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Venture Matrix case study Schools health promotion day

Students teaching school children about the benefits of healthy eating.

BA (Honours) Early Childhood Studies students With the support of Venture Matrix and their module tutors, second year early childhood studies students planned and delivered a health promotion day for year one and two pupils from Windmill Hill Primary School. The day was a chance for the schools to provide an in-depth look at healthy eating, which is not covered in detail by the curriculum.

The students split into groups and planned a series of activities. The morning’s activities focussed on promoting good physical health and included topics such as healthy eating, exercise and dental care. The afternoon’s activities focussed on promoting good mental health and included topics such as exploring emotions and being a good friend.

How the students benefited from the Venture Matrix

How the school benefited from the Venture Matrix

‘The children’s health promotion event affords students an opportunity to make theory practice links through experiential learning. It also facilitates hands-on experience that they can later draw upon to evidence themselves as employable graduates. Planning for and undertaking the event ticks all of the transferable skills boxes and we are currently putting in place debrief sessions with a careers advisor who will support students in putting the experience to best use.

The children had great fun and all made something that they could take home to remind them of the day.

‘The event also links perfectly to the end point module assessment where students have to evaluate the effectiveness of a health promotion approach in the light of literature relevant to evidence-based health promotion.’

‘The day was fantastic. All the children had a brilliant day and were happy and engaged throughout. They all learnt a great deal about being healthy and the importance of positive thinking. When we arrived back at school, the children couldn’t wait to share their experiences of the day and talked about it with enthusiasm.’ Laura Ellin, year one teacher at Windmill Hill Primary School.

Pam Dewis, Tutor and programme leader.

The students planned and facilitated the workshops, putting theory into practice.

Children's Health Event