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Minutes for Venture Crew 599 Meeting- Sept 12, 2010 Present: Zach, Kate, Shanna, Chloe, Aleks, Amanda, Mr.Tripi, Mrs.Tripi, Mr. Sikora, Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Bauer, Mr. Muhich, Mr. Thoren and Mrs. Thoren Opening Prayer Previous Meeting Sum-up - Kate Pledge of Allegiance and the Venturing Oath Mr. Heretz – Consultant on Mountaineering and Rock climbing Mr.Tripi: Will talk with the CSI outing people Safe Halloween – Craft station needs help, we are willing to do it Cabin Outing- second or third weekend in December, possibly at Ross Lodge or maybe somewhere else depending on availability Consultants Going to look into gun safety, scuba and/or sailing instructors to present at upcoming meetings Super Adventure Brainstormed for next year: Isle Royale, Grand or Bryce Canyon, Sea Base (scuba diving), Apostle Islands (Kayaking), or lobster fishing/white river rafting out east We want to narrow possible ideas down to three in the coming meetings Upcoming Activities September 24-26- Crew Jamboree in Missouri October 1-31- Selling popcorn for a fundraiser- Thank you Mrs. Bauer for volunteering to be our Popcorn Kernel October 8-9- Leave No Trace trainer course at IMR $30 October 16- Safe Halloween at IMR December 4- Annual WHS Craft Fair Reminders Respond to emails! Next meeting is September 26 Closing Prayer

Venture Crew 599 Minutes 9-12-10  

Minutes for hales corners venture crew 9-12 By Aleks V

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