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*Skating Lessons Ages 2.5 Plus *Hockey Programs Ages 4 Plus * Athletic Gym Programs Ages 2 Plus *Coed Adult Beginner Hockey League *Ladies Hockey League LOCATIONS

Guelph- West End Centre (daytime) Aberfoyle – Optimist Club (day, eve) Cambridge – Sports Park (day, eve, weekend)

Register Today!! Programs Begin Jan 5th, 2013 Daytime, evenings and weekends available. Programs offered from ages 2 ½ to adult.

• Skating and Hockey Skills! • Fun, enthusiastic staff!

• Motivational Equipment! • Stickers and report cards! • Lowest Ratio! 226-887-3806



2012 WINTER Guelph and Area activity & events guide

For Kids 1 - 101

• ChuggingtonTrain • Infant Toys • Brio • Games & Puzzles • Lego + K’nex • Children’s Books • Knight Replicas • Brainteasers • Unusual Novelties • Dolls & Plush • Construction • Playmobil & Science Kits ••• And Much More! • Crafts Largest Selection in the Area Touch, Play and Discover the Magic 10 Paisley (at Norfolk) Downtown Guelph N1H 2N6

Tel: 519-824-5682

Fax: 519-824-6711

Receive up to $650* when replacing your old central heating and cooling systems. With as much as 60% of your annual energy costs going towards heating and and cooling systems. With the HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE, you can receive up to $650 on eligible replacement central heating systems† and ENERGY STAR® installed by a participating contractor. Most importantly, once your installation is complete, you can save up to $325†† a year on your electricity costs.

Visit for more information or contact us at: Tel.: 519-822-3017 Fax: 519-822-0960 Email: Subject to additional terms and conditions found at *Incentives are available for installation of eligible equipment completed between Jan. 1, 2012 and Dec. 31, 2012, and must be submitted no later than Feb. 1, 2013. Equipment must be purchased from and installed by a participating contractor. † †† Annual electricity cost savings are estimated based on past program experience. Actual savings may vary. Funded by the Ontario Power Authority and offered by Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. A mark of the Province of Ontario protected under Canadian trade-mark law. Used under sublicence. OM


2012 WINTER Guelph and Area activity & events guide

Message from the editor Welcome to our winter issue of the Activity and Events Guide, which we have combined with our December Business Venture. This gives us a chance to introduce our publications to a segment of readers, who perhaps are not familiar with what else we do. The holiday season is upon us and there are so many great activities taking place around the city. It’s a great time to get out with family and friends. The downtown skating rink at City Hall has opened for the winter, and Sparkles in the Park opens at Riverside Park on December 15.

Many organizations appreciate your support throughout the year, and especially during the holidays. The Salvation Army Kettle Campaign is running at various locations throughout the city, as are many toy drives for community children. Be sure to read our article from the volunteer centre on page 6, which lists other opportunities for giving. Be sure to also support your local businesses throughout the city during this festive time– many are open extended hours for your convenience. Our spring issue of the

Activity and Events Guide is due out in March. Remember to visit our redesigned website, where you can upload all your upcoming events. Happy Holidays from everyone at Venture Guelph Publications Ltd.!

Quitting smoking: learning from past attempts by Sarah Micks

People say that practice makes perfect when it comes to learning a new skill but what if you are trying to quit smoking? According to Health Canada (2003), smokers needed an average of 3.5 attempts before they successfully quit smoking. So maybe the saying holds true after all. As a smoking cessation counsellor at the Guelph Editor: Heather Grummett Family Health Team, I often encourage current Publisher: Mike Baker smokers to think about what has worked in past Venture Guelph when they have tried to quit smoking. If keeping busy, using quit smoking medication or having the Publications Ltd. support of a friend was helpful in the past, it will be Front cover photos: again. I encourage smokers to use previous quit Natasha Persaud, Venture Guelph: attempts as a learning experience rather than Santa Claus Parade; Give Back Village. believing that they have failed at a quitting. Thinking Pictured at the Give Back Village soft in this manner makes it much easier to stay positive launch were l-r: MPP Liz Sandals; Joanne Grodzinski, Give Back Village; and go into the next quit attempt with a lot more and Molly Kriksic, representative for the confidence and knowledge. Trillium grant. If you are currently a smoker and thinking about Alexandra Chasty: Rudolf, Old Quebec St. quitting why not attempt a practice quit day. This Follow us This issue is on Facebook available online may help you to figure out what you need to prepare in advance of your real quit day. Some quick This issue is 8 pages without any inserts. Free home delivery, posted to the Venture web site and available at convenient pick-up sites. VENTURE tips for your practice quit day are as follows: GUELPH PUBLICATIONS Ltd. 2 Quebec St, Suite 232 Guelph ON N1H 2T3 E: 519-824-1595 Mike Baker, owner and publisher. • Pick a day that you know is not going to be overQUESTIONS or CONCERNS about Distribution: Please call JP Abbott Distribution 519-821-3206 with details. ly stressful. • Get rid of extra cigarettes and do not purchase any right before your practice day. • Figure out other things that you can do when you are craving a cigarette such as: drinking cold water, brushing your teeth, having a healthy snack or chewing gum. • Plan out what your day is going to look like so



Diabetes: a call for action Don’t underestimate the effects of nutrition and physical activity on diabetes management Diabetes has become one of the most costly and burdensome chronic diseases of our time with the cost to the Canadian healthcare estimated at $12 billion yearly. The complications resulting from uncontrolled blood sugars are far-reaching and can affect the health of the heart and vessels, the nerves, the kidneys, the eyes and the feet, to name a few. As dismal as this may sound, there are many preventative steps that someone living with diabetes can take to greatly reduce their risk for these complications. The importance of good nutrition and physical activity cannot be emphasized enough. In conjunction with maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise and healthy eating can reduce diabetes incidence by 60%. Contrary to what some people may have heard in the media or from “helpful” friends and family, there is no such thing as a “diabetic diet”. Having diabetes does not mean you can never enjoy dessert again or that a specific meal plan exists that you must follow to a tee. Instead, what is recommended is eating regularly throughout the day and consuming a balanced diet and be realistic about portion size. Another tip that may assist with good blood sugar management is to choose foods that are naturally high in fibre such as vegetables, fruits and beans. These foods are also low glycemic index, meaning they result in a much slower rise in blood sugar levels after consuming them. Including a lean protein source with each meal and snack will also result in improved blood sugars after eating. For example, instead of choosing just an apple or crackers for a snack, try adding a couple slices of reduced fat cheese, a handful of raw

almonds or a spoonful of peanut butter. This will also help you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Exercise recommendations are the same for those living with diabetes as they are for the general population. Blood sugar levels can be improved by accumulating 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week and doing strength exercises three times per week. Studies have shown that exercising for three 10-minute spurts throughout the day can be just as beneficial as one 30-minute session. Examples of aerobic exercise include walking, jogging, swimming and cycling. Examples of strength exercises include weight lifting, water aerobics and using resistance bands. At Diabetes Care Guelph we work with our patients to ensure they are armed with the best information and help to create individualized nutrition goals and exercise programs. Our team consists of trained professional health care providers who specialize in diabetes prevention and education, includes Nurses, Dietitians, Social work, Pharmacist, Health Promoter (Kinesiologist), Mental health Counselor, Foot care Nurse, Wound care specialist, Family physician and Endocrinologist. Diabetes Care Guelph (DCG) is funded by the Ontario MOHLTC, provides education and care in four different locations across Guelph and one of seven centers recognized nationally as Centre of Excellence in diabetes care across Canada in 2012 If you are at risk or have diabetes and you want to know more or book an appointment, please call Diabetes Care Guelph on 519 840 1964 or visit our location at 83 Dawson Road.

you don’t get bored and start looking for a cigarette. • If you have a slip, get right back on track with the rest of your practice quit day. At the end of the quit day, plan to take some time to reflect back on your day to evaluate what worked well and things that you would change in the future. Feel free to repeat this approach as often as you need in order to gain confidence and find several different things that keep you on track. After all, practice makes perfect. Sarah Micks RN BScN CDE, Guelph Family Health Team/Diabetes Care, 519-840-1962 Ext. 351.

Local toy drive Support the Salvation Army by dropping off new unwrapped toys for children aged 12 and under, at the Guelph Toyota Annual Toy Drive. Each year, Salvation Army delivers food hampers to local Guelph families. Within those households, children under 12 years old receive toys and teenagers receive gift cards. Guelph Toyota is located at 635 Woodlawn Rd W. Toys can be dropped off: Mon. to Thurs. – 8:00am to 8:00pm Fri. – 8:00am to 6:00pm Sat. - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Want to Quit Smoking? We Can Help!

• FHT to Quit – 6 week group education class and support. Guest Speakers: a Pharmasist and Registered Dietitian. Eyeryone Welcome. • Individual Counseling – support through the quitting process for those not able to attend groups. • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) program in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. * NRT is available to patients of the GFHT only – some conditions apply.

For more information visit: Or call 519-837-0099

Guelph Family Health Team

55 Wyndham St. N., Suite 212, Old Quebec St.


2012 WINTER Guelph and Area activity & events guide

Don’t let the gate stop you! Located in the Village by the Arboretum is Guelph’s newest full service, continuum of care retirement home. The Village of Arbour Trails, a partnership with Reid’s Heritage Homes and Schlegel Villages is scheduled to open in the spring of 2013. It is centrally located next to the Arbor Medical Centre on Stone Road in Guelph. When completed, the village will offer four different neighbourhoods of

care that will appeal to seniors who are ready to make the transition from their home. Our retirement apartments will offer spacious suites with meals and housekeeping services; full service retirement suites provide assistance with medications and bathing; assisted and memory care neighbourhoods offer full assistance, medications, meals, housekeeping services, and a secured environment for those who have dementia or

Alzheimer’s disease. All neighbourhoods have access to 24 hour registered staff. In the centre of these neighbourhoods is Schlegel’s signature indoor main street, including a library, café, bistro, pub, general store, fitness assessment centre, chapel, greenhouse, hobby room and a full service spa and hair salon. Outside will offer beautifully landscaped grounds with sunny patios and terraces and a bus for

trips and outings. Scott, Philip and Kelly invite you to visit the sales centre located behind the gates and reserve your space today. Whether you are looking to move in the spring or in the future you are invited to secure your space on our waitlist, which offers peace of mind when life suddenly changes. For more information, call 226-251-3065 or visit our website at

Complimentary strategies submitted by the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association

ve Reser e uit your S ! today

Holiday Greetings from The Village of Arbour Trails Look for our model suites to be ready in the New Year. 33 Bayberry Drive, Guelph 226-251-3065

Accepting as a given from census statistics that there will be an unprecedented growth in the 55+ age demographic across Canada as the “Boomer” generation matures over the next few years, the City of Guelph has developed an “Older Adult Strategy” that is about to be released. The strategy addresses any and all areas that may be of concern to or may affect seniors in the broader community. In a nutshell, the overall objective is to give Guelph the designation and reputation of being an “Age Friendly Community”. As it is anticipated that fully 33% of Guelph residents will fall into the “seniors” demographic in the very near future, implementation of the strategy will be needed and appreciated as it represents forward thinking on the part of the city. While the city moves forward with its strategic plan, the Guelph Wellington Seniors Association (GWSA) moves along in lock-step. The GWSA, with a membership approaching 3000, has recognized and has been serving the needs of the seniors in the greater Guelph area for close to three decades. The programs and activities, both cerebral and physical, as well as the support services offered, have become the envy of other communities and senior associations throughout the province. The degree of success and positive reputation of the GWSA could not have been realized without the support and cooperation of the city over its many years of existence. A perfect example of the hand-in-glove relationship is manifested in the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, a city owned facility most predominantly dedicated to GWSA use. What appears as something of an anomaly is the fact that the community does not seem to be totally aware that the GWSA and the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre are synonymous. There is a tendency for some to view the two as separate entities when, indeed, the GWSA exists as the vehicle for seniors involvement and the Evergreen is the house where that involvement unfolds. This is just a part of the message the GWSA promotes and takes forward in its presentations to various groups throughout the city and the county. The GWSA has a Speakers Bureau that entertains requests from church and social groups as well as service clubs. Any such requests for presentations may be arranged by calling the GWSA at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre. Meanwhile, both the city and the GWSA continue to work in concert with their strategies to the benefit of both current and future seniors.

Workshops and Events for Seniors The Evergreen Senior Centre offers a wide selection of programs for Active Living, Computer, General Interest, Health and Wellness, Visual and Creative Arts, and Retirement Planning. The following are a sample of the workshops and events available. For a full list visit or call 519-823-1291. December 13 Christmas Dinner Join us for a special Christmas

dinner served up by the Evergreen Dining Room. Enjoy roasted turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. For dessert: English trifle. Three sittings will be available 11am, 12pm, 1pm. Please purchase your tickets early from the front desk. A special take-out dinner is also available. Cost $9.15 member/$10.80 non-member December 13 Kitchen Party 2pm. Join us at the Evergreen Centre as the Riverside Celtic College invites you to a celebration of Irish and Scottish music and dance Live music with fiddler Dan MacDonald, multi-instrumentalist Brian Taheny, bodhran player, Jacob McCauley and our wonderful caller, Siobhan Harrop! Listen to some foot-tapping, lively jigs and reels, try your hand at playing with a tipper and bodhrán, learn how to do the jig step, and enjoy the musical festivities. All ages welcome! Riverside Celtic College is a non-

profit organization, and this event has been made possible due to the generosity of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. January 18 Roast Beef Dinner 4:30 - 6:30pm. Join us for a special all you can eat roast beef dinner served up by the Evergreen Dining Room. Roast beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables. For dessert: homemade pie. Please purchase your tickets early from the front desk. Cost $15.00 March 22 Retire in Style Trade Show 11:30 - 3pm. If you are preparing for retirement or already retired, you will want to attend this trade show at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre. Come and find our about volunteer opportunities, housing, recreation, health services, travel and education. Visit the Centre on Woolwich Street Guelph.

–5– Guelph and Area activity & events guide




Homework: A bit more time can mean better grades Did you know‌in the time it probably takes to prepare lunch, you can positively impact your children’s academic performance? According to findings from a survey on education conducted by Ipsos-Reid, children performing at an above average level in school are spending 12 minutes more per night on homework than their struggling counterparts. In short, the children who spend those extra minutes studying are reaping benefits that translate to success in the classroom. To help show your children the value of homework and quality study time, Kumon Math and Reading Centres offer these tips: • Schedule specific daily times and set aside a space for your children to complete homework. This consistency

Media release Diyode

will make it easier for your children to smoothly transition into a homework routine. • Ensure that your children have a well-stocked study area. By having all required resources and tools, your children won’t have to break study momentum to locate materials and can focus solely on the task at hand. • Take time to discuss completed homework. This is a terrific way to reinforce the concepts just studied, to gauge your children’s understanding of what they’ve learned, and to determine what support they may require. More educational tips and hints can be found online at To learn more about Kumon, visit

YMCA engages local youth by Heather Grummett The Guelph Y has launched a new youth program–Y Act Up. Funded by the YWCA of Canada, this youth council mirrors other successful programs that are running across the country. With the goal of engaging youth in the community, Y Act Up gives local youth a voice. Geared to youth ages 14 to 18, the program is run entirely by youth, with the guidance of YMCA-YWCA of Guelph staff. Members discuss topics of importance to local youth and propose civic engagement activities to educate community members on theses topics. The goal is to address one topic per month. Bullying is an example of an important topic from the youth council. A proposed way to make a statement about bullying is to draw attention with a Freeze Mob in areas around the city, including Stone Road Mall and the downtown square. A Freeze Mob is where large groups of people break into partners and

strike a pose representing a certain topic, then hold the pose for 10 minutes at a time. Proper signage and flyers are available for spectators to learn more about the represented topic. Currently Y Act Up has approximately five youth attending on a regular basis. The Y is looking for interested youth to join the committee. You do not have to be a Y member to participate. Council members meet every other week on Tuesday evenings, with a total three-hour commitment per month. The youth council provides experience in operating a committee, with youth members holding positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. The goal for staff members is to eventually have a youth member represented on the YMCA-YWCA Board of Directors. For more information on Y Act Up contact Falishia Owen at 519-821-3900.

Community Workshop adds new capabilities thanks to $15,000 OTF grant

The DIYode Community Workshop has received funding for several innovative and capable prototyping tools, thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF). MPP for Guelph, Ms. Liz Sandals joined OTF representatives in congratulating the non-profit workshop at a ceremony in early November. “This grant will be instrumental in helping us support Guelph’s community of innovators and Do-It-Yourselfers. When you give capable tools to capable people, exciting things have a tendency to happen,� says Simon Clark, President, Diyode Community Workshop. In October 2010, DIYode officially opened the doors to a 1,600 square foot workshop at 71 Wyndham St. S. Members have access to a wide range of woodworking, metalworking and electronics tools, a laser cutter, CNC router and milling machines. Volunteers from Diyode reach out to the community to provide educational and hands-on work-

shops. Diyode is currently spearheading an initiative to teach electronics programming to school children with an innovative new curriculum approach. “The 3D printer [bought with the OTF grant] has already produced some exciting results, allowing us to design in ways that were not possible a couple of years ago. From 3D computer models, members have printed a liquid pump, hold down clamps to aid with our laser cutter projects, and unique game characters designed by people we know,� says Eva Bodahelyi, Diyode Member. An agency of the Government of Ontario, the Ontario Trillium Foundation strengthens the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives. For more information about the Diyode Community Workshop, visit or call 519-822-6788. The Guelph & District Multicultural Festival recently held their Sponsorship Appreciation Night. Planning is underway for 2013 Multicultural Festival, which will run June 7, 8 and 9, 2013 in Riverside Park. Pictured l-r: Delfino Callegari, Olivia Trussell, Stephanie Pellizzari, Nanita Mohan, Elio Turchet, Anu Saxena, Sue Ricketts, Caroline Turnbull, and Erin Wallace.

Music Lessons – Enroll Now!!

Will be holding auditions in December and early January for entry in January 2013.

Academic A c a d e m ic i EEnrichment n r ic i h m e ntt

Pre-K P r e - K – 112th 2 th t G Grade ra d e Our stroke progression focus is on developing proper technique, endurance, speed and efficiency

WINTER PROGRAMS FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS • Swim School • Adult Fitness/Tech • Pre-Competitive • Competitive Information can now be found on our club web site.

Find out how we can help you reach your goals‌ Administrator: Kathy 836-3820 ( Head Coach: Kendra Burton 519-823-7775

club web site:

80 8 0 0. 0. A B BC C.MA ATTH H | w w w. k u m o n . c a For a centr centre re near you, visit www .k

(VFMQI/PSUI t  (VFMQI4PVUI t  For the kinds of be benefits enefits that last a lifetime lifetime, call for a FRE FREEE PLACEMENT TEST TEST.


2012 WINTER Guelph and Area activity & events guide


Holiday giving opportunities provided by the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington

wrapped and packaged for delivery to the families. Donors receive a tax receipt for their donation of gifts, providing they submit receipts for their purchases. You can also help by donating gift cards or by making a cash donation. Referrals are made through social service agencies in Guelph and Wellington County for single moms/dads, independent teens, two parent families and children being raised by grandparents. Complete the application to become a donor at: or call 519-8290855. Chalmers Community Service Centre Christmas Gifts bags are provided to guests at all three pantries during the week of Dec. 10 and 17th. Please use a new recyclable bag as the gift bag. Suggested items to include: pair of gloves, pair of socks, hand towel, face cloth, full size shampoo, comb or brush, toothbrush, toothpaste &/or dental floss, bar of soap, shaving cream for men/ personal hygiene product for women, shower gel or body wash, antiperspirant/deodorant, bag of disposable razors, candy treat, chocolate candy, small jar of instant coffee, box of tea bags or tin/box of hot chocolate. For more information contact Diana Sterenberg at or 519-822-8778. Guelph/Wellington Women in Crisis Donations of cash, non-perishable foods, diapers and baby wipes, personal hygiene products, phone cards, grocery cards, bus tickets, gas cards and department store gift cards are needed. Donations can be accepted at the Administration Office at 38 Elizabeth Street in Guelph during business hours 9 to 5 or at our other locations in Fergus, Erin, Mt Forest and Palmerston. For more information, visit the website at: gwwomenincriR.E.C.E. Qualified Staff or contact Lillian 519836-1110 or 519- 836-6831. More holiday giving opportunities at the Volunteer Centre’s WINNER Reader’s Choice Award website:

At this time of year, more than ever, people in our community want to give their time as an expression of their holiday spirit. The Volunteer Centre receives many requests; so many in fact, that the Volunteer Centre publishes its own fact sheet of “Holiday Volunteer Opportunities”. There are a variety of opportunities for families, groups and individuals to volunteer during the holiday season and beyond. There are currently no publicized opportunities to donate your time on Christmas Day and other statutory holidays. Many organizations already have existing volunteers in place or provide their services in advance of Christmas Day. Volunteers are truly needed each and every day of the year. The Volunteer Centre encourages our community to keep in mind that volunteering is a year-round activity. Consider making a New Year’s Resolution to give their time throughout the year to organizations and activities that they are passionate about. There are opportunities for everyone at the Volunteer Centre. The Volunteer Centre has also published a fact sheet on “Holiday Giving Opportunities” for those interested in donating goods or dollars to charitable organizations throughout the holiday season. The Children’s Foundation of Guelph Wellington Adopt-a-Family Holiday Donation Program This program matches families in need with community donors [individuals, families & businesses) at this holiday time. Donors receive a wish list from their "adopted" family, then purchase and deliver the unwrapped gifts to the Children’s Foundation. The gifts will be

Community and


November 23 - January 6 Eat, Sing and Be Merry: Cultural Holiday Traditions in Guelph Experience our new exhibit "Eat, Sing and Be Merry"! Learn how Guelph celebrates the holidays through a variety of vibrant cultural seasonal traditions. Current: Christmas Kettle Campaign Support the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign, running until December 24. Kettles are at Stone Road Mall and other store locations in Guelph, as well as one location in Fergus. December 7-9, 14-16 Snow White–All Wrong Everybody knows the story of Snow White! Or do they? The Dwarves were part of the story, and they claim that 'everybody' tells it wrong. When they’re given a chance to tell what really happened, they almost steal the show. $ 12.

VIOLIN VIOLA CELLO Note by Note: Nurturing our Children and Community Private and Group Lessons | Chamber Music | Orchestra Rhythmic Reading | Much More | Top-Quality Professional Teachers Paule Barsalou BM, MM (violin, director) Andrea Cook BM, MM (cello) Elspeth Durward BM, MM (violin) Carmen Evans BA (violin) David Evenchick BM, MM, DM (cello) Amber Ghent BM, MM (cello) Anna Hughes BM (violin) Elayne Ras BM (violin) Joy Schuster BM, MM (violin/viola) Caroline MacDonald (rhythmic reading) Karen Haack (Music Moves)

worship service on the Sunday before Christmas, the fourth Sunday in Advent. December 24 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 6:30pm. A beautiful candlelight service on Christmas Eve, featuring Christmas music played by our band and other special music items, and time spent with family and friends in our candle lit sanctuary. Christmas Eve Table D’Hote 5pm - 10pm. Join us in Fifty West Restaurant for a relaxing evening. Feature menu includes a delicious three course dinner with festive offerings. December 25 Christmas Day Brunch and Dinner 10:30am - 2pm, 4:30pm - 8pm. Celebrate Christmas Day with us in the Royal City Ballroom, Delta Guelph. 50 Stone Road West. December 28 Fourth Fridays 7pm - 10pm. Come celebrate the creative, neighbourly, interesting, cool, welcoming vibe of Downtown Guelph on the Fourth Friday of each month. Join in a culture crawl, get a taste, sound, touch and sight of

Great selection of merchandise for the

Soccer Fanatic in your family! YOURER SOECCIACLTY SP


in downtown guelph

(519) 837-3372 49 Cork Street East, Guelph

“I want to volunteer”.

World-Famous Suzuki Method for

December 15 - 31 Sparkles in the Park Join us for our annual festive light display at Riverside Park in Guelph nightly from 5:30pm to 9:30pm. Stay warm in your car as you drive through Riverside Park or park your car and walk around. Riverside Park Enter off Woolwich St. Donation appreciated.

December 21 Winter Solstice-Guelph 2012 A gathering of extraordinary women and an evening of celebration, transformation and renewal. Hosted by Milestones Celebrant December 8-9 Services. $15. Tickets to be purchased Creative Spark Winter Market ahead of time from Bonnie Mullen, 10am -6pm Featuring 32 artists, a variety of 519-837-9274 or Ceska Brennan 519items for sale from handmade wool mitts to 249-6237 Victoria Road East Golf Course specialty edible treats, jewellery and much more! 95 Crimea St. Guelph December 23 Christmas Sunday Family Worship 11am. Join the Salvation Army for a family

Suzuki String School of Guelph

December 9 - February 28 kNOw Skateboarding Uncover the rich underground world of skateboarding. The exhibition features an array of artefacts and articles documenting skateboarding’s origins, innovations and icons. Guelph Civic Museum.

Guelph Little


S e a s o n s G r e e t i n g s f ro m . . .

Entertaining Guelph Since 1935

2012-13 Season Snow White-All Wrong Directed By: Kenneth Cameron November, 2012 - 30 December, 2012 - 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16

Doubt: A Parable Directed By: L.R. Lindsay January, 2013 - 25, 26, 27, 31 February, 2013 - 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9

Kiss The Moon, Kiss the Sun Directed By: Robin Bennett

52 Norfolk St.

April, 2013 - 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27

Calendar Girls Directed By: Trevor Smith Diggins Celebrating 40 Years! The SSSG and Guelph Orff Music Studio introduced a new Early Childhood Music programme this year. This partnership offers exciting possibilites for your child(ren) and family. Weekly classes are grouped by year of birth, and are all adult accompanied. Classes are at the GYMC, and taught by Karen Haack. Schedules and registration information available now.

Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan Street, Guelph phone 519.821.2890 visit

May, 2013 - 24, 25, 26, 30, 31 June, 2013 - 1, 2, 6, 7, 8

Box Office: 176 Morris St.


108 Water St.

519 • 836 • 1221

g u e l p h . c a / mu s e u m

–7– Guelph and Area activity & events guide


Providing mental health support for 25 years First conceived by the original members of the Schizophrenia Society of Guelph, Dunara Homes for Recovery Inc. recently recognized 25 years of operation. Dunara provides a unique variety of recoveryoriented programs that assist individuals in need of mental health support through short term and long term residential, crisis and community programs. Dunara’s holistic approach facilitates individual recovery and personal growth, which is encouraged through flexible support and community collaboration designed to build and improve on the individual's strengths, skills, coping abilities, and achievement of personal goals.

Dunara’s Residential Program operates a psycho-social rehabilitation program for adults who are experiencing chronic psychiatric issues. Supportive accommodations are provided for a total of seven men and women, 18 years of age or older. Supervision is provided 24/7 and preference is given to applicants from Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin and Waterloo Counties. Referrals are accepted from all mental health agencies and health professionals. Dunara is also a partner in the Crisis Respite service for adults in crisis or distress who can be supported safely in a community residential setting. This service provides a short stay, voluntary, non-

Community festivals & events the cool experiences available to you. Shop special hours in stores that you love and those that you’ve never had time to visit.

film presents a realistic portrayal of the experience of dementia, from the perspective of those living with dementia and their families. Discussion and questions to follow. Victoria Park Senior Centre, 150 Albert St. W. Fergus. Registration at 519-787-1814.

December 31 New Year’s Eve Party Enjoy the New Year's Eve party and fireworks in Riverside Park Guelph.








January 9 Tokyo String Quartet January 7 The Quartet is disbanding in June 2013. I’m Still Here This gala benefit concert supports the 10:15am. This deeply moving 55-minute GYMC and includes an elegant champagne reception and the opportunity to meet A Natural Treasure the artists. Tickets B O RE $100 including a $50 AR T receipt. Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan St. R S IT



Animal Tracking Friday, January 25, 2013 Owl Prowl Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wedding, Banquet & Conference Facilities for 3 to 225 people (banquets 150 people) 3 unique meeting rooms with lots of windows looking onto our spectacular grounds.

Nature Trails • Gardens • Workshops Wedding & Conference Facilities 519-824-4120 ext. 52113

medical, safe and supportive environment for people in need of a crisis/respite stay. Dunara provides a weekly support group to share experiences in coping, knowledge of support systems in a comfortable and supportive environment. Members are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability with the desire to cope in positive and healthy ways with mental health issues. Community members, founding members of Dunara Homes, For more information visit and staff recently attended a special evening in recognition of Dunara’s 25th anniversary. Pictured left to right are: Back Row: Deb Hatt; Shawn Fish; Rodney Phillips. Front Row: Keira Madden; Peggy Gallagher; Ruth Jennison; Tracey Kraemer, Program Manager; Cathy Smith; Yvonne Bowes, Executive Director; Becky Kern; and Joyce Pflug. (Photo: Natasha Persaud, Venture Guelph Publications Ltd.)


Cambridge. OR 7-8:30pm, Holiday Inn, 30 Fairview Rd. s., Kitchener. This is a free event. Call to register. January 18 Owl Workshop: a Who`s Whoo in Ontario 9am - 8pm. Owl Prowl 6 - 8pm. Discover how to use your eyes and ears to identify Ontario Owls. Learn about owl plumage, calls and behaviour, habitat requirements, migration patterns and owl folklore. $95. Register by January 10. January 21 Robbie Burns Night 5:30pm. Attendees enjoy a full Scottish meal and evening of entertainment. Early Bird Special: $40. After Jan 6: $45. Royal Canadian Legion. 500 Blair St. Fergus. Tickets online at

tive of those living with dementia and their families. Discussion and questions to follow. St. Joseph’s Health Centre, 100 Westmount Rd., Downstairs Auditorium. There is no charge, but registration is required. 519-836-7672

declaration of 2012 as the Year of the Co-operative. Choose from 28 different workshops by registering in UC103. Organic Expo and Tasting Fair in University Centre is free, and open to the public on Sat. and Sun.

January 25 Animal Tracking 9am - 4pm. We will be studying the tracks and signs of Ontario mammals and other types of wildlife. Learn tracking terminology, proper track measurement, pattern classification, clear print classification, compression shapes, general scat identification and track aging theory. $75. Register by Jan. 17.

January 27 Alzheimer Society Walk for Memories 9am -12pm. Alzheimer Societies in communities across Ontario host Walk for Memories events. Make a difference for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Old Quebec St. Mall, 55 Wyndham St. N.

February 2 Night Stalker's Owl Prowl January 26 7pm - 8:30pm. Learn about the behaviour Photographing Winter Landscapes and adaptations of owls in the Guelph area. 1pm-4pm inclement weather date Feb. 2. The introduction to this program will take Photographer Sylvia Galbraith will host a place indoors, but dress warmly in prepadiscussion and visual presentation. Topics ration for a walk outdoors. $15.00/adult; January 22 January 15 include determining exposures and lighting $8.00/child; $40.00/family of 4. Register by Open House at Alzheimer's Society The Language of in bright snow, protecting your equipment Jan. 24. Guelph Wellington 10am - 4pm. Drop by Dementia from the cold, equipment best suited for to meet our new staff, browse our resource February 5 Forum will provide landscape photography. Dress warmly and Winterfest 2012 helpful information for library or ask any questions you may bring a tripod if possible. All skill levels, have about dementia. Bring a friend to 1pm. Winterfest events, volunteer-led and families and healthfilm or digital. $55. Register by Jan. 17. enjoy hot cider and yummy cookies too! organized by community and neighbourcare providers hood groups, take place throughout the porting persons with 111 MacDonell Street. January 26-29 afternoon and range from snow shoe races dementia. Speaker Dr. January 23 31st Annual Guelph Organic to face painting. For a list of activities check J.B. Orange. 2-3:30pm, I’m Still Here 7pm. Moving 55-minute Conference Expo and Tasting Fair out Langs Community film presents a realistic portrayal of the Seeds of Co-operation–follows the UN Health Centre, 1145 experience of dementia, from the perspecConcession Rd.

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Enjoy our seating with a hot beverage and dessert.

February 16 Basic SLR Photography 10am - 4:30pm. (inclement weather date Feb. 23) Learn about shutters, apertures, exposures, using different lenses and zoom settings, composition, lighting, and more. Part of this class will be outside. $100. Register by Feb. 7. February 22 MCI-Mild Cognitive Impairment 10:15am. Is it the precursor to Alzheimer's disease? Session will explain Mild Cognitive Impairment and consider what the person diagnosed and what family members can do, if MCI is an issue in people's lives. Victoria Park Senior Centre, 150 Albert St. W. Fergus. Registration at 519-787-1814. March 11 Advance Care Planning 10:15am. Why do we need ACP? Session will consider Power of Attorneys and look at some common situations where ACP is critical. Presented by the Alzheimer's Society Guelph Wellington. Victoria Park Senior Centre, 150 Albert St. W. Fergus. Registration at 519-787-1814. March 19 The Art and Practice of Pruning 1pm - 4:30pm. This half-day indoor/outdoor practical workshop will teach you the principles of easy and correct pruning in the home garden. $55. Register by March 12.

MOTHER’S EVE We will send Kisses to Heaven. Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. Join us for a brief and gentle service of remembrance. Bring Letters or notes to mother and they will be planted at the foot of a shrub in the Mothers’ Grove. (In remembrance of Mothers everywhere, not just in Woodlawn). LILAC REMEMBRANCE DAY Wednesday evening, May 29 at 7:00 p.m. Join Hospice Wellington, Gilchrist Chapel and our staff as we plant a Lilac in remembrance of families served. Lovely service. Please bring a lawn chair. Lilac Block, west side. ROCKWOOD SUMMER SERVICE Wednesday evening, June 12 at 7:00 p.m. Please join us in the Hanna Chapel for our annual service of remembrance and evening of fellowship in a charming country cemetery.


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Winter Activity and Events Guide 2012  

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