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Venture Crew 599- Minutes for 4-25-10 Attendance: Mr. Tripi, Mrs.Tripi, Mr. Sikora, Mrs.Sikora Mrs Bauer, Mr. Muhich . Mrs. Range,Mr. Range, Mr. Thoren . Minutes by Frances Range for Maria Range. Scouts: Alex Muhich, Zach Bauer Opening Prayer – Mrs. Tripi A Training of the church kitchen was conducted by Mr and Mrs Davis, attending were Mrs Tripi, Mrs Sikora, Mr Muhich, Mrs Bauer, Mrs Range Mr Thoren,Zack B and Alex M. During the training a menu was gone over along with which equipment should be used. Food prep will Start at 1pm at the church Kitchen. Dinner will be served later, time will be relayed when we know it. The theme is Pirates, so costumes and props are encouraged. A sign up list wll be routed by email. Please indicate what hours you can attend. And complete a Permission slip. This is a fund Raiser, so please clear your calendars to attend. Review of last meeting Minutes, Zack The last meeting was during the Court of honor and no actual meeting notes were produced. So the minutes from March 28th, were gone over. This weekend was also the Grant Pilgrimage, camp out, attending from crew 599 scouts & scouters were Zach Bauer, Maria Range, Joe Range, Danielle Bowman, Sabrina Weislak, Jake Linendoll, Mr Tripi, Mrs Tripi, Mrs Range and (guests) potential crew members, Shaun K, Zack T, and Luke S. Although it rained most of the weekend, we still had a muddy & wet good time. Attendance this year was over 7000 scouts. We represented crew 599 by displaying our flags in the scout parade thru Main street, visiting President Grants home & Museums, Re-enactments encampment then at our camp played Ultimate FB & Cards were played thru the night. We enjoyed meeting 2381 crew members John Trione, Aaron Demers, Bill Nazarkevich, Zack R, R.J. G ,Alex N, along with the boy scouts from troop 381. We also met/saw approximately 7 other crews from Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin, Some big and some small, but all with smiling faces. Mr. T notes: BSA new requirements are that everyone must have a Health form on File yearly now. Any scout attending a trip for more than 72 hours, must have that form signed by a physician. These forms are kept in Mr. Tripi’s file, so if you haven’t turned one in to him yet. Please do so, ASAP 4 adults and 1 scout completed the swimming test requirements on April 15. All Scouts need to complete this test, prior to entering any swimming/canoeing/boating events. May 8, 2010 12 pm, Franklin High School,a second swim date has been reserved. Franklin High School. The crew pays for scout admission, Non scouts are $1 for students and $2 for adults. Passing the swimmers test is required for all Water events and High adventure. A swimming test can be arranged for Burlington scouts, at the Aurora Wellness center and/or Racine YMCA Please contact Frances Range, 262-497-5109 to arrange dates. Upcoming events: 1. May 1, 2010 0800 hrs The Glaciers Edge backpacking campout was cancelled to attend the 100 yr anniversary, BSA bus Tour coming thru Chicago. Frances Range and Aaron Demers, from crew 2381 to chaperone a group leaving. From Fox River, Il On Saturday 5/1/10 Please contact Frances at 262 497 5109 If you would like to attend 2. May 21, 2010 The Marshalls Eagle Ceremony

3. May 22, 2010 0500 hrs The Crew Rummage will be the following day. The Tripi’s are ready to accept donation items now, to be stored at their house. Tables are needed, and Set up for the Rummage will be at 5 am. Maria will send a permission slip under separate cover. Lunch will be provided, Your scout account will be credited for your hours worked. Also remember to bring your shirt for tye dying. 4. June 12, 2010 Practice run for High adventure outing we will canoe on the Fox River And possibly spend the night on the grounds of St Francis, Retreat, Burlington. More details to follow. 5. Friday, June 18, 2010Hope walk, Cancer Benefit event: Flyer attached More details to follow by email. Help needed with kids games, Program aids & help with setting up tents& gear at the camp ground. 6. A suggestion was made to post, Rosters and Event details on email and Facebook. A decision was made to keep email as the main source of information as not many people know how to check our facebook site. 7. July 10-July 17, 2010, High adventure is Up coming quickly. A deadline to put your name on the roster to attend was declared as 6/1/10. The approximate cost to the attend will be less than $200. Mr Tripi reminded us only registered 599 scouts may go on this trip. No Guests. (Mrs. Range offered to make an informational flyer, in view of the Lack of Scouts and Officers attending the meeting lately, Flyer attached.) Mr T added, High Adventure Preparations are necessary Blue swimmers tests, and canoeing practice needs to be completed. Funding: It is possible to raise the fees for this trip by working the rummage sale, Food prep and serving at the Blue and Gold Dinner, and/or working the Country Thunder event. Details from last years Country Thunder are attached to give the scouts and parents a heads up on what this is about. Scouts without funds in their accounts can use up to 3 months after an event to pay their debts to the crew treasury. Mrs Bauer suggested that parents and scouts need to attend crew meetings to learn more and help in the planning of the trip. It was suggested that we relocate a meeting to the Burlington area to help the scouts & Families there get to know the group and get the information necessary to make the decision to go. We could have a parents meeting at B&G, or Rummage Sale. If these dates are too busy Mr Tripi can meet with parents at a location in Burlington. A parents meeting can also occur on Fox River Outing June 12th. Maria will need to issue an email to get the word out.

8. July 22-July 25, Country Thunder – Work Crew Country Thunder – Fundraising Opportunity (July 22- 3 hours available, July 23-25 8 hr shifts) lunch included, camping available. ($9/hour)crew gets 10%, shifts available on first come first serve basis If you are interested you must contact Dave Lewandowski at The job entails, cleaning parking lots in the preferred campground only. We may on occasion help in other areas. However, we will not be cleaning in the wild Side of the camp. 9. Sept, 17-19, Fall Camporee, Do we want to go, Please see attachment and lets discuss next meeting.

10. Sept 24-26, National Crew Jamboree – St. Louis, Missouri

a) There is transportation available by charter busses for $100 per person; however we may make our own arrangements. 11. Articles are due for Klondike, Museum, and Galena Field trips. Please also include pictures if you have them.

Next meeting May 9th, Mothers Day, 7 pm. Nominations for the position of Vice President of Operations will be accepted. If you are interested, Please be sure to let the crew know by ASAP This position needs to be filled as this job duties entail creating permission slips and program contacts to keep our activies going. Also, just as important, a quorum must be present in order to nominate & elect Officers positions, So, please do what you can to attend our meetings. Additionally, further discussion is necessary regarding moving the meeting time for better scout attendance. Suggestions have been made for Sundays, 2pm, or 5pm. Please post your comment on facebook to share with the group or send an email to let us know what you think. Anyone able to help Mrs Trippi get on facebook will be highly appreciated. Closing prayer – Alex

Venture Crew #599 Minutes 4-25-10  

Venture Crew 599 minutes for 4-25-10

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