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The Week at

St Joseph High School The Week of May 30 - June 4 COMING UP 6 Underclass Awards 8:30a Yearbook Distribution 7 Mock Schedule Day 10 Last day of classes & Locker Clean Out Day

Final Exam Schedule 13 Periods G & F Tuesday 14 Periods E & D 15 Periods C & B 16 Period A & Make-ups 17 Make-ups

class of 2011: let the rumpus begin!

Senior Week was a week peppered with awards, song, Class Day, breakfasts and barbecues, yearbooks, the Baccalaureate, and an evening Graduation under clear skies and exuberant families. Baccalaureate Mass Father Samele celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass at St Theresa’s Thursday night. Mrs Brenda Bellows received the Parent’s Association Award for her tireless dedication to the school community. Mrs Nicole Daly received the Alumni Association Award for her contributions in chairing the Annual Support Campaign and many other alumni events, including a Real friends home reception for the 80s. The memorial scholarships take time to were named and 87 alumni, including our newest 2011 nourish. Real additions, gathered on the steps to celebrate the legacy of friends can look inter-generational tradition at the heart of St Joe’s. you in the eye. Fat envelopes from the Ivies and the Catholic Real friends are Ivies: 200 seniors won for themselves $13.2 million in the ones you

renewable grants and scholarships.

“Chocolate solves everything”

Summer Enrichment Programs: Math Camp: Build math confidence with Algebra-Prep

Amanda Dudzinsky, Valedictorian

Study Skills: Learn how to learn--reading and writing skills, organization and time management, transition hurdles College Essay Writing Workshop: Stand out from the crowd with a polished & unique Admissions essay; establish a compelling picture for admissions staff on college applications

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Listen to Graduation and Class Day Speeches here

A Catholic education is one generation’s gift to the next Annual Campaign Support Parents Association Membership Athletic Association Membership

can rely on to get you through, and you cannot do it alone.

Know that you have made St Joe’s happy...

either by coming or by leaving, but you did. Matt Pavia, Student Body President

Respect life, wherever you find it. Life is long, and is full of discoveries--respect it from start to finish. Be wary of those who think faith has nothing to say to the modern world.

No matter where you go, no matter what happens, you can always come home to Joe. Ad te Joseph. Come home to Joe. Congratulations to the Class of 2011

This Week at SJ 4 June 11  

“Chocolate solves everything” Respect life, wherever you find it. Life is long, and is full of discoveries--respect it from start to Fat env...