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July 2009

Venture Ar ts Issue 2 Global Exchange Stu-

Issue 3

dents on Placement

Venture Arts 3rd Year at Lymm Art in the Garden Festival

Mary Ann Gribben with Riaz

Barry Regan with Nathalie

Riaz from Pakistan and Nathalie from Milton Keynes have spent the last eight weeks on placement with Venture Arts from Global Exchange. Riaz and Nathalie have spent time working with our students in the comfortable environment of the arts studio but soon will be proceeding to Kenya where they will spend two months volunteering for various community projects. We could say they have had good preparation here in Manchester for the Kenyan climate; it is currently 5˚warmer here than Nairobi. We wish them well in all their projects in Kenya and thank them for their volunteer work with us.

Issue 3 43 Old Birley Street, Hulme,

Venture Arts was delighted to be invited to play a part in Lymms’ ‘Art in the Garden’ festival once again. This is our third appearance at the festival. Our contribution this time, took the form of a tin man, tin monkeys and pin hole photographs on tin, all to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Meet our New Arts Worker: Laura Nathan

Manchester M15 5RF Laura Nathan obtained an MA in 2007 from Manchester Metro-

Phone: 0161 232 1223

politan University in Art as Environment, having graduated in Embroidery. Laura is well travelled and has conducted workshops in


Manchester and Beverly Ma. USA. Laura has a great enthusiasm

and energy and we look forward to seeing her talents here at Venture Arts over the next months and years.


About Venture Arts Venture Arts is a specialist in the provision of arts and crafts workshops for people with learning disabilities. Our mission is to provide a high quality arts experience in a friendly stimulating and inclusive environment, focusing on bringing out the best in every individual, nurturing talent and enhancing overall wellbeing and quality of life. The Team Amanda Sutton, Manager, John Adshead, Development Manager, Stephen Greenwood, Finance Officer, and our Creative Arts Workers; Katherine Long, Kate Freeborough, Alena Asenbryl, and Martin Livesey James Pollitt. and Laura Nathan

Issue 3

Venture Arts goes to the Ballet

43 Old Birley Street, Hulme, Manchester M15 5RF Phone: 0161 232 1223 E-mail:

“Two households, both alike in dignity”

Would you like to become a member? Venture Arts always seeks new members. If you support the work that we do and would like an invite to the AGM and regular newsletters, special invites to private views of exhibitions and feel that you would like to play a part in the organisation, please get in touch. For further information or for an application form please either ring 0161 232 1223 or download a form from our website

Venture Arts has continued working with Arts About Manchester’s ‘Open City’ programme. Their aim is to increase access to arts activities for those who most need it in the Manchester area. On the 28th May we were taken to see the ballet at the Opera House. This wonderfully moving production was ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by the English National Ballet. All in attendance really enjoyed the treat and it was the first time that any one had ever been to the ballet. Christine Blackburn said “It was just so beautiful”. Thank you to Nicky and Paula at ‘Open City’, it was a great day!

Venture Arts ‘Arts and Crafts Project’ at Oakwood High School, Salford. Katherine Long with Judith Todd as support has been running a very exciting 10 week outreach



Salford with 8 students making

art to sell.




pictured opposite, are having a

good time

here making their own hand–made felt flowers Debbie and David rolling their felt to make their 3D felt pieces





Tin Monkeys form a Band

‘The Tin Monkeys’ sound like a rock and roll band and now, it seems they are! They are now all swinging from the trees at Lymm Festival playing guitars, saxophone, violin, trumpet, double bass and drum. They are the creations of students in James Pollitt’s class. They have, it seems, created quite a bit of interest. On the festival website we found an admiring visitor to the festival who has been enquiring into the creators of this tin combo. An offer was made to buy one of the monkeys but was turned down as the band didn’t want to split up! Artists involved in creating this great work include:- Andrew McCurry, Cindy Buxton, Matthew Bell, Tommy Johnson, Lesley Thomson, Barry Jordan and Susan Toye. Tin Monkey just hanging around at Venture Arts.

Hulme Sweet Hulme with Lynn Setterington

Japan Centre Student on Placement

Shota working with Darren

We are very pleased to be hosting Shota Kobayashi a Japanese student from the Japan Centre based at Manchester University, on a 4

Private View Invitation

Clifford Hart’s Textile Map of Venture Arts


This project is based in Hulme, Manchester, around the site of the new university campus. Set up by Lynn Setter-

studying English Literature in

ington from Manchester Metropolitan University, it is an exploration of the area; past, present and future.

Japan and is here with us to

Stitched and drawn maps of the area, new and old are key ingredients, together with other places/countries once

improve his language skills.

called home. ‘The threshold’ and what this means for different cultures is another related theme, which involves

We all felt that Shota’s English

making and documenting features such as doormats, graffiti and house numbers and names. Lynn has worked with

was great but he is insistent

local community groups in this innovative project.

he wants to improve it. Shota

Venture Arts’ involvement was to make stitched maps focussing on the ‘Work for Change’ building and the home

has said working with Venture

of Venture Arts itself. Ten participants worked on the project along with a committed group of helpers over six

Arts is a very precious experi-

sessions. The work has progressed really well and beautiful colourful stitched images have begun to emerge from

ence and he is having an en-

initial drawings. Fabric pictures of Hulme have been beautifully created using ribbons, stitch and buttons.




joyable and very worthwhile time with us.

“It has been lovely to be back at Venture Arts and particularly nice to work with some new and old faces. Likewise to see the continuing support of enthusiastic and hard working young staff team, instilling all those involved with determination and an interest in art along with a variety of opportunities to express and share their ideas.” Lynn Setterington The participants involved were:- Tommy Walsh, Lorraine Whitehead, Barry Regan, Stephen Kovaks, Heather Nadim, Wayne Tarry, Kathy Wilmot, Clifford Hart, Christine Blackburn, Mary Ann Gribben and Ian Emerson. Well done to all and many thanks to Lynn for this opportunity!!

I ssue 2

Venture Arts High Leigh Brownies and Brown Owl Go Mad on Coca Cola

Photos on Tin Exhibited

Pinhole photos artfully printed onto tin cans produced in Martin Livesey’s class blend into the scenery at Lymm ‘Art

High Leigh brownies and Venture Arts worked very hard together to construct this life size tin man for the Lymm Festival. There was going to be a need for an awful lot of tin for this... Where would it come from? High Leigh brownies made a great sacrifice by offering to collect all the tin cans they could get hold of. We used approx 200 coke size tins in fabricating the tin man in total. Well done to all involved! Su Williams - Lymm Festival

Organiser and

garden curator pictured on the right with Gary

in the Garden’ Festival

Scantlebury and the Tin Man

Artist and Crafts People Calls for Interest

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry Visit

In October, here at Venture

In the long hot days of summer, opportunities to get out of the stu-

Arts, and at the Yard theatre we

dio are always much appreciated: On the 7th May Venture Arts made

are hoping to host an arts and

a trip to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. Our ’Textiles’

crafts day entitled “Hulme is

class were given a highly informative demonstration on how cotton

where the Art is”. We hope to

and woollen fabric is made from start to finish. The impressive col-

bring together local arts and

lection of steam trains were quite an attraction too, as were the

crafts people, to celebrate the cultural richness of our area. If

interactive activities such as; could you - lift a mini? - solve the

you or any one you know would

Tower of Hanoi? - compose a symphony? or launch a rocket? This

like to get involved and show

was all part of ‘Xperiment’ - a fun, interactive gallery where Alena

your work please get in touch.

Ashenbryl, Katherine Long

On show will be a wide range of

Lindezey Karen Brown, Lucy Coch-

pottery, prints, jewellery and artwork all


rane, Robert Dixon, Phil Pemberton,

produced by our

artists. We are very grateful to

Work for Change Building drawn by

Alex Harwood and Jenny Cole

Alex Harwood.

Barbara Ryder, Lesley Thomson, Stephen Thomas, Gerald Wright and

who are giving us their time for

Terry Williams were able to explore

free to organise this event.

the principles of science through exciting activities.

Manchester City Art Gallery Tours

Art in The Soul Film After much hard work, the time

On the 2nd and 9th June, in preparation for

arrived and the film about Venture

a future work with the City Art Gallery,

Arts was launched! The premiere

Venture Arts we were very kindly given a

was a low key event but pleasurable and especially satisfying for

very informative guided tours around Man-

our film makers Tara, Sophia and

chester's most prestigious Art Gallery. It

Stan. There are many highlights in

was a feast for the eyes, including; Lowry

the film including great visuals of the artwork, the trip to Manches-

paintings, the Craft and Design Galleries, the





wonderful Pre Raphaelites and a celebration

doing his job at the Zion Café

of Mancunian art. Terry Williams, as one

and you wouldn’t want to miss

would expect, liked the paintings of animals. A good time was had by all.

Horace singing ‘Longshot Kick De Tara Schaaffe, Safiya Akau and Stanislaw Stawiarski at

Bucket’! If you would like a copy

Venture Arts in filmic mode.

of the DVD get in touch.

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