salads, specials and other favourites every day. Monday – Saturday 8.30am – 5pm // Sunday 10.30 – 4pm Kingsmead Square Bath Tel 01225 329002

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Bath was founded by the Romans in AD43. The Georgians got groovy here, the virtuous Victorians tried to close it down and celebrities ancient and modern, from Jane Austen, Sally Lunn, Beau Nash and Richard Brinsley Sheridan to Nicholas Cage, Manolo Blahnik and Ken Loach have all made the city their own. But we don’t have to go back in

time in order to share the many joys you have to look forward to, nor should Bath’s historical hysterics overwhelm you as you set about writing your own version of history-in-the-making by exploring the uniquely characterful backdrop against which you’re about to set your own contemporary scene.

CENTRE • The recently remodelled SouthGate development (upgraded circa 2010) brought the modern day shopping and leisure ‘experience’ to the city courtesy of a gleaming retail complex stuffed to the gills with

high street names. It’s not all seething globalisation - you’ll find a very cosy Cosy Club here (see Food and Drink listings), and Little Southgate offers a break from the over-inflated, super-commercial hype. But SouthGate is still worlds apart from the ‘real Bath’ vibe. Just up the road, the Guildhall Market keeps things local and lively; Northumberland Passage boasts an enchanting selection of independent shops, delis, cafés and pubs, while Kingsmead Square keeps the independent café society flag flying with style. PROS: so much to explore! CONS: an increasing influx of high street chains are making it all too easy to get distracted from the ‘essence’ of independent Bath 

GEORGE STREET/ MILSOM STREET • In Bath, the further north you wander, the posher the shops

30 Bath Insiders.indd 30

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become - and shopping doesn’t get much more elegant than around Milsom Street. Jolly’s - the oldest department store in the UK (think Grace Brothers meets Harvey Nichols circa 1974) still

dominates the Milsom Street ‘strip’ despite stiff competition from a classy but familiar array of retail outlets nicely balanced by a

handful of quirky independent outfitters. Over the road from Jolly’s, you’ll find Milsom Place - a lively little sanctuary based around a pretty cobbled courtyard and home to designer shops and eateries including Côte Brasserie, Jamie’s Italian, YO! Sushi and a branch of Carluccio’s Deli - while Green Street (adjacent to Milsom Place, and officially part of the ‘Milsom Quarter’) is one of the city’s prettiest thoroughfares, lined with independent traders. Head up to George Street, and you’ll find a clutch of both cutesy shops and big name bars to explore, while the charming, traffic-free Bartlett Street restores a sense of calm courtesy of several refreshingly non-commercial refreshment pitstops and all manner of eclectic little ventures. As is the case with every turn you take in Bath, there’s a little bit of Georgian history in your sightline up here too: check out the Assembly

Rooms and the Fashion Museum and find out how the other half used to live. PROS: relaxed and stylish  CONS: designer price tags don’t come cheap!

LARKHALL/ CAMDEN • While cosy Camden – home to one of Bath’s little-known but most glorious crescents – is largely residential, the adjoining stylish ’burb that is Larkhall exists, in a similar fashion to Widcombe (see below), in a satellite all of its own, with the lively, leftfield Rondo theatre and an eclectic mixture of independent pubs, shops and delis at the heart of the action. One Beaufort (on Beaufort West/London Road) brings gastropub sensibilities to the vicinity, and the gorgeous Coffee at Camden is one of the loveliest cafés in the city.

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INSIDER'S BATH PROS: the views from the top of the hill are truly breath-taking CONS: not recommended for those who thrive on big city buzz

MOORLAND ROAD/ OLDFIELD PARK • It would be possible to live, socialise and party-on in the Moorland Road area without ever taking a trip into town. But as this lively student/ young family heartland is just a 15-minute stroll from the heart of the city centre action, boasts its own railway station (Oldfield Park) and is well catered for by excellent bus services, the best of both worlds is on your doorstep. Find a branch of the super-popular, easy-going Lounge chain (Velo), a proper bakery café (Bath Bakery) and the glorious Panahar BYO Indian bistro providing

refreshment opportunities on the main thoroughfare alongside independent butchers, bakers, hardware, pet and wholefood emporia, delis, several top-notch takeaways and a delightful muddle of charity shops. PROS: a onestop shopping and socialising hub CONS: don’t take the party home with you - the young family living next door won’t appreciate it!

WALCOT STREET/ LONDON ROAD • Bath’s Walcot Street/London Road area has, since the 1960s, held the informal title of

Bath’s Artisan Quarter and represents the essence of alternative life in the city. If shopping’s your thing, you’ve stumbled across heaven: vintage clothes, computer repairs, independent galleries, fascinating foodie havens – the list is endless and demands exploration. Prepare for the longestablished pubs that line the route (the legendary Bell at 103 London Road, the Star Inn on The Paragon and the Pig and Fiddle on Saracen Street) to become your second home, and find bargains at the buzzing flea/antique market in the Cattle Market car park every Saturday. PROS: authentic, independent community vibe CONS: none!

WIDCOMBE • Conveniently situated behind the main railway

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PARK LIFE SYDNEY GARDENS • Bath’s oldest park, built alongside the Kennet and Avon canal

VICTORIA PARK • Meadows, crazy golf, Botanic Gardens and a seriously cute café

PARADE GARDENS • Bandstand, tea garden, weir views station and nestling on the borders of pastoral paradise Lyncombe Vale, this communitydriven enclave boasts the largest residents’ association in Bath, holds its

own annual street festival (the unmissable Widcombe Rising) and is home to the acclaimed Natural Theatre Company. The main drag is lined with the kind of shops, pubs, takeaways, restaurants and bars that negate the need for the short walk to the city centre, including two of Bath’s best gastropubs (the White Hart and the Ring O’Bells), a properly traditional neighbourhood boozer (The Ram) and Hon Fusion (one of the city’s few decent Chinese restaurants).

ALEXANDER PARK • Swoon at that view! Bath in 3D flatplan LINEAR PARK • Cycle-friendly path ambles all the way from Bear Flat to the back of the Oldfield Park area; entrance to the Two Tunnels cycle track at the Bear Flat end.

PROS: laid-back neighbourhood vibe CONS: heavy traffic

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e ns

BATH HIGH LIGH TS Ten things in Bath you can’t afford to miss…

BATH LITERATURE FESTIVAL About much more than books, Bath Lit Fest bags the world’s greatest writers and thinkers for 10 days of debate, readings and buzzing brainfodder. Get up-close with prize winners and poet laureates, lock horns with the big thinkers of the day, sharpen your quill at writerly workshops or launch into the fringe fun like pint-fuelled pub poetry nights. FFI: WWW.BATHLITFEST.ORG.UK

PRIOR PARK LANDSCAPE GARDEN One to take your parents to, this – a dreamy 18th century landscape garden made real by local

From left to right: No.1 Royal Crescent; Thermae Bath Spa's rooftop pool; Beckford's Tower; Bath Abbey-host to many of Bath International Music Festival's events; the Holburne Museum.

entrepreneur Ralph Allen, with a little help from poet Alexander Pope and Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. Triptrap across the famous Palladian Bridge, gambol along the woodland paths and drink in the magnificent view over the city of Bath. Don’t forget your picnic hamper. FFI: WWW.NATIONALTRUST.ORG.UK/ PRIOR-PARK

HOLBURNE MUSEUM One foot in the past, one in the future, the Holburne’s never stopped evolving since its beginnings in 1882, when Sir Thomas William Holburne’s collection of over 4,000 objects, pictures and books was bequeathed to the people of Bath. These remain on show, alongside a bold and varied series of temporary exhibitions, including collaborations with the British Museum, V&A, National Portrait Gallery and the Tate. Entry to the some exhibitions is free, the special stuff usually isn’t –

but it’s generally worth the money. FFI: WWW.HOLBURNE.ORG

BATH INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL Think of a music festival and you probably picture a quagmire of wasted youth. Bath’s own take on the musical multi-dayer is a good deal more elegant – a fortnight of world-class noise, from cutting-edge experimentalism to baroque beauty, far-flung world music, tip-toeing folk and smoky jazz. There are free street shows, glitzy gala nights and all sorts of otic oddities in between. FFI: WWW.BATHMUSICFEST.ORG.UK

BATH PRESERVATION TRUST Bit of a boring name, but the BPT are behind much of Bath’s UNESCO World Heritage Site goodies. Among the amazing ancient stuff they curate is Beckford’s Tower, built for a fabulously wealthy and slightly barmy art collector

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(climb to the Belvedere for Bath’s best view) and No 1 Royal Crescent, an evocative Georgian town house in all its period finery. FFI: WWW.BATH-PRESERVATIONTRUST.ORG.UK

BATH FRINGE FESTIVAL A fortnight and a bit reeling through “all the artforms we can find (and some that don’t have names yet)”, as an annual fish-slap to the face of Bath’s dozy-posh image. The Fringe tickles two dozen or more different venues in late May, from a vintage spiegeltent to a former railway station, various goodly taverns and the ancient streets themselves. Expect live music, freewheeling theatre, comedy, cabaret and a generous dash of art, too. FFI: WWW.BATHFRINGE.CO.UK

VICTORIA ART GALLERY Likeably calling itself “the VAG”(stop sniggering at the back please) this venerable gallery hosts some of the most ambitious temporary exhibitions in the South West, with an ever-growing spread of work from

the 15th century to the present day, many offering a compelling insight into Bath life in days gone by. All fabulous, and almost all free. FFI: WWW.VICTORIAGAL.ORG.UK

BATH FILM FESTIVAL Short films, new films, art films – for more than two decades the BFF has been screening a carefully curated cornucopia of under-the-radar movies, lesser-known Hollywood fodder, world cinema, documentaries and experimental stuff, with an emphasis on thinking throughout - discussions, workshops and hot-ticket talks from top directors. Happens late November. FFI: WWW.BATHFILMFESTIVAL. ORG.UK

THERMAE BATH SPA Visit the ancient Roman Baths (see below) for an idea of how they took the waters in toga times – for a sleeker, more modern ablution, splash into Thermae Bath Spa, which uses the same natural thermal waters that the Celts and Romans once enjoyed, but channels them into a whirlpool baths, steam rooms and an

open-air rooftop pool – best enjoyed at sunset. FFI: WWW.THERMAEBATHSPA.COM

BATH COMEDY FESTIVAL March madness grips Bath every springtime, as Bath’s comedy fest hooks in a horde of celebrity stand-ups and lesser-known chucklemongers – plus plenty of comedy walking tours, new act competitions, improv nights and theatre – past highlights include a monkey poet’s murder mystery and Scottish falsetto sock puppets in space … FFI: WWW.BATHCOMEDYFESTIVAL. CO.UK

ROMAN BATHS Ever wondered why Bath is called ‘Bath’? This place is why. Stroll the same 2000-year-old pavements the Romans once walked on, hear their stories first-hand (sort of, they’re re-imagined by costumed actors), see the horde of Roman coins and read blessings and curses thrown into the sacred spring millennia ago. Torch lit twilight tours recommended. FFI: WWW.ROMANBATHS.CO.UK

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ass-throbbing nightclubs, tiny theatres, nomadic artspaces, anarchic pingpong parlours, Michelin-starred eateries, vintage boutiques, pirate-haunted pubs… The joy of living in Bristol and Bath is knowing that there’s always a choice of great stuff to do. The only downside is having to decide what to miss. Which is where this handy studentcentric directory comes in – a comprehensive cavalcade of insider info compiled by folks who really know their onions. See the searchable listings at for full up-to-date information, and for a one-stop go-to guide that’s a lot more reliable than your iPhone’s wifi, keep this all-knowing Student Guide close to hand. Maybe under your pillow. Or on the downstairs loo.

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Lakota 6 Upper York St, Bristol BS2 8QN T: 0117 923 2225 E: W:

Illustrious pillar of Bristol’s clubbing scene


akota has been established in Bristol for over two decades, and over the course of its illustrious history it’s hosted some of the finest musical talent on the face of the earth. From Sasha to Chase & Status, Lakota has seen it all. Initially becoming one of the country’s first super-clubs in the early 90s, Lakota has maintained its status at the top of the Bristol music scene. On Fridays and Saturdays expect wall-to-wall headline DJs and live acts. From funk, soul and hip-hop to house, dubstep and d&b, Lakota has all your musical needs covered. On Thursdays it will be staging its very own student night, which will play host to urban and retrospective styles. Keep your eyes peeled for massive names visiting the club by checking Lakota online. In Lakota’s outside space on busy nights you will find Sister Gees Jerk Shack which sells authentic Jamaican food. In the summer Lakota holds a weekly street food event on Fridays from 5 to 9 where a collection of Bristol’s best street food stalls come together to serve great food with music in the outside space. Lakota is nestled in the heart of

the Stokes Croft area, an area that has seen recent regeneration and a massive student influx. Whilst Stokes Croft is studded with bars and eateries, Lakota always stands out as the best venue for late-night revelry. Lakota is always looking to work with exciting individuals, brands and groups of people. Feel free to hit it up with fresh

ideas as it’s Bristol's diverse and busy community that keeps the club vibing. Lakota is available for hire: whether it’s a club night, live music show or a private party, feel free to get in touch.

OPEN 10pm - 5am

40 lakota P SG13.indd 40

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ell, it’s bad news for your studies. You’ve landed your student years in Bristol or Bath, which are fizzing with distractions. Whatever tickles your whiffle, from dirty dubstep to pigeontoed folk, from street zombie hunts to towering theatrical pomp, you’ll find a place – probably a whole host of places, in fact – where you fit right in. Bath’s perhaps best known for worldclass theatre and art, with film, music, comedy and clubbing close behind, probably in that order. It’s also got a growing reputation for festivals – the Literature Festival, the Film Festival, the Fringe Festival, even the bonnetbobbing Jane Austen Festival. Theatre Royal Bath is one of Britain’s most impressive playhouses – and also one of its busiest. Other theatres crowd around – the Rondo, Mission, Ustinov and egg – take care of the upcoming, family and community stuff. Art-wise there are the big guns like the pleasinglyacronymed VAG, alongside more intimate galleries showing everything from the emerging to the established and Bath, like Bristol, has a fine tradition of neighbourhood art trails and open studio events.  Bath-based flicks fans should point their plimsolls first to the ace, thoughtfullyprogrammed Little Theatre Cinema, then get their mainstream blockbuster

thrills at the eight-screen multiplex of the Odeon. Clubbers can throw shapes in a clutch of nightspots including Baroque, Second Bridge and Po Na Na. Subterranean snug Moles remains a mainstay of the local live music roster, although Chapel Arts, Walcot Street’s brilliant Bell pub and Komedia are also major players – the latter is a good bet for stand-up comedy, too. Like an excited stallion in cycling shorts, Bristol is even more distractingly endowed. The club scene is sprawling and vast, as you’d expect from a city whose prime exports are bass-heavy hip hop and dubstep. Too many names to mention here, and it depends on your particular preferences, of course, but you could start by sampling the likes of Motion, Timbuk2, Thekla and the shambolic perma-rave of the Black Swan. A healthy theatre scene revolves around the two major players, Bristol Old Vic and the Tobacco Factory, but finds its way into plenty more tiny and terrific spaces around town –the Alma Tavern and the Wardrobe are prime examples. Art fans can find anything from blockbusting big shows in fine old civic buildings, through a maze of mid-size, miniscule and even nomadic galleries before turning, inevitably to Bristol’s other big claim to fame – street art. To sate your cinematic urges, feast on the best art-house and international cinema at Watershed and The Cube, then try one of the

many multiplexes on the fringes of town (or, in Cinema de Lux’s case, slap back in the centre). For old-school cinema joy, don’t miss the friendly Orpheus in Henleaze, or the wonderful Curzon, half an hour away in Clevedon. Bristol also punches well above its weight for live music - with a mutating ecosystem of gig venues of all proportions and persuasions, from the barn-like O2 Academy down to pin-drop treasures like the Anglican Chapel – lost in a Victorian graveyard and the messy after-midnight mayhem of Mr Wolfs. Bristolians are never short of places to have a laugh either – Southville’s Comedy Box and Riproar Comedy, just off the Centre, are both good places to start. So there it is. A thousand hours of fun every day. Burn your text books, recycle your timetable - and get involved.

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LIVE MUSIC VENUES BATH BATH PAVILION North Parade Bridge Rd. Tel: 01225 486902. Web: • Huge old venue that hosts everything from roller skating to blood donation alongside live music. Books big names from time to time - Coldplay played recently, Led Zep and Hendrix awhile further back (ask your grandparents). BELUSHI’S St Christopher’s Inn, 9 Green St, Bath, BA1 2JY. Tel: 01225 481444. Web: • In-house bar of popular hostel, offering live music on Fridays and acoustic sessions on Sundays. THE BELL Walcot St. Tel: 01225 460426. Web: • Considered by many to be Bath’s real music hub – a proper community boozer, cooperatively owned by 537 of its customers, fans and workers. Live acts three nights a week with a penchant for jazz, blues, folk and roots. Also offers billiards and a launderette. Really. CHAPEL ARTS CENTRE Lower Borough Walls. Tel: 01225 461700. Web: • Proper old school stage ‘n’ curtains place, hosting music (alongside comedy, theatre, dance and film) with a slight blues/Americana leaning - nothing too loud. Geno Washington, Euros Childs and Howe Gelb have all popped by. THE FORUM 1A Forum Buildings. Tel: 01225 443114/0844 888 991(tickets). Web: • Art deco a go-go, and the city’s largest venue. Upcoming highlights include Bath Philharmonia and everyone’s favourite jazz dwarf Jamie Cullum. KOMEDIA Westgate St. Tel: 0845 293 8480. Web: • Lovely old cinema hosting mainly comedy, but with a decent music roster too – The Orb, Daughter, Villagers and Thea Gilmore all guest in autumn 2013. MICHAEL TIPPETT CENTRE Bath Spa University College, Newton Park Campus. Tel: 01225 463362. Web: • As eclectically avant as you’d expect of a place named after the brilliant late composer, with - being the city’s only purpose-built concert hall acoustics to match. MOLES George St. Info line: 01225 404445. Web: • Tiny subterranean legend, rocking since 1978 – everyone’s played here, The Smiths/Oasis/Blur/Radiohead and on - recent new management seems set to continue the tradition. THE NEST 7, Bladud Buildings. Tel. 07884 077334. Web: • Latest incarnation of what was Back to Mine, then Baroque, The Nest opened August 2013, combining live music venue, nightclub and lounge bar in one, with an acoustic stage in the top bar and a bigger, rockier set-up in the main club.

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Bristol’s always been rich with strange, transient venues that come and go - some barely appearing on the radar before they slip away to nothingness again. Current lesser-known gems include The Looking Glass – an atmospheric art space and music venue in the 12th Century former Rummer Inn, a place that stood empty for years before a group of derring-doers got in and got it going. Completely unlike it is the Anglican Chapel, an austere but beautiful building half-hidden amongst the ivy-clad graves of Victorian necropolis Arnos Vale Cemetery. Completely different again is The Old Bookshop – a buzzy, bohemian corner bar that’s as cosy as underpants, and always overflowing - the music becomes a symbiotic segue from one blurry moment to the next, which is exactly how it should be.

Web: • After a complete revamp, including a Michelin-starred chef upstairs this Bath institution is due to relaunch in September 2013 – we’re told that the cosy cellar will continue to offer live music on a regular basis.

PORTER CELLAR BAR 15a George St. Tel: 01225 585 100.

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OLD-TIME FAVOURITES Let’s hear it for the old-timers. The tried-and-tested, been-aroundforever establishments that make a city what it is. Places like the Coronation Tap, with its low ceilings, lethal cider and long history of jazzing up stuffy old Clifton. Or The Bell in Bath, with its nearutopian community spirit and endless ranging across jazz and blues, folk and roots. There’s the Old Duke, where trad jazz spills out onto the cobbled streets, where weathered old bluesmen work the 12-bar long into night. At the big end there’s the Colston Hall, wowing crowds since 1867. It survived the Luftwaffe, only to be burned down by a discarded cigarette in 1945 – but it rose from the ashes and twenty-odd years later The Beatles and The Stones were lighting up the stage. Its latest evolution includes a smaller second concert hall and new foyer performance spaces that allow the up-and-coming and cutting-edge a look-in. Also evolving is Bath institution Moles, a tiny subterranean joint that’s managed to bag more big names than we’ve space to list here, serving as a handy warm-up en route to the Glastonbury Festival. Similarly punching well above its weight is Bristol’s family-run Louisiana. The snug gigspace upstairs has a nearmythic magnetism for bagging bands before they’re huge. They put on two or more bands seven nights a week, so the law of averages helps, but a passionate, music-championing spirit is the real secret. That’s what keeps these old-timers alive.

ST JAMES’ WINE VAULTS St James’s St. Tel: 01225 310335. Web: • Intimate curvy-ceilinged cellar snug hosting regular jazz nights, acoustic stuff and suchlike.

BRISTOL THE ANGLICAN CHAPEL Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bath Road. Tel: 0117 971 9117. Web: www. • Transcendent Italianate chapel set deep in the atmospheric Victorian necropolis of Arnos Vale Cemetery. Appropriately, Ghostpoet launched his UK tour in the chapel in 2013. Go there. ANSON ROOMS Queen’s Rd. Tel: 0117 954 5800. Web: • Big hall in Bristol Uni’s newly facelifted SU building. Autumn ’13s highlights include Chvrches and London Grammar. ARNOLFINI Narrow Quay. Tel: 0117 917 2300. Web: • Bristol’s original arts centre - opened 1961 – with a suitably open-minded music policy. BE.IN. BRISTOL 59-61 Whiteladies Rd. Email: music@ • New-ish bar offering regular live music including soul, funk and feel-good rock. THE BLUE LAGOON 20 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 7471. Web: www. • Friendly oasis of a café, majoring on locallysourced party sounds come the weekend.

BRISTOL BIERKELLER The Pithay. Tel: 0117 926 8514. Web: • The oompah nights are legendary, but this city centre favourite’s real reputation is for punk and metal. BOCABAR Paintworks, Bath Rd. Tel: 0117 972 8838. Web: • Loft-style lounge frequented by media types mostly, offering great pizzas and occasional dabblings with live jazz and funk. BRISTOL BIRDCAGE 28 Clare Street. Tel: 0117 929 1130 Web: • Newish shabby-chic hangout and vintage boutique promising ‘yesterdays’ clothing, today’s coffee and tomorrow’s music’. Favours up-and-coming talent across a broad spectrum of genres. BRISTOL FRINGE 32 Princess Victoria Street. Tel: 0117 330 0900. Web: www.thebristolfringe. com • Cosy Cliftonian joint offering crêpes, cocktails and regular live music nights, with an emphasis on jazz. CAFE GROUNDED 287 Church Rd, Redfield. Tel: 0117 955 5668; 66-68 Bedminster Parade. Tel: 0117 923 1000; 421-425 Gloucester Rd, Horfield. Tel: 0117 951 1505. Web: www.cafegrounded. • Rapidly-expanding Bristol café chain, and a keen supporter of local acoustic, folk, jazz, roots and classical. ‘No karaoke, no cover bands’. Hallelujah. CAFE KINO 108 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 924 9200. Web: • Not-forprofit co-op punching above its weight

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ENTERTAINMENT LIVE MUSIC with knock-kneed lo-fi and ace folksy gubbins in the basement. CANTEEN Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 923 2017. Web: www. • Reliably packed Stokes Croft mecca, majoring on funked-up jazz/world/Balkan and acoustic noises. COLSTON HALL Colston St. Tel: 0117 922 3686. Web: • With a centuryspanning history as golden as its fancy frontage, the good old Colsonall’s showcased to everyone from young upstarts to wizened international legends. Autumn 2013 brings Manic Street Preachers, KT Tunstall and Scouting for Girls. THE CORONATION TAP 8 Sion Place. Tel: 0117 973 9617. Web: • Ancient cider hole, a must-visit for jazz and roots fans. CREATIVE COMMON Temple Quarter. Web: www. • Proper-job circus big-top, squatting in carpark space before impending development takes over. Theatre and circus-centric, with occasional big music events. THE CUBE Dove St South. Tel: 0117 907 4190. Web: • Brilliantly different volunteer-run arts cinema and live venue, whose members are trying to buy the building. Another must-visit. EL RINCON North St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 939 3457. Web: www.elrincon.moonfruit.

com • A little slice of Spain in Southville. Home of sangria, Spanish lessons and a tapas of roots, world music and jazz. THE EXCHANGE 72 - 73 Old Market. Tel: 0117 930 4538. Web: • From the team behind the muchmourned Croft, the Exchange spreads across three floors with a fiercely catholic booking policy. FIDDLERS Willway St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 987 3403. Web: • Hardto-find Bristol institution. Preponderance for party troupes these days, but still stages occasional eye-catching nights. FLEECE St Thomas St. Tel: 0117 945 0996. Web: • ‘Bristol’s largest independent venue’ – live music seven nights a week. Upcoming treats include Mount Kimbie, White Denim and, er, Chas ‘n’ Dave. FOLK HOUSE 40a Park St. Tel: 0117 926 2987. Web: • Roots ‘n’ folk-focused live nights, plus a good café and adult education courses. THE FULL MOON AND ATTIC BAR 1 North Street, Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 924 5007. Web: • Friendly backpacker hotel with laidback live music policy in main pubby bit and ‘Attic’ bar. Also a wood-fired pizza oven. Big plus. THE GALLIMAUFRY The Promenade, Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 7319. Web: thegallimaufry. • Used to be The Prom, now completely revamped as a ‘home cooking and curios bar’ offering a

generous blend of folk, jazz, blues and alternative sounds. GOLDEN LION 244 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 924 6449. Web: • Open mic Mondays, and a barrowload of beats, funk, hip-hop and soul the rest of the week. GRAIN BARGE Hotwell Rd. Tel: 0117 929 9347. Web: • Views across the water, live music in the hold every Friday night. THE GRYPHON 41 Colston St. Web: gryphonbristol • Wonderful wedgeshaped pub dispensing real ale and heavy metal. JAZZ@FUTURE INNS Future Inn, Bond Street South. Tel: 0117 304 1010. Web: www.futureinns. • Modern hotel bar next to Cabot Circus, with a reputation for steaks and live jazz. THE LANES 22 Nelson St. Tel: 0117 325 1979. Web: • Live music, themed club nights and retro bowling in a classic US diner stylee. THE LANSDOWN 8 Clifton Rd. Tel: 0117 973 4949. Web: • Lively pub downstairs, intimate acoustica above. LEFTBANK 128 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 944 4433. Web: • Live music bar offshoot of friendly language school of the same name, with appropriately diverse international line-up.

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ENTERTAINMENT LIVE MUSIC THE LOOKING GLASS 39-40 High St (next to St Nicholas Market). Web: thelookingglassbristol. com • Intriguing new venue and gallery space in ancient and long-disused pub. Expect art, off-centre club nights and esoteric live music. A good thing. THE LOUISIANA Wapping Rd. Tel: 0117 926 5978. Web: • Strokes/White Stripes/Muse/Coldplay/Elbow - they’ve all played this tiny paddle-steamer-like institution - check out the posters downstairs for proof. MARLOW’S BAR Thistle Hotel, Broad St. Web: www. • Hotel cellar bar offering live music every Saturday. MOTHER’S RUIN 7-9 St Nicholas Market. Tel: 07546 082 009. Web: The-Mothers-Ruin/6965366519 • Fun and frequently shambolic gig pub with leanings towards a Brooklyn dive bar. Head upstairs for live acts. MOTION 74-78 Avon St. Tel: 0117 972 3111. Web: • Arguably Bristol’s best club: a converted skatepark and a warren of warehouses, with outside food area and ace riverside garden. Huge line-ups and permanent festival vibe.

MR WOLF’S 33 St Stephens St. Tel: 0117 927 3221. Web: • Ace noodles, a penchant for party-starting live acts; a great blurry after-hours hang-out. NO 1 HARBOURSIDE No.1 Canon’s Rd. Tel: 0117 929 1100. Web: • Best downstairs bar by a mile on the waterfront, with free live music - largely jazz and acoustica - late evening. NO. 51 51 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 914 8048. Web: • Sister venue to Mr Wolf’s, majoring on blues, acoustic and open mic nights, fuelled by wood-fired pizza. Om nom nom nom. O2 ACADEMY BRISTOL Frogmore St. Tel: 0117 927 9227. Web: • One of Bristol’s big guns gigwise – Everything Everything, Local Natives and Professor Green all play this autumn. THE OLD BOOKSHOP 65 North Street. Tel: Web: www. • Tiny, buzzing corner café-bar with a broadminded musical policy. OLD DUKE King St. Tel: 0117 927 7137. Web: www. • Shabby, much-loved home of trad jazz and blues in Bristol. ROSE OF DENMARK 6 Dowry Place. Tel: 0117 405 8660. Web: • Erstwhile Venue ‘Pub of the Year’. Jazz and folk on Thursdays. ST BONAVENTURE’S SOCIAL CLUB Egerton Rd. Web: www.crhmusic.

com • Americana and roots rule at this charming venue – feels a lot like a church hall. Because it is. ST GEORGE’S BRISTOL Great George St. Tel: 0845 402 4001. Web: www.stgeorgesbristol. • Converted Georgian church with pin-drop perfect acoustics, home to an inspiring programme of (predominately) classical, world, jazz and acoustic music. SMOKE AND MIRRORS Denmark St. Tel: 0117 929 0362. Web: • The UK’s ‘only boutique magic theatre pub’ – formally known as the Bunch of Grapes. Live music from 10pm Fridays and Saturdays. SOUTHBANK Dean Lane, Southville. Tel: 0117 966 5552. Web: www.southbankclub.webs. com • Friendly social club arts bar and music venue in a deceptively large community hall. Tango, swing, big band, all sorts. STAG AND HOUNDS 74 Old Market Street Bristol. Tel: 0117 329 2141 Web: .facebook. com/The-Stag-and-Hounds • Ancient timber-framed boozer now under management by the Mother’s Ruin team (see above) with similarly eclectic music roster. START THE BUS 7-9 Baldwin St. Tel: 0117 930 4370. Web: • Big on new and brink-of-stardom acts, this is a sofa-heavy, retro-styled city centre gem. THEKLA The Grove. Tel: 0117 929 3301. Web:

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LIVE MUSIC/CLASSICAL ENTERTAINMENT • A club on a boat! Café and smoking deck up top, big-name and upcoming bands in the hold. THUNDERBOLT 124 Bath Rd, Totterdown. Tel: 0117 373 8947. Web: www.thethunderbolt. net • Former tollhouse, now a proper pub offering camaraderie and catholic gig bookings. TOBACCO FACTORY Raleigh Rd/North St, Southville. Tel: 0117 902 0060. Web: www. • Diverse live music in the bar, nationally renowned theatre upstairs. TRINITY CENTRE Old Market. Tel: 0117 935 1200. Web: • Converted churchcum-community centre with a wellearned reputation for live music. THE TUNNELS Station Approach, Temple Meads. Tel: 0845 6050255. Web: www. • Underground as it sounds: bar one side, no-frills stage area the other. Big on rock tribute acts.

CLASSICAL Beware the pigeonhole! Though let’s face it, they’re useful if treated with caution. Take Bristol. The lines of musical demarcation might blur to be sure, but they’ll get you started. Large-scale orchestral music? Head to the city’s gold-foyered Colston Hall where the likes of the Vienna Tonkunstler Orchestra, BSO or Moscow Philharmonic lap up Liszt and schmooze Shostakovich. Up the hill at dapper St George’s, a Waterloo Church turned concert hall with

acoustics to die for, the emphasis is on chamber music and the baroque, served up by The English Concert or Mitsuko Uchida, among others. Putting the ‘grand’ into grand opera, Frank Matcham’s architectural celebration of Edwardiana, the Bristol Hippodrome, is where Welsh National Opera hangs its twice-yearly seasonal hat, and for smaller-scale opera check out the Tobacco Factory or the chandeliered splendour of 18th-century Theatre Royal Bath (where Monteverdi and Cavalli go head-to-head this autumn). Of course Bath is famous for its festivals – whether it’s the new kid on the block February Bachfest, November’s Mozartfest or the flagship International May/June jamboree – but the Michael Tippett Centre, ICIA and Holburne Museum keep “the hills alive with the sound of” at other times, and the purpose-built Wiltshire Music Centre at nearby Bradford-onAvon punches well above its weight.


THE WORLD CHANGED What with Bach from Viktoria Mullova and Accademia Bizantina, Alison Balsom blowing her own trumpet for Handel and Purcell egged on by The English Concert - and the incomparable Mitsuko Uchida’s ‘Diabelli Variations’ and Schubert, it’s pretty much topdrawer business as usual at Great George St’s musical destination of choice. But on the cusp of the centenary of the First World War, St George’s is teaming up with the Colston Hall-based Bristol Music Trust for a major series: ‘The World Changed – Extreme Times, Extraordinary Music’. First up, by way of prequel, is a centenaryhonouring two piano performance of Stravinsky’s landmark ‘Rite of Spring’ – with hindsight, in places an all too graphic foretaste of the savage ‘rite of winter’ about to be unleashed (Oct 4).

BATH FESTIVALS TRUST Bath Visitors Information Centre, Abbey Churchyard. Tel: 01225 463362. Web: • Newly relocated, the festivals’ box office is more than just a ticket outlet for the city’s myriad festivals. It supplies an invaluable one-stop-shop dispensing tickets and info about the Bath scene year-round.


WILTSHIRE MUSIC CENTRE Ashley Rd, Bradford on Avon. Tel: 01225 860100. Web: www. • A dedicated concert hall might remain a Bath dream, but it’s only a short hop to the purpose-built Wiltshire Music Centre

BRISTOL HIPPODROME St Augustine’s Parade. Tel: 0844 871 3012. Web: www.bristolhippodrome. • Musicals and shows are the mainstay of the Frank Matchamdesigned theatre, but twice a year its gas-lit grandeur shines a light on Welsh


where Britten Sinfonia and Mark Padmore, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and Doric Quartet gild the autumn season.

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ENTERTAINMENT CLASSICAL/CLUBS National Opera. For autumn Donizetti’s ‘Tudor’ trilogy and ‘Tosca’ tempt (6-9 Nov); spring’s ‘fallen women’ theme implicates ‘Manon Lescaut’ and ‘La Traviata’. COLSTON HALL Colston St. Tel: 0844 887 1500. Web: • Resident orchestra the Bournemouth Symphony (under its dynamic director, Kirill Karabits) shares the platform with visitors from Russia, the Czech Republic and Austria. Hall 2, meantime, welcomes smaller ensembles, while in the spanking new foyer, pre- and postconcert, anything goes. ST GEORGE’S BRISTOL Great George St. Tel: 0845 402 4001. Web: www.stgeorgesbristol. • Bristol’s Waterloo Church turned concert hall resounds to a pretty more-ish world, jazz and folk line-up; but classical music started St George’s reinvention, and with the likes of returning artists such as Viktoria Mullova, Opera North and The English Concert, as well as newcomers including Jordi Savall – not forgetting the Elias Quartet’s ongoing Beethoven cycle – autumn’s mellow fruitfulness turns heads.


Apart from ships, cider and funny accents, what is the West Country best at? Dancing, that’s what. Bristol is globally recognised for its contributions to dance music, and clubs like Motion, Thekla and Lakota are key fixtures on the DJ tour circuit. Bath is more genteel,

but there’s plenty going on, with top quality regular nights at Moles and good one-offs at places as varied as Komedia, Bath Racecourse and The Green Park Tavern. The local club culture is very distinctive. The influence of Jamaican soundsystem music runs deep, and you can still enjoy the real thing at iconic venues like the Trinity Centre and Cosies, as well as the unmissable St Pauls Carnival. This has informed Bristol’s long-standing love of jungle, drum & bass, hip-hop and breaks, as well as its historic role in the growth of trip-hop and dubstep. More recently, there’s been a huge revival in house, techno, disco and garage, but there are specialist promoters to cater for all tastes, from hardcore to vintage soul via punk, metal, indie and leftfield


Parties, Weddings Club Nights & Festivals

“For many years I suffered from depression…On learning Transcendental Meditation last August, I gave up smoking, my blood pressure dropped and I haven’t had an asthma attack since… But, best of all, no more depression… Just peace, contentment, happiness, balance…” - Sarah-Jane Quick

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Bristol Transcendental Meditation Centre… Call Patrice Gladwin on 0117 914 7127

or email us: enquiries

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CLUBS ENTERTAINMENT electronica. Bristol and Bath punch well above their weight in clubbing and we’re very, very proud of it.

BATH BAROQUE Bladud Buildings, Tel: 07884 077334. Web: www.baroquenightclub. com • New addition to the city’s nightlife scene. Regular nights include Happyenda (indie-meets-house, Madchester style) on Fridays and Beatamix (electro, house and club classics) on Saturdays. Monday night is student night. BLUE ROOMS George St. Tel: 01225 470040 Web: • Centrally located party den and cocktail bar. The music tends to be a mixture of funky house, R&B, hip-hop and chart music. CLUB XL Walcot St. Tel: 0845 555 1111. Web: • Bath’s biggest nightclub, with dancefloors on two levels and a pool bar. The music selection consists mainly of chart and party classics – they even take requests. It’s very student-friendly with NUS promotions on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. GREEN PARK TAVERN Lower Bristol Road. Tel: 01225 400050. Web: • While on the surface this appears to be a typical beer and food pub, its 3am licence and music-loving owners make the Tav a stronghold for underground events, including DIY live music shows and intimate raves like Bath City Bass. A bit of a dark horse, in other words. BATH’S BEST-KEPT SECRET

KOMEDIA Westgate St. Tel: 0845 293 8480. Web: • Although best known for its top-rank comedy shows, this elegant multi-purpose venue also hosts club nights like Motor City (soul, funk and rock) and occasional one-off big-name DJs. MANDALYNS Fountain Buildings, Lansdown Rd. Tel: 01225 425403. Web: www. • Leading gay and lesbian venue, with regular student offers and a popular karaoke night on Thursdays. Other specialities include fancy dress sessions, quiz nights and weekend floor-fillers. MOLES George St. Tel: 01225 404445. Web: • A nationally renowned live music venue that’s also home to many of Bath’s best club nights, Moles has enjoyed something of a revival under the stewardship of local DJ and promoter Tom Maddicott. Key nights include the Annie Mac-endorsed Metripolis (house, electro etc.) and Drop (dubstep, breaks, bashment), while other nights offer everything from hip-hop and funk to indie. If you don’t end up here during your time in Bath you’re probably not living right. BEST OF BATH PO NA NA Parade. Tel: 01225 424952. Web: • Longestablished fixture on Bath’s nightlife scene, with everything from rock, metal and punk (Discord, Wednesdays) to all-out Camembert (Squeeze The Cheese, Fridays) catered for. It’s also available to hire for private parties.

KEY CLUB NIGHTS There are too many great nights around Bristol and Bath to name check them all but here are a few to get you started. Bath bassheads are catered for by Drop and Bath City Bass, while house and electro fans will love Metropolis at Moles. Bristol is home to everything from 4/4 spectaculars Just Jack, Futureboogie and Alfresco Disco to hip-hop showcase Rhyme & Reason and drum & bass mainstays Run, while underground music season In:Motion returns from October with Noisia, DJ Shadow, Scuba and Joy Orbison in tow. Elsewhere, you can’t argue with genre staples Subloaded (dubstep / bass), Tribe Of Frog (psytrance) or Jungle Syndicate (self-explanatory) and we’ve got festival-style raves to die for like Love Saves The Day, Simple Things, Arc and Tokyo Dub. Meanwhile, promoters like Idle Hands, Dirtytalk, Crazylegs, Jittabug and Room 237 all offer their own distinctive and thrilling soundtracks to urban living. Keep an eye on clubs for updates.

SECOND BRIDGE Kingston Rd. Tel: 01225 465002. Web: • Swanky two-room club, plus cocktail bar with heated terrace. The music policy takes in world beats, R&B, house and mainstream dance. Monday is the big student night, and there’s an international session every Saturday.

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Unsurprisingly for an area with clubs, festivals and soundsystems in its blood, we’ve got scores of world-class DJs and producers. Veterans Smith & Mighty and John Stapleton play out regularly, and both are well worth catching. Massive Attack’s Daddy G still pops up from time to time. Drum & bass icons like Roni Size, Krust and Dazee are still in business too, while the launch of the essential Gutterfunk label has provided a fascinating new twist in the DJ Die story. House music’s premier league has been infiltrated by Eats Everything, Waifs & Strays and especially Julio Bashmore, while Kowton and the Idle Hands crew fly the flag for an experimental take on the genre that’s got Stokes Croft written all over it. Dubstep, grime and UK bass music have produced an embarrassment of riches, with Pinch, Peverelist, Appleblim, Joker, Guido and Kahn merely the tip of a very weighty iceberg. Meanwhile, AV turntablist Cheeba, ragga-jungle don Parasite, roots overlords Dubkasm and ancient reggae selector DJ Derek are underground heroes to be reckoned with, and what Addison Groove and Sam Binga don’t know about drum machines probably isn’t worth bothering with.

ARC BAR Broad St. Tel: 0117 929 0099. Web: • The vegan cafébar downstairs hosts everything from radical film screenings to discussion groups and open-decks nights. Upstairs is a club space for hire with regular outbreaks of drum & bass, dubstep, hip-hop and psytrance.

WEIR LOUNGE Spring Gardens Rd. Tel: 01225 447187. Web: • Two-room club, plus heated outdoor terrace with lovely views of Pulteney Weir. The music ranges from indie to R&B via house, dubstep, drum & bass and club classics.

BIERKELLER All Saints St. Tel: 0117 926 8514. Web: • This legendary venue is best known for live music – having hosted the likes of Nirvana and Faith No More back in the day – but it’s also home to rock, punk and metal night Psycho Keller (Fridays)

ATTIC/FULL MOON Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 924 5007. Web: • The Attic holds underground live music and dubplate sessions ’til late, and its adjacent sister bar hosts the odd party too. THE BANK OF STOKES CROFT Stokes Croft. Web: www. • Thriving late-night bar with minimalist decor, good grub and a fine range of DJs playing everything from golden era hip-hop to cutting-edge house and bass music. It’s often free to get in, and a great place to start your exploration of Stokes Croft’s musical underground. BASEMENT 45 Frogmore St. Tel: 0117 929 3554. Web: • Two-room rave cellar specialising in underground dance music from trance to dubstep, jungle and hardcore. Also the current home of Wonky, Bristol’s iconic alternative gay night.

and the notorious Bavarian-themed Oompah! (Saturdays). BIG CHILL BAR Small St. Tel: 0117 930 4217. Web: • Suitably laidback multi-purpose bar related to the festival of the same name. Food and bands give way to quality dancefloor action later in the evening, with everything from vintage soul (Night Train) to disco, boogie, hip-hop and electronica on offer. FREE ENTRY EVERY NIGHT BIJOU Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 970 6589. Web: • Intimate, swanky sister venue to Basement 45, offering cocktails and champagne as well as DJs from R&B to tech-house. BLACK SWAN Stapleton Rd. Tel: 0117 939 3334 • Iconic, rough-around-the-edges rave den with three rooms and a big bonfire-warmed garden, lending a unique free party atmosphere to the place. The reggae soundsystem nights are legendary, but it also plays host to some of the city’s best underground jungle, drum & bass, breakcore, techno, dancehall and dubstep nights. BLUE MOUNTAIN Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 942 0341. Web: • Long-standing institution, which has undergone a renaissance in recent years with a new soundsystem and some choice bookings, mainly on the bassier side of things. Red Stripe anyone? THE BUNKER Queens Rd. Tel: 0117 9304604. Web: • A student

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O2 Academy Bristol Frogmore St, Bristol BS1 5NA T: 0117 927 9227 W:

Music lovers’ paradise


ince opening in October 2001, O2 Academy Bristol has stood strong as a focal point of the South West’s creative cultural scene, catering for all music lovers and acting as a key tour venue for acclaimed artists. With a jam-packed gig schedule covering every genre from rock to dub, grime to electro - not forgetting R ’n’ B, pop and alternative - O2 Academy Bristol has got it covered. Like the sound of that? With regular sunset to sunrise club nights and Friday’s residency Ramshackle throwing in Radio1’s Danny Howard, Toddla T and Zane Lowe over the coming weeks, you’ll never be in your Halls - amazing drinks offers keep the party spirit flowing till the wee small hours. If it’s DJ heavyweights you want to see, Disclosure, Rudimental, Sub Focus, Flux Pavilion and Jaguar Skills are all incoming. Cuttingedge indie? No problem. O2 Academy Bristol’s got Everything Everything, Palma Violets and hot new talent Kodaline. Like it heavy? Don't worry. The Damned,

Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth and Limp Bizkit will be making noise too. For those who prefer it smooth, they’ve lined up Laura Mvula, Gabrielle Aplin and Passenger for you along the way. Didn’t know O2 Academy Bristol

has two rooms? Well, it does. There’s always a change of scene halfway through a club night and it’s one of THE best places to catch up-and-coming new bands. Just bring your mates and your dancing shoes!

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CLUBS ENTERTAINMENT favourite, with three rooms, a garden and generous drink promotions. The music policy leans towards the commercial end of the spectrum. CAVERN CLUB All Saints Lane. Tel: 0117 934 9996 • A basement club beneath rockers’ hangout The Crown, this is a wellestablished, much-loved venue for niche gigs and club nights featuring everything from punk and rockabilly to breakcore and cosmic disco. COSIES Portland Sq. Tel: 0117 942 4110. Web: • A Bristol institution, which transforms from an after-work watering hole to one of the coolest small venues in town after dark. Its Sunday reggae sessions are legendary, but it’s also a great place to hear drum & bass, bashment and dubstep in a uniquely laid-back setting. DOJO LOUNGE Park Row. Tel: 0117 925 1177. Web: • Hardy perennial renowned for its lovingly programmed house (Just Jack/ Empathy) and drum & bass (Intrigue) all-nighters. Nice outdoor terrace too. EXCHANGE Old Market, Email: info@ Web: www. • While its legendary sister venue The Croft sadly closed earlier this year, Exchange has proved itself to be a vital addition to Bristol’s nightlife since it opened in 2012. Its two floors and bar area make it a versatile space for both live music and clubbing, catering for underground tastes from doom metal and psychedelia to dubstep, hip-hop and house. Could Old Market be the



THE GALLIMAUFRY Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 7319. Web: • This arty cafe-bar regularly books DJs playing everything from world beats to electronica.

THE LANES Nelson St. Tel: 0117 325 1979. Web: • A bowling alley and café/bar as well as the venue for a number of retro, indie/alternative and other club nights.

THE GOLDEN LION Gloucester Rd. Tel: 01179 246449. Web: • As its name suggests, this is a local rather than a club, but it also puts on live music and DJs, with specialities including funk, hip-hop, reggae and dancehall.

THE LOOKING GLASS High Street. Web: www. • This selfdescribed arts bar and gallery is also the venue for some lavish parties mixing live music, DJs and performance art. Expect everything from jazz, hip-hop and disco to cutting edge house and bass music depending on the night. NEW FOR 2013

THE HATCHET Frogmore St. Tel: 0117 929 4118 • Bristol’s oldest continuously pubby pub (open since 1606, fact fans) has a late licence and DJs playing hard rock, punk and alternative anthems every weekend. The upstairs function room hosts alternative club nights too. JAVA Park St. Tel: 0117 930 4561. Web: • Cocktails and commercial dance music are the order of the day at this swanky nightspot but it also hosts everything from reggaeton dances to deep house sessions. Nice ceilings. LAKOTA Upper York St. Tel: 0117 942 6208. Web: • Lakota has a special place in ravers’ hearts as Bristol’s first nationally renowned club. Twenty years on it’s still a big beast of the local scene, staging everything from bigname hip-hop shows to monstrous lineups of drum & bass, trance, house,

THE MOTHERS’ RUIN St Nicholas St. Tel: 0117 925 6969. Web: The-Mothers-Ruin • Legendary late night drinking den that hosts live music and DJ nights of an alternative bent, whether that’s indie, noise, synthpop, classic rock or leftfield dance music. MOTION Avon St, St Philips. Tel: 0117 922 1262. Web: • Monolithic rave warehouse and skate park that regularly plays host to some of the city’s biggest line-ups, especially during autumn when In:Motion kicks off for the fourth year running. Promoters also make good use of the more intimate tunnel, cave and canalfacing outdoor terrace. THE BRISTOL CLUB TO BEAT MR WOLF’S St Stephens St. Tel: 0117 927 3221. Web: • Live music

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ENTERTAINMENT CLUBS/THEATRE is the main focus of this popular and friendly noodle bar and late-night drinking den. DJs take over after midnight, playing everything from alternative rock to hip-hop and funk. O2 ACADEMY Frogmore St. Tel: 0117 927 9227. Web: • Bristol branch of the national venue chain. Its programme consists mainly of live music, but it also hosts popular Friday indie/alternative night Ramshackle as well as occasional clubbing one-offs. OCEANA Canons Rd. Tel: 0117 942 3166. Web: • Popular club and bar complex with themed rooms, drinks promos and a mainstream, commercial party vibe. You’ll probably either love it or hate it. PO NA NA Queens Rd. Tel: 0117 925 6225. Web: • Cosy Moroccan souk-style bar/club (plus outdoor courtyard for shisha smoking) with student nights on Tuesday and Thursday. The music policy takes in everything from indie and mainstream pop to funk, hip-hop and drum & bass. QUEENSHILLING Frogmore St. Tel: 0117 9277070. Web: • Bristol’s longest established LGBT venue – Queenshilling has been in the game for more than 20 years. It regularly hosts cabaret performances as well as DJs playing chart, cheese, R&B and dance music. STAG & HOUNDS Old Market. Tel: 0117 329 2141. Web: • The sister venue of The

Mothers’ Ruin is mainly a pub, but its live music all-dayers are well worth a look and it also hosts club nights such as righteous indie session Bang. START THE BUS Baldwin St. Tel: 0117 930 4370. Web: • Excellently programmed live music and club nights, with lots of ahead-of-the-game bookings. Expect everything from hiphop with live graffiti to synth-pop and whacked-out disco. SYNDICATE Nelson St. Tel: 0117 945 0325. Web: • Podium dancers, stilt-walkers, confetti cannons, foam parties – get the picture? This huge nightclub attracts equally big names from the commercial end of the music spectrum. THEKLA The Grove. Tel: 0117 929 2658. Web: • There's nothing more Bristolian than this famous floating club. Friday night session 51º 27’ is the place to be for the latest developments in UK bass music and Pressure (Thursdays) is one of the city's top indie nights. Quality one-offs feature everything from hip-hop to drum & bass. TIMBUK2 Small St. Tel: 0117 945 8459. Web: • Much-loved underground party warren that hosts some of Bristol’s most forward-thinking DJ line-ups. Underground house, techno and bass music are a speciality. TRINITY CENTRE Trinity Rd, St Philips. Tel: 0117 935 1200. Web: • This charismatic converted church earned

its place in Bristol folklore back in the 80s and 90s, and it’s a special place for reggae soundsystem dances to this day. Nights like Teachings In Dub make their home here, and there are one-off bookings for promoters in other genres from jungle and hardcore to hard house and trance.

THEATRE Not wanting to blow our own trumpet here but, in their slightly differing ways, Bristol and Bath are two of the best cities in the country to see and/or make theatre. From big national touring shows looking in at famous old venues, right down to adventurous local companies trying out stuff in rooms above pubs, there’s a ferment of theatrical activity on every level round here. Bristol Old Vic, the country’s oldest and perhaps its most beautiful working theatre, is currently in rude health after a two-year refurb. Comfier seats, better sightlines and a stage that thrusts further out to the audiences: it’s all good news here. Not to be outdone, Southville’s Tobacco Factory and its smaller sister theatre The Brewery have both embarked on storming seasons of touring fringe theatre. Clifton’s Alma Tavern Theatre is rightly a student favourite: a beautifully intimate 50-seater black box theatre above a pub, with lots of fine student, fringe and non-pro companies looking in. And Circomedia, Bristol’s renowned circus/physical theatre school and venue, has also ramped its public performance programme this autumn. The past few years, meanwhile, have also seen the arrival of three great new smaller fringe theatres on

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Trinity Community Arts The Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol, BS2 0NW T:0117 935 1200 W:

Diverse arts for a diverse city


ased in a muchloved historic landmark, The Trinity Centre provides a cultural hub for the city, offering a vibrant programme of music and performance that attracts audiences from Bristol and beyond. The Centre has a long tradition of reggae soundsystem nights - Teachings In Dub have made their home here, bringing big names such as Channel One and Aba Shanti I to battle it out across the dancefloor. One-off club bookings also come from promoters in other genres – from Dreamscape to Hot Wuk. Its live music roster brings up-and-coming artists as well acclaimed international icons. The last two years have brought the likes of Disclosure, Alt J, M83, Caravan Palace and Lianne La Havas as well as Dirty Three, Goldfrapp, The Fall, Graham Coxon and The Horrors. Events Coordinator, Rhiannon Jones, said “as well as a busy up-coming autumn programme, 2014 is going to be a special year for Trinity as we complete external grounds work and open an additional new performance

and rehearsal space upstairs. Expect to see lots more alternative dance, theatre and live music as well as classes, activities and projects”. Bristol’s thriving arts and community hub provides a range of opportunities for students

to get involved as volunteers, performers, artists and audience. Keep an eye on their website for all the latest news and event listings - You can follow the Trinity at facebook. com/trinitybristol and twitter. com/TrinityBristol

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ENTERTAINMENT THEATRE the Bristol scene. The Wardrobe Theatre and Bierkeller Theatre are both programming a year-round mix of adventurous, quirky and often socially-engaged theatre by local, national and (in the Bierkeller’s case) international companies. Redland’s Little Black Box Theatre has a slightly sparser programme but the same laudable aims – and one of the cosiest basement bars in town. Over in Bath, there’s a nice mix of theatre for all tastes and budgets. The historic and beautiful Theatre Royal Bath hosts a weekly-changing programme of touring theatre shows, with several big names looking in each season, while its sister theatres are given over to serious-minded homegrown productions (The Ustinov) and adventurous family fare (the egg). Elsewhere in town, The Mission Theatre is home to Next Stage, perhaps the city’s most adventurous and serious-minded non-professional troupe who feed Bathonians an improving (and entertaining) diet of David Hare, David Mamet, Tennessee Williams and others. Larkhall’s Rondo Theatre, meanwhile, is a neighbourhood gem, luring in the best of the touring fringe theatre and comedy circuits as well as looking much closer to home via local companies, writing groups etc.

BATH BATH SPA UNIVERSITY THEATRE Bath Spa University, Newton Park. Tel: 01225 463362. Web: www. • Bath Spa’s resident theatre hosts a steady trickle of term-time dance, theatre and contemporary and classical music.

Worth a visit just to see the university’s beautiful, bucolic setting.

realism – Reform Theatre, Hull Truck and the like.

INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY INTERDISCIPLINARY ARTS University of Bath, Claverton Down. Tel: 01225 386777. Web: www. • Bath University’s arts complex hosts an intriguing mix of performances, exhibitions and workshops. Dance, live art and new music are specialities.

THEATRE ROYAL BATH Sawclose. Tel: 01225 448844. Web: • Worldfamous, historic and beautiful theatre, whose weekly-changing programme is dominated by most of the big current touring theatre productions, from star-staffed West End hits to classic RSC revivals. Felicity Kendal and Simon Callow (in bittersweet comedy ‘Chin Chin’, 4-9 Nov) are among the household names dropping in this autumn/winter. We’re most excited, though, by the visit of the superbly adventurous, all-male troupe Propeller, who bring their take on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to the theatre from 19-23 Nov. Don’t miss, either, ‘Dunsinane’ (Tue 8-Sat 12 Oct), an imagined sequel to ‘Macbeth’ by Scotland’s none-more-inventive playwright David Greig.

MISSION THEATRE 32 Corn St. Tel: 01225 428600. Web: • Small theatre housed in a city-centre Georgian hall, and home to Next Stage, Bath’s most adventurous am-dram troupe. NS stage several productions a year, with a leaning towards emotive/ political 19th/20th-century work. Alan Ayckbourn is a patron. Other theatre companies – am-dram and professional – also drop in. Jazz, comedy and storytelling nights, too. Venture upstairs to The Green Room, The Mission’s vegetarian theatre café. RONDO THEATRE St Saviours Rd, Larkhall. Tel: 01225 463362. Web: • On the main drag in boho Larkhall, the Rondo is a friendly 100-seater with a reputation as one of the UK’s best fringe venues. It’s particularly strong on supporting and staging work by local companies, so you can expect to see the latest outings by pro outfits like Butterfly Psyche, Hecate Theatre and sketch troupe New Old Friends, as well as local am-dram outfits Bath Drama, Playing Up and the Rondo’s own company. But the Rondo is also a regular stopping-point for some fine national outfits specialising, perhaps, in state-of-the-nation comedies and gritty

THEATRE ROYAL BATH: THE EGG Off Sawclose. Tel: 01225 448844. Web: • Dedicated children’s theatre space with kids’ companies visiting week in, week out. The egg’s annual Christmas show has become an all-ages highlight: this year, once again, brilliant writer/ director duo Hattie Naylor and Lee Lyford present a puppet adaptation of Tove Jansson’s much-loved ‘Moominland Midwinter’(6 Dec-12 Jan). THEATRE ROYAL BATH: THE USTINOV Monmouth St. Tel: 01225 448844. Web: ustinov • The Theatre Royal’s smaller sibling was, for several years, one of the UK’s best receiving houses

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Tobacco Factory Theatre Raleigh Road, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF T: 0117 902 0344 E: W: @tftheatre

World-class theatre in the beating heart of Southville


he Tobacco Factory Theatre is a popular theatre located at the heart of one of the most thriving and fastest growing areas in Bristol. Housed in the iconic red brick building reclaimed from the tobacco industry in the early 90s, the building’s industrial heritage is a key part of what makes it special. The intimate 350 seat auditorium is characterful and welcoming, with the audience seated close to the action, experiencing the buzz and thrill of the show. Plus, Tobacco Factory Theatre’s second distinctive performance space, the Brewery Theatre, lies just minutes down the road. The theatre regularly welcomes top comedians like Richard Herring, Phill Jupitus and Josh Widdicombe, as well as presenting a full programme of world-class classic and contemporary theatre including Shakespeare, festivals, comedy, dance, puppetry, film, opera, music and family shows. Tickets for shows in the two theatres won’t break the bank, starting at just £6 with concession rates available for students with a valid student ID.

As well as all that, Southville is just 20 minutes’ walk from the city centre, so there’s no excuse not to visit.

 The cosy theatre bar is open an hour before the show and afterwards too, stocking a wide range of drinks including Bath Ales and Bristol Beer Factory. Check out the vouchers page for your exclusive student deal. On North Street in Southville where the theatre is based, there are lots of restaurants and bars to try, plus cafes and shops to wander during the day.


Tickets start from £6 and concessions are often available for Students, with a valid Student ID

OPEN The theatre programmes shows 48 weeks of the year. The Box Office opening hours are 10am – 6.30pm Monday to Saturday (some exceptions apply, see website for full details)

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ENTERTAINMENT THEATRE for new writing and fringe theatre. Two years ago, though, it took a bold change of direction under new artistic director Laurence Boswell. The menu at the Ustinov these days consists of six annual in-house productions, all UK premieres and performed by an in-house repertory company. This autumn’s season brings together three great works from Spain’s seventeenth-century Golden Age.

BRISTOL ALMA TAVERN THEATRE Alma Vale Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 5171. Web: www.almataverntheatre. • Fifty-seater theatre above a friendly neighbourhood boozer, frequented by fine local new-writing outfits like Theatre West and Fragile Theatre, and in use around 40 weeks of the year. Often your best port of call for sharp, thought-provoking modern drama, and with an intimacy few other venues can match. Look out for Theatre West’s excellent annual new-writing season throughout October and November, with fortnight-long runs for a handpicked selection of the best new plays. ARNOLFINI Narrow Quay. Tel: 0117 917 2300. Web: • It’s primarily an artspace, cinema and café/bar, but Arnolfini also mounts a regular programme of avant-garde, experimental dance and live art. You’ll also find yourself hanging out, of a summer eve, on the cobbled dockside area outside. BIERKELLER THEATRE All Saints St, Broadmead. Tel: 0117 930 4264. Web:

• Thriving city-centre theatre that shares its home with the legendary Bierkeller music venue. Student and local companies, plus some adventurous fringe theatre from the UK and beyond, are the stock-in-trade here. THE BREWERY 291 North St. Tel: 0117 902 0344. Web: www.tobaccofactorytheatre. com • Studio theatre attached to the Tobacco Factory (see below), and staging a continuous programme of small-scale/fringe theatre and puppetry. We must also mention that The Brewery’s seats came from the Royal Shakespeare Company and are among the comfiest in the city. BRISTOL HIPPODROME St Augustine’s Parade. Tel: 0870 607 7500. Web: www.bristolhippodrome. • Bristol’s biggest performance venue is a beautiful, historic old building that can rival Bristol Old Vic and Theatre Royal Bath for atmosphere and sense of occasion. Its oft-changing programme mixes West End blockbuster musicals with topnotch opera and ballet – plus regular comedians, mediums, family shows etc. Forthcoming highlights include ‘Thriller Live’ (30 Sept-5 Oct), a celebration of Michael Jackson’s unique career and musical legacy; a new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘CATS’ (15-26 Oct); and one night only from the brilliantly barbed comic Sean Lock (13 Nov). BRISTOL OLD VIC King St. Tel: 0117 987 7877. Web: • This beautiful old theatre, which dominates the cobbled streetscape of King Street in the centre of town, has been in business off and on since 1766. Under

current artistic director Tom Morris (brother of TV satirist Chris), the theatre has regained much of its energy and invention after a fallow period, with support for local writers and performers an especially strong suit. This theatre’s Christmas show ‘The Little Mermaid’ (28 Nov-18 Jan) is an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s much-loved fairytale directed by Simon Godwin, a former BOV Associate Director now recognised as one of the sharpest, most sensitive and imaginative directors working in UK theatre. Also coming up: World-record-holding beatboxer and looping artist Shlomo visits with his new interactive experience ‘Human Geekbox’ (6 Nov) – and we’re thrilled about the return of the eye-poppingly agile dance-theatre company Gecko, who bring their visceral performance ‘Missing’ to the theatre from 11-14 Sept. CIRCOMEDIA St Paul’s Church, Portland Sq. Tel: 0117 924 7615. Web: • This world-renowned circus/physical theatre training school hosts a steadily growing roster of performances in its home, a beautiful converted Georgian church. See also Dance overleaf. We recommend ‘Once Upon a Time… in a Western’ (24-25 Oct), Le Navet Bete’s cowboy-themed clowning bonanza that parodies the classic cinematic genre. CREATIVE COMMON Temple Quay. Web: www. • This patch of undeveloped ground right next to Temple Meads station has been converted into a venue for performance, eating and drinking and local businesses. Of most interest here is The Big Top, a large circus tent that,

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THEATRE ENTERTAINMENT throughout this autumn and winter, will host an adventurous programme of theatre, circus and live music. Check website for dates. KELVIN STUDIOS 253b Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 959 3636. Web: • Home to one of Bristol’s better am-dram outfits, the Kelvin Players, who do a few shows each year – generally a mix of costume comedies, modern drama and Shakespeare. The Kelvins’ next outing is an English adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s claustrophobic, existential three-hander ‘Huis Clos’ (‘No Way Out’), from 15-19 Oct. THE LITTLE BLACK BOX Chandos Rd, Redland. Tel: 0117 909 9399. Web: • Cosy studio theatre in an old grocer’s shop, refurbed and managed by Bristolians Fragile Theatre. The space itself is, shall we say, intimate – excitingly so – and the candlelit, cushion-strewn basement bar has to be experienced. Performances here are relatively occasional, see keep checking the website for updates. Also film, dance and music nights. REDGRAVE THEATRE Percival Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 315 7600. Web: redgrave/ • Handsome, comfortable theatre attached to the nearby Clifton College. Local and touring amateur companies make up the bulk of the programme, but the brilliant trainee thesps at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School are also regular visitors. TOBACCO FACTORY North St/Raleigh Rd, Southville. Tel: 0117 902 0344. Web: www. • Now in its second decade, the Tob Fac takes a lot of the credit for the revitalisation/ gentrification (take your pick) of North Street. The theatre itself is undoubtedly one of the country’s best fringe venues: some of our most innovative companies (Volcano, Red Dog, Filter) don’t leave home without booking in a run here. The excellent Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory take over the place from Feb-Apr each year to stage a couple of plays from the Bard’s (or, occasionally, others’) back catalogue. Next year it’ll be ‘As You Like It’ and, splendidly, Tom Stoppard’s cerebral, time-travelling comedy ‘Arcadia’. Get tickets now: for exhilarating, intimate and emotionally intelligent Shakespeare, you won’t find better in the land. It’s not just about the theatre here: comedy is big business, and puppetry, dance and music all get a regular look-in too. THE WARDROBE THEATRE Above The White Bear pub, 133 St Michaels Hill. Web: www. • Regular theatre and comedy at this bijou studio space above a popular Kingsdown pub. Check the website for future dates: there’ll be plenty of intriguing, adventurous theatre to be had week in, week out, at student-friendly prices. Look out, too, for ‘Closer Each Day’, the Wardrobe’s own fortnightly soap opera, created on the spot every other Tuesday by an array of local talent. WICKHAM THEATRE Cantocks Close, Woodland Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 331 5084 (info)/0845 402 4001 (tickets). Web: drama/theatre • Off Woodland Road, just two minutes from the top of Park Street, the Wickham is run by Bristol Uni Drama Dept – but there’s plenty

TAKE THE STAGE As we hoped to have outlined above, there’s oodles of top-quality theatre for the taking in both Bristol and Bath. If you’re more interested in making your own than in watching other people’s though, the opportunities are still manifold. Local companies including the Kelvin Players (www. and St Paul’s Players ( uk) and, in Bath, Next Stage (www. and Bath Drama ( welcome new members, both those wanting to get up on stage and others who’d prefer to work behind the scenes. Theatre Royal Bath also runs Engage, a programme of participatory and educational activities that includes regular performances using members of the public. Your university, too, will also have its own in-house theatre company, with regular public performances at venues like Bristol Uni’s Wickham Theatre and Bath Spa’s University Theatre. It’s also worth checking Theatre Bristol (www. and Theatre Bath (, the respective regional databasescum-noticeboards for the theatre community, to get the skinny on upcoming opportunities.

more on offer here than the (regular) student productions. Like Bath Uni’s ICIA (see listing above), the Wickham errs towards fringe, physical and leftfield theatre, with international companies looking in fairly regularly.

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COMEDY Bristol’s top comedy provider is The Comedy Box, which programmes nights both at its own club above the Hen and Chicken pub in Southville, and a little further down the street at the Tobacco Factory Theatre. This is where you should go to catch your rising stars, quirky leftfield comics, Guardianquoting Edinburgh Festival favourites and, generally, comics at the top of their game before the big arenas take some of the sharpness away. Over in Bath, a similarly impressive job is done by Komedia, who supplement their regular Saturday night sessions (four comics a night, plus good food if you wish it) with occasional highprofile solo shows. Bath’s other comedy players are programmers The Comedy Cavern, who lay on nights at a couple of venues in town including Bath Spa Uni’s Student Union, and the Rondo Theatre, which supplements its regular diet of, um, theatre with some excellent touring fringe comics. Back in Bristol, the Comedy Box’s compatriots/competitors include the friendly Riproar Comedy (similar to Komedia: three/four comics every Saturday night, plus decent grub) and the more corporate-feeling Jongleurs. Colston Hall and, more occasionally, Bristol Hippodrome will lure the big-name comics and folk you’ve seen on the telly: early booking always advised. Right at the other end of the

scale, Kingsdown’s Wardrobe Theatre and Clifton’s Oppo Comedy should be on your radar if you look your comedy intimate and adventurous – and your comics emerging.

BATH BATH SPA UNIVERSITY STUDENT UNION Newton Park campus, nr Bath. Tel: 01225 875588 Web: www.bathspasu. • On-campus comedy nights brought to you by Bath’s Comedy Cavern (see below). Keep checking website for updates. BIZARRE BATH Departs summer eves (8pm) from Huntsman, North Parade Passage. Web: • Stalwart Bath comic Noel Britten leads an irreverent comedy walk around the heritage city. Definitely to be experienced, but be quick: it packs up for the year on 26 Oct, returning next April. COMEDY CAVERN The Victoria Pub & Kitchen, Upper Bristol Rd. Tel: 07747 800350. Web: • Bath’s Comedy Cavern started up at the Porter Cellar Bar way back in 1988, and for fourteen years hosted superb weekly comedy nights, giving early exposure to Russell Howard, Bill Bailey and many others. The club has now established itself as a monthly fixture at this friendly Lower Weston boozer. KOMEDIA Westgate St. Tel: 0845 293 8480. Web: • Successful sister to Brighton’s well-known comedy/music venue, compete with well-stocked bar and food by River Café. Regular Friday

and Saturday night sessions with 3-4 comics, plus more occasional big-name solo slots. Coming soon: Rob Newman (26 Sept), Mark Thomas (3 Oct), Andrew Lawrence (4 Oct) and the impressive sketch comedy quintet The Noise Next Door (8 Nov & 18 Dec). RONDO THEATRE St Saviours Rd, Larkhall. Tel: 01225 463362. Web: www.rondotheatre. • Regular comedy slots at this top fringe theatre, whose intimacy lends itself well to the genre. This October brings a quartet of brilliant comics, all at the intelligent, articulate end of the spectrum. Robin Ince and Josie Long team up on 16 Oct, followed by the similarly cerebral Alex Horne (17 Oct) and James Acaster (24 Oct).

BRISTOL THE BRISTOL FRINGE Princess Victoria St, Clifton Village. Tel: 0117 330 0900. Web: www. • Student-friendly Clifton bar which hosts, among others, a weekly open-mic night for actors, comics, poets and more. BRISTOL HIPPODROME St Augustine’s Parade. Tel: 0870 607 7500. Web: www.bristolhippodrome. • A 2,000-seater theatre better known for musical shows, although perhaps four arena-filling comics look in each year. Snap up any remaining tickets for comic Bill Bailey, who brings new show ‘Qualmpeddler’ here for four nights from 25-28 Sept. COLSTON HALL Colston St. Tel: 0117 922 3686. Web: • Large, beautifullyrefurbed venue hosting big comedy and music names. Autumn is always

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COMEDY ENTERTAINMENT a good time for comedy down at the Hall: forthcoming highlights include the articulate comic and science-populariser Robin Ince (2 Oct), the bafflingly popular Jimmy Carr (5 Oct), Georgia’s smooth-talking Reginald D Hunter (6 Oct) and the splendidly oddball Paul Foot (18 Oct). COMEDY BOX Hen & Chicken, 210 North St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 922 3686. Web: • Fully-seated comedy venue upstairs at this south Bristol boozer: Fri, Sat and occasional Wed, Thur and Sun nights, Sept-July. Circuit comedians and touring shows direct from Edinburgh Festival: expect intelligent, topical material. Forthcoming treats include visits from rising Scots comic Daniel Sloss (11-12 Oct), affable ex-medic Paul Sinha (7 Nov) and high-energy surrealist Tony Law (21 Nov). Another forthcoming highlight programmed by the Comedy Box team is actually off-site, at Clifton’s Redgrave Theatre: two nights from the wonderful sketch-comedy troupe Pappy’s (6-7 Oct). Book fast. JONGLEURS COMEDY CLUB Upstairs at Eton Bar, Baldwin St. Tel: 0117 927 9813. Web: www.jongleurs. com • Powerful national chain with citycentre base. Four circuit comics a night, appealing to party folk on work nights out and birthday bashes. OPPO COMEDY Channings Hotel, Pembroke Rd. Web: • Hugely popular (and cheap) Sunday night of improv, stand-up and games, hosted by local comic Mat Ewins. Mostly new/upcoming acts, with the occasional big name dropping in to try out new material.

THE RED LION 206 Whitehall Rd, Whitehall, Bristol. Tel: 0117 952 0171. Web: www. html • Occasional comedy nights at this friendly east Bristol boozer. Check website for updates. RIPROAR COMEDY Fifth Floor, Bush House (to rear of Arnolfini), 64 Prince St, Bristol. Tel: 0117 914 0910. Web: www.riproarcomedy. • Saturday night (and occasional Fridays) comedy at this brand new entertainment venue in the centre of town. Live comedy every Saturday and most Friday nights. The three- or four-comic bill is yours for £12, or £20 including a meal brought to you by Soil Association award-winners www. SAL MONELLO’S COMEDY SHOWCASE Cross Hands pub, 1 Staple Hill Rd, Fishponds. Tel: 0117 965 7759. Email: • Monthly comedy showcase hosted by local comic Sal Monello. Tickets £10: advance booking recommended. Early evening food offers available. TOBACCO FACTORY North St/Raleigh Rd, Southville. Tel: 0117 902 0344. Web: www. • Mid-size theatre with a strong stand-up strand, programmed by the excellent, wellconnected team behind the nearby Comedy Box (see listing above). Coming up: likeable Devon lad and tall-tale spinner Josh Widdicombe (10 Nov), evergreen leftie Jeremy Hardy (11 Nov) and Stephen K Amos (18-19 Nov), a charming stand-up specialising in heartwarming confessional comedy. Early in the New Year, meanwhile,

JUST FOR LAUGHS Between them, Bristol and Bath lay on three fine annual comedy festivals. Bristol Brouhaha ( takes over the Tobacco Factory and its Southville neighbour The Comedy Box for ten days in July. Each night features a double bill of comics at one or both venues, all of them trying out the sets they’ll be taking to that summer’s Edinburgh Fringe. A brilliant and affordable way to catch some of the best circuit comics. Around about the same time comes Bristol Comedy Garden (www., which brings in more top circuit comics (and a handful of genuine household names) for four nights of comedy in a vast marquee in Queen Square. Laughs aplenty are to be had and, with its food and drink stalls and ample green space, the Garden has a lovely, summerfestival vibe. Bath Comedy Festival ( fills the Georgian City with fun and frolics for ten days each April, and is followed by the vast and freewheeling Bath Fringe (May-June:, of which comedy is always a strong strand.

we’d recommend Sean Hughes (19 Jan), a hilariously oddball Irish comic somewhat in the Dylan Moran mould. THE WARDROBE THEATRE Above The White Bear pub, 133 St Michaels Hill. Web: www. • Theatre is the main diet at the bijou and beautiful

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ENTERTAINMENT DANCE/FILM Wardrobe (so see the Theatre section for more of a description) – but it also hosts fortnightly comedy at a bargainbasement £3 a pop. The impressive roster of recent visitors includes Jon Richardson, John Robins, Elis James and, yes indeed, Russell Howard. There are also guest slots up for grabs if you fancy trying this stand-up lark for yourself: email comedy@thewardrobetheatre. com for more info.

DANCE Though neither Bristol nor Bath could be said to boast a dedicated dance venue, dance does benefit from – is, indeed, a small but important part of – the booming theatre scene in both cities. A few venues make sure that dance, either classical or contemporary, is a regular part of their programme. The Bristol Hippodrome and Theatre Royal Bath are both stopoff points on the tour diaries of major classical dance companies like English National Ballet and Moscow City Ballet, as well as more contemporary hot tickets like Rambert Dance and Richard Alston Dance Company. Bristol’s multi-disciplinary arts venue Arnolfini also hosts fairly regular dance events with an emphasis, as everywhere in its programme, on thought-provoking, often challenging and playful fare. The Tobacco Factory is a reliable host, too, with three to five very good contemporary dance shows programmed into each season. Over in Bath, alongside the Theatre Royal, the mid-size contemporary dance scene is taken care of by the two universities, with some fine names at the vanguard of contemporary dance (from the UK and beyond) looking in at Bath Spa’s University Theatre and the University of Bath’s ICIA Arts Theatre.

Lastly, three of Bristol and Bath’s very fine arts festivals also factor in a fair amount of contemporary dance each year: they are Bristol Old Vic’s autumn improv-fest The Bristol Jam and the brilliant springtime physical theatre smorgasbord that is Mayfest, plus the vast, multi-disciplinary Bath Fringe (May-June).

BATH BATH SPA LIVE Bath Spa University Theatre, Newton Park campus, Newton St Loe, nr Bath. Tel: 01225 463362. Web: www. • A growing and impressive modern dance programme. ICIA ARTS THEATRE University of Bath, Claverton Down. Tel: 01225 386777. Web: www.bath. • A fine place to see established artists on their way to the top – and, like Bath Spa above, they also programme events off-site. THEATRE ROYAL BATH Sawclose. Tel: 01225 448844. Web: • Theatre is the main staple here, but TRB is also a stop-off venue for large and medium contemporary and ballet companies. Coming soon: Rambert Dance (31 Oct-2 Nov).

BRISTOL ARNOLFINI 16 Narrow Quay. Tel: 0117 917 2300/01. Web: uk • Performances from the bolder and more experimental end of contemporary dance. Live art – that complex area between theatre, art

and dance – is a particular speciality. Veteran performance artist Ron Athey looks in on 26 Oct. BRISTOL HIPPODROME St Augustine’s Parade. Tel: 0844 871 3012 (Ticketmaster). Web: www. • Large classical ballet companies rub shoulders with West End musicals. Next up, English National Ballet (‘Le Corsaire’, 26-30 Nov), followed by a week of mixed treats early in the New Year: ‘Strictly’ dancer and choreographer Brendan Cole (20 Jan), Siberian State Ballet with ‘Don Quixote’ (21 Jan) and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (22 Jan), and Russian State Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’ (23 Jan). CIRCOMEDIA St Paul’s Church, Portland Square. Tel: 0117 924 7615. Web: www. • This leading circus skills school now has an enhanced programme of public performances across the circus, dance and physical theatre spectrum. TOBACCO FACTORY THEATRE & BREWERY THEATRE Raleigh Rd / North St. Tel: 0117 902 0344. Web: • Regular selection of good quality dance performances and workshops. Book quickly for ‘Dracula’ (25-28 Sept), a haunting and erotic dance adaptation of Bram Stoker’s gothic classic by Tobacco Factory Associate Artists Mark Bruce Company.

FILM The cinema industry had been bracing itself for a gloomy 2012. The recession and rival attractions such as the Royal Jubilee and Olympic Games

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The Black Swan 438 Stapleton Road, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6NR T: 0117 902 9984 E:

The place for bass


he Black Swan has become a legendary landmark in Bristol’s underground music scene. With a leaning towards all things bass heavy, it has hosted some of the best and biggest underground music events of their individual genres over the years, including cult favourites Subloaded, Toxic Dancehall, Mongrel, Agro and Tribe of Frog as well as regular dub sound clashes. As a result it now holds a special place in many a raver’s heart. With a reputation for both heavy, uncompromising music and a relaxed atmosphere you’re equally likely to find yourself at four in the morning still sweating in front of the soundsystem or chatting around the bonfire in the large, newly paved back garden. If you are new to this city and want to get away from the mainstream clubs and music in the town centre this is a venue on the outskirts both geographically and musically with a truly unique atmosphere. Whilst not to everyone’s taste, you may just find that if you like the underground club scene and love your music, The Black Swan becomes your new favourite place. It’s a long walk from the town centre so this is not the easiest

venue to get to without taking a taxi but luckily ShuttleClub will be providing a safe, low cost transport service for students who want a flexible way to get from campus to various central venues as well as The Black Swan. For further

details of ShuttleClub, see www.


10pm-6am Fridays and Saturdays

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ENTERTAINMENT FILM were expected to create a perfect storm leading to a marked decline in takings. But when the bean counters finished their work, they were surprised to find that the opposite had happened. Overall revenues increased yet again by 5.9%. Having powered through the £1 billion mark for the first time in 2011, takings for 2012 reached £1.1bn - thanks largely to ‘Skyfall’. But the headline figures conceal some interesting trends, the most marked of which is the ongoing decline of 3D. In just two years, 3D takings have fallen by a third. Given the choice, audiences are increasingly opting for 2D versions of films. But the picture is complicated. It seems people are prepared to pay extra if they’re persuaded that 3D actually adds something to the experience, as was the case with Ang Lee’s ‘Life of Pi’. But the films that are suffering are bog-standard efforts converted to 3D in the hope of screwing a few more quid out of punters. Cinemas are compensating by making imaginative use of digital technology to bring sporting events, pop and rock concerts and even film premieres to the big screen. One of the more surprising success stories has been that of opera, ballet and theatre beamed live from the US and the West End to packed houses across the land. This year, the NT’s ‘The Audience’ broke the box office record for theatre screenings. Even

more imaginatively, guided tours of blockbuster exhibitions, such as Bowie at the V&A and Pompeii at the British Museum, are also performing well in cinemas. Locally, we’re blessed with five multiplex cinemas in Bristol including one of just three luxurious Cinema De Lux multi-screeners in the country - and one in Bath. In addition, we’re lucky to be served by local community cinemas like the Orpheus and Clevedon’s historic Curzon, as well as an excellent arthouse circuit (see panel). The autumn season is always jam-packed with festivals and special events, from Bristol’s world-renowned Encounters Short Film Festival and biennial Wildscreen Festival (wildlife and environmental films) to the everexcellent Bath Film Festival, which bags plenty of impressive premieres and big-name guests. Bristol Silents also does a brilliant job of keeping movies from the silent era alive with regular events and the annual January Slapstick Festival.

BATH LITTLE THEATRE CINEMA St Michael’s Place. Tel: 01225 466822. Web: cinemas/bath • See panel. Student admission is just £5.60. ODEON Kingsmead Leisure Complex, James St West. Tel: 0871 224 4007. Web: • Standard student admission ranges from £8.25 to £6.50. Teen prices (13-17) range from £8 to £6.35. BATH’S ONE AND ONLY MULTIPLEX: EIGHT SCREENS, 1,560 SEATS

BRISTOL ARNOLFINI 16 Narrow Quay. Tel: 0117 917 2300. Web: • See panel. Student admission varies but can be as little as £4. CINEMA DE LUX Cabot Circus. Tel: 0871 220 1000. Web: • Bristol’s newest, plushest multiplex cinema, centrally located and equipped with state-of-the art projection equipment. The two Director’s Halls have their own bar and restaurant, plus ultra-comfy seating. Standard 2D student admission is £6.50, but additional premiums apply for 3D and Director’s Hall screenings. ONE OF JUST THREE CINEMA DE LUX MULTIPLEXES IN THE UK CINEWORLD Hengrove Leisure Park, Hengrove Way. Tel: 0871 200 2000. Web: www. • A long haul from the city centre, but this is Bristol’s cheapest multiplex - all the latest releases at bargain prices. Student admission £6 Mon & Wed-Sun; all tickets £5.60 on Tue. THE ONLY LOCAL CINEMA TO SHOW ALL THE LATEST BOLLYWOOD RELEASES CUBE Dove St South, Kingsdown. Tel: 0117 907 4190. Web: www.cubecinema. com • See panel. Admission prices vary, but you can get in for as little as £4 on ‘Ticket Tout Tuesday’. ODEON Union St, Broadmead. Tel: 0871 224 4007. Web: • City-centre three-screener showing mainstream fare. Standard student and

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FILM/ART ENTERTAINMENT teen (13-17) prices range from £6.30 to £4.70. BARGAIN CITY CENTRE CINEMA FIGHTING A PRICE WAR WITH THE PLUSH CINEMA DE LUX ORPHEUS Northumbria Drive, Henleaze. Tel: 0871 230 3200 (booking)/0845 166 2381 (info). Web: www.scottcinemas. • Popular, cosy three-screener with thoughtful programming of the best mainstream releases plus the more popular arthouse stuff. Recently upgraded with digital equipment and improved soundproofing. The cheapest cinema in town for students, with all tickets £3.30, or £4.80 for 3D screenings. BRISTOL’S LAST REMAINING COMMUNITY CINEMA, MUCH LOVED BY MULTIPLEX REFUSENIKS SHOWCASE Avonmeads, St Philips. Tel: 0871 220 1000. Web: www.showcasecinemas. • Big, comfortable, mainstream multiplex. Standard 2D student admission is £6.20, but additional premiums apply for 3D screenings and ‘XLR’ seating. FIRST MULTIPLEX CINEMA TO BE BUILT IN BRISTOL, AND STILL ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR VUE (LONGWELL GREEN) Aspects Leisure Park, Longwell Green. Tel: 0871 224 0240. Web: www.myvue. com • Luxurious multiplex, drawing Bath as well as Bristol audiences. Standard student prices range from £7.90 to £6.70. Teen screenings (13-18) range from £7.45 to £6.35. VUE (CRIBBS CAUSEWAY) Cribbs Causeway. Tel: 0871 224 0240. Web: • Large,

popular multiplex, forming part of the giant Cribbs Causeway out-of-town shopping centre. Standard student prices range from £7.95 to £6.75. Teen screenings (13-18) range from £7.50 to £6.40. THE CINEMA HAS RECENTLY INSTALLED A GIANT ‘VUEXTREME’ SCREEN - FOR WHICH YOU NATURALLY PAY AN ADDITIONAL PREMIUM. WATERSHED Canons Rd. Tel: 0117 927 5100. Web: • See panel. Students £6.50; £4 before 4pm.

ART In subtly different ways, visual arts are big business in both Bristol and Bath. As you’d expect from the bigger city of the two, Bristol has perhaps the larger community of home-grown artists, and a great array of galleries and (in particular) more informal spaces in which they can exhibit. At the top of the tier, big, impressive spaces such as the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and the Royal West of England Academy mix high-profile touring exhibitions with slots for the finest and most promising artists from hereabouts. Beneath them, mid-size galleries like View, Grant Bradley and Lime Tree Gallery programme monthly-changing, thoughtprovoking and often beautiful exhibitions by artists from Bristol and beyond. The scene is vastly augmented, however, by all the stuff that artists make happen themselves: the various artists’ studios and their Open Studios events (see panel), the temporary exhibitions in vacant shop units and, a distinctive Bristol feature,

ARTHOUSE A-GO-GO Bristol’s Watershed media centre cannily bags the best arthouse and upmarket commercial flicks, with film seasons and festivals spread across its three air-conditioned screens. Bath’s historic Little Theatre Cinema offers a similar service on a smaller, two-screen scale. The Little occasionally gets stuff before it reaches Bristol, and uses satellite technology to deliver live music events (rock, opera) and director Q&As. Bristol’s Arnolfini concentrates mainly on film seasons and programmes complementing its exhibitions, but watch out for bargain double-bills. The cosy, bijou, co-operatively-run Cube bills itself as Bristol’s microplex, playing everything from secondrun arthouse flicks to political documentaries and exploitation cinema. It’s run by volunteers who are currently raising funds to buy the building, so do join in or make a donation if you can. the neighbourhood art trails. Bath has a similar spread of larger and smaller galleries and artist-run initiatives, from major players such as Victoria Art Gallery and the Holburne Museum of Art, down through an impressive array of mid-size and distinctly Fine Art-leaning spaces (Bath Contemporary, Hilton Fine Art, Edgar Modern and others) and onto its own thriving neighbourhood art trails and festivals scene. In short, there is plenty of art of all stripes on view in both cities. Enjoy.

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BATH ADAM GALLERY 13 John St. Tel: 01225 480406. Web: • Compact gallery in one of central Bath’s prettiest streets. Regular solo exhibitions by established British and international artists. AMERICAN MUSEUM IN BRITAIN Claverton Manor. Tel: 01225 460503. Web: www. • A little step outside town, this – though accessible from Bath city centre via the 18 or 418 buses, and especially easy for Bath Uni students as it’s a fifteen-minute walk from the Avenue. Once you get there, you’ll find a beautiful manor sited in rolling parkland. There’s a fascinating collection of folk arts and general Americana (the only such outside the States), plus a fine series of exhibitions connected to US life, art and culture. BATH ARTISTS’ STUDIOS Comfortable Pl, Upper Bristol Rd. Tel: 01225 482480. Web: www. • Regular programme of exhibitions, events and talks, by both studio members and visiting artists, at these large artists’ studios down a lane opposite Victoria Park. BATH CONTEMPORARY 35 Gay St. Tel: 01225 461230. Web: • Friendly, dynamic city-centre gallery, specialising in high-quality solo and group exhibitions by established, mid-career artists from Bath and the region.

BEAUX ARTS York St. Tel: 01225 464850. Web: • Longestablished Bath gallery showing work by major 20th-century painters, sculptors and ceramicists. Has some very fine regular exhibitors. BO.LEE GALLERY 1 Queen St. Tel: 07970 492858. Web: • One of the city’s more interesting galleries, with a definite leaning towards dark, often surreal and unsettling contemporary art. EDGAR MODERN Bartlett St. Tel: 01225 443746. Web: • Colourful contemporary fare, often with an edgy, modern or playful theme. Its excellent regulars include Dan ParryJones, Mungo Powney, Dominic Hills and Jessica Cooper. HILTON FINE ART Margaret’s Buildings. Tel: 01225 311311. Web: • In a similar vein to Bath Contemporary above and Bristol’s Lime Tree, this elegant gallery just off The Circus specialises in skilful, atmospheric and unashamedly Fine Art painting and sculpture, with landscapes and portraiture a speciality. HOLBURNE MUSEUM OF ART Great Pulteney St. Tel: 01225. Web: • Fantastic community museum-cum-gallery, housed in a palatial Georgian mansion within Bath’s Sydney Gardens. As at Bristol’s Museum and Art Gallery, the shows here tend to be wide-reaching and enquiring in their thrust, and to span art and culture across the centuries. The Holburne’s glass café,

looking out onto its gardens, is one of Bath’s best hangouts, especially come summertime. ICIA University of Bath, Claverton Down. Tel: 01225 386777. Web: www.bath. • Bath University’s own artspace has a regular termtime programme of exhibitions and residencies with a strongly conceptual theme. MUSEUM OF EAST ASIAN ART Bennett St. Tel: 01225 464640. Web: • As the name suggests, this lovely little place just off The Circus is a treasure trove of art and culture from the Far East. There are also regular exhibitions here, too – a mix of themed shows examining aspects of life and culture in the Far East, now or in history, and solo shows by interesting, thoughtprovoking contemporary artists from the region. NICK CUDWORTH GALLERY 5 London St. Tel: 01225 445221. Web: • This gallery, where Walcot St and London Rd meet, is a monthly-changing exhibition space for Bath painter Nick Cudworth. Some very decent fine art exhibitions of Bath cityscapes and local landscapes. RED RAG GALLERY 24 Brock St. Tel: 01225 332223. Web: • Contemporary painting by artists across the UK – landscapes a speciality. ROSTRA & ROOKSMOOR 5 George St. Tel: 01225 448121. Web: • Welcoming,

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Watershed 1 Canons Rd Bristol BS1 5TX.T: 0117 927 5100 E: W: Twitter @wshed

The perfect social space… ‘Watershed is one of the most culturally upbeat and lively venues in the UK.’ Mark Kermode, Journalist /Film Critic


atershed is Bristol’s cultural cinema and digital creativity centre, and the perfect social space overlooking Bristol’s vibrant Harbourside. It delivers a diverse cultural programme of independent films from across the world, plus events, festivals, artist commissions and workshops. It produces exciting work that cuts across film, music, theatre, design, visual art, and the creative and technology sectors. Drop in to find out more and get involved. ‘Watershed is more than just an arts cinema. It is a cultural centre, social networker, café/bar and cultural tourist attraction,’ said the UK Creative Economy programme. The Café/Bar is open every day from early in the morning to late at night, offering breakfast, lunch and evening meals: all fresh, local and seasonal. Enjoy the food, catch a film, get some drinks in with friends or relax with a coffee and use the free wi-fi – the choice is yours… Student tickets cost £4 before 4pm, £5.50 after 4pm. Sign up for weekly listings:

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ENTERTAINMENT ART informal city-centre gallery. Prints, paintings, ceramics and handmade jewellery, by a mix of established and emerging artists. Whereas galleries like bo.lee and Bristol’s View veer towards artists of a slightly darker hue, the emphasis here is firmly on uplifting art, grounded firmly in nature and life’s pleasures. ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY 122 Wells Rd. Tel: 01225 325733. Web: • The RPS’s regional headquarters holds monthly exhibitions by recognised UK and world photographers. ROYAL UNITED HOSPITAL Combe Park, Lower Weston. Tel: 01225 824987. Web: www.ruh.nhs. uk/art • Year-round exhibitions around the corridors and public spaces of the hospital. An unusual destination for the art lover, you’re probably thinking – but some of the shows are worth the trip, so keep an eye on the site. VICTORIA ART GALLERY Bridge St. Tel: 01225 477772. Web: • The giant on the Bath art scene, with an impressive permanent collection alongside some high-profile visiting shows. A little way off, but make time for the solo show for Peter Brown a.k.a. ‘Pete the Street’ (8 Feb-27 Mar) – a painter of beautiful, atmospheric Bath cityscapes and people scenes.

BRISTOL ANTLERS GALLERY Nomadic – see website. Web: www. • This nomadic Bristol gallery crops up in disused shop

units and the like, and programmes some bold, adventurous contemporary art shows, often with a fairly hefty theme such as nature, love and so forth. Keep an eye on the site to see where they’ll be setting up camp next. ARNOLFINI 16 Narrow Quay. Tel: 0117 917 2300. Web: • Renowned, 50-year-old, contemporary arts centre, offering an always-intriguing roster of shows by international artists – strongly conceptual in feel. BRISTOL MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY Queens Rd. Tel: 0117 922 3571. Web: • Permanent collection of art and much more. High-profile visiting exhibitions too. ‘Roman Empire: Power & People’ (21 Sept-12 Jan) brings together over 160 stunning pieces from the British Museum to explore the story of one of the most powerful empires the world has ever seen. Highlights include sculpture from the villas of the Emperors Tiberius and Hadrian, beautiful jewellery – and even some near-perfectly preserved children’s clothing from Roman Egypt. BRISTOL DIVING SCHOOL Hanover Pl, off Cumberland Rd. Web: • Artist-led gallery and studio space hosting occasional exhibitions. BV STUDIOS 37 Philip St, Bedminster. Web: www. • Fledgling artists’ studios complex in Bedminster, housing some 70 artists and also programming fairly regular

exhibitions. See also Motorcade/ Flashparade below. CENTRESPACE 6 Leonard Lane, off Corn St. Tel: 07527 992087. Web: www. • Short, often experimental and thought-provoking exhibitions by local contemporary artists. COURTYARD GALLERY Unit 9.22, Paintworks, Bath Rd. Tel: 07977 219037. Web: www. • Like Antlers Gallery above, this is another peripatetic artspace, with exhibitions at both its Paintworks HQ and elsewhere. Owner Tina Brown ran the gallery in Hampshire for several years before arriving in Bristol, and has an excellent handle on the contemporary art scene. See also Courtyard’s sister gallery No.11 in Clifton Village. FOLK HOUSE Park St. Tel: 0117 926 2987. Web: • Adult education centre, music venue and café that holds monthly exhibitions by local talent or students on its art courses. THE GALLIMAUFRY The Promenade, Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 7319. Web: www. • Distinctive Gloucester Road bar/live music venue holds some interesting monthly art and photography exhibitions. THE GRAIN BARGE Hotwell Rd. Tel: 0117 929 9347. Web: • Floating bar and restaurant with

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ART ENTERTAINMENT monthly exhibitions by local artists – generally quirky and upbeat in feel. GRANT BRADLEY GALLERY St Peter’s Court, Bedminster Parade. Tel: 0117 963 7673. Web: www. • Innovative, good-quality modern painting and photography, often with a local theme. A light, airy gallery with prints and books aplenty on sale, plus café seating. GUILD GALLERY 68-70 Park St. Tel: 0117 926 5548. Web: • Hundred-year-old shop and gallery with a range of 2D and 3D shows by local artists – plus a vast array of contemporary arts and crafts for sale. GUILDHALL ARTS CENTRE Broad St. Web: www. • Temporary exhibition space in the former Guildhall and Assize Courts building. Coming soon: results of the firstever Bristol Art Prize, a painting competition for both professional and amateur artists with a first prize of £5,000. HERE Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 942 2222. Web: • Kooky gallery-cum-shop with a strong comic/punk/poster art bent. Funky, off-centre, affordable paintings, prints, zines and more. An indie sensibility dominates. ITS ALL 2 MUCH 124 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 924 7522. Web: • Exhibitions by street and urban artists, and other local artists working at the edgier, more experimental end of the spectrum.

LIME TREE GALLERY 84 Hotwell Rd. Tel: 07879 475462. Web: • One of Bristol’s most inviting small galleries, with views of the Floating Harbour. Contemporary landscape painting – especially Scottish, Cornish and East Anglian scenes – a speciality. THE LOOKING GLASS High St. Web: www. • Mixed music, performance and art venue, housed in one of Bristol’s most historic buildings - there’s been a building on the site since 1241 when the Greene Lattis, Bristol’s first coaching house, was built, and the inn is later thought to have accommodated guests including Elizabeth I, Charles I and II and Oliver Cromwell. Regular conceptual art exhibitions and events. M SHED Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd. Tel: 0117 352 6600. Web: www.mshed. org • Housed in former dockside warehouses opposite Arnolfini, M Shed is in the first instance a museum of Bristol, with masses of film, objects and documents telling the city’s story. And very good it is too. It does, however, also mount regular exhibitions. Try and catch, before it comes down, the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012 (to 3 Nov) – an exhibition of last year’s 60-strong shortlist for this annual competition, seeking out the world’s best portrait photography. Hard on its heels comes the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition (30 Nov-23 Feb). MOTORCADE/FLASHPARADE Within BV Studios, 37 Philip St, Bedminster. Web: www. • Small, adventurous gallery located

ON THE TRAIL Across the next three months, artists in four of Bristol’s most creative neighbourhoods throw open their doors and invite you in to see the fruits of their labours. The Windmill Hill and Victoria Park Arts Trail, or Art on the Hill as it’s more popularly known, returns for its seventh instalment on the weekend of 5-6 October, with 100 artists exhibiting in over 50 venues of this south Bristol suburb. The following weekend (12-13 Oct), Clifton, Redland and Hotwells’ artier residents open their doors for the West Bristol Arts Trail – again, over 100 artists exhibit in 50 homes, shops, cafes and pubs across BS8 and BS6. Totterdown’s Front Room is Bristol’s oldest art trail, established way back in 2001, and now features an impressive 180 artists and makers, some nationally known, in 60 venues across this colourful and creative South Bristol suburb across the weekend of 15-17 November. Last but not least, North Bristol Artists hold their annual trail from 22-24 November, exhibiting in homes, studios, cafes and community venues stretching from St Andrews up the Gloucester Road and across Bishopston to Westbury Park on the edge of the Downs. FFI: WWW.ARTONTHEHILL.ORG. UK, WWW.WESTBRISTOLARTS. COM, WWW.FRONTROOM. ORG.UK, WWW. NORTHBRISTOLARTISTS.CO.UK

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OPEN ARTS Bristol and Bath are both well blessed with thriving artists’ studios: large collectives of artists all working in the same building, who throw open their studios at least once a year, inviting the public in to nose around and see what’s being created. Annual Open Studios are held at Bath Artists’ Studios on the Upper Bristol Road (this year’s event, if you’re reading this in time, is on the weekend of 22-23 Sept), plus at four venues in Bristol: Jamaica Street Studios just off Stokes Croft, Easton’s Mivart Studios (their event is on the weekend of 13-14 Oct), In Bristol Studios (Barton Hill) and BV Studios in Bedminster. Not forgetting, of course, the big and brilliant Spike Island, an exhibition space-cum-artists’ studios complex in a vast former tea-packing factory. The 70-odd artists housed within open their studios over the May Bank Holiday weekend each year: Spike Open, as it’s known, is one of the flagship events in Bristol’s art calendar. FFI: WWW. BATHARTISTSSTUDIOS.CO.UK, WWW.JAMAICASTREETARTISTS.

inside Bedminster’s BV Studios complex (see also listing above). Regular exhibitions, strongly conceptual in feel, by emerging 2D, 3D and (especially) film and installation artists from around the UK. THE PARLOUR SHOWROOMS College Green. Web: www. • Small gallery hosting some interesting, weekly-changing exhibitions, many of them with a conceptual and/or community-minded bent. PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF STOKES CROFT 35 Jamaica St. Web: uk • The HQ of the excellent street art/urban pressure group PRSC holds regular exhibitions by local talent. Be sure to check out the brilliant How Does an Activist Eat Potatoes? – an extensive open-air exhibition about the history of activism, running in the nearby Bearpit underpass until November.


SOMA Boyces Ave, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 9838. Web: • Contemporary and often quirky prints, paintings and drawings, many for sale. A good place to find some of the freshest illustration and graphic work currently being produced around the UK. SPIKE ISLAND Cumberland Rd. Tel: 0117 929 2266. Web: • Vast former tea-packing warehouse, now home to a large gallery, decent café bar and dozens of artists’ studios, including students from UWE’s Creative Arts faculty. The programming is strongly conceptual in bent.

PICTURE THIS Mardyke Ferry Rd, Spike Island. Tel: 0117 925 7010. Web: • Art space commissioning and showing contemporary movingimage work – often conceptual, adventurous stuff.

TOBACCO FACTORY Raleigh Rd. Tel: 0117 902 0344. Web: • Monthly exhibitions by local artists, on the walls of the main bar and neighbouring Green Room of this buzzing bar, music venue and theatre.

ROOM 212 212 Gloucester Rd. Web: www. • This small, welcoming gallery on the busy Gloucester Road hosts regular exhibitions, across all media, by local artists.

UPFEST GALLERY 198 North St. Tel: 07725 231 878. Web: • Like Weapon of Choice below, Upfest is another specialist street art and graffiti gallery. It has a slightly more international roster than WoC, though.


prestigious gallery with year-round exhibitions. Its vast, annual Autumn Open Exhibition (from 23 Nov) is always a highlight, with some 500 2D and 3D pieces chosen from a pool of entries sent in from around the country.

ROYAL WEST OF ENGLAND ACADEMY Queens Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 5129. Web: • Huge,

VIEW 159-161 Hotwell Rd. Tel: 07787 152310. Web: www.viewartgallery.

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ENTERTAINMENT ART/SPECTATOR SPORT • Monthly exhibitions showcasing some of the brightest and most adventurous talent currently working in Bristol and beyond. Like Bath’s bo.lee, View is especially strong on narrative, subtly unsettling modern painting. WEAPON OF CHOICE Park St. Tel: 0117 929 1865. Web: • Street art/graffiti gallery, with regular exhibitions (and live painting sessions) by Bristol’s graff hierarchy. Prints, books, T-shirts etc. for sale. WORKSPROJECTS Sydney Row (off Cumberland Rd). Tel: 07714 480849. Web: www. • Conceptual art exhibitions, often with a strong interest in material, structure and even architecture. ZION BRISTOL Bishopsworth Rd, Bedminster Down. Tel: 0117 923 1212. Web: www. • Monthly exhibitions by local artists at this friendly community space on Bristol’s southern fringes.

SPECTATOR SPORT Starting (often) from lowly positions, the only way is (hopefully) up for Bristol and Bath’s sports teams. Alas, the relegation predicted last year duly arrived and Bristol City find themselves in the Sky Bet League 1 for the 2013-4 season. The bookies have them among the favourites to go up though, and a play-off place will be expected this season by head coach Sean O’Driscoll. He has previous, guiding Doncaster into the Championship in 2008. The Robins

recently announced plans to increase Ashton Gate’s capacity to 27,000. Cross town rivals Bristol Rovers hope work will begin shortly on their proposed 21,700 capacity stadium on the UWE campus. Until then, Rovers fans - ‘Gasheads’ - will keep on singing club song ‘Goodnight Irene’ at the Memorial Stadium, hoping talismanic boss John Ward can build on last year’s League Two solidity. Bath City play at Mayday Trust Park in the Skrill South, English football’s sixth flight. Head coach Lee Howells is realistic about improving on what was a satisfactory eleventh place last season; much depends on how The Romans’ recent five signings gel. Bath Rugby finished eighth and seventh in the Aviva Premiership’s last two seasons. Sixth favourites for glory in 2013/4, many fans will be content with the men from the Rec finishing above bitter rivals Gloucestershire. Perennial underachievers Bristol Rugby go into their 125th season with hope former England head coach Andy Robinson will restore them to the sport’s top flight. Gloucestershire Gladiators enjoyed a muchimproved campaign in 2013 with new skipper Michael Klinger shining. Look out for ODIs at their underdevelopment Bishopston ground. Somerset’s stars call Taunton home. Bristol Academy Flyers Basketball Club will play in the top-ranking British Basketball League from 2014/5. Bristol Pitbulls Ice Hockey Club are based (unfortunately,) at Oxford Ice Rink. The women of Clifton Ladies Hockey Club play at elite level; Team Bath’s netball team are regular Superleague winners – and current champions! Horsepower, meanwhile, is to be had at Bath


Races, Beaufort Polo Club and Castle Combe Circuit.

BRISTOL Bristol Academy Flyers Basketball Club WISE Arena, Filton College. Tel: 0117 919 2618/07714 551140. Web: www. Bristol City FC Ashton Gate. Tel: 0871 222 6666. Web: Bristol Pitbulls Ice Hockey Club Web: Facebook Bristol Rovers FC Memorial Stadium. Tel: 0117 909 8848. Web: Bristol Rugby Club Memorial Stadium. Tel: 0117 958 1630. Web: Clifton Ladies Hockey Club Coombe Dingle Sports Complex. Web: Gloucestershire CCC County Ground, Nevil Rd. Tel: 0117 910 8000. Web:

BATH Bath City FC Twerton Park. Tel: 01225 423087. Web: Bath Racecourse Lansdown. Tel: 01225 424609. Web: Bath Rugby Recreation Ground. Tel: 0844 448 1865, 01225 325200/469230. Web: www. Team Bath (netball) University of Bath. Tel: 01225 386339. Web:

OUT OF TOWN Beaufort Polo Club Down Farm, Westonbirt. Tel: 01666 880510. Web:

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LESBIAN & GAY ENTERTAINMENT Castle Combe Circuit Castle Combe, Chippenham, Wilts. Tel: 01249 782417. Web: Somerset CCC County Ground, Taunton. Tel: 0845 337 1875. Web:

LESBIAN & GAY The local gay scene is constantly changing. If you are looking for a night out, having the scene split over two opposite ends of town can make bar hopping a bit of a chore but, with an annual, week-long Pride, a dozen pubs and clubs, sports teams, walking groups, a weekly LGBT radio show ( and countless social groups, there’s pretty much something for everyone.

PUBS & CLUBS BENT 4 Frogmore St, Bristol, BS1 5UX. Web: bentbarbristol • Stylish bar/club/ cocktail lounge from the people behind OMG! Open from 8pm daily. BRISTOL BEAR BAR 2-3 West St, Bristol, BS2 0DF. Web: • Oneroom bar, open evenings only (Sunday from 3pm). THE DEN 46 Gloucester Lane, Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0DU. • Men-only bar (membership available on the door) for guys into leather, uniforms and other fetish wear. Open 8pm-4am Fri-Sat, 4pm-2am Sun. THE LOUNGE 53 Old Market St, Bristol, BS2 0ER.

• Small, sociable one-room bar with weekly karaoke. MANDALYN’S 13 Fountain Buildings, Lansdown Hill, Bath, BA1 5DX. Tel: 01225 425403. Web: • Bath’s only gay pub, open evenings only (until 3am Thurs-Sun). OLD MARKET TAVERN 29 Old Market St, Bristol, BS2 0HB. Tel: 0117 922 6123. Web: www.omtbristol. • Traditional, gay-run pub serving food lunchtimes. Excellent Sunday carvery; Pride fundraiser quiz every first Sunday; cash bingo Thursday. OMG! Frog Lane, Bristol, BS1 5UX. Web: • Gay nightclub with regular drinks offers and live PAs. Open Wed-Sun from 10pm. THE PALACE 1 West St, Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0DF. • Drag bar; open evenings only. Closed Mon-Tue. THE PINEAPPLE St George’s Rd, Bristol, BS1 5UU. Web: • Bristol’s longest-serving gay pub; very popular with students. Open daily from 5pm. THE PHOENIX 1 Wellington Buildings, Champion Square, Bristol, BS2 9D. Tel: 0117 329 0076. Web: • Contemporary, friendly freehouse situated opposite Cabot Circus. Open daily. QUEENSHILLING 9 Frogmore St, Bristol, BS1 5NA. Web: • Bristol’s longest-established gay club open Mon, Thur-Sat only, 9pm-4am.

THE RETREAT 16 West St, Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0DF • Popular gay bar, split over two floors, with weekend cabaret. Open daily from 6pm.

GROUPS BRISTOL BISONS RFC Web: • Bristol’s gay and gay-friendly rugby team. New players always welcome, weekly training sessions at Cotham Park RFC, Failand. BRISTOL L&G SWITCHBOARD Tel: 0117 922 1328. Web: www. • Free, confidential help and advice daily, 10am-11pm. BRISTOL PANTHERS FC Web: • The city’s gay and gay-friendly football team. New players always welcome. EACH Freephone helpline: 0808 100 0143. Web: • Support for individuals affected by homophobia: Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm. GAY WEST PO Box 586, Bath BA1 2YQ. 0870 811 1990, web: • Social group for LGB people in the South West. Hosts a café/drop-in in Bath every Saturday afternoon and a monthly social in Bristol. TERRENCE HIGGINS TRUST 8-10 West St, Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0BH. Tel: 0117 955 1000 • Advice, information and support for anyone affected by HIV or with concerns about sexual health: Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.

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“This is Indian food as it’s eaten in India - light, fragrant, aromatic, and fresh, rather than heavy, rich, and swimming in oil.” Mark Taylor, The Post.

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At Tiffins we cook and serve traditional home cooking style Gujarati food. We cook in only little amounts of pure sunflower oil and do not use ghee, or any artificial colouring or flavours. All dishes are cooked individually, in the traditional way, and all the dishes are displayed in front of you for you to choose and mix and match as you wish. Our menu changes daily with a selection of 7 veggie curries and 2 meat curries to choose from. Dishes can be taken home cold to heat up later or we can heat it up for you.

EVENTS CATERING Tiffins offer event catering which is tailor-made to suit your budget and needs. “The only problem with Tiffins is the choice- it’s nearly impossible to resist everything they make. The home cooked freshness and skill full use of flavours stand out from the run-of-the-mill Indian takeaway.” Venue

“Their coriander, chilli & coconut chutney is worth the trip to Bristol alone” The Guardian

FINALIST FOR BEST TAKE-AWAY 2010 by BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards.

151 St Michael’s Hill, Bristol, BS2 8DB 0117 973 4834

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ungry? Good. Between them, Bristol and Bath are stuffed with more restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, brasseries and bistros per head than any other city in the UK outside of that London. Add the ever-expanding roster of artisanal foodmongers, fancy delis, farmers’ markets and pop-up eateries into the mix, and your gastronomic questing should take you to every corner of the city. Don’t worry if that leaves no time for study – just tell your tutor what Kafka said: “So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.”

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BARS BATH ALL BAR ONE High St, BA1 5AQ. Tel: 01225 324021. Web: www.all-bar-one. • Popular branch of the booming high-street franchise, offering an extensive wine list, continental beers etc. all day long, alongside a sturdy range of wallet-friendly, funky grub. Open Mon-Thur 10am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-12midnight, Sun 10am-10.30pm. OVER-21’S ONLY ARTBAR AT THE ALLIUM BRASSERIE Abbey Hotel, North Parade, BA1 51LF. Tel: 01225 461603, web: • An evolving permanent exhibition of contemporary art adorns the walls; expert in-house mixologist Andrew Fisher - a man with an encyclopaedic knowledge about cocktails - adorns the bar. ALFRESCO TERRACE, FABULOUS GOURMET BAR SNACKS. BELUSHI’S 9 Green St, BA1 2YJ. Tel: 01225 481444. Web: venues/bath-bars • Busy, buzzy bar catering to a young/clubby crowd, serving wallet-friendly, sociable food and slurps. See website for offers/ deals on food and drink. REGULAR EVENTS INCLUDING BIG-SCREEN SPORTS AND CLUB NIGHTS BRASSERIE BLANC Frances Hotel, Queens Sq, BA1 2HH. Tel: 01225 303860. Web: www. • Upmarket

bar/brasserie at the epicentre of the Francis Hotel courtesy of celebrity chef Raymond Blanc. See Restaurants, French.

pizzas and sharing platters keep energy levels up. Open Mon-Thur 5pm-12midnight, Fri-Sat 12noon3am, Sun 12noon-12midnight. LIVE DJS FRI-SAT

BROWNS Orange Grove, BA1 1LP. Tel: 01225 461199. Web: • Bar attached to an easy-going brasserie, particularly noteworthy for its good-value cocktail happy hour and spacious alfresco merrymaking area out front. See Restaurants, English.

COSY CLUB Unit R4, Southgate, BA1 1TP. Tel: 01225 464161. Web: www.cosyclub. • Wallet-friendly all-day menus, a well-stocked bar, eclectic decor and an upper-level alfresco balcony. See Restaurants, English. Open Sun-Wed 9am-11pm, ThurSat 9am-12.30am.

CAFÉ ROUGE 15 Milsom St, BA1 1DE. Tel: 01225 462368. Web: www.caferouge. • French-themed café-bar/ brasserie/restaurant serving Franglais food in convivial surroundings. See Restaurants, French.

CÔTE BRASSERIE 27 Milsom Place, BA1 1BZ. Tel: 01225 335509. Web: • French classics at great-value prices, contemporary Gallic brasserie-style. See Restaurants, French.

CENTRAL BAR 10 Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1RG. Tel: 01225 333939. Web: www. • Enduringly popular city-centre watering hole with a big, well-stocked bar, an easy-going range of thoughtful, homemade grub and a lively events/ promotions schedule. Available for private hire. Open Mon-Thur 9.30am-11.30pm, Fri 9.30am-2am, Sat 8am-2am, Sun 9.30am-4pm. VISIT WEBSITE FOR LIVE MUSIC/ DJ EVENTS

DOOR 34 34 Monmouth Street, BA1 2AN. Tel: 01225 444770 • Small but characterful cocktail hotspot, home to a team of friendly, expert mixologists, all of whom are capable of mixing up magic behind the bar.

CIRCO The Halcyon, 2-3 South Parade, BA2 4AA. Tel: 01225 444100. Web: • Sprawling subterranean cocktail hotspot featuring an alfresco terrace and a bangin’ reputation for post-sunset shenanigans. Stylish

GARFUNKEL’S The Empire, Orange Grove, BA1 1LP. Tel: 01225 461465. Web: www. • Spacious bar at the elegant Bath branch of a national chain specialising in American-themed grub. Alfresco patio offers Abbey views. See Restaurants, American. REGULAR STUDENT/DRINKS PROMOS; WELCOMES STUDENT PARTIES (ADV BOOKING ONLY) GASCOYNE PLACE Sawclose, BA1 1EY. Tel: 01225 445854.

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BARS FOOD&DRINK Web: • Sparkly bar at the epicentre of a lively merrymaking bar/pub/restaurant hybrid. See Pubs, and Restaurants, English. FREE LIVE JAZZ EVERY SUNDAY EVENING • Super-welcoming, gay-friendly retro-feel hangout with a snug back-bar and regular cabaret, theme nights and karaoke.

GRAPPA 3 Belvedere, BA1 5ED. Tel: 01225 448890. Web: • Effortlessly sophisticated bar and pizzeria in cosy surroundings, stylish and perennially popular, also highly recommended for first date purposes. Open Mon-Thur 5-11pm, Fri-Sat 5pm-12midnight.

MARKET Sawclose, BA1 1EY. Tel: 01225 330009. Web: • A wellstocked, well-priced bar complements the bargain-priced burgers, pizzas and Medithemed platters at this lively Sawclose social epicentre. Food/drink promos and deals abound – your personal social fund goes a long way here. HUGE, PARTIALLY HEATED ALFRESCO PATIO

HALL & WOODHOUSE 1-3 Old King St, BA1 2JW. Tel: 01225 469259. Web: • Split-level good-times complex combining pub/ bar, restaurant, continental brasserie, spacious alfresco area and rooftop garden. See Restaurants, English.

OLD Q BAR Queensberry Hotel, 4-7 Russell St, BA1 2QF. Tel: 01225 447928. Web: • Plush, über-glam cocktail hotspot with charming alfresco urban oasis out back, set within the boutique Queensberry Hotel. Open daily 12noon-late.

HUDSON BAR & GRILL 14 London St, BA1 5BU. Tel: 01225 332323. Web: • The atmospheric street-level bar at this steakhouse and grill offers great cocktails, interesting ales and a confidently eclectic wine list to match the spiffing grub. See Restaurants, American.

OPA 14 North Parade, BA2 4AJ. Tel: 01225 317900. Web: • Sprawling Greek café-bar and restaurant with an alfresco area overlooking the river, also a vibrant party venue courtesy of a host of live DJs who are happy to spin into the wee small hours. See Restaurants, Greek & Turkish.

JOYA 6 Newmarket Row, Grand Parade, BA2 4AN. Tel: 01225 460240. Web: www. • Sophisticated Italian-themed bar with a great little kitchen attached. Open daily 12noon11pm (Sun 10.30pm). MANDALYNS 13 Lansdown Rd, BA1 5DX. Tel: 01225 425403. Web: www.

PORTVCALE LOUNGE 43 St James Parade, BA1 1UQ. Tel: 01225 424321 • Welcoming Portuguese restaurant and bar with smart booth seating at street level and cosy vaulted bar downstairs. Authentic Portuguese food (including fabulous tapas), continental cocktails and red/white sangria; open till late every night of the week. See Restaurants, Spanish &

BATH’S BEST COCKTAILS CIRCO South Parade • The ‘Halcyon Signature’ - smooooth! ARTBAR AT THE ALLIUM BRASSERIE North Parade • Mixologist Andrew Fisher’s ‘Strawberries on Acid’ - prepare for stylish oblivion! DOOR 34 Monmouth St • Tell them what you like, and they’ll make it your own Portuguese. Open Mon 12noon-1am, Tue 5pm-1am, Wed-Thur 12noon1am, Fri-Sat 12noon-2am. PORTER 15a George St, BA1 2EN. Tel: 01225 585100 • Eat, drink and generally be merry at this tasteful, split-level upper-crust pleasure palace. See also Restaurants, English. Open Daily-late. PULP Monmouth St, BA1 2AJ. Tel: 01225 336666. Web: • Lively bar with a heavy emphasis on cocktails and food menus that focus on wallet-friendly tapas and Mexicanstyled munchies (nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas, etc) at this Las Iguanas ancillary. Open Mon-Sun 12noon11pm (Sun 10.30pm). HAPPY HOUR COCKTAILS TUE-SAT 12NOON-7PM, ALL DAY SUN-MON REVOLUTION York Buildings, George St, BA1 2EB. Tel: 01225 336168. Web: www.revolution-

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FOOD&DRINK BARS • Spacious, hip, studentfriendly hang-out (part of a huge chain) with a massive bar largely revolving around vodka, cocktails and shooters, with suitably funky food menus to match. See website for events, offers and 2-4-1s, or get a Revolution Privilege Card for further huge discounts. Open daily 12noon-late (10.30pm Sun). REGULAR EVENTS, DJS, PARTY NIGHTS, DRINKS PROMOS SLUG & LETTUCE 5-6 Edgar Buildings, George St, BA1 2EB. Tel: 01225 789050. Web: www. • Sprawling café/bar/brasserie/restaurant at the epicentre of the George St “strip”. Grub covers all eventualities from breakfast to post-sunset scoffing, and regular wallet-friendly promotions. Open daily 10am-12midnight (11pm Sun). TASTING ROOM 6 Green St. BA1 2JY. Tel: 01225 483070, web: • Stylish haven of grape-related excellence. Superb tapas. TRAMSHED Beehive Yard, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 421200. Web: www.thetramshedbath. • Large bar, heated and covered alfresco terrace and dining area serving all-day modern British menus with Mediterranean influences. Offers and deals abound – visit the website and save while you spend. VELO LOUNGE 30 Moorland Rd, Oldfield Park, BA2 3PW. Tel: 01225 344663. Web: www. • Friendly, welcoming home-from-home flaunting all-day menus supplemented by a well-stocked bar, board games, daily papers, regular quiz nights etc. Open daily 9am-11pm.

BRISTOL ALL BAR ONE 47 Corn St, BS1 1HT. Tel: 0117 930 4762. Web: • Enduring Corn Street fave. AMOEBA 10 Kings Rd (off Boyces Ave), Clifton Village, BS8 4AB. Tel: 0117 946 6461. Web: www. • Buzzy Cliftonian hangout renowned for its private parties of 30-100 people celebrating 30ths, anniversaries and engagements. ANTIX 44 Park St. Tel: 0117 925 1139 / 07973 304227. Web: www.barantix. com • Impressive drink selections upstairs and down. Staropramen and Budweiser among drafts plus cocktails, bottles and fine wines. UPSTAIRS ‘ATTIX’ CHAMPAGNE BAR APPLE Welsh Back. Tel: 0117 925 3500. Web: • Innovative cider pub on an old Dutch barge at the end of King Street. Up to 40 ciders and perries at any one time. ‘APPLE NIRVANA’, ACCORDING TO THE GUARDIAN ARNOLFINI 16 Narrow Quay. Tel: 0117 917 2305. Web: • Stylish café-bar within an extensive gallery, bookshop, cinema and performance complex. Italianinfluenced food stars on seasonal menus. A PINT ON THE COBBLES HERE IS A BRISTOL MUST-DO

BANCO LOUNGE 107 Wells Rd. Tel: 0117 908 6010. Web: • Laidback, friendly, relaxed. Good food and specials served all day, every day. Yummy Monday and tapas Tuesday offers bring VFM. WINE CELLAR USED TO BE A BANK VAULT BANK OF STOKES CROFT 84 Stokes Croft. Web: www. • Bristol’s creative types enjoy a diverse and cutting-edge music policy, regularly changing artwork and installations plus a secret walled garden. Locally sourced rustic food includes top pizzas. Killer bloody marys. CHECK THE BANK VAULT SNUG COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL DOOR! BAR HUMBUG 89 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 904 0061. Web: • Vibrant cocktail haven, plus classier bottled lagers and over 20 wellchosen wines by the glass. FRONT SUNTRAP TERRACE BAVARIAN BEERHOUSE 46-48 Queen Charlotte Street, BS1 4HX. Tel: 0844 330 2005. Web: www. • A big slice of Bavaria in Bristol - authentically hearty food, ice cold lagers, ‘oompah-tainment’ Bundesliga (German football) matches and table-service from waiters and waitresses in traditional costume – if you’ve nothing to do the following day, try one of their infamous Jägertrains… CHECK WEBSITE FOR OKTOBERFEST DETAILS BAY BAR & KITCHEN 4-6 North St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117

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BARS FOOD&DRINK 953 1446 • Leisurely loafing within plus a lovely rear garden. Good drink choices. Diners get grills, fish & chips and the ultimate burger. DJS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY BEERD 157-159 St Michael’s Hill, Cotham, BS2 8DB. Tel: 0117 974 3567. Web: • Bristol’s first craft beer and pizza bar brought by those lovely Bath Ales people. STAFF GUIDE HOPS NOVICES AND BONA FIDE BEER GEEKS THROUGH RANGE BEESES BAR & TEA GARDENS Wyndham Crescent, Broomhill Rd. Tel: 0117 977 7412. Web: www. • Set beside the river in gloriously deep woods; cycle along the riverside and then take the wasp-coloured ferry across for food (400 Angus beef handmade burgers sold some weekends), drink and kick-ass music scheduling. BRISTOL’S BEST-KEPT SECRET, A LIVENED-UP PENRITH TEA ROOMS! BIG CHILL BAR 15 Small St. Tel: 0117 930 4217. Web: • Leading DJs enhance the funky, festival feel. Natty décor throughout, soups, salads, specials, fries and ‘dirty food’! NEW BILL’S 67-69 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1QL. Tel: 0117 929 0035. Web: www. • Opened earlier in 2013 bringing the eponymous William’s smile-on-your-face food across breakfast, daytime and evening dining.



BOCABAR Paintworks, Bath Rd, Arnos Vale. Tel: 0117 972 8838. Web: www. • Wonderful decked area, ace draught, bottle and cocktail selections, sublime pizzas. Regular bands and DJs. MANHATTAN LOFT VIBE IN BRISTOL, SOON IN GLASTONBURY…

GRECIAN KEBAB HOUSE LOUNGE Cromwell Rd • 4am weekend finishes above renowned kebab and pizza takeaway.

BOTANIST BRISTOL Berkeley Sq, The Triangle, Clifton. Tel: 0117 927 7333. Web: www. • Modern airy interior, large courtyard for balmy summer evenings. An emphasis on seafood plus 70 wines and impressive champagne and cocktails ranges. A VENUE WITH REAL AMBIENCE AND DELICIOUS FOOD BRACE & BROWNS 43 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 7800. Web: braceandbrowns • Kitchen and bar offering mains, specials and fine drinks enjoyed indoors or on the extensive decking. HOME OF FLIPPING GOOD SUNDAY ROASTS NEW BREW DOG 58 Baldwin Street. Tel: 0117 927 9258. Web: bars/bristol • Bristol’s branch of the rather good craft beer bar chain, a ‘library of beery masterpieces from the likes of BrewDog, Stone, Mikkeller, Struise, Alesmith and many more’.


HERMANOS Queens Rd • Cocktail bar feel later, DJs Fri and Sat. START THE BUS Baldwin St • End your evening amid diverse draughts and choice choons WEES LOUNGE BAR Park St • Shisha fo shizzle till 4/5am on weekends. COSIES Portland Sq • Legendary underground vibe by night.

BROWNS 38 Queens Rd. Tel: 0117 930 4777. Web: www.browns-restaurants. com • Bold building, modelled on Venice’s Doge’s Palace, with 60-strong wine list, choice chilled lagers and eclectic bottles. Cocktail specialists. Thursday night is lobster night! LIVE BABY GRAND PIANO INDOORS, SERIOUSLY STYLISH TERRACE OUT FRONT BRUNEL WINE BAR 38 The Mall, Clifton Village, BS8 4DS. Tel: 0117 973 4443 • Pavement tables and chairs offering excellent people-watching opportunities. TOP TAPAS OFFERINGS

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FOOD&DRINK BARS BURGER JOINT 83 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 329 0887. Web: www.theburgerjoint. • High-end burger bar where the humble burg’ is elevated to an art form. Very popular with students. AMONG THE NATION’S TOP TEN BURGERS, RECKONS THE TELEGRAPH CAFÉ-BAR @ THE TOBACCO FACTORY Raleigh Rd, Southville. Tel: 0117 902 0060. Web: www.tobaccofactory. com • Popular with a young, funky crowd. Contemporary warehouse chic, Bristol Beer Factory ales, quality menu with a distinctively Med feel. OUTSIDE AREA WITH OPEN YARD AND COVERED TERRACE CANTEEN Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY. Tel: 0117 923 2017. Web: • Firmly established within the ever-burgeoning boho Stokes Croft scene. Live music, lively atmosphere and carefully sourced food. Terrace is perfect for people-watching. ONSITE MURALS: BANKSY’S ‘MILD MILD WEST’, BREAKDANCING JESUS CELLAR Rummer Hotel, All Saints Lane, BS1 1JH. Tel: 0117 929 0111. Web: • Enhancing the Rummer’s reputation as one of the region’s foremost bars, this latenight cocktail lounge takes your drinking experience up a notch or two. NEW CHERRY DUCK BISTRO 3 Welsh Back, BS1 4SL. Tel:

0117 930 4034. Web: www. • Brunch, lunch and contemporary evening dining, plus cocktails. ETHICALLY-SOURCED FOOD IN A TRENDY VENUE CHIMP HOUSE 232 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8NZ. Tel: 0117 944 3092. Web: www., Facebook • Wine bar and lounge which specialises in operating as a party venue. ‘Like’ them on Facebook to keep abreast of how this particular Chimp swings. CLIFTON WINE BAR 4 Richmond Terrace, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 2069 • Relaxed atmosphere, good food, four lagers and three real ales plus eight ciders across taps and bottles. SCREENS SHOW SKY SPORTS NEW COLSTON HALL CAFE Colston Hall Foyer, Colston St. Tel: 0117 204 7131. Email: café@ • Formerly H Bar, now Colston Hall Café but another incarnation may yet come along. Draughts and bottles served in stylish surroundings. LOOK OUT FOR FACEBOOK PAGE AND TWITTER UPDATES COSIES 34 Portland Sq. Tel: 0117 942 4110. Web: • Daytime, mix with the suits at Portland Square Wine Bar. After dark, it’s student central, with a cooler crowd moved by ranking DJs. Minimal weekend door tax. FORMER VENUE BEST BRISTOL BAR

NEW CROFTERS RIGHTS 117-119 Stokes Croft, BS1 3RW. Web: • The Croft is dead, long live the Crofters Rights: a craft beer bar run by the people from The Lanes. REAL ALES. PIZZAS AND BLEACHERS DECO LOUNGE 50 Cotham Hill. Tel: 0117 373 2688. Web: • Relaxed, comfortable vibe and quirky split-level layout. Specials change monthly but the renowned chocolate brownies are going nowhere (except your cakehole). THINKING CAPS ON FOR THE MON QUIZ ELBOW ROOM 64 Park St. Tel: 0117 930 0242. Web: • Laidback pool bar featuring dimmed lighting, classy tunes, a gazillion drinks offers and pool competitions. Tell ’em this guide sent ya. “AHEAD OF THE PACK WHEN IT COMES TO LOUNGING” AND ALWAYS FREE ENTRY ETON 28 Baldwin St. Tel: 0117 927 9813 • Modern bar apparently not affiliated with the toff college of the same name, offering bottles etc plus cocktail pitchers. UWE students cop for a 50% deal. Closed Sun. HAPPY HOUR MON-THUR 5-8, FRI-SAT 4-7 FOLK HOUSE CAFE-BAR 40a Park St. Tel: 0117 908 5035. Web: • Delicious organic and Fairtrade

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BARS FOOD&DRINK fodder served in this tranquil haven on busy Park Street. A HIDDEN TREASURE GALLIMAUFRY 26-28 The Promenade, Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 7319. Web: www. • Formerly the Prom, serving wholesome English food, a comfortable drinking environment plus regular music. ART AND ARTEFACTS FOR SALE GOLDBRICK HOUSE 69 Park St. Tel; 0117 945 1950. Web: • Housed over three floors and two Georgian buildings, one of Bristol’s flashier drinking and dining destinations. Informal ground-floor café-bar, restaurant and champagne/cocktail bar upstairs. AMONG THE OBSERVER’S TOP 50 UK BARS, AWARDED TWO AA ROSETTES GRAIN BARGE Mardyke Wharf, Hotwells, BS8 4RU. Tel: 0117 929 9347. Web: • Likeable pub-on-a-boat, with Fairtrade/locally-sourced menu. MURAL PAINTINGS, POETRY & MUSIC NIGHTS GRECIAN KEBAB HOUSE LOUNGE 2 Cromwell Rd, St Andrews. Tel: 0117 942 3456 • Late-night lounge (open from 5pm MonSat, 2pm Sun) with tapas, platters, pizzas and beers for chillin’ like a villain. TV SYSTEM LETS YOU WATCH UPSTAIRS WHEN YOU’RE DOWNSTAIRS

HALO 141 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8BA. Tel: 0117 944 2504. Web: www. • Staged a Venue Christmas party a few years back but survived to remain a Bishopston community fave. SUNDAY ROASTS DELIVERED! HAUSBAR 52 Upper Belgrave Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 946 6081. Web: www. • Based on the German concept of homely cellar bars. Epic cocktail list, Erdinger and Budvar in bottles. GROWN-UP, STYLISH BUT UNPRETENTIOUS HERMANOS CAFÉ-BAR 55 Queens Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 929 4323. Web: www.hermanos. • A welcome respite from Queens Road’s hordes. Chill at lunchtime, lounge midweek or sample the 30-strong cocktail list later on. DJS FRI & SAT HILL 31-35 Cotham Hill, BS6 6JY. Tel: 0117 973 3793. Web: www. • It’s billed as a ‘pizza kitchen and bar’, and the ovens are put to good use: freshly baked pizzas, quesadillas and flatbreads in varieties like crispy duck and hoisin. HOTEL DU VIN & BISTRO Sugar House, Narrow Lewins Mead. Tel: 084473 64252. Web: • Winning mix of urban chic and urbane surrounds. LONG-TIME HIGH-END FAVE FOR BRISTOL FOODIES


WHITE LION BAR & TERRACE Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill • Possibly, probably, Bristol’s best view (bar wise.) No.1 HARBOURSIDE Canons Rd • Never tried oysters? They have their own counter here. BANK OF STOKES CROFT Stokes Croft • Original bank vault door still in place! BROWNS Queens Rd • Impress your folks in a building modelled on Venice’s Doge’s Palace. CROFTERS RIGHTS Stokes Croft • Ginger-and-chillinuanced Orchard Pig Crofters Rights sold here (and nowhere else.)

HUSH HUSH 233 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 942 2700 • Lively bar with clubby vibe; 2-4-1 cocktails all eve Wed and Thur. Sk8r décor indoors, dinky but funky back garden. PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR ADROIT TURNTABLISM! HYDE & CO 2 The Basement, Berkeley Crescent, BS8 1JY. Tel: 0117 929 7007. Web: • Older (but smaller) brother of Milk Thistle, toting a glamorous vibe with cocktails a speciality.

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FOOD&DRINK BARS JAVA COCKTAIL BAR & CLUB 9 Park St. Tel: 0117 930 4561. Web: • International beers, premium spirits and spectacular cocktail range served in classy surroundings. TSARINE IS THE HOUSE CHAMPAGNE LA TAVERNA DELL’ARTISTA 33 King St. Tel: 0117 929 7712 • Late-opening cultural delight enjoyed by regulars from all walks of life. Pick up a pizza in the company of celebrities, or eavesdrop on posttheatre chat with a pint. RUB SHOULDERS WITH A CREATIVE CROWD AND THE OCCASIONAL ACTOR LAS IGUANAS 113 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 0730; South Building, Anchor Sq. Tel: 0117 927 6233. Web: www. • Bristol’s very own dollop of Latin America. Salsa beats, funky decor and legendary cocktails. THEIR SIGNATURE CAIPIRINHAS ARE BRILLIANT LEFT BANK Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 944 4433. Web: • Draws musos, actors and artists with its shabby-chic décor and stylish but unpretentious vibe. ACOUSTIC NIGHTS, PARTY MUSIC, OPEN MICS LOUNGE 227 North St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 963 7340. Web: www.thelounges. • Effortlessly laidback vibe with leather sofas for all-day lounging, wooden tables, ciabattas, steaks, burgers, daily specials, draughts, bottles and cocktails.

OUTSIDE SEATING MBARGO 38-40 Triangle West, Clifton Triangle. Tel: 0117 925 3256 • Cool, stylish bar with reliable buzz. MBARGO LOUNGE 37 Triangle West. Tel: 0117 940 6101. Web: www.mbargolounge. • Formerly the Park, serving a similar mix of drinks and DJs throughout the week. MR WOLF’S 33 St Stephens St. Tel: 0117 927 3221. Web: • Winning combination of music venue, café and bar that manages to be greater than the sum of its myriad parts. FAMILY-RUN (THERE’S A GENUINE MR WOLFF HERE!) MUD DOCK 40 The Grove. Tel: 0117 934 9734. Web: www.mud-dock. com • Bar-restaurant above a bike shop (random bike parts hang precariously from the ceiling). Gorgeous décor, food and booze. FANTASTIC SUN TERRACE WITH BOAT-BOBBING VIEW No1 HARBOURSIDE 1 Canons Rd, Watershed. Tel: 0117 929 1100. Web: www. • Waterfront wonder drawing a cultured clientele of all ages for music from across the globe and choice food and drink from much, much nearer to home. OYSTER BAR ON SITE No51 STOKES CROFT 51 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 914 8048. Web:

• Friendly and funky bar-cum-music venue. Drop in for DJs, pizzas, Kopparberg and much more. PIZZAS COOKED IN WOODFIRED OVEN PAM PAM 3 Queens Ave Tel: 0117 973 1249. Web: • Stylish bar catering for young professionals and students via DJs and live music. SOPHISTICATED SURROUNDINGS PITCHER & PIANO Waterfront. Tel: 0117 929 9652. Web: • Converted warehouse in fabulous harbourside location, and the biggest outlet in the Pitcher & Piano chain. Covered smoking area. POCO 45 Jamaica St, Stokes Croft, BS2 8JP. Tel: 0117 923 2233. Web: www. • Superb brunch, salad wraps and sourdough sandwiches for lunch, before a menu of tapas, wines and cocktails take over after dusk. PORTO LOUNGE 765 Fishponds Rd. Tel: 0117 902 4567. Web: www.thelounges. • Part of the successful neighbourhood-bar Lounge empire. Have an early coffee with the morning papers, then breakfast, then homemade burgers for lunch. ONCE A TRAVEL AGENTS – HENCE THE NAME, PORTO BEING TWINNED WITH BRISTOL QUEENSHILLING 9 Frogmore St. Web: www. • Open Thur-Sat and Mon with a line-up including a

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8 jacobs wells road BS8 1EA Thursday-Saturday 11am-6pm

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FOOD&DRINK BARS popular student night and alternative music. THE CITY’S LONGESTESTABLISHED GAY NIGHTCLUB THE QUADRANT 2 Princess Victoria St, Clifton Village. Tel: 0117 974 1025. Web: • Light, airy ground-floor bar with bare-brick walls and chalkboards. Wines, spirits, continental lagers, real ale accompanied by tapas. REGULAR WINE-TASTING EVENTS; PRIVATE PARTIES WITH SUPERB BUFFET RACKS BAR & KITCHEN St Pauls Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 1626. Web: www.racks-bristol. • Clifton landmark, with lively bar serving draught lagers, real ales, around 30 wines and solid spirit offerings. Popular with rugby fans. 13 WORLD BOTTLED BEERS REFLEX 18a Baldwin St. Tel: 0117 945 8891. Web: • Downtown retro bar with a distinctly 1980s flavour going down a storm. IT WAS ACCEPTABLE IN THE 80S (AND APPARENTLY IT STILL IS) REVOLUTION Old Fish Market, St Nicholas St. Tel: 0117 930 4335. Web: www. • Part of the national vodka bar chain. Stylish bar-restaurant offering great food and drink and DJs Fri and Sat to make the night go with a swing, whether you’re partying or chilling. AROUND 30 DIFFERENT VODKAS, 20 COCKTAILS

ROO BAR Clifton Down Station, Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 923 7204 • Themed Australian sports bar, with numerous screens, plus pool. Wellstocked bar, food daily. NEXT TO CLIFTON DOWN STATION SEVERNSHED The Grove. Tel: 0117 925 1212. Web: www.severnshedrestaurant. • A large dose of dockside chic, catering for Bristol’s style gurus. Gordon Banks was here in July! Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the water. FORMERLY A BRUNEL-BUILT BOATHOUSE SLUG & LETTUCE 26-28 Nicholas St. Tel: 0117 952 9900. Web: www.slugandlettuce. • Open-plan building, comfortable leather sofa zones and muted décor. Offers a range of bottles and draughts plus reliable grub options from salads to curries. 2-4-1 COCKTAIL OFFERS THE SOCIAL 130 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 924 4500. Web: www.thesocialbristol. • Attractive décor – exposed brickwork, chunky sofas and tables, large front windows – plus flavoursome food, top draughts, bottles and wines. “A COMFORTABLE PLACE FOR A STYLISH BIT OF NOUVEAU PUB NOSH,” SAID OUR REVIEWER SQUARE BAR 15 Berkeley Sq, Clifton. Tel: 0117 921 0455. Web: www. • Exclusive decadence, from fine dining to

award-winning cocktails. Nonmembers welcome to dine – please phone to book. ALFRESCO RELAXING ON THE TERRACE START THE BUS 7-9 Baldwin St. Tel: 0117 930 4370. Web: • Part pub-with-great-food, part adult-youth-club hang-out offering everything from eclectic live music to hipster jumble sales and quizzes. Extensive draughts, diverse bottles, ace comfort food. AS REGULAR A HAUNT AS YOUR LECTURES THEKLA East Mud Dock, The Grove. Tel: 0117 929 3301. Web: www. • Brilliant bar, live venue and nightclub (on a boat!) STUDENT NIGHTS TINTO LOUNGE 344 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 0526. Web: • Reclaimed church chairs, battered wooden tables, chunky leather sofas at a friendly café/bar integral to Gloucester Road chilling. VENUE TOP BANANA-WINNING FORMULA TOWNHOUSE BAR & RESTAURANT 85 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 9302. Web: www. • Formerly Picturehouse East, boasting attractive front terrace perfect for alfresco dining. Modern British dishes – full English, crunchy crackling, hot dripping on bread etc. SUNDAY ROAST COMES WITH GIANT YORKSHIRES

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BARS/PUBS FOOD&DRINK URBAN WOOD 90 Colston St, BS1 5BB. Tel: 0117 929 3627. Web: www.theurbanwood. com • Cracking independent bar split into two rooms: the front with chesterfield sofas and intimate tables, the back for party hire/eating. Great menu – burgers a particular treat.

ZERODEGREES 53 Colston St. Tel: 0117 925 2706. Web: • European-influenced restaurant fused with a microbrewery and stylish bar, all in one venue. BEERS BREWED ONSITE, TOP GOURMET PIZZAS

WATERSHED CAFÉ-BAR 1 Canons Rd. Tel: 0117 927 5101. Web: • One of Bristol’s most relaxing and welcoming venues complete with superb harbourside view. ALSO A MEDIA CENTRE WITH CINEMAS SHOWING THE BEST IN INDEPENDENT FILM

ZEST CAFE, LOUNGE & BAR 408 Gloucester Rd, Horfield, BS7 8TR. Tel: 0117 949 0142 • Upbeat look via pastel shades of orange, red, green and lime. Authentic Mediterranean food.

WEES LOUNGE BAR 72 Park St. Tel: 0117 929 1166 • Classy cocktail bar with fat sofas, cool tunes, premium spirits, DJs Friday-Saturday and the place to be on mobbed Monday nights. SHISHA BAR OUT BACK

ASSEMBLY INN 16–17 Alfred St, Lansdown Rd, BA1 2QU. Tel: 01225 333639. Web: www. • Lively, friendly Abbey Ales pub (big on screening live sporting action) serving high-quality real ales (including Abbey’s flagship brews), continental lagers, well-chosen wines and wallet-friendly, homecooked pub grub. FABULOUS SUNDAY ROASTS

WHITE LION BAR & TERRACE Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 8955. Web: www. • Probably the best view in the whole of Bristol. Sup on the vast terrace and gaze out over Clifton Suspension Bridge. THAT VIEW: ENOUGH SAID THE WOODS 1 Park St Ave. Tel: 0117 925 0890 • Go down to the Woods today! Smart bar with a gentlemen’s club ambience and lovely little heated garden (with umbrellas). Very female-friendly, not remotely laddish. ASTONISHING CHOICE OF AROUND 100 WHISKIES AND BOURBONS


BARLEY MOW 32 Bathwick St, BA2 6NZ. Tel: 01225 464845 • Smart little boozer serving homecooked pub grub on comfortable sofas around a real fire, in the lovely little separate dining area out back or on a dinky little patio to the rear. Regular Curry Night events etc. keep the locals very happy. BEAR 6-10 Wellsway, BA2 3AQ. Tel: 01225 425795. Web: www.bearbath. • Upmarket, contemporary

neighbourhood pub offering a spiffing bar selection and inspired modern pub grub from soup, fish & chips and burgers to more sophisticated delights. Regular themed evenings and a thoughtful range of events (see website) keep things lively. COVERED PATIO IS AN OASIS AWAY FROM THE BUSY MAIN ROAD BELL INN 103 Walcot St, BA1 5BW. Tel: 01225 460426. Web: www.thebellinnbath. • This friendly, characterful hostelry is one of Bath’s longestrunning merrymaking institutions, today owned by local shareholders who invested in a Community Buyout Scheme. Food comes courtesy of the magnificent Made By Ben (see Cafes/Sandwich Shops, Bath). Hosts regular live music and DJ/party events. BEER GARDEN BLATHWAYT Lansdown, BA1 9BT. Tel: 01225 421995, web: www.blathwaytbath. • Gert big family-oriented boozer (and hotel) next to Bath Racecourse. BOATER Argyle St, BA2 4BQ. Tel: 01225 464211 • Revamped 18th-century pub by the weir, with a large alfresco area making the most of ‘that’ view. Sturdy menu of hearty, homemade favourites including a superb Sunday roast. Atmosphere is always lively, and it gets rammed on rugby days. BOATHOUSE Newbridge Rd, Newbridge, BA1 3NB. Tel: 01225 482584. Web:

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Beerd 157-159 St Michael’s Hill, Cotham, Bristol BS2 8DB T: 0117 974 3567 E: W:

Craft beer and pizza


ne of the first craft beer bars in the South West, Beerd offers something entirely different with an extensive range of world beers from artisan and independent breweries: not only the best of the West, but also craft-brewed beers from the US and elsewhere, available in keg, cask or bottle. Spoilt for choice, beer lovers can choose from nine guest keg beers, which are dispensed US-style from the taps fitted to a bespoke back bar fitting, inspired by a Manhattan water tower. Keg beers include Steenbrugge and Estaminet from the Belgian Palm Brewery. But the list changes regularly, so check the blackboard. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, wearing quirky Beerd T-shirts, are on hand to guide people through the amazing range, whether they are novices or experts on beer. Drinkers can enjoy a pint, half and even the new one-third and two-third pint measures of beer, while appreciating a bespoke décor that mixes old with new. Retro beermat wallpaper faces exposed brickwork for a decidedly US feel, while colourful mis-matched chairs and tables offer the perfect pit-stop

PRICE Snacks and Starters from £2.50, Salads from £3.50, Pizzas from £7.95, (lunch time special 12pm -4pm Mon- Fri £4.95) for those not wanting to stand at the bar. Food is served throughout the day and hungry patrons can tuck in to freshly made, handcrafted Neapolitan-style pizzas prepared on the premises in a stone hearth pizza oven. For a quick nibble, bar snacks match the global beer on offer, including bar dough, cheese & beer toast and cured meat platters.

DRINKS Draught Ale,Stout,Cider and Lager from £3.05, Bottles from £3.95, Wines gls from £3.75 and btls from £15.95


Sunday – Wednesday 10am – 11pm. Thursday – Saturday 10am – 12midnight. Food served all day from noon.

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PUBS FOOD&DRINK • Splitlevel comfort zones and thoroughly modern, flexible menus offer a bang-up-to-date pub experience, from Medi-themed small plates and sharing platters to substantial modern Brit classics. Good selection of real ales. MULTIPLE VERANDAS AND A SPRAWLING MANICURED LAWN ROLLING ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE RIVER CHEQUERS 50 Rivers St, BA1 2QA. Tel: 01225 360017. Web: www.thechequersbar. com • Smart little gastropub highly regarded around these yer parts for its fabulous food, also offering a warm welcome to tipplers-only too. ALFRESCO TABLES COEUR DE LION 17 Northumberland Place (off High St), BA1 5AR. Tel: 01225 463568. Web: • Part of the Abbey Ales mini-empire (see also Assembly Inn, the Star Inn and the Trinity) and officially Bath’s smallest pub. On the food front, daytime-only menus push all the right pub-grub buttons (sturdy sarnies, ham and eggs, homemade pies, sausage & mash, perfect Sunday roasts) and – as one would expect from an Abbey pub – wellkept ales flourish at the bar. PAVEMENT TABLES ON THE TRAFFIC-FREE LANE OUTSIDE CORK 11-12 Westgate Buildings, BA1 1EB. Tel: 01225 330470. Web: www. • Crowd-pleasing, student-friendly city-centre pub combining traditional Brit-pub elements (pool tables, big-screen

sports, theme nights) with a swanky downstairs bar (The Vaults) and spacious covered, heated alfresco patio to the rear. Exceedingly walletfriendly grub includes doorstep sarnies, excellent Sunday roasts and sociable sharing platters; visit website for regular events and party nights.


CRYSTAL PALACE Abbey Green, BA1 1NW. Tel: 01225 482666. Web: www. • Big citycentre pub/restaurant on a pretty cobbled courtyard, with a covered, heated garden out back, popular with office workers, students and tourists alike.

GARRICK’S HEAD St John’s Place • Even the bar menu is gastro-glorious!

CURFEW ALE HOUSE & DINING ROOM 11 Cleveland Place West, BA1 5DG. Tel: 01225 313747. Web: • Formerly careworn boozer now restored, revamped and thoroughly revitalised to exacting standards. FAIRFIELD ARMS 1 Fairfield Park Rd, BA1 6JN. Tel: 01225 445553. Web: www. • Unique blend of spruced-up, traditional boozer (with beer garden and open fires) and Haldi Tandoori Indian Restaurant and takeaway. Authentic Indian classics abound, or enjoy a pint and a couple of bhajis at the bar. FREE DELIVERY SERVICE (SEE WEBSITE)

MARLBOROUGH TAVERN Marlborough Buildings • This place didn’t earn AA Rosettes for laurel-resting...

HOP POLE Albion Buildings • The best posh fish and chips in Bath? You decide.

lively Sawclose scene, adjacent to the Theatre Royal. PAVEMENT TABLES ON THE TRAFFIC-FREE LANE OUTSIDE GASCOYNE PLACE Sawclose, BA1 1EY. Tel: 01225 445854. Web: www.gascoyneplace. • Tasteful, easy-going cafébar/restaurant hybrid with a lively, sparkly bar at street level, a cosy snug to the left, a bright balcony to the right, two upstairs rooms that are among the most elegant in Bath and an evocative subterranean merrymaking area down below. FREE LIVE JAZZ EVERY SUNDAY EVENING

GARRICK’S HEAD St Johns Place, BA1 1ET. Tel: 01225 318368. Web: www. • Classy but classless, highly acclaimed bar and gastropub at the epicentre of the

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FOOD&DRINK PUBS GEORGE INN Mill Lane, Bathampton, BA2 6TR. Tel: 01225 425079. Web: www. • Cask Marqueawarded Chef & Brewer inn with a big crowd-pleasing food menu. BEER GARDEN

But the restaurant’s locally sourced, imaginative fare-with-flair is what really gets Bathonians excited, with the Hop’s glowing reputation for well-priced, imaginative gastropub grub. GORGEOUS BEER GARDEN

GRIFFIN INN Beauford Sq, BA1 2AP. Tel: 01225 420919. Web: www.griffinbath. • A scrubbed-up paean to contempo-pub sensibilities, complete with chunky wooden fixtures and fittings, an intelligently stocked bar and classic, quality grub.

KING OF WESSEX James St West, BA1 2BX. Tel: 01225 303380. Web: www. • Part of the huge Wetherspoon chain, in the heart of Bath’s multi-use Kingsmead leisure complex. It’s a busy, bustling boozer with wallet-friendly grub: loud, proud food/beer promos proliferate.

HARE & HOUNDS Lansdown Rd, BA1 5TJ. Tel: 01225 482682. Web: www. • Imposing 18th-century alehouse with huge picture windows, large split-level beer garden (with covered, fairylit area) and swoonsome views across the countryside. Food, meanwhile, is gastropub-glorious. HUGE GARDEN OFFERS AMAZING VIEWS HOP POLE 7 Albion Buildings, Upper Bristol Rd, BA1 3AR. Tel: 01225 446327. Web: • As you’d expect from a Bath Ales brewery, they pull an excellent pint here.

KING WILLIAM PUB & DINING ROOMS 36 Thomas St (off London Rd), BA1 5NN. Tel: 01225 428096. Web: • Top-notch, award-winning, highly acclaimed gastro grub in a charmingly eclectic environment that belies the prosaic, main road location. MARLBOROUGH TAVERN 35 Marlborough Buildings, BA1 2LY. Tel: 01225 423731. Web: • Despite holding multiple awards (including two well-deserved AA rosettes) and accolades from critics, food guides and Michelin men alike, the MT is most definitely not a highfalutin’ diner. Regulars treat it as a friendly local that serves fab food to be enjoyed wherever you can grab a place to sit and tuck in, and drinkers-only are never overlooked. LOVELY WALLED GARDEN OUT BACK

OLD GREEN TREE 12 Green St, BA1 2JZ. Tel: 01225 448259 • Beams, oak panelling, original fireplaces, ancient wooden floors, six real ales (from microbreweries within a 70-mile radius) and everything from doorstep sarnies to posh Brit-trad classics, all freshly prepared on the premises. Small but perfectly formed, and well worth squeezing yourself into, even on busy days. ONE BEAUFORT 1 Beaufort West, BA1 6QB. Tel: 01225 334050. Web: www. • Upper-crust, multi-ambient contemporary pub PIG & FIDDLE 2 Saracen St, BA1 5BR. Tel: 01225 460868. Web: www.pigandfiddle. • Pretty much an extension of Bath Uni’s Student Union bar, this busy boozer appeals largely to a young crowd (and smokers who dominate heated outdoor tables at the junction of a busy traffic island). The kitchen specialises in huge portions of wallet-friendly pub grub, while regular big-screen live sporting events, live music and live DJs keep things, erm, lively. BEER GARDEN PULTENEY ARMS 37 Daniel St, BA2 6ND. Tel: 01225 463923. Web: www.thepulteneyarms. • Friendly, traditional boozer with wooden floors, comfortable banquettes, roaring open fires and a very well-stocked bar. Generous portions of good homemade food including classic Sunday roasts and fantastic fresh fish dishes. PAVEMENT TABLES

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PUBS FOOD&DRINK RAM 20 Claverton Buildings, Widcombe, BA2 4LD. Tel: 01225 460426 • Traditional neighbourhood boozer serving traditional neighbourhood boozer fare: real ales, real pub, really good fun. RAVEN 7 Queen’s St, BA1 1HE. Tel: 01225 425045. Web: www.theravenofbath. • This small but perfectly formed city centre oasis (guaranteed free of TV/loud music) offers a warm welcome even when packed to the rafters (a not-that-unusual scenario). Excellent wine/ales list (taster shots available) and classic bar selection at the long street-level bar and in the cosy upstairs supper room. Grub revolves around Pieminister pies, local sausages, an excellent ploughman’s, elegant pâtés, soups and terrines. RING O’BELLS Widcombe Parade, BA2 4JT. Tel: 01225 448870. Web: www. • The perennially popular Ringo combines a friendly, polished atmosphere with polished, friendly food – mainly modern British but with contemporary Medi-themed twists. Well-stocked bar with a great range of wines, continental beers etc. SALAMANDER 3 John St, BA1 2JL. Tel: 01225 428889. Web: • No TV, no fruit machines, no fuss – just nice folk, a good atmosphere and a cosy feel… exactly what we’ve come to expect from a Bath Ales pub. Refreshingly straightforward pub bar at street level and cosy first-floor supper room; bar

menu features possibly the best homemade burger in Bath (with perfect chips) and incredibly wellstuffed sarnies alongside traditional British snacks. SAM WELLERS Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1RH. Tel: 01225 474910. Web: www. • City centre hotspot specialising in classic pub grub (steaks, fish & chips, pie & mash, all-day breakfasts, Sunday roasts) and a good pint (or three). SARACEN’S HEAD Broad St, BA1 5LP. Tel: 01225 426518 • Ancient, historic boozer slightly marred by concessions to tourists, sports fans and stag dos. Traditional fare like beef & ale pie and Sunday roasts, with some veggie options. STAR INN Vineyards (opp. The Paragon), BA1 5NA. Tel: 01225 425072. Web: • Grade II-listed, CAMRA-endorsed, fruit machine/music-free real-ales corker with a history dating back to the 16th century, 19th-century wooden interiors and a well-stocked bar courtesy of local brewery/ proprietors Abbey Ales. No menu as such, but well-stuffed rolls and generous complimentary Saturday bar snacks (from quail’s eggs and sausage rolls to big cheeseboard selections) further enhance the appeal of this Bath institution. ST JAMES WINE VAULTS St. James Sq. BA1 2TW. Tel: 01225 310335. Web: www. • All about a friendly welcome, a warm vibe and

FUNKY PUBS! ST JAMES WINE VAULTS St James Square • Characteristically characterful - and that’s just the bar staff... BELL INN Walcot St • The regulars loved this place so much they bought it! Grab your share. OLD GREEN TREE Green St • Step back in time… and stay as long as you can.

heartily-supported community spirit, particularly popular with students and locals. Feeling peckish? Order a delivery from a range of takeaway menus at the bar. REGULAR FREE LIVE MUSIC EVENTS/QUIZ NIGHTS TRINITY INN James ST West, BA1 2DA. Tel: 01225 469456. Web: www.abbeyales. • The most recent acquisition in the Abbey Ales ‘family’ (see also The Star Inn, the Coeur de Lion and the Assembly) offering AA’s range of classic and flagship brews, an amazing range of Polish vodkas, a warm welcome and sturdy pub grub. FEELING BRAVE? TAKE THE NAGA JOLOKIA CHILLI VODKA CHALLENGE VOLUNTEER RIFLEMAN’S ARMS New Bond St Place, BA1 1BA. Tel: 01225 425210 • Small, welcoming pub offering homecooked traditional pub grub and a good selection of traditional local ales

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FOOD&DRINK PUBS alongside standard bar goodies. PAVEMENT TABLES ON TRAFFICFREE THOROUGHFARE WESTGATE 38 Westgate St, BA1 1EL. Tel: 01225 461642. Web: pubs-in-bath/westgate-pub • Scrubbed-up city-centre pub serving reasonably priced, crowdpleasing pub classics, from full-on full English breakfasts to snacks/ nibbles/light lunches, proper fish & chips, big burgers, macho steaks and Sunday roasts, with a massive bar selection to boot. WHITE HART Widcombe Parade, BA2 6AA. Tel: 01225 338053. Web: www. • Much-loved cornerstone of the Widcombe ‘scene’, where the spacious bar and dining rooms lead through to a gorgeous urban oasis in the courtyard outback. Food is of the unpretentious, modern, Michelin Guide-endorsed variety (the signature rough pesto/hummus is the stuff of local legend). DELIGHTFUL COURTYARD

BRISTOL ADAM & EVE 7 Hope Chapel Hill, Hotwells. Tel: 0117 329 3515 • Five rotating ales, live music and/or open mics four

nights weekly. TUCKED-AWAY CHARMER ALBION PUBLIC HOUSE & DINING ROOMS Boyces Ave, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 3522. Web: www.thealbionclifton. • Fine dining, numerous nonpareil wines and real ales (plus Zerodegrees pilsner), snug bar and courtyard. “BRINGS THE SHIRES TO BS8,” WROTE OUR CHAP (THE MICHELIN MAN’S ALSO A FAN) THE ALMA, TAVERN & THEATRE 18-20 Alma Vale Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 5171. Web: • An extensive refurb in 2012 brought new décor, elegant toilets and an expanded garden; the pub’s intimate, upstairs theatre also being enhanced. Locally sourced bar and à la carte menus in the hands of an experienced chef are accompanied by 20 wines and five real ales. THE COUNTRY’S ONLY PUB/ THEATRE WEST OF LONDON ANCHOR 323 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 924 1769 • Upbeat sports pub in the heart of UWE studentland boasting two alfresco drinking areas. Traditional pub grub like all-day brekkies and bangers & mash. STUDENT NIGHTS, BANDS, QUIZZES AND SPORT ANNEXE Nevil Rd, Bishopston, BS7 9EQ. Tel: 0117 949 3931. Web: www. • Cricket lover’s paradise, housed in a converted skittle alley attached to the

Sportsman. AFFORDABLE FOOD, REAL ALES, SPORT ON SCREENS APPLE Welsh Back, BS1 4SB. Tel: 0117 925 3500. Web: • Boat-based cider central. AVON PACKET 185-187 Coronation Rd. Tel: 0117 987 2431 • Traditional bar games, Sky Sports, real ale and delicious cheese and onion rolls. REAL DUCKS IN THE POND OUT BACK. QUACK QUACK. BARLEY MOW 39 Barton Rd, St Philips, BS2 0LF. Tel: 0117 930 4709. Web: www. • Given that the Dings (a dinky, 600-strong village) was crowned Community of the Year in December 2010 by Axa Insurance, the Dings’ sole boozer, purpose-built in the 1820s, might have a claim to being the country’s most local local. THE BEAR 261 Hotwell Rd. Tel: 0117 987 7796 • A real mix of clientele in this popular venue, from students and locals to visiting musicians. Cribbage and darts teams. RENOWNED BEBOP JAZZ CLUB EVERY FRIDAY BEAUFORT 21 York Rd, Montpelier. Tel: 0117 955 5216 • A warm welcome in this cosy, family-run pub. MEMORABLE BLUES/REGGAE/ IRISH STANDARDS JUKEBOX BEAUFORT ARMS 23 High St, Clifton. Tel 07582

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Sunday quiz night start 8.30pm £100 1st prize Student night: Mondays & Thursdays start 7pm... Carling and Magners only £1.50 a pint 2 main meals for £9 3 pool tables Watch live sport on 11 plasma TVs Now in HD and 3D, Free Wi-Fi Live Music every Saturday night

The Anchor, 323 Gloucester Road 0117 924 1769

★ The No. 1 VENUE in Bristol for ATMOSPHERE ★ Superb Range of Cask Beers, Ciders and Imports ★ Full Bar & Grill Menu served, Lunch time 12-3 pm & Evening 7 days a week ★ Great VENUE for Parties, Get-Togethers, Stag & Hen Nights etc. ★ Free WI FI, & Big Screen TV for MAJOR Sporting Events ★ Outside Patio Area ★ 10% NUS & NHS Discount on ALL Food & Drink

Just turn up, or to book ring

Colston Yard, Colston Street

0117 376 3232

Bristol BS1 5BD

On the site of the old Smiles Brewery Building

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FOOD&DRINK PUBS XXXXXXXX 655558 • Tucked-away oldfashioned wonder serving solid cider range. Piano and jukebox. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO LIKE THIS PLACE!

0117 942 8196. Web: www. • Around 20 ciders served. Currently open Thur-Sat. Quiz nights also staged. CIDER TASTINGS ARRANGED

nights. Get out of your student bubble: ride the train to Stapleton Road, then go from Sugar Loaf to Chelsea to Plough (see listings below).

BEERD 157-159 St Michael’s Hill. Tel: 0117 974 3567 • Bath Ales’ craft beer and pizza bar. Facial hair not essential. MUST-TRY WORLD BEERS

BRISTOL FLYER 96 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 944 1658 • Sprawling, smart biggie: fat seating for chillaxing, books/ board games, wide food and drink options. BRILLIANT BIG BACK GARDEN

CIDER PRESS 86-90 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8BN. Tel: 0117 989 2471. Web: theciderpressbristol • Formerly the Rising Sun (the Cider Press’s first birthday was celebrated in January 2013 with an impressive cake and lively hog roast), but still a student hotspot where they proudly proclaim that ‘eating’s not cheating’.

THE BELL Hillgrove St, Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 909 6612. Web: • Wood-floored and funky with diverse clientele. Regular DJs. BEER GARDEN OUT BACK THE BERKELEY Berkeley Centre, Queens Rd. Tel: 0117 927 9550 • Big, busy Wetherspoon’s pub popular with students. Drop-down TV screens show major sporting events. BEAUTIFUL DOMED GLASS AREA BISHOPS Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 944 5169 • Located in studentsville, serving good-value food and drink. FEMALE-FRIENDLY MOOD, AROUND 15 WINES BRIDGE INN Passage St. Tel: 0117 929 0942. Web: • Tucked away, tiny but terrific, food includes curry of the week plus ‘Cheeses Loves You’ on Sundays! VINYL COLLECTION PLUS RECORD PLAYER, REAL ALE MONDAYS BRISTOL CIDER HOUSE 8-9 Surrey St, St Pauls. Tel:

BRISTOL RAM 32 Park St. Tel: 0117 926 8654 • Friendly, relaxed and light, serving ales and continental lager plus freshly-cooked food. HIGH-DEF SPORT, DJS, KARAOKE, LIVE MUSIC CADBURY HOUSE Richmond Rd, Montpelier. Tel: 0117 924 7874. Web: www. • Legendary drinking institution in Bristol’s boho quarter. Good mix of students, locals and barflies. DECEPTIVELY LARGE BEER GARDEN CAT & WHEEL 207 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 942 7862 • Big, busy two-bar pub with pool tables and big-screen sports – plus alfresco viewing. THUR & SUN KARAOKE, FRI & SAT LIVE MUSIC CHELSEA INN 60-62 Chelsea Rd, Easton, BS5 6AU. Tel: 0117 902 9186. Web: Facebook • Shambolic but friendly neighbourhood boozer. Bags of lopsided character, beer yard out back. Regular DJs and live jazz

THE CLIFTON 16 Regent St, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 1967 • Attracting an 18-85 crowd, with décor and drinks similarly diverse. CLIFTON FACTOR QUIZ TUE, GRAB MY GRAPES WED COACH & HORSES Highland Sq, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 5176 • Former coaching inn much loved by its neighbourhood. SUNTRAP FRONT GARDEN COLSTON YARD Colston St, Bristol. Tel: 0117 376 3232. Web: • 30 bottled beers! Food includes sandwiches, burgers and mains. INNOVATIVE SIX NATIONS ALE PRICE STRATEGY COMMERCIAL ROOMS Corn St. Tel: 0117 927 9681 • Wetherspoon’s biggie serving numerous draught beers, ciders and lagers. Food offers. CHECK THE BYGONE COMPASS

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XXXXXXXX PUBS FOOD&DRINK THE CORNUBIA 142 Temple St, Redcliffe. Tel: 0117 925 4415. Web: www.thecornubia. • Serving 12 guest beers in the former Courage’s Brewery executive suite. WEEKLY BLUES JAM, MONTHLY BLUES GIG THE CORONATION 18 Dean Lane, Southville. Tel: 0117 940 9044 • Six ciders, four-five real ales, 11 lagers in total, light bites and more tucked away south of the river. STREET-CORNER LOCAL CORONATION TAP 8 Sion Place, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 9617. Web: www.thecoronationtap. com • The only cider house in Clifton and the oldest in Bristol. Home of the infamous Exhibition cider. ONE OF THE UK’S FOREMOST MUSIC PUBS REOPENING COTHAM PORTER STORES 15 Cotham Rd South. Tel: 0117 942 3546 • Little mid-terrace pub famed citywide as one of Bristol’s most traditional cider houses. Recently closed but new owners Wickwar Brewery set to open doors shortly after we go to press. DRAWBRIDGE 14-15 St Augustine’s Parade. Tel: 0117 929 8391 • Perfectly placed beside the Hippodrome for pre/ post-theatre pints. BIG CENTRAL MEETING PLACE DUKE OF YORK 2 Jubilee Rd, St Werburghs. Tel: 0117 941 3677 • Lively, fun hangout, mad as a box of frogs. Four

real ales, 11 ciders, seven draught lagers. Great games room. ONSITE SKITTLE ALLEY


ELDON HOUSE 6 Lower Clifton Hill. Tel: 0117 922 1271. Web: www.theeldonhouse. com • Charmer serving up Bath Ales brews and traditional English dining. LIVE MUSIC, FILM AND QUIZ NIGHTS

VICTORIA Southleigh Rd • The south-west’s only pub with Delirium Tremens on draught – an elephant in the room!

THE FARM Hopetoun Rd, St Werburghs. Tel: 0117 944 2384 • Laidback but lively community pub (complete with graffiti art) with large garden next to city farm. LIVE MUSIC OR QUIZ ON SUNDAY FULL MOON & ATTIC BAR Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 924 5007. Web: • Fantastic, ethical food and drink at this backpackers’ hotel and adjoining bar. DJS THURSDAY TO SATURDAY IN FULL MOON, MUSIC AND CLUBBING IN ATTIC GOLDEN GUINEA 19 Guinea St, Redcliffe, BS1 6SX. Tel: 0117 987 2034. Web: www. • Tuckedaway tavern on several levels: live graffiti, open mics, comedy and quizzes. GOLDEN LION 244 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston. Tel: 0117 924 6449 • Specialising in art and music: bands, open mics and DJs within impressively adorned walls. EXTERIOR MURAL SET TO CHANGE…


KINGS ARMS Whiteladies Rd • Tweeting dogs, a piano and a magician – this pub has it all! WHITE BEAR St Michael’s Hill • Howard Marks evening, a conker fight and chilli-eating competition all staged. FARM Hopetoun Rd • Smoking areas were once pigsties! WESTBURY PARK TAVERN Northumbria Dr • One of the UK’s few circular pubs (it’s your round.) GRAIN BARGE Hotwell Rd, Hotwells. Tel: 0117 929 9347. Web: • All aboard for top food and beer brewed less than a mile away. Live music Fri. LOOK OUT FOR WINTER BEERFEST GREEN MAN 21 Alfred Place, Kingsdown. Tel 0117 930 4824. Web: • Friendly one-bar beauty with impressive green food and drink credentials. Cosy and candle-lit in winter. GRADE II LISTED, FORMERLY THE BELL

97 Food&Drink 2013.indd 97

9/10/2013 6:56:20 PM


FOOD&DRINK PUBS HARE ON THE HILL Dove St, Kingsdown. Tel: 0117 908 1982 • CAMRA darling and the definition of a modern backstreet boozer: top drink, food and staff. Independent Sky boxes. 17 MALTS, SIERRA NEVADA ON DRAUGHT, BELGIAN CRAFT ALES HATCHET INN 27 Frogmore St. Tel: 0117 929 4118 • Rambling, ancient, metaller-friendly boozer with two bars and two function rooms. THE DOOR WAS ORIGINALLY COVERED IN HUMAN SKIN – UGH! • Cosy, candlelit community pub open Mon-Fri from 4pm, Sat-Sun from 2pm. Food (e.g. sticky pork noodles, spinach & feta pie) served 6-9pm during week, Sun roast from 5pm. Nice beer garden. FORMER CAMRA PUB OF THE YEAR FOR BRISTOL & DISTRICT HOLE IN THE WALL 2 The Grove, Queen Sq. Tel. 0117 926 5967 • Historic dockside building providing an informal pub and eatery. THE NAME REFERS TO A WINDOW USED TO SPOT PRESS GANGS APPROACHING

HEN & CHICKEN 210 North St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 966 3143. Web: www. • Café/bar-type feel, serving real ales plus wines and food. UPSTAIRS COMEDY CLUB

HOPE & ANCHOR 38 Jacob’s Wells Rd. Tel: 0117 929 2987 • Traditional boozer with eclectic specials and classic Blighty grub. Awesome terraced rear garden. QUEUE FORMS FOR SUN ROASTS

HIGHBURY VAULTS St Michael’s Hill. Tel: 0117 973 3203 • Renowned and snug, popular with chatters due to music’s absence. Choccy and banana beer in bottles. Top garden. NICK WALKER MURAL ONSITE, ONCE THE SITE OF A GALLOWS

HOPHOUSE Kings Rd, Clifton (behind WH Smith). Tel: 0117 923 7390 • Fine real ales beside premium lagers, excellent wines and restaurantquality food. STYLISH INDOORS, ORIGINAL COBBLES OUTSIDE

HILLGROVE PORTER STORES 53 Hillgrove St North, Kingsdown. Tel: 0117 924 9818. Web: www.

HORTS 49 Broad St. Tel: 0117 925 2520 • Deceptively large pub, with numerous nooks and crannies for intimate chats and quiet meals. SKY SPORTS FOOTBALL, CRICKET AND RUGBY PLUS BOXING AND TENNIS INN ON THE GREEN 2 Filton Rd, Horfield. Tel: 0117 952 1391 • CAMRA-recognised, serving

13 beers and 7 ciders at any one time. Cut-above cuisine. SUN CHARITY QUIZ & MEAT RAFFLE JERSEY LILY 193 Whiteladies Rd • Clean, crisp, contemporary public house serving well-kept ales. NAMED AFTER ROYAL MISTRESS LILLIE LANGTRY KENSINGTON ARMS 35-37 Stanley Rd, Redland. Tel: 0117 944 6444. Web: www. • Great gastropub right on the money when it comes to food, drink and service. SUNTRAP PATIO KING WILLIAM 20 King St. Tel: 0117 926 8672 • Multi-roomed/floored sprawler. Samuel Smith ales on draught. Some organic food and drink. Pool tables upstairs. SPIRITS SOUGHT BY AFTERHOURS SÉANCES BEFORE NOW KINGS ARMS 168 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 5922. Web: www.kingsarmsbristol. com • Varied food, drink and entertainment over three levels and numerous linked areas. MAGICIAN, MOJITO & POKER NIGHTS KING’S HEAD 60 Victoria St. Tel: 0117 929 2338 • Wonderful pub with a long history. Ornate decoration behind the bar, old photographs of Bristol cover the walls. INTERIOR, MODELLED ON A TRAMCAR, HAS FEATURED ON BBC TV

98 Food&Drink 2013.indd 98

9/10/2013 6:56:40 PM


The Prince of Wales 5 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8AA T: 0117 924 5552 W:

Glorious Gloucester Road institution



ith its eyecatching graffitipainted exterior and stained glass windows, The Prince of Wales combines a traditional pub with strong Bristol vibes. Priding itself on a good selection of well-kept local ales (including Ashley Down Brewery), a wide range of ciders and wines and wallet-friendly spirit deals (Jägerbombs £2.10, house doubles and selected mixers: £4.05), the POW has something for everyone, including a choice of organic drinks. A continuing theme of local and organic runs from the bar through to the kitchen. From midday until 9.30pm Monday to Saturday, the talented team of chefs dish up freshly-made meals and tasty snacks in abundance; the legendary POW roast dinners are served on Sundays between midday and 5pm. The kitchen team always try their best to cater for every dietary need and desire. The cosy, sheltered and heated courtyard out back bustles with energy of an evening, away from the hurly-burly of the popular Gloucester Road, and the place always radiates that

PRICE Mains from around £7

DRINKS crucial ingredient for success - atmosphere – meaning good times come as standard at the Prince of Wales. Sample Menu Starter Sundried tomato, basil & feta risotto balls Main Belly of pork with wholegrain mustard mash and cider sauce

Local ales and ciders including Butcombe and Ashley Down Brewery. Bloody Marys are legendary.


Noon til Midnight Daily Be sure to check out the Monday quiz.

99 p99.indd 99

9/10/2013 8:28:54 PM


Bavarian Beerhouse 46-48 Queen Charlotte Street, BS1 4HX T: 0844 330 2005 E: W:

An authentic, original and unique Bavarian experience with hearty food, ice-cold lagers and 'Oompah-tainment'


he Bavarian Beerhouse, the UK’s only German restaurant chain, is a new addition to Bristol, having opened on Queen Charlotte Street in August 2013. It provides an authentic, original and unique Bavarian experience, offering hearty food, ice cold lagers, ‘oompahtainment’, Bundesliga (German football) matches and table service from waiters and waitresses in traditional costume. A complete beer, gastro and entertainment concept, the Bavarian Beerhouse’s emphasis is firmly on fun. It serves traditional Bavarian dishes such as freshly baked pretzels, sausages of all kinds, schnitzels, meatballs and cheeses, imported weekly from Germany by the Bavarian Beerhouse’s own freezer truck. You can also go along just for drinks, with popular German and Bavarian beers such as Krombacher Pils Bier and Erdinger Wheat Bier on tap and served in traditional glasses like Steins. You can also try the Bavarian Beerhouse’s infamous Jagertrains (look them up on YouTube)! With both downstairs and upstairs bars, the restaurant features three themed areas in

PRICE Bavarian ‘Wurstplatte’ £12.80, snacks around £5.60, starters from £1.95

DRINKS German beers and speciality schnapps.

 the style of a ‘Biergarten’ (beer garden), an Oktoberfest beer tent and an Alpine chalet, with relaxed table service provided by staff in the traditional Bavarian dress of dirndl and lederhosen. Look out for live music at weekends and German Bundesliga, which will be shown regularly on big screens


Mon-Thu: 12-11pm, Fri-Sat 12pm-1am, Sun 12-10pm

for the football fans amongst you. They also host the ever-popular Oktoberfest every year – check the website for details of dates and times.

100 bavarian beerhouse P SG13.indd 100

9/11/2013 3:48:18 PM


PUBS FOOD&DRINK KINGSDOWN VAULTS 31 Kingsdown Parade, BS6 5UE. Tel: 0117 329 2521 • Traditional ale house. LIVE COUNTRY/BLUES/JAZZ/ FOLK


THE LANSDOWN Clifton Rd, Clifton Village. Tel: 0117 973 4949 • Very friendly little pub on Clifton Village’s edge. Extensive alfresco seating easily triples its size. A PUB – NOT BAR – WITH FINE GARDEN AND CLIENTELE

LOUISIANA Bathurst Parade, Wapping Rd. Tel: 0117 926 5978 • Innumerable top local/touring bands have gigged here. New Orleans-style balcony, well-kept drinks, Weekday lunchtime panini, Sunday carvery. “IF I LIVED IN BRISTOL I’D FORM A BAND JUST TO BE ABLE TO PLAY THE LOUISIANA,” SAID ANA MATRONIC

LAZY DOG 112 Ashley Down Rd. Tel: 0117 924 4809 • Puppy of the Pipe & Slippers/ Windmill/Lazy Dog family offering ales and cocktails, function room and rear garden. IMAGERY DEPICTS A LAZY DOG – A SAWMILLING LOG – AND FAG ASH LIL

MASON’S ARMS 124 Park Rd, Stapleton. Tel: 0117 939 3919 • Cosy snug; main bar features interesting model motorbikes etc., epic back garden easily one of the city’s best near UWE. AWESOME 5 NOV FIREWORK DISPLAY IN PREVIOUS YEARS

LION 19 Church Lane, Cliftonwood, BS8 4TX. Tel: 0117 926 8492. Web: Facebook • Hidden-away and much-loved gem - some of last year’s departing students made a lion cake to show their gratitude. Family-run with daughter Charity on standby, offering gastropub grub, quizzes, open mics, old stories, eccentrics… STREET PARTY & OPEN AIR CINEMA IN THE SUMMER

MERCHANT’S ARMS Merchants Rd, Hotwells. Tel: 0117 904 0037 • Bath Ales beers, pork pies, filled rolls and live music at least monthly. CAMRA-RECOGNISED BYGONE DÉCOR

LLANDOGER TROW 1-4 King St. Tel: 0117 926 1650 • One of Bristol’s oldest and architecturally distinctive pubs. Granddaddy of the vibrant King Street district. IT WAS HERE THAT DANIEL DEFOE MET ALEXANDER

MINERS ARMS Mina Rd, St Werburghs. Tel: 0117 907 9874. Web: • Popular locals’ hostelry (particularly with the nearby climbing club), with different rooms offering different moods. NEARLY 30 CRISPS AND SNACK VARIETIES SOLD – A LOCAL RECORD? MOTHERS’ RUIN 7-9 St Nicholas St, BS1 1UE. Tel: 0117 329 2141. Web: Facebook


ALBION Boyces Ave • Not a silent night when the Christmas carollers are in. BELL Hillgrove St • Lovely landlady, DJs drop dubstep, drum & bass… BEAUFORT York Rd • Jukebox plays vinyl rarities. STAR & GARTER Brook Rd • Rocking, rankin’ reggae and ska hideaway loved by students down the ages. CORONATION TAP Sion Place • In the UK music pub of the year top-six 2009, 2010 and 2011. • Multi-floored madhouse offering live music or DJs every night. Doormen may hug you on arrival! ONE OF BRISTOL’S TOP QUIZZES – WIN £100, FREE HALF-TIME CURRY NOVA SCOTIA Nova Scotia Place, Hotwells. Tel: 0117 929 7994 • Dockside drinking den with cosy bar and great alfresco seating. Pub grub includes hot and cold doorstop sarnies. MAPS AND SHIPS’ CHARTS USED AS WALLPAPER OLD DUKE King St. Tel: 0117 927 7137. Web: • Highly esteemed traditional jazz and blues

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9/10/2013 6:57:06 PM


FOOD&DRINK PUBS pub hosting live music numerous times weekly. ANNUAL JAZZ FESTIVAL AUG BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND OLD ENGLAND Bath Buildings, Montpelier • Large community pub with unlikely proto-Center Parcs history. Fine ales, bottles and spirits, pool, jukebox, live music, recent cider festival. PROBABLY THE UK’S ONLY PUB WITH ITS OWN CRICKET NETS, FORMERLY USED BY WG GRACE OLD FISH MARKET Baldwin St. Tel: 0117 921 1515 • Former fish market, now a Fuller’s city-centre beaut with regulars. Popular with sports fans. IMPRESSIVE DOCKSIDE MURAL OLD MARKET TAVERN 29 Old Market St. Tel: 0117 922 6123. Web: • Bristol’s only gay pub serving real ale. Top Sunday roasts. FANTASTIC BEER GARDEN OLD TAVERN Blackberry Hill, Stapleton. Tel: 0117 965 0491 • Fine old boozer, much loved by its punters. HANDY FOR UWE THE ORCHARD 12 Hanover Place, Spike Island. Tel: 0117 926 2678 • Small one-bar pub

offering 23 ciders, filled rolls, board games, quizzes and, sometimes, morris dancers. TELEGRAPH-RATED FORMER CAMRA NATIONAL CIDER PUB THE OSTRICH Lower Guinea St. Tel: 0117 927 3774 • Characterful, unspoiled dockside boozer serving Marstons and student loan-friendly food. SEATING OUTSIDE FOR 500 OVERLOOKING THE WATER PENNY FARTHING 115 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 3539. Web: www. • Traditional real-ale house with traditional pub grub and convivial punters mixing in former bank. BANK CLERK CLOCKING-IN AREA STILL IN PLACE PIPE & SLIPPERS 118 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 924 7711. Web: www. • Understatedly cool pub//bar drawing all ages. Wholesome grub, eclectic drinks, top DJs. PIPE DREAM COCKTAIL COMES WITH ABSINTHE THE PLOUGH 223 Easton Road, Easton. Tel: 0117 955 8556. Web: ThePloughEaston • Ace, shabby, characterful pub – table football, outside smoking zones, regular live music, pool table and laidback leftfield vibes. Man. PORTCULLIS 3 Wellington Terrace, Clifton. Tel: 0117 908 5536 • Mid-terrace marvel near Brunel’s bridge serving up to

nine real ales. Weekly film nights, frequent mini beer fests, nibbles! RUNNER-UP CAMRA BRISTOL PUB OF THE YEAR 2010 PRINCE OF WALES 5 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 924 5552. Web: • Most of your student loan could easily be spent at this mellow hang-out with its Soil Association-approved food, drink and chilled crowd. COVERED GARDEN AMONG BRISTOL’S BEST SMOKING FACILITIES PRINCE OF WALES Stoke Lane, Westbury-on-Trym. Tel: 0117 962 3715. Web: www. • Cask beer mecca popular with local sporting teams. Pub food classics, fascinating wall memorabilia. PURPOSE-BUILT SMOKING AREA WITH OUTDOOR TV PUMP HOUSE Merchants Rd, Hotwells. Tel: 0117 927 2229. Web: • Handsome dockside boozer in a striking former pump house. Awardwinning, seasonal, modern British cuisine. BEAUTIFUL DOCKSIDE SETTING QUINTON HOUSE 2 Park Place, Clifton. Tel: 0117 909 3857 • Dinky one-roomer where all from 18-80 enjoy superbly kept ales amid cheery cosiness. FOOD CAN BE BROUGHT IN FROM ELSEWHERE RICHMOND PUBLIC HOUSE & KITCHEN Gordon Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 923

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9/10/2013 6:57:21 PM


PUBS FOOD&DRINK 7542 • Across from Bristol Uni SU, offering smart surroundings, up to six real ales plus ace Sunday roasts. “Classy,” wrote our man. SKY SPORTS, QUIZ, LIVE MUSIC PLANNED ROBIN HOOD’S RETREAT 197 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston. Tel: 0117 924 8639. Web: www. • Restaurantquality food, around eight ales on tap, decked garden out back. 20 COCKTAILS, 30 RUMS & WHISKIES ROSE OF DENMARK 6 Dowry Place. Web: Facebook • Curries, quizzes, barbecues and ace ales at this friendly, lively, historic harbourside haunt. ROYAL OAK 385 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 989 2522, Web: www. • Former Top Banana bronze-bagger where studes mix with ankle-biters and the not-soyoung in wonderfully inclusive vibe. Affordable food cooked with care. Fantastic rear garden. WOOD-FIRED PIZZAS, SUMMER PORK & CIDER FEST RUMMER HOTEL All Saints Lane. Tel: 0117 929 0111. Web: • Extraordinarily diverse drink range. Undoubtedly classy but informal – a first-date safe bet. MADRID HOTEL VIBE SCOTCHMAN & HIS PACK 20 St Michael’s Hill. Tel: 0117 373 0138 • The veranda/roof terrace is a sun-catching delight – watch Bristol bustle by.

POOL, DARTS, WED QUIZ SEAMUS O’DONNELLS St Nicholas St. Tel: 0117 925 1283 • Genuine, very friendly Irish bar. A TASTE OF TEMPLE BAR IN ST NICKS MARKET – TRY THE 70% POTEEN THE SHAKESPEARE Henry St, Totterdown. Web: www. • Traditional pub serving local ales and ciders and a warm welcome. OPEN MICS, QUIZZES, DJS, LIVE MUSIC THE SHAKESPEARE TAVERN Prince St. Tel: 0117 929 7695 • Bristol’s oldest continuallylicensed pub (since 1777) with food, drink, surroundings and atmosphere worthy of its Grade II-listed status. QUINTESSENTIALLY ENGLISH – AN ABSOLUTE BEAUTY SHIP INN 7-9 Lower Park Row. Web: Facebook • Spread across many nooks and crannies over several floors. QUIZZES, DJS SPORTSMAN Nevil Rd / Seymour Rd. Tel 0117 942 7525 • Pool table- and sport fan-central boasting numerous screens just a hefty six from Gloucestershire CCC HQ. Venue’s man rates the pizzas. Top arrers, too. FREE POOL MON 6-11PM SPOTTED COW 139 North St, Southville. Tel: 0117 963 4433. Web: www.


RUMMER All Saints Lane • Great Market Sunday Roast September 29, waygu beef night October 3. WINDMILL Windmill Hill • Porn star or handlebar? Look out for annual moustache-growing competition. MOTHERS’ RUIN St Nicholas St • No sleep till… October! There’s a hostel arriving. SHAKESPEARE Henry St • Artwork filling the walls ahead of November’s art trail. PORTCULLIS Wellington Terrace • Film nights every Tuesday, regular beer festivals. • Traditional, funky yet friendly with fantastic drink, grub and garden. TUE QUIZ, DJS FRI-SAT NIGHT & SUN AFTERNOON STAG AND HOUNDS 74 Old Market St. Tel: 0117 329 2141. Facebook • Brilliant leftfield goings-on (live music, open mics, quizzes) from the Mother’s Ruin party people. Roof terrace and cosy fire plus 17th-century courtroom for hire! 10 TASTY BURGERS INCLUDE BEEF RENDANG, BEEF & BEER AND PORK & CIDER APPLE

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9/10/2013 6:58:45 PM


Jersey Lily 193 Whiteladies, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2SB T: 0117 9730207

A pub for all seasons


ersey Lily is a cracking little pub in the heart of Clifton, given a fresh lease of life by new managers Iain and Laurane, who took over in June 2013. Nestled near the top of Whiteladies Road, close to Durdham Downs in Bristol, it’s a contemporary public house with traditional values and a friendly atmosphere, particularly wellplaced for Bristol Uni students. Named after the colourful Jersey-born Victorian actress Lily Langtry, the JL has always been a popular watering hole for locals, shoppers and students alike. A traditional pub means traditional drinks, and Jersey Lily is renowned for its real ales, which include Tribute, Butcombe, Caledonian and Theakstons. As you’d expect from a decent hostelry, they also serve a range of wines, ciders, lagers, soft drinks and spirits – a particular speciality being gin. Indeed the Lily claims one ofthe best selections of gins available in Bristol. From Hendrick’s to Tanqueray to Fifty Pounds and Bulldog, there’s enough for an evening of sophisticated sampling.

The pub’s friendly, laidback atmosphere is enhanced by the open mic nights, run every other Tuesday, the ever-popular Thursday night quiz and by cocktail nights on Fridays. For sports fans they screen rugby, football and Formula 1. The coffee is proper freshground barista-style stuff and the menu’s robust and expertly delivered, with Sunday roasts a particular treat – but get there early, they’re extremely popular – much like the Jersey Lily itself.

PRICE Sunday roasts £7.95 (£3.95 for children).

DRINKS Real ales and gins a speciality.


Mon - Thu: 12-11pm Fri - Sat: 12pm-12am Sun: 12-10pm   

104 Jersey Lilly P SG13.indd 104

9/11/2013 3:52:44 PM


PUBS FOOD&DRINK STAR & DOVE 75-78 St Luke’s Rd, Totterdown. Tel: 0117 933 2892. Web: www. • Former Venue Top Banana winner serving six real ales, around 35 wines and tavernstyle dining. Tue open mic. OUTDOOR COOKING AT THE FIREPIT STAR & GARTER 33 Brook Rd, Montpelier. Tel: 0117 940 5552. Facebook • Legendary, lively inner-city pub guaranteeing the coolest reggae and ska tunes. DJs Fri and Sat, live music one Sun monthly (when curried goat’s also served). OPEN FROM 9PM MON-SAT & ONE SUN MONTHLY SUGARLOAF 51 St Marks Rd, Easton. Web: www. • Traditional pub with pool tables. Top cider choices. Rock-heavy jukebox; beer garden out back. A STONE’S THROW FROM STAPLETON ROAD STATION TAP & BARREL 43 Dean Lane, Bedminster. Tel: 07530 431977 • Large, turn-of-the-century biker-friendly pub. Covered and heated smoking area. POOL, DISCO, LIVE BANDS THREE SUGAR LOAVES 1 Christmas Steps. Tel: 0117 329 2523

• Modern alehouse offering excellent brews and flavoursome burgers in a quirky setting; the pub was made by knocking together three buildings. HOUSED IN FORMER SUGAR REFINERY (OVEN STILL IN SITU) DATING FROM 1680 THE THREE TUNS 78 St George’s Rd, Hotwells. Tel: 0117 907 0689. Web: www. • Cask and keg ales, traditional cider, sandwiches (TueSat 12noon-2pm & 6-9pm) and covered and heated terrace. Irish folk music Mon 8.30pm. PROPER ALE PUB PAR EXCELLENCE THUNDERBOLT 124 Bath Rd, Totterdown. Tel: 0117 373 8947. Web: www. • Housed in a former tollbooth, this community venue stages local and national bands weekly plus parties, poetry/ spoken word and arts. Serves local real ales and ciders, Sunday roasts. Ace garden. COVERED BY THE TIMES, GUARDIAN, INDEPENDENT THE VICTORIA Southleigh Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 5675 • Fisher Price-sized street-corner beauty (former Venue pub of the year) run by Bristol pub legends and featuring naff cocktail bar, winter fires and the south west’s only draught Delirium Tremens. Six real ales, +45 Belgian beers, Pieminister sausage rolls, scotch eggs, hand-raised pork pies. 70s COCKTAIL EVENINGS, CRAP-PRIZE BINGO, PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT, QUIZZES & TOP GEAR

THE VICTORIA 40 James St, St Werburghs • Part of St Werburghs’ very fabric with a local boozer vibe. VICTORIA PARK PUB & KITCHEN 66 Raymend Rd, Victoria Pk. Tel: 0117 330 6043. Web: www. • Three real ales, a dozen wines and pizzas cooked in outside wood-fired clay oven. BOOK CLUB, QUIZZES, OPEN MICS, SEWING GROUP THE VITTORIA 57 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 239 1303 • Traditional boozer feel. Up to five draughts with Courage Best a permanent. NAMED AFTER AN 1813 BATTLE WALKABOUT 40 Corn St. Tel: 0117 930 0181. Web: • Huge Australian theme bar in a converted bank, with a neverending party atmosphere. BIG TVS FOR SPORT THE WELLINGTON Gloucester Rd, Horfield. Tel: 0117 951 3022. Web: www.bathales. com • Grand Bath Ales biggie atop Gloucester Road with fine ales and food plus 20+ alfresco tables. THE MODERN AND THE TRADITIONAL COMBINE PERFECTLY WESTBURY PARK TAVERN Northumbria Drive, Henleaze. Tel: 0117 962 4235 • Big and friendly, and handy for the rather wonderful Orpheus cinema.

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The Burger Joint 83 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol BS8 2NT T: 0117 329 0887 W:

Bliss in a bun


he Burger Joint sells what most people reckon are the best burgers in Bristol. In fact, in the past year they have won the best burger award at the Bristol Good Food Awards and have moved to a new bigger location on Whiteladies Road to meet the increased demand. And in early 2014 they hope to open a 2nd restaurant on North Street in Bedminster There’s probably nowhere in Bristol where you can eat as well and so cheaply. Proprietor Dan Bekhradnia explains: “I want to prove that well-cooked burgers made from high-quality ingredients can provide an outstanding dining experience for an outstanding price.” In keeping with their philosophy that everything should be freshly prepared and cooked on the premises, The Burger Joint has a carefully selected menu, focusing on (but not limited to) burgers: prime beef, Welsh lamb, venison, wild boar, chicken and two types of vegetarian burger, all made with locally sourced ingredients and to their own recipes, accompanied by homemade sauces and chargrilled to order. In keeping with the same philosophy, wines and beers are specially selected to offer a

similar combination of quality and value – “with the emphasis always on quality,” says Dan. The Burger Joint offers a licensed restaurant (laidback decor, cool music, modern furnishings and a wonderful terrace for al fresco dining) and a takeaway service. People come from all over Bristol to this place, which has established itself as one of the city’s favourite destinations for those with good taste and a limited budget, and has consistently been among the top 20 Bristol restaurants on TripAdvisor.

Sample Menu Burgers Prime beef; lamb & mint; venison; mixed mushroom, garlic & herb Toppings Grilled bacon; four cheeses; roasted peppers; onion rings Sides Hand-cut chips; coleslaw; sweet potato chips; mixed salad Starters/Desserts Also available

PRICE Burger £7.95 (inc. side dish)/ salads £7.95/starters & desserts £3.95

DRINKS Wines, beers, ciders, soft drinks.


Daily 12noon-late.

106 p106.indd 106

9/10/2013 8:31:24 PM


PUBS/RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK EXTERIOR WAS USED AS THE YOUNG ONES’ LOCAL, THE KEBAB & CALCULATOR THE W.G. GRACE 71-73 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 946 9780 • Wetherspoons newbie reinvigorating this end of The Strip. NAMED AFTER ONE OF ENGLAND’S GREATEST SPORTING HEROES WHITE BEAR St Michaels Hill. Tel: 0117 904 9054. Web: www.whitebear-bristol. • Likeable student hang-out with dartboard, Mon quiz, pool (free on Tue) and tucked-away areas ideal for private parties. Cutabove yet affordable main menu plus specials. RUSSELL HOWARD PLAYED THE WARDROBE THEATRE HERE FOR £3!

with jukebox, wi-fi and tidy terrace. QUIZ, STITCH ’N’ BITCH, ANNUAL ’TACHE-GROWING TUSSLE YE SHAKESPEARE 78 Victoria St. Tel: 0117 929 4755 • Old pub (circa 1636) with interesting architecture. Our man researched ‘Cheeky Vimtos’ when dropping in. A HUMAN THIGH BONE WAS FOUND IN THE CELLAR WALL DURING RENOVATIONS IN 1950



BRAVAS Cotham Hill, Bristol • Terrific tapas set against a friendly neighbourhood backdrop MADRID Chapel Row, Bath • Michelinstandard contemporary tapas, wonderful wine list, chic vibe EL RINCON 298 North St, Bristol • Warm, inviting atmosphere; totally authentic Spanish ambience



WHITE HART Lower Maudlin St. Tel: 0117 926 8747 • Karaoke last Sat monthly plus real ales and traditional pub grub beside the coach station. BOASTS THE COUNTRY’S OLDEST PUB CELLARS, DATING FROM 1190

PLANTATION CARIBBEAN BAR & RESTAURANT 223 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5QP. Tel: 0117 907 7932. Web: www. • A must-visit for all those inclined towards jerk chicken, goat curry and similarly tastebud-tanatalising Caribbean cuisine, also live music and art.  REGULAR OPEN MIC NIGHTS

BURGER JOINT 83 Whiteladies Rd, BS9 2NT. Tel: 0117 329 0887. Web: www. • BJ roll back 40 years of processed atrocity and give life back to their chosen specialty - miss these burgers and you’ll seriously miss out. VISIT THE WEBSITE/FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK FOR OFFERS AND DEALS

WHITE LION Colston Ave. Tel: 0117 927 7744 • City-centre one-bar little ’un with quirky spiral staircase down to basement. BOASTS PART OF THE ORIGINAL CITY WALL

RICE & THINGS 120 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5RW. Tel: 0117 924 4832. Web: www. • Thoroughly authentic Jamaican delights including excellent vegetarian options.

CHOPHOUSE RESTAURANT & BAR Future Inn Cabot Circus Hotel, Bond St South, BS3 3EN. Tel: 0845 094 5588. Web: • Steaks and chops chargrilled over mesquite wood chips, plus fresh fish and vegetarian options.

THE WINDMILL 14 Windmill Hill. Tel: 0117 963 5440. Web: www. • Sister pub to Pipe & Slippers and Lazy Dog

TURTLE BAY 8 Broad Quay, BS1 4DA. Tel: 0117 929 0209. Web: www. • Vibrant Caribbean restaurant chain.

FRANKIE & BENNY’S NEW YORK ITALIAN Unit SU 83b, Glass House, Cabot Circus, BS1 3NX. Tel: 0117 954

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A TALE OF TWO CITIES LA TASCA Cabot Circus, Bristol / Grand Parade, Bath • Bristol branch is vibrant and funky, Bath offers splendid weir views. CARLUCCIO’S Cabot Circus & Cribbs Causeway, Bristol / Milsom Place, Bath • Italian stallion Antonio Carluccio spreads his amore across both cities. GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN Cabot Circus & Park St, Bristol / SouthGate, Bath • The GBK crew make sure you’re never too far away from an upmarket burger.

9800; The Venue, Merlin Rd, Cribbs Causeway, BS10 7SR. Tel: 0117 959 1180; Hengrove Leisure Park, Hengrove Way, BS14 0HR. Tel: 01275 834725; Aspects Leisure Park, Longwell Green, BS15 9LA. Tel: 0117 947 4680. Web: www. • Italian and American specialities in a buzzing environment. GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN Glass Walk, Cabot Circus, BS1

3BT. Tel: 0117 927 9997; 74 Park St, BS1 5JX. Tel: 0117 316 9162. Web: • Upmarket, grown-up, high-quality burger chain. VISIT THE WEBSITE FOR REGULAR BIG DEALS

HUDSON BAR & GRILL 14 London St, BA1 5BU. Tel: 01225 332323. Web: www.hudsonbars. • Glamorous, classic California-style combinations of pan-global flavours served in elegant surroundings.

ROCOTILLOS 1 Queens Row, Triangle South, Clifton, BS8 1EZ. Tel: 0117 929 7207 • Award winning1950s-style US diner specialising in tripledecker sandwiches, quesadillas, huge 100% beef burgers, fluffy pancakes, milkshakes etc. All-day bespoke breakfasts a speciality.

TGI FRIDAY’S Unit 2a, Kingsmead, James St West, BA1 2BT. Tel: 01225 446929. Web: • Popular American-themed party-on chain housed within a multiplex cinema complex. 

TGI FRIDAY’S The Venue, Lysander Rd, Cribbs Causeway, BS10 7UB. Tel: 0844 692 0275. Web: www.tgifridays. • Classic American franchise fare supplemented by a huge range of cocktails.

BATH FIREHOUSE ROTISSERIE 2 John St, BA1 2JL. Tel: 01225 482070. Web: www. • Vibrant menus flaunt California-themed/ Pacific Rim delights (rotisserie chicken, fabulous salads, pizzas, steaks etc.) in contemporary bistro surroundings. GARFUNKEL’S The Empire, Orange Grove, BA1 1LP. Tel: 01225 461465. Web: • Loosely American-themed, family/tourist-friendly grub, separate bar (with cocktail menu). ALFRESCO PATIO

CHINESE BRISTOL CATHAY RENDEZVOUS 30 King St, BS1 4DZ. Tel: 0117 922 6161 (opening hrs only). Web: www. • One of the oldest zingers in town, specialising in high-quality Cantonese, Szechuan and Mandarin cuisine.  CHEUNG KONG CHINESE 2b North View, Westbury Park, BS6 7QB. Tel: 0117 973 5165 • Specialising in beautifully turnedout Cantonese and Pekingese fare and speciality teppa (sizzling) dishes. COSMO 30 Triangle West, BS8 1ET. Tel: 0117 934 0999, web: • Part of a franchise specialising in pan-Asian fare, this 250-seater offers good budget grub across six live cooking stations. DYNASTY 16a St Thomas St, Redcliffe, BS1 6JJ. Tel: 0117 925 0888. Web: www. • Longestablished local favourite just

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RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK down the road from the Fleece, atop a Chinese supermarket. DIM SUM HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  JADE PALACE 277 Two Mile Hill Rd, Kingswood, BS15 1AX. Tel: 0117 967 3851 • Large, comfortable neighbourhood Chinese restaurant. Quality is high, but if quantity is important, there’s the good-value all-you-can-eat option. KOBE KARAOKE 2nd Floor, Nelson House, Nelson St, BS1 2JT. Tel: 07901 888882. Web: • Singalongtastic venture from downstairs neighbours Shanghai Nights, with four karaoke rooms plus authentic menu offering modern takes on traditional Chinese dishes. MAYFLOWER 3a-5 Haymarket Walk, BS1 3LN. Tel: 0117 925 0555. Web: www. • One of the finest Chinese restaurants in town, the place to go for authentic, utterly delicious Cantonese food.  NEW EMPEROR COURT 26 Portland St, Clifton Village, BS8 4JB. Tel: 0117 973 1522/923 8661. Web: www. newemperorcourtrestaurant. • Long-established familyrun restaurant majoring on Peking, Szechuan and Canton cuisine.  SHANGHAI NIGHTS Nelson House, Nelson St, BS1 2JT. Tel: 0117 945 0505. Web: www. • An impressively broad range of more

than 140 cooked-to-order dishes, plus another 100 from the all-youcan-eat buffet station.

wallet-friendly, fully authentic Chinese food in a nicely appointed Widcombe bistro.

TORO PAN ASIAN 72 Park St, BS1 5JX. Tel: 0117 316 9261 web: www.toro-panasian. • Asian fusion specialists offering a menu that fulsomely ranges across the continent, alongside a separate Chinese menu.

HONG KONG BISTRO 33 Southgate, BA1 1TP. Tel: 01225 318500/316088 • Efficient little canteen offering an extensive, wallet-friendly selection of rice dishes, noodles, soups and sides, speedily served.

WATER SKY BRISTOL Eastgate Oriental City, Eastgate Rd, Eastville, BS5 6XY. Tel: 0117 951 2888. Web: www.watersky-bristol. com • Vast and vibrant, atop the renowned Wai Yee Hong oriental supermarket. ZEN HARBOURSIDE First Floor, Explore Lane, Millennium Sq, Harbourside, BS1 5TY. Tel: 0117 920 9377. Web: • Zen brings cuisine from 23 Chinese provinces to Millennium Square, and cooks it up with regal flair. SISTER TO THE LONGESTABLISHED DYNASTY

BATH HOI FAAN 41-42 St James Parade, BA1 1UQ. Tel: 01225 318212. Web: www. • Menus juggle traditional classics and far-flung, lesser spotted dishes to great acclaim. HON FUSION 25 Claverton Buildings, BA2 4LD. Tel: 01225 446020. Web: www. • Seriously good,

PEKING 1-2 New St, Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2EF. Tel: 01225 461750/466377. Web: www.pekingrestaurantbath. • The longest-established Chinese restaurant in Bath, with menus revolving around traditional Cantonese, Szechuan and Peking classics. EAT-ALL-YOU-LIKE OPTION MON-THUR REAL CHINA ORIENTAL BUFFET Unit 3, Kingsmead Leisure Complex, 5-10 James St West, BA1 2BZ. Tel. 01225 332677. Web: • Eat-all-you-like Chinese buffet with teppanyaki kitchen.

ENGLISH BRISTOL BRISTOL CONCORDE Shield Retail Park, Gloucester Rd North, Filton, BS34 7BR. Tel: 0117 906 3102. Web: www. • Familyfriendly chain promising “pub food as it should be”. BROWNS 38 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1RE. Tel: 0117 930 4777. Web: www.browns-

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FOOD&DRINK RESTAURANTS • Classic British brasserie fare in stylish surroundings. CARVERY COMPANY The Venue, Merlin Way, Cribbs Causeway, BS10 7SR. Tel: 0117 959 8272. Web: www. • Massive 350-seater restaurant; great grub at bargain prices. VISIT WEBSITE FOR DEALS CHERRY DUCK BISTRO 3 Welsh Back, BS1 4SL. Tel: 0117 930 4034. Web: www. • Brunch, lunch and evening dining, plus cocktails.

ELLIPSE AT MERCURE BRIGSTOW HOTEL 5-7 Welsh Back, BS1 4SP. Tel: 0117 929 1030. Web: www.accorhotels. com • Award-winning harbourside hotel restaurant, classy and romantic. GALA CASINO BRISTOL HARBOURSIDE Explore Lane, Harbourside, BS1 5TY. Tel: 0117 906 9970. Web: • Fourth-floor, harbour views. Food is of the BBQ ribs/beerbattered onion rings persuasion. ICE BAR ON THE GROUND FLOOR

CHIN! CHIN! BAR & KITCHEN 155 St Michaels Hill, BS2 8DB. Tel: 0117 973 9393. Web: www. • Intimate café-bar-by-day, cosy bistro come sundown.

GREENS’ RESTAURANT 25 Zetland Rd, BS6 7AH. Tel: 0117 924 6437. Web: www.greensbristol. • Family-run with a dailychanging menu: largely revolving around classic European/modern British fare.

CLIFTON SAUSAGE 7-9 Portland St, Clifton Village, BS8 4JA. Tel: 0117 973 1192. Web: • Superb sausages (of course) alongside classic modern Brit delights.

RACKS BAR & KITCHEN St Pauls Rd, Clifton, BS8 1LX. Tel: 0117 974 1626. Web: • Lively bar/restaurant with a heavy emphasis on bigscreen sporting action. 

COWSHED 46 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2NH. Tel: 0117 973 3550. Web: • Full-on steakhouse.

RIVER COTTAGE CANTEEN St John’s Court, Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2QY. Tel: 0117 973 2458. Web: canteens/bristol • The third of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s canteens: 90% of the seasonal produce comes from within a 50-mile radius. RIVER GRILLE AT THE BRISTOL HOTEL Prince St, BS1 4QF. Tel: 0117 923 0333. Web: www.doylecollection.

com • Chic, glam, stylish restaurant at the epicentre of a similarlythemed hotel. RUNCIBLE SPOON 3 Nine Tree Hill, Stokes Croft, BS1 3SB. Tel: 0117 329 7645. Web: www.the-runcible-spoon. com • An imaginative collection of ever-changing dishes using locally sourced seasonal ingredients.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED STAR & DOVE 75-78 St Luke’s Rd, Totterdown, BS3 4RY. Tel: 0117 933 2892. Web: • A fine old Bristol institution with a reputation for glorious grub.  FABULOUS ROASTS TOWNHOUSE BAR & RESTAURANT 85 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2NT. Tel: 0117 973 9302. Web: www. • Modern British cuisine in modern British surroundings. ZEST BISTRO Second Floor, House of Fraser, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BD. Tel: 0117 927 9395 • Stylish refuelling opportunities at the heart of a popular department store. 

BATH ALFRESCO & VELLORE AT THE BATH SPA HOTEL Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel, Sydney Rd, BA2 6JF. Tel: 01225 444424. Web: • Choice of two restaurants within a supremely elegant five-star hotel and spa complex. 

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RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK ALLIUM BRASSERIE AT THE ABBEY HOTEL North Parade, BA1 1LF. Tel: 01225 461603. Web: www.abbeyhotelbath. • Glossy brasserie and bar offering a covered alfresco patio and all-day brasserie/full-on foodie menus.  COVERED ALFRESCO PATIO BATH PRIORY HOTEL & RESTAURANT Weston Rd, BA1 2XT. Tel: 01225 331922. Web: www.thebathpriory. • Bath’s original country house hotel: kitchen overseen by superchef Michael Caines. BATHWICK BOATMAN Forester Rd, Bathwick, BA2 6QP. Tel: 01225 428844. Web: www.bathwickboatman. com • Tranquil surroundings and homemade quality fare including Sunday roasts of the kind that mother would have made if only she’d known how turn the BB into a beloved gem. BILL’S 7-8 Cheap St, BA1 1NE. Tel: 01225 424262. Web: www.bills-website. • Ever-expanding national chain offering casual, round-theclock dining. BOATHOUSE Newbridge Rd, Newbridge, BA1 3NB. Tel: 01225 482584. Web: • Serving modern, flexible menus for a bang-up-to-date contempopub experience.  GORGEOUS RIVERSIDE GARDEN BROWNS Orange Grove, BA1 1LP. Tel: 01225

461199. Web: • Spacious, timeless, serving good-value lunch/dinner deals. Covered alfresco terrace.  GREAT-VALUE COCKTAIL HAPPY HOUR  BRUNEL’S AT THE ROYAL HOTEL Manvers St, BA1 1JP. Tel: 01225 463134. Web: www.royalhotelbath. • Steaks/grills a speciality. CIRCUS CAFE & RESTAURANT 34 Brock St, BA1 2LN. Tel: 01225 466020. Web: www. • Chic bistro serving morning coffee and elevenses, lunch, traditional teatime treats and full-on suppertime feasts.  PAVEMENT TABLES COSY CLUB Unit R4, SouthGate, BA1 1TP. Tel: 01225 464161. Web: www. • Flamboyant but down-to-earth all-day menus that take in boisterous breakfasts, elevenses, light/substantial lunches, terrific tapas and sturdy, home cooked treats. Also a buzzy bar. COVERED ALFRESCO PATIO OFFERS VIEW ACROSS SOUTHGATE DOWER HOUSE AT THE ROYAL CRESCENT HOTEL Royal Crescent Hotel, 16 Royal Crescent, BA1 2LS. Tel: 01225 823333. Web: www.royalcrescent. • From welcoming bar to graceful dining room and beyond, the Dower House is a paean to refined élan.

BANQUETS ZEN HARBOURSIDE Millennium Sq, Bristol • Experience the ‘Endless Banquet’ against an effortlessly glamorous backdrop: £17.50pp Sun-Thur, £18.80 Fri-Sat. PEKING Kingsmead Sq, Bath • Max out at Bath’s longest-standing Chinese restaurant for £20pp Mon-Thur .evenings WATER SKY Eastgate Rd, Bristol • Eat as much as you like in extravagant surroundings  for £16.95pp. GASCOYNE PLACE 1 Sawclose, BA1 1EY. Tel: 01225 445854. Web: www.gascoyneplace. • Tasteful, easy-going bar/ restaurant.  FREE LIVE JAZZ EVERY SUNDAY GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN 8 Brunel Square, BA1 1SX. Tel: 01225 471057. Web: www.gbk. • Upmarket burgers. ALRESCO TERRACE GRAZE BAR, BREWERY & CHOPHOUSE 9 Brunel Square, BA1 1SX. Tel: 01225 429392. Web: www.bathales. com • Warm, cosy and ultra-inviting venture with meat-centric menu. Excellent alfresco opportunities offer a bird’s-eye view across Bath. HALL & WOODHOUSE 1-3 Old King St, BA1 2JT. Tel: 01225 469259. Web: • Split-level merrymaking venture where menus

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BELOVED INSTITUTIONS LA TAVERNA DELL’ARTISTA King St, Bristol • Aka Renato’s. Chilled, friendly and sociable, specialising in pizzas, a warm welcome and totally unforced cheer. Move in. Now. MARMARIS Grand Parade, Bath • Whether you sit at a table in the restaurant or join the queue at the takeaway counter, the odds are you’ll visit this friendly, wellpriced taverna more often than you’ll visit your own kitchen. PIZZA PROVENÇALE Regent St, Clifton, Bristol • This cheerful trattoria has offered a warm welcome to students since time immemorial. cover all bases throughout the day (including excellent breakfasts and Sunday roasts). ROOF GARDEN THE HERD 12 Argyle Street, BA2 4BQ. Tel: 01225 316583. Web: www. • Bright and breezy contemporary steakhouse, highly recommended. KILTED CHEF 7a Kingsmead Square, BA1 2AB. Tel: 01225 466688. Web: www. • A supremely foodie experience in chic subterranean surroundings. MARKET Sawclose, BA1 1EY. Tel: 01225

330009 • Lively affair at the epicentre of Sawclose specialising in burgers, salads, sharing platters etc. at downto-earth prices. SPACIOUS ALFRESCO TERRACE MENU GORDON JONES 2 Wellsway, BA2 1EY. Tel: 01225 480871. Web: www. • Bath’s most talked-about restaurant courtesy of characterful über-chef Gordon Jones. It’s tiny and there’s no set menu – in Gordon world, you get what you’re given.  OLIVE TREE Queensberry Hotel, 4-7 Russel St, BA1 2QF. Tel: 01225 447928. Web: • Offers broad appeal to contemporary chicsters, Bathonian traditionalists and hip long-weekenders, with topquality seasonal menus changing as frequently as the weather. PORTER 15a George St, BA1 2EN. Tel: 01225 585100 • Eat, drink and generally be merry at this tasteful, split-level uppercrust eatery featuring super-chef Rob Clayton at the helm in the kitchen. RESTAURANT ELEVEN 11 Margaret’s Buildings (off Brock St), BA1 2LP. Tel: 01225 421251, web:  • Bistro with pavement tables on the traffic-free lane out front. ROMAN BATHS KITCHEN 11 Abbey Churchyard, BA1 1LY. Tel: 01225 477877. Web: www. • Deli, café, gorgeous terrace and bright, breezy modern British bistro.  ALFRESCO TERRACE

OVERLOOKING BATH’S MOST ICONIC SQUARE SALLY LUNN’S 4 North Parade Passage, BA1 1NX. Tel: 01225 461634. Web: www. • One of Bath’s major tourist hotspots. The good lady’s buns are served up alongside historic English (and a bit of French) cuisine.  VERY POPULAR FOR AFTERNOON TEA  TASTING ROOM 6 Green St, BA1 2JY. Tel: 01225 483070. Web: www.tastingroom. • Eminently tasteful social sanctuary. Open for breakfast (brunch at weekend), lunch and dinner/tapas/bar snacks in the evening; tea, coffee, pastries served all day.  CUTE UPPER-LEVEL ALFRESCO TERRACE THEATRE VAULTS RESTAURANT Sawclose, BA1 1EY. Tel: 01225 442265/448844 (theatre) • Atmospheric thesp hangout beneath the Theatre Royal. TRAMSHED Beehive Yard, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 421200. Web: www. • A sprawling bar, bright ‘n’ breezy dining areas and heated and covered terrace delivering all-day refreshment of the seasonal/ modern British persuasion.

EUROPEAN & MEDITERRANEAN Bristol A CAPPELLA 184c Wells Rd, Totterdown, BS4 2AL. Tel: 0117 971 3377.

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Mandalyns 13 Lansdown Rd, Bath, BA1 5DX. T: 01225 425403. W:

Super-welcoming retro-feel hangout regular cabaret shows, theme nights and karaoke.


andalyns Bar has always been a popular venue with students over the years, not least because of its infamous Student Karaoke on Thursdays and Sundays, with plenty of drinks promotions to keep the party pumping. Beyond Mandalyns’ unassumingly traditional exterior lies a retro style bar with a modern twist. Its theme nights and cabaret shows at weekends give the place a unique buzz, and it has a quirky ‘snug’ in the back bar, an ideal retreat for those looking for a temporary retreat from the dirty dancin’ dance floor action. But it’s not all non-stop party thrills; Mandalyns is also a great venue for a quiet night out with friends, with a selection of traditional board games to choose from during the week. Come the weekend, if you’re looking for a party and a haven where you can leave your inhibitions at the door, then Mandalyns is the place for you. There is always a great atmosphere and although very much a gay bar, Mandalyns has become a popular drinking venue for good-time people regardless of their sexuality.


Tues / Wed – 8pm til Late Thurs / Fri / Sat 8pm til 3am. Open Sundays

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LIVING ROOM Canon’s Way, Harbourside, Bristol • Big, buzzy, vibrant space offering suitably sociable menus. HALL & WOODHOUSE Old King St, Bath • Flexible spaces on every floor, perfect for intimate gatherings or fullon celebrations. KOBE KARAOKE Nelson St, Bristol • 4 Karaoke rooms + massive well-priced menus + a well-stocked bar = paaaaarty!!! Web: • Fine pizza BYO bistro and takeaway. ‘Bristol’s best budget Italian’, according to The Guardian.

OKTOBERFEST DETAILS BELL’S DINER & BAR ROOMS 1 York Rd, Montpelier, BS6 5QB. Tel: 0117 924 0357. Web: www. • One of Bristol’s most acclaimed, imaginative restaurants, specialising in the robust, flavoursome cuisine of Spain, North Africa, Italy and France. BERWICK LODGE Berwick Drive, BS10 7TD. Tel: 0117 958 1590. Web: www. • A grand, stylish environment with a menu to match. For a top-value visit, check out the Mon-Thur brasserie menu. 

AQUA ITALIA RESTAURANT & BAR Welsh Back, BS1 4RR. Tel: 0117 915 6060; 153 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2RF. Tel: 0117 973 3314. Web: www.aqua-restaurant. com • The Whiteladies branch is all Rome-recalling elegance while the sister establishment sprawls elegantly along Welsh Back. Huge portions of locally sourced and organic (where possible) produce.

BORDEAUX QUAY V-Shed, Canons Way, Harbourside, BS1 5UH. Tel: 0117 943 1200. Web: • The foodie equivalent of the health industry’s holistic experience: restaurant, bar, brasserie, cookery school, deli, bakery, wine courses, all adhering to strictly green contemporary conventions. DAILY CHANGING MENUS REFLECT THE BEST OF WHAT’S LOCAL AND SEASONAL

BAVARIAN BEERHOUSE 46-48 Queen Charlotte Street, BS1 4HX. Tel: 0844 330 2005. Web: www. • A big slice of Bavaria in Bristol - authentically hearty food, ice cold lagers, ‘oompahtainment’, Bundesliga (German football) matches and table-service from waiters and waitresses in traditional costume. If you’ve nothing to do the following day, try one of their infamous Jägertrains… CHECK WEBSITE FOR

BOSTON TEA PARTY 75 Park St, BS1 5PF. Tel: 0117 929 8601; 1 Princess Victoria St, Clifton Village, BS8 4HR. Tel: 0117 973 4790; 97 Whiteladies Rd, BS8 2NT. Tel: 0117 923 9571; 156 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5RL. Tel: 0117 329 1454. Web: www. • One of Bristol’s true culinary success stories combines zesty liveliness with laidback feel, serving original,

rustic food, brilliant breakfasts, salads, wraps, sandwiches and more. Also has a branch in Bath. BRAVAS BRISTOL 7 Cotham Hill, BS6 6LD. Tel: 0117 329 6887. Web: www.bravas. • Homely supper-club-cumtapas venture. GREAT LUNCH DEALS BRIDGE CAFÉ Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill, Clifton Village, BS8 4LD. Tel: 0117 973 8955/906 4652 (café reservations). Web: www. • AA rosetteendorsed kitchen, fabulous views of the Suspension Bridge and Gorge from alfresco terrace. BRISTOL FASHION BEEFEATER The Haymarket, BS1 3LR. Tel: 0117 929 8953; Emersons Green, BS16 7AN. Tel: 0117 956 4755. Web: • Meat looms large on the menu at this long-running, no-fuss chain. BYZANTIUM 2 Portwall Lane, BS1 6NB. Tel: 0117 922 1883. Web: www. • Gorgeous, glamorous, evocative, dramatic place flaunting food that offers a Mediterranean-style approach, using locally sourced ingredients.  CITY CAFÉ Temple Way, BS1 6BF. Tel: 0117 910 2700. Web: www.citycafe. • Modern European menu, with plenty of classics to keep the traditional hotel clientele happy. COAL GRILL & BAR Glass House, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX.

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RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK Tel: 0117 954 4624. Web: www. • Part of a national chain that’s as flame-happy as the name suggests. Signature dishes include Fire Sticks: flamegrilled skewers on a hot skillet.  DELMONICO 217 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8NN. Tel: 0117 944 5673. Web: www. • Longstanding Gloucester Road charmer, where unpretentious food ranges across European styles in a leisurely atmosphere.  FLINTY RED 34 Cotham Hill, BS6 6LA. Tel: 0117 923 8755. Web: www.flintyred., • Very fine wine bar meets tapas hotspot meets French deli at this distinctively tasteful, vibrant venture. GLASSBOAT Welsh Back, BS1 4SB. Tel: 0117 929 0704. Web:  • Unique (and very pretty) destination diner offering an award-winning combination of fresh, creative food and exquisite service on board.  IN THE HEART OF THE CITY’S DOCKS GOLDBRICK HOUSE 67-69 Park St, BS1 5PB. Tel: 0117 945 1950. Web: www.goldbrickhouse. • Pulls off the neat trick of proving fabulously popular whilst retaining an air of exclusivity. Menus (including breakfast/all-day brunch) are generally modern European with a nod towards Mediterranean cuisine, with a few good oldfashioned British classics thrown in.  FASCINATING SPLIT-LEVEL BUILDING, INCLUDING

ROOFTOP TERRACE H BAR CAFÉ-BAR & RESTAURANT Colston Hall, Colston St, BS1 5AR. Tel: 0117 352 1151. Web: www. • Imaginative Latin American bistro specialising in top-notch Brazilian/Mediterranean fusion fare at the epicentre of the Bristol version of London’s South Bank complex. HARVEY NICHOLS SECOND FLOOR RESTAURANT & BAR Philadelphia St, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BZ. Tel: 0117 916 8898. Web: • Sumptuous 82-seater restaurant. HOTEL DU VIN & BISTRO Sugar House, Narrow Lewins Mead, BS1 2NU. Tel: 0117 925 5577. Web: • High-end Bristol foodie hotspot where diners enjoy 28-day-matured steaks, French onion soup and other Gallic-influenced faves. JUNIPER 21 Cotham Rd South, BS6 5TZ. Tel: 0117 942 1744. Web: www. • Neighbourhood eatery serving a cracking Anglo-European menu. Reliably imaginative food skilfully prepared and served with style.

LIDO Oakfield Place, Clifton, BS8 2BJ. Tel: 0117 933 9533. Web: www. • Featuring an excellent restaurant overlooking the pool - one of the most popular chill-out locations in town.  ONE OF THE MOST RELAXED SPOTS IN THE CITY LIVING ROOM Building 11, Canons Way, Harbourside, BS1 5TY. Tel: 0117 925 3993. Web: www. • Popular chain accommodating 200 pleasure-seekers over two openplan floors. BRIGHT AND BUSTLING HARBOURSIDE FAVE LOCKSIDE 1 Brunel Lock Rd, Cumberland Basin, BS1 6XS. Tel: 0117 925 5800. Web: • Long-running dockside institution offering all manner of deliciously straightforward treats alongside more fancy fare. MARRIOTT ROYAL HOTEL College Green, BS1 5TA. Tel: 0117 925 5100. Web: www. • Grand Victorian-style hotel offering everything from light bites to fullon evening meals. 

KILN AT THE DOUBLETREE BY HILTON HOTEL Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Redcliffe Way, BS1 6NJ. Tel: 0117 926 0041. Web: doubletree3.hilton. com • Classic English cuisine and European/international favourites. HOUSED IN THE SHELL OF A 17TH-CENTURY GLASS KILN 

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GLASSBOAT Welsh Back, Bristol • Sparklingly pretty, long-established, highly acclaimed floating haven of gourmet gorgeousness at the epicentre of Bristol’s historic docks. BATH PRIORY Weston Rd, Bath • Old-school Hollywood-style glamour in genteel country house hotel surroundings with a kitchen overseen by celebrity chef Michael Caines. BERWICK LODGE Berwick Drive, Bristol • One of Bristol’s most highly acclaimed, longstanding gourmet hotspots offers a truly memorable experience from start to finish courtesy of überhob god Chris Wicks.

MEZZALUNA 81 West St, Bedminster, BS3 3NU. Tel: 0117 953 2069. Web: www. • Turkey-centric tastes of the Med with a mix of mezze dishes and evening ALC menu. Trad breakfasts too. CHECK WEBSITE FOR OFFERS MOREISH 6 Chandos Rd, Redland, BS6 6PE. Tel: 0117 970 6078. Web: www. • Snug, community-beloved cafe by day, relaxed bistro come eventide, infused with modern European flair. Check out the seven-course taster

menu to best appreciate the fare on offer. MUD DOCK 40 The Grove, Harbourside, BS1 4RB. Tel: 0117 934 9734. Web: • Downstairs, the converted warehouse caters to the city’s cycling fraternity, while upstairs it’s food all the way. Tapas is a major player on the menu, alongside French, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian themes. NO 4 Rodney Hotel, 4 Rodney Place (off Clifton Down Rd), BS8 4HY. Tel: 0117 970 6869. Web: www. • Gracious Georgian facade, huge sash windows, roaring fire and beautiful gardens, with food endorsed by an AA rosette awarded for ‘culinary mastery’. Excellent wine list.  POSH BAR IS PERFECT FOR SUMMER PRE-DINNER COCKTAILS OLIVE SHED Princes Wharf, Harbourside, BS1 4RN. Tel: 0117 929 1960. Web: • Mediterranean-infused restaurant/cafe-bar/deli with dockside views. Olives predominate, salads and tapas pack the deli counter, and classic European faves proliferate.  PUMP HOUSE Merchants Rd, Hotwells, BS8 4PZ. Tel: 0117 927 2229. Web: www. • Pretensionfree, delicious, fresh and wild food in both upstairs restaurant and ground-floor bar.

RIVERSTATION The Grove, Harbourside, BS1 4RB. Tel: 0117 914 4434. Web: www. • Twin-terraced Harbourside restaurant and bar+kitchen treading a clever tightrope between chic smartness and unfussy informality, with a firm accent on freshness and seasonality.  SEVERNSHED The Grove, Harbourside, BS1 4RB. Tel: 0117 925 1212. Web: www. • Balcony has space for up to 80, with fine alfresco dining. The bright indoor restaurant offers a laidback yet luxurious ambience.  EXCELLENT TAPAS AND SUPERB COCKTAILS  SPYGLASS BARBECUE & GRILL Welsh Back, Harbourside, BS1 4SB. Tel: 0117 927 7050. Web: www. • Floating, seasonal, high-end barbie-oriented gem, serving quality grills and wood-fired pizza. Gets very busy, with bookings taken only for groups of 8+. SQUARE KITCHEN 15 Berkeley Sq, Clifton, BS8 1HB. Tel: 0117 921 0455. Web: www. • Choose your spot to idle a while between the Square Kitchen (main restaurant), Lounge (café-centric area), Lower Deck (cocktail bar) and the Terrace. TYRELLS AT THE GRAND The Grand, 53-58 Broad St, BS1 2EL. Tel: 0871 376 9042. Web: • Modern British and European cuisine,

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RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK widely acknowledged to be amongst the best hotel food in Bristol. URBAN WOOD 90 Colston St, BS1 5BB. Tel: 0117 929 3627. Web: www. • Independent establishment split into two rooms: the front offers deep sofas and intimate tables, leaving the back a room for party/meeting hire. Great no-fuss menu – burgers a particular treat. VILLAGER 35-36 Church Rd, Westbury-onTrym, BS9 3EQ. Tel: 0117 950 0373. Web: www.villager-restaurant. • Properly charming, with modern English, French and Mediterranean influences leading the way.  WATERSHED CAFÉ-BAR 1 Canons Rd, Harbourside, BS1 5TX. Tel: 0117 927 5101. Web: • Often lively media-savvy café bar with a plot-to-plate organic/ seasonal/local policy.  DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE CINEMA, EXHIBITIONS AND SHOP  WILKS 1 Chandos Rd, Redland, BS6 6PG. Tel: 0117 973 7999, web: www. • British dishes with a Mediterranean twist and an emphasis on all things local. ZAZU’S KITCHEN 225 Gloucester Rd, BS8 7NR. Tel: 0117 944 5500; 220 North St, Bedminster, BS3 1JD. Tel: 0117 963

9044. Web: www.zazuskitchen. • Independent emporia where quality is standard. Brunch is popular and dinner is inventive all the way – check online for full delights – with fuller tapas menu to follow. ZERODEGREES 53 Colston St, BS1 5BA. Tel: 0117 925 2706. Web: www.zerodegrees. • Award-winning microbrewery. Food-wise, mussels and fine gourmet pizzas lead the way.

BATH GREEN PARK BRASSERIE Green Park Station, BA1 1JB. Tel: 01225 338565. Web: www. • Convivial Euro-style brasserie. Mornings are all about coffee and cakes, set menus are exceptionally good value, and evening ALC is always imaginative.  ALFRESCO OPPORTUNITIES TO BOTH THE FRONT AND REAR RAPHAEL Gascoyne House, Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1RN. Tel: 01225 480042. Web: www. • Cosy, candlelit bistro. Menus feature imaginative Medi-themed dishes based around seasonal availability.

suppers on a modern Brit/Med/ global theme. SAME, SAME BUT DIFFERENT 7a Princes Buildings, BA1 2ED. Tel: 01225 466856. Web: • Sturdy Medi-themed yumminess served Thur-Sat eves at this charming licensed cafe.  EXCELLENT TAPAS TILLEYS BISTRO 3 North Parade Passage, BA1 1NX. Tel: 01225 484200. Web: www. • Subterranean vault with a homely, farmhouse kitchen feel: mix and match from a selection of small, medium and large dishes, paying homage to robust Mediterranean influences. WOODS 9-13 Alfred St, BA1 2QX. Tel: 01225 314812. Web: www. • Upmarket but informal bistro serving affordable modern European classics. 

FISH BRISTOL FISHERS 35 Princess Victoria St, Clifton Village, BS8 4BX. Tel: 0117 974 7044. Web:  • A holiday from home, with a smart seaside restaurant feel. Menus are entirely seafood-based, with freshly

RIVERSIDE CAFE 17 Argyle St (below Pulteney Bridge), BA2 4BQ. Tel: 01225 480532. Web: www. • Charming cafe-bar in a unique location serving fabulous breakfasts, lunches and thoughtfully eclectic

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prepared and cooked to your liking.

MOREISH Chandos Rd, Bristol • First you have breakfast, then you decide to do lunch. But ooh, look at those tea time treats! So why not stay for supper, too?

LOCH FYNE 24 Milsom St, BA1 1DG. Tel: 01225 750120. Web: • See Bristol listing.


COSY CLUB SouthGate, Bath • Round-theclock jollification from breakfast to post-supper snifters by way of top tapas, sturdy ‘classics’ and properly cocky cocktails. GOLDBRICK HOUSE Park St, Bristol • Flexible menus, split-level chill-out zones and expert mixologists result in a tempting, moveable feast under one very stylish roof.

caught temptations presented in interesting variety. LOCH FYNE Queen Charlotte St, Welsh Back, BS1 4HQ. Tel: 0117 930 7160. Web: • Renowned chain specialising in sustainably sourced fish and shellfish. Smoked salmon and oysters a speciality.  SEE WEBSITE FOR ONLINE SHOP AND OFFERS ROCKFISH GRILL & SEAFOOD MARKET 128 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2RS. Tel: 0117 973 7384. Web: • Stylish, informal, relaxed eatery, cookery school and seafood market: partake of the freshest of seafood, simply


FRENCH BRISTOL BRASSERIE BLANC Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BF. Tel: 0117 910 2410. Web: • Raymond Blanc’s relaxed, stylish 140seat restaurant serves French classics and modern dishes at decent prices. SEE WEBSITE FOR OFFERS, MENUS AND ONLINE SHOP CAFÉ ROUGE Unit SU51A, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BD. Tel: 0117 954 4808; 85 Park St, BS1 5PJ. Tel: 0117 929 2571; Unit R4, The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, BS10 7TG. Tel: 0117 950 8730. Web: • Lively, upmarket French-themed café-bar/brasserie/restaurant chain. CÔTE  27 The Mall, Clifton Village, BS8 4JG. Tel: 0117 970 6779. Web: • Modern versions of Gallic classics in a contemporary brasserie environment. 

BATH BISTRO LA BARRIQUE 31 Barton St, BA1 1HG. Tel: 01225 463861. Web: www. • Cheerful, distinctly welcoming cafe-society surroundings and a lively menu

selection largely revolving around petits plats (French version of tapas). LOVELY GARDEN OUT BACK BRASSERIE BLANC Francis Hotel, Queen Sq, BA1 2HH. Tel: 01225 303860. Web: www. • Raymond Blanc’s rather splendid Bath incarnation (see also Bristol), featuring a bar and brasserie at the epicentre of the chic Francis Hotel. CAFÉ ROUGE 15 Milsom St, BA1 1DE. Tel: 01225 462368. Web: www.caferouge. • See Bristol listing. CASANIS 4 Saville Row, BA1 2QP. Tel: 01225 780055. Web: • One of the prettiest restaurants in Bath, serving exemplary, authentic French bistro food in elegant but gently informal surroundings. ROMANTIC TO THE MAX CÔTE 27 Milsom Place, BA1 1BZ. Tel: 01225 335509. Web: • See Bristol listing.  SUPERB ALFRESCO OPPORTUNITIES NO 5 BISTRO 5 Argyle St, BA2 4BA. Tel: 01225 444499, web:  • Popular French bistro, hosts regular free live jazz/music events.

GLOBAL & ONEOFF BRISTOL 40A ALFRED PLACE 40 Alfred Place, Kingsdown, BS2 8HD Tel: 0117 944 3060,

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RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK web: • A blank canvas of a restaurant, thus difficult to categorise elsewhere in our listings: 44 seats ready for hire in fully licensed premises to do with as you will – has seen some fabulously varied ‘pop-up’ dining experiences over the last 12 months.  GIRAFFE Glass House, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX. Tel: 0117 930 0603. Web: www. • Global all the way: go from breakfasting in Mexico to a Middle Eastern sundown via a Texan lunch. More determinedly populist fare includes crowd-pleasers such as burgers, pizzas etc. HUONG QUE 209 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, BS7 8NN. Tel: 0117 373 8882. Web: restaurant • Friendly, family-run eatery flaunting traditional Vietnamese décor (lanterns, artwork). IROKO 27-29 Midland Rd, St Philips, BS2 0JT. Tel: 0117 329 4462. Web: www. • Fine quality, authentic Nigerian fare: wellprepared, distinctive food. GREAT SERVICE POCO 45 Jamaica St, Stokes Croft, BS2 8JP. Tel: 0117 923 2233. Web: www. • NY-style brunch, salad wraps and sourdough sandwiches for lunch, before a menu of Britcentric tapas, local wines and cocktails take over come eventide.  PREVIEW BUFFET BAR The Venue, Merlin Rd, Cribbs

Causeway, BS10 7SR. Tel: 0117 959 8282. Web: www.previewbuffetbar. • All-you-can-eat buffet bar offering single fixed-priced deal across pizza, pasta, grills, Oriental wok dishes, burgers, roasts and desserts.  SISTER TO THE NEXT-DOOR CARVERY RESTAURANT STUDIO ONE AT CINEMA DE LUX Showcase Cinema de Lux, Glass House, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX. Tel: 0117 910 0091. Web: www.  • Restaurant and full-service bar within Cinema de Lux, with an internationally inspired menu.  ZAZA BAZAAR Canons Rd, Harbourside, BS1 5UH. Tel: 0117 922 0330. Web: • Huge and extremely popular, based around a simple concept: buy a plate, fill it up and repeat until gorged on colourful Indian, Far Eastern, European and TexMex cuisine.

BATH GIRAFFE 8 Dorchester St, BA1 1SS. Tel: 01225 463333. Web: www.giraffe. net • See Bristol listing.

GREEK & TURKISH BRISTOL ENTELIA 50 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2NH. Tel: 0117 946 6793. Web: • Contemporary Greek tavern. HOTSPOT FOR THE ROMANTICALLY INCLINED EZO 6 The Promenade, Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AL. Tel: 0117 944 2005. Web: • Unremittingly upbeat and colourful with an extensive menu of traditional dishes.  OZ 4 Triangle South, Clifton, BS8 1EY. Tel: 0117 927 3097. Web: www. • Smart, unpretentious Turkish restaurant with a range of decidedly tasty set meals. THE NAME IS PRONOUNCED ‘URZ’

BATH MARMARIS 4-5 Grand Parade, BA2 4AN. Tel: 01225 461946 • Longstanding Turkish taverna where prices are low and the vibe always lively.

JIMMY’S WORLD GRILL 6 Dorchester St, BA1 1SS. Tel: 01225 426802. Web: www. • Eighth in an ever-expanding national chain bringing together the flavours of Thailand, China, India, Mexico, Italy and Japan on an array of hotplates and woks.

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FOOD&DRINK RESTAURANTS OPA 14 North Parade, BA2 4AJ. Tel: 01225 317900. Web:  • Glam Greek café-bar and restaurant offering a vast range of sociable mezze dishes and heartier fare. 

INDIAN & NEPALESE BRISTOL 4500 MILES FROM DELHI 8-10 Colston Ave, BS1 4ST. Tel: 0117 929 2224. Web: www.4500miles. • Classical Indian fare meets smart modernism in this 200-cover business. NICELY BALANCED MENUS AHMED’S CURRY CAFÉ 1e Chandos Rd, Redland, BS6 6PG. Tel: 0117 946 6466/973 5800. Web: • Rightly renowned for its ‘currinary’ brilliance, with a vastly extensive menu. AL’S TIKKA GRILL 33 Ashton Rd, Ashton, BS3 2EG. Tel: 0117 985 3016. Web: www. • Chameleon-like venture operating as café by day (technically known as Hungry Bite) before transforming into cosy, candlelit Indian BYO bistro by night. BOMBAY SPICE 10 The Mall, Clifton Village, BS8

4DR. Tel: 0117 970 6066 • Firm favourite with diners in Clifton, with an extensive menu celebrating Indian cooking with a modern touch. BRISTOL RAJ 36 Alma Vale Rd, Clifton, BS8 2HS. Tel: 0117 973 1414. Web: www. • Reassuringly old school diner serving stylishly updated versions of Indian classics. BRUNEL RAJ 6-7 Waterloo St, Clifton Village, BS8 4BT. Tel: 0117 973 2641. Web: • Multi-awardwinning restaurant that’s been listed twice as one of the Top UK Restaurants by Hardens. CURRY HOUSE 393 Bath Rd, Brislington, BS4 3EU. Tel: 0117 977 9090. Web: www. • Assured, simple cooking at this Bath Road institution serving an excellent buffet menu alongside traditional Indian menu classics. DEV’S KERALA 180 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8NU. Tel: 0117 924 5555. Web: www. • Specialises in beautifully turned-out cuisine: a proper taste of south India and a bargain to boot. LUNCH BOX FOR £4.50 EASTERN SPICE 269 Two Mile Hill Rd, Kingswood, BS15 1AX. Tel: 0117 935 2335. Web: • Inexpensive curry house serving all the favourites, plus a fair few dishes you won’t find elsewhere. CHEF’S SPECIALS COME HIGHLY

RECOMMENDED EASTERN TASTE 94 St Marks Rd, Easton, BS5 6JH. Tel: 0117 952 0718. Web: www. • Homely old favourite, with a warm community vibe and bargain-basement prices for top-notch fare. SPLENDID BANGLADESHI HOMECOOKING GANESHA 54-56 Bedminster Parade, BS3 4HS. Tel: 0117 953 3990. Web: www. • A rightly popular restaurant south of the river, specialising in recipes from Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra. GANGES 368 Gloucester Rd, Horfield, BS7 8TP. Tel: 0117 924 5234. Web: • Longstanding, highly acclaimed and enduringly popular restaurant specialising in classic Indian/ Tibetan/Bangladeshi fare plus superb bar.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED KASHMIR 15 High St, Easton, BS5 6DX. Tel: 0117 952 0004 • Truly delicious fare. Dead friendly, too.  BYO BOOZE KATHMANDU Colston Tower, Colston St, BS1 4XN. Tel: 0117 929 4455. Web: www.kathmandu-curry. com • Family-run and serving fresh, light cuisine infused with unique flavours, with traditional seafood dishes a speciality. EXCELLENT VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN OPTIONS

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RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK KOHI NOOR 211 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2XS. Tel: 0117 973 3823. Web: • A properly exotic tour from Rajasthani specialities to lamb pasanda and pahari kebabs. KRISHNA’S INN 4 Byron Place, The Triangle, Clifton, BS8 1JT. Tel: 0117 927 6864. Web: • Part of a nine-strong chain bringing forth deliciously healthy Keralan cuisine. Expect jolly reasonable prices and distinctive dishes. LAL JOMI 2 Harcourt Rd (off Coldharbour Rd), Redland, BS6 7RG. Tel: 0117 942 1640. Web: www.laljomi. • Another venerable institution, serving food fine enough to be recommended by the Good Curry Guide for close to a quarter century. MADRAS EXPRESS 223 North St, BS3 1JJ. Tel: 0117 966 9008. Web: www.madras-express. • Intimate setting for food drawing influence from across the Indian subcontinent. MASALA CAFE 2 Jacobs Wells Rd, BS8 1EA. Tel: 0117 930 4194. Web: www. • From the team responsible for Ahmed’s Curry Cafe comes a meeting of new and old India. Nicely spacious, this is another loyalty-engendering gem.  MYRISTICA 51 Welsh Back, BS1 4AN. Tel: 0117 927 2277. Web: www.myristica. • Delicious dishes from

traditional street food/beach snacks to full-on Raj cuisine, cooked up by a full brigade of chefs with impeccable credentials. NAMASKAR LOUNGE Welsh Back, BS1 4RR. Tel: 0117 929 8276. Web: www.namaskarlounge. com • The East comes to the West Country courtesy of this exciting, glamorous merrymaking complex featuring a restaurant (of course!) and elegant, vibrant bar specialising in exquisite, unique cocktails. On the food front, expect masterful food rustled up by experts on all-day menus that never fail to delight. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED OH! CALCUTTA! INDIAN KITCHEN 216 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5QU. Tel: 0117 924 0458. Web: www. • Chic, informal canteen-style dining in modernist surrounds, top-notch Indian subcontinent food. EXCELLENT VEGETARIAN AND SIDE DISHES OLD INDIA 34 St Nicholas St, BS1 1TG. Tel: 0117 922 1136. Web: www. • Raj-tastic splendour combined with contemporary-style Indian fare.  RAJ BARI 183 Hotwell Rd, BS8 4SA. Tel: 0117 922 7617. Web: www.rajbaribristol. • A classic endorsed by the Good Food Guide. RAJ TANDOORI King St, BS1 4DZ. Tel: 0117 929 1132. Web: www.raj-bristol. • Another King St institution:

BYO BRISTOL AL’S TIKKA GRILL Ashton Rd, Bristol • Cosy, candlelit, popular, welcoming, wallet-friendly Indian bistro. BOOJON TANDOORI Charles St, Bath • Exceptionally student/budget-friendly specialists in freshly cooked, flairfuelled curries. KASHMIR High St, Easton, Bristol • Curry with a community vibe and rock-bottom prices. traditional/contemporary Indian food in the basement of a lovely grade II-listed building. Best to book at weekends. RAJPOOT 52 Upper Belgrave Rd, Clifton, BS8 2XP. Tel: 0117 973 3515. Web: • Dead smart location and an altogether fetching combination of mustard yellow walls and deep blue carpets. Vivid as the food, in short. ROSHNI 63 High St, Westbury-on-Trym, BS9 3ED. Tel: 0117 985 9999. Web: • A timeless favourite in its local community. Expect Indian subcontinent classics (traditional and contemporary) freshly cooked. RUPSHA 3a Regent St, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4HW. Tel: 0117 973 9937. Web: • Superb South Asian cuisine.

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FOOD&DRINK RESTAURANTS SHEESH MAHAL 13a Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AA. Tel: 0117 942 2942. Web: www. • Oldschool eatery serving excellent curry house classics. SPICE OF INDIA 13 Small St, BS1 1DE. Tel: 0117 929 9222. Web:  • Simple, comfortable restaurant with an extensive menu concentrating on dishes from Bangladesh and other parts of the Indian subcontinent.  THALI CAFE 1 William St, Totterdown, BS3 4TU. Tel: 0117 933 2955; 64-66 St Marks Rd, Easton, BS5 6JH. Tel: 0117 951 4979; 12 York Rd, Montpelier, BS6 5QE. Tel: 0117 942 6687; 1 Regent St, Clifton Village, BS8 4HW. Tel: 0117 974 3793. Tobacco Factory, Southville, BS3 1TF. Tel: 07851 700215. Web: www. • Ever-expanding, award-winning local fixture with a friendly, community vibe and simple, fresh, homemade food based on traditional Punjabi thali. Excellent value. TRY THE TIFFIN TOWER TAKEWAYS TIKKA FLAME Anchor Sq, Canons Rd, Harbourside, BS1 5UH. Tel: 0117 316 9393. Web: www.tikkaflame. • Smart, modern Indian/ Pakistani eatery delivering plenty of mix‘n’match flavours to keep small or large parties happy.  TURMERIC 775 Fishponds Rd, BS16 3BS. Tel: 0117 965 0022. Web: www. • 40-seater restaurant serving all the usual favourites plus specials like naga chilli chicken.  SPECIAL STUDENT CURRY NIGHT EVERY MON

BATH BENGAL BRASSERIE 32 Milsom St, BA1 1DG. Tel: 01225 447906. Web: www. • Offers an extensive trip through classic curryhouse flavours at reasonable prices in a cosy ‘hidden’ enclave behind Bath’s chicest shopping ‘strip’. BOOJON TANDOORI 28 Charles St, BA1 1HU. Tel: 01225 429429/429529. Web: www.  • Contemporary Indian diner offering a warm welcome and quality at a very decent price. BYO, NO CORKAGE CHARGE  CURRY MAHAL 31 Belvedere, Lansdown Rd, BA1 5HR. Tel: 01225 789666/789501. Web: • Popular, friendly traditional neighbourhood curry house with a longstanding reputation for uppercrust grub.  DESH 10 Chelsea Rd, BA1 3DU. Tel: 01225 314413/463388 • Busy, friendly, inexpensive neighbourhood Indian eatery. Baltis, tandooris and jalfrezis highly recommended. BYO, NO CORKAGE CHARGE EASTERN EYE 8a Quiet St, BA1 2JS. Tel: 01225

422323/466401. Web: www. • The staff treat you like royalty and menus are a gourmet playground: a genteel, stylish Indian treat served with a flourish that totally belies the prosaic prices.  JAMUNA 9-10 High St (entrance in Cheap St), BA1 5AQ. Tel: 01225 464631. Web: • Traditional Indian restaurant offering splendid views across the Abbey, particularly spectacular during the evening. A fairly compact menu but a slightly more adventurous ‘chef’s special’ selection ensures that all bases are covered.  MINT ROOM Longmead Gospel Hall, Lower Bristol Rd, BA2 3EB. Tel: 01225 446656. Web: www.themintroom. • Subtly chic, welcoming haven of upper-crust foodie fabulousness far removed from your typical curry house experience.  MOUCHUCK 136 Wells Rd, BA2 3AH. Tel: 01225 333449. Web: www.cityofbath. • Straightforward neighbourhood BYO canteen offering a solid range of very reasonably priced options.  ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET TUE EVES  PANAHAR 8 Moorland Rd, Oldfield Park, BA2 3PL. Tel: 01225 471999/471899. Web: • Lively, popular Indian eatery offering traditional Indian food,

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The Thali Café 1 William St, Totterdown, Bristol, BS3 4TU. T: 0117 933 2955; 64-66 St Marks Rd, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JH. T: 0117 951 4979; 12 York Rd, Montpelier, Bristol, BS6 5QE. T: 0117 942 6687; 1 Regent St, Clifton Village, Bristol, BS8 4HW. T: 0117 974 3793. Tobacco Factory, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF. T: 07851 700215. W: @thethalicafe

Award-winning Indian food experts


he Thali Cafe started out in the fields of summer music festivals, with one simple dish and a van called Noddy. In the fifteen or so years since, it has blossomed into a network of informal Bristol hangouts, with light, fresh and fast affordable Indian food to eat in or takeaway. The restaurants are a cool and colourful place to work and play with venues in Clifton Village, Easton, Montpelier, Southville and Totterdown. Voted the best place to eat in the UK for under £15 a head, Observer Food Monthly, said: “The Thali Cafe is a Bristol institution, its menus are seasonal and sustainable and it’s hard to beat for value as well as quality.” The word ‘thali’ refers to the way meals are eaten in India – where a selection of healthy, delicious and nutritious dishes are served together on one plate. One of the most popular thalis is the mogul chicken curry, a signature dish served with summer subji, tarka dahl, crunchy Keralan salad, basmati rice, raita and homemade chutneys. Head chefs Ramesh, Asha and Prasad prepare everything in-house and are committed to sourcing local, seasonal and high welfare produce, with dairy-free, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The Thali Cafe

Cafe is an ethical business, honoured with three stars from the Sustainable Restaurant Association the first Indian restaurant group in the UK to receive this award.

PRICE has an award-winning approach to takeaway too. Their eco-friendly tiffin is a waste-free, completely sustainable solution. A tiffin for two costs £24.95, with refills starting at £8.50. As well as keeping your food piping hot, the tiffin doubles up as a cool box. Just pop your tiffin into the freezer, put in an ice pack and you have your very own mobile bar! Inspired by the Indian practice of doing more with less, The Thali

Starters from around £2.50, mains from £8.50, desserts £4.50


Clifton: 7 days a week, 12pmclose Easton: 7 days a week, 10am-close Montpelier: Weekends 12pm-close, week days 6pm-close Southville: 7 days a week, 12pm-close Totterdown: 7 days a week, 6pm – close

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PREMIER 4a Argyle St, BA2 4BA. Tel: 01225 462323/442955. Web: www. • Longestablished Indian bistro and balti house renowned for top-quality balti/curry favourites, decent value for money and friendly service. LATEST LAST-ORDER TIME IN BATH

BOTTELINO’S Emersons Way, Emersons Green, BS16 7AE. Tel: 0117 957 3722; 6 St Peter’s Court, Bedminster, BS3 4AQ. Tel: 0117 966 6676; Court House, 110 High St, Nailsea, BS48 1AH. Tel: 01275 858282. Web: • Fine West Country franchise – expect value-for-money lunch deals and robust vegetarian options, in a lovely, lively atmosphere.

RAJPOOT 4 Argyle St, BA2 4BA. Tel: 01225 466833/464758. Web: www. • Curry served with a side-order of trad-Raj style: classy versions of more familiar dishes provide a nicely maintained, well-beaten track for the less adventurous. THE EXOTICALLY DRESSED DOORMAN IS A LOCAL LANDMARK IN HIS OWN RIGHT YAK YETI YAK 12 Pierrepont St, BA1 1LA. Tel: 01225 442299. Web: www. • Laidback, authentic Nepalese restaurant in a cosy subterranean location. FABULOUS VEGGIE OPTIONS

ITALIAN BRISTOL BELLA ITALIA 8-10 Baldwin St, BS1 1SA. Tel: 0117 929 3278; The Venue Leisure Complex, Merlin Rd, Cribbs Causeway, BS10 7SR. Tel: 0117 959 0982; Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX. Tel: 0117 927 7230. Web: www. • Open kitchens serve familiar Italian faves.

CARLUCCIO’S 11 Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BU. Tel: 0117 933 8538; The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, BS34 5DG. Tel: 0117 950 8760. Web: www. • Chain venture courtesy of sleb chef Antonio Carluccio.  ALFRESCO OPPORTUNITIES CASAMIA 38 High St, Westbury-on-Trym, BS9 3DZ. Tel: 0117 959 2884. Web: • Cutting-edge, award-winning cuisine à la Heston Blumenthal, with a nod to the Italian classics. ONE OF BRISTOL’S MOST HIGHLY-REGARDED RESTAURANTS CIAO ITALIA 149 East St, Bedminster, BS3 4EJ. Tel: 0117 963 3544. Web: www. • Handsome community restaurant, all white walls, dark wood chairs and exterior the colours of the Italian flag. CIBO RISTORANTE 289 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8NY. Tel:

0117 942 9475. Web: www.cibo. • Everything from wholesale online shopping to a great neighbourhood restaurant, deli and espresso bar.  GIUSEPPE’S 59 Baldwin St, BS1 1QZ. Tel: 0117 926 4869. Web: www.  • Fish-focused Italian with up to 15 different catches on the daily board, and Anglo-Gallic touches alongside trattoria classics. JAMIE’S ITALIAN 87-89 Park St, BS1 5PW. Tel: 0117 370 0265. Web: www.jamieoliver. com • Mr Oliver’s Italian-focused Bristol outlet where the food quality justifies its popularity. DELI ON THE GROUND FLOOR LA CAMPAGNUOLA 9 Zetland Rd, Redland, BS6 7AG. Tel: 0117 924 8102/8372. Web: • Split-level restaurant and pizzeria serving Sicilian-inspired pastas, generous pizzas, seafood, veal, poultry and steaks.  LA GROTTA 9 Union St, BS1 2DD. Tel: 0117 929 0466 • Cosy family-run trattoria offering selflessly generous portions of homecooked grub using fresh ingredients. LA TAVERNA DELL’ARTISTA 33 King St, BS1 4DZ. Tel: 0117 929 7712 • Utterly fantastic local institution: the delicious madeto-order pizzas, the ace range of bottled booze, but, most of all, the atmosphere – welcome to your new home-from-home.

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RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK MAMMA MIA 10a Park Row, BS1 5LJ. Tel: 0117 926 8891. Web: www.mammamiabristol. • Charmingly old-school Italian: lots of nooks and crannies for romantic diners as well as room for bigger groups.

Square, Clifton, BS8 1HP. Tel: 0117 926 0300. Web: www.pizzaexpress. com • Lots of pizzas, pastas, salads and ... well, you know all this, don’t you? Local branches range in scale and ambience from the relatively cosy to the downright huge.

MARCO’S OLIVE BRANCH 76 Victoria St, Redcliffe, BS1 6DF. Tel: 0117 922 6688. Web: www. • Plying everything from traditional Italian fare to lesser-spotted, oftSardinian-influenced delights. VERY STUDENT-FRIENDLY

PLANET PIZZA 187 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8BG Tel: 0117 944 4717; 32 Cotham Hill, BS6 6LA. Tel: 0117 907 7112. Web: • Fresh, flavoursome pizzas. FABULOUS OFFERS

PICCOLINO 1 Narrow Weir, Cabot Circus, BS1 3DU. Tel: 0117 929 3255. Web: • Italian chain boasting an open kitchen, wood-fired pizza oven and all the other niceties designed to push the ‘authentic’ button. PIZZA HUT Several branches across Bristol: see • Massive international chain. Serves pizza, in case you were wondering. PIZZA PROVENCALE 29 Regent St, Clifton Village, BS8 4HR. Tel: 0117 974 1175. Web:  • Massively popular, longestablished neighbourhood bistro: huge and wonderful pizzas served on wicker ‘plates’. PIZZA EXPRESS Unit 1, Building 8, Harbourside, BS1 5TY. Tel: 0117 927 3622; 35 Corn St, BS1 1HT. Tel: 0117 930 0239; 2-10 Regent St, Clifton Village, BS8 4HG. Tel: 0117 974 4259; 31 Berkeley

PROSECCO 25 The Mall, Clifton Village, BS8 4JG. Tel: 0117 973 4499. Web: • Compact, family-run Clifton restaurant, guaranteeing quality eating. Regular food/wine-tasting evenings are proving very popular. RENATO’S NUMERO UNO 203 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2XT. Tel: 0117 974 4484 • Longstanding favourite with everything made on the premises: pasta sauces, soups, pizza dough and puds, but also renowned for fresh seafood and puds. SALVATORE’S KITCHEN 239 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5QP. Tel: 0117 924 5879. Web: www. • All the pizzas and pastas you’d expect, plus region-specific specialities. SAN CARLO 44 Corn St, BS1 1HQ. Tel: 0117 922 6586. Web: • Altogether popular Italian chain featuring a lively open kitchen and seriously tasty food. 

SERGIO’S 1-3 Frogmore St, BS1 5NA. Tel: 0117 929 1413. Web:  • Properly cosy Italian restaurant serving a vast, daily changing menu plus strong selection of fish dishes. GOOD WINE LIST AND BYO OPTION STRADA 24 Princess Victoria St, Clifton Village, BS8 4BT. Tel: 0117 923 7224. Web: • One of the food world’s more becoming chains, dishing up wellpriced, high-end Italian trattoria classics.  TRATTORIA DA RENATO 19 King St, BS1 4EF. Tel: 0117 929 8291 • Sister to La Taverna Dell’Artista across the road, serving quality Italian fare.  VALENTINO 124 Stoke Lane, Westburyon-Trym, BS9 3RJ. Tel: 0117 962 3222. Web: www. • Expect proper-job traditional Italian hospitality and splendid Italian dishes.  CHECK WEBSITE FOR OFFERS VINCENZO’S PIZZA HOUSE 71 Park St, BS1 5PB. Tel: 0117 926 0908 • Enduring classic on Park St, evergreen in popularity thanks to polite and attentive service, and excellent value for money. A simple, well-prepared menu of Italian favourites – pizzas are speciality. ZIO 96a Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2QX. Tel: 0117 923 8105. Web: www. • Trad decor, warm

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Experience the taste of a truly authentic Italian pizza pulled from the flames of Bath’s only wood-fired pizza oven. Open seven days a week from 11am until 11pm 16 York Street, Bath. Tel: 01225 330121 126 p126.indd 126

9/11/2013 2:11:31 PM


RESTAURANTS FOOD&DRINK atmosphere, and the company of plenty of regulars drawn in part by the spectacle of chefs throwing pizza dough around in time-honoured fashion. REGULAR ONE-OFF EVENTS SUCH AS WINE-TASTING EVES ZIZZI Unit SU84B, Glass House, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX. Tel: 0117 929 1066; 29-33 Princess Victoria St, Clifton Village, BS8 4BX. Tel: 0117 317 9842; 7-8 Triangle South, Clifton, BS8 1EY. Tel: 0117 929 8700. Web: www.zizzi. • Smart, crowd-pleasing chain franchise. Good-quality ingredients go into traditional and with-a-twist dishes based on simple, regional Italian cooking.  LOTS OF OFFERS: SEE WEBSITE

BATH AIO 7 Edgar Buildings, George St, BA1 2EE. Tel: 01225 443900. Web: • Two softly lit, inviting dining rooms, alfresco options and menus that concentrate on chargrilled protein and interesting carbs. AQUA ITALIA 86 Walcot St, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 471371. Web: www.aqua-restaurant. com • Cool, chic Italian with bargain-price, dolce vita-themed treats on its Classico menu. ASK ITALIAN Broad St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 789997. Web: www.askrestaurants. com • See Bristol listing.  CARLUCCIO’S Milsom Place, Milsom St, BA1 1BZ.

Web: • See Bristol listing.  GORGEOUS ALFRESCO JAMIE’S ITALIAN 10 Milsom Place, BA1 1BZ. Tel: 01225 432340. Web: www. • See Bristol listing. ROOFTOP GARDEN JOYA 6 Newmarket Row, BA2 4AN. Tel: 01225 460240. Web: www. • Sophisticated Italian-themed bar with a great little kitchen attached. Standards are exceptionally high. MARTINI 8-9 George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 460818. Web: www.  • Longstanding Bath institution, popular with families, tourists and large groups of merrymakers.  HUGE PORTIONS OF ITALIAN AND MEDITERRANEAN SPECIALITIES NONNA’S CUCINA ITALIANA  39 Gay St, BA1 2NT. Tel: 01225 427919. Web: www. • Classic, homecooked southern Italian food at this sparkly but welcoming contemporary Italian eatery. PIZZA HUT 1-3 Westgate Buildings, BA1 1EB. Tel: 01225 448586. Web: www. • See Bristol listing. PIZZAEXPRESS 1-3 Barton St, BA1 1HG. Tel: 01225 420119; 8 SouthGate Place, BA1

1AP. Tel: 01225 442111. Web: www. • See Bristol listing. PONTE VECCHIO Spring Gardens Rd, BA2 6PW. Tel: 01225 424800 • Stylish modern Italian trattoria featuring a kitchen overseen by a Sicilian team. FABULOUS WEIRSIDE LOCATION, ALFRESCO OPPORTUNITIES. RUSTICO BISTRO ITALIANO 2 Margarets Buildings, BA1 2LP. Tel: 01225 310064. Web: www. • Cosy, atmospheric, utterly gorgeous Italian bistro with a small but perfectly formed menu. PAVEMENT TABLES ON PRETTY TRAFFIC-FREE LANE SOLO PIZZA 2 Milsom Place, BA1 1BZ. Tel: 01225 444439. Web: www.solorestaurant. • Excellent coffee, Italian pastries and properly authentic pizzas, fresh salads and the like as the day rolls on.  MAJORS ON BIG DEALS SOTTO SOTTO 10 North Parade, BA2 4AL. Tel: 01225 330236. Web: www. • Glamorous modern Italian experience set in an evocative, barrel-vaulted subterranean tavern. STRADA Beau Nash House, Sawclose, BA1 1EU. Tel: 01225 337753. Web: www. • See Bristol listing. YAMMO! ITALIANO 66 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 938328. Web: www. • Cheerful authentic

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FOOD&DRINK RESTAURANTS Italian family-run diner offering a laid-back staycation experience in small but perfectly formed surroundings. Takeaway/delivery service; fabulous cocktails; pavement tables.

JAPANESE & KOREAN BRISTOL MASA 42-46 Baldwin St, BS1 1PN. Tel: 0117 929 3888. Web: www. • Modern Japanese restaurant where theatrical chefs twirl, juggle, flip and flame raw ingredients into delectable meals. NOA 12-13 Waterloo St, Clifton Village, BS8 4BT. Tel: 0117 973 2881. Web: • Crisp, contemporary eatery: one of the finest Japanese dining experiences around. OBENTO 67 Baldwin St, BS1 1QZ. Tel: 0117 929 7392. Web: • Eat in or takeaway at this Japanese restaurant from the Dynasty/Zen, erm, dynasty.  SIGN UP FOR OFFERS VIA WEBSITE

SURAKHAN 52 Park Row, BS1 5LH. Tel: 0117 929 0806. Web: www. • Bristol’s first 100% Korean restaurant where real care is taken over specialist dishes. TAMPOPO Unit SU84A, Glass House (Level 3), Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX. Tel: 0117 927 7008. Web: www.tampopo. • Mini-chain serving street food and signature dishes from across eastern Asia. YO! SUSHI Glass Walk, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BQ. Tel: 0117 321 3161; The Avenue, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, BS34 5DG. Tel: 0117 321 3170. Web: • Big, brash, vivid chain and one smart, smooth operation. Sign up to the Yo! Love Club on website for special offers and discounts. YUME KITCHEN 9 Cotham Hill, Bristol, BS6 6LD. Tel: 0117 200 2888. Web: www. • Fast, fresh food, and seriously good value.

BATH YEN SUSHI 11-12 Bartlett St, BA1 2QZ. Tel: 01225 333313. Web: www. • A ringside seat at the conveyor belt in this cheery, unfussy Japanese canteen must be the hottest seat in town for the inquisitive gourmet.  YO! SUSHI 29 Milsom Place, BA1 1BZ. Tel: 01225 562250. Web: www.yosushi.

com • See Bristol listing. 

MEXICAN & SOUTH AMERICAN BRISTOL CASA MEXICANA 29-31 Zetland Rd, BS6 7AH. Tel: 0117 924 3901. Web: www. • The longestestablished Mexican restaurant in Bristol – enjoy smashing tapas menu and alfresco dining.  SERIOUSLY EXCELLENT COCKTAILS LAS IGUANAS Anchor Sq, BS1 5UH. Tel: 0117 927 6233; 113 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2PB. Tel: 0117 973 0730. Web: • Original link in what’s now a chain linking 27 cities: fine South American food and good-time atmosphere fuelled by excellent cocktails.  MISSION BURRITO 62 Park St, BS1 5JN. Tel: 0117 927 3339. Web: www.missionburritos. • Diner with a San Franinspired approach to dishing out Mexican food (fast, fresh and healthy). Also has a branch in Bath. MY BURRITO 7 Broad Quay, BS1 4DA. Tel: 0117 929 7239. Web: www.myburrito. • Serving tasty and healthy Tex-Mex food using locally sourced ingredients.

BATH CHIMICHANGA Bluecoat House, Sawclose, BA1 1EY. Tel: 01225 317462. Web:

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FOOD&DRINK RESTAURANTS • Slick branch of an ever-expanding Latin American/Tex-Mex chain. LAS IGUANAS 12 Seven Dials, Sawclose, BA1 1EN. Tel: 01225 336666. Web: www. • See Bristol listing. MISSION BURRITO 4 New St, Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AF. Tel: 01225 442599. Web: www. • See Bristol listing.

NORTH AFRICAN & MIDDLE EASTERN BRISTOL AFENDI RESTAURANT & CAFE 217 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5QP. Tel: 0117 924 8927. Web: www. • Delightfully attentive family-run restaurant serving Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. MAZATI LEBANESE CUISINE Basement, 13a Small St, BS1 1DE. Tel: 0117 927 7937. Web: www. • A quietly spectacular place delivering hale and hearty Lebanese food, with an emphasis on high value. SHIRAZ 275 Hotwell Rd, BS8 4SF. Tel: 0117 925 5668. Web: www. 

• Gem of a place serving quality Persian cuisine that’s both nicely understated and thrillingly lively. SOUK KITCHEN 277 North St, Southville, BS3 1JP. Tel: 0117 966 6880. Web: www. • Vibrant Middle Eastern dishes packed with interesting flavours and ingredients: menus feature mezze, posh kebabs and traditional sides plus Moroccantype fare and weekend breakfasts. 

BATH CAFÉ DU GLOBE 1a North Parade, BA1 1LF. Tel: 01225 466437. Web: www. • Cheery little caff that morphs into a candlelit Moroccan bistro come evening. The basement bazaar gives you the opportunity to create your own Arabian Nights film-set at home. 

SPANISH & PORTUGUESE BRISTOL EL PUERTO 57 Prince St, BS1 4QH. Tel: 0117 925 6014. Web: www. • One-off Spanish establishment serving stylish tapas in a lively ambience.  EL RINCON 298 North St, Southville, BS3 1JU. Tel: 0117 939 3457. Web: www. • Small but perfectly formed Spanish tapas supplier and one the warmest, tastiest places in town.  FREE LIVE MUSIC, SPANISH FILM AND BOOK CLUBS, LANGUAGE LESSONS

LA TASCA Glass House, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX. Tel: 0845 129 7623. Web: www. • Big on salsa DJs and student parties, this 60+ strong chain also offers Spanish food (tapas and paellas). NANDO’S Glass House, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX. Tel: 0117 3763 876; 49 Park St, BS1 5NT. Tel: 0117 929 9263; Aspects Leisure Park, Longwell Green, BS15 9LA. Tel: 0117 967 2631; Unit 208, Cribbs Causeway, BS34 5UR. Tel: 0117 959 0146. Web: www.nandos. • Increasingly ubiquitous chain specialising in flame-grilled, periperi-sauced chicken. You can buy sauces to try at home.  TAKEAWAY SERVICE ROOSTERS PIRI PIRI 39 Park St, BS1 5NH. Tel: 0117 369 1000, web: www.roosterspiripiri. com • Second West Country location for the chicken chain with plenty more options on the menu than you might expect.

BATH LA TASCA The Empire, Grand Parade, BA2 4DF. Tel: 01225 466477. Web: www. • See Bristol listing.  MADRID 5 Chapel Row, BA1 1HN. Tel: 01225 423417 • Superb contemporary tapas experience, excellent wine list. GORGEOUS GARDEN OUT BACK NANDO’S Kingsmead Leisure Development, 5-10 James St West, BA1 2DT. Tel: 01225 789901; 5 Brunel Sq,

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The Jazz Café 1 Kingsmead St, Bath, BA1 2AA. T: 01225 329002 W: @BathJazzCafe

Friendly hangout in the heart of Bath


he Jazz Cafe is wellknown among the locals for being a really friendly café serving great food. It's independent and family run (although two of the family are now at uni elsewhere). The café overlooks Bath's tree-dappled Kingsmead Square and has a great atmosphere, whether the place is full or not. It’s the sort of self-assured hangout that would not be out of place on Parisian Left Bank. There's proper table service if you're sitting inside, (order at the counter if you're eating alfresco) and they serve a wide variety of homemade dishes. Fantastic all-day fry-ups including the famous Jazz Café Big Breakfast; almost a rite-ofpassage if you've been celebrating a finished assignment the evening before. Lunches from the menu or the specials board include filled ciabatta and toasted sandwiches, all dished out in pretty big portions. The menu is available all day, every day, but you're welcome just for drinks too; their espresso-based offerings are particularly good, using Bristolbased Extract Coffee Roasters for their beans. True to their name, the Jazz Café are re-starting live music sessions soon, in the afternoons or early evenings and they are always on the

lookout for budding new artists that might want to perform. Take advantage of the student discount schemes by belonging to Student Zest and/or Uni Life. The Jazz Café don't take bookings and they can get very busy - a sure sign of their reliable popularity.


Open every day: MondaySaturday 8.30am to 5pm; Sunday 10.30am to 4pm. Visit for more details.

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FOOD&DRINK RESTAURANTS BA1 1SX. Tel: 01225 312256. Web: • See Bristol listing.  PORTVCALE LOUNGE 43 St James Parade, BA1 1UQ. Tel: 01225 424321 • Warm, welcoming family-run Portuguese restaurant and bar with fabulous tapas dishes and sturdier options, all cooked up by the owner’s mum. Fabulous cocktails, sangria, etc. 

THAI, MALAYSIAN, SINGAPOREAN, INDONESIAN & VIETNAMESE BRISTOL BAUHINIA 5a Boyces Ave, Clifton Village, BS8 4AA . Tel: 0117 973 3138. Web: • Pan-Asian diner/cafe-bar with a laidback atmosphere and plenty of flair. Check the unusual drinks range.  EARLY BIRD OFFERS TO 7PM SIAM HARBOURSIDE 129 Hotwell Rd, BS8 4RU. Tel: 0117 330 6476. Web: • Occupying a glorious waterside setting, this long-established Thai restaurant majors in a tasty selection of classics and specialities. TEOHS 28-34 Lower Ashley Rd, St Agnes, BS2 9NP. Tel: 0117 907 1191. Web: • Bristol pioneer of canteen-style panAsian dining, serving delicious value-for-money fare. Also has an excellent Far Eastern supermarket attached.

THAI CLASSIC 87 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2NT. Tel: 0117 973 8930. Web: • Oldschool Thai restaurant with staff in national dress and thoroughly authentic food. MALAYSIAN AND SINGAPOREAN MENUS TOO THAI KITCHEN The Old Fish Market, 59-63 Baldwin St, BS1 1QZ. Tel: 0117 921 1515. Web: • Generous servings of modern Thai gastro-dishes served up in an oldschool pub replete with a ream of real ales. Small courtyard for warmer months. GREAT VIEWS ALONG THE DOCKSIDE  WAGAMAMA 63 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1QL. Tel: 0117 922 1188. Web: www. • Huge, diverse selection of pan-Asian dishes is as tasty as it is healthy, and the clean, simple decor and functionality entirely fit our non-flash times. GREEN TEA IS FREE FOR ALL DINERS

BATH KOH THAI TAPAS 36 Broad St, BA1 5LP. Tel: 01225 311232. web: • Thai tapas? You’ve got it! Alongside a sturdy range of more substantial dishes, too. Home delivery service, fabulous cocktails. MAI THAI 6 Pierrepont St, BA2 4AA. Tel: 01225 445557. Web: www.maithai. • Longstanding, sparkly little

haven of accessible exotica with menus that run the whole gamut of Thai classics. PANASIA  2 George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 481001 • While Panasia may not represent the food culture of an area that covers almost 10% of the Earth’s surface, it does an admirable job of covering several far-flung bases – with added bling.  SUPERB COCKTAILS SALATHAI 8 Pierrepont Place, BA1 1JX. Tel: 01225 484663. Web: www. • Pristine Thai diner. The Thai curries hit the soft/ sharp flavour balance so perfectly that it would be criminal not to indulge.  THAI BALCONY 1 Seven Dials, Sawclose, BA1 1EN. Tel: 01225 444450. Web: • Amid palatial decor, staff wearing traditional garb set the scene for elegant, classic dishes. The restaurant’s own Mini Mart sits just below the Balcony itself. THAI BASIL 90a Walcot St, BA1 5BG. Tel: 01225 462463. Web: www.thaibasilbath. com • Lively, authentic Thai cuisine in surroundings to match. Food is as fresh and pretty as the decor and runs the whole Thai gamut.  THAI BY THE WEIR 16 Argyle St, BA2 4BQ. Tel: 01225 444834. Web: www.thaibytheweir. • Explore a menu stuffed with contemporary and traditional Thai delights (and a handful of panAsian fusion dishes).

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RESTAURANTS/CAFÉS FOOD&DRINK WAGAMAMA 1 York Buildings, George St, BA1 2EB. Tel: 01225 337314. Web: • See Bristol listing. YUM YUM THAI 17 Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AE. Tel: 01225 445253. Web: • Cheerful contemporary diner serving life-affirming blasts of healthy, uncomplicated but highly flavoursome food. BUDGET-FRIENDLY PRICES

VEGETARIAN BRISTOL MAITREYA SOCIAL 89 St Marks Rd, Easton, BS5 6HY. Tel: 0117 951 0100. Web: www. • Open mics, art exhibitions, friendly community vibe. You’d want to be coming here even it wasn’t renowned as the Vegetarian Society’s Best UK Vegetarian Restaurant. Booking essential in eves.

BATH ACORN AT DEMUTHS 2 North Parade Passage, BA1 1NX. Tel: 01225 446059. Web: www. • Nationally acclaimed gourmet veggie/vegan bistro serving the finest in elegant food, always thoughtful, imaginative and inspirational. Open all day for excellent breakfasts, lunches and afternoon tea before supper proper kicks in.

CAFÉS BATH ADVENTURE CAFÉ 5 Princes Buildings, George St, BA1

2ED. Tel: 01225 462038. Web: www. • Popular day-to-night café-bar offering menus to cover all eventualities at all times of day. OPEN 10AM-MIDNIGHT EVERY DAY.


BATH BAKERY CAFÉ 37 Moorland Rd, BA2 3PN. Tel: 01225 481477. Web: www. • Traditional bakery cafe on a busy local high street.

HANSEL UND GRETEL STRUDEL BAR Brock St • Go yodelling crazy, relive the Sound of Music, taste the Tyrol, etc

BEA’S VINTAGE TEA ROOMS 68 Saville Row, BA1 2QP. Tel: 01225 464552. Web: www. • Teatime 1940s style, offering authentically retro treats alongside contemporary options.

REGENCY TEA ROOMS Gay St • A taste of Jane Austen in authentic surroundings

BERTINET BAKERY CAFÉ 6 New Bond St Place, BA1 1BH. Tel: 01225 445531. Web: www. • Bakery and café courtesy of award-winning doughboy Richard Bertinet. In a hurry? Dash along to the Bertinet takeaway in the Vaults complex, SouthGate. BILL’S 7-8 Cheap St, BA1 1NE. Tel 01225 424262. Web: www.bills-website. • Round-the-clock refreshment against a kitschy-quirky backdrop. See Restaurants, English. Open Mon-Sat 8am-10.30pm, Sunday 9am-10.30pm. BONGHY-BO’S 2-3 Barton Court, Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1RZ. Tel: 01225 462276. Web: • Funky, licensed refectory around an alfresco courtyard.


BEA’S VINTAGE TEAROOMS Saville Row • A must for fans of retro/vintage flourishes - think, tea time 1940s style

BOSTON TEA PARTY Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AE. Tel: 01225 313901. Web: www.bostonteaparty. • Much-loved Bath cafésociety hotspot. BRIDGE COFFEE SHOP Pulteney Bridge, BA2 4AY. Tel: 01225 483339 • Classic café treats at nonscary prices. CAFÉ AU LAIT 7 Pulteney Bridge, BA2 4AX. Tel: 01225 338007; 12 Dorchester St, BA1 1SS. Tel: 01225 571808 • Upmarket café fare at both branches. CAFÉ DU GLOBE 1a North Parade, BA1 1LF. Tel: 01225 466437. Web: www. • Classic tourist/ shopper fare by day, candlelit Moroccan-themed bistro from 6-10.30pm. CAFÉ LUCCA The Loft, 1 Bartlett St, BA1 2QZ • Chic, Tuscan-themed venture.

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NATTY NEWBIES BRISTOL DIDN’T YOU DO WELL Park Row • Delicious coffee served by knowledgeable people. THE KITCHEN Silver St • YMCA-supporting eatery with suspended drink/ food initiative. ROLL FOR THE SOUL Quay St • Non-profit bike café celebrating and supporting Bristol’s cycling culture. YURT LUSH Creative Common, Temple Quay • Delicious food, drink and punning! BRISTOLIAN CAFÉ Picton St • Welcome return of a Bristol institution.

CAFÉ RETRO 18 York St, BA1 1NG. Tel: 01225 339347. Web: • Wallet-friendly prices in characterful surroundings. CAKE CAFÉ 5 SouthGate, BA1 1AQ. Tel: 01225 789010 • Splendid homemade cakes, lunches and afternoon teas. CHANDOS DELI 12 George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 314418. Web: www.chandosdeli. com • Award-winning deli-café drawing classy foodie inspirations from around the world.

CHAPEL ARTS CENTRE CAFÉ Lower Borough Walls, BA1 1QR. Tel: 01225 461700. Web: • Bright, breezy vegetarian café beneath community arts mecca. FLATBREADS A SPECIALITY COFFEE@CAMDEN 2 Claremont Terrace, BA1 6EH • Superb homemade cakes, cupcake classes, vibrant fresh lunch selection. LOVELY GARDEN OUT BACK

Tel: 01225 388569. Web: www. • Arty oasis of tasteful treats. GOURMET SCOFFS 9 Terrace Walk, BA1 1LN. Tel: 01225 471137 • Freshly cooked, downhome goodies all day long. GREEN ROCKET CAFE 1 Pierrepont St, BA1 1LB. Tel: 01225 420084 • Welcoming, vibrant vegetarian/vegan haven - the new face of face-free fabulosity.

COLONNA & SMALL’S ESPRESSO ROOM 12a Princes St, BA1 1HL. Tel: 01225 446362. Web: www. • Awardwinning hangout for coffee connoisseurs.

GUILDHALL MARKET CAFÉ Guildhall, High St, BA1 5AW. Tel: 01225 461593 • Wallet-friendly market caff at the epicentre of a buzzing covered market.

CORAL QUAY CAFÉ 8-9 New Bond St Place, BA1 1BH. Tel: 01225 446362. Web: www. • Characterful refreshments above an eclectic gift shop.

HANDS TEAROOM & COFFEE LOUNGE 1 Abbey St, BA1 1NN. Tel: 01225 463928. Web: www.handstearoom. • Traditional tearoom and contemporary coffee shop under one (historic Georgian townhouse) roof.

EGG CAFÉ St John’s Place, BA1 1ET. Tel: 01225 823408. Web: www. • Cheerful Chandos Deli outlet attached to one of the UK’s most prestigious young people’s theatre projects. FINE CHEESE CO 29-31 Walcot St, BA1 5BN. Tel: 01225 483407. Web: www. • Upmarket deli/ café flaunting a delectable array of stylish munchables. GARDEN CAFÉ AT THE HOLBURNE MUSEUM Great Pulteney St, BA2 4BD.

HANSEL UND GRETEL SHOP & STRUDEL BAR 9 Margarets Buildings, Brock St, BA1 2LP. Tel: 01225 464677. Web: • Superb strudel (among other coffee-shop delights) below a street-level shop packed with Tyrol/Alpine-related knick-knackery. INDULGENCE CAFÉ 31 Bathwick St, BA2 6NZ. Tel: 01225 316265. Web: www.indulgence-cafe. • Homemade daily specials, amazing cakes and a fabulous deli counter at this thoroughly modern foodie venture. Catering service.

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JACOB’S COFFEE HOUSE 6 Abbey Churchyard, BA1 1LY. Tel: 01225 758132 • Fresh, wholesome grub with an emphasis on local, organic and free-range.

LA CROISSANTERIE 14 Northumberland Place, BA1 5AR. Tel: 01225 469641 • Eat-in or takeaway speedy lunchtime loveliness.

JAVA COFFEE HOUSE 3 New St, Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AF. Tel: 01225 480779. Web: • Independent venture specialising in top-notch coffee and fabulously fresh homemade fare from breakfast until tea-time.

LE PARISIEN Shires Yard, BA1 1BX. Tel: 01225 447147. Web: • Varied breakfast menu, Frenchthemed classics and lively specials, plus generously filled baguettes/ wraps. Licensed. OPEN UNTIL 9PM MON-SAT

JAZZ CAFÉ Kingsmead Square, BA1 2AA. Tel: 01225 329002. Web: www. • Legendary breakfasts and modern Med/global scrumptiousness. Licensed. DAILY SEASONAL TREATS

MA CUISINE 4 St Saviours Rd, Larkhall BA1 6RT. Tel: 01225 312959. Web: • Cute, chic patisserie/cafe specialising in topquality, French-inspired lunchtime classics

PATISSERIE VALERIE 20 High St, BA1 5AJ. Tel: 01225 444826. Web: • Bustling café to the rear of a cake counter flaunting an exquisite range of gateaux, tarts etc.

JIKA JIKA COFFEE HOUSE & CANTEEN 4a Princes Buildings, George St, BA1 2ED. Tel: 01225 429903. Web: • Lively venture offering imaginative menus driven by locally sourced inspirations. Also has a takeaway branch in the Vaults complex, SouthGate. OPEN UNTIL 11PM MON-SAT

MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY 5 Orange Grove, BA1 1LP. Tel: 01225 466733. Web: www. themadhattersteaparty.moonfruit. com • Quirky little café offering a solid range of quality fare.

PRESTO 7 Abbey Churchyard, BA1 1LY. Tel: 01225 338803. Web: www. • Top-notch pasties, savouries etc. freshly baked on the premises each day.

MADE BY BEN 100 Walcot St, BA1 5BG. Tel: 01225 319999. Web: • Exceptionally good sandwiches, salads, pies, quiches, tarts, cakes, treats etc., largely made from locally sourced, seasonal produce.

PUMP ROOM Abbey Churchyard, BA1 1LZ. Tel: 01225 477782. Web: www. • One of Bath’s most civilised afternoon-tea experiences (from 2.30pm daily). Lunch is classic, upper-crust, trad-Brit fare. TRAD TEA-TIME TREATS

KINDLING 9a Claverton Buildings, BA2 4LD. Tel: 01225 442125. Web: www. • Largely localsourced, organic, homemade and fairly traded food and drink. KOMEDIA ARTS CAFE 22-23 Westgate St, BA1 1EP. Tel: 01225 471578. Web: www. • Seasonal, locally sourced treats within a top comedy and music venue.

MANGIA BENE 5-6 St James St, BA1 2TW. Tel: 01225 336106 • Classy Mediterranean deli with a small café attached. METROPOLITAN CAFÉ 15 New Bond St, BA1 1BA. Tel: 01225 482680. Web: www. • Gorgeous

little café above the gorgeous Bloomsbury gift shop, all fare largely organic. TOTALLY VEGETARIAN MISSION BURRITO 4 New St, Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AF. Tel: 01225 442599. Web: www. • Freshly prepared burritos and classic Tex-Mex-inspired delights to take away or enjoy in a lively canteen environment. OPEN UNTIL 10PM SUN-WED, 11PM THUR-SAT

REGENCY TEA ROOMS 40 Gay St, Queen Square, BA1 2NT. Tel: 01225 443000. Web: www. • Regency-style afternoon delights at this Jane Austenthemed tearoom above a shrine – sorry, visitor centre – entirely dedicated to the Great Woman herself.

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Renowned for good food and service at reasonable prices. While dining, enjoy superb views of the Abbey, the city and beyond. • SPECIAL 3-COURSE LUNCH • 15% DISCOUNT ON TAKEAWAYS AND FOR STUDENTS • FULLY AIR CONDITIONED OPEN DAILY 12pm-2.30pm & 6pm-11.30pm; Friday & Saturday until 12.30am 9-10 High Street (entrance at Cheap Street) Bath BA1 5AQ Tel: 01225 464631 or 466626

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CAFÉS FOOD&DRINK RIVERSIDE CAFÉ 17 Argyle St (below Pulteney Bridge), BA2 4BQ. Tel: 01225 480532. Web: www. • Fabulous breakfasts, homecooked lunches and thoughtfully eclectic modern British/Med/ global suppers, open evenings at weekends. ROMAN BATHS KITCHEN 11 Abbey Churchyard, BA1 1LY. Tel: 01225 477877. Web: www. • Deli, café and gorgeous terrace on the ground floor, bright, breezy contemporary bistro upstairs. STUNNING VIEWS OF BATH’S MOST FAMOUS SQUARE ROSCOFF DELI 18 Northumberland Place, BA1 5AR. Tel: 01225 469590. Web: • Flair-packed, dolce-vita experience serving topquality breakfasts, lunches and snacks alongside authentic Italian larder fare. ROYAL PAVILION CAFÉ Royal Victoria Park, BA1 2NR. Tel: 01225 448860 • Swiss mountain chalet meets traditional British tearoom, with spiffing views across the city from the alfresco balcony and tables under the trees out front. PARKLIFE HOTSPOT SALLY LUNN’S 4 North Parade Passage, BA1 1NX. Tel: 01225 461634, web: www. • Quintessentially English afternoon teas (if you can cope with the queues) and dinner later on.

SAME, SAME BUT DIFFERENT 7a Princes Buildings, Bartlett St, BA1 2ED. Tel: 01225 466856. Web: • Café-bar/ bistro hybrid offering daytime menus of hearty Mediterraneanthemed gorgeousness segueing into sturdier goodies (tapas platters a speciality) until 11pm Thur to Sat. SAM’S KITCHEN 61 Walcot St, BA1 5BN. Tel: 01225 481159. Web: www. • Thoroughly modern foodie flamboyance at this lively gourmet hotspot. SOCIETY CAFÉ 4-5 Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AB. Tel: 01225 519074. Web: • Sociable, stylish, sassy venture specialising in upper-crust grub and a vivacious vibe. ALFRESCO OPPORTUNITIES SPRINGS CAFE & RESTAURANT Thermae Bath Spa, Hot Bath St, BA1 1SJ. Tel: 01225 331234, web: • Airy cafe/restaurant for the exclusive use of those using the Thermae Spa facilities. ST MICHAEL’S CAFE Broad St, BA1 5LJ. Tel: 01225 447103, web: • Cheerful, unique fundraising venture downstairs at the characterful, historic St Michael’s Without church. Coffee, tea, cakes, light bites etc., also available for private hire. Open MonSat 10am-5pm TEAHOUSE EMPORIUM 22a New Bond St, BA1 1BA. Tel: 01225 334402. Web: www. • Tranquil

teahouse in an atmospheric 18th-century cellar. TIME OUT Guildhall Market, BA2 4AW • American diner/milk-bar-themed café at the heart of the Guildhall market. WILD CAFÉ 10a Queen St, BA1 1HE. Tel: 01225 448673. Web: • Local, seasonal, sustainable produce mostly cooked before your eyes in an open kitchen. YMCA International House, Broad St Place, BA1 5LH. Tel: 01225 325900. Web: • One of Bath’s best-kept secrets, tucked away behind a courtyard reached via a quaint little alleyway or ancient stone steps. Homecooked favourites at extremely walletfriendly prices. Alfresco courtyard seating. Open Breakfast: Mon-Fri 7am-9am, Sat-Sun 8am-10am. Lunch: Mon-Fri 12noon-2pm

BRISTOL A CAPPELLA 184c Wells Rd. Tel: 0117 971 3377. Web: • Café by day, pizzeria by evening. BRISTOL’S BEST BUDGET ITALIAN, ACCORDING TO THE GUARDIAN ALMOUROL 54 Filton Rd, Horfield. Tel: 0117 951 2093 / 07768 439775. Web: • Café set within the South West’s only Portuguese and Brazilian mini-market. FAMILY-RUN AND FRIENDLY

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FOOD&DRINK CAFÉS ATOMIC BURGER 189 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 8600 • Burger central with cult film theming. THE ‘FALLOUT CHALLENGE’ REQUIRES A LEGALLY-BINDING WAIVER.

7412. Web: • Diarise for the spring to discover gourmet hotdogs, benchmarksetting burgers and cut-above specials at a sublime riverside spot perfect for pint appreciation. BEAUTIFUL RIVERSIDE SETTING

ATRIUM CAFE Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bath Rd, BS4 3EW. Tel: 0117 377 2576. Web: • Serving up coffee, cakes, brunch, classic sandwiches, panini and seasonal lunch specials amid some of Bristol’s most tranquil surroundings.

BETTER FOOD COMPANY CAFÉ Proving House, Sevier St, St Werburghs. Tel: 0117 935 1725. Web: • Mostly organic, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients go into salads, soups, mezzes and breakfasts. RECYCLING HEROES

BAR CHOCOLAT 19 The Mall, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 7000. Web: www.barchocolatclifton. • Chocoholic heaven, along with breakfasts and paninis. Licensed. Wi-fi. CHOCOLATE NIRVANA

BIBLOS 62a Stokes Croft, BS1 3QE and 82 Mina Road, BS2 9XW. Tel: 0117 9232737/0117 955 8887. Web: • Mostly Mediterranean fare – terrific wraps, mezze and houmous.

NEW BEARPIT SOCIAL St James Barton Underpass, Container 1, BS1. Web: www. • Opened in January 2013 and housed in a shipping container, this wilfully funky café serves Brian Wogan coffees, pastries, soup and toast.

BIG BANANA JUICE BAR Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 927 3274 • Friendly nutritionists serving up juices, smoothies (with ice-cream versions) and organic shakes. TRY THE VERY VEG (CARROT, CUCUMBER, CELERY, PARSLEY)

NEW BEATROOT CAFE 20-21 Lower Park Row, BS1 5BN. Tel: 0117 376 3714. Web: www. • Conscientious, veggiefriendly not-for-profit community space. BEESES BAR & TEA GARDENS Wyndham Crescent (by Conham Ferry), nr Brislington. Tel: 0117 977

NEW BIRDCAGE 28 Clare St, BS1 1YE.Tel: 0117 929 1130. Web: www.birdcagebristol. com • Zeitgeist-defining combination of ‘yesterday’s clothing, today’s coffee and tomorrow’s music’. BLUE JUICE 39 Cotham Hill. Tel: 0117 973 4800 • Vast range of juices and smoothies. Most mains are vegetarian – try the

cheese, leek & potato pie. LOVELY DECK WITH CANOPY BOSTON TEA PARTY 75 Park St. Tel: 0117 929 8601. Web: • See Bath listing. BRIGSTOW CAFE 9 Clare St. Tel: 0117 929 3876 • Drop in for breakfasts, wraps, coffees and mouth-watering milkshakes (cookie dough flavour!). 10% NUS CARD DISCOUNT BRISTOL GUILD CAFÉ 68-70 Park St. Tel: 0117 929 1874. Web: htm • Long-established and muchloved. Soups, salads, quiches, cakes and drinks within a haven of crafty delights. REOPENED BRISTOLIAN CAFE 2 Picton St, Montpelier, BS6 5QA. Tel: 0117 919 2808. Web: www. • Recently reopened, with a new, smart look to accompany the breakfasts for which it’s been long known, as well as zingy salads, baguettes and stylish cakes. BRUNEL BUTTERY Wapping Wharf. Tel: 0117 929 1696 • Legendary bacon butties, good cakes, cracking harbourside location. CURRENTLY CLOSED CAESARS The Kiosk, Welshback • This dinky, hexagonal kiosk has long been known for selling a delightful combination of coffee and churros. It is closed as we go to press, so stroll by regularly (it’s at the Bristol Bridge end of Welsh Back by the

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CAFÉS FOOD&DRINK memorial to fallen seafarers) to check for any reopening (which may involve a new name.) CAFÉ CREATE Create Centre, Smeaton Rd, Cumberland Basin. Tel: 0117 903 1201 • Serving conscientious and award-winning cuisine. Fabulous riverside views. SOME INGREDIENTS FETCHED VIA BICYCLE TRAILER! NEW CAFÉ CULTURE 61 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AD. Tel: 0117 904 0040 • Formerly Spice Route. Friendly cafe serving a neat range of sandwiches, smoothies, panini, etc. CAFÉ DU JOUR 72 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 1563. Web: • Wonderfully authentic Gallic dining experience featuring recipes inspired by French classics. A FULL-ON FRENCH IMMERSION CAFÉ KINO 108 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 924 9200. Web: • The arty, creative community enjoy vegan seasonal menus, mainly organic and locally sourced. Licensed. MUSIC, SCRABBLE, BOOK CLUB AND MORE! CAFÉ RETREAT Next to The Water Tower, Stoke Rd, Durdham Down. Tel: 0117 923 8186; 45 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 2842. Web: www.caferetreat. • Serves fresh food made on the premises. INSIDE A FORMER TOILET!

CAFFE CLIFTON The Clifton, St Pauls Rd. Tel: 0117 973 6882 • Stylish surroundings, bespoke suppliers, elegant tea, coffee, cakes and light meals. STITCH & BITCH NIGHTS CAFFE EXCHANGE Corn St. Tel: 0117 922 4013 • Tea, coffee and snacks. NEW CHERRY TREE CAFE 30-32 Upper Maudlin St, BS2 8DJ. Tel: 0117 930 0776. Web: www. • Award-winning chefs conjure up soups, panini, baguettes, jackets, homemade cakes and tarts to eat in or take away. COFFEE #1 157 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 9909; 33 Princess Victoria St, Clifton. Tel: 0117 923 8021; 4 Canford Lane, Westbury-on-Trym. Tel: 0117 959 1749 • Panini, cakes, smoothies etc. CORDIAL AND GRACE 9 The Mall, Clifton. Tel: 0117 970 6259 • Innovative modern tearooms and sewing café serving brunch, light bites and afternoon tea.


JAZZ CAFÉ Kingsmead Sq • Probably the best bacon butties in Bath, and a strong contender for the Full English award too WILD CAFÉ Queen St • Pancake stacks, eggs Florentine, Benedict and Royal and full-on classics in both veggie and traditional format EAT5STAR Kingsmead Sq • Lots of options all clamouring to kickstart your day in fine style

in March 2013, this independent coffee shop run by Ally and Will offers delicious coffee made in a Seattle Slayer coffee machine. DOCKYARD CAFÉ-BAR Harbourside, nr ss Great Britain. Tel: 0117 926 0680 • Waterside terrace bar. Jackets, soups, cakes, alongside light lunches and mains.

NEW CUPP Philadelphia St, BS1 3BZ (opp. Apple Store). Web: • Opened in March 2013 bringing Taiwanese ‘bubble tea’ to Cabot Circus – by way of a converted shipping container.

FOLK HOUSE CAFÉ-BAR 40a Park St. Tel: 0117 908 5035. Web: cafe.php • Delicious organic and Fairtrade fodder (breakfasts, cakes, lunches and supper) at this citycentre oasis. RATED BY THE OBSERVER FOOD MONTHLY

NEW DIDN’T YOU DO WELL 20 Park Row, BS1 5LJ. Web: Facebook page, Twitter • Opened

FRISKA 36 Victoria St, BS1 6BY. Tel: 0117 929 8971; Bath Road Studios, Bath Rd, BS4 3HG. Tel: 0117 941 8508;

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FOOD&DRINK CAFÉS SPark One, Bristol & Bath Science Park, Dirac Crescent, Emersons Green, BS16 7AJ. Tel: 0117 370 7705; Rise Records, Queens Rd, BS8 1QU. Tel: 0117 930 0989. Web: • A fourth outlet has been doing the business within Rise Records’ extensive Queens Road premises for a few months now. Across all outlets you’ll find good coffee and healthy and interesting fast food. NEW FULL COURT PRESS 59 Broad Street, BS1 2EJ. Tel: 07794 808552. Web: • Stylish new joint offering extremely good coffee. Check their Facebook for latest blends and tasting notes. NEW GUERRILLA BURGER 48-52 Baldwin St, BS1 1QB. Tel: 07528 521151. Web: www. • Recently opened funky burger bar serving ‘sliders’ - gourmet mini burgers.

HOOPER HOUSE CAFÉ 113 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 329 0256 • Breakfasts, salads, soups and specials. NAME COMES FROM FORMER FISH & POULTRY MARKET NEW THE KITCHEN The Station, Silver St, BS1 2AG. Tel: 0117 929 2975, web: www. • Opened in November 2012, it offers breakfasts, burgers, tarts, baked potatoes, soup, sarnies and toasties plus snacks and hot and cold drinks all at prices to make your bank manager smile. LA CASBAH 96 St Marks Rd, Easton. Tel: 0117 939 8804 • Community café with a Moroccan feel. Inventive menu includes char-grilled swordfish. Sound seafood range. BYO. MARRAKECH COMES TO ST MARKS RD

HAVANA COFFEE 37a Cotham Hill, BS6 6JY. Tel: 0117 973 3020; 6 Clifton Down Rd, BS8 4AD. Tel: 0117 329 0212. Web: • Light bites and excellent range of Fairtrade coffees, traditional and herbal teas and juices. Organic food where possible.

LA RUCA 89 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 944 6810. Web: • Gloucester Road stalwart run by people as lovely as their authentic tortillas, enchiladas, chimichangas and Chilean corn pie. Laidback, issue-aware, arty, friendly and wholesome. CAFÉ, SHOP AND ALL-ROUND COMMUNITY SPACE

HERMANOS 55 Queens Rd. Tel: 0117 929 4323 • Contemporary café-bar offering sandwiches, tapas, burgers and specials. Come evening, there’s a cocktail-bar feel. 30-STRONG COCKTAIL LIST

LA TOMATINA 2-4 Park St. Tel: 0117 302 0008 • Spanish élan via tapas, coffees, wine, Mahou beer – and flamenco dancing. NAMED AFTER THE FAMOUS FRUIT FIGHT

LOCKSIDE 1 Brunel Lock Rd, Cumberland Basin. Tel: 0117 925 5800 • Quality ingredients, fresh produce and excellent value. Brilliant breakfasts, desserts include Malteser bowls! STUNNING VIEW TO BRUNEL’S BRIDGE NEW MARK’S CAFE 291 North St, Bedminster, BS3 1JR. Tel: 0117 953 7997. Web: www. • Nifty cafe operation that opened in October 2012 at the site of Mark’s Bread. MRS BROWN’S CAFÉ Victoria Park (by lodge, nr Nutgrove Ave & Somerset Terr entrances), Bedminster. Web: Facebook, Twitter • Toasties, baps, cakes, teas with Fairtrade sourcing plus natty touches – picnic blankets and deckchair hire. KEY ROLE IN OUTDOOR CINEMA & CAROLS IN THE PARK NEW MUD DOCK DELI Cumberland Rd, BS1 6DS. Tel: 0117 929 2141. Web: www.mud-dock. com • Cafe-cum-deli serving pizza, sandwiches, salads, falafel, freshly baked cakes and the like, with San Miguel and wine, too. Regular bicycle-related film nights. NUMBER 10 10 Zetland Rd, Redland. Tel: 0117 924 1301 • Breakfasts plus authentic globe-spanning fare at this chilled spot. PERFECT PERSIAN SALMON STEW 194 FAHRENHEIT CAFÉ 4a Boyces Ave, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973

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CAFÉS FOOD&DRINK 0054 • Minimalist coffee bar serving espressos, light bites, sandwiches, cakes and more. OLD BOOKSHOP 65 North St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 373 8907. Web: www. • Tapas café/ bar and live music venue boasting granny chic and a hip crowd. PAPADELI 84 Alma Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 6569. Web: • Mediterranean inspiration behind excellent food with locally sourced, Fairtrade and organic credentials. AS FEATURED IN ‘MISTRESSES’ PAPADELI AT RWA RWA, Queens Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 329 5859. Web: • Charcuterie, cheese plates, sarnies etc. Licensed. Regularly changing artwork. GREAT VIEW FROM BALCONY PEPE NERO 22 Bond St. Tel: 0117 926 8057 • Authentic Italian food for carnivores, vegans and veggies. PIZZAS BY THE METRE!

NY-style brunch, salad wraps and sarnies followed by British tapas and cocktails later. RUN BY HUGH FEARNLEYWHITTINGSTALL PROTÉGÉ PRIMROSE CAFÉ & BISTRO Boyces Ave, Clifton Village. Tel: 0117 946 6577. Web: www.primrosecafe. • Daytime fare (salads, burgers, wraps) with an emphasis on ethical, local, fresh produce. Intimate bistro by night. BRISTOL BREKKIE LEGEND RAISING ITS OWN PIGS PURE PASTA, SOUP & SANDWICH Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 07899 862403 • A little slice of Italy. Pasta’s ready at noon, with coffee and cake to get you through the morning. REVIVAL CAFÉ 56 Corn St, BS1 1JG. Tel: 0117 930 4008. Web: • Long-established city-centre fave guaranteed to perk you up if you’ve overdone the shopping. Recently launched a delivery service.

PIEMINISTER 24 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 942 9372; Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 302 0070. Web: • Handmade bundles of pie joy, both sweet and savoury, with all the trimmings. HQ RECENTLY RELAUNCHED, BIG FESTIVAL FAVE

RIVERSIDE GARDEN CENTRE Clift House Rd, Southville. Tel: 0117 966 7535. Web: www. • Completely vegetarian menu, organic and locally sourced where possible, freshly made on the premises. Soups, spuds, specials, Fairtrade drinks. LAIDBACK SUNTRAP

POCO 45 Jamaica St, Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 923 2233 • Permanent home of a beloved festival tourer offering

NEW ROLL FOR THE SOUL Quay Street (along Nelson Street). Tel: 07596 917 946. Web: www. • The not-forprofit hub of Bristol’s cycling community – friendly veggie café with a bike workshop upstairs. ‘Soul’ burgers, double-cooked chips and mezze all come highly recommended. CAREFULLY CHOSEN ALES AND CIDERS ROYCE ROLLS WHOLEFOOD CAFÉ Corn Exchange, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 07967 211870 • Vegetarian café: ‘millions’ of flapjacks, pasties, soups, samosas, herbal teas etc. ONE OF COUNTRY’S OLDEST VEGGIE EATERIES (+30 YEARS) RUBICON CAFE & CHOCOLATIER 26 Chandos Rd. Tel: 0117 329 4408. Web: • A friendly little café packing a great deal in – food, drink, photography, art, private parties and, naturally, chocolate. WELL WORTH TRACKING DOWN NEW RUBICON TOO 22 Cotham Hill Web: www. • Rubicon’s second outlet serving breakfasts, omelettes, panini etc. PLENTIFUL SEATING OUT FRONT SAVANA COFFEE 273 North St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 966 0088 • Spanish, Mexican and Greek dishes, plus pasta and pizza. SOUK KITCHEN 277 North St, Southville. Tel: 0117 966 6880 • Middle Eastern delights. SOUTHVILLE CENTRE CAFÉ Beauley Rd, Southville. Tel: 0117 923

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FOOD&DRINK CAFÉS/TAKEAWAYS 1039 • Locally sourced ingredients going into soups, salads, jackets and specials. NEW SPICER & COLE 1 Queen Square Ave, BS1 4JA. Tel: 0117 922 0513. Web: www. • Admirable care and attention taken in providing good coffee and the best possible everyday food in a clean, uncluttered space. SPIKE ISLAND CAFÉ 133 Cumberland Rd. Tel: 0117 934 9077 • Bright, airy café-bar in a contemporary arts centre. Sarnies, soups, jackets, burgers, pies and chilli etc. Great coffee. ART GALLERY ON SITE ST STEPHEN’S CAFÉ St Stephen’s Lane, off St Stephen’s St. Tel: 0117 929 4984 • Good vegetarian grub, freshly made. CHURCHYARD OASIS NEXT DOOR ST WERBURGHS CITY FARM CAFÉ Watercress Rd. Tel: 0117 908 0798 • Nutritionally balanced, delicious food enjoyed by multi-generational gatherings. Ingredients sourced locally and ethically. Feels like Bilbo Baggins’ house. BIGGED UP BY THE OBSERVER FOOD MONTHLY

4834. Web: • Popular, very friendly takeaway and licensed café. Bargain-priced authentic Gujarati cuisine. “WORTH THE TRIP TO BRISTOL ALONE,” SAID THE GUARDIAN TOBACCO FACTORY CAFÉ-BAR Raleigh Rd, Southville. Tel: 0117 902 0060. Web: www. • Med-style fare at this enduringly cool hotspot. TUBE DINER Paintworks, Bath Rd. Web: www. • Housed in an Airstream trailer and serving up Stateside scrumminess. VILLAGE POTTERY 70 Princess Victoria St, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 4343 • Wonderfully dinky café and garden. Homemade cakes to go with espresso, coffee, tea, herbal teas, juices. WATCH THE POTTER IN ACTION IN THE ADJOINING STUDIO NEW WILD AT HEART 51 Broad St, BS1 2EP. Tel: 0117 239 1613. Web: www. • Café with onsite hair and beauty salon - and shoe-shining service!

TAKE FIVE CAFÉ 72 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 907 7502 • Stokes Croft stalwart offering curries and more. PRIVATE PARTIES A SPECIALITY

WINDMILL HILL CITY FARM Philip St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 963 3252 • Organic and Fairtrade writ large in breakfasts, quiches, soups, stews, specials, light bites etc. CHICKEN AND DUCK EGGS TO TAKE AWAY

TIFFINS 151 St Michael’s Hill. Tel: 0117 973

WORKHOUSE CAFÉ 19-20 Perry Rd. Tel: 0117 329 0889

• Hearty and wholesome café dishes. AROUND 20 LOOSE LEAF TEAS NEW YURT LUSH Creative Common, Isambard Walk, Temple Quay. Web: www. • Bar, kitchen and café housed in three connected Mongolian yurts (in situ until March 2014.)

TAKEAWAYS BATH AL FALAFEL 3 Monmouth St, BA1 2AJ. Tel: 01225 311133 • Kebabs and other wellpriced late-night faves. Open MonSat 12noon-2.30pm, 5pm-1am. BILLY BURGER St Saviours Rd, Larkhall, BA1 6RT. Tel: 01225 313393. Web: www. • Burger paradise, alongside hot dogs, jackets, fries, potato skins, hash browns, garlic bread, etc., too. Open Mon-Thur 12noon-2.30pm & 5.3011.30pm, Fri-Sat 12noon-2.30pm & 5.30pm-12midnight, Sun & bank hols 6pm-12midnight. FREE LOCAL DELIVERY FOR £10+ ORDERS CAVENDISH COOKS 8 St James St, BA1 6RS. Tel: 01225 312805, web: www.cavendishcooks. • Definitely not your ‘average’ takeaway experience: two Cordon Bleu-trained chefs lovingly cook fresh food in their open kitchen for you to take away and enjoy that day, pre-order for parties and events, or take home and keep in the freezer. Limited seating available. Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm

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TAKEAWAYS FOOD&DRINK CHILLIES 2 Lambridge Buildings, Larkhall, BA1 6RS. Tel: 01225 443030. Web: • Traditional and contemporary Indian grub. Open Mon-Sun 5.30-10.30pm (last delivery orders 10.15pm). FREE DELIVERY, ONLINE ORDERING

daily 6-10pm (£1.50 charge within 3-mile radius).

CHUNG YING 21 Walcot Buildings, BA1 6AD. Tel: 01225 447677. Web: www. • Popular destination for the post-pub munch crowd. Open daily 5.30-11.30pm.

GOLDEN PLAICE 13a Cleveland Place West, BA1 5DG. Tel: 01225 338288 • Friendly, value for money, traditional chippie. Open TueSat 12noon-2.30pm & 5.30-10pm.

DESH INDIAN TAKEAWAY & RESTAURANT 10 Chelsea Rd, BA1 3DU. Tel: 01225 314413/463388 • Good, fast, decent-priced Indian takeaway food, also a popular restaurant. 10% NURSE/STUDENT DISCOUNT DOMINO PIZZA 66 Walcot St, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 421421. Web: • International pizza chain. FISH & CHIPS Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1RJ. Tel: 01225 330195 • Traditional fish & chips, plus all the usual takeaway suspects. Open Mon-Sat 12noon2.30pm & 5.30-10pm. FORTUNE COOKIE 378 Wellsway, BA2 5RN. Tel: 01225 832223. Web: www.fortune-cookie. • Classy Far Eastern food, including Japanese udon noodle selection plus lesser-spotted farflung treats. Open Sun-Tue & bank hols 5-11pm, Wed-Sat 12noon2pm & 5-11pm. Home delivery

FRO YO 2 GO 42 Monmouth St, BA2 1AN • Frozen yoghurt, milkshakes, smoothies and smoogurts (work it out for yourself) made to order. Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.

GONG FU NOODLE BAR 16 Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AE. Tel: 01225 463442 / 2 Lower Borough Walls, BA1 1QR Tel: 01225 460115 • All dishes freshly prepared to order, resulting in a vibrant bespoke takeaway, also excellent dim sum, skewers, bubble and exotic teas. Open daily 11am-11pm. FREE DELIVERY ON £10+ ORDERS HERBIES 5 Moorland Rd, BA2 3PJ. Tel: 01225 483772 • Classic chippy fare to eat in or take away. Open Mon-Sat 11.30am-2pm & 5.30-10.30pm. HIPPIE SHAKE 20 Moorland Rd, BA2 3PW. Tel: 01225 466200. Web: www. • Freshly made milk (and dairy-free, low-fat, diabeticfriendly) shakes, sweet treats and hot/cold drinks. Open Mon-Thur 9am-5pm, Fri-Sat 9am-6pm. KEBAB HOUSE 16 Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AE. Tel: 01225 461915 • Kebabs, pizzas, fried chicken. Open Mon-Sat 12noon-2.30pm & 5pm-1am.


YAMMO! ITALIANO Walcot St • Vibrant, wholly authentic dolce vita treats, free service for orders £15+ BILLY BURGER St Saviours Rd • Burger paradise, hot dog central, free local delivery for orders £10+ PEKING CHEF St Kilda’s Rd • Chinese? ThaI? English? All bases covered, delivery charge £2 max MANHATTAN BURGER 23 Claverton Buildings, BA2 4LD. Tel: 01225 447365 • Burgers, kebabs, chips, canned drinks, etc. Open daily 12noon-12midnight. MARMARIS 4-5 Grand Parade, BA2 4AN. Tel: 01225 461946 • The takeaway section to the front of this longestablished Turkish restaurant gets overrun with people placing orders for shish, doner and chicken kebabs, especially on Fri/ Sat evenings. Well worth the wait, though. Open Mon-Sat 12noon1am. MEGA BITE 26 Walcot Buildings, BA1 6AD. Tel: 01225 444481 • Pizzas, kebabs, burgers, fish & chips, fried chicken etc. Open Mon-Wed 4pm-2.30am, Thur-Sat 4pm-3am, Sun 5pm-2.30am. MISSION BURRITO 4 New St, Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AF.

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FOOD&DRINK TAKEAWAYS Tel: 01225 442599. Web: www. • Freshly prepared, bespoke burritos and classic Tex-Mex-inspired delights. Open Sun-Wed 10am-10pm, ThurSat 10am-11pm. MOGHUL 140 Walcot St, BA1 5BL. Tel: 01225 464956 • Long-established Indian takeaway, very sensible prices. Open daily 12noon-2.30pm & 5-11.30pm. MR D’s 8 St Georges Place, Upper Bristol Rd, BA1 3AA. Tel: 01225 425204; van at night on Milsom St/Orange Grove • Mobile post-pub/club hotspot: burgers and the ever-popular cheesy chips (excellent, especially after six pints). Open UBR: daily 6pm-3am. Van: Thur-Sat 8pm-2.30am. PEKING CHEF 84 St Kilda’s Rd, Oldfield Park, BA2 3QJ. Tel: 01225 425685 • Chinese, Thai and English takeaway cuisine from a massive menu. Delivery service 5-11pm (min order £6, delivery charge £1 within 2-mile radius, £2 thereafter). Open Tue-Sun 12noon-2pm, daily 4.30-11pm. PIZZA FRESCA 1 Wellsway, Bear Flat, BA2 4QL. Tel: 01225 429776 • Fresh, authentic Italian pizzas, decent fries, soft drinks. Open Tue-Sun 6pm-late. REAL ITALIAN ICE CREAM CO. 17 York St, BA1 1NG. Tel: 01225 330121 • Probably the best icecream in Bath. Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm (Sundays in summer). RUPOSHI 3 Sussex Place, BA2 4LA. Tel:

01225 337294. Web: www. • Small, friendly Indian takeaway with long-established reputation for high-quality, good-value grub. Open Mon-Sat 12noon-2pm & 5-10pm (Sat 10.30pm). SCHWARTZ BROTHERS 4 Sawclose, BA1 1EY. Tel: 01225 461726; 102 Walcot St, BA1 5BG. Tel: 01225 463613. Web: www. • Freshly flamegrilled burgers (legendary garlicmayo and chilli), veggie and chicken options, dips and chips. Open Mon-Fri 12noon-12midnight, Sat 11.30am-12midnight, Sun 12noon11pm. SEAFOODS 38 Kingsmead Sq, BA1 2AA. Tel: 01225 465190. Web: www. • Longestablished takeaway and café serving fresh fish cooked to order with old-school chips. Popular pies, sausages, pickled eggs. Open MonSat 11.30am-11pm. PAVEMENT SEATING SHAKEAWAY 3 Beau St, BA1 1QY. Tel: 01225 466200. Web: www.shakeaway. com • About 150 different milk/icecream-based shakes alongside dairyfree and diet-friendly incarnations. Open Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm (Sat 6pm), Sun 10.30am-5pm. SUBWAY 11 Westgate St, BA1 1EQ. Tel: 01225 789958; Unit 2, Rosewell Court, BA1 2AG. Tel: 01225 465156. Web: • Chunky fresh subs, wraps, soups, salads, drinks and breakfast choices to eat in or

take away, plus excellent-value-formoney combos. Open WS: MonWed 8am-12midnight, Thur-Sat 8am-3am, Sun 9am-12midnight. RC: daily 7am-10.30pm (8am Sun). SULIS PIZZA 2 Grand Parade, BA2 4DF. Tel: 01225 447037. Web: www. • Pizzas to go, or order online for home delivery. Open daily 12noon-10pm. SEE WEBSITE FOR 2-4-1S AND REGULARLY UPDATED OFFERS TAMBO PERUVIAN KITCHEN 1 Grove St, BA2 6PJ. Web: www. • An authentic taste of Peru courtesy of street food (empanada, papa rellena) etc. The chilli hot chocolate delivers more kick than a donkey with sunstroke. Open Mon-Fri 9am-3pm, Sat 11am-3pm. TWERTON CHIPPY 145 High St, Twerton, BA2 1BZ. Tel: 01225 425920 • Rig rock salmon, skate and cod’s roe alongside cod, plaice and haddock. Open Mon 12noon-2pm & 6-9pm, Tue-Thur 12noon-2pm & 5-9.30pm, Fri-Sat 11.30am-2pm & 5-9pm. PERFECT CHIPS YAMMO! ITALIANO 66 Walcot Street BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 938328. Web: www.yammo. • Chic but cheerful authentic Italian family-run diner. Eat in option/home delivery service.

BRISTOL A CAPPELLA 184c Wells Rd, Totterdown. Tel: 0117 971 3377. Web: www.

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TAKEAWAYS FOOD&DRINK • Café by day, BYO pizzeria by night, plus takeaways and deliveries. Open Tue-Thur 9am-10pm, Fri-Sat 9am-10.30pm. ALWAHA 12 High St, Easton. Tel: 0117 935 5339 • Halal fast food. ARCHES INDIAN FAST FOOD 210 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 924 8062 • Casual BYO café offering Indian fast food, (funnily enough.) NEW BENTO HOUSE 200 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5QZ. Tel: 0117 904 9345 • Korean and Japanese offerings at a location where Oh! Beijing! stood in last year’s guide. BIG BANANA St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 927 3274. Web: www. • Freshly prepared juices, smoothies, wheatgrass shots. YOU MAY NEED TO ORDER THE ALL-FRUIT HANGOVER CURE BOBBY’S 17 Christmas Steps. Tel: 07885 533216 • Believed to be the nation’s first chippy! Che Guevara photo replaced recently by nine translations of ‘hello’.

Market. Tel: 07817 478302. Web: • Sausage nirvana: around 20 varieties. PURVEYORS OF GOOSE FAT AND THE WORLD’S BEST BLACK PUDDING CARIBBEAN WRAP St Nicholas Market. Tel: 07989 745944 • Authentic Caribbean cuisine. Eat-in lunches, too. From jerk chicken to curried goat, the menu never disappoints. CIAO HAMBURGER 207a Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 6228. Web: • Gloucester Road burger stalwart. CITY CAFE FOOD CENTRE Colston Ave (opp. Hippodrome) • Follow the aroma of frying onions to this staggeringly popular burger and kebab van. Open daily 8pm till very late. LOOK FOR THE BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES CLIFTON VILLAGE FISH BAR 4 Princess Victoria St. Tel: 0117 974 1894 • Top chippy popular with a certain ex-PM’s son. Open daily lunchtimes and eves, all-day Fri-Sun from around lunchtime.

BRISTOL FRYER 431 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 951 5415 • Popular with Gasheads and students from surrounding streets. Fish, burgers, pies, pasties, sausages, kebabs, chicken and loads of extras.

CORNISH BAKEHOUSE 16 Castle Gallery, Galleries Shopping Centre. Tel: 0117 930 4279. Web: www. • Extraordinarily tasty pasties filling you up till breakfast tomorrow morning. And no washing up – result!

BRISTOL SAUSAGE SHOP Glass Arcade, St Nicholas

DIM SUM 263 North St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117


A CAPPELLA Wells Rd • Endorsed-by-TheGuardian pizzas with pizzazz. TAKA TAKA Queens Row • Adopters, suppliers and deliverers of those much-loved Magic Rolls. PORTUGUESE TASTE St Nicholas Mkt • Sublime pastéis de nata custard tarts. YOYO BURGER Triangle • Post-club burger brilliance. TIFFINS St Michaels Hill • BBC / Guardian-recommended Gujarati cuisine to eat, heat or freeze. 953 0606 • Long established; big oriental menu. DOMINO PIZZA 119 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 3400; 10 Regent St, Kingswood. Tel: 0117 961 6111; 439 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 951 2777; Simmonds View, Stoke Gifford. Tel: 0117 979 8855. Web: www. • International pizza delivery chain. EASTON TAKEAWAY 87 Chelsea Road. Tel: 0117 955 8998. Web: www.easton-takeaway. • Flame-grilled chicken shish is the menu highlight. Home-made flatbreads are fabulous.

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FOOD&DRINK TAKEAWAYS EXCHANGE SNACK BAR St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 922 4014 • English breakfasts, lunch and snacks. FALAFEL KING City Centre (nr Watershed). Tel: 0117 329 4476 • City-centre pitta pitstop serving falafels and other Middle Eastern foods to hungry shoppers, clubbers and dancers. FISHERS 156 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 8220 • Very good, very popular chippy up at the Downs end of The Strip. GRECIAN KEBAB HOUSE 2 Cromwell Rd, St Andrews. Tel: 0117 942 3456 • Generous kebabs and extraordinarily reasonable (and tasty) pizzas offer perfect endings to Gloucester Road boozy nights. UPSTAIRS CHILLAX LOUNGE NEW HOTCHA 65 Baldwin Street, 99 Whiteladies Road, 44a Temple Street, 2 Downend Road, 268 Gloucester Road & 107 South Liberty Lane. Tel: 0871 2882 282. Web: www.hotcha. • Fast-growing, fast-serving Chinese takeaway chain with a pleasingly straightforward menu. MAGNET 55 Dean Lane, Southville. Tel: 0117 963 6444 • Chippy which once staged a Badly Drawn Boy gig. Open Mon 5-10pm, Tue-Sat 11.30am-2pm & 5-10pm. MISS MILLIE’S 132 Wells Rd, Knowle; 79 East St, Bedminster; 129 High St, Staple Hill;

1 The Concourse, Brislington; 91 Gloucester Rd; 166 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton; 157 Church Rd, Redfield • Ever-popular, bargain-priced purveyors of fried chicken. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT (IN SHOP) MOORISH CAFÉ St Nicholas Market. Tel: 07403 358046 • Moroccan food and drink to eat in or take away. NEW NEW EASTON EXPRESS 186 Stapleton Rd, Easton. Tel: 0117 951 2267 • Peking, Szechuan, Cantonese, Thai, Japanese and vegetarian dishes. Open Thu-Sat 12noon-2pm, daily 5-11pm. OLDFIELDS FISH & CHIPS 84 Regent St, Kingswood. Tel: 0117 967 3292 • Formerly the Clock Tower, well worth any journey. Open Mon-Wed 11.30am-8pm, Thur-Sat 11.30am-9pm. PIEMINISTER 24 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 942 9372; Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 302 0070. Web: www. • Fantastic eateries offering an amazing variety of pies. PIRI PIRI CORNER 11-12 Triangle South. Tel: 0117 929 7777. Web: • Fast food restaurant/takeaway delivering the eponymous chicken and more to a three-mile radius. PIZZA BELLA 102-106 West St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 963 3882 • Family-run Bedminster institution. THEY’LL ALSO DELIVER FAGS,

CHOCS, EVEN A BOTTLE OF VODKA PIZZA EXPRESS 2-10 Regent St, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 4259; 31 Berkeley Sq. Tel: 0117 926 0300; 35 Corn St. Tel: 0117 930 0239; Unit 1, Building 8, Harbourside. Tel: 0117 927 3622. Web: • Renowned restaurants also offering great takeaway pizzas. DELICIOUS DOUGH BALLS WITH GARLIC BUTTER NEW PIZZA MONKEY Web: • Mobile wood-fired pizza offerings in varieties including Hot Tropics, King Kong and Silverback. FREQUENTLY FLAME UP IN BATH, TOO. PORTUGUESE TASTE St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 904 8485 • Funky little café/takeaway serving traditional dishes like feijoada and chicken piri piri. PURE PASTA, SOUP & SANDWICH St Nicholas Market. Tel: 07899 862403 • Hot pasta dishes, great lasagne, pizza, panini, soup, sandwiches. LOVELY HOMEMADE TIRAMISU RED PIZZA COMPANY 181a Hotwell Rd, Hotwells. Tel: 0117 930 0543 • Pizza operation opened in 2012. RENDEZVOUS 9 Denmark St. Tel: 0117 929 8683 • Fish and chips, pies and pasties, sausages and saveloys etc.

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TAKEAWAYS FOOD&DRINK RICE BOX 4 Christmas Steps. Tel: 0117 927 3388. Web: • Fantastic Chinese food in a boutique setting among Christmas Steps’ eclectic shops. Open Mon-Fri 11.30am-7.30pm (not bank hols). SIMPLY THAI 67 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 924 4117 • Fresh, flavoursome Thai grub. SMITHS FISH BAR 2 Kingsdown Parade. Tel: 0117 921 4627 • Clean, quick, offering decent-sized portions reminiscent of chippies back in the day. Open Mon-Fri 11.45am-1.45pm & 5-10.30pm, Sat 5.30-10pm, Sun 5.30-9pm SOURDOUGH CAFÉ Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market. Web: Facebook • Excellent breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, specials plus Extract Coffee. Funny little nooks to sit in. ON TREND WITH THE STREET FOOD ZEITGEIST SPICE UP YOUR LIFE 7 Exchange Ave, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 914 4448 • Quality Indian and Asian specialities to eat in or take away. STAR FISH BAR 157 Greystoke Ave (next to Aldi), Southmead. Tel: 0117 950 9505 • Maris Piper gorgeousness definitely worth discovering if you don’t live within noseshot of its delicious aroma. Open daily eves, lunchtimes Mon-Sat. MORE STAR-LIKE THAN HARRISON FORD

STOKE BISHOP FISH BAR 13 Druid Hill, Stoke Bishop. Tel: 0117 329 0366 • Younger sibling to long-established Clifton Village big bruv. Open daily eves, lunchtime Mon-Sat. SUBWAY The Galleries. Tel: 0117 930 4940; 15-19 Queens Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 925 6164; Merchant St, Broadmead. Tel: 0117 927 7620; 15-17 Clare St. Tel: 0117 930 0455; 31 Union St. Tel: 0117 922 7828; 103 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 973 4500; 80-82 East St, Bedminster. Tel: 0117 963 7616; 790 Fishponds Rd. Tel: 0117 965 7640; 29 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 908 3227; 11b Shields Retail Park, Gloucester Rd, Filton. Tel: 0117 969 6266; The Corner House, Hamilton Court, Montague St. Tel: 0117 924 9375; 80-82 Regent St, Kingswood. Tel: 0117 935 3383; Unit 29 Broadwalk, Knowle. Tel: 0117 971 6078; Bristol International Airport. Tel: 01275 475514; 3b Broad Quay. Tel: 0117 927 7350; Unit 1b-c, Willow Brook Centre, Savages Wood Rd, Bradley Stoke. Tel: 01454 617122; 201 Stapleton Rd, Easton. Tel: 0117 951 1827. Web: • Massive range of hot and cold submarine sandwiches with freshly baked bread, low-fat options available. Plus wraps, soups and breakfasts to eat in or take away. NEW TAKA TAKA 1-2 Queens Row, The Triangle, Clifton, BS8 1EZ. Tel: 929 1785, 922 1435 (Magic Roll). Web: www. • Greek pitta house, deli and Magic Roll purveyor.

TASTE OF CHINA 596 Fishponds Rd. Tel: 0117 958 3304 • Standard Chinese faves plus veggie dishes. Wed-Mon 5-11pm. TIFFINS 151 St Michael’s Hill. Tel: 0117 973 4834. Web: • Convince your mates you had a gap year in Gujarat by getting very familiar with the authentic cuisine conjured up here. Stone-baked pizzas too. Open Mon-Sat 12noon-2.30pm & 4.30-9pm. RATED BY THE GUARDIAN; NAMED BY RADIO 4 AMONG THE COUNTRY’S TOP THREE TAKEAWAYS IN 2010 VEE DOUBLE MOO Web: • Ice-creams, sundaes, cupcakes, organic frozen yoghurt and alcoholic hot chocolate served up in a vintage VW camper. VIET VITE Web: • Mobile street food trader serving the finest Vietnamese cuisine this side of Hanoi! VINCE’S ITALIAN PASTA & PIZZA 396 Filton Ave. Tel: 0117 904 1188 • Genuine family-run Italian. Freshly baked pasta dishes and wide selection of pizzas. CHOCOLATE PIZZAS, CHIP PIZZAS, 24-INCH PIZZAS! NEW WOOLLY CACTUS Corner of Victoria St & Bath St, BS1. Web:, Twitter • Not so much south of the border, more south of the river, this quirky, wool-covered (that’s not a

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FOOD&DRINK TAKEAWAYS/SPECIALIST FOOD SHOPS typo) Tex-Mex catering trailer stands at the opposite end of Bristol Bridge to Castle Park. YOYO BURGER 6 Byron Place, Clifton. Tel: 0117 930 4353. Web: • Check the video screen-inlaid table while enjoying seriously tasty wraps and benchmark-defining burgers cooked freshly on site. Open daily 12noon-late. LOBSTER AND WAYGU BEEF ON THE MENU! ZAK’S SANDWICH BAR St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 927 7444 • English breakfasts, burgers, snacks, freshly made sandwiches and baguettes to eat in or take away.

SPECIALIST FOOD SHOPS BATH BANTHON ORIENTAL SUPERMARKET 10 Brookside House, High St, Weston, BA1 4BY. Tel: 01225 420468 • Far Eastern cooking ingredients, herbs, spices and remedies. Open Tue-Sat 10am-5.30pm, Sun 10am-4pm. BARTLETT & SONS BUTCHERS 10-11 Green St, BA1 2JZ. Tel: 01225 466731. Web: www.bartlettandsons. • All meat locally sourced and largely chemical/additive free. Cooked meats, cheeses, pastries, pickles and cakes. Open Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm. SAUSAGES AND BURGERS MADE IN-HOUSE BATH BAKERY 3 Chelsea Rd, BA1 3DU. Tel:

01225 421702; 37 Moorland Rd, BA2 3PN. Tel: 01225 481477. Web: • Traditional bakers. Open Mon-Sat 8am-4.30pm. LOVELY CAFÉ AT MOORLAND RD BRANCH BATH FARMERS’ MARKET Green Park Station, BA1 1JB. Tel: 01225 787910. Web: www. • Dozens of stalls sell locally produced fresh and organic meat, dairy, breads and veg, hot food to nibble as you browse and plenty of tasting experiences. Open Sat 8.30am-1pm. BEEHIVE BAKERY Noads Corner, Odd Down, BA2 2RX. Tel: 01225 833322 • Proper, traditional, community baker. Open Mon-Sat 8am-4pm. BEN’S COOKIES 21 Union Passage, BA1 1RD. Tel: 01225 460983. Web: www. • Funky, chunky fresh cookies priced by the kilo. Open Mon-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm. BERTINET BAKERY & CAFÉ 6 New Bond St Place, BA1 1BH. Tel: 01225 445531. Web: www. • Bakery shop and café courtesy of awardwinning doughboy Richard Bertinet and his team. Open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm. BEST OF BRITISH 12 Broad St, BA1 5LJ. Tel: 01225 448055. Web: www. • Organic deli and takeaway. Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 10am-6pm.


CHANDOS DELI St George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 314418. Web: www.chandosdeli. com • Very popular upmarket deli. DA VINCI ITALIAN DELI 33 Wellsway, Bear Flat, BA2 4RR. Tel: 01225 471850. Web: www. • Fully authentic Italian grocery. Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 8.30am-5pm. FINE CHEESE CO. 29-31 Walcot St, BA1 5BN. Tel: 01225 448748. Web: www. • Gourmet grocery with, of course, a strong emphasis on cheese, plus deli, bakery and cafe. Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm, Sat 9am-5.30pm. FRIENDS FOREVER St James Parade, BA1 1UL • Wellstocked, utterly charming Asian grocery store. Open Mon-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm. GOODIES 2a St Saviours Rd, Larkhall, BA1 6RJ. Tel: 01225 336033. Web: • English and continental deli with in-store French bakery. Open Mon-Sat 8.30am-5pm. GUILDHALL DELICATESSEN 8a Guildhall Market, BA2 4AW. Tel: 01225 427195. Web: www. • Wide range of continental and local meats, homemade cakes, olives, jams, chutneys, cheeses. Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm, Sat 9.30am-5.30pm. HARVEST 37 Walcot St, Bath, BA1 5BN. Tel:

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SPECIALIST FOOD SHOPS FOOD&DRINK 01225 465519. Web: • An entirely GM-free organic zone, stocking everything from organic fruit and veg (much of it sourced locally) and bread to Fairtrade chocolate, teas, coffees, organic wines, international specialities and Essential products. LONDON ROAD STORES 3 Cleveland Place East, London Rd, BA1 5DJ. Tel: 01225 336307 • Excellent source of lesser-spotted (in Bath, anyway) West Indian cooking supplies, also doubles up as a traditional English corner shop. Open Mon-Sun 10am-8pm. MANGIA BENE 5-6 St James St, BA1 2TW. Tel: 01225 336106 • Enticing range of largely Medi-sourced delights. Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 8.30am-5pm (cafe till 4.30pm). NIBBLES Stall 53, Guildhall Market, BA1 4AW. Tel: 01225 460213 • Quality cheeses alongside British and continental bacon and hams. Open Mon-Sat 9.30am-5pm. WALLET-FRIENDLY PRICES PARKER’S BAKERY, FRUIT & VEG 51-52 Guildhall Market, BA2 4AW • Thoroughly decent greengrocer and bakery at the heart of the thriving Guildhall Market. Open Mon-Sat 9am-5pm. PAXTON & WHITFIELD 1 John St, BA1 2JL. Tel: 01225 466403. Web: • Premier-quality traditional English and continental cheeses, luxury larder essentials. Open Mon-Sat 9.30am-6pm.

PICNICS 8 Chelsea Rd, BA2 3DU. Tel: 01225 482045 • Longstanding deli specialising in authentic foods imported from the Med. Open Mon-Sat 8.30am-5pm. POLISH DELICATESSEN James St West, BA1 2BX • Traditional Polish foodstuffs. Open Mon-Sun 10am-6pm. PRIOR PARK GARDEN CENTRE & FARM SHOP Prior Park Rd, BA2 4NF. Tel: 01225 427175. Web: www. • Garden/petcare centre incorporating a thriving café and well-stocked farm shop. Visit towards closing time to find bargain prices for fresh produce. Open Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm (summer 6pm), Sun 10.30am-4.30pm. REAL ITALIAN ICE CREAM CO. 17 York St, BA1 1NG. Tel: 01225 330121 • One of only a handful of authentic Italian gelaterias in the UK. SAUSAGE SHOP 7 Green St, BA1 2JY. Tel: 01225 318300. Web: • Dozens of speciality sausages handmade with the finest additive-free ingredients to traditional methods, also deli counter and takeaway hot sausages of the day. Open Mon-Sat 10am-5.30pm. SEASONS WHOLEFOOD 10 George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 469730 • Popular, well-stocked healthfood shop with serve-yourself bins and takeaway/deli. Open MonSat 10am-5.30pm.

SOUTHSIDE FOOD CO-OP Twerton, Whiteway & Southdown. Tel: 01225 787924 • Offers people in south-west Bath fresh, high-quality veg, fruit and eggs at wholesale prices, with bags of seasonal, locally grown produce. Collect orders on Wed from Twerton (and save 50p), or they’ll deliver to homes in Twerton/ Whiteway/Southdown. Co-op membership £1 per year. STOKES THE GREENGROCERS 38 Moorland Rd, Oldfield Park, BA2 3PN. Tel: 01225 424414. Web: • All manner of five-a-day essentials from pink ladies to pineapples, maris pipers to mouli, at very healthy prices. Open Mon-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm. THAI BALCONY MINI MART 40 Monmouth St, BA1 2AN. Tel: 01225 337213 • Everything Thai, from store cupboard ingredients to frozen dim sum, fresh herbs and spices. Open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. FRESHLY COOKED THAI READY MEALS TO TAKE AWAY

BRISTOL ATTIC 115 Coldharbour Rd, Redland. Tel: 0117 909 0357. Web: www.attictea. com • Around 20 different teas: try before buying. THE NAME? ACRONYM FOR ‘ALL THE TEA IN CHINA’ BAR CHOCOLAT 19 The Mall, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 7000. Web: www. • Homage to all things choccy. ONSITE CAFÉ

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FOOD&DRINK SPECIALIST FOOD SHOPS BETTER FOOD CO. Bristol Proving House, Sevier St, St Werburghs. Tel: 0117 935 1725; 94 Whiteladies Rd BS8 2QX. Tel: 0117 946 6957. Web: www.betterfood. • Excellent emporia of all things organic. Fresh fruit and veg from their own garden, local meat, poultry, linecaught fish, artisan bread, olives and sausages, great cafés. DELIVER FRUIT AND VEG BOXES BORDEAUX QUAY Canons Way. Tel: 0117 943 1200. Web: • Awesome eco-eatery, with fantastic deli and bakery. Sources the very best local, seasonal, sustainable products, mostly organic. BREADSTORE 45 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 1654 • Wonderful selection of loaves and rolls, cakes, croissants, pizzas, pasties. HALF-PRICE BARGAIN BASKET AND 5P DOUGHNUT MIDDLES! BRISTANBUL 137 Gloucester Road. Tel: 0117 924 0003. Web: • Specialist Turkish patisserie and bakery offering everything from traditional Baklava to savoury specialties like Lahmacun (Turkish pizza). BRISTOL CIDER SHOP 7 Christmas Steps, BS1 5BS. Tel: 0117 382 1679. Web: www. • As much apple/pear-related stuff under one roof as possible! Over 80 ciders on draught or in bottles plus cider vinegar/brandy/chutney etc. All ciders sourced from within 50 miles. Tastings and tours staged. APPLE ROLLING 19 OCT!

BRISTOL SAUSAGE SHOP 28-30 Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 07817 478302. Web: • Superfresh speciality sausages, bacon, condiments, goose fat, and sausage sandwiches/bangers & mash to take away. About 90% of offerings reared, grown, produced or sourced locally. FINEST BLACK PUDDING IN THE WORLD BRISTOL SWEET MART 80 St Marks Rd, Easton. Tel: 0117 951 2257. Web: www.sweetmart. • Renowned local institution. Asian, Middle Eastern, Med and African treats, plus exotic frozen fish. Excellent in-store deli. IF THEY DON’T HAVE IT, THEY’LL DO THEIR BEST TO GET IT FOR YOU BRITTAN’S PORK BUTCHERS 17 Wade St, St Judes. Tel: 0117 935 1800 • Sells just about everything pig-related (except the oink). STEEPED IN HISTORY CHANDOS DELI Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus. Tel: 0117 927 9543; Bristol University Sports Centre, Tyndall Ave. Tel: 0117 922 7700; 97 Henleaze Rd. Tel: 0117 907 4391; 6 Princess Victoria St, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 3275; 121 Whiteladies Rd. Tel: 0117 970 6565. Web: www.chandosdeli. com • Popular deli. Eclectic range of cheese, charcuterie, fresh bread, olives, homemade savoury tarts, cakes, fantastic wines, award-winning sandwiches. Products sourced directly from Europe and local producers. BRILLIANT FRESH FISH COUNTER IN CLIFTON VILLAGE BRANCH


DR BURNORIUM’S HOT SAUCE EMPORIUM Exchange Hall, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 07855 395150. Web: www. • Around 200 of the world’s finest hot chilli sauces: “Your pain is our pleasure.” CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS OF CRICKETING HEROES EARTHBOUND 8 Abbotsford Rd, Cotham. Tel: 0117 904 2260 • Local organics, good-value wholefoods, Fairtrade, fruit and veg, bread, chutneys, jams, pastas and superb chocolates. ETHICALLY CAUGHT CANNED FISH, MOSTLY IN ORGANIC OIL EAST BRISTOL BAKERY St Marks Road, Easton. Tel: 07824 664003. Web: EastBristolBakery • Superb craft bakery. Sourdough is to die for. ESSENTIAL TRADING Unit 3, Lodge Causeway Trading Estate, Fishponds. Tel: 0845 458 0201. Web: • Supplier of natural and organic wholefoods. All products GM-free, many Fairtrade. Own-brand range too. HARVEST NATURAL FOODS 11 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 5997. Web: • One of the country’s longest-established vegetarian and vegan wholefoods specialists. Certified organic fresh fruit and veg, dispensing bins for organic nuts, seeds, grains and dried fruit. Deli with savoury snacks and their luxury gourmet hummus. HERBERTS BAKERY Wellington Ave, Montpelier. Tel: 0117

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SPECIALIST FOOD SHOPS FOOD&DRINK • Long-established, much-loved bakery drawing inspiration from places like Ireland, Tuscany, Greece, Switzerland and USA. EPIC NEW MURAL KALAHARI MOON 88-91 Covered Market, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 929 9879. Web: • South African one-stop shop. LA RUCA 89 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 944 6810. Web: • Speciality health food shop: globally inspired meals, natural and organic foods, Fairtrade, herbs and spices, soups, cheeses, olives and unusual ingredients. Friendly, helpful staff. RENOWNED CHIMICHANGAS LICATA 36 Picton Street. Tel: 0117 9247725. Web: • Proper family-run Sicilian deli and specialist Italian food importers. Salamis a speciality. MANOR KITCHEN 3 Soundwell Rd, Staple Hill. Tel: 0117 956 9291. Web: www. • Home-cured artisan hams, speciality roast meats, handmade pies, deli produce. SUPPORT LOCAL SPECIALIST PRODUCERS MARK’S BREAD 291 North St, Bedminster. Tel: 07910 979384. Web: www.marksbread. • Wonderfully flavoursome bread made by wonderfully friendly people using organic flour. LOCAL DELIVERIES MADE ON AUTHENTIC DUTCH BICYCLE!

NO.12 DELI 12 High Street, Easton. Tel: 07824 664003. Web: No12Easton • Proof that Easton/ Greenbank are on the up – this fabulous, airy new deli offers fine meats, cheeses, coffees and more. OLIVE SHED Princes Wharf. Tel: 0117 929 1960; 123 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 924 0572. Web: • Fantastically popular dockside restaurant with downstairs deli: tapas – and the odd olive! Wider selection at Gloucester Road. PAECKERT BUTCHERS 230 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 924 5454 • Impressive selection of homemade sausages, including South African and Spanish. ORIGINAL BROADMEAD SHOP OPENED 1962 PAPADELI 84 Alma Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 6569. Web: • Artisan cheeses, excellent charcuterie, antipasti, handmade sweet treats, olives, oils et al. Restaurant-quality dishes to eat in or take away. OBSERVER AND GUARDIAN RATED RADFORD MILL FARM SHOP 39-41 Picton St, Montpelier. Tel: 0117 942 6644 • Friendly organic food suppliers with small café and deli. Vast range of GM-free and organic products at really reasonable prices. RARE BUTCHERS OF SOUTHVILLE 250 North St, Southville. Tel: 0117 966 3593 • Top-notch free-range meat from suppliers as nearby as


BEST OF BRITISH Broad St • Known locally as Planet Organic, offering an abundance of locally-sourced bread, cheese, meat, pies, sweet treats and more HARVEST Walcot St • Fairly-traded, additivefree, organic, locally sourced all-kinds-of-everything for the thoughtful-minded shopper SEASONS WHOLEFOOD George St • Serve-yourself bins (dried fruits, pulses, grains, etc) make shopping at this informative health food shop and deli a walletfriendly voyage of discovery Dundry. Livestock welfare a priority, with meat hung and butchered using traditional methods. SATURDAY PAVEMENT COOKOFF, ARTISAN PORK PIES REAL OLIVE COMPANY 40-42 Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 909 9587; Thornbury Precinct (Sat). Web: www. • Antipasti products plus 50 olive varieties, homemade hummus and more. SCOOPAWAY HEALTH FOODS: NATURAL & ORGANIC WHOLEFOODS 113 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 987 2199 • Specialists in natural, organic, wholesome foods and remedies – over 4,000 product lines. Unfailingly cheerful staff. A MUST-VISIT: SCOOP AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS YOU WANT

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INCREDIBLE INDEPENDENTS BRISTOL LA RUCA Gloucester Rd • Friendly, familyrun healthy-eating heroes. HERBERT’S BAKERY York Rd • From Tuscan olive bread to lardy cake… BRISTOL SWEET MART St Marks Rd • Goodies from across the globe. SCOOPAWAY HEALTH FOODS Gloucester Rd • An Aladdin’s cave of it’s-all-good. BRISTOL CIDER SHOP Christmas Steps • Bristol’s fave drink in its quirkiest street. SHEEPDROVE ORGANIC FARM FAMILY BUTCHERS 3 Lower Redland Rd. Tel: 0117 973 4643. Web: • Bristol’s only fully organic butcher. Organic wines, own-brand honey, preserves and flour. SMITHFISH 23 North View, Westbury Park. Tel: 0117 973 1666 • Wonderful, slightly old-fashioned fishmongers with genuine customer service. FAMILY-RUN FOR AROUND 30 YEARS SOURCE 1-3 Exchange Ave, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 927 2998. Web: • Foodie heaven so-named to emphasise the

link to the produce’s origins. Meat from North Somerset, free-range chicken, top fish counter offering cod cheeks, razor clams and more over the course of the year. OYSTER FESTIVALS, FILLETING COURSES… SOUTHVILLE DELI 262 North St, Southville. Tel: 0117 966 4507. Web: • Proper neighbourhood deli. Organic produce, cured meats, salamis, olives, roasted peppers, seasonal cheeses and other Mediterranean fare. ALFRESCO AREA, GREAT ESPRESSO ST NICHOLAS MARKET Corn St • Diverse range of foods to eat in, take away or take home, including specialist sausage, Moroccan and vegetarian outlets. T&PA MURRAY BUTCHERS 153 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 942 4025 • Traditional butcher selling additive-free and free-range meats. Deli with chorizo, salamis, Parma ham, chutneys, jams. PAVEMENT BARBECUE SAT TEOHS 28-34 Lower Ashley Rd, St Agnes. Tel: 0117 907 1191 • Fabulous emporium for Far Eastern foods and goods, specialising in Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Philippine and Indonesian. COOKERY SCHOOL TOBACCO FACTORY MARKET Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Rd, Southville. Tel: 07974 683038 • Affordable food and crafts plus flowers, clothing etc. Café serves brunch from 10am. EVERY SUNDAY


TONY’S CARIBBEAN FOOD 128 Grosvenor Rd. Tel: 0117 941 4266 • Absolute gem of a grocery shop selling exotic fresh fruit and veg, spices and fish plus eyecatching rarities like Kool Aid. DROP IN FOR MATOKI, CHOCHO AND CALLALOO PLUS BUSTA SWEETS FROM JAMAICA TOVEY’S SEAFOODS 198-200 Stapleton Rd, Easton. Tel: 0117 951 0987. Web: www.toveys. • Long-established, family-run wholesaler: fantastic range of fresh fish and shellfish. Also open to the public. Game and poultry too. TREASURE ISLAND SWEETS 70 Covered Market, St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 927 9918. Web: • Old-fashioned confectionery, plus sugar-free, dairy-free and wheat-free sweets. SEASONAL GIFTS WAI YEE HONG SUPERMARKET Eastgate Oriental City, Eastgate Rd. Tel: 0845 873 3388. Web: www. • Fabulous Chinese supermarket with around 9,000 lines of seriously cheap ingredients and equipment. EXOTIC FRESH FRUIT AND VEG A SPECIALITY WILD OATS 9-11 Lower Redland Rd. Tel: 0117 973 1967. Web: www.wild-oats. • One of the region’s most comprehensive stocks of natural foods and goodies. Raw foods emphasis plus grains, pulses, yogurts, jams, flour, deli products, fresh bread. Helpful, knowledgeable staff. SPECIAL DIETS CATERED FOR

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f you haven’t blown your loan on beer already, there are plenty of other ways to squander it in Bristol and Bath. And no, we don’t mean casinos and crack. Alongside Broadmead and the Galleries, Bristol’s most monstrous temple of Mammon is Cabot Circus, an über-mall with a curvy glass roof like a fly’s eye. Bath’s equivalent is SouthGate, also chockfull of big-name, high-street franchises waiting to hoover up your dough. But look beyond those and you’ll find both cities’ thriving independent emporia – Gloucester Road in Bristol claims the longest continuous stretch of independent shops in Europe: vintage boutiques, record stores, book shops and more. St Nicholas Market is another indie gem, especially good for foodies, as is Bath’s Walcot Street. Wherever you look, there’s a wealth of ways to empty your wallet, as the following pages affirm. Use them wisely.

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RECORD SHOPS BATH BATH COMPACT DISCS & BROAD STREET JAZZ 27 Broad St. Tel: 01225 464766. Web: www.bathcds.btinternet.; • Two shops in one, providing a wealth of genuinely expert knowledge. BCD was founded 30 years ago and remains one of the UK’s leading classical music shops. Jazz is equally well served: generally an all-in-one category, when it’s broken down as per BSJ - ‘Bop and Modern’, ‘Free Jazz and Avant Garde’, ‘Jazz Rock and Fusion’, and many more – you know you’re in good hands. HMV BATH 13/15 Stall Street. Tel: 0843 221 0113. Web: • The mighty chain lives on, despite going into administration in January – subsequent restructuring promises ‘a return to its roots… providing the deepest range of entertainment products’. Wellstocked with CDs, DVDs, games and headphones. RAVES FROM THE GRAVE 8 Widcombe Parade Tel: 07929 713342. Web: www. • Their sister store down the road in Frome was named by the Guardian as one of Britain’s best record shops and RFTG Bath is just as good – simultaneously comprehensive and esoteric, their floor-to-ceiling stock policy includes ‘the biggest range of vinyl the south west’; they’ll order in any CD or DVD currently in print and

even help search for second-hand rarities.


683904. Web: www.facebook. com/gimmesheltervintage • DJ John the Mod’s splendid pre-loved emporium, with vinyl across all styles and from less than a quid.

CHEMICAL RECORDS Unit C2, St Vincents Trading Estate, Feeder Rd. Tel: 0117 971 4924. Web: www.chemical-records. • ‘The music lifestyle store’: prime cuts are d ‘n’ b, dubstep, house, techno, hip-hop, electro, breaks, trance, and such, with trybefore-you-buy listening booths. Ever-expanding range of clothing, accessories and DJ equipment.

HEAD BRISTOL Galleries. Tel: 0117 929 7798. Web: • The largest independent music shop in Bristol, Head fills the former premises of Virgin Megastore/Zavvi, with serious bargains across its huge range of stock. Loads of DVDs and occasional in-store live events.

CLIFTON ARCADE MUSIC 15, Clifton Arcade, Boyces Avenue Tel. 0117 946 7106 • Tiny place, hidden away in an airy Victorian arcade. Specialists in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s vinyl, with a varying stock of CDs and DVDs, plus occasional VHS and cassettes (remember them? Thought not.)

IDLE HANDS 74 Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 914 7493. Web: www.idlehandsbristol. com • Record shop and label in one – their first imprint was from dubstep pioneer Peverelist, which should tell you where the expertise lies. House, techno, reggae and bass music are menu staples.

DSWAT Unit 34, The Coach House, 2 Upper York St. Web: www.dswat. net • Underground specialists in breakcore, mash-up, ragga jungle, drum & bass, gabba, dubstep and more leftfield electronica, including an excellent selection of local artists and producers.

PAYBACK RECORDS 45 St Nicholas Market, Corn St. Tel: 07966 347412. Web: www. • Long-established reggae specialist, plus plenty of funk, rock and soul. Vinyl heaven.

FOPP 27-29 College Green. Tel: 0117 937 7110. Web: • HMV-subsidiary, offering a decent range of CDs, vinyl, books, DVDs, and T-shirts. Reliable source of bargains.

PLASTIC WAX 222 Cheltenham Rd. Tel: 0117 942 7368. Web: www. • Like a never-ending record fair, rack after rack of eclectic browsing. Bargains galore amid thousands of releases across vinyl and CDs, with plenty of DVDs besides.

GIMME SHELTER! The Lanes, 22 Nelson St. Tel: 07796

PK MUSIC EXCHANGE 51 Gloucester Rd. Tel: 0117 924

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BOOKSHOPS SHOPPING 1658. Web: paulk.musicexchange • Buy, trade or sell music, hi-fi gear and DJ equipment with a good selection of second hand vinyl to boot. PRIME CUTS 85 Gloucester Rd (below RePsycho Clothing). Tel: 0117 983 0007 • Maybe grab a leather jacket or old-skool tracktop from RePsycho’s marvellous vintage selection, then dive downstairs to a basement load of secondhand vinyl and CDs. RISE 70 Queen’s Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 929 7511. Web: www.rise-music. • Superb, award-winning independent chain. Huge and carefully curated collection of popular and specialist music, DVDs and books, and a cheery coffee outlet on the ground floor. REGULAR IN-STORE LIVE SHOWS ROCK SHOP 63-65 St Nicholas Market. Tel: 0117 927 7300. Web: www. • Proper job metal/rock institution, boasting the largest range of band shirts in the city. That members of Amen and Slipknot stopped by here should tell you just how far this place’s reputation has spread. WANTED RECORDS Unit 1, The Covered Market, St Nicholas St. Tel: 0117 929 0524. Web: • Crate-digging delight with a welter of vinyl crossing through rock, jazz, blues, folk, soul, reggae, hip-hop and all things funky. Specialist section for sample-seekers, too.

BOOKSHOPS BATH AMERICAN DREAM COMICS 72 Walcot St, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 424881. Web: www. • Celebrating 11 years as one of the country’s most dedicated stockists of Americana, American Dream’s wide stock of graphic novels and comic books sits nicely alongside US toys, games and even candy. Expert staff know all there is to know and are happy to share it with you. ON-LINE COLLABORATION WITH SWIN CITY COMICS MEANS EVEN MORE CHOICE BATH OLD BOOKS 9c Margaret’s Buildings, BA1 2LP. Tel: 01225 422244 • The name says it, really – a classic shop stocking venerable secondhand tomes operated by a collective of antiquarian book specialists. Naturally there’s plenty of Jane Austen but it’s architecture and art they’re famed for, as well as children’s literature and modern fiction. 10% NUS DISCOUNT AVAILABLE GEORGE BAYNTUN Manvers St, BA1 1JW. Tel: 01225 466000. Web: www. • It’s all about craftsmanship here – glorious examples of leather-bound classics, many early and first editions included, representing the history of bookbinding. There’s some on-line availability but why wouldn’t you go and feel the quality for yourself? SHELF AFTER SHELF OF ANTIQUE CLASS

GEORGE GREGORY Manvers St, BA1 1JW. Tel: 01225 466000 • Handily positioned below George Bayntun’s shop, you’ll find a particularly broad selection of well-kept secondhand drama books as well as 19th- and 20th-century fiction and general this extensive basement business. GOOD BUY BOOKS 6 North Parade, BA1 1LF. Tel: 01225 469625. Web: www. • Eyecatchingly situated by Bog Island, you can leave their big Jane Austen section for the tourists and sift through an ever-changing selection of cut-price books of every kind, from large format art coffee table numbers to holidayfriendly beach reading and all stops in between. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED AT BARGAIN PRICES ITCHY FEET 4 Bartlett St, off George St, BA1 2QZ. Tel: 01225 442618. Web: • Independent travel store selling all the bits and pieces you might need as well as an excellent stock of guidebooks, maps and travel literature. You can check their range of Rough Guide/ Lonely Planet/Footprint guides and much more online and claim a

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SHOPPING BOOKSHOPS 10% discount with your NUS card. FRIENDLY STAFF READY TO TALK THROUGH YOUR TRAVELLING PLANS JULIAN HOUSE BOOKSHOP 86 Walcot St, Bath, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 331114 • It’s a charity shop, but forget the notion of a few shabby shelves in the corner as this one has a magic basement crammed with a well-organised stock of generally well-kept secondhand books at sensible prices. A GOOD CAUSE THAT’S GOOD FOR YOUR POCKET, TOO MR B’S EMPORIUM OF READING DELIGHTS 14-15 John St, BA1 2JL. Tel: 01225 331155. Web: www. • If you haven’t yet found it, put a visit to Mr B’s on your to-do list at once. Regularly voted the country’s top independent bookshop, Mr B’s is built from love for the printed word and a zeal to make you want to share in the pleasures of good reading. Take the time to browse their book-lined rooms replete with leather chairs and fine fresh coffee and you’ll want to return. CHECK THE VIB (VERY IMPORTANT BOOKLISTS) ON THEIR EXCELLENT WEBSITE OLDFIELD PARK BOOKS 43 Moorland Rd, BA2 3PN. Tel: 01225 427722 • There’s books on the shelves, with a great children’s section, but it’s the knowledge and enthusiasm of the staff in this feisty independent bookshop that make it stand out, not least for their tenacity in finding the unfindable.

If there’s a copy on the market somewhere, chances are they’ll know how to get hold of it, usually within just two days, and they’re open seven days a week. GREAT INDEPENDENT PLACE JUST A STROLL AWAY FROM THE CITY CENTRE OXFAM BOOKSHOP 4-5 Lower Borough Walls, BA1 1QR. Tel: 01225 469776. Web: • If you didn’t already know it, you’d never guess that this well-stocked and neatly laid-out place was a charity shop. There’s plenty of real bargains to be had, with a strong history section only one of many reasons to visit. SKOOBS BOOKSTORE Unit 40-42 Guildhall Market, BA2 4AW. Tel: 01225 463133 • They’ve been in the Guildhall market for 30 years, which explains the compendious stock of secondhand fiction and the way they manage to be only just behind the best seller list. CHECK OUT THEIR VARIED SELECTION OF RUGS WHILE YOU’RE PASSING TOPPING & COMPANY 3 The Paragon, BA1 5LS. Tel: 01225 428111. Web: www. • One of Bath’s great institutions and a tribute to the bookseller’s art combining super-friendly and informative staff and faultlessly stocked shelves with the wood-panelled serenity of a bygone age. Help yourself to free coffee and check out the steady stream of visiting author events. IT’S ALEXANDER MCCALL SMITH’S FAVOURITE BOOKSHOP

WATERSTONE’S 4-5 Milsom St, BA1 1DA. Tel: 0843 290 8139. Web: www.waterstones. com • This huge place aims to cover all the angles and largely succeeds, not least in accessing academic textbooks and other specialist non-fiction titles. There’s even a Costa coffee bar to help you recover from scanning those lengthy shelves. WHSMITH 6-7 Union St, BA1 1RW. Tel: 01225 460522. Web: www.whsmith. • There’s a reason why WHS have managed to see off the competition and keep their place on the nation’s high street and it’s that they know what their customers want and make sure they stock it, with a welltargeted stock of books as well as magazines, games, stationery and maps.

BRISTOL AREA 51 230 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8NZ. Tel: 0117 924 4655. Web: www. • It’s another world in Area 51, mystical home of all things fantasy-oriented. While the comprehensive stock of role-playing game paraphernalia is what brings most customers in, and regular clubs and competition evenings are a big feature, there’s also a good stock of cult graphic novels and comic books. ARNOLFINI 16 Narrow Quay, BS1 4QA. Tel: 0117 917 2300. Web: www. • First stop for anyone wanting to find the

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BOOKSHOPS SHOPPING definitive texts from the cutting edge of contemporary culture in all its forms: there’s an unrivalled selection of high-art magazines and a tasteful range of contemporary novels and poetry as well as more academic and theoretical material. CHECK OUT THE STATE-OF-THEART CHILDREN’S SECTION BENJAMIN’S CHILDREN’S BOOKSHOP 64 Colston St, BS1 5AZ. Tel: 07854 667847. Web: pages/Benjamins-childrensbooks/252109054925651 • Superbly child friendly place recently opened by musician Ben Thomas (ex of Bloom & Curl) with great stocks of choices for younger readers of all ages. There are regular storytime sessions inside the brightly painted premises with fascinated kids sitting on the Astroturf carpet and munching on the all-important biscuits. PERFECT PLACE TO START A LIFETIME LOVE OF BOOKS BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD BOOKS 66-69 & 77 Covered Market, St Nicholas Market, BS1 1JG. Tel: 0117 925 7277 • Browser’s paradise in the splendid St Nick’s market. All kinds of everything to be found here, from technical handbooks to contemporary fiction via classics and mainstream bestsellers. Probably some Douglas Adams, too, judging by the shop’s name. PARTICULARLY COMPREHENSIVE SELECTION OF MUSIC

BISHOPSTON BOOKS 259 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8NY. Tel: 0117 944 5303. Web: www. • A very web-wise operation lies behind this apparently small independent shop on the Gloucester Rd, with customers worldwide checking out their stock of new and used books (including early and first editions). You can call in or search on the website. BLACKWELL 87 Park St, BS1 5PW. Tel: 0117 927 6602; UWE, Coldharbour Lane, BS16 1QY. Tel: 0117 965 2573. Web: • Situated over the road from Bristol University’s towering Wills Building, there’s been a bookshop on their Park Street site for decades and on the UWE Frenchay campus Blackwell’s has a comprehensive stock of fiction and non-fiction as you’d expect from a well-established chain, with the bonus of helpful staff and a famously fast book ordering service. YOU WANT IT, THEY’LL GET IT – AND FAST BLOOM & CURLL 74, Colston St, Bristol BS1 5BB. Tel: 0117 376 3303 • A friendly young independent with a well-presented and interestingly eclectic selection of secondhand books – great for a browse when you’re looking for inspiration and equally handy when you know what you want. BOOKS FOR AMNESTY 103 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AT. Tel: 0117 942 2969. Web: www.

BOOKING THE TREND Bookshops? In this bekindled Amazonian Age does anyone still go to bookshops? Actually it seems they do, whether for the sheer pleasure of browsing, getting inspiration for new reading delights or guidance in navigating the weekly pine forest of new publications. The digital ‘revolution’ might have wobbled it a little but it seems the market for actual hold-in-your-hand paper publications is still very much hanging on in there. Track down a cheerfully independent place like Mr B’s Emporium, Toppings, Durdham Down Books or Rise and the friendly and personal service they offer -whether through comfy chairs and coffee, informed and enthusiastic staff or regular special events with authors – should soon convince you. You could, of course, stay at home clicking on your laptop but where’s the fun in that? • This volunteer-run wonderland has been a star in the Gloucester Road’s cavalcade of independent shops for over a decade, with thousands of books, CDs and vinyl records crammed into the shop. Prices are always reasonable and the cause couldn’t be bettered. LET THE FRIENDLY STAFF GUIDE YOU AND YOU’LL BE AMAZED WHAT’S ON OFFER DURDHAM DOWN BOOKSHOP 39 North View, Westbury Park,

159 Shopping 2013.indd 159

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SHOPPING BOOKSHOPS BS6 7PY. Tel: 0117 973 9095. Web: • With a reputation for having more books per square foot than any of its rivals, this friendly Westbury Park shop has been selling books for over 30 years. As well as stocking sheet music, educational toys and CDs, they operate a website-based ordering service. NUS members get a 10% discount, too. FORBIDDEN PLANET 4&5 Clifton Heights, Triangle West, BS8 1EJ. Tel: 0117 929 7767. Web: • Bristol branch of the sci-fi and fantasy store selling games and collectables from a galaxy far away (among other things) and a comprehensive stock of science fiction books, comics and graphic novels. Check their website for author events as well as a new ‘digital superhero’ download service. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR SIGNED RARITIES FOYLES 6 Quakers Friars, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BU. Tel: 0117 376 3975. Web: • The first and only subsidiary branch of the Charing Cross legend, the Cabot Circus Foyles is a bright, contemporary shop offering a 10% NUS discount and opening seven days a week in

the Quakers Friars precinct. Good range of academic texts as well as large fiction section. BOOKSELLER OF THE YEAR 2010 THE LAST BOOKSHOP 73 Park St, BS1 5PF. Tel: 0117 929 3939 • What’s a brand new book worth? Two quid? This reckless little independent sells all its stock at that price, whether glossy coffee table art tomes, classic literature of every kind, kids picture books or whatever. Obviously it’s a case of what you see is what you get, but go on in with an open mind and you’re bound to find something worth grabbing. THE MIGHTY MINIATURE BOOKSPACE 182 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5RB. Tel: 0117 944 3100 • The Cox & Baloney shopfront on Cheltenham Road houses a charming agglomeration of little businesses selling vintage and retro stuff. Somewhere in this wonderland you’ll find this small but perfectly formed bookshop with a discerning selection of good-quality vintage and secondhand stock, including cult books and philosophy and the occasional collectable item for those that know. DON’T MISS THE CAFÉ ONCE YOU’VE PICKED YOUR READING MATTER OXFAM BOOKSHOPS 1 Queens Rd, BS8 1QE. Tel: 0117 929 4890; 1 Canford Lane, Westbury-on-Trym, BS9 3DB. Tel: 0117 950 2146; 26 Princess Victoria St, BS8 4BU. Tel: 0117 946 7926. Web: • See Bath entry.

RISE 70, Queens Rd, BS8 1QU. Tel: 0117 929 7511. Web: • Bristol’s essential independent record shop also has a large and varied collection of great new music, literature, art, and humour books at bargain prices, with plenty of cult authors and hipster stuff among their stock. The Friska café downstairs is a great place to begin reading your purchases over a tasty snack, too. STUCK FOR A PRESENT IDEA? THEIR WEBSITE HAS A HANDY GIFT GUIDE. STANFORDS 29 Corn St, BS1 1HT. Tel: 0117 929 9966. Web: www.stanfords. • Forget sat-nav – if you really want to know where you are, where you’re going and where you’ve been Stanfords is the place. Wherever you have in mind – from the Lake District to Laos, the Mendips to Machu Pichu – you can be sure they’ll have maps of all sizes, guidebooks and even travel-related fiction relevant to your journey. Staff genuinely enjoy discussing your holiday ideas and helping you prepare and there’s a 10% NUS discount. PLENTY OF TRAVEL-WISE ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE AS WELL AS BOOKS AND MAPS WATERSTONE’S 11a Union Gallery, Broadmead, BS1 3XD. Tel: 0843 290 8185; 33 The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, BS34 5GF. Tel: 0843 290 8183. Web: • The Mall branch is handy if you’re out on a shopping safari at Cribbs but it’s the Galleries branch in downtown

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BOOKSHOPS/SPECIALIST SHOPS SHOPPING Bristol that’s got the most studentfriendly stock, with academic texts linked to both UWE and Bristol University reading lists as well as the usual impressive array of general reading. WH SMITH 24 Clifton Down Rd, BS8 2NN. Tel: 0117 973 5063; The Galleries, Broadmead, BS1 3XB. Tel: 0117 925 2152; Kings Chase Shopping Centre, Kingswood, BS15 8LP. Tel: 0117 961 2251; The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, BS34 5GG. Tel: 0117 950 9525. Web: www.whsmith. • See Bath listing.

SPECIALIST SHOPS BATH APPY DAZE 4 London St, BA1 5BU. Tel: 01225 789795 • Bath’s original head shop stuffed with smoking paraphernalia a-plenty. BATH FLEA MARKET Walcot St, BA1 5BW • Cheap but individual furniture on a budget and fantastic vintage clothing. EVERY SATURDAY BIJOUX BEADS 2 Abbey St, BA1 1NN. Tel: 01225 482024. Web: www.bijouxbeads. • Beads and jewellery, plus kits, books and jewellery-making classes. BLOWOUT SAX South Lodge, North Parade, BA2 4EU. Tel: 01225 339007. Web: • Cute little shop. Lessons for sale as a gift – and they’re the very best

saxophone teachers. GREAT SAX RENTAL SERVICE ELECTRIC VINTAGE 14a Westgate Buildings, BA1 1EB. Tel: 01225 789911. Web: • Formerly Montana. Tattoo studio specialising in freehand, custom, Oriental, portraits and biomechanical. Also includes piercing studio and laser removal. EUREKA TRADING 9-10 The High St, BA1 5AQ. Tel: 01225 462259. Web: www. • Ethnic bits and pieces – accessories, bedding, ornaments and jewellery from India and Bali. FREDERICK TRANTER 5 Church St, BA1 1NL. Tel: 01225 466197. Web: www.havanahouse. • Eminent tobacconist for over 100 years, stocking numerous pipes and 30 baccies plus snuff and papers. FUNTASTIC 9 & 22-25 Guildhall Market, BA2 4AW. Tel: 01225 442916 • Party items and fancy dress. GENESIS FURNITURE PROJECT 31a West Ave, BA2 3QB. Tel: 01225 421111. Email: furniture@ Web: www. • Large range of recycled donated household items, from fridges and cookers to bedroom furniture. GREEN PARK MARKET Green Park Station, BA1 1JB. Web: • Stalls sell crafts, books, plants, second-

hand goods and local food. Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, with local and organic produce. Vintage, antiques and Christmas markets. LONDON CAMERA EXCHANGE 13 Cheap St, BA1 1NB. Tel: 01225 462234. Web: • Family-owned chain stocking everything from brand new digital cameras to second-hand models and accessories. Development and printing. Discounts always available. MINERVA ART SUPPLIES 12A Trim St, BA1 1HB. Tel: 01225 464054. Web: www. • Friendly art shop, with a wide range of stock, run by artists for artists. DISCOUNTS OFFERED TO STUDENTS, PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS & ART CLUBS OXFAM 12 Argyle St, BA2 4BQ. Tel: 01225 466798; 12a George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 464838; 4-5 Lower Borough Walls, BA1 1QR. Tel: 01225 469776 • More designer labels then you’d normally find in charity shops. Shop or volunteer – it’s all good. GEORGE ST BOUTIQUE MAINLY STOCKS VINTAGE PINK ART 9a York St. Tel: 01225 330121 • Cute shop round the corner from the Baths that sells ‘gifts from the heart’ including jewellery, decorations and fused-glass pieces. SOUNDS INTERNATIONAL 5 Monmouth Pl, BA1 2AT. Tel:

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SHOPPING SPECIALISTSHOPS 01225 319979. Web: www. • New guitars, bass, amps, drums, percussion, brass, woodwind, keyboards, electrical pianos and accessories. Some sheet music. Discounts available. VINTAGE & RARE GUITARS 11 Queen St, BA1 1HE. Tel: 01225 463777. Web: www. • Extraordinary range of top-quality used and vintage guitars, basses and boutique FX pedals.

BRISTOL 50:50 8 Park St, BS1 5HR. Tel: 0117 930 4990. Web: • Independent store run by skaters for skaters: the best place in town for all your board needs. ART@BRISTOL 44 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AR. Tel: 0117 923 2259. Web: www. • Lovely, friendly store for arty-crafty types. ARTRAGEOUS Scrapstore House, Sevier St, BS2 9LB. Tel: 0117 914 3025. Web: • Art-and-crafts store providing art supplies and great gifts. Profits go to local charity Children’s Scrapstore.

AV BRISTOL 247-249 North St, BS3 1JN. Tel: 0117 966 0644. Web: www. • Hi-Fi, home cinema and more. BRISTOL FLEA MARKET Ashton Gate Stadium, Ashton Rd, BS3 2EJ • Monthly market. BRISTOL MUSIC ROOM 30 College Green, BS1 5TB. Tel: 0117 929 0390. Web: www. • Woodwind, brass, guitars, digital pianos and accessories, drums and digital drums. 10% NUS DISCOUNT ON SHEET MUSIC CLIFTON ROCKS 100 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1NF. Tel: 0117 973 1342. Web: www. • Contemporary jewellery shop also offering commissions, repairs and alterations. Exhibits jewellery by local and national designers. DRUM BANK MUSIC 4 Somerville Rd, BS7 9AA. Tel: 0117 975 5366. Web: www. • Drummers well catered for (including digital kits and percussion). Percussion, PAs, FX and amps. Student discount. TUITION AVAILABLE DUNMORE-CUEVAS Web: www.dunmore-cuevas. com • Chilean artist Vivi Cuevas has been involved throughout the spring and summer in the Gromit Unleashed project and created her own mandrill design as well as collaborating with

other artists on many other Gromits. Now you can enjoy her funky ‘hichis’! These are soft toys combining art with adorability. Suitable for all ages, each is unique and handmade from felt with individual commissions available. Prices range from £10-£20+. Joseph Dunmore’s original artwork includes paintings, linocuts and digital prints. EASY RUNNER 6 Horfield Rd, St Michaels Hill, BS2 8EA. Tel: 0117 929 7787. Web: • Bristol’s premier running shop. Expert advice, plus all the trainers and equipment you’ll need if you take your running seriously. NUS DISCOUNT 10% EMMAUS BRISTOL Barton Manor, St Philips, BS2 0RL. Tel: 0117 954 0886. Web: www. • Local charity that gives work to formerly homeless people reconditioning second-hand furniture and bicycles for re-sale. ALL PROFITS TO CHARITY GYLES BROTHERS 188 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 2XU. Tel: 0117 973 3143. Web: • Family-run sports shop (operating since 1894) selling an excellent range of goods in sports including football, rugby, cricket, badminton, tennis and hockey. Very worth the journey wherever you’re starting from. 10% NUS DISCOUNT GHANA GOODS 52 Averay Rd, Stapleton, BS16 1BH. Tel: 0117 935 4132. Web:

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SPECIALIST SHOPS SHOPPING • Rich selection of drums, percussion instruments, bells and xylophones.



HAROLD HOCKEY 170-174 Whiteladies Rd, BS8 2XX. Tel: 0117 973 5988. Web: www. • Art materials, stationery, toys and games from this family business.

KATZE 55 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AD. Tel: 0117 942 5625 • Variety of Fairtrade clothes plus body jewellery, studs and silver jewellery. Cards, wrap, gifts, bags, tights and scarves. UV MAKE-UP FOR PARTIES

THAI BALCONY MINIMART Monmouth St • All-things-Thai, from fresh herbs to frozen fish, by way of store cupboard essentials

HOBGOBLIN MUSIC 36 Park St. BS1 5JG. Tel: 0117 929 0902. Web: • Long-time acoustic suppliers selling guitars, accordions, Celtic harps, mandolins, ukuleles, bagpipes and accessories. 5% NUS discount. KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF ARE ALL MUSICIANS HOLEY SKIN 285b Gloucester Rd, BS7 8NY. Tel: 0117 377 0613; Angels at Holey Skin, 367 Bath Rd, Arnos Vale, BS4 3EW. Tel: 0117 907 6567; Pins & Needles, 162 Lawrence Hill. Tel: 0117 907 6568. Web: • Specialist tattooists also offering body piercing and jewellery. IKEA Eastgate Centre, Eastgate Rd, Eastville, BS5 6XX. Tel: 0845 355 2264. Web: • Student staple: brighten up your life with some modern furniture, sold in handy flat packs for unbelievable prices. IOTA BRISTOL 167 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8BE. Tel: 0117 924 4911. Web: iotabristol. com • Everything from jewellery and cool handbags to faux-vintage kitchen accoutrements. Stationery

LONDON CAMERA EXCHANGE 53 The Horsefair, BS1 3JP. Tel: 0117 927 6185; 3 Alliance House, Baldwin St, BS1 1SA. Tel: 0117 929 1935. Web: • See Bath listing. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT ON ACCESSORIES MICKLEBURGH 1-9 Stokes Croft, BS1 3PL. Tel: 0117 924 1151. Web: www. • Established in 1870, stocking pianos, banjos, mandolins, guitars, violins, woodwind, brass and percussion, plus large sheet music dept. Knees-up alert! Piano hire available. STUDENT DISCOUNT ON PRINT MUSIC AND ACCESSORIES NEAL’S YARD REMEDIES 126 Whiteladies Rd, BS8 2RP. Tel: 0117 946 6034. Web: • Alternative health heaven. Aromatherapy, homeopathy and herbal remedies all available. LARGE SELECTION OF LOOSE HERBAL REMEDIES OXFAM 62 Cotham Hill, BS6 6JR. Tel:

LONDON ROAD STORES Cleveland Place East • West Indian wonderland; homemade Greek pastries on the counter FRIENDS FOREVER St James Parade • Properly authentic Asian grocery stall, also specialises in kitsch Far Eastern kitchen knick-knackery

0117 973 5200; 56 Cotham Hill, BS6 6JX. Tel: 0117 946 7443; 26 Princess Victoria St, BS8 4BU. Tel: 0117 946 7926; 1 Queens Rd, BS8 1QE. Tel: 0117 929 4890; 11 Regent St, BS8 4BW. Tel: 0117 973 9684 • Jewellery, music, books and second-hand clothes at low prices from this international charity. PAUL ROBERTS HI-FI 31-33 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AA. Tel: 0117 942 9370. Web: www. • Local electronics specialist with a great range of mini hi-fis, docks, headphones and enormous TVs. PAULA BOWLES ILLUSTRATION Web: • Established star in Bristol’s renowned illustration scene whose books are on sale across the USA.

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SHOPPING SPECIALIST SHOPS Her website offers original artwork, prints, cards, pocket stories and more with signed copies available. BLOOMSBURY AUTHOR/ ILLUSTRATOR DEBUT DUE 2014 PHOTOGRAPHIQUE 27 Clare St, Bristol, BS1 1XA. Tel: 0117 930 0622. Web: www. • Specialist photography shop offering digital and film printing, scanning and archiving and framing services. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT ON FILM PROCESSING AND PRINTING PRIMATE SPORTS Tel: 0845 450 1008. Web: www. • Team strip supplier plus embroidery service for hoodies, team kits etc. RICHER SOUNDS 143 Whiteladies Rd, BS8 2QB. Tel: 0333 900 0024. Web: www. • Huge range of hi-fis, plus plasma tellies, music equipment, other electrical bits and pieces. CHECK WEBSITE FOR DEALS RIKAXXE MUSIC 50 Bond St, BS1 3LZ. Tel: 0117 929 8481 • Guitars and more plus advice from expert staff. RHODRI LOVETT Email: • Eye-catching, realistic sculptures of sports stars and other notables made by local sculptor Rhodri Lovett. SHARK BITE SURF, SNOW & SKATE CENTRE 68 Park Row, BS1 5LE. Tel: 0117

929 9211. Web: www.sharkbite. • All kinds of board hardware, clothing and accessories for hardcore riders looking for an adrenaline rush. 10% NUS DISCOUNT SHINING SEREN Nails Market, Corn St (Fri & Sat.). Web: Facebook • Jewellery stall staffed by the coolest chicks. Drop in regularly – stock changes. Look out for them at London’s Camden Market Fri-Sun too (where students also get 10% off.) 10% NUS DISCOUNT SOUKOUS 44a-46 Cotham Hill, BS6 6LA. Tel: 0117 923 9854. Web: www. • Gorgeous gifts for the home as well as trinkets and jewellery. POSSIBLY THE PINKEST SHOP IN EXISTENCE SNOW AND ROCK Units 1-3, Shield Retail Centre, Link Rd, Filton, BS34 7BR. Tel: 0117 914 3000. Web: www.snowandrock. com • Superstore branch of national chain selling winter sports and outdoor specialist products. Workshop for repairs and servicing. TATTOO STUDIO 232 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5QU. Tel: 0117 907 7407. Web: www. • Custom and freehand tattooing from Ben Boston. NEW TERRAPIN 2a Boyces Ave, Clifton, BS8 4AA. Tel: 0117 974 4088 • Formerly

called Village, selling home accessories, gifts, toys, umbrellas, cards and more. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE E Shed, Canons Rd, BS1 5TX. Tel: 0906 711 2191 (calls charged at 50p per minute plus network charges). Email: ticharbourside@ Web: • T-shirts, mugs, fridge magnets, postcards and funky bits and bobs featuring Bristol institutions like Wallace & Gromit, the ss Great Britain and Banksy. French, Spanish and German spoken. STOCKS GUILBERT’S CHOCOLATES – HANDMADE IN BRISTOL TREBLEROCK 52 The Mall, Clifton, BS8 4JG. Tel: 0117 973 7666. Web: www. • Well-stocked music shop specialising in USAmade guitars and amps, plus accessories and guitar lessons and repairs. A GUITARIST’S DREAM COME TRUE TWENTIETH CENTURY FLICKS 3 Richmond Terrace, Clifton, BS8 1AB. Tel: 0117 974 2570. Web: • A fabulous, freewheeling place. Tiny, fiercely independent, with regular live events and surreal happenings. Huge range of videos and DVDs for hire (the world’s largest, according to them,) from American big budget to local arthouse productions. Go there immediately. EX-RENTAL COPIES FOR SALE

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SPECIALIST SHOPS/FASHION SHOPPING WATERSHED 1 Canons Rd, Harbourside, BS1 5TX. Tel: 0117 927 5100. Web: • Bristol’s arthouse cinema/bar/media centre also has a nice little shop in the foyer, with cinematic-themed postcards, greeting cards and hard-to-find DVDs. WESTCOM (SW) LTD 7 The Mall, Clifton, BS8 4DP. Tel: 0117 985 0383. Web: www. • Orange and EE-approved stockist which also repairs iPhones. ZION COMMUNITY ARTSPACE Zion Bristol, Bishopsworth Rd, Bedminster Down, BS13 7JW. Tel: 0117 923 1212. Web: www. • Not-for-profit community art space featuring gallery, café, garden, monthly food market and more.

FASHION BATH BANANA REPUBLIC 24-26 Union St. BA1 1RS. Tel: 01225 429559. Web: www. • Smart capsule wardrobe basics. ONLY UK BRANCH OUTSIDE LONDON CATH KIDSTON 3 Broad St, BA1 5LJ, Tel: 01225 331006. Web: www.cathkidston. • Quintessentially English prints adorning everything from dresses to pyjamas alongside accessories and domestic knickknackery.

DETOUR 20 Broad St, BA1 5LN. Tel: 01225 471998. Web: www. • Independent skate shop haven. GAFF 29 Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1RG. Tel: 01225 448 585. Web: • Independent boutique primarily selling denim and other casual wear. INSTANT VINTAGE 6 George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 444608. Web: www.instantvintage. • Really pretty, girly boutique selling their own-label, vintageinspired clothing at a great price. JACK WILLS 14 Old Bond St, BA1 1BP. Tel: 01225 336063. Web: www. • Upper-crust preppy clothing and smart leisure wear. JOLLYS 13 Milsom St, BA1 1DE. Tel: 0844 800 3704. Web: www. • One of the oldest department stores in the UK, now a branch of House of Fraser. THE KOOPLES 6 Milsom St, BA1 1DA. Tel: 01225 445442. Web: www.thekooples. • Upmarket smarts. MEE Bartlett St, BA1 2QZ. Tel: 01225 442250. Web: www.meeboutique. com • Charming boutique selling all things sparkly as well as scented candles, frilly undies and other boudoir essentials.

SPECIAL SPENDING OXFAM Several locations, Bath • Upmarket labels at down-market prices. PINK ART York St, Bath • Gifts from the heart – for others or yourself. SHINING SEREN Nails Market, Bristol • After cool bling? This place nails it… EASY RUNNER Horfield Rd, Bristol • Get shoes, wear shoes, run. SOUKOUS Cotham Hill, Bristol • Accessorise your space (Fairtrade vintage dresses too!)

MIMI NOOR 25 Milsom St, BA1 1DG. Tel: 01225 571518. Web: www.miminoor. com • Luxury casual fashion from the world’s leading design houses: stylish, glamorous and fun. UNIQUE, NOVEL ‘OUTFIT BUILDER’ FACILITY ON THE WEBSITE MINT Manvers St, BA1 1JQ. Tel: 01225 427516. Web: • Upcyled, pre-owned and vintage clothes and accessories. OFFICE 3 Burton St, BA1 1BN. Tel: 01225 466055. Web:  • Fashionable shoes for men and women. Also stocks a large selection of Converse in every

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BATH STYLE Bath is renowned for a vast array of retail therapy opportunities all squeezed into one easilynavigable area at prices that often belie the glossy backdrop. High street big names and designer stores may tend to dominate the SouthGate complex, but Milsom Street (home to Jolly’s, Ted Baker, Jack Wills, The Kooples, etc.) offers a gateway to the more eclectic designer experience in neat, chic Milsom Place and/or a pleasant amble up to George Street/ Bartlett Street, home to lots of unique boutiques and pretty little one-off ventures. Walcot Street, meanwhile, is electica central and a vintage-lovers/bargain hunters paradise - totally unique. Top tip: fabulous fashionistas would be foolish to miss the annual Bath in Fashion celebration that takes place in April every year (www. imaginable colour. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT OXFAM BOUTIQUE 12a George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 464 838. Web: uk • Donated clothes carefully preselected for its fashion/retro appeal.

PINK LEMONS TOO 3 Lower Church St, BA1 1NL. Tel: 01225 424310. Web: www. • Lovely range of clothes and accessories, perfect for the student budget. SASSY AND BOO 16 Margarets Buildings, BA1 2LP. Tel: 01225 447938; 13 Milsom Pl, BA1 1BZ. Tel: 01225 489 000. Web: • Mix of vintage accessories and vintage inspired clothing for women. SCARLETT VINTAGE Queen St, BA1 1HE. Tel: 01225 338677. Web: www.scarletvintage. • Fab little vintage store specialising in good quality vintage clothing. SOUTHGATE SouthGate, BA1 Web: www. • Bath’s own shrine to Mammon, home to loads of big name fashion retailers including Animal, Debenhams, River Island, H&M, Top Shop, All Saints, Hollister, Timberland, Urban Outfitters, Cult, Tommy Hilfiger, New Look, Republic, North Face, tReds, Jones Bootmaker, Karen Millen, Kurt Geiger and more. IF THE HIGH STREET’S YOUR THING, YOU’VE FOUND PARADISE SW71 11 New Bond St, BA1 1BE. Tel: 01225 447680. Web: www.sw71. • Men’s suits and casual-wear. TRAFFIC PEOPLE 26 Milsom Pl, BA1 1BZ. Tel: 01225 316381. Web: www.trafficpeople. • Womenswear store selling

quirky clothing with a vintage feel. ONLY UK BRANCH OUTSIDE LONDON UTTAM LONDON 12-13 The Corridor, BA1 5AP. Tel: 01225 442227. Web: www. • Quirky, young, fast fashion at a reasonable price. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT WHISTLES 1 New Bond St, BA1 1BL. Tel: 01225 478984. Web: • Super-cool casuals, on-trend glamour. THE YELLOW SHOP  72 Walcot St, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 404001. Web: yellowshop • Retro/vintage a go-go.

BRISTOL AMERICAN APPAREL 2 Concorde St, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BF. Tel: 0117 917 0490. Web: • On-trend Americana. A/WEAR Unit SU10, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BF. Tel: 0117 980 0310. Web: www. • Smart women’s wear at decent prices. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT BANK Unit SU17, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BF. Tel: 0117 929 1827. Web: www. • Hip, branded clothing. THE BIRDCAGE 28 Clare St, BS1 1YE.Tel: 0117 929 1130. Web: www.birdcagebristol. com • Zeitgeist-defining (and winning) combination of

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FASHION SHOPPING ‘yesterday’s clothing, today’s coffee and tomorrow’s music’. BS8 34 Park St, BS1 5JG. Tel: 0117 930 4836 • Great collection of independent stores all under one roof, selling everything from street and skate-wear to retro, bohemian and vintage clothing. CATH KIDSTON 79 Park St, BS1 5PF. Tel: 0117 930 4722. Web: www.cathkidston. • See Bath listing. CLIFTON ROCKS 100 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1NF. Tel: 0117 973 1342. Web: www. • Stylish jewellery boutique to suit all budgets. COOSHTI 57 Park Street, BS1 5NU. Tel: 0117 929 0850. Web: • Easily one of Bristol’s coolest clothes shops, with a range of designer and street-inspired fashion for men and women. Brands include Carhartt, Stussy and Diesel. Great range of rare sneakers too. COX AND BALONEY 182 Cheltenham Rd, BS2 9JD. Tel: 0117 944 3100. Web: www. • Beautiful vintage shop with tea rooms. Elevenses and afternoon tea served daily on ‘grandma’s best china’. Vintage Party packages can be arranged. ELSIE RILEY 59 Broad St, BS1 2EJ. Tel: 0117 934 9139. Web: • Aladdin’s cave bursting with pretty accessories and unique clothing.

FLY 354 Gloucester Road, BS7 8TP. Tel: 0117 924 1341. Web: www. • Vintage dresses, classic T-Shirts, vintage coats and more from the 1950s to the 1980s. GIMME SHELTER! The Lanes, 22 Nelson St. Tel: 07796 683904. Web: www.facebook. com/gimmesheltervintage • DJ John the Mod’s splendid pre-loved emporium. JOY 70-78 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1QU. Tel: 0117 929 8613. Web: • Clothing at a reasonable price that you won’t find elsewhere on the high street. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT MON-WED KATZE 55 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, BS7 8AD. Tel: 0117 942 5625 • Fair-trade clothing, body jewellery, silver jewellery, gifts and cards, hair colour, funky make up and haberdashery. NAFF CLOTHING 13 Cotham Hill, Cotham, BS6 6LD. Tel: 0117 973 7458. • The place to go if you’re heading to a fancy dress party, brimming with everything you could possibly need for the perfect costume: wigs, masks, capes and head pieces. Costumes are available to buy or hire and there. Also stock vintage dresses at bargain prices, perfect for the retro fashionista on a student budget.

OXFAM BOUTIQUE 77 Park Street, BS1 5PF. Tel: 0117 929 2991. Web: uk • Donated clothes carefully pre-selected for their fashion/retro appeal. PULP 83-85 The Horsefair, BS1 3JP. Tel: 0117 239 8572. Web: www. • Alternative clothing. RECESSION 8 Jacob’s Wells Rd. Web: www. • An oasis in the middle of Hotwells, Recession will undoubtedly continue to flourish long after the economic downturn has disappeared. If it disappears. Gill Loats – theatre whizz, writer, DJ and general goodtime gal – is the brains behind this retro-minded, vintage fashion house packed with clothes, accessories, male styling products, hats, bags, and bits from over five decades of style. REPSYCHO 85 Gloucester Rd, Bishopston, BS7 8AS. Tel: 0117 983 0007 • Vintage shop crammed with men’s and women’s retro clothing and accessories. SHOP DUTTY 116 Cheltenham Rd, Stokes Croft, BS6 5RW. Tel: 0117 924 9990. Web: • Clothing boutique selling a mix of pre-loved, re-worked and hand-made garments ALSO SELL TICKETS TO SOME OF THE BEST CLUB NIGHTS AROUND

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Equinox Hairdressing & Avalon Beauty Bikini line waxing: Hollywood / Brazilian only ÂŁ! Full & wide range of hair & beauty services available Unisex salon with top stylists at affordable prices Student discounts available - Refer to vouchers at back of guide 91b Whiteladies Road Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

(In between Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

0117 923 7630 p168.indd 1

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FASHION/HAIR AND BEAUTY SHOPPING SOUKOUS 46 Cotham Hill, BS6 6LA. Tel: 0117 923 9854. Web: www.soukous. • With two floors brimming with gorgeous girly, sparkly things, this beautiful shop is the place to go for fun and funky gifts, jewellery, clothing and home accessories. It’s also a great place to find pretty floral day dresses. UNCLE SAM’S 54a Park Street, BS1 5JN. Tel: 0117 929 8404 •· Long-established clothes emporium in the NYCthrift-store style, great for preloved Americana, leather jackets and unusual vintage finds, from fake fur to feather boas, caps to cravats. Great for a rummage. • Make-up studio and beauty retreat with boutique feel. ARTIZAN 5 Bartlett St, BA1 2QZ. Tel: 01225 420611; 8A George St, BA1 2EH. Tel: 01225 447087. Web: www. • Great salon, supercool cuts and treatments always at reasonable prices. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT MON-FRI BARBOUR BROWNS 39 Monmouth St. Bath BA1 2AN Tel: 01225 445622. Web: www. • Funky, wellpriced unisex hairdresser, also has branches in Bristol.

URBAN FOX 58 Corn Street, BS1 1JG. Tel: 0117 930 090. Web: • Vintage and retro clothing and accessories, right in the heart of one of the oldest parts of the City of Bristol.

BATH BEAUTY CENTRE The Health & Beauty Centre, 5 Old King St, BA1 2JW. Tel: 01225 310014. Web: www. • Wide range of treatments for men and women.

YUMI 68 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1QU. Tel: 0117 929 8664. Web: www. • See Bath listing for Uttam.

CHAMPNEYS DAY SPA 20 New Bond St BA1 1BA. Tel: 01225 420500 24 Broad St, BA1 5LW. Tel: 01225 329800. Web: www. • Head-totoe beauty treatments in chic surroundings.

ZARA George White St, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BA. Tel: 0117 945 1800. Web: • Catwalk fashion at high-street prices.

HAIR AND BEAUTY BATH A BRUSH WITH BEAUTY 3 Church St, Abbey Green, BA1 1NL. Tel: 01225 447788. Web:

DAPPA HAIRDRESSERS 24 Broad St, BA1 5LW. Tel: 01225 329800. Web: • Freshly ground coffee, chilled beer and even Sky sports are all part of the service in this retro-styled salon for men and women. ESSENTIALS 1 Upper Borough Walls, BA1 1RG.

BRISTOL FASHION Big city, big choice, big reputation for clothes shops to suit all tastes, styles and budgets - that’s Bristol. Cabot Circus and Broadmead are home to department and fashion flagship stores and high street, on-trend Big Names, with a healthy mix of one-off ventures keeping the independent flag flying. Gloucester Road, however, offers a totally different experience: vintage and designer boutiques, loads of charity shops and a fiercely indie vibe all offer broad appeal. Elsewhere, Park Street, Clifton Village and Cotham Hill are just three of Bristol’s urban satellites, home to a merry band of sweet, chic, funky and utterly unique shopping therapy HQs.

Tel: 01225 465300. Web: www. • Part of the Toni and Guy empire: also has a beauty room offering a full range of facials, body treatments, manicures and pedicures. FRONTLINESTYLE 4-5 Monmouth St, BA1 2AJ. Tel: 01225 478478. Web: www. • State-of-the-art spa, hair and beauty salon with a boutique feel, offering a huge range of treatments. VISIT WEBSITE FOR REGULARLY UPDATED DEALS & PACKAGES GARY HATTO 28-28a Broad St, BA1 5LW. Tel: 01225 422227. Web: www. • Modernday men’s barbershop.

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TOP-TO-TOE IN BATH Aside from the bling-laden Thermae Bath Spa (a quintessential, only-in-Bath experience, in itself highly recommended), Bath’s ‘other’ one-stop beautification places offer the ultimate urban sanctuary for those in need of top-to-toe physical refurbishment. Friendly, intimate and always welcoming, both Green Street House and FrontlineStyle offer a range of rejuvenating therapies; the Champneys Day Spa is a super-chic haven of on-trend beauty essentials and Brush With Beauty offers full-on makeovers in a boutique environment. Meanwhile, hairdressers including Toni and Guy, Hacketts, Melanie Giles, No 3 Hairdressing and Artizan offer big discounts for smart students-in-the-know. GREEN STREET HOUSE 4 Green St, BA1 2JZ. Tel: 01225 426000. Web: www. • Peaceful and tranquil day spa for men and women. 15% OFF ALL TREATMENTS ON MONDAYS

HACKETTS Green Park Station, Green Park Rd, BA1 1JB. Tel: 01225 465200. Web: www.hackettsmenshairdressers. • Stylish barbershop, daily papers and complimentary tea, coffee, beer and soft drinks, open 7 days a week. 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT MONFRI HEADMASTERS 30-32 Westgate St, BA1 1EL. Tel: 01225 447028. Web: www. • On-trend hair salon offering the latest styles. 25% STUDENT DISCOUNT MELANIE GILES 59 Walcot St, BA1 5BN. Tel: 01225 444448. Web: www.melanie-giles. • Luxurious, exclusive salon for men and women. 15% OFF FOR STUDENTS NEW SAVILLE ROW 14 Northgate St, BA1 5AS. Tel: 01225 310110 • Good oldfashioned barbershop offering great value cuts. NO. 3 HAIRDRESSING 3 Saville Row, BA1 2QP. Tel: 01225 443222. Web: www. • Stylish concept salon showcasing the work of local artists on the walls and offering a patio garden to relax in while your do is being done. 20% STUDENT DISCOUNT STRAIGHT HAIR & BEAUTY CO. 30a Monmouth St. BA1 2AN. Tel: 01225 428909. Web: www. • Chic but friendly hair and beauty oasis overseen by charismatic makeover

maestro Jay Archer. THERMAE BATH SPA The Hetling Pump Room, Hot Bath St. BA1 1SJ Tel: 0844 888 0844. Web: www.thermaebathspa. com • The ultimate bling-laden contemporary spa experience offering a huge range of both chillout and scrub-up therapies and treatments. VISIT WEBSITE FOR OFFERS AND PROMOTIONS TONI AND GUY 2 New Bond St, BA1 1BL. Tel: 01225 484284; 31 SouthGate, BA1 1TP. Tel: 01225 329555. Web: • If you’re looking for cutting edge cuts, you’ve come to the right place. VISIT WEBSITE FOR REGULAR PROMOTIONS INCLUDING STUDENT DISCOUNTS.

BRISTOL AKA STYLE 23 Zetland Rd, Redland, BS6 ZAH. Tel: 0117 904 2244. Web: www. • Stylish, sociable, creative. BARBER BROWNS 48 Bedminster Parade, BS3 4HS. Tel: 0117 963 9795. 24 Bond St. Broadmead BS1 3LX .Tel: 0117 929 7555 Web: www.barberbrown. com • Funky, well-priced unisex hairdresser; also has a branch in Bath. BEAUTOLOGY  107 Coldharbour Rd, BS6 7SD. Tel: 0117 944 6655. Web: www. • Huge menu of beautification treatments in

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HAIR&BEAUTY SHOPPING relaxed, welcoming surroundings. CHECK WEBSITE FOR REGULAR OFFERS BESPOKE MALE GROOMING 124 St Georges Rd, BS1 5UJ. Tel: 0117 927 7127. Web: www. • Indulge yourself and unwind in this salon specifically designed for men. Enjoy a drink from the free mini bar and play on the Xbox or PlayStation. BOJO BROWNZ 10 Park Row, BS1 5LJ. Tel: 0117 922 7744. Web: www.  • Relaxed, unintimidating salon, big on personal consultations. BONOMINI 22 Alma Vale Rd, Clifton, BS8 2HY. Tel: 0117 923 9169. Web: www. • Awardwinning unisex salon with a lovely relaxing atmosphere. IN A HURRY? SPEED STYLING CAN SORT YOU OUT FAST! CENTRAL STUDIO Queen Charlotte St. Tel: 0117 929 0120. Web: www.central-studio. • Contemporary salon in the heart of the city catering for men and women. THE ‘EXPRESS BLOWDRY’ AT £1 A MINUTE IS PERFECT IF YOU’RE RUNNING LATE FOR A NIGHT OUT CLIFTON BEAUTY COMPANY 104-106 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1NF. Tel: 0117 923 9080. Web: • Longestablished salon offering a full range of beauty treatments for men and women. 

COCOCHENO 50 Fairfax St, BS1 3BL. Tel: 0117 925 7700. Web: www.cococheno. • Stylish salon specialising in Afro, European, curly and multicultural hair. EGO Perry Rd, BS1 5BQ. Tel: 0117 316 9292. Web: • Funky, friendly, contemporary salon. EQUINOX HAIR & BEAUTY 91b Whiteladies Road. Tel: 0117 923 7630. Web: www. • A complete – and very (student) friendly – hair and beauty salon that includes a special beauty room run by Avalon Beauty who offer everything from facials, massage and hair removal, to manicures, semi-permanent make-up and bikini line waxing. GLODEN 135 Whiteladies Rd, BS8 2PL. Web: • Instant tanning/teeth whitening services. Branches across Bristol and the surrounding areas; visit website for details.

HAIR ON THE HILL 30 Cotham Hill, BS6 6LA. Tel: 0117 973 7333. Web: www. • Three floors of hair and beauty zones. VISIT WEBSITE FOR REGULAR OFFERS  HARRY BLADES AND ANGRY DAVES 3 Christmas Steps, BS1 5BS. Tel: 0117 316 9455. Web: www.hbad. • Unique salon combining unisex hair services with an urban street-wear store. GREAT SELECTION OF LIMITED EDITION TRAINERS HUSH 27-29 Baldwin St. BS1 1LT. Tel: 0117 930 0350.  Web: www. • Hush fans shout very loudly about this thoroughly modern salon experience, fully organic and ecofriendly, and always bang on-trend.

GUY FAULKS 8 St Nicholas St, BS1 1UQ. Tel: 0117 926 0401. Web: www. • Longestablished boutique hair and beauty salon offering a big range of treatments. 15% STUDENT DISCOUNT

HOBBS 50 Park Row, BS1 5LH. Tel: 0117 929 1635. Web: www. • Tranquil surroundings (including awardwinning landscaped gardens, no less) make Hobbs the perfect destination for transforming or simply maintaining your image, when in need of a relaxing head massage or just wanting time out from the hectic pace of student life.  MASSIVE 50% DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS EVERY TUESDAY

HAIR @ 58 Cotham Hill, BS6 6JX. Tel: 0117 973 7793. Web:  • Neat, sweet hair and beauty oasis.

KUCHIKOO 2C & 2D Chandos Rd, BS6 6PE. Tel: 0117 973 9177. Web: www. • Modern salon

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HUSH Hairdressing 27-29 Baldwin Street, Bristol T: 01179 300 350 E: W:

Nature knows best, especially when it comes to hair care and colour.


USH Hairdressing is an organic and mineral-based salon that combines a modern, caring approach with the latest skills and organic technology, achieving individual service while reducing the salon’s carbon footprint. The highly experienced team uses only natural, plant-based products that are ammonia, sulphate and chemical-free and certified organic. The crème colour used is 97% natural and the water colour 100% natural. The stylish salon offers a wide variety of services and organic treatments by two directors, Glenn Holmes and Mark Andres, and four senior stylists, including organic colour, precision cutting, permanent straightening and smoothing systems, hair extensions, bridal and occasion hair and makeup and a full range of nail services. A safer alternative to chemical hair colour. Hair dye, like other cosmetics and personal care products, isn’t regulated for safety, and approximately 400 out of the 456 hair colours ranked at the Skin Deep cosmetics database of the Environmental Working Group are considered high


The salon is open six days a week, from 9:30am until 7:30pm Monday to Friday and from 9am until 5pm on Saturday. hazard, which means they contain toxic ingredients, not to mention allergies and irritation of the eyes, skin or lungs. HUSH’s clients enjoy the peace of mind that their skin isn’t being exposed to harmful chemicals and their treatments are being carried out in a chemical free environment without toxic fumes. The best way to colour your hair, naturally. Fortunately there are safer options than chemical treatments for

colouring your hair, which have less impact on your body and the environment, while achieving stunning, natural results. The best way to minimize your chemical exposure is to have your hair coloured using a chemicalfree, organic hair colour, which can also be used for clients with chemical sensitivity and/ or allergies. Everyone using an organic hair salon will benefit because they won’t be exposed to secondhand colouring toxins.

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HAIR&BEAUTY SHOPPING offering up-to-the-minute styles and treatments to keep you beautifully bang on-trend. LA BEAUTIQUE 156 Henleaze Rd, BS9 4NB. Tel: 0117 962 2255. Web: www. • Calm, welcoming little salon offering a range of affordable treatments. LIDO SPA Oakfield Pl, BS8 2BJ. Tel: 0117 933 9530. Web:  • This pool, sauna, steam room and spa pool combine to create a charming, gentle oasis in the centre of Bristol, the perfect place to treat yourself and escape life’s hectic pace. LOVELY POOLSIDE RESTAURANT NOOSA HEADS HAIR AND BEAUTY 243 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5QP. Tel: 0117 924 5570. Web: www. • Modern beauty emporium offering creative hair and beauty treatments to men and women RSR MEN’S HAIR 37 Baldwin St, BS1 1RB. Tel: 07599 401402. Web: www.rsrmenshair. • Contemporary men’s hairdresser, owned and managed by one of Bristol’s leading stylists, combining the finest traditions in men’s grooming with the latest in contemporary cuts in a relaxed environment.  SAKS 14 Regent St, Clifton, BS8 4HG. Tel: 0117 973 9471. Web: www.saks. • Award-winning nationwide network of salons.

15% STUDENT DISCOUNT MON-THUR SANCTUARY SPA Quakers Friars, BS1 3BU. Web: • Luxury, highly acclaimed womenonly spa. SEAN HANNAH 13 Quakers Friars Sq, BS1 3BU. Tel: 0117 934 9393. Web: www. • Futuristic-looking salon offering contemporary styling to men and women. STUDENT DISCOUNTS, VISIT WEBSITE FOR DETAILS SK:N Clare St, BS1 1XH. Tel: 0844 669 7546. Web: • State-of-the-art clinic offering a large range of treatments such as laser hair removal, skin peels and laser tattoo removal. SLOCOMBE & GRIFFITHS HAIR AND BEAUTY  The Clifton Arcade, Boyces Ave, BS8 4AA. Tel: 0117 974 3221 • Persian manicures, pedicures, threading, eyelash/eyebrow tinting and extensions in unique Victorian arcade surroundings. TATTOO STUDIO 232 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5QU. Tel: 0117 907 7407. Web: • Established studio specialising in tattoos and piercings. 

BRISTOL’S BIG BEAUTY DEALS Want to get beautiful in Bristol? Have your NUS card at the ready and discover the true meaning of affordable chic. Hobbs offers a massive 50% off all their treatments every Tuesday, Guy Faulks, Saks and Your Lifestyle Salon snip 15% off their prices all week long and Toni and Guy are always on the lookout for models. Meanwhile, SeanHanna offers 20% off cuts and 10% off colour to students (plus loads more offers on their website), Equinox Hair and Beauty take 10% off all hair services from Mon-Wed and Central Studio will treat you to an Express Blowdry for just £1 a minute, Cheap chic? You’ve got it! scene; vibrant atmosphere, friendly stylists, regular offers on the website. YOU LIFESTYLE SALON 241 North St, BS3 1JN. Tel: 0117 953 1184. Web: • Cute salon with a retro feel.  15% STUDENT DISCOUNT

TOMLINSON HAIRDESSING 31 Regent St, Clifton BS8 4HR. Tel: 0117 946 6051. Web: www. • Stylish, exciting, creative new addition to the Bristol cool-hair

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ake it easy… It’s not all reading and revising, Jägerbombs and yards of ale you know … There are plenty of other ways to fill your time (and empty your wallet), and we’ve got those covered here. Kicking off with ways to get buff after all that over-indulgence, we check the best health, fitness and sports offers round these parts, before sampling some dreamy days out at West Country sites you shouldn’t miss, trying to make sense of the unduly gnomic world of local transport and suggesting a clump of local websites for your ‘favourites’ tab.

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HEALTH & FITNESS BATH APTHORP CENTRE FOR CHIROPRACTIC & HOLISTIC THERAPIES Apthorp Centre, Weston Rd. Tel: 01225 423333. Web: www. • Various treatments and practitioners, including reiki, classical homeopathy, solution-focused clinical hypnotherapy and body control Pilates. AVON CHLAMYDIA SCREENING PROGRAMME Tel: 0845 180 0050. Email: karl.pye@ • Aged 15-24? Ever had sex? The Avon NHS Chlamydia Screening Programme is free and completely confidential. The test doesn’t hurt and you don’t need to be examined. BARNES SPORTS CLINIC 50 Box Rd, Bathford. Tel: 01225 859047. Web: www. • Huge range of services: personal fitness training, innovative fitness programmes, extensive gym, martial arts and physio. BASKERVILLE’S HEALTH & FITNESS CLUB Englishcombe Court, Englishcombe Lane. Tel: 01225 330001. Web: www. • Bath’s premier gymnastics and fitness centre for the whole family. State-of-the-art air-conditioned fitness suite, fitness classes, adult gymnastics training. Instructors will help devise personal workout programmes. Private lessons can be arranged.

BATH NATURAL HEALTH CLINIC Alexander House, James St West. Tel: 01225 313153. Web: www. • Qualified practitioners. Treatments include physiotherapy, osteopathy, Pilates, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, reflexology, shiatsu. BATH ROYAL UNITED HOSPITAL Combe Park. Tel: 01225 428331. Web: BATH SCHOOL OF SHIATSU & YOGA Tel: 01225 859209. Email: frank@ Web: • Offering shiatsu and yoga all the way from drop-in classes to professional training. CONCESSIONS OFFERED BATH SPORTS & LEISURE CENTRE North Parade Rd. Tel: 01225 486905. Web: • Facilities include two swimming pools, badminton and squash courts, gym, dance, sauna and steam room. Over 60 classes weekly include aqua aerobics. BATH YMCA HEALTH & FITNESS SUITE International House, Broad St Pl. Tel: 01225 325913. Web: www.bathymca. • Excellent value: £7 day pass for gym, with students paying £26 monthly. State-of-the-art cardio gear includes resistance machines, crosstrainers; step, zumba, body pump and spin are among the numerous classes. CONTRACEPTION & SEXUAL HEALTH Riverside Health Centre. Tel: 01225

474242 • Confidential contraception and pregnancy advice. CULVERHAY SPORTS CENTRE Rush Hill. Tel: 01225 480882. Web: • Open eves and weekends for badminton, five-aside football, gym, swimming, water aerobics. EXCEL TENNIS IN THE PARK Royal Pavilion, Royal Victoria Park, Bath. Tel: 01225 425066. Web: www. • Seven courts (four floodlit) which become indoors in winter via some natty inflatable domes. Pay and play on a non-membership basis. Racquet hire. Students £3.50 per hour, adults £4. FITNESS FIRST Basement, 5-10 St James St West, Odeon Complex. Tel: 01225 787170. Web: • Allsinging, all-dancing complex with pool, sauna, steam room, personal trainers, spin studio, cardio theatre and the latest entertainment on all gym equipment. GREEN GYM See Bristol listing. HOMEOPATHY DIRECT 18 Charles St. Tel: 01225 429427. Web: • Homeopaths from NHS backgrounds offering a range of services making homeopathy more accessible. KEYNSHAM LEISURE CENTRE Temple St, Keynsham. Tel: 01225 395161 • Pool (25m) plus classes including circuits, spinning, yoga, zumba dance, kickboxing, aerobics. REDUCED STUDENT RATES WITH LEISURE CARDS

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HEALTH&FITNESS LEISURE OFF THE RECORD Tel: 01225 312481. Web: www. • Provides a range of free, confidential and independent services for children and young people to support the development of their emotional health and wellbeing. PHASE ONE 7-9 Comfortable Place. Tel: 01225 461463. Web: www.phase-one. • One of Bath’s best-loved and longest-established health and fitness centres. Numerous classes plus sauna. Students get half-price joining fee (£25) and £30 non-contractual monthly membership. SPACE 7 Hayesfield Park. Tel: 01225 337030. Web: • Facilities include cardio room, weights, fitness assessments, personalised eating plans. Resident sports massage therapist and sport nutritionist. Running club, circuit classes. Annual student membership £199. THE STUDIO 6-7 Trim St. Tel: 01225 758383. Web: • Bath’s only women’s health club, for complete novices upwards. Fully equipped gym, Kick Start programmes, personal training plus Power-Plates. Pole-dancing classes, zumba, kettle bells and TRX suspension training. Membership and pay-as-you-go. Students pay £25 monthly. UNIVERSITY OF BATH SPORTS TRAINING VILLAGE University of Bath, Claverton Down. Web: • Very extensive sports centre with every

conceivable machine, weight, court, track, hall and class to give rise to the athlete within.

BRISTOL ACTION INDOOR SPORTS Bamfield, Whitchurch. Tel: 0117 903 1434. Web: www.actionsportuk. com • Massive sports centre: indoor cricket, netball and football. ACTIVE KOMBAT INFRA-RED SHOOT-‘EM-UP PLAYED ON MASSIVE SCALE ACTIVE8 HEALTH & FITNESS Office: North View, Westbury Park, studio at Redland Lawn Tennis Club. Web: • Personal training for individuals and small groups. ARMSTRONG & NORTH Tel: 0117 950 1868 (Henbury); 0117 956 9255 (Staple Hill); 01225 466110 (Bath). Web: www. • Friendly optician with Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath presence. BANNATYNE HEALTH CLUB 80 Redland Rd. Tel: 0117 942 5805. Web: • Gym, aerobics/fitness studio, 20m pool, saunas, spas etc., plus plenty of classes. BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL SPORT FACILITIES Web: sports-and-fitness • One-stop website for all Bristol City Council sports facilities. BRISTOL LAWN TENNIS & SQUASH CLUB Redland Green. Tel: 0117 973 1139

FIT FOR PURPOSE: BATH BATH SCHOOL OF SHIATSU & YOGA Central Bath • Improve your posture, movement and breathing. GREEN GYM Hampton Row • Spruce up Bath – and yourself. EXCEL TENNIS IN THE PARK Royal Victoria Pk • Wimbledon fortnight fun – 52 weeks of the year. CULVERHAY SPORT CENTRE Rush Hill • Five-a-side footy and more. BATH SPORTS & LEISURE CENTRE North Parade Rd • Get fit in the water in Aquae Sulis.

• Five grass, four artificial and four hard tennis courts, squash courts, coaching, fully equipped gym, aerobics studio. STUDENTS GET HALF-PRICE FULL MEMBERSHIP (£200) AND JOINING FEE (£50) BRISTOL MARRIOTT ROYAL HOTEL College Green. Tel: 0117 925 5100. Web: • Gym, 15m pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, personal training, circuit training, yoga and more. Students pay £44 peak membership monthly. Free towel.

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FIT FOR PURPOSE: BRISTOL SB FITNESS SPORTS MASSAGE Whitehouse St • Make sports massage part of your training regime. ACTION INDOOR SPORTS Bamfield, Whitchurch • Enjoy cricket, netball and football indoors. ZUMBA WITH NECTARIA Several central Bristol locations • Expect fun and fast results. EMPIRE SPORTS CLUB Newfoundland Rd • Get buff at this much-respected gym. ENERGISED PERFORMANCE Boot camps on Durdham Down • Effective exercising (and useful networking.) See listings for details…

BRISTOL ROYAL INFIRMARY Marlborough St. Tel: 0117 923 0000. Web: • Bristol’s main hospital.

BRISTOL SCHOOL OF TAI CHI CHUAN Tel: 0117 949 3955. Web: www. • Expert tai chi tuition including popular outdoor sessions. Classes follow the academic year (roughly). BEGINNERS CAN DROP IN FOR FREE TASTERS IF THERE’S SPACE

“I found the peer-reviewed research compelling, and the experience enjoyable. With daily TM I’ve more energy and a sharper, more efficient mind. I get more done with less effort. Plus I’m happier, healthier and have more empathy,” enthused Leonor Ruivo, Neuroscience PhD student.

BS7 GYM BS7 GYM, Gloucestershire Cricket, Bristol County Ground, Nevil Rd, BS7 9EJ. Tel: 0117 910 8017 / 8016. Web: www. · Free PT session for all joiners; free classes; free entry to Gloucestershire cricket home matches; free squash. Outstanding value membership and no minimum contract. STUDENT MEMBERSHIP JUST £25 PER MONTH: GET 3 MONTHS’ MEMBERSHIP FOR £60 OR GET 9 MONTHS’ MEMBERSHIP FOR £150 WITH NO JOINING FEE WHEN YOU JOIN IN SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER

CLIFTON COLLEGE SPORTS CENTRE Guthrie Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 315 7678. Web: www.cliftoncollegeuk. com • Extensive range of weights and cardio equipment in the gym, plus 25m pool, squash courts, badminton, tennis, numerous classes.


CLIFTON COLLEGE SPORTS GROUND & WORKSHOP Abbots Leigh Rd. Tel: 0117 923 7780. Web: • Sports ground with indoor tennis, netball courts, Astroturf pitches. CLIFTON PHYSIOTHERAPY 111 Pembroke Rd. Tel: 0117 970 6390. Web: • Physiotherapists.

BRISTOL CITY YOGA 16 Backfields Lane, Stokes Croft. Tel: 0117 924 4414. Web: www. • Drop-in classes from beginner upwards. Student discounts. HOLISTIC THERAPY ROOM

CLIFTON PRACTICE 8-10 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, BS8 1PD. Tel: 0117 973 3260. Web: • Hypnotherapy specialists offering treatment to help with everything from quitting smoking to exam-time stress.

TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION @ UoB and UWE Tel: 07719 424322 • The official TM as taught by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. “Experience your own inner reservoir of creativity and intelligence – become truly stress-free,” they say.

CONTRACEPTION & SEXUAL HEALTH Tower Hill, Bristol. Tel: 0117 342 6900. Web: www.bristolsexualhealth. • Confidential contraception and pregnancy advice and sexual health screening.

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Timeless Hair • Gents specialists • Speedy blow-dry bar • • Braid bar • Colour specialist • • L’Oreal Proffessionel salon • 31 Regent Street, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4HR 0117 946 6051

BS1 Student Health Service (Part of BS1 surgery)

Have you registered with a GP in Bristol yet? Don’t wait until you need to see a doctor. Trying to register when you’re ill is the last thing you need. To register, drop in or phone us on 0117 9663587 BS1 Student Health Service offers you: - 12 years student health care experience - Dedicated Students’ Sexual Health Service - Chlamydia Screening - Contraception advice and planning - Emergency Contraception - Free Condoms Tel: 0117 9663587 - Alcohol misuse advice and treatment Web: - Drug misuse advice and treatment look for Student Health Services in - Depression counselling the Clinics and Services tab - Travel Vaccination Email: - Letters of Extenuating Circumstances BS1 Student Health Service is easy to access: Favell House Queen Charlotte Street Bristol BS1 1DQ next door to One Stop supermarket

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BS7 Gym BS7 Gym at Gloucestershire Cricket, Bristol County Ground, Nevil Road, Bristol, BS7 9EJ T: 0117 910 8016 E: W:

Stay in shape


S7 Gym provides a high quality exercise facility for members of the community alongside Gloucestershire cricket professionals. Based at the famous Gloucestershire Cricket ground, the gym is set in a secure environment with plenty of free car parking available. The gym has recently been refurbished and is equipped with state of the art equipment. As well as training in the gym, members can also use the squash court, or take part in the variety of classes that are included in membership. All of BS7’s personal trainers are highly qualified to ensure you receive the best support and are able to make the most from your training. Membership includes a free Personal Trainer session for all joiners and ongoing advice available from qualified personal trainers, free exercise classes, free entry to Gloucestershire cricket home matches and free use of the squash courts. Student offers: Join before 31 October 2014 and get 3 months membership for £60 or 9 months membership for £150. There

is no joining fee and you get a free personal training session when you join! Normal student membership is £25 per month and there is a £30 joining fee.


Monday – Thursday 7.30am - 10pm Friday - 7.30am - 9pm Saturday - 9am - 7pm Sunday - 9am - 8pm

182 BS7 P SG13.indd 182

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HEALTH&FITNESS LEISURE DAVID LLOYD LEISURE Ashton Rd, Long Ashton. Tel: 0117 953 1010. Web: www. • Spacious, well-equipped centre: 18 tennis courts, three squash courts, gym, four badminton courts, two aerobics studios, two pools, spa, sauna etc. Lively social life. EASTON LEISURE CENTRE Thrissel St, Easton. Tel: 0117 955 8840. Web: www.everyoneactive. com • Popular community leisure centre with pool plus Everyone Active gym. Four badminton courts, squash court, classes including aerobics. SWIM FOR £2.15 BEFORE 4PM & ON WEEKENDS WITH STUDENT SPORTSCARD EMPIRE SPORTS CLUB 223 Newfoundland Rd. Tel: 0117 955 8478 • Training in Olympic lifting, body building and power lifting. Dumb-bell room, free weights, huge cardiovascular centre, rigorous circuit-training classes. Women only Tue & Thur, men only Mon, Wed & Fri (and Sun till 12.30pm). Very competitive prices – ladies just £12 monthly, men £60 for three months, £100 for six and £180 for year. JUST £3 PER SESSION AND EXCELLENT MEMBERSHIP RATES ENERGISED PERFORMANCE Tel: 07720 845849. Web: www. • Überinspirational founder of Energised Performance Kim Ingleby and her team of coaches run weekly run & core camps (Tuesday evening) and morning fat-burn courses (Thursday mornings) throughout the year, perfect for getting rid of the hangover (student prices too – just

mention when booking). Weekly kettlebell, boxing & sand bag training is perfect for fat-burning and strength – small groups for quick results. Charity fun in October and November is for breast and prostate cancer and Children in Need, join to take EP’s total over £33k! Every fitness level welcome. Numerous other courses include ski & board fitness, fit & fabulous for Christmas, mental strength for performance, run & triathlon training, team races and EP’s VIP inside out confidence system. MENTION VENUE TO RECEIVE FREE TASTER BOOTCAMP SESSION (IF SPACE PERMITS, BOOKING ESSENTIAL) FRENCHAY HOSPITAL Frenchay Park Rd, Frenchay. Tel: 0117 970 1212. Web: www.nbt. • Nearest hospital to UWE’s Frenchay campus. GOOD VIBRATIONS 22 Kellaway Ave, Redland. Tel: 0117 944 6650. Web: www. • Exercise studio offering revolutionary vibration training (full body workout in 10 mins). No membership required. Free session available. Sports, deep tissue, relaxing and Thai massages plus ultrasonic liposuction. GREEN GYM Tel: 07739 447995/0117 929 1624. Web: • Contribute to conservation while getting a workout! Groups meet Tue at Hampton Row, Bath; Wed at Weston Woods, Weston-super-Mare; Thur at Three Brooks, Bradley Stoke and Northern Slopes, Wedmore Vale, Knowle; Fri in Eastville Park, Bristol.

HORFIELD LEISURE CENTRE Dorian Rd, Horfield. Tel: 0117 903 1643. Web: www.everyoneactive. com • Facilities include competition pool, learning pool, massive health and fitness suite, badminton and squash courts, table tennis. Activity programme includes yoga, Pilates, boxercise etc. Pay-and-play or monthly/annual membership. SPORTSCARD-HOLDING STUDES SWIM FOR £2.15 BEFORE 4PM, £3.60 AFTER (NOT £3.90) JAMES ROSS HEALTHCARE Workout Bristol, Brewery Court, North St, Ashton / Berkeley Centre, Berkeley Sq, Clifton. Tel: 0117 377 9265. Web: www. • Specialist sports and physiotherapy centre offering physiotherapy, osteopathy, Pilates, rehabilitation and massage therapy. JUUL AND PAYNE 70 Alma Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 973 5929. Web: www.juulandpayne. • Independent optometrists offering free assessments to students (and non-students) suffering from visual stress. KINGSDOWN SPORTS CENTRE Portland St, Kingsdown. Tel: 0117 903 1633. Web: www.everyoneactive. com • Facilities include three squash courts, five badminton courts, sauna, steam room. Classes include martial arts, aerobics, body pump, tabletennis, boxercise. Best to book ahead for squash and badminton. STUDENT DISCOUNT MENINGITIS TRUST Tel: 0808 801 0388. Web: www. • 24hr helpline

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LEISURE HEALTH&FITNESS answered by trained nurses. Contact them or your university for symptom cards. NHS DIRECT Tel: 111. Web: www.nhsdirect.nhs. uk • 24-hour confidential telephone service. Ring for health information and advice. NUFFIELD HEALTH, FITNESS & WELLBEING CENTRE Pavilion, 83 Queens Rd, Clifton, BS8 1QS. Tel: 0117 925 2538. Web: • Membersonly aerobics studios, spin bikes, gym, 20m pool, over 65 classes, physiotherapy, health clinic with on-site doctor. STUDENT DISCOUNT REDWOOD HOTEL & COUNTRY CLUB Redwood Lodge, Beggar Bush Lane, Failand. Tel: 01275 395888 • Well-equipped gym, two outdoor pools, one indoor, seven squash courts, five tennis courts, badminton, saunas, steam rooms and more plus numerous classes. RELAXATION CENTRE 9 All Saints Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 970 6616. Web: www.relaxationcentre. Facebook • Facilities include jacuzzi, hot tub, steam room, two saunas, plunge pool and a lounge. Indian head massage, reiki, reflexology, holistic massage and more. RIVERSIDE LEISURE CLUB Station Rd, Little Stoke. Tel: 01454 888666. Web: www.riversidesports. com • Gyms and aerobic studios, plus cardio theatre, spa, steam room etc.

NEW SB FITNESS 16 Whitehouse St, Bedminster. Tel: 0800 852 7538. Web: www.sbfitness. • Strength & conditioning, cardio fitness, martial arts, classes, personal trainers plus events and competitions.

TEMPLE GATE DOJO 1a Unity St, Old Market. Web: www. • Aikido involves using your opponent’s energy to gain control over them and this renowned dojo provides expert aikido tuition. STUDENT DISCOUNT OFFERED

NEW SB FITNESS SPORTS MASSAGE 16 Whitehouse St, Bedminster. Tel: 07762 225564. Email: • Sports massage should be part of any training regime; it can help relieve muscular tightness, stiffness and spasms, increasing circulation to aid toxin removal and reduce post-exercise soreness. Techniques include deep tissue massage, soft tissue releases, trigger pointing, mobilizations and kinesio taping. Half-hour: £35, full-hour £60. Special offers for a limited time only: book 5 full-hour sessions for £200 or 5 halfhour sessions for £150.

UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL CENTRE FOR SPORT, EXERCISE & HEALTH Bristol University, Tyndalls Ave, Clifton. Tel: 0117 928 8810. Web: • Impressive centre packed with hi-tech facilities including gym, sport hall, running track, highly trained instructors. Numerous classes (from body/ pump/combat/sculpt to yoga) and treatments like sports massage, physiotherapy, osteopathic services. AFTER INDUCTION COURSE (NON-MEMBER) STUDENTS PAY £5 TO USE GYM IN HOLIDAYS

SEAN VEIRA Web: • World champion and third-degree black belt offering friendly, expert tuition in lau gar, kung fu, kickboxing. SOUTHMEAD HOSPITAL Southmead Rd. Tel: 0117 950 5050. SOUTHVILLE CENTRE Beauley Rd, Southville. Tel: 0117 923 1039. Web: www.southvillecentre. • Classes include yoga, aerobics, tai chi and tae kwando. SPIRE BRISTOL The Glen, Redland Hill. Tel: 0117 980 4000. Web: www.spirehealthcare. com/bristol • Leading private hospital.

WELSH BACK SQUASH & HEALTH CLUB Welsh Back. Tel: 0117 937 8020. Web: • Full-on fitness emporium offering an extensive timetable of classes. Specially equipped cardiovascular centre. Massage, personal training, squash coaching and a good gym. SUBSTANTIAL STUDENT DISCOUNTS WING CHUN ACADEMY Web: • Wing chun taught in a progressive, open manner (classes and privately), suitable for all. Classes in Bristol and Bath. ZUMBA WITH NECTARIA Tel: 07543 806417. Web: www.

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LEISURE AROUND TOWN • Ace local zumba instructor Nectaria Pospori stages increasingly-popular drop-in classes across Bristol. STUDENT CLASSES JUST £4!

AROUND TOWN BATH AMERICAN MUSEUM & GARDENS Claverton Manor. Tel: 01225 460503. Web: • Extremely pleasant gardens, and museum in big old house showing American domestic life from the first New England settlers to the Civil War. Traditional American crafts, charming gallery of folk art, excellent temporary exhibitions. Summer season features occasional displays by battle re-enactors. BATH BOATING STATION Forester Rd. Tel: 01225 312900. Web: • Everyone has to try this at least once: hire a boat, mess around on the river. Could well be the best day out ever, provided the sun’s shining, you have a wicker picnic basket and champagne and fall in love. Also potentially one of the worst days out if you choose a punt and don’t opt for their punting lesson before setting off. BECKFORD’S TOWER & MUSEUM Lansdown. Tel: 01225 460705. Web: • Neo-classical tower built in early 19th century by fabulously wealthy writer, dilettante and bisexual William Beckford. (Don’t be too impressed; his inherited fortune was based on slavery.) Beautifully restored and off

the tourist trail. A must-see. Limited opening hours. BIZARRE BATH Web: • Not your usual guided tour, more a live comedy performance with walking. Runs every night in spring/summer/ autumn. Do not miss. CITY SIGHTSEEING BATH Tel: 01225 330444. Web: • Well worth doing if you’re new in town; two separate tour routes round the city, with frequent services in spring/summer/ autumn. FASHION MUSEUM Bennett St. Tel: 01225 477789. Web: • World-class collection of clothes and accessories from the 18th century to present day, plus regular extra exhibitions. Excellent and fascinating, even if fashion normally leaves you cold. GHOST WALKS OF BATH Tel: 01225 350512. Web: www. • Bath’s most celebrated guided tour, taking in the city’s extraordinary wealth of spooky stories. MUSEUM OF BATH AT WORK Julian Rd. Tel: 01225 318348. Web: • Not everyone in Bath’s history was some wealthy parasite or Jane Bloody Austen. Bath has a surprisingly rich heritage of honest industrial toil, and this slightly eccentric museum’ll tell you all about it. MUSEUM OF EAST ASIAN ART 12 Bennett St. Tel: 01225 464 640.

Web: • Collection of ceramics, jades, bronzes and much more from China, Japan, Korea and South East Asia, some of it very rare. Good programme of visiting exhibitions and events providing an often interactive insight into Eastern culture. PRIOR PARK LANDSCAPE GARDEN Ralph Allen Drive. Tel: 01225 833422. Web: priorpark • Restored 18th-century landscaped garden, with lakes, grotto and woodland, Palladian bridge and more. No car parking except for disabled (phone beforehand). Also good starting-point for the BATH SKYLINE WALK (www., which is something every Bath resident absolutely has to do at least once. ROMAN BATHS & PUMP ROOM Entrance via Pump Room, Stall St. Tel: 01225 477785. Web: www. • It’s the reason why Bath started in the first place, and now one of the best-preserved and best-interpreted Roman sites in Europe, with some extraordinarily vivid finds. Excellent visitor attraction which will make you feel intellectually enriched, which is just as well as it’s the one place everyone absolutely must visit on the local heritage trail. Gets hideously busy (1m visitors a year) in season, so get there at opening time on a wet weekday in winter. Seriously. VICTORIA ART GALLERY Bridge St. Tel: 01225 477233. Web: • Municipal gallery with very impressive

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AROUND TOWN LEISURE collection, including paintings by Turner, Gainsborough and Sickert, plus lots of glassware and ceramics and impressive touring shows by more modern artists. HERSCHEL MUSEUM OF ASTRONOMY 19 New King St. Tel: 01225 446865. Web: www.bath-preservation-trust. • Home of siblings William and Caroline Herschel, 18th-century musicians who were astronomers in their spare time and discovered Uranus. Museum looks at the Herschels’ lives and features a VR trip through the solar system.

BRISTOL ARNOS VALE CEMETERY Main entrance via A4 Bath Rd. Web: • Bristol’s own Père-Lachaise, and the city’s main burial place for much of the Victorian era. Features loads of history and, on account of its unusual ecology, interesting wildlife, too. Now restored/preserved and run by a charitable trust, it’s free to get into and wander round, though the regular guided tours are well worth it. AT-BRISTOL Anchor Sq, Harbourside. Tel: 0845 345 1235. Web: • Hands-on family-attraction science centre that encourages visitors to play with stuff, push buttons, pull levers, have loads of fun and learn science in the process. BLAISE CASTLE HOUSE MUSEUM Henbury Rd, Henbury. Tel: 0117 903 9818. Web: museums • Museum of domestic

life in bygone Bristol, with children’s toys, cooking ranges, baths, toilets, wash-tubs, fireplaces etc, plus some costumes and a Victorian school room. It’s surrounded by the massive expanses of 400-acre Blaise Castle Estate, which you’re free to walk, have a game of rounders on etc. BRISTOL AQUARIUM Anchor Rd, Harbourside. Web: www. • Native and tropical fish in 40 or so naturallythemed habitats: everything from octopuses, seahorses and puffer fish to living corals and tropical sharks, cuttlefish and more. Get up close via an underwater walk-through tunnel. Expensive admission, but great fun. BRISTOL CATHEDRAL College Green. Web: • Originally a 12th-century abbey church, with loads of history. Bristol is a very rich environment for church-fanciers. Other historic must-sees include The New Room (The Horsefair, Broadmead, www.newroombristol., where John Wesley set up the first Methodist chapel in 1739, and St Mary Redcliffe (Redcliffe Way,, which is Bristol’s most famous church, dating back to medieval times, and which has loads of interesting and spooky historical connections. Thomas Chatterton, your original teenage suicide, started out here, you know. Also visit St Stephens, in St Stephen’s St, off the Centre, for the tomb of the man who invented blankets (local myth) and other historic weirdness to do with the secretive cabal who used to run Bristol. St S’s also has a popular, mostly veggie, café.

OUT OF TOWN MUST-SEES Avebury Stone Circle Avebury, nr Marlborough, Wilts (www.… Berkeley Castle nr Dursley, Glos (www.… Corsham Court, Wilts ( Glastonbury Abbey Glastonbury, Somerset (www.glastonburyabbey. com)… Lacock Abbey & Fox Talbot Museum Lacock, nr Chippenham, Wilts (www.… Longleat Wilts (… Steep Holm Island Bristol Channel (… Stonehenge nr Amesbury, Wilts ( uk)…Tyntesfield Wraxall, North Somerset ( uk)... Wells Cathedral Wells, Somerset ( uk)… Westonbirt Arboretum nr Tetbury, Glos (www.forestry. Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Slimbridge, Glos ( slimbridge)... Woodchester Mansion Nympsfield, Glos (www.woodchestermansion.

BRISTOL CHANNEL CRUISES Tel: 0845 130 4647 (office hours). Web: • Paddle steamer the Waverley does trips around the Bristol Channel from spring to autumn. These are utterly brilliant outings, stopping at various places (the one to Lundy Island is best of all) around the Channel coast and beyond.

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ACTIVE OUTINGS Laser Quest: The Old Fire Station, Silver St, Broadmead, Bristol (0117 9293699, www. ... Paintball: Skirmish Bristol, Hollywood Lane, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol (01934 416533, www.skirmishbristol.; Go Ballistic Paintball, sites near Bristol (0844 745 5000, Climbing: Bristol Climbing Centre, St Werburghs Church, Mina Rd, Bristol (0117 941 3489, Adventure: Go Ape! Mallards Pike Lane, Forest of Dean, Glos (0845 643 9215, www.goape. Driving: Castle Combe Racing Circuit, Chippenham, Wilts (01249 782929, www. ... Circus Skills: Circomedia, Portland Sq, Bristol (0117 924 7615, ... Gliding: Bristol & Gloucestershire Gliding Club, Nympsfield, Glos (01453 860342, www.bggc. ... Aaaaannd relax! Thermae Bath Spa, Hot Bath St, Bath (01225 331234, www. For loads more ideas of places to visit in the South West and Wales for sightseeing, walking, cycling and other adventures, the West’s best Days Out guide is at www.

BRISTOL CITY MUSEUM & ART GALLERY Queens Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 922 3571. Web: museums • Bristol’s original museum,

with good collections on local geology, prehistory, local and world wildlife, a bit of local history and an interesting selection of paintings. Also has a Banksy original donated by the great man after his hugely popular exhibition there in 2009. BRISTOL FERRY BOAT CO. Tel: 0117 927 3416. Web: www. • One of the best ways to be a tourist in Bristol. Water bus service around the Docks used by commuters as well as sightseers. River trips and booze cruises, too. BRISTOL PACKET Tel: 0117 926 8157. Web: www. • Scheduled tours of the docks (with excellent commentary). River trips along the Avon (Sundays, May-Oct) and out to the Chequers Inn at Hanham. The Packet’s excursion to Beeses Tea Gardens is a local institution. BRISTOL ZOO GARDENS Guthrie Rd, Clifton. Tel: 0117 974 7300. Web: • Easily one of the best days out in the West, with loads of creatures to see and a commitment to wildlife conservation programmes. Everyone has their own favourite bit/animals. For some it’s the penguins, for others it’s the creepy-crawly house, but you’ve just got to visit. Very popular, so go on a weekday in term-time. BRUNEL’S ss GREAT BRITAIN Great Western Dockyard, Gas Ferry Rd. Tel: 0117 926 0680. Web: www. • If you’re new in Bristol, this should be your second excursion after M Shed (see below). The world’s first real ocean liner, the ss Great Britain was designed

and built by Brunel in Bristol, incorporating two revolutionary innovations – an iron hull and a screw propeller. Brought back as a wreck in 1970, now restored as an award-winning visitor attraction. There’s also an excellent museum next to it. A good one to take the visiting parents (get them to pay). CITY SIGHTSEEING BRISTOL Tel: 07425 788 123. Web: www. • See all the best bits of Bristol from the vantage point of an open-top bus; tours run March to Oct. GLENSIDE HOSPITAL MUSEUM UWE, Glenside Campus, Stapleton. Web: • Hidden gem housed in the chapel of the former Glenside Hospital, with pictures, paintings and artefacts from Bristol’s psychiatric hospitals and the Burden neurological institute. Limited opening times, but a must-see. HAUNTED & HIDDEN BRISTOL Tel: 07766 258407. Web: www. • Popular guided walk around some of central Bristol’s most haunted buildings. HORSEWORLD Staunton Lane, Whitchurch. Tel: 01275 540173. Web: www. • Run by a charity that looks after horses, ponies and donkeys that have been mistreated or neglected. Open to public to raise funds. KINGSWOOD HERITAGE MUSEUM Tower Lane, Warmley. Tel: 0117 960 5664. Web: www.

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University Health Centre Register online at ‘UWE Health Centre’ universityhealthcentre

Alternatively, you can scan this QR code and register using your phone!

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LEISURE AROUND TOWN/SPORT • Fascinating and scandalously undervalued museum, all made by the people for the people. Local enthusiasts with no funding put together this museum of Kingswood’s social history and its part in the early industrial revolution. Go on a day when they’re offering guided tours of the grotto and grounds (look out for the concrete Neptune), originally the estates of the 18th-century Quaker industrialist who started it all. M SHED Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd. Tel: 0117 352 6600. Web: • The very first place you should visit on your very first outing into Bristol. The city’s newest museum is housed in a former dockside warehouse and tells the story of Bristol and its people, from primeval swamp to the present through three major themed galleries. Admission is technically free (the requests for a donation will get more strident in the coming years), and it’s an excellent introduction to how the old town got here. OAKHAM TREASURES Portbury Lane, Portbury. Tel: 01275 375236. Web: www. • Astonishing display of everyday domestic stuff from the past 100 years – groceries, sweets, cigs, booze, cleaning products etc. Plus huge collection of advertising material and (should you be interested) farm machinery. Great place to go with parents and grandparents. PIRATE WALKS Tel: 07950 566483. Web: www. • Yarr! Bristol’s

colourful seafaring heritage brought to life by the irrepressible Pirate Pete, with an entertaining tour of the city’s pirate haunts. History undergraduates NB: Pirate Pete is not a real pirate. He has a poetic licence, and should not be regarded a primary source. UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL BOTANIC GARDEN The Holmes, Stoke Park Rd, Stoke Bishop. Tel: 0117 331 4906. Web: BotanicGardens • Well worth the trip as it’s as much about the science as the pretty flowers. Includes several specimens you won’t see anywhere else in the UK. If you’re a Bristol botany student, they’ll make you go here anyway.

SPORT For local sport and leisure centres, see HEALTH & FITNESS section.

ACTIVITY GROUPS ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITY COMPANY Tel: 01275 394558. Web: www. • Custom-designed activity trips to suit your group. Bristol Adventure Days combine canoeing in the docks, climbing/abseiling in the Avon Gorge and Ashton Court, and mountain biking. Bristol Urban Challenge is a city-based treasure hunt. BHP INSPIRING EVENTS The Old Stables, Box Hedge Farm, Coalpit Heath, Bristol. Tel: 0808 197 1254. Web: www. • Teambuilding and development packages for individuals, stags, hens and

corporate groups, including quad biking, archery, helicopter flights and high ropes course. BLACK MOUNTAIN ACTIVITIES Three Cocks, nr Hay on Wye, Powys. Tel: 01497 847897. Web: www. • Outdoor pursuits company: climbing, abseiling, caving, kayaking, raft building, gorge scrambling, whitewater rafting. MENDIP OUTDOOR PURSUITS Mendip Snowsport Centre, Lyncombe Dr, Churchill, North Somerset. Tel: 01934 834877. Web: • Activities for groups and individuals, including caving, abseiling and raft building plus skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. RAPTORCARE Tel: 01454 294258. Web: www. • Go fly a Harris hawk or even an eagle owl with expert tuition. Bring along mates with cameras for epic pics. WYEDEAN CANOE AND ADVENTURE CENTRE Symonds Yat East, Forest of Dean. Tel: 01594 833238. Web: www. • Canoeing and kayaking on the River Wye.

AIR ACTIVITIES BAILEY BALLOONS 44 Ham Green, Bristol. Tel: 01275 375300. Web: www.baileyballoons. • For more than 15 years, thousands have flown with these people offering hot air balloon rides from Bristol, Bath and South Wales. Gift vouchers, flights at short notice

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Consol 59 The Horsefair, Bristol, BS1 3JP T: 0845 305 9922 W: @ConsolUK

Your walk-in spa


onsol is your tanning salon, your weight loss studio, your skin clinic and your relaxation centre, all under one roof in the heart of Bristol City Centre. The impressive flagship store is one of 37 in the UK and boasts a vast choice of tanning and treatment facilities all with the same concept – to provide hassle free, affordable, high quality, self service treatments with no appointment necessary. What’s more, with the 7am–10pm opening hours, seven days a week, finding a convenient time to visit couldn’t be easier. Featuring ten high-powered, state of the art Ergoline and MegaSun sunbeds in individual private treatment rooms as well as revolutionary full-body Collagen Light Therapy , rejuvenating Aqua massage cabin and an exclusive area dedicated to VibroSLIM weight loss machines, the selfservice Walk-in Spa concept and facilities are something of a first for Bristol, offering customers the chance to experience outstanding innovation, cuttingedge technology and affordable, quality treatments in a safe and contemporary environment. Caroline Tiernan-Locke,

Marketing Manager for Consol says: ‘Everybody needs some relaxation time and the chance to feel good about themselves without having to break the bank. Our Bristol flagship store offers just that, in a convenient central location.

Perfect before a night out, as part of your weekly beauty regime or some much needed relaxation time during the busy week. There’s no appointment necessary and absolutely no hassle.’ To find out more about Consol’s tanning and treatments visit and join the online community on Facebook at www. facebook. com/consoluk and Twitter @ConsolUK for latest updates, news, competitions and reviews.

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LEISURE SPORT and champagne balloon flights for the romantic/decadent/thirsty. SPECIAL OFFERS ON MIDWEEK MORNING FLIGHTS BRISTOL & GLOUCESTERSHIRE GLIDING CLUB Nympsfield, Glos. Tel: 01453 860342. Web: • Trial lessons from £79, week courses, fixed prices for ‘solo and beyond’ schemes. SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENTS AND CADETS RISE HELICOPTERS Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton, Cheltenham. Tel: 01452 857083. Web: • Training, pleasure flying, chartering, wedding flights plus air-experience tasters.

BOATS, DIVING & WATERSPORTS BRISTOL ARIEL ROWING Robertson Drive, Birchwood, St Anne’s, Bristol. Web: www. • Bristol’s longest-established rowing club: rowing, sculling and coxing in regular starter courses. Lively social calendar. ANNUAL STUDENT MEMBERSHIP, CURRENTLY £120, INCLUDES GYM USE AND MONDAY CIRCUITS BRISTOL OCTOPUSH CLUB Tel: 01454 416088. Web: www. Facebook • Octopush is a high-speed sport akin to playing ice hockey underwater. Rules are easy, and the club welcomes new arrivals of both sexes. Meets Wed (9-10pm) Hengrove Pool. FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION

BRISTOL SAILING SCHOOL Baltic Wharf, Bristol. Tel: 0117 986 7111. Web: www.bristolsailingschool. • Sailing lessons from beginners to advanced, including youth courses. POWERBOATING TOO EXTREME MARINE 6 Harbury Rd, Henleaze, Bristol. Tel: 0117 962 3363. Web: • Scuba equipment, huge range of snorkelling equipment, trips, scuba holidays, tuition from absolute beginner to instructor. WET & WINDY 5 Ashton Drive, Bristol. Tel: 0117 966 9582. Web: • Popular, well-established company specialising in dinghies, watersports clothing, accessories.

CAVING & CLIMBING AXBRIDGE CAVING GROUP Email: Web: • Fun, informative trips around central Bristol’s Redcliffe Caves, suitable for all ages. Also Mendips caving trips. BRISTOL CLIMBING CENTRE Bristol Climbing Centre, St Werburghs Church, Mina Rd, Bristol. Tel: 0117 941 3489 Web: www. • Renowned centre offering indoor climbing, all ages and abilities. Over 150 routes plus soft-floored bouldering area. Trips to Avon Gorge, Land’s End etc. LINK TO UWE CLIMBING CLUB CLIMBING ACADEMY Charlton St, Rd, Bristol. Tel: 0117 907 2956. Web: www. • Bristol’s dedicated bouldering centre. NEW REDPOINT CLIMBING CENTRE 40 Winterstoke Rd, Bristol. Tel: 0117 332 2222. Web: www. • Around 75 top-roped and lead climbing lines up to 12m, two bouldering areas and abseiling platform.

GOLF ASHTON COURT GOLF COURSE Ashton Court Estate, Bristol. Web: • Two 18-hole par-three courses provide pay-and-play fun. BATH PUBLIC GOLF FACILITIES Entry Hill, Bath. Tel: 01225 834248/ Approach 01225 331162. Web: • Courses open daily except Christmas Day. Club hire available, advisable to book at Entry Hill. Students pay £6 after buying leisure card (valid for a year). FILTON GOLF CLUB Golf Course Lane, Filton, Bristol. Tel: 0117 969 6968. Web: www. • Golf tuition to all standards. During the week, pay and play £36, students pay only £20. JUNGLE RUMBLE Glass Walk, Cabot Circus, Bristol, BS1 3BQ. Tel: 0117 929 7771. Web: www. • Two 18-hole crazy golf courses atop Cabot Circus, imaginatively designed, with jungles, swamps and volcanoes. Studes get discounts – £6.50 per course, £6 per person in 4+ groups, £8.50 for two courses Mon-Fri (not hols).

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SPORT LEISURE STAGED THE UK MINIATURE GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS IN 2010 VICTORIA FALLS ADVENTURE GOLF Royal Pavilion, Royal Ave, Royal Victoria Park, Bath. Tel: 01225 425066. Web: www. • An 18-hole adventure golf course plus seven tennis courts, some indoor, popular with International House students. Students pay £3.50 (adults £4, children £3, family £12). WOODLANDS GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Trench La, Almondsbury. Tel: 01454 618121. Web: www.woodlands-golf. com • Two 18-hole courses (the Masters and the Signature), both boasting much prettiness and water. The Signature’s elevated par-three 17th hole drops down to a green virtually surrounded by water.

HORSE RIDING CLEVEDON RIDING CENTRE Clevedon Lane, Clevedon, North Somerset. Tel: 01275 858699 • Longestablished family business with over 20 horses. All levels of tuition in outdoor floodlit school and indoor arena. Adult group £25, child group £20, hour private lesson £48, first trial lesson £10. KINGSWESTON STABLES Kingsweston Rd, Lawrence Weston, Bristol. Tel: 0117 982 8929 • Longestablished riding school: open Wed-Sun. Group/private lessons, escorted hacking (20-plus-strong stable of horses). Facilities include floodlit outdoor arena, plentiful offroad riding.

SHIPHAM RIDING CENTRE Broadway, Shipham, North Somerset. Tel: 01934 843522. Web: • Expert tuition in all-weather arena. Riding in the Mendips. Adult lessons and hacking from £23. WELLOW TREKKING CENTRE Little Horse Croft Farm, Wellow, Bath. Tel: 01225 834376. Web: • Trekking in and around the local countryside for adults and children, with halfhour pony hire £10, an hour’s riding £30. Clay pigeon shooting and archery also offered.

MOTOR SPORTS, KARTING & OFFROADING CASTLE COMBE RACING CIRCUIT Castle Combe Circuit, Chippenham, Wilts. Tel: 01249 782929/782417. Web: www.castlecombecircuit. • Make like the numerous F1 legends who’ve driven here with an awesome Formula Ford racing car drive, or get gritty action at the rally school. Motorcycle and car track days, too – BYO! DRIVE TECH AT CASTLE COMBE Castle Combe Circuit, Chippenham, Wilts. Tel: 01249 783010. Web: • Land Rover off-roading and skidpan driving. Karting too.

BE A SPORT! BRISTOL ARIEL ROWING CLUB St Anne’s • Row, row, row your boat (very fast). BRISTOL BOXING GYM St Agnes • Become the next Anthony Joshua, Anthony Ogogo or Nicola Adams. ASHTON COURT ESTATE MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS Ashton Court, Bristol • Get down and dirty… BUGSBOARDING Maisemore, Gloucester • Mountain boarding, grass sledging and dirt scooting. BATH PUBLIC GOLF FACILITIES Entry Hill / Weston Rd • Unleash your inner Tiger (Woods).

TEAMSPORT Avonmouth Way, Avonmouth, Bristol. Tel: 08444 108108. Web: • Indoor karting plus multi-level Laser Tag with two-handed phasers sometimes available. 500M TRACK OVER TWO LEVELS

SUPAKART Units 10-11 Leeway Ind Estate, Newport, Wales. Tel: 01633 280808. Web: • Twolevel indoor circuit with outdoor section.

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MOUNTAIN BIKING & CYCLING ASHTON COURT ESTATE MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS Ashton Court Estate, Bristol. Tel: 0117 963 9174. Web: www. • 6.5km of adventurous cycling trails. The main trail is graded blue (moderate) and gives a great flowing ride. In places the trail splits to provide blue (moderate) and red (difficult) graded options. Map available at information signs on site or website. ATMOSPHERE 137 St George’s Rd, Bristol. Tel: 0117 908 7153. Web: www.electricbikes. • One of country’s biggest electric bike centres: interest-free scheme offered. BLACKBOY CYCLES 180 Whiteladies Rd, Bristol. Tel: 0117 973 1420. Web: www.blackboycycles. • Specialised brand plus plenty for budget-conscious students. Hire service, quick repairs. STUDENT DISCOUNT 10% ON SPARES AND ACCESSORIES BRISTOL TRAILS GROUP Tel: 07712 650857. Web: www. • Friendly group repairing and maintaining

local mountain bike trails – an ace way to get involved and meet those with similar interests.

(new or existing) bike fits you! STUDENT DISCOUNT 10% ON CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES

CADENCE 9 Chelsea Rd, Bath. Tel: 01225 446887. Web: www. • Friendly, informative bike shop where the kettle is always on! Drop in for bikes, accessories, clothing and advice. CYCLE CLUB AND STUDENT DISCOUNTS

WEBBS OF WARMLEY 14 High St, Warmley, Bristol. Tel: 0117 967 3676. Web: www. • Top mountain bike, BMX, road cycle and accessories suppliers. Very affordable daily hire service. There’s even a tandem available – bring a friend! Repairs.

EMMAUS (BRISTOL) Barton Manor, Midland Rd, St Philips, Bristol. Tel: 0117 954 0886. Web: • Charity selling serviced bikes with a 28-day guarantee from around £50 upwards. Space nearby for a trial ride. Also sells furniture and electrical items– your one-stop freshers’ week stop!

See Transport section over the page for more bike shops…

MUD DOCK CYCLEWORKS & CAFÉ 40 The Grove, Bristol. Tel: 0117 929 2151. Web: • Serious bikes for sale. Bike mechanics, workshop, secure bike shed plus showers and lockers. PEMBURY CYCLES 8 Highridge Rd, Bishopsworth, Bristol. Tel: 0117 964 0973. Web: www. • Full mountainbike range, BMX and hybrids, plus servicing, repairs, parts, accessories. NUS DISCOUNT 10% TOTAL FITNESS 3 Saracen St, Bath. Tel: 01225 444164. Web: • For the serious cyclist - triathlon, road and mountain bikes custom-built or off the peg – and for the potterer around town. Bike-fit technician ensures your

SKIING, SNOWBOARDING, SKATING & MOUNTAIN BOARDING BUGSBOARDING Overton Cottage, Maisemore, Gloucester. Tel: 07749 897330. Web: • Mountain boarding for everyone from beginners to experts, trained instructors and a choice of courses. Also dirt-scooting and grass-sledging and BYO mountain biking. GLOUCESTER SKI & SNOWBOARD CENTRE Matson Lane, Robinswood Hill, Glos. Tel: 01452 501438. Web: www. • Tutorial and recreational snow sport on one of England’s largest outdoor slopes. Fun park includes a quarter-pipe. NUS CARDHOLDERS CHARGED JUNIOR RATE MENDIP SNOWSPORT CENTRE Lyncombe Drive, Churchill, Somerset. Tel: 01934 852335. Web: www.

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SPORT LEISURE • Formerly Avon Ski & Action Centre, now offering everything from dry-slope skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing to archery, climbing, abseiling, caving, kayaking, open canoeing and an assault course.

MISCELLANEOUS BATH & DISTRICT FOOTBALL LEAGUE Tel: 01225 315777. Web: www.bdfl. • Boasts 120 teams playing within a 12-mile radius of Bath – get in touch with league secretary Mrs Gilbert if you’d like to find a team. BRISTOL & WEST ATHLETICS CLUB Whitehall Athletics Track, Johnsons Lane, Whitehall. Web: www. • Year-long track and field, road running and cross country. BRISTOL BOXING GYM 40 Thomas St, St Agnes, Bristol. Tel: 0117 949 6699. Web: www. • Nationally regarded boxing gym, popular with students for circuit training. One-off trial session £5, various membership packages. THE ONE-TO-ONE HOUR WITH PRO TRAINER (£30) IS GREAT BRISTOL LAWN TENNIS & SQUASH CLUB Redland Green, Bristol. Tel: 0117 973 1139 • See Health & Fitness. BRISTOL REAL TENNIS CLUB Beggar Bush Playing Fields, Abbots Leigh, Bristol. Tel: 0117 973 3444. Web: • A sport dating from Tudor times in one of

the region’s most stunning sporting arenas. Junior annual membership (under-25s) £25. PHONE FOR A FREE GO (AVAILABILITY PERMITTING) BRISTOL ROLLER DERBY Web: Twitter: @BrisRollerDerby • Roller derby is a fast and furious sport played on quad skates. Male, female, beginner skaters, all 18+ and nonskating officials welcome! Look out for upcoming games as well as a roller derby demo in Bristol’s Baldwin Street (as part of Make Sundays Special) on September 29 and October 20. FULL CONTACT, FULL-ON AND NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED BRISTOL’S PARKS AND GREEN SPACES Web: • Bristol boasts a wide range of parks and green spaces suitable for days out. Pack a football, Frisbee and hacky sack and stage your own triathlon. BRITISH MILITARY FITNESS BRISTOL Meet Durdham Downs, Clifton, Bristol. Tel: 0870 241 2517. Web: • Get-fit sessions based on military training. CHEESE ROLLING Coopers Hill, Glos. Web: www. • Annual event whereby lunatics chase a cheese down a hill, watched by TV crews from Canada, USA etc. Crowds of up to 5,000 have attended, 2009 saw the last official rolling but an ‘ad hoc’ event continues annually. THE ULTIMATE STUDENT CAPER

GET INVOLVED DAMIAN FORDER CRICKET ACADEMY Bristol • Expert training to master the summer sport. BRISTOL & GLOUCESTERSHIRE GLIDING CLUB Nympsfield, Glos • Fly to Bath Racecourse or (almost) Stratford-upon-Avon! BRISTOL OCTOPUSH CLUB Hengrove Pool • Like ice hockey, underwater. Try it! AXBRIDGE CAVING GROUP Central Bristol / The Mendips • Going deeper underground (there’s too much panic in this town…) GREAT WESTERN RUNNERS Bristol Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Redland Green • Pavement-pounding pals.

CIRCLE RULES FOOTBALL Facebook: groups/CircleRulesBristol/ • Actionpacked new team sport from the US that levels the playing field for long-time athletes and newcomers alike. A genius mash-up of football, basketball and volleyball played with one goal in the centre and a giant yoga ball. DAMIAN FORDER CRICKET ACADEMY Tel: 07766 801340. Web: www. • Batting, bowling and fielding tuition for both sexes from

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LEISURE SPORT/TRANSPORT&TRAVEL ex-Gloucestershire CCC pro Damian Forder. Damian offers coaching to university cricket clubs, from preseason group sessions to match-day preparation and evaluation. And if you’re after joining a local team, he can hook you up! DOWNS FOOTBALL LEAGUE Clifton Downs, Bristol. Web: www. • Bristol’s more eminent version of Hackney Marshes. GENESIS NETBALL CLUB Tel: 07810 186897. Web: www. • Train AugMay, with Avon Netball League matches at weekends. GREAT WESTERN RUNNERS Meet Bristol Lawn Tennis & Squash Club, Redland Green, Bristol. Web: • 250-odd member club established almost 30 years meeting at 7pm on Wed through the year. LASER FUSION The Station, Silver St, Broadmead, Bristol. Tel: 0117 929 3699. Web: • Team games or all-against-all laser action. ONE GAME £5.95, TWO £9.95, ADDITIONAL GAMES £2 LEUKAEMIA & LYMPHOMA RESEARCH Tel: 01225 311954. Email: Web:, www. • Get inspired to get into shape via running, cycling and other activities while raising funds for an excellent cause.

PÉTANQUE The Anchor, Oldbury on Severn. Tel: 01454 413331. Web: www. • This pub, with 14 pistes, is one of the UK’s top pétanque venues. Phone ahead to confirm availability. Small sub required. ST NICK’S GAELIC FOOTBALL CLUB Web: • Gaelic football combines football, rugby and basketball, and spawned Aussie Rules. Rookies welcome.

TRANSPORT & TRAVEL BIKES AVON VALLEY CYCLERY Front-right Bath Spa Railway Station; Little Southgate, Bath, BA1 1SX. Tel: 01225 442442. Web: www. • Cavernous tunnel hosting a welter of bikes and equipment, plus apparel and accessories store in the new Little Southgate arcade store. Folding bikes a speciality. BETTER BY BIKE Web: • Online hub for local commuting schemes, workshops, training, shops, loan bikes, maintenance - everything, basically. Must-visit site for all BrisBath bicyclists. BIKE UK Embassy House, Queens Ave, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1SB. Tel: 0117 929 3500. Web: • Big shop run by knowledgeable enthusiasts – good range of new bikes, clothing and accessories, plus workshop for repairs and servicing.


BIKEWORKSHOP 88 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BB. Tel: 0117 926 8961. Web: www. • Secondhand and new bikes, plus no-nonsense advice and an expertly-staffed workshop. BRISTOL BIKE PROJECT Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY. Tel: 07983 417231. Web: • Ace community project repairing bikes, relocating unwanted ones, encouraging disadvantaged people in bike maintenance skills, loads more. BRISTOL CYCLE SHACK 28 Midland Road, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0JY. Tel: 0117 929 9143. Web: • Former junk shop now offering a regularly changing stock of secondhand bikes and small workshop. BRISTOL CYCLING CAMPAIGN Tel: 07884 265 071. Web: www. • Local legends, working to make Bristol and the surrounding area ‘a place where cycling is so easy, everyone does it’. Friendly rides to join every week and plenty more cycling-related info besides. BW CYCLING Unit 1-2, Brunel Lock, Smeaton Rd, Bristol BS1 6SE. Tel: 0117 927 2947. Web: • New addition to Bristol bike scene, headed up by Olympic cyclist Oli Beckingsale. Offer carefully selected upmarket machines, physio and training advice and a bike fitting service. CADENCE BIKE SHOP 9 Chelsea Rd, Bath, BA1 3PP.

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TRANSPORT & TRAVEL LEISURE Tel: 01225 446887. Web: www. • “The kettle is always on,” promise these proper-job enthusiasts, boasting massive range and workshop. CHAOS CYCLES Corn Exchange, St Nicholas Market, Corn Street, Bristo1, BS1 1JQ. Tel: 0117 930 0030. Web: • Small independent place with decent stock of spares and accessories. Also offer a repair service – phone to book. FRED BAKER 144 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5RL. Tel: 0117 924 9610. Web: • Open on the same site since 1935, Fred Baker’s a good all-rounder – new bikes, repairs, accessories and friendly advice. JAKE’S BIKES 6A Haymarket Walk, Bristol, BS1 3LN. Tel: 0117 329 7363. Web: • Superb, down-to-earth, not-for-profit place. They buy and sell secondhand bikes, but focus is on maintenance and workshop. Courtesy bikes and bike fix training available. JOHN’S BIKES 82-84 Walcot St, Bath, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 334633. Web: www. • “... stroke it, sniff it. Get to know it in all its lovely shiny gorgeousness.” Big bike fan, John. As evidenced by both his words and splendid big store. MUD DOCK CYCLEWORKS & CAFE 40 The Grove, Bristol, BS1 4RB. Tel:

0117 929 2151. Web: • High-end bike shop and workshop, offering maintenance workshops and bike fitting service. ROLL FOR THE SOUL Quay Street (along Nelson Street), Bristol, BS1 2JL. Tel: 07596 917 946. Web: • A bike workshop and so much more – big screen for Le Tour etc., route maps, cycling events, great food and beer in the downstairs café. THE SPOKESMAN 78 Mina Road, Bristol, BS2 9XL. Tel: 07929 061145. Web: www. • Second-hand and new bikes, plus a workshop. STRADA 236 North Street, Bristol, BS3 1JD. Tel: 0117 9669662. Web: www. • Smart shop – specialising in road bikes, but good for commuters, MTB etc. as well. TAYLORED CYCLES Tel: 07824 776 923. Web: www. • Mobile mechanic in a van – they’ll collect your bike from your home, or you can drop it off at the van, which is located at UWE Frenchay, Temple Meads or the city centre on different days of the week. See website for details. THE TRIATHLON SHOP The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6DG. Tel: 0117 929 2711. Web: • Not just for triathletes. Decent stock of upmarket bikes in addition to running stuff and wetsuits. Also offer friendly training advice and bike fitting service.

RIDE ON You could be slightly irrational and spend an age walking everywhere. You could be deeply irrational and drive, stuck in endless gridlock, choking everyone, and spending a small fortune for the ‘privilege’. Or you could be speedy and stylish, and cycle. Test after test have proved that cycling’s the fastest way across town at almost any time of day. If you’re in Bristol you’re in the UK’s first official Cycling City, consistently voted the country’s most bike-friendly big city thanks in part to cycle commuter numbers. There are loads of us, brilliantly backed up by a forward-thinking elected Mayor, tons of communitydriven workshops, charities and projects, as befits the city that gave birth to the daddy of them all, Sustrans ( uk). 75% of the UK live within a couple of miles of Sustrans’ National Cycle Network (voted the nation’s favourite lottery funded project), Bath included. More than included, actually: Sustrans forerunner Cyclebag leased the Bristol-Bath railway for £1 in 1979 and, after much hard work, the UK’s first cycle path was opened. More than 10,000 miles of cycleway later, millions are able to safely share in cycling’s unique pleasures. And nothing and no one better articulates said pleasures than the Bristol’s own global-reaching bike mag, Boneshaker (www.

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/ aper



BOATS BRISTOL FERRY BOAT CO 44 The Grove, Bristol, BS1 4RB. Tel: 0117 927 3416. Web: www.bristolferry. com • Community-owned gem. The perfect laidback commute, with full trip round the harbour a must for all newcomers.

BUSES & COACHES BATH BUS COMPANY 6 North Parade, Bath, BA1 1LF. Tel: 01225 330444. Web: www. • Traditional open-top bus tourers. BATH BUS STATION Dorchester St, Bath, BA1 ASS. Tel: 01225 494918 • Local and national services from a snazzy new (-ish, having opened in 2009) station. BRISTOL BUS & COACH STATION Marlborough St, Bristol, BS1 3NU. Tel: 0117 904 7252 • Extensive bus network covers most of the local area, plus the local hub for National Express and other-end terminus for airport bus to Bedminster International. FIRST Tel: 0845 602 0156. Web: www. • Run most bus and rail services around here. Check www. for discounts. MEGABUS Tel: 0871 2663333. Web: http:// • Cheap as chips national coach travel, from both Bristol’s Colston St and direct from UWE’s Frenchay Campus. NATIONAL EXPRESS COACHES Tel: 08717 818178. Web: www. Ticket offices at Bristol and Bath Bus Stations • Inexpensive, comprehensive national travel. Get yourself a Young Person’s Coach Card for serious savings. SHUTTLECLUB Tel: 0117 325 7258. Web: shuttleclub. • Late night shuttle bus service whose services include safely getting UWE students from Glenside/Hollies/ Frenchay to the centre and back. £5 return, last bus home at 3.35am. Cheaper than a taxi, and without the queuing.

CARS CITY CAR CLUB Tel: 0845 330 234. Web: www. • Seriously, you don’t need a car in BrisBath. On those rare occasions you can’t make do without, CCC members enjoy 24/7 car and van access on an hourly rate from numerous points around Bristol and Bath. 2CARSHARE.LIFTSHARE.COM Web: • Find yourself a car share companion with a scheme boasting over half-a-million members.

BMWs and Mercs, online quotes and bookings available. FAST TRACK TAXIS Bristol. Tel: 0117 965 8500 • Reliable, friendly service. V CARS Bristol Tel: 0117 925 2626. Bath Tel: 01225 464646. Web: www.v-cars. com • 25+ years experience in offering reliable, competitive private hire taxi services, with over 1,000 cars in the area. Also minibuses, airport runs and long distance.

LIMOS THE LIMO PEOPLE Tel: 0800 180 4305 • Web: www. • Get absolutely zero reaction from fellow citizens as you squawk/flash from the open windows of a super-stretch limo, hummer, fire engine, etc.



NATIONAL RAIL Tel: 08457 48 49 50. Web: www. • Get yourself a 16-25 Railcard for a third off most fares, just £30 a year. Bargainous.

BRISTOL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Bristol Airport, BS48 3DY. Tel: 0871 334 4344. Web: www.bristolairport. • Flights to tons of European destinations, plus North Africa, the US and beyond. Bus links to both Temple Meads and Bristol Bus Station.

SEVERN BEACH RAILWAY Web: • Jewel in the local transport crown. Regular services between Bristol Temple Meads and Severn Beach, stopping at Lawrence Hill, Stapleton Rd (Easton), Montpelier, Redland, Clifton Down, Sea Mills, and Shirehampton.



BATH TAXI Bath. Tel: 07852 327235 • Mainly

BATH BACKPACKERS HOSTEL 13 Pierrepont St, Bath, BA1 1LA. Tel:

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TRAVEL & TRANSPORT/ONLINE LEISURE 01225 446787. Web: • Properly funky and dead central, with loads of facilities - party dungeon! - plus single sex and mixed dorms. BRISTOL BACKPACKERS 17 Saint Stephen’s St, Bristol, BS1 1EQ. Tel: 0117 925 7900. Web: www. • Noisy but internationally beloved, with central location and all mod cons. BRISTOL YOUTH HOSTEL 14 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA. Tel: 0845 371 9726. Web: www. • Smartly transformed former waterfront grainhouse for urban YHA living. Beds from £17.50. FULL MOON BACKPACKERS HOTEL & ATTIC BAR 1 North St, Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PR. Tel: 0117 924 5007. Web: www. • Gracious old building acting as home to 70 beds and gateway to Stokes Croft. Bars popular with travellers and locals alike. ITCHY FEET 4 Bartlett St, Bath, BA1 2QZ. Tel: 01225 442618. Web: www.itchyfeet. com • Clothing, footwear, gadgets, books, tip givers – if it’s travel-related, it’s here. MARCO POLO TRAVEL ADVISORY SERVICE 24a Park St, Bristol, BS1 5JA. Tel: 0117 929 4123. Web: www. • Indie travel agency boasting 23 years of knowledge for the sharing. ST CHRISTOPHER’S INN 9 Green St, Bath, BA1 2JY. Tel: 01225 481444. Web: • Centrally located backpacker hostel boasting its own bar, 24/7 reception, beds from under £10. STA TRAVEL 3 Cheap St, Bath, BA1 1NE. Tel: 0871 702 9802; 43 Queens Rd, Bristol, BS8 1QQ. Tel: 0871 702 9808. Web: www. • Highly-experienced specialists in travel for students and young folk. TRAVELWEST Web: • Bookmark this at the top of your favourites tab, ’cause you’re but a mouse click away from everything transport: rail, air, bus, park & ride, cars, biking - it’s all linked up here, from tips to timetables. Even the humble pedestrian is catered for, with loads of walking suggestions and trip planners. Find the latest news on local transport projects and even check the weather forecast. Bottom line: when you’re leaving the house check keys, check wallet, check TravelWest. WILD WINGS Davis House, Lodge Causeway, Bristol, BS16 3JB. Tel: 0117 965 8333. Web: • Splendidly eclectic wildlife-related tours to weird and wonderful destinations.

ONLINE BASICS Oh, you know, all the usual. We assume you’ve bookmarked the websites of your Uni, your course department and Student Union, and looked for any useful apps while sitting on the bus. Well, at the risk of stating the bleedin’ obvious, go to Wikipedia to learn about your new home town.

Spend some quality time over this; follow whatever links take your fancy. You can, of course, spend all your time here living in an ivory tower, or moving around in the cosy protective bubble of Uni-organised social activities or going to the usual student haunts with your mates, but the more you dive into the community, the more you’re going to learn and the more fun you’re going to have. There are loads of Bristol and Bath Facebook groups obviously, and thriving Flickr groups ( com/groups/bristol, groups/bath). One of our Facebook faves for now is Bristol Memes (get the right one, not the American Bristol one…), which can be quite offensive and (sometimes) hilariously funny. Provided you know anything about Bristol, that is. Look for #bristol and #bath hashtags on Twitter; #lovebristol hashtags are for positive happy stories being promoted by councillors and officials. If you’re in Bristol, bookmark Bristol City Council’s site (www.; it has a huge amount of info and data which you won’t be even slightly interested in until you actually need it – and then you will need it a lot. Then see because until you’ve decided that you’re actually going to live here after you’ve graduated, you’re a tourist in Bristol too, and this place knows all the fun and interesting and historical stuff; it’s invaluable if you’ve got rellies visiting. All the same applies to Bath noobs: and Naturally, you should also keep tabs on, with news,

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APPS More and more smartphone apps are coming on stream all the time, so take a good look at your store. There’s at least one of Banksy’s Bristol, for instance, and other tours taking in the Bristol Blitz and a free one on Bristol Urban Myths. There’s a dead good Jane Austen Tour of Bath (iPhone only – see tinyurl. com/bwfkxld). Bristol Uni has a walking tour aimed at students and visitors alike, showing you round the Uni and interesting places close by. You can also get it in MP3 or print-out map. See www.bristol. html Bristol Official City Guide is a free iPhone app, a sort of virtual tourist brochure, but still quite useful. See There’s a similar one for Bath, but that costs. A Time Traveller’s Guide to Bristol is an astonishing look at Bristol down the ages using old and new pictures and movie footage (iPhone only, but free). See And for the web version see www.

features what’s on listings, reviews and several fiendishly useful and unbiased guides to getting the best out of Bristol, Bath and the area. Accept no imitations.

• Students are more likely than most to be targets of crime, especially when not living in hall. The local cops have plenty of sound advice on personal and home security. Use it. BRISTOL BIKE PROKECT • Repairing and selling unwanted bicycles. BRISTOL BITES • Foodie info, reviews etc. CABOT CIRCUS • Bristol shopping centre, with lots of clothes shops and a Harvey Nichols and smart restaurants and everything, not to mention the region’s only Apple store. Other shopping centres are also available, e.g. The Mall, Cribbs Causeway (, and Broadmead, which is next to Cabot Circus and which has recently re-branded itself Bristol Shopping Quarter (www.bristolshoppingquarter. and Bath’s Southgate Centre ( CHARADE STYLE • Brilliant blog! Fashion tips for girl students by a former Bristol girl student. See especially the Ultimate Guide to Starting University section.


EATING OUT WEST/DRINKING OUT WEST, www.venue. • The only really essential local restaurant, pub, bar and cafe guide, brought to you by us.



freecyclebristol, com/group/BathFreegle/ • For when you need free stuff, or have stuff you want to give away. NB: Every May/ June, some Bristol and Bath students living in shared houses and who have rich mummies and daddies will, at the end of their lease, dump perfectly good stuff in bins and skips. If you don’t take the trouble to give (or sell) perfectly good furniture, electronics, books etc. to people who can make good use of it, you will burn in hell. GUMTREE, www.gumtree. com/bath • Free classified ads – jobs, cars, rental, flat-share etc. See also TRADE-IT TRAVEL BRISTOL • Absolutely essential stuff to help you get round on foot, by bike, car or public transport as painlessly as possible. For the wider Bristol/Bath and surrounding areas there’s TRAVEL WEST at For most students, though, the most important site of all will be the TRAVEL+ pages of Travel West, with real-time bus info for Bristol, Bath and thereabouts, so’s you’ll know exactly what time the bus is arriving at the stop outside your house – see the somewhat temperamental travelplus.

MEDIA BBC BRISTOL NEWS • See also for Bath side of things. BRISTOL 24-7 • Excellent

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ONLINE LEISURE independent site for local news, comment, sport and lifestyle. HEART FM ITV WEST • Local ITV station with a bit of news, though not much. JACK FM BATH CHRONICLE & BRISTOL POST, www. • Best online sources for local news, with content from the local papers. Loads of useful other stuff too, including flat/ house sale/rental ads and job ads.

POLITICS MAINSTREAM Your local MPs all have bland websites filled with spin. They’re all on Twitter as well, of course. The only website worth reading is Kerry McCarthy’s at kerrymccarthy.wordpress. com – she’s Bristol East MP and an enthusiastic social media user. Kingswood Conservative MP Chris Skidmore is a bit of a celebrity historian on the side, so if you’re into that, follow him on Twitter at @chrisskidmoremp Bristol has a directly elected mayor (like Boris Johnson in London), George Ferguson. He’s a fairly colourful character and runs up plenty of controversy, and you can following him on Twitter at @GeorgeFergusonx




STANDING STONE • Bath-based anarchist blogger.


POLITICS RADICAL BARF • As in Bath Anarchist Revolutionary Forces. THE BATH BOMB • Bath’s leading radical politics and scandal-sheet, though been a bit quiet lately. BRISTOL INDYMEDIA • Where anyone can post news and views on local matters, though it’s mostly used by radical anarchists and animal rights types. Stories and discussion threads are occasionally completely barking. Good source of info on hunt sabbing, direct action and so on. BRISTOL ANARCHIST FEDERATION BRISTOL SOCIALISM

CAUSES BATH PRESERVATON TRUST BATH STOP THE WAR COALITION • There’s also a Bristol group, though they don’t have a site. BRISTOL NO BORDERS • Campaigning on behalf of asylum seekers and migrants. BRISTOL CIVIC SOCIETY uk • Campaigning for the built environment in Bristol for over 100 years. Authoritative, evidence-based information and views on lots of local issues, from grown-ups who know what they’re talking about. BRISTOL CYCLING CAMPAIGN • Two-wheeled heroes working tirelessly to make Bristol a better place for everyone. BRISTOL RADICAL HISTORY GROUP • Because Bristol’s history is much more interesting than the bland tourist-guide version. FRIENDS OF THE EARTH, www.bath-foe.

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MAPS Time spent messing around on Google Maps and/or Google Earth is never time wasted. Aside from travel directions and street views, there’s lots of photos and stuff. But for real in-depth Bristol mapping you need the astonishing Know Your Place Bristol ( know-your-place); it’s really worth learning how to use this site properly to get the most out of it. It’s got everything from where to find dentists, public toilets and gyms through to views of specific points in old paintings and even spots where bombs fell in WW2. For more mapped history in Bristol and Bath try national site Historypin (www.historypin. com). If your life is one big episode of Big Bang Theory you really need to get out more; that’s what Nerdy Day Trips (www. is for... Bristol and Bath’s tourist websites have some self-guided walks for printout and/or MP3 audio download (www.visitbristol. and while Bristol City Council has a load of walking routes stashed at

OUTSTORIES BRISTOL • Extremely well-run and committed organisation gathering the history of Bristol’s LGBT communities. Staged a very successful exhibition at Bristol’s M Shed museum last year. If you’re LGBT and into history, they’ll make you very welcome. REAL DEMOCRACY BRISTOL realdemocracybristol.wordpress. com • Various contributors blog on globalisation and the state of democracy in the world. REAL FOOD LOVER • Bristol journalist Elisabeth Winkler on sustainable eats. SIAN AND CROOKED RIB • Bristol feminist blogger. TRANSITION CITY BRISTOL • Trying to wean us off our fossil-fuel habits. TRANSFORM • Bristol-based campaign for effective drug policies.

BLOGS AUREA MEDIOCRITAS aureamediocritas-tonyd.blogspot. com • One of the best of many local green/environmental bloggers, by Green activist and local historian Tony Dyer. BLOOD RED SOUNDS • Bristol music, and a bit of politics.

BRISTOL CULTURE • Readable, thoughtful stuff on Bristol arts, entertainment, eating and drinking, all nicely written by someone who really does get out there and pound the streets. BRISTOL STREETART • All the latest local graff. BRISTOL TRAFFIC • Dead funny satire on Bristol’s car culture, complete with photos of offenders. BRISTLE’S BLOG FROM THE BUNKRS • Inner-city Bristolian on politics, community issues, comics and movies. EUGENE BYRNE • Bristol matters, science fiction, history. KIRSTEN ELLIOTT LOOKS AT BATH • Bath historian, author and civic activist. RECREATION GROUND • Bristol author, poet and journalist Tom Phillips. TELLING FROM BIRDS TOLL • Bristol journo Julian Owen on art, music, culture. WORKING FOR THE CLAMPDOWN • Bristol Labour party activist Paul Smith.

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WHY WE LOVE IT ROUND HERE AARDMAN ANIMATIONS • Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, The Pirates! Nuff said. BANKSY • Some bloke who paints on walls. BEAST CLOTHING • You’re not a proper-job Bristolian until you own something from here. BRISTOL FESTIVAL OF IDEAS • Bringing some of the brainiest and most interesting folk in the world to Bristol. BRISTOL MEDIA • Organisation representing Bristol’s plethora of old and new media firms. A must if you’re looking for work/ internships in this field. BRISTOL POUND • We have our own local currency. How cool is that? CUBE MICROPLEX • Bristol’s brilliant little independent cinema/arts centre. PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF STOKES CROFT • Artists and activists trying to beautify and regenerate Bristol’s inner city. SEE NO EVIL • Street art fest.

TAKING OUT THE TRASH • Investigative reporter and UWE lecturer Phil Chamberlain’s blog. A must for all journalism students. For sites for music, nightlife, theatre etc, see relevant sections of this guide.

MISCELLANEOUS ACCOMMODATION FINDING PRIVATE SECTOR ACCOMMODATION When seeking private sector accommodation, check websites, social media, halls of residence noticeboards and newsagents’ windows for properties. When ready, arrange viewings and meetings with the letting agent or landlord. There are numerous properties in Bristol and Bath; ensure yours has a Gas Safety Certificate and an Energy Performance Certificate. BATH STUDENT LETS 14 Widcombe Crescent, Bath, BA2 6AH. Tel: 01225 422387. Web: • Longestablished landlords with a small portfolio of attractive properties to let. CITY PROPERTY LETS 58 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8BH. Tel: 0117 908 0062. Web: • Clean, spacious properties across Bristol. DIGS 1 Triangle South, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1EY. Tel: 0117 930 8750. Web: www. • Specialist student providers with a wide selection of accredited flats and houses.

MORE THAN 260 PROPERTIES AVAILABLE HOME LETS 4 George St, Bath, BA1 2EE. Tel: 01225 484811. Web: www. • Experienced independent agency letting a wide variety of properties including student accommodation in central Bath and surrounding areas. UNIVERSITY OF BATH ACCOMMODATION OFFICE Tel: 01225 383111. Web: www.bath. • Has guides and private sector lists. The Advice & Representation Centre (www. checks contracts and offers free legal advice. UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL ACCOMMODATION OFFICE Tel: 0117 954 6640. Web: www.bristol. • Offers online guidance and lists of properties. UWE ACCOMMODATION OFFICE Tel: 0117 328 3601. Web: www. • Lists properties and gives advice.

ARTS & MEDIA AARDMAN ANIMATIONS Gas Ferry Rd, Bristol, BS1 6UN. Tel: 0117 984 8485. Web: www.aardman. com • The world’s leading model animation studio, known for Wallace and Gromit. ARNOLFINI 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol, BS1 4QA. Tel: 0117 917 2300. Web: www. • Exhibitions, film, live art, dance, music and literature are all on offer. GALLERIES ALWAYS FREE, 10%

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• Web forum and platform for protests and campaigns.

NHS Blood & Transplant Web: • Globe-trotting gap years may be beyond your budget, but while you can’t see the world, you can see the world differently by helping those most in need. Shortages in the blood supply are projected for England, so do your bit by committing to donate regularly. You’ll probably never meet the extraordinarily grateful recipients; just knowing they’re still walking the Earth proves you’ve made the biggest possible difference.

BRISTOL NEWS AND MEDIA (LOCAL WORLD) Tel: 0117 934 3000, Web: www. • Various sections of this publishing conglomerate are based in the South West, including the Bristol Post (also known as The Post), Metro, Western Daily Press and the Bristol Observer.

NUS DISCOUNT AT BOOKSHOP ON WEDNESDAYS BBC Broadcasting House, Whiteladies Rd, Bristol, BS8 2LR. Tel: 0117 974 1111. Web:, • Home to the Natural History Unit and a major force in the region’s media scene. BIG ISSUE BRISTOL Tel: 0117 942 8538. Web: www. • Bristol office for the magazine supporting homeless people. BRISTOL COMMUNITY FM Beacon Centre, Russell Town Ave, Bristol, BS5 9JH. Web: uk • Local, accessible, communityfriendly station with a wide range of programmes on 93.2FM. BRISTOL INDYMEDIA Web:

CREATIVE ENGLAND First Floor, College House, 32-36 College Green, BS1 5SP. Tel: 0117 952 9977. Web: www. • Excellent springboard for young graduates looking for guidance in the TV and film industry. E3 MEDIA Unit 2.1-2.3, The Paintworks, Bath Rd, Bristol, BS4 3EH. Tel: 0117 902 1333. Web: • Creative digital communications agency. ENDEMOL WEST Web: • The Bristol studios responsible for ‘Deal Or No Deal’. FUTURE PUBLISHING 30 Monmouth St, Bath, BA1 2BW. Tel: 01225 442244. Web: www. • International media group and leading digital publisher, focusing on niche titles on topics from cycling to gaming. HEART 1 Passage St, Bristol, BS2 0JF. Tel: 0117 984 3200. Web: www.heart. • Local offices broadcasting Heart’s upbeat, friendly radio formula to the South West.

HAMILTON HOUSE 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY. Tel: 0117 924 9599. Web: www. • Eco-friendly creative arts community centre with music and bar venue, dance studio, organic garden, wellbeing area, community kitchen and café. NON-PROFIT GROUPS GET DISCOUNTED SPACE HIRE IMMEDIATE MEDIA Tower House, Fairfax St, Bristol, BS1 3BN. Tel: 0117 927 9009. Web: www. • Publishing house (formerly Origin Publishing) with a portfolio of specialist magazines such as ‘Cross Stitch Crazy’. ITV WEST Television Centre, Bath Rd, Bristol, BS4 3HG. Web: westcountry • Mainly local news and current affairs. THE SPARK 86 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BB. Tel: 0117 914 3434. Web: www.thespark. • Quarterly free magazine providing a green, ethical, holistic alternative. TIGRESS PRODUCTIONS LTD 1-2 Oakfield Ct, Oakfield Rd, Bristol, BS8 2BD. Tel: 0117 933 5600. Web: • TV production company specialising in wildlife, science and adventure documentaries. VENUE Temple Way, Bristol, BS99 7HD. Tel: 0117 942 8491. Web: www.venue. • is Bristol & Bath's what's on website. Venue's writers also power The Bristol Post's (see above) bumper new Weekend

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TIME TO GIVE Follow the links from the Volunteer Bristol website to find some wonderful opportunities to grow while helping others and boosting your CV. Animal lovers can help at pet and animal charity shops, lend a hand at an inner city farm and even look after pets if their owners are incapacitated or experiencing difficulties. Cat people can help raise funds for moggies while horsey types can assist animal encounters. Away from animals, other categories include children, heritage and music. FFI: WWW.VOLUNTEERBRISTOL. ORG.UK magazine, plus amazing supplements such as Eating Out West. Venue also publishes West Weddings magazine and Primary Times (Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire). WATERSHED Canons Rd, Bristol, BS1 5TX. Tel: 0117 927 5100. Web: www. • Media centre promoting creation and innovation and featuring three cinema screens for arthouse and more mainstream films. Also a bar/restaurant. STUDENT FILM CONCESSIONS: £4 (NOT £5.50) BEFORE 4PM, £6.50 (NOT £8) AFTER

LAUNDERETTE/ INTERNET CAFÉS @ THE WELL 145 Stokes Croft BS6 5RR. Web: www. • Self-service washing and drying, service washing options,

internet access and A4/A3 printing, free Wi-Fi, hot and cold food and drinks and evening venue hire. WHETHER DOING YOUR WASHING OR NOT, A GREAT PLACE TO WORK, READ OR MEET FRIENDS FOR COFFEE CLEAN BEAN 274 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8PB. Tel: 0117 924 1002. Web: www. • Multi-faceted internet cafe and launderette. Dinky rear garden.

MUSIC SERVICES A1 ENTERTAINMENT 36 Lanaway Rd, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2NN. Tel: 0117 902 0048. Web: • Everything you need for a big event: staging, lighting, projectors etc. ASH KEYS MUSIC 24 Camelford Rd, Greenbank, Bristol, BS5 6HW. Tel: 07855 826228. Web: • Live music promotion and booking agent. FACTORY STUDIOS Barton Hill Trading Estate, Bristol, BS5 9TQ. Tel: 0117 952 5655. Web: www. • Friendly space for rehearsals and live recordings. JACOB MORRISON GUITAR & UKULELE TEACHER Web: • Guitar and ukulele lessons from expert tutor.

CHARITIES & VOLUNTEERING RAISING AND GIVING Your first port of call if you’re thinking

of volunteering should be your university’s Raising and Giving (RAG) society: Bath University Web: www. Bath Spa University Web: www. Bristol University Web: www.ubu. UWE Web: ALLIES IN BRISTOL 17 Midland Rd, Bristol, BS2 0JT. Tel: 0117 907 7270. Web: uk • Valued independent visitors who act as friends to young people who need them. FANTASTIC PLACE TO VOLUNTEER AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE EMMAUS BRISTOL Shaftesbury House, Kingsland Rd, Bristol, BS2 0QW. Tel: 0117 954 0886. Web: uk • Enables people to move on from homelessness, providing work and a home in a supportive environment. JULIAN HOUSE 55 New King St, Bath, BA1 2BN. Tel: 01225 354650. Web: www. • Direct support for Bath’s homeless via a variety of projects including hostel. JULIAN TRUST Little Bishop St, Bristol, BS2 9JF. Tel: 0117 924 4604 (eves only). Web: • City-centre night shelter for the homeless. OFTEN IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS NHS BLOOD & TRANSPLANT Tel: 0300 123 2323. Web: www.

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MISCELLANEOUS LEISURE • Give a bit of your time to give blood. Sessions staged regularly across the region; appointments can be booked in advance at Southmead Donor Suite. TERRENCE HIGGINS TRUST 8-10 West St, Bristol, BS2 0BH. Tel: 0117 955 1000. Web: uk • Supports people diagnosed with HIV/Aids. Always looking for volunteers. THE CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS Tel: 0117 929 1624 / 07739 447995. Web: • Volunteers sought for midweek and weekend conservation work. FREE DAYS OUT IN THE COUNTRYSIDE – DOING SOMETHING FUN VICTIM SUPPORT Kings Head La, Bishopsworth, Bristol, BS13 7DD. Tel: 0117 947 3065. Web: www.victimsupport. • Volunteers offer a listening ear and practical support to victims and witnesses of crime, in the community and at court. They can also help with administration and running events. Volunteers from all backgrounds are welcomed – diversity matters and is valued here. FULL TRAINING AND EXPENSES PROVIDED VOLUNTEER BRISTOL Royal Oak Ave, Bristol, BS1 4GB. Tel: 0117 989 7733. Web: www. • Great resource for finding your own niche in the volunteering community.

COMPUTER SERVICES / SHOPS BATH INK & TONER 28 Temple St, Keynsham, BS31 1EH. Tel: 0117 986 8686 • Formerly Cartridge World, refill your printer cartridges here. Student discount. SAVE UP TO 60% COMPARED TO BUYING NEW CARTRIDGE RIGHT 53 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AD. Tel: 0117 924 8888 • Print cartridge supplies and computer (PC and Mac) repairs. New and reconditioned computers sold. DAVID KONIG MAC TUITION Tel: 07795 264246. Web: www. • One-stop shop for sorting out your Apple Mac. TANTRA COMPUTERS 48 Kensington Park Rd, Brislington, BS4 3HU. Tel: 0117 972 4708. Web: • Apple Mac sanctuary where all is shiny and modern. Helpful staff. VARIOUS SOFTWARE DEALS FOR STUDENTS

COUNSELLING & HELPLINES GETTING HELP Your university will offer free counselling to students during term time, which can be the easiest and cheapest way of getting help with any problem. Bath University Visit www.bath. to make an online appointment. Bristol University Tel: 0117 954 6655. Web:

student-counselling UWE Tel: 0117 328 2558. Web: students/healthandwellbeing/ counsellingservice ADDICTION RECOVERY AGENCY King’s Court, King St, Bristol, BS1 4EF. Tel: 0117 930 0282. Web: www. • Free confidential advice, information and counselling for people concerned about drink, drug use or gambling. ASK BROOK Tel: 0808 802 1234. Web: www. • All kinds of free sexual health advice offered online, by text and over the phone for under-25s. AVON COUNSELLING & PSYCHOTHERAPY SERVICE 11 Orchard St, Bristol, BS1 5EH. Tel: 0117 930 4447 • Counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. SESSIONS £43, OCCASIONAL DISCOUNTS BRISTOL CONFIDENTIAL COUNSELLING SERVICE Tel: 01275 871420. Web: www. • Counselling across the Bristol area. BRISTOL CRISIS SERVICE FOR WOMEN See ‘TESS’ listing below. BRISTOL DRUGS PROJECT 11 Brunswick Sq, BS2 8PE. Tel: 0117 987 6000. Web: • Independent agency offering free and confidential advice on drug abuse with a focus on harm reduction.

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LEISURE MISCELLANEOUS BRISTOL MINDLINE Tel: 0808 808 0330. Web: www. • Free confidential helpline for anyone feeling low. Available 8pm-12midnight Wed-Sun. BROOK 3rd Floor, The Station, Silver St, Bristol, BS1 2AG. Tel: 0117 929 0090/0808 802 1234. Web: www. • Sexual health clinic for under-25s providing counselling, information and support relating to issues like unplanned pregnancy etc. DEVELOPING HEALTH & INDEPENDENCE The Beehive, Beehive Yard, Walcot St, Bath, BA1 5BD. Tel: 01225 329411. Web: • Local charity offering services in areas such as drugs, alcohol, housing, support, families, carers, criminal justice and brokerage services. PLATFORM 51 Knowle West Health Pk, Downton Rd, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 1WH. Tel: 0117 963 8775. Web: • Free drop-in counselling and support for girls and women as they take control of their lives. SAMARITANS Tel: 08457 909090. Email: jo@ Web: www.samaritans. org • The best number to call to discuss

anything: they listen and don’t judge. 24/7 SERVICE TESS SMS: 07800 472908. Web: www. • Support service for young women (aged 11-25) who injure themselves. Text and email service available Mon-Fri 7-9pm. EMAIL SERVICE AVAILABLE ON WEBSITE

COURSES BRISTOL FOLK HOUSE 40a Park St, Bristol, BS1 5JG. Tel: 0117 926 2987. Web: www. • Courses on everything from pottery to singing. LOVELY IN-HOUSE CAFÉ BRISTOL TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION CENTRE Tel: 0117 914 7127 • See ‘Transcendental Meditation at UB and UWE’ listing in ‘Health & Fitness’ section in Leisure. CITY OF BATH COLLEGE Avon St, Bath, BA1 1UP. Tel: 01225 312191. Web: • Career-minded and leisure courses at this city-centre college. HAIRCUTS AND BEAUTY TREATMENTS AVAILABLE CITY OF BRISTOL COLLEGE Various venues, Bristol. Tel: 0117 312 5000. Web: • Over 1,000 full-time and part-time courses. CLAUDIA DA SILVA Tel: 07866 785240. Web: • Leading Afro-Brazilian dance teacher and performer starts a 10-week Samba Rio Carnival and

Afro-Samba dance course on 25 September at Willow Dance Studio in St Werburghs. VILLAGE POTTERY 70 Princess Victoria St, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4DD. Tel: 0117 973 4343. Web: • Jen Hamilton teaches pottery in this lovely little Clifton studio. It’s also where she makes pottery for a chef with two Michelin stars… 30-MIN INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS AVAILABLE

LIBRARIES BATH LIBRARY The Podium, Bath, BA1 5AN. Tel: 01225 394041. Web: www.bathnes. • Modern, bright and friendly, and offering books, DVDs, CDs, games, research and reference materials. BRISTOL CENTRAL LIBRARY College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TL. Tel: 0117 903 7200. Web: www.bristol. • Free internet as well as the usual wide range of media on offer. Excellent Reference Library upstairs. There are also 27 branch libraries around the city.

POLICE AVON & SOMERSET POLICE Tel: 101. Web: www. • Bristol and Bath’s police service. You can find local station addresses online or by giving them a ring, 24 hours daily.


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Alcohol and water don’t mix Avon Fire and Rescue Service is again highlighting the dangers of drinking alcohol near waterways in a bid to ensure people stay safe.


ake sure river water isn’t your last drink” is the key message from firefighters in Bristol and Bath. On average Avon Fire and Rescue Service rescues one person a month from waterways and the experience of fire crews is that many of these incidents are caused by people drinking and then walking home alongside rivers, canals or other waterways. A key tip is some pre-planning: think about how you are going to get home after you have been drinking. If your route is likely to take you past water, think about an alternative route, taking a taxi instead, drinking less alcohol or having a glass of water between each alcoholic drink to help you keep your wits about you. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW. AVONFIRE.GOV.UK OR FIND AVON FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE ON TWITTER AND FACEBOOK.

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MISCELLANEOUS LEISURE Email: councilconnect@bathnes. Web: uk/wasteservices / www.facebook. com/recycleforbathnes • Weekly collections; if you are living off campus in private accommodation you can recycle over 17 things weekly from home. Please see website for full details. You can receive the following free containers for your recycling: green box - to recycle plastic household packaging (plastic bottles, tubs, pots and trays but no black plastic), paper, Yellow Pages, envelopes, food and drink cans, aerosols, glass bottles and jars, foil, clothes, shoes, batteries, car batteries, engine oil, toner and ink cartridges, mobile phones and spectacles. Please separate the different materials in your box. Alternatively, you can put your recycling out in any suitable container (such as untied plastic bags). Food waste bin (for outside) and small kitchen caddy (to keep in your kitchen) – use this to recycle all of your cooked and uncooked food waste. Wrap food in newspaper or compostable bags: blue bag - for cardboard, food and drinks cartons (Tetra Paks) and brown paper. Rubbish – buy black sacks or reuse carrier bags (tied) or a dustbin for rubbish (everything you can’t recycle). Recycling and rubbish is collected weekly on the same day. Please put your containers out by 7am on collection day preferably, or after 8pm the previous evening, at the front edge of your home. Please bring your containers back in as soon as you can after emptying. RECYCLING CENTRES At Midland Road in Bath or Pixash Lane in Keynsham; take a valid student ID/college card. Large items

can be collected from your home for a fee – contact Council Connect. HOME COMPOSTING Composting at home is the most environmentally friendly way of using up organic materials. Buy cut-price bins at:

RECYCLING: BRISTOL COLLECTIONS Tel: 0117 922 2100. Web: www. • Use your black box (you can order online) for glass, paper, textiles, shoes and more. Cardboard, plastic bottles, tin cans, foil, Tetra Paks, aerosols and more go in your green box. Food waste in the brown kitchen caddy/outside box. Recycling collections weekly; rubbish collections fortnightly. Use Council website to check collection days and order new/replacement bins/boxes. COMPOSTING Tel: 0845 600 0323. Web: www. • The best way to recycle garden waste and cardboard; the Recycle Now Home Composting Campaign offers advice on recycling and composting. HOUSEHOLD WASTE & RECYCLING CENTRES Folly Lane, off Days Rd, St Philips, Bristol, BS2 0QS/Kingsweston Lane, Avonmouth BS11 0YS • Household waste and recycling centres accept bulky and hazardous waste, garden waste for composting, cardboard, plastic bottles, scrap metal etc. Facilities for recycling plastic at Folly Lane. Superstores across Bristol including Sainsbury’s at Castle Court (St Philips

Causeway), Morrisons at Fishponds and Tesco at Eastville provide recycling facilities for a range of materials. SOFA PROJECT 48-54 West St, St Philips, BS2 0BL. Tel: 0117 954 3567. Web: www. • Charity that will deliver and collect furniture and electrical appliances for free and sell them at affordable prices to those on low incomes.

RELIGION STUDENTS OF FAITH All universities have their own chaplaincies, places for worship, contemplation, discussion and socialising with like-minded people. Bath’s chaplaincy even offers tea and toast in freshers’ week and a termtime Friday dial-a-toastie service. Bath Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY. Tel: 01225 386458. Web: www. Bristol The Grange, 1 Woodland Rd, Bristol, BS8 1AU. Tel: 0117 954 6600. Web: UWE The Octagon, Frenchay Campus, Bristol, BS16 1QY. Tel: 0117 328 1918. BATH ABBEY Abbey Churchyard, next to Pump Room, Bath, BA1 1LT. Tel: 01225 422462. Web: • A building has stood here since 757AD.

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BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS The Bristol Transcendental Meditation Centre can introduce you to a profound, natural practise, so you experience your own inner reservoir of creativity and intelligence. Classes from Claudia Da Silva will get you expert in Samba Rio Carnival and Afro-Samba moves (so you’ll look good on the dance floor.) Learn the guitar or ukulele with Jacob Morrison or throw some clay at the Village Pottery.

BRISTOL BUDDHIST CENTRE 162 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8NT. Tel: 0117 924 9991. Web: www. • One of a handful of local Buddhist centres. DROP-IN COURSES IN MEDITATION AND YOGA BRISTOL CATHEDRAL College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TJ. Tel: 0117 926 4879. Web: • Beautiful city-centre church that holds musical concerts and regular services.

and contemplation 8.30-10.30am & 6.30-8.30pm. BRISTOL INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CENTRE 45 Woodland Rd, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1UT. Tel: 0117 915 9826. Web: www. • Christian organisation linking international students to local people and each other. BRISTOL MUSLIM CULTURAL SOCIETY 35 Mivart St, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JF. Tel: 0117 952 1802. Web: www. Email: bmcs@bmcs. Facebook. • Citywide Muslim organisation. BRISTOL SIKH TEMPLE 71-75 Fishponds Rd, Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6SF. Web: www. • Holds regular events and celebrates festivals. BRISTOL VINEYARD CHURCH 419 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8TZ. Tel: 0117 373 1414. Web: • Nondenominational church offering a friendly, open environment in which to worship.

BRISTOL HEBREW SYNAGOGUE 9a Park Row, Bristol, BS1 5LP. Tel: 07980 377061. Web: www. • Lovely synagogue dating from 1871.

CHABAD-LUBAVITCH OF BRISTOL Web: • Offers a warm, friendly environment for all those wanting to enjoy Shabbat meal or learn about Judaism’s spiritual dimension.

BRISTOL HINDU CENTRE 163b Church Rd, Redfield, Bristol, BS5 9LA. Tel: 0117 935 1007. Web: Facebook • Normally open for prayer

CLIFTON CATHEDRAL Clifton Park, Bristol, BS8 3BX. Tel: 0117 973 8411. Web: www. • Bristol’s active Catholic cathedral.

DIAMOND WAY BUDDHISM 4 Stuart Place, Bath, BA2 3RQ. Tel: 01225 337202. Web: www. • Offers weekly guided meditation sessions and regular courses. FREEDOM BATH & BRISTOL Tel: 01225 445577. Web: www. • Contemporary church meeting in the heart of Bath. ISLAMIC INFORMATION CENTRE 460 Stapleton Rd, Bristol, BS5 6PA. Tel: 0117 902 0037. Web: www. • Accessible education trust established to help fulfil the religious educational needs of the local community. PIP ’N’ JAY SS Philip & Jacob Church, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0ET. Tel: 0117 929 3386. Web: www.pipnjay. • Cute nickname for an old building with a modern approach to worship. SAKYA BUDDHIST CENTRE 121 Sommerville Rd, Bristol, BS6 5BX. Tel: 0117 924 4424. Web: • Offers simple half-hour meditation sessions. No experience/knowledge required. WOODLANDS CHRISTIAN CENTRE Belgrave Rd, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2AA. Tel: 0117 946 6807. Web: • Citycentre church with a wide range of events for students.

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veryone knows the money doesn’t go so far these days, especially if you’re a student, and so as well as suggesting lots of ways for you to blow your limited means, we’ve teamed up with the best bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and other local businesses to help you save hundreds of your precious pounds. Leaf through these next 50 pages and you’ll find loads of generous offers and discounts – all tailored just for you!

2 for 1 Cinema Tickets Before 7pm Mon to Thurs only

buy one pizza, get one free all year round with student ID

0117 9300 543

216 Vouchers Intro.indd 216

181A Hotwells Road, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4SA

9/11/2013 10:47:13 AM


p217-218.indd 217

9/11/2013 3:53:49 PM

Buy One Get One Free on selected lager, cider and single spirit with mixer. Valid for location: Lakota, 6 Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QN Valid: 01/11/13 - 30/11/13

Buy One Get One Free on selected lager, cider and single spirit with mixer.

Valid for location: Lakota, 6 Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QN Valid: 20/09/13 - 31/10/13


p217-218.indd 218

9/11/2013 3:54:03 PM

Buy One Get One Free on selected lager, cider and single spirit with mixer. Valid for location: Lakota, 6 Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QN Valid: 01/11/13 - 30/11/13

Buy One Get One Free on selected lager, cider and single spirit with mixer.

Valid for location: Lakota, 6 Upper York Street, Bristol, BS2 8QN Valid: 20/09/13 - 31/10/13

one game free with any drink over £3.30 bought

one game free with any drink over £3.30 bought

one game free with any drink over £3.30 bought

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

one game free with any drink over £3.30 bought

one game free with any drink over £3.30 bought

one game free with any drink over £3.30 bought

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

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220 p219-222.indd 220

9/11/2013 11:51:32 AM

50% off

50% off

50% off

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

50% off

50% off

50% off

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

Applicable Sunday to Wednesday.

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

These vouchers are not available to pre-book. Walk-in only

Rays pizza menu

Rays pizza menu

Rays pizza menu

Rays pizza menu

Rays pizza menu

Rays pizza menu

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241 241 in the Factory Theatre Bar on Bristol Beer Factory No 7, Gold & Milk Stout

one use only

in the Factory Theatre Bar on Bristol Beer Factory No 7, Gold & Milk Stout

one use only

241 241 in the Factory Theatre Bar on Bristol Beer Factory No 7, Gold & Milk Stout

one use only

in the Factory Theatre Bar on Bristol Beer Factory No 7, Gold & Milk Stout

one use only

2 for 1 Cinema Tickets Before 7pm Mon to Thurs only

2 for 1 Cinema Tickets Before 7pm Mon to Thurs only 223

p223-224.indd 223

9/11/2013 3:35:46 PM

Raleigh Road Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF

Raleigh Road Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF



Raleigh Road Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF

Raleigh Road Southville, Bristol, BS3 1TF



224 p223-224.indd 224

9/11/2013 3:35:54 PM

2 for 1 Cinema Tickets Before 7pm Mon to Thurs only

2 for 1 Cinema Tickets Before 7pm Mon to Thurs only 225 p225-226.indd 225

9/11/2013 11:55:07 AM

226 p225-226.indd 226

9/11/2013 11:55:15 AM


p227-228.indd 227

9/11/2013 3:14:16 PM

subject to availability




p227-228.indd 228

9/11/2013 3:14:28 PM

323 Gloucester Road, Bishopston Tel: 0117 924 1769

323 Gloucester Road, Bishopston Tel: 0117 924 1769

2 for 1 meal

2 for 1 meal

2 for 1 meal

Excluding Oktoberfest & Christmas Excluding Friday & Saturday Excluding Pork Shank Needs to be booked in advance

Excluding Oktoberfest & Christmas Excluding Friday & Saturday Excluding Pork Shank Needs to be booked in advance

Excluding Oktoberfest & Christmas Excluding Friday & Saturday Excluding Pork Shank Needs to be booked in advance

2 for 1 meal

2 for 1 meal

2 for 1 meal

Excluding Oktoberfest & Christmas Excluding Friday & Saturday Excluding Pork Shank Needs to be booked in advance

Excluding Oktoberfest & Christmas Excluding Friday & Saturday Excluding Pork Shank Needs to be booked in advance

Excluding Oktoberfest & Christmas Excluding Friday & Saturday Excluding Pork Shank Needs to be booked in advance

229 p229-230.indd 229

9/11/2013 11:59:36 AM

230 p229-230.indd 230

9/11/2013 2:38:11 PM


p231-232.indd 231

9/11/2013 12:01:08 PM

the burger joint 15% OFF THE TOTAL BILL the burger joint 15% OFF THE TOTAL BILL the burger joint 15% OFF THE TOTAL BILL

the burger joint 15% OFF THE TOTAL BILL

the burger joint 15% OFF THE TOTAL BILL

the burger joint 15% OFF THE TOTAL BILL


p231-232.indd 232

9/11/2013 12:01:16 PM






J O I N T,






J O I N T,






J O I N T,











J O I N T,

the burger joint


the burger joint



J O I N T,







the burger joint


the burger joint



J O I N T,






the burger joint

the burger joint


p233-234.indd 233

9/11/2013 12:04:07 PM

2-4-1 on Pints of any Butcombe Cask Beer / Blond Premium / Ashton Press / Ashton Still Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer - Valid until 31/3/14

2-4-1 on Pints of any Butcombe Cask Beer / Blond Premium / Ashton Press / Ashton Still Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer - Valid until 31/3/14

2-4-1 on Pints of any Butcombe Cask Beer / Blond Premium / Ashton Press / Ashton Still Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer - Valid until 31/3/14

2-4-1 on Pints of any Butcombe Cask Beer / Blond Premium / Ashton Press / Ashton Still

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer - Valid until 31/3/14

2-4-1 on Pints of any Butcombe Cask Beer / Blond Premium / Ashton Press / Ashton Still

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer - Valid until 31/3/14

2-4-1 on Pints of any Butcombe Cask Beer / Blond Premium / Ashton Press / Ashton Still

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer - Valid until 31/3/14


p233-234.indd 234

9/11/2013 12:04:14 PM

Colston Yard, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BD.

0117 376 3232

Colston Yard, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BD.

0117 376 3232

Colston Yard, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BD.

0117 376 3232

Colston Yard, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BD.

0117 376 3232

Colston Yard, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BD.

0117 376 3232

Colston Yard, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BD.

0117 376 3232


p235-236.indd 235

9/11/2013 4:02:27 PM

Kingsmead Square Bath BA1 2AA Tel 01225 329002

Kingsmead Square Bath BA1 2AA Tel 01225 329002

20% off food bill Kingsmead Square Bath BA1 2AA Tel 01225 329002


20% off food bill

Kingsmead Square Bath BA1 2AA Tel 01225 329002



Offer valid for 2013/14 Academic year

Offer valid for 2013/14 Academic year





Offer valid for 2013/14 Academic year

20% off food bill

20% off food bill

Offer valid for 2013/14 Academic year






p235-236.indd 236

9/11/2013 4:03:10 PM

Kingsmead Square Bath BA1 2AA Tel 01225 329002

Kingsmead Square Bath BA1 2AA Tel 01225 329002

20% off food bill Kingsmead Square Bath BA1 2AA Tel 01225 329002

20% off food bill

Kingsmead Square Bath BA1 2AA Tel 01225 329002

Offer valid for 2013/14 Academic year

Offer valid for 2013/14 Academic year





Offer valid for 2013/14 Academic year

20% off food bill

20% off food bill

Offer valid for 2013/14 Academic year







Buy A Burger get one FREE for a friend

buy one pizza, get one free all year round with student ID

Enter 666 online for discount

0117 9300 543



1 Free Jager Bomb

181A Hotwell Road, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4SA

buy one pizza, get one free all year round with student ID

Enter 666 online for discount

0117 9300 543

181A Hotwell Road, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4SA 237 p237-238.indd 237

9/11/2013 3:45:03 PM

5 Gloucester Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8AA 0117 9245552

Valid until 1st December 2013 One voucher per person

5 Gloucester Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8AA 0117 9245552

Valid until 1st December 2013 One voucher per person

T: 01225 330 121 VALID UNTIL MAY 2014

all year round with student ID


buy one pizza, get one free Enter 666 online for discount

0117 9300 543

all year round with student ID

T: 01225 330 121 VALID UNTIL MAY 2014

buy one pizza, get one free


181A Hotwell Road, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4SA

Enter 666 online for discount

0117 9300 543

181A Hotwell Road, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4SA 238 p237-238.indd 238

9/11/2013 3:45:32 PM

239 p239-240.indd 239

9/11/2013 3:11:08 PM

240 p239-240.indd 240

9/11/2013 3:11:29 PM

241 p241-242.indd 241

9/11/2013 12:29:53 PM

242 p241-242.indd 242

9/11/2013 12:30:07 PM


p243-246.indd 243

9/11/2013 12:28:10 PM

WITH ANY SERVICE OVER £50 Monday-Friday only Voucher Valid until 31st Aug 2014

Monday-Friday only Voucher Valid until 31st Aug 2014




Monday-Friday only Voucher Valid until 31st Aug 2014

Monday-Friday only Voucher Valid until 31st Aug 2014




Monday - Friday only voucher vaild until 31st Aug 2013

Monday - Friday only voucher vaild until 31st Aug 2013



20% OFF


20% OFF


p243-246.indd 244

9/11/2013 12:28:21 PM

01179237630 T&Cs apply

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty 91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

01179237630 T&Cs apply

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty 91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT


T&Cs apply

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty

91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT


T&Cs apply

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty

91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

01179237630 T&Cs apply

T&Cs apply

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)


(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty


p243-246.indd 245

9/11/2013 12:28:41 PM

YOUR TOTAL HAIR BILL Monday - Friday only voucher vaild until 31st Aug 2013

BIKINI LINE WAX HOLLYWOOD/ BRAZILIAN £9.50 Tuesday-Saturday only Voucher valid until 31st Aug 2014

ST TROPEZ SELF TAN - FULL BODY WITH EXFOLIATION £39.95 Tuesday-Saturday only Voucher valid until 31st Aug 2014

Monday - Friday only voucher vaild until 31st Aug 2013


Tuesday-Saturday only Voucher valid until 31st Aug 2014


Tuesday-Saturday only Voucher valid until 31st Aug 2014

20% OFF


20% OFF


p243-246.indd 246

9/11/2013 12:28:49 PM

01179237630 T&Cs apply

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty 91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

01179237630 T&Cs apply

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty 91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT


T&Cs apply

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty

91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT


T&Cs apply

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty

91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

01179237630 T&Cs apply

T&Cs apply

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)


(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

91b Whiteladies Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 2NT

(Inbetween Bar Humbug and Morrisons)

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty

Equinox Hairdressing & avalon beauty

247 p247-250.indd 247

9/11/2013 3:06:52 PM

248 p247-250.indd 248

9/11/2013 3:07:08 PM

249 p247-250.indd 249

9/11/2013 3:07:20 PM

250 p247-250.indd 250

9/11/2013 3:07:35 PM

Students get 3 months membership for £60

Students get 3 months membership for £60

Students get 3 months membership for £60

or 9 months membership for £150

or 9 months membership for £150

or 9 months membership for £150

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Personal training session and free classes included!

Personal training session and free classes included!

Personal training session and free classes included!

Students get 3 months membership for £60

Students get 3 months membership for £60

Students get 3 months membership for £60

or 9 months membership for £150

or 9 months membership for £150

or 9 months membership for £150

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Personal training session and free classes included!

Personal training session and free classes included!

Personal training session and free classes included!

251 p251-254.indd 251

9/11/2013 12:34:15 PM

252 p251-254.indd 252

9/11/2013 12:34:24 PM

Students get 3 months membership for £60

Students get 3 months membership for £60

Students get 3 months membership for £60

or 9 months membership for £150

or 9 months membership for £150

or 9 months membership for £150

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Personal training session and free classes included!

Personal training session and free classes included!

Personal training session and free classes included!

Students get 3 months membership for £60

Students get 3 months membership for £60

Students get 3 months membership for £60

or 9 months membership for £150

or 9 months membership for £150

or 9 months membership for £150

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Plus no joining fee, when you join before 31 October 2013

Personal training session and free classes included!

Personal training session and free classes included!

Personal training session and free classes included!

253 p251-254.indd 253

9/11/2013 12:34:45 PM

254 p251-254.indd 254

9/11/2013 12:34:54 PM

255 p255-256.indd 255

9/11/2013 12:36:41 PM

256 p255-256.indd 256

9/11/2013 12:36:56 PM

257 p257.indd 257

9/11/2013 12:38:21 PM

258 p257.indd 258

9/11/2013 12:38:30 PM

p259.indd 1

9/11/2013 3:12:36 PM

p260.indd 1

9/11/2013 12:39:54 PM

Student Guide 2013  
Student Guide 2013  

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