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Private School Swag... Proctor Academy has the most casual and chill dress code compared to other private high schools, even with the no sweatpants rule.The dress code also lets us express ourselves with our individual style and have a casual relationships with teachers. Proctor teachers and students love the fact that students can dress to express themselves. It is important to be yourself and be comfortable with who you are. Here at Proctor Academy there are groups of friends and teams that have the same swag. Depending on the sport and season, the style of clothing varies. We might have a chill dress code, but we still have rules to follow. Ripped jeans are not allowed during school hours, tank tops have to be a width of three fingers, skirts or shorts have to be longer then your arm and most importantly, no athletic clothing may be warn during school hours. This might seem like a lot, but its not as much as you think.

"This is Proctor... how comfortable are we? We have, as far as I can tell, the most accepting dress code out of any boarding school and it's good." -Drew Donaldson, Dean of Students

Individual Swag... On the top left, Kelsey MacDougall is wearing her usual look, jeans and a sweatshirt. She said, "Proctor dress code is really relaxed and laid back which allows the students to express who they are in the clothing that they wear. I personally would much rather wear my jeans and sweatshirts than a full on uniform.

"Proctor dress code allows you to express your individuality."

Now on the top middle, we have Liv Henriques on a normal school day. White spaghetti strap shirt with a black cardigan, blue jeans, and to top it off some brown Toms.

Your individual style shows a lot about you, which helps people get to know you, especially teachers. Expressing yourself is really important.

Michelle Holmes, on the top right, is currently wearing a sports East Coast Wizards sweater, skinny jeans, and high top coach sneakers. "I like the dress code because its causal and I can put my own style into it."

"This is one of the reasons I came to Proctor. This is how causal I get." -Duogo Huston

Derek Britner, Joey Mitchell, and Bou Collins, are not only matching, but they are also dressing like typical "hockey bros." Timberlands and sweat pants are what most hockey players here at Proctor wear.

...NO Sweatpants On Saturday...

Why are we not allowed to wear sweatpants during Saturday classes? This is the question that everyone has been pondering. The rule has been asked during the faculty meetings for a while now. It took a couple of years to actually change the whole system. Students might think that teachers like Drew Donaldson is mean because of the whole change, but it's not what you actually think. First of all, Drew does not make up the dress code. Also, the rule has been changed because Proctor Academy the admission office did not want to lose Student Body students nor parents interest in Proctor. More Is Proctor's Dress Co tours would be held on Saturday's rather then de Fair? Yes week days and students rolling into class 82.1% looking like they don't care or just woke up, No 20.5% doesn't make Proctor look presentable.

Poll Results

I took a survey and most of the student body wants sweatpants on Saturdays. Some students don't care about the change. The rule did not change for the teachers benefits, mostly because it was needed.

Swag: A word where people use to describe someone's style. It is something we use positive. For example,"Hey, you have some sick swag," meaning, you have a nice style. People have there own swag; the way they walk, dress and speak.

Students And Teachers Relations... Do you think the dress code creates a better relationship with teachers? Most students believe that because of our dress code we take our teachers more seriously and they also take us more seriously. A student from my survey said, "Certainly, a teacher is less inclined to want to work with a student, who is properly and respectably dressed as opposed to one who isn't. Would student's take teachers seriously if said teachers were wearing baggy sweat pants or low cut shirts?" Not only do we respect our teachers more and show more interest to the subject. "Yes, well it shows the kind of school we have. Casual, like the dress code isn't what matters, it's the relationships you make with your teachers. Which is like more lax ... Just like our dress code. It's like my idea of Proctor." The thought of causal clothing during class makes people believe that it'll create a more casual relationship with teachers. "I think it makes it more casual. If you were talking to someone in a tuxedo or a ball-gown, you would probably talk to them more formally. The dress code allows for a casual relationship, but still shows the teacher some respect," says a student in my survey. It [dress code] makes a lot of sense, which is why I believe that students and teachers have more of a friendship then other schools, like public schools.

Proctor Academy dress code  

Proctor dress code and people's thoughts.

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