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Q3 2018

RAISING A jna WANDERLUST IRVINE TO BURBANK The Culinary Coast of Califonia





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Turn heads this summer draped in unique styles and flattering fabrics by Lulu’s. Their vast selection of dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms & accessories are so budget & figure-friendly, you’ll be a customer for life.

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Model S achieved the highest safety rating of any car ever tested, and set a record for the lowest probability of occupant injury—from front, side, rear and rollover accidents. Model S sets an industry standard for performance and safety. Tesla’s all-electric powertrain delivers unparalleled performance in all weather conditions—with dual motor all-wheel drive, ludicrous acceleration and the highest safety rating of any car ever tested.



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Model S







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Protecting your most precious sense with style & function.

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Thoughtfully designed for the way you actually travel and guaranteed for life.



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VENTRE creates resources geared towards the growth and sustainability of business ownwership through increased brand awareness, partnership opportunities, marketing, event promotions, training and more. We believe entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy and our mission is to help ensure success.



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Sam Russell is a bi-coastal

writer, fashion stylist and founder of The Giving Closet. Always on the hunt for good people and the best soaking tub.

contributors Q3 2018


Photograph taken by Moshe Zusman

Jeni Tetamore is a writer,

mother of seven, wife and business woman. She has recently made a conscience decision to seize opportunities, grasp the chance of adventures and appreciate the small things. Her new mantra: “Live in the Moment!”






Allison Moore is an east-

coaster whom has made Boulder, CO her home for the last 15+ years and hasn’t missed the humidity or bad hair days for a second. As a left-handed Gemini, Allison has many interests. She loves to spend time with her family, is a lover of photography, design, fashion, cooking, animals and traveling the world. Allison currently owns and manages UpClose Photography and works as a blogger and marketing consultant.

Emily Moore is a multifarious

entrepreneur, life coach, motivational speaker, TV and Radio personality, and writer. Owner of Lingows, Find Fit Dates and Surrendered Angel.














148-153 CONTACT US

Joshua Thompson MS ATC

provides sports medicine and performance coaching to Triathlon, CrossFit, High School athletes and people like you. He was playing international soccer, considering going pro, but was held back by injuries, so he turned this experience into a sports medicine career and even worked for Olympic athletes at the Lake Placid Olympic Training center. To learn more and see JT doing ‘safe’ sports like rock climbing and acro yoga, follow him @ JTtheAT on any social platform.

Sheila Liewald L.Ac. is a board

certified acupuncturist, biopuncturist, and Chinese herbalist. She has served as staff acupuncturist for Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette, Colorado and runs a private practice in Boulder. She’s also a speaker, writer, and educator on the vast world of natural health.

Lauren Goldstein is the

Founder & CEO of international consulting firm, Golden Key Partnership, which specializes in making business strategy simple, so you can grow.




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Babe Lash is a luxury eye cosmetic brand committed to inviting you to indulge in the health and beauty of your natural eyelashes. Our unique cosmetic eye line will deliver dramatic results, with products that will love your lashes before you do. Thousands of women are genuinely astonished at the beauty of their own eyelashes after only four weeks of faithfully using the Babe Lash products. “My eyelashes are longer and my eyebrows are fuller. I have found a product that actually works. Thank you BABE LASH!” - Editor in Chief/Ventre Magazine

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Get lush, healthier-looking lashes with Babe Lash Eyelash Serum. This transformative formula utilizes the latest lash technology to promote the appearance of longer, thicker lashes (can also be used on brows and with lash extensions). 3 month supply. Begin to see results in as little as 4 weeks, with full results in 12. Best when paired with the rest of the Babe Lash Collection.




Business Insider published an article about Bronnie Ware, an Australian palliative care nurse, who recorded her experiences with dying patients. She mentioned that people gain “phenomenal clarity of vision” at the end of their lives and spoke about their regrets. Here are those top 5 regrets and my sentiments on each one.

1. I wish I’d have the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

This regret was the most common. It takes a great deal of courage to live the life for which we aspire. Perhaps it should be the opposite. Why do people think “you’re crazy” for following your passion or doing what you love? Why do we feel we need to seek approval for going after what it is we desire? Why are we so afraid of being judged? Your time is now. What is the point in chasing someone else’s dream?

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

As an entrepreneur, this one hits home. I feel we work arduously to help build our future (and the furtures of others) that I may be missing out on other opportunities. Or am I creating opportunies that will allow me to have more freedom? It’s the damndest thing -- not possessing the ability to foresee the future. The most important thing is to have balance. There is nothing wrong with working hard to build a better future, but take the time to nurture what life is meant to be -- for living.

3. I wish I had the courage to express my feelings.

As I grow older, I realize the importance of this. When you have the ability to speak from your heart, something happens. You begin to value yourself more and others know exactly where you stand. Tell those you love, or loathe, exactly how you feel. What’s the worse that can happen? You’ll either strengthen the relationship that was serving you, or voluntarily ceasing the relationship that wasn’t. Either way, you win.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

Isn’t it amazing how when one is near death, the most important thing to them is feeling that they’re not alone? There is nothing more important to them at that very moment. It’s a beautiful thing. Because it is all they have. Pay closer attention and have more interest in your loved ones. Place as much effort and energy into their lives as you do trying to earn more money. In the end, you’ll want to see their faces staring back at you when it’s time to check out.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

I have always said that Happiness is a choice. Life is hard, I get it. I don’t believe its possible to be happy all the time, but find a way to experience joy and satisfaction as much as possible and in a way that serves YOU.

Do yourself a critical favor before it’s too late, and take time to reflect. Question the actions you take in your life. As far as we know, we get ONE chance and it’s broken down by a series of choices. Your choices. Choose to live the life you want. No regrets.




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ELEGANT. TIMELESS. SIMPL. Finally. A timepiece that is innovative, distinctive and sophisticated. With its sleek lines, minimalistic flair, and refined craftmanship, Simpl helps make a statement for you. Stainless steel casings and Italian leather straps ensure your look is not only timeless, but withstands the rigor of time. Punch up your punctuality with their Reverse Collection where your watch appears to move backward, offering a “hands-off,” paradoxical yet Simpl way to keep your life moving forward.




ALMODÓVAR HOTEL Berlin, Berlin The Almodóvar Hotel is not only Berlin’s first vegetarian organic hotel, but also a design Hotel with a distinctive style.

Centrally located on Boxhagener Straße, the hotel has excellent links to all districts. The 60 rooms are individually decorated in a modern style using natural materials.



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BISTRO BARDOT Enjoy delicious dishes from the vegetarian organic kitchen that will excite your senses. All our meals and beverages are sourced from controlled organic farming.



VeggieHotels P U R E LY V E G E TA R I A N








ife as a business professional has the tendency to t a k e i t s t o l l o n y o u e m o t i o n a l l y, s p i r i t u a l l y a n d p h y s i c a l l y. E a c h p e r s o n i s d i f f e r e n t a n d c h o o s e s t o ease their life from stress in different ways. Some get what they need from lifting weights, pilates, running or hiking. Others do yoga. And if you consider yourself a yogi, you’ll understand the importance of this practice and the purpose it serves in your life. Yo u r p r a c t i c i s y o u r t i m e . T i m e t o c e n t e r y o u r s e l f, a n d b e r e m i n d e d o f w h y y o u c h o s e y o u r c u r r e n t p a t h . We c a n h o n e s t l y s a y, D e b b i e ’s m a t s w i l l h e l p y o u s t a y focused on that why and we want to share her why with you. OHMAT photography by: Elina Nova |



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O H M A T. N L

What makes your brand unique to others?

There are so many yoga mats out there that it’s hard to say how OHMat is different. To be honest, I’m not focused on comparing OHMat to others. I follow my own path in my business and OHMat is naturally becoming more and more respectable on a global scale compared to other big brands. I continure to feel that I am a little fish in a big ocean, but also feel that it’s better to stay humble and grow strong and steady.

How and when did you get started?

I started this brand 3 years ago with zero money or investors. when I was living and teaching yoga in Ubud-Bali, I had a vision after a water ceremony with a local High Balinese Priest. I then followed this vision with determined focus. From a calling within, I started drawing these spiritual rooted designs on paper on my kitchen table. Ultimately, they ended up embodying peace and evoking a deeper connection for my customers. I oftentimes receive sweet notes from my customers saying they can feel and connect to the energy and love I put into the mats. Unconsciously, the colors and artwork make them feel ‘Satvic’, which in yoga philosophy, is the ‘Mode of Goodness’. This holds the energy which lifts them up in a positive way. In addition, I promised myself to always “go green” on the materials. I feel it is the highest importance to be kind to mother Earth. We already use and abuse the Earth too much and yogis should aim to be responsible for the materials they use and with this, I want to lead by example.

How important is using the proper mat when practicing yoga?

It is VERY important to use the right yoga mat for your body. Just as proper shoes are important for a runner, the ideal yoga mat must be used for a yoga practice. Your body is made out of

bones, joints and a flickering mind. It requires proper foundation in order for the Asana (yoga pose) to work for your body, instead of against it. A stable, solid and organic foundation is essential for your body in order to prevent injuries and to allow your body to flourish from your practice. It is a goal to calm and control the mind through yoga. If the mind becomes restless because of a slippery or too thin yoga mat, then the aim to control the mind, deepen the breath and heal the whole of your body, is not reachable. People get injured in yoga because they use it as a workout, as opposed to a spiritual practice. They push themselves into positions their body is sometimes not ready for. When your body sweats, choose a yoga mat that absorbs the sweat and then leaves a firm grip. But if your body is dry and cold, use a mat with an instant, strong grip. Make sure to understand this about your own body before buying a quality, organic yoga mat. The thickness of the mat can also make a difference. Know your knees and what your joints need. Honor your body, honor your practice! Let’s be honest, how can you practice yoga, aim for compassion, chant mantras and say “Namaste” to each other while using a plastic, toxic mat that harms your body and the Earth? Doesn’t make sense, right!? VENTREMAGAZINE.COM




Amazing sound quality with style to spare. Prepare to hear your favorite music in a whole new way.


O H M A T. N L OHMAT photography by: Elina Nova |



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What advice can you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create and build a unique brand?

Always stay positive. It can be challenging and hard sometimes. Last year, I was 7 months pregnant and in the midst of making the new collection, I almost gave up. I told my husband Liladhar that if the new collection doesn’t do well, I was going to quit. But now, our first quarter of 2018 has exceeded the figures and the new collection was sold out in ONE month! You don’t always have to run, it’s ok to take it a bit slow sometimes. But continue and don’t give up. Always stay true to yourself and be creative and unique in marketing yourself. Many followers on Instagram follow me because they say I am unique in my own way. The brand has developed an identity because of it. Don’t sell your soul. Trust that you will overcome all obstacles in the right time and with the right attitude. Every soul is unique. Knowing yourself and your uniqueness. Through harnessing that talent and energy, you will be in the right state of mind.

What’s next for OHMat? What is your vision for your brand?

We currently have many customers in the United States and aim to find a few good retailers! During the past few months, we’ve partnered with retailers in London, Germany, Norway. When we establish retailers in the US, we will save some on footprint as well, so it will be a win/win on many different levels. I feel it’s important to look at the big picture, in business and in life. Then I might make a move in extending OHMat with ‘the Look’. We might gonna go back to Bali for a few months where we will devote some time to think about this. Few sustainable items for a Yogi way of Living. I have some specific ideas about that too. But lets see!

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Most importantly, I have recently become a mother of my sweet daughter, Jeya. We would like to move out of the city of Amsterdam into the rural nature of Portugal. We’re interested in building a small guesthouse/yoga spot with a permaculture garden with the intention to accept guests and serve them with a proper dose of happiness! VENTREMAGAZINE.COM




unique collection of vegetarian, vegan and vegan-friendly hotels and guest houses from all over the world, made even more enticing by delicious recipes. The perfect gift for those who love healthy eating and sustainable travel. What is the use of the most beautiful rooms and an inviting pool, if you are referred to the side dishes in the restaurant? For vegetarians and vegans a holiday in a hotel can be a challenge. But there are excellent alternatives - you just have to find them. The travel journalists Thomas and Karen Klein also thought about this and invented 2011 toghether with their friend Peter Haunert the hotel cooperation and website VeggieHotels for 100% vegetarian hotels and b&b´s. In addition to the purely vegetarianvegan hotels, more and more venues now offer their guests an excellent vegan cuisine next to their conventional dishes. The founders of VeggieHotels therefore devoted a special web portal to the most recommended hotels in this area in 2015: VeganWelcome. With their work, they not only made known some guesthouses that are run by enthusiastically-minded people, but also became pioneers of a tourism where ethical principles and sustainability are no foreign words.

by Karen Klein, Thomas Klein, Peter Haunert HARDCOVER $55.48 Available at

Veggie Hotels P U R E LY



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Their success speaks for itself: Today more than 300 hotels and guesthouses from more than 60 countries are members of VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome. Here guests can enjoy a new, creative vegetarian and vegan cuisine, which also satisfies spoiled palates. In this volume the best hotels of VeggieHotels and VeganWelcome will be presented with fantastic pictures and detailed information about their special advantages from cooking classes to yoga offers. The range of hotels ranges from trendy city hotels in the vegan hotspots of Berlin or London to the holistic health resort in Bali. Furthermore, kitchen chefs will reveal some of their favorite recipes, inviting you to start your culinary holidays already at home.





bend it like mika Family owned with a sexy Latin flair, MIKA honors their Peruvian roots with designs created by local artists, models chosen from their yoga classes, and by being active participants in the Green Initiative so that all of their products are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. MIKA takes their yoga practice into their business practice by choosing to treat the environment, their people, and their product with the highest respect by ensuring they exceed industry standards in materials, labor practices, and production procedures. MIKA embraces the originality, the BOHO spirit, and inherent sensuality of yoga. To be present. To flow. Each article of clothing is made with this in mind – a celebration of movement, humanity and art. Find your flow with MIKA.



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Lace them tight or loosen them up to show off your signature style. Tie a bow or cut the ends and tuck-in the knot for a cleaner look. The Victorias are like corsets for your thighs! But don’t worry! These are not old Queen Victoria’s leggings! Not only can you breathe in these, you can pretty much do anything in them from yoga, to running, to going out! Pair them with a strappy sports bra or a flowy top and you’ll be crying “victory” over your super-stylish head to toe look!

ISA WRAP | $64.00

The Isa Wrap will have your inner ballerina grande jeté-ing for joy! This classic wrap style ties at the waist, creating chic silhouette. It is made from our ultra-movable and comfy perfit fabric, which makes this top perfect for working out, pairing with jeans, or dressing up for date night! If you’re wanting to show off a strappy detailed bra, try pairing it with the Mayana Top, or if a dramatic plunge is more your vibe, pair it with the Genna Top. Any way you style it, you’re sure to look on pointe!




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REAL WINE GUMS Corkage risk: zero





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NEVER HAVE I EVER The Game of Poor Life Decisions hims


hers brothers



SPREADABLE COFFEE Beans on toast ADVENTURE JOURNAL Been there, done that?




Shop for the unusual FIREBOX.COM

dad girlfriends


100 TRICKS TO APPEAR SMART IN MEETINGS Get by without even trying




daughters c o u p l es

POLAROID OneSTEP 2 i-Type CAMERA The only good kind of ‘roid

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Luxurious and environmentally conscious, Silvana K Designs incorporates more than 250 pounds of copper they personally retrieve from a certified recycling center every month. This practice won them membership in the coveted Green Business Bureau. And with the handcrafted, organically inspired designs accented with rich, metaphysical stones, each piece is a work of heart. Not only will you be making a fashionable statement, you’ll be expressing to the earth how much it means to you.



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JANE IREDALE is an award-winning cosmetics brand recognized by beauty industry professionals for the high-quality ingredients and high-performing formulas. Iredale Mineral Cosmetics is a skincare and mineral makeup company that embraces the holistic approach to beauty developed by our founder, Jane Iredale.

The innovative, cutting-edge mineral powder foundation that launched her eponymous cosmetics line, jane iredale, more than 20 years ago was the first to offer healthy skincare benefits in addition to beautiful coverage. Today, the jane iredale brand has grown into a comprehensive collection of mineral makeup and skincare products that nourish the complexion inside and out while enhancing its natural beauty.






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BUY SUNGLASSES, SAVE THE WORLD. Sure, sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UV/UVB rays. And when wearing Nectar Sunglasses you’ll look excellent keeping those peepers protected, but really, should it be all about you? Nectar doesn’t think so. Making sure you get to enjoy the sweet life on every level, when you purchase your pair of awesomeness, Nectar donates a portion of their profits to The Bee Cause, an organization dedicated to helping repopulate the endangered honey bees in the United States. So keep your taste for the great outdoors, and all the adventures which may come your way, and do a little good, looking good, while you do it.








G A M E By: Joshua Thompson aka JT the AT

One day milk fat is bad, and the next day, there is a fitness frenzy for butter in coffee. In a world obsessed with the latest fitness fad, what can we learn from the psychology of the fitness industry. Make no mistake, this multi-billion dollar industry funds itself with manipulative marketing. The fitness industry made me feel frustrated. At first, I felt afraid to speak out against trends so firmly rooted in our culture. What I have found is that more and more people want to know what’s really going on. My hope is that you gain some insight that will help you on your health journey. THE PROBLEM: Appearance-Driven Marketing

I combine Athletic Training, Active Release Technique, and The Burdenko Method to provide a holistic approach to sports medicine and sports performance. My mission is to ‘bridge the gap between rehabilitation and fitness’.

Economic Trends: Social media has been taken over by ‘fitness’ models with fake implants, airbrushed cover models, and articles idolizing the ‘hottest athlete’ of the month. This has been met with a backlash movement to support the idea that an unhealthy weight is actually okay. #LoveYourBody Social Trends: Social media economics drive ‘FitnessIdentity Advertising’ to create brand-loyalty that ‘Trumps’ healthy choices. #NoPunIntended Just like politics, people choose their favorite fitness brands over a more healthy choice. Think CrossFit, Paleo, Yoga, or bodybuilding branding. For better or worse, these fads have near fanatical loyalty. Technological Trends: Fitness apps are designed with the goal of high client-turnover. People are drawn in with the promise of competition and fast results, but soon lose interest because these apps are funded by advertisements, and not results. 32  VENTRE


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SOLUTION - Not-so-‘Smart’ Goals

Why do 58.4% of new year’s resolutions fail within 1 month?* It’s because most goals are focus on specific numbers and dates to achieve them. This method completely ignores needs-based psychology. Tony Robbins, who has helped millions of people change their lives, focuses on the ‘6 humans needs’, which include certainty, surprise, connection, significance, growth and contribution. If lifestyle can incorporate all of these, then goals become more than just numbers and dates. Manipulating Addiction Despite being a high achiever in education, athletics, working, having a great social life, and traveling the world, I used to play 30+ hours of online gaming from the age of 15 to 25. In my twenties, I began to realize my own addictions and weaknesses. Through self-discipline, I haven’t owned a gaming computer in over 3 years. I did this by setting a ‘Personality Goal’, based on Robbin’s 6 human needs. Instead of quitting gaming, I

defined exactly who I wanted to be in as much detail as possible. I took the addictive qualities of gaming, which include creating a daily ritual (certainty), trying new things (surprise), making friends (connection), developing my own style (significance), self-improvement (growth)

SECRET SAUCE - Managing Dopamine Dopamine is a ‘’feel good’’ hormone. New research on its function explains why Personality Goals work and SMART goals fail. Fitness marketing tries to manipulate us with ‘fear of failure’ and ‘desire for sex’. These emotions are shortlasting. ADD medications actually work by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. This in turn, gives a person excitement to complete tasks. Contrary to popular belief, achieving a goal actually stimulates very little dopamine release, which means that SMART goals only trigger short term fluctuations in motivation. However, dopamine actually actually spikes when someone gets excited about their goals and progress.

and helping others (contribution) to create my own ‘realworld avatar’. My ‘ideal self ’ was outgoing, friendly, positive, energetic, living in a place I loved, dating motivated women, playing soccer, rock climbing, financially educated, eating healthy food, improving relationships with my family, and more. The best part was that I could make progress towards each of these goals every day. I could only fail if I did absolutely nothing. Within one year, I had achieved numerous ‘SMART’ goals, including ones I didn’t even think were possible, like working for an Olympic Team while traveling the world. The problem with a SMART goal such as ‘’lose 10 pounds in 3 months’’ is that the goal-setter is failing every single day until the goal is achieved! This is why fitnessidentity marketing leads to failure, negative self-image, and even depression. It’s not very motivating to fail every day.

An interesting example is the observation of a someone with ‘’ADD’’ who can be incredibly focused on their passions. ‘Personality Goals’ tap into these deep internal drivers which create a consistent release of dopamine. When this happens, you begin to feel the ‘happiness of pursuit’.

“But if you

define your identity as a ‘healthy person who eats healthy and goes to the gym’, changes will happen naturally.

Personality goals need to become part of selfidentity. If you identify as ‘overweight’ or ‘lazy’, you’ll never have the motivation to change. But if you define your identity as a ‘healthy person who eats healthy and goes to the gym’, changes will happen naturally. The next time you want to set a goal, I challenge you to create your ‘ideal avatar’. Do this, and you’ll not only achieve SMART goals, you’ll become exactly who you’ve always wanted to be!





RAISING A jna Article written by Eric & Teresa Lipsey

How We Influence Her Future & Embracing Who She Is


he couldn’t have been more than two years old when she yelled at me. It was an incident that rings clear in my memory still today. She’d had enough! She wanted my attention and she was willing to do whatever it took to get it...



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

Cover by: Barbara MacFerrin with Barbara MacFerrin Photography





I’d been working on a project for a while. I wanted to create what I believed would be a game changer in the world of small business In that world, nine out of ten businesses fail within the first 2 years. I had a plan to increase their chances of survival. I poured my heart and soul into to this project. It wasn’t my intention to ignore the other aspects of my life, but gradually, this project became an obsession. Not having the resources I needed such as time and money made it even more so. I felt that if I didn’t dedicate myself fully, it would never come to fruition. Teresa and I worked from home most of the time, so Ajna was usually there with us. If you’ve ever worked from home with a young child, you probably know that they don’t understand that you’re working. They see you home and they want attention. You probably also understand how easy it is to never leave your work. You think of something brilliant and instead of writing it down, you feel you must do it now. “Not right now sweetheart.” became a regular phrase for me. It seemed I was constantly putting off spending time with her. One day, she’d had enough. With tears in her eyes and a rage in her voice she said, “Papa, Stop Working!” Her screeching voice pierced through every fiber of my being.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

I immediately saved what I was doing and sat on the floor to play. In time she became more aggressive in her tactics. She would climb into my lap, and purposefully block the screen. If that weren’t enough, she would shut my laptop. I had to draw the line when she figured out where the power button was. She would literally shut down my computer to get my attention. My two-yearold daughter was trying to teach me balance. While she doesn’t use the same tactics now, she still has her way of reminding me that there is more to life than my work. “No cell phone dad!” she told me recently. “It’s family time!” she says. Teresa and I can both tell that there’s nothing that brings her more joy than all of us spending time together.

Instead of worrying about what may happen in the future, we chose to prepare for it, or more importantly, prepare her for it.

As a father I’ve had worries about having a daughter. To be truthful, these worries stem back long before Ajna was a thought. I wondered if she would be harassed or taken advantage of by a boy or man in the future. God forbid the thought of her growing up; it made me cringe. These worries constantly played in my mind until I revisited a lesson from yesteryear. The lesson was, “defeat worry with action!” Instead of worrying about what may happen in the future, we chose to prepare for it, or more importantly, prepare her for it. We talk about everything. I am careful not to ever tell her, “Because I said so!” I believe that if she has questions, we should answer them. Believe me, she has plenty of questions. I allow it because I don’t want her following anyone blindly. I figure that if I allow her to question me, she will feel she can question anyone, regardless of his or her position of authority. Although it’s challenging to deal with at times, it starts with us.






Being a mother is terrifying. From the moment she was placed on my chest, I embarassingly asked the nurse, “Where do I put my hands?” True story. I was scared. We both were. We brought a life into this world we were to be responsible for, yet struggled with the simple task of holding her. Shortly after, as for most parents, instinct shows up and takes over.

None of which we taught her. These abilities make her who she is. The parts of her we must learn to embrace and learn from. Poet and philosopher, Kahlil Gibran, said, “Your children are not your children….They come through you but not from you….though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.”

However, instinct isn’t the driver of how we guide and influence our children. The impact on our children are in the words we speak and the actions we take. Not just towards them, but towards others as well.

Children are full of wonder. They are the true definition of love. They see and speak the truth, and they do so without judgement.

It has taken years for Eric and I to “perfect” the art of communication. We respect one another on a level that I rarely see in most relationships. This is one of many staple qualities we hope to pass on to our daughter. The ability to effectively communicate her inner-most feelings with us and to others is a power beyond all measure. Raising a child is very similar to running a business. It takes a substantial amount of time, energy, effort, money and attention. And as in operating a business, if you lack in any of these areas, it will be very difficult to become successful. Ajna has become the exact extention of the both of us. She is analytical and stubborn like Eric and carefree and playful like myself. She and I are extremely connected. Perhaps it is from the three years I nursed her, or that I have devoted myself and my energy to guiding and shaping her into the human being that I see in her future: the caring, empathetic, educated and respectful human this world needs more of. Ajna does 3 things extraordinarily well. She has the voice of an angel, a radiant sense of humor and the negotiating skills that of well -- a great negotiator. 38  VENTRE


Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

Ajna mentioned the other day how her friend continues to boss her around and that she doesn’t appreciate it. So I asked her, “Why do you think she does that?” She replied, “She wants me to feel her pain.” So I asked her what she meant by that and she said, “She probably gets bossed around by her parents and that’s why she bosses me around.” So I asked how that made her feel and she said, “It makese me feel sad.” Her ability to empathize in that situation and not blame her friend, was astounding. I admired her insight but informed her that although she may understand it, she doesn’t have to comply to it. Before Ajna was born, we pre-determined the type of parents we would be. After she was born, we realized our preselected parenting ideals were heavily flawed. There are some things in life that cannot be preplanned. Ajna is now eight years old. Many aspects of her personality and character have changed with each passing year. We’re constantly adapting our parenting methods and discussing how we should handle certain matters. The most important thing for us is that we nurture her natural gifts and help her become the best version of herself; she certainly does that for us.

I admired her insight but informed her that although she may understand it, she doesn’t have to comply to it. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM





Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

I would be lying if I told you that I don’t worry about her future -ways in which others may influence her, and how she impacts others. My only hope is that we successfully teach her to embrace and love who she is so that she has the ability to do the same for others.







Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

A jna “Powerful and complete. You are good intellectually and require several outlets for your energies. You are bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. You know what you want and why you want it.”

Meaning of Ajna defined by VENTREMAGAZINE.COM




I love my wife and treat her with respect in all things. I’m told that our daughter will set her relationship expectations based on our relationship. That being the case, we want to make sure it’s nearly impossible for her to be in a relationship that doesn’t serve her personality or goals in life. For this, and other reasons, I put my best foot forward in providing what I believe to be a good example of what a husband should be. Ajna has a very challenging personality and she’s an excellent negotiator. Sometimes it drives us up-the-wall crazy. However, we allow it because we want her to maintain her negotiating skills. She wins some and loses some. In a way, it teaches her what’s effective and what isn’t. We allow her to cry and express her emotions. After all, she’s human and that’s natural and important. We just try to remind her to show restraint in her anger so her emotions don’t get her into trouble. Sometimes she says, “I’m trying to calm down, I’m just really mad!”



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This method requires a lot of patience and would be difficult to practice with multiple children. Proceed with caution! Also, please don’t misunderstand what we’re writing. It’s not to suggest that you adopt our parenting methods or that they are right. It’s simply what feels right for us. Ajna is almost nine years of age and she still wants nothing more than to play with us. We hope this never changes, although we’re sure someday it will. It won’t be the end; it will simply evolve into something new. When it does, we will carry on memories of what we had and celebrate the evolution of what is now.

It won’t be the end; it will simply evolve into something new. When it does, we will carry on memories of what we had and celebrate the evolution of what is now.




“My passion is capturing beautiful memories and moments in time. Many of us make excuses to not get in front of the camera. We either think we’re “not good enough” or “pretty enough” or “thin enough”, and the list goes on. I want to show you just how beautiful you truly are - right now. I know how to capture your beauty and confidence with my camera. I aim to produce images that capture your individual beauty in a timeless and original fine art portrait for you to display. My mission is to create the most beautiful portraits you’ve ever had. You deserve to exist in photographs for yourself and for those who love you. Art belongs on your wall, not on your phone.” - Barbara



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Barbara MacFerrin, creator of “The Painted Portrait”, specializes in fine art portrait photography in Boulder, Colorado. Barbara is also a filmmaker and landscape photographer. She has photographed icebergs in Greenland, glaciers in Iceland and polar bears in Northern Canada. She’s a wife and a mother, speaks Spanish, loves nature and believes that you’re never too old to have an adventure!

B a r baraM acFe r rin P h otog






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Carving out their niche one phone case at a time. And sometimes it’s better to begin with a dream and work backwards. This is just what the founders of Carved did. John Webber wanted a wood case, but didn’t know how to make one. His expertise lay in e-commerce. Grant Sassaman was better at making things. The two put their two skill sets together and, after about six months of trial and error, they finally produced their first marketable phone skin. Shave off the next seven years, iPhone launches, Samsung Galaxy quests, Tablets tabled, and Carved continues to grow and branch out, planting a new facility, and cultivating innovative artists. The cases themselves have also evolved. Now customers can choose from solid wood, wood and resin, and shell and mother of pearl. And, like every leaf on every tree, customers can design their own case on Carved’s interactive website to create something truly unique.






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Colourpop is an LA-based cosmetic line that is budgetfriendly and bunny approved. Their gorgeous line-up of highlighers, bronzers and blushes blend naturally with your skintones leaving your skin looking fresh and feeling as radiant as the sun. At VENTRE, we belive you get what you pay for. But in this case, you get more. Lip pencils start at $5 each and you can pair it with a gloss for just $6 more. The best part! You get to fill your make-up bag consciously aware that no animals were harmed so you could look fabulous!





Lessons from two decades of success from one of America’s most prominent improv/comedy troupes, FOUR DAY WEEKEND.



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Wiley Publications has announced

One story in the book – about

the September publication date

how the group parlayed an

of “Happy Accidents” The

under-funded offer from a

Transformative Power of “Yes,

major company into a positive

And” at Work and in Life. Written

magazine article that eventually

by the co-founders of the improv

lead to delivering a major keynote

comedy troupe Four Day Weekend,

presentation to members of the

the book is a way of bringing the

US Congress and meeting the

guiding philosophies of improvisation

President and performing for the

to develop successful practices in

troops – exemplifies how “we use

both interpersonal and business

the ‘yes, and’ philosophy to find


solutions,” says David Wilk.

Drawing from examples gathered

“Business books rarely use the

over two decades of turning a

word ‘empathy,’” admit David

weekly Fort Worth comedy show

Ahearn. “But the ‘yes, and’

into a full-time business that has

philosophy helps you as a person.

them traveling the world and serving

You look at life differently – you

as Entrepreneurs in Residence at

don’t see mistakes, you don’t see

the business school at Texas Christian

authentic respect for the ideas and

obstacles – you see workarounds, choices.

University, co-authors David Wilk, David

intentions of others, Happy Accidents

You learn about active listening, how to

Ahearn, and Frank Ford demonstrate

shows how the same elements that make

be a better communicator.”

how “yes, and” thinking helps improve

for great teamwork on stage prove to be

Four Day Weekend now finds themselves

communication skills, facilitate creative

immensely successful strategies in the

speaking to and presenting their

problem solving, and generate new

workplace and board room.

philosophy to businesses, conferences,

ideas that can refresh and rejuvenate.

“The philosophy of ‘yes, and,’ worked

and political organizations all across the

From understanding the value of open

so well for us on stage,” says Frank

country, and now those same valuable

minded, active listening (the ability to

Ford. “We asked, well, what if that was

life lessons are available to a general

say “yes” to anything and mean it); to

our business model as well? It not only

readership in Happy Accidents.

a willingness to offer out-of-the-box

opened up our ability to communicate

ideas without prejudgment (putting the

within the group, but opened us up to so

“and” into action); to demonstrating

many different business opportunities.”







The sound of that word alone evokes a warm and welcoming feeling. Shine Restaurant and Potion Bar, a local Boulder favorite, delivers those feelings in more ways than one. Three owners, Jessica, Jill and Jennifer Emich, also known as, “The Blissful Sisters”, are not only sisters, they’re triplets. Together this dynamic trio cooks, operates and manages this popular spot but if you look closer, you’ll discover a deeper purpose. Shine not only wishes to nourish your body, they also want to nurture your mind and soul. Shine encourages the feeling of community by hosting fundraisers and dance parties. They empower their guests with their love-infused cuisine and delicious, handcrafted potions. And with the tagline, “The Magic’s In You”, you feel compelled to stop in and witness the charm of this cozy and colorful eatery that was designed to enrich your life and the lives of others.

From left to right: Jennifer, Jessica and Jill Emich 54  VENTRE


Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

By Allison Moore


2480 Canyon Blvd. | Boulder, CO 80302 | 303.449.0120 | SH IN EBOULDER.COM VENTREMAGAZINE.COM





FOOD P rior to Shine, the triplets opened and managed Trilogy Wine Bar and Lounge in Boulder. After considerable success, they decided to open Shine in 2011, on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, and decided to move to its current location earlier this year. It is now affectionately called, Shine 2.0. Shine offers farm to table comfort food which includes many paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free dishes. The menu also changes seasonally as Shine works directly with local farmers and uses sustainable, farm-to-table sourced meats and produce.



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POTIONS Adding to the magic at Shine are their handcrafted and truly delicious herbal potions. In addition to nourishing herbs and vibrational essences, each potion is curated with the specific intention to offer health and well-being. To further enhance your potion, request a shot of CBD Hemp Oil or B12! Our dinner party had the pleasure of being served by the all-knowing and passionate, Finn. If Shine is a family, she is the glue that holds them together. Not only did she know the food and potion menu like the back of her hand, she assisted our table with the ideal drinks, appetizers and dinner choices by patiently spending time with each of us. Armed with knowledge, we ordered up a storm. After a “flight” of potions and hand-crafted cocktails, we thoroughly enjoyed the Marinated Grilled Squid, Lamb Meatballs, Mushroom Bisque, the 100% Grass-Fed Beef Burger, 3 Street Taco Plate and the Grain-free Fettuccine with Salmon. The dessert menu was tantalizing, but sadly, our tummies were 110% satisfied. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM




the SPACE NOTABLE MENTIONS! • Shine serves Brunch, Lunch and Dinner • Magic Hour is 3pm-6pm, 7 days a week • Shine’s Potions can be purchased at Alfalfa;s, Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage, Lucky’s Market, and more. (Visit for complete list.) • The Blissful sisters have an amazing new cookbook out “Eat, Drink, Shine” is available on Amazon!

2480 Canyon Blvd. | Boulder, CO 80302 | 303.449.0120 | SH IN EBOULDER.COM 58  VENTRE


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he dining room and bar is modern and airy with all the right colors and textures designed to please all of your senses. The outdoor space is complete with a fairy garden and a soothing water feature and fireplace. Not to mention the upclose and personal and breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. The staff at Shine made our dining experience exceptional. And as I reflect on that night out with friends, I realized, it was all by design. This is exactly what Shine is all about. Straight from the sisters and from their Mission Mantra, “This is a time to Shine, a time to trust . . . This life is one for me to live fully, even as I offer myself to others and to service. Service will come from my heart, my mind, and my spirit. This is the way of magic and power. This is my way. I am here as one of many, and yet my uniqueness is what makes this community prosper. I will shine my gifts from the heart and share them with the world from a place of truth, transparency, and purity. I am here as a creator, and I will create, love, live, laugh as much as I can every moment. I am Magic, I am Power. Every Single Day, I will remember this.”









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DYLN is bridging the gap between wellness and convenience with our ecofriendly alkaline water bottles. We believe that living water is the foundation for healthy bodies, conscious minds, and inspired lives—and that you should be able to make it everywhere you go. For yoga enthusiasts, athletes, and health-seekers alike, DYLN Inspired strives to energize your lives all while reducing plastic waste. Our goal is to preserve the environment while expanding awareness, one bottle at a time.






SUMMERTIME VITAMINS D & SEA Did you know that most Americans aren’t likely getting vitamin D from the sun during winter months? This has to do with latitude and the arc of sunrays towards Earth at different times of the year. Vitamin D is from UVB rays and

we sunburn from both UVA and B but UBV rays are blocked from the ozone when the sun is below a certain angle in the sky during winter months across the US. That said, this isn’t about winter- it’s summertime! And summa’ is that time of year all of America not only gets to have its fun in the sun but also reaps the easiest and cheapest means to obtaining vitamin D. What Does Vitamin D Do For Me? • Fights depression or SAD • Combats blood sugar imbalances

Your skin is the best D converter. Be mindful that you must wear NO sunscreenthey block the D containing UV rays that give your body the loving jolt of vitamin D it needs.

• Supports healthy blood pressure

purchasing from the likes of Amazon due to unknown warehouse conditions (degrading quality or potency) and 3rd party knockoffs which is easy to do with supplements. About 2,000 IU is a good basic dose in the winter but if your blood work comes back low, at least double that to help you get on track. If you are getting summer sunshine sans sunscreen you can probably stop your D supplement because.... Sunshine D Is FREE! The BEST way to get vitamin D is in the summertime through the bottomless resource known as sunshine. During summer months, 10-15 minutes a day gives you hands down the most balanced vitamin D your body needs. Your skin is the best D converter.

• Boosts immunity against repeat colds or

still allowed the “free range” packaging

Be mindful that you must wear NO

infections and even cancer

stamp so read up on your egg companies

sunscreen- they block the D containing

• Helps with auto-immune disorders

for these details). Only ONE plant

UV rays that give your body the loving

• Supports bone health

source contains vitamin D and that’s the

jolt of vitamin D it needs. Actually,

• Boosts cognitive health

mushroom. Mushrooms are an excellent

many forward experts will now state

source of D vitamins.

sun exposure is likely beneficial up until

Can I Get Vitamin D From Foods?

you sunburn, essentially speaking, non-

You can source D from ocean fish and

Shroom fact: mushrooms can make

burning sun exposure is good for you

eggs, but the caveat is eating free-range

their own vitamin D when exposed to

and for some people that might be 10

eggs from chickens who’ve seen the light

sunlight. They really do put the fun

minutes and for others it can be an hour.

of day themselves (careful, many FDA

in fungi! Tips On Supplements: Don’t

“free range” chickens are granted as little

skimp on brands! Head to a local natural

After D, Protect Both Your Skin And

as 1 hour a day their whole lives yet are

grocer store for best options and avoid

Sea. Your surfboard is waxed and you’re



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

ready to face-plant in some waves for a sun-filled day of fun. You need sunscreen to protect your birthday suit so let us discuss options. Understanding Sunscreens: (There are two main types of sunscreen categories on the market) Mineral These ingredients include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Not only are these the ones that leave your nose tube sock white, they create a barrier on top of your skin and reflect UV rays,

Sheila Liewald L.Ac. is a board certified acupuncturist, biopuncturist, and Chinese herbalist. She has served as staff acupuncturist for Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette, Colorado and runs a private practice in Boulder. She’s also a speaker, writer, and educator on the vast world of natural health.

preventing rays from entering your skin layers. Chemical These contain ingredients that are potentially more harmful than good. Some may even mix with the sun UV rays and cause cancer. Steer clear of things like oxybenzone,

Sheila Liewald L.Ac. |

avobenzone, and octinoxate. While not sunscreens, these are often added in chemical sunscreens and are worthy of steering clear of as well: parabens, methylisothiazolinone (MIT). All of these disrupt hormone regulation including sex hormones, metabolism for weight control, and the thyroid. Many of these end up in your lymph and have tested to be reliably in most breast milk. They’ve also been shown to increase skin allergies, esp. MIT. It is also worth observing that

Recommended sea and skin friendly screens:

skin cancer rates have been rising every year since the 70’s

Sierra Madre

yet humans are spending less time outdoors and increasing

Shade Sunscreens

sunscreen use. Chemicals in food that reach UV rays through


your skin are also being considered suggesting eating “clean”


can also play a protective part.

Goddess Garden California Baby- great for kids, young and old

Oxybenzone and/or octinoxate are in nearly all commonly store bought sunscreens and they are not only very harmful to

While aloe vera is excellent healer to rub on sunburns it also

you, they are killing off the coral reefs as well. Granted, rising

comes in liquid forms to drink and can help soothe from the

sea temps and other pollutions such as pesticides and herbicides

inside out. It soothes gut linings for digestive issues and bladder

contribute to the state of affairs threatening coral reefs. It is

linings from chronic UTI’s. Cheers to that!

estimated that 14,000 tons of chemical sunscreens end up in coral reefs each year bleaching them and killing off their

Protect your skin. Protect the planet. We’re all in this together!

nutrients. Many of American sunscreen ingredients are already banned in Europe and now Hawaii is leading a large stateside effort by soon becoming the 1st state to ban these ingredients. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM



Ladies, imagine a sustainable product that could replace your need for tampons and pads. A stylish and comfortable pair of underwear that works as a double agent to keep you clean and dry during you’re menstrual cycle. THINX does just that! “Every pair of THINX has a top layer that wicks all liquid into a thin absorption layer right beneath, so that you feel super dry. This way you can wear’em all day long.” THINX women’s underwear are designed, by women in New York City, to absorb the liquid while keeping you dry and feeling clean. THINX are made in a family run factory in Sri Lanka that gives back by being committed to empowering the women they employ with education and training.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

THINX can be worn in addition to tampons or pads; and yes, even as an alternative! THINX is also working towards a greater goal. They have partnered with AFRIpads in Uganda, which trains women to work for themselves making and selling reusable pads. Each pair of underwear you purchase helps to fund this cause. This cause in turn give girls access to protection during their cycle to help prevent them from missing school. According to the article, Women can Bleed Green on alternet. org, a woman throws away 250 to 300 pounds of feminine hygiene products in her lifetime. In addition the Ocean Conservancy found that tampon applicators made up 2.2% of debris on U.S. coastlines.

Consider all the waste that could be avoided by purchasing and wearing THINX.





Refreshing Hand & Body Lotion (Aloe & Citrus) $7.70

Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel Aloe & Citrus $8.25 66  VENTRE


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Replenish the moisture in your skin with our moisturizing lotion, formulated to revive dry, parched skin back to its balanced, moisturized state.

Petal Fresh is dedicated to bringing you quality products for healthier, more attractive hair and skin. At Petal Fresh, we value natural

ingredients and the beauty of nature without sacrificing the efficacy of our hair and body care lines. Our products utilize the medicinal properties of organic herbs to cleanse and nourish without the use of harsh chemicals. Petal Fresh uses only paraben-free ingredients, and our products are never tested on animals. When you select a product from the Petal Fresh line, you can take comfort in knowing you are

Smoothing COCONUT Body & Massage Oil $7.70

making an affordable, healthy choice. Inspired by the need for botanical, eco-friendly remedies in the cosmetic market, Bio Creative Labs was founded 14 years ago to bring the public safe, high-performance products. The advanced formulas of the Petal Fresh line originated from trusted Nature’s Gate specialists with sustainability in mind. In 2005, Bio

Ultra Moisturizing Coconut Body Butter $7.70 Fresh line and made improvements Creative Labs adopted the Petal to ensure wholesome products with the highest quality standards. Beauty professionals at Bio Creative Labs removed all parabens and artificial coloring from Petal Fresh products and added certified organic ingredients. The result is safe, eco-friendly herbal remedies for all of your body care needs.







My obsession with masks began at a young age and progressed over the years. The collection started during my many trips to New Orleans visiting family. We would always make time to walk the gift shops on Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras masks always captivated me! With maturity and increased budget, I upgraded my addiction to extravagant and custom-carved masterpieces which depicted many emotions and cultures.

by Emily Moore

was once a powerful young woman who had a collection of masks. What began as merely an appreciation for the aesthetic beauty of my “wall of masks”, turned into a reflection of something much deeper. Have you ever felt drawn to something without understanding why you felt so compelled? For me, this magnetic pull was no coincidence, it had a purpose.

getting your power bac k • 720.244.8622 •

Years later, I was still collecting masks. I was also running a successful business, was happily married (or so I thought), lived in a nice home, and seemed to have the ideal life. Those viewing my social media profiles would have said I was killing it. Truth be told, those closest to me could see my unhappiness and they prayed I would come back to my roots. The power of prayer is pretty miraculous and eventually I returned to my home base. The day it all changed felt as if a tornado struck my life. When it hit, pieces of me and my life were 68  VENTRE


Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

scattered everywhere. I didn’t know up from down, but I knew I had to create radical change in my life. My awakening was far from over, but my eyes were open and the many masks I’d been wearing were off. I was done pretending, I was done pushing my emotions aside, and I wanted to reclaim my connection to spirit. This was the beginning of my selfdiscovery, with massive epiphanies and finally understanding the meaning behind my mask obsession. It was the beginning of a journey to

return to my soul’s purpose. While this process forced necessary changes, the road to self discovery is not free of bumps and hardships. I hit rock bottom, almost lost my home, and spent many nights crying myself to sleep and feeling alone. I soon realized that the powerful woman I thought I was, wore the very masks I collected on my wall. I was not stepping into my power. Rather, it was an illusion and I was avoiding feeling anything. I became a damn good actor who was playing

to meditate, but I was consistent and finally figured out a system which worked for me. Meditation eventually brought me peace, compassion, forgiveness, the love of my life, a family, a business in which I am proud to be running, and a baby girl. I also discovered that my obsession with masks stemmed from being sexually violated as a child. I had never dealt with the pain of that experience and had been searching for masks to make me whole again. (It’s the same reason I was in a business and marriage that wasn’t serving).

I was not being the leader I was born to be; I was a puppet. I felt compelled to take action. I walked away from incredible money and a twelve-year relationship.

the most important role of my life, while allowing the guidance of others to become my truth. I was not being the leader I was born to be; I was a puppet. When I came to this realization, I knew I was not happy and I felt compelled to take action. I immediately filed for a divorce, and then I divorced my business, neither of which were serving me. I walked away from incredible money and a twelve-year relationship. I had not put much thought into what was next, I only knew I had to change and take the leap of faith. My life changed with the speed and power of lightning. Everything I once knew was gone in a matter of 24 hours. I disengaged from everyone I knew and stepped into a meditation room for over a year. I had no clue how

My daughter, Saige, has taught me more about myself than a year’s worth of meditating. After working from home for the first year of her life, I knew I changed from an extreme extrovert to a shy introverted mommy. I was playing small because of the fear behind the association of being a powerful force again. I was afraid that power was an illusion, power was ego and I never wanted to return to that place. I wanted to be authentic. I wanted to remain in a place where I was free. We all have points in our lives where we can respond in one of two ways. Either we run and hide or we put on our big-girl/boy pants and take action. When I looked into my daughter’s eyes, my husband’s eyes, or in the mirror, I knew I had to step back into my power. This time my power is authentic and healthy. Writing for VENTRE magazine was part of exposing myself to the world and now I am running a live-streaming interview series, where I share small business owners’ stories and highlight their magnificence. Eventually, I will be on a stage speaking in front of thousands of people. I am still free and I am loving the process of becoming the woman who I was always destined to be. We all have masks, but don’t be afraid to show the world your face, your heart, your soul, your compassion, and your confidence. We were not born to play small! Don’t allow others to tell you what is right, and never be afraid to walk away from something that is no longer serving you. With complete vulnerability, surrender and authenticity, there’s something beautiful and powerful waiting for you on the other side. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM



PIPERWAI NATURAL DEODORANT - 2 OZ JAR PiperWai is a charcoal crème deodorant created with no harmful ingredients, leaving you at ease with what’s on your body. Its 100% natural ingredients form an invisible, absorbent, pHbalanced shield on your underarms that neutralizes odor and protects your clothes from perspiration. And, it’s perfect for use on sensitive skin.


PiperWai is a tribe of rebels who believe natural is better, don't accept the status quo, and chase their dreams. They're explorers, inventors, and creators, with a passion for healthy living and doing things differently. From athletes, to business men and women, and everyone in between. PiperWai is for you.



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PIPERWAI NATURAL DEODORANT - 2.7 OZ STICK APPLICATOR The key ingredient in PiperWai is activated charcoal, which neutralizes odor and absorbs moisture without aluminum, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. No stains, no irritation - just clean, fresh pits. Naturally. • 2.7 oz (that’s 35% more product than the jar!) • Same PiperWai scent you know and love • Same PiperWai effectiveness you trust Our improved stick applicator glides on smooth and its odorneutralizing capabilities are the same quality you’d expect from PiperWai.

$ 16.99




Vertellis is the ultimate card game that you can look forward to playing every year during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, or a casual get together.

The game is played with friends, family, or colleagues. Through questions that trigger memories and stories you will get to know those closest to you in a new (deeper) way. At the end of the game you will know who has been paying attention but most importantly you will have had meaningful conversations with your loved ones.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

Watch out! Vertellis can cause… Memorable moments Sincere attention, connection, and affection A peek into the players’ highlights of the past year as well as plans and dreams for the upcoming year Uncontrollable hugs and kisses

$19.99 Includes FREE Shipping in the USA




We use only the best and healthiest ingredients because we believe that what you put in and on your body should be good for you. And what is good for you, is good for us!

Rock your own personal style with pride. Got Tattoos? Cool. Purple Hair? Right on. Maybe you wear sneakers with your suits, or a worn out sports jersey, or a sweet thrifted frock. We just want to say, “Hey, we like your style”. We love seeing you be you. Being real and being yourself is important and it is what makes you inspiring.

Did you know that a portion of all proceeds from the sale of doctor lip bang’s products goes to charity? It must feel pretty good to know that you’re making the world a better place when you buy our products, huh? Remember: EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! ​

Stay positive. See the best in people, and keep putting that “vibe” out there. Go ahead and give someone a thumbs up, a high-five, or a well-deserved slap on the back. Keep calm and like on. You’re awesome. 74  VENTRE


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COLORS SO VIBRANT, YOU’LL FORGET ALL ABOUT LIPSTICK I mean, probably. We just kinda made that up.

Lip Freak Tints Buzzing Lip Balm - COMPLETE SET $31.96 Or purchase separately for $7.99 each! Doctor Lip Bang’s products are 100% natural and contain no harsh preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our lip balms are made from the highest-grade plant-based extracts and premium beeswax available, and we never, ever test on animals. ​Lip Freak Tints contain only natural colorants. All the ingredients used to pigment our tinted balms are natural alternatives to using artificial coloring.

Badass Products. No Bad Ingredients.






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Protecting your most precious sense with style & function.

Available at







When the real estate market

is booming, it’s natural to see

I passed the test on my second try

opportunity. Real Estate schools

and was excited to start making

become packed as many seek

the big bucks. I quickly found

to make a fortune in the “newly

an agency at which to hang my

discovered” gold rush. Who’s

license. Within a few days, I

winning and who’s losing?

was armed with yard signs and

How do you compete? Can you

business cards. Little did I know,

compete? These are all questions

but I was about to learn many

you’ll be wise to ask before taking

business lessons that I hadn’t

the plunge.

anticipated such as marketing and relationships.

In 2004, I was in my late twenties and real estate in Arizona was

booming. I’d just finished reading the book, Rich Dad / Poor

Dad and thought I would set off

I’d just moved from Colorado, so

CEO, Entrepreneur | Photo taken by Barbara MacFerrin Photography

I didn’t know anyone. Luckily the agency had a kiosk in the mall. I started working the kiosk twice a

into the world of real estate to

right answers and better answers.

week. The idea was to lure people

make my fortune. Teresa and I

More than 80% of students would

to the kiosk who were interested

planned to head out to Arizona

fail the test multiple times before

in buying a new home. I also held

immediately after we were


many open houses at other agent’s

married and we did just that.

listings. I later moved to doing the

I asked an instructor why the test

kiosk three days a week. Most of

A few days after we moved, I

was so hard. He said, “There are

the people were lookie-loos with

started real estate school. I was

so many people trying to get into

no intention of buying.

able to go full time so it only took

real estate that we’ve made the test

a few weeks for me to finish the

harder to thin the herd.” He went

Before I knew it, three months

course. The real estate test was

on to say with a smile, “Once you

had gone by and I had yet to start

harder than any test I’d taken in

have your real estate license, you’ll

making my fortune. Not being

college. There were questions with

appreciate that!”

one easily defeated, I pressed on.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

“Your strategy could make all the difference between winning or losing.”

of the mounting debt that I’d

meet anyone who didn’t know

accumulated. Three months

at least two realtors. I’d always

later, I closed my second deal.

heard the concept of supply

The money was good, but I wish

and demand, but I came to

I’d been better prepared with an

understand it on a much deeper

understanding of just how long it

level. There were far more agents

would take to build up a book of

in the industry than were needed.


I would either have to find a way to make myself stand out in the

Selling real estate is not like selling

crowd or pack it in. This was the

coffee. Instead of repeat daily

case for many new agents who

customers, it could be years before

soon went back to their corporate

that person is ready to do business


with you again. You’re basically only as good as you last sell. I

I didn’t pack it in, but rather

was constantly starting over. The

decided to move back to Colorado

solution was to build a continual

to practice real estate where I

pipeline where I would always be

knew more people. The Arizona

working with a few homebuyers or market was booming, but as I sellers at once and that takes time,

learned, a booming market is

considerable amounts of time.

not the ideal place to start. Get in while the market is down so

Meanwhile, there were others

that you’re in position when the

who’d been in the business for a

market booms.

I finally met a couple people who

while who seemed to be closing

were interested in buying. One

deals every other week. The

This is not to say that a newbie

turned out to be a complete flake.

difference between them and me

can’t make a living in real estate,

I drove them all over Phoenix and

was they already had established

this article is intended to give

surrounding areas like I was a free

relationships. They were in the

you a few things to take into

Uber service, only for them to

business before the boom. They

consideration before you quit

decide they wanted to wait. The

had already paid their dues.

your job to seek a fortune in a

other was promising and we soon

Unlike them, me and the other

market that’s saturated. Find an

had a house under contract.

hundreds of newbies flooding the

angle. Know how you’re going

market had to build up.

to compete. Your strategy could

Six months after obtaining my

make all the difference between

license, I closed my first deal,

Market saturation made building

just it time to pay down some

up challenging. It was difficult to

winning or losing. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM



Sustainable fragrances for you and your space. Responsibly sourced, no additives, and the minimum of possible skin irritants bring gorgeous scents to life. Each candle is hand poured with 80% vegetable wax and 20% food-grade paraffin. The opaque bottles are designed to eliminate the need for stabilizers and made with 20% recycled glass while the boxes are FSC-certified 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard. Phlur provides the sweetest-smelling offer yet… Try three of their 2mL for $18! When you choose your favorite fragrance, apply that $18 to the purchase of a full-sized (50 mL) bottle within 30 days.


Simply put, light damages fragrance. But most brands use clear bottles, so they have to add stabilizers to their product. We decided to go another way: we designed an opaque bottle, made with an industry-leading 20% recycled glass, to protect our scents. (We also used vegetablebased paint, so you can recycle it when you’re done.) A nice bonus: our FSC-certified boxes are made with 100% post-consumer cardboard. Because what makes the planet happy makes us happy.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

“Fragrance reimagined... Because we love fragrance. But we don’t love the compromises that go into finding something special. Something that’s made responsibly and smells amazing. Something that’s beautifully packaged without damaging the environment. Something that’s luxurious but isn’t about a celebrity or a fashion designer. Something you can try without enduring a department store fragrance counter. Something you look forward to wearing each and every day.” fragrances | candles | accessories






WANDERLUST The SheratonSan

first stop...

noun; a strong desire to travel

The cosmopolitan flavor of Los Angeles pops up in some of the most unexpected places. When unimpressed with that stay at your wealthy aunt’s in San Marino, the first luxury hotel in San Gabriel has laid its claim to the soon-to-be hot hotel niche south of Pasadena. Sheraton Los Angeles-San Gabriel is artful, spacious, and accommodating. The royal service could only be matched with the heart of a lion, and the decor equally courageous to support you on your opulent stay.

Imagine a melting pot of well-traveled Angelenos, Asian dignitaries, and tech giants from Silicone Valley--no two gatherings are alike in the 6th floor SPG Club Room (inquire with the front desk for more on this essential travel perk). Chinese decor finds harmony with western design. Even the children seem well-mannered and graced with etiquette in this hotel.

Sheraton Los Angeles | San Gabriel 303 East Valley Boulevard • San Gabriel, CA 91776 1-800-325-3535 | | 626-639-0300 ACCEPTING: WeChat & Alipay 82  VENTRE


Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

Gabriel By Sam Russell



he high ceilings allow for creativity and prosperity to flow. The crew here was carefully vetted and each smile is as genuine as the flickering flames of the grand foyer see-through fireplace (Ventre Tip: turn left at check in and nab a private spot there to catch up on emails). Sheraton Los Angeles-San Gabriel has much more time to be attentive to you, as robots cruise up and down long dramatic hallways with laundry and luggage in tow. The future of luxury accommodations has gently arrived to the birthplace of Los Angeles--how fitting. Opulence can be found in 288 rooms, 17 spacious suites, as well as two contemporary restaurants, all on the same property. When you inform your friends and family back home about your latest lodging adventure, this is the story you want to tell.

the lobby





Meetings & Catering

The Sheraton Los Angeles-San Gabriel is proud to debut 19,000 sq. ft. of versatile indoor and outdoor function space for corporate and social groups alike. The spectacular 11,341 sq. ft. Grand Imperial Ballroom with 27’ ceilings, Swarovski crystal chandeliers and two 33’ LED screens can accommodate up to 800 guests for banquets, including catering and social events.

303 East Valley Boulevard • San Gabriel, CA 91776 • 1-800-325-3535 • ACCEPTING: WeChat & Alipay



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine


With the growing Chinese-speaking population of San Gabriel in mind, the Sheraton Los Angeles-San Gabriel has partnered with Chinese social media service, WeChat (ID: sheraton_san_gabriel), allowing staff to interact with customers in real time, and becoming the first Sheraton to offer WeChat pay and Alipay. English and Mandarin-speaking travel agents will also connect guests with top-class, customized local tours and luxury car services. In conjunction with the highly service-oriented staff, the hotel will also be the first to debut service robots from autonomous mobile company Aethon, programmed to guide guests through the hotel with GPS capabilities and deliver room service. Visitors to the hotel will be greeted by one “wayfinding,” four-foot high, friendly looking TUG robot, and a fleet of seven will use the service elevators to deliver items to guests such as luggage, meals, and linens, programmed to ring guestroom phones when they arrive at the door.





Sheraton Los Angeles | San Gabriel 303 East Valley Boulevard • San Gabriel, CA 91776 1-800-325-3535 | | 626-639-0300 ACCEPTING: WeChat & Alipay



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

L the suite

ooking to evolve your stay when in Los Angeles? Finding your way back to the comforts of your room through spacious and immaculately appointed hallways and lounges gives one the feeling that Sheraton Los Angeles-San Gabriel is a compound of leisure unto itself. Heavy doors block out the passerby. Connecting doors make it easy to have security or additional family in town. Suites are tailored with sensors that anticipate your needs. Glide from the shower to the closet or move from the bed to the bathroom and the lighting adjusts to guide the way. The room is smart, the decor muted and masculine, it’s all easy on the eyes for even the crankiest traveler. The bedding is firm and refreshing, order up an extra pillow from the concierge and cocoon yourself into a new morning. The sweeping view of the San Gabriel Mountains will counter any untoward thoughts of airport chaos and LA traffic and will rock any lover of nature back to sleep. Do Not Disturb will always be honored by the staff--human and robotic. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM





nchored on the main floor of the first luxury hotel in San Gabriel is EST Prime Steakhouse. At some point in my personal life eating out has swiftly replaced a night out taking in a show. The dramatic performance of the EST Prime Steakhouse kitchen and top tier wait staff is one of those memories that last a lifetime on your palate. There is so much majesty here. There’s a reason why the table next to us was celebrating a birthday and the table across from us was toasting a successful business deal. As you swivel into a soft orange banquette booth and lean in captivated by the rich atmosphere, the reasons to stay for an encore of dessert become crystal clear--this menu is special. The cuisine eases every neurosis a picky eater could have. Yes, the service will bring you blissful peace, but so will this indulgent menu.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

The Ultimate Seafood Tower is your destiny: a three-tiered presentation of Maine lobster, colossal prawns, local market oysters, uni roe, Alaskan King crab legs and American caviar is noticeable on nearby tables. Don’t miss out. And for another truly one-of-a-kind experience, order the Japanese Kobe beef, a house specialty and culinary delicacy for food aficionados. Decadent moments such as these become the ticket to your soul’s happiness. Your palette was won over before you got to that Pacific Northwestern Dungeness crab cake topped with whole grain mustard Béarnaise. Trust us when we say, that by this point, the chef had made a friend out of you. I lost my dinner companion and steak lover of the house somewhere between his first and third bite of the 35-day aged Kansas City Steak. The crispy Brussels sprouts made for the perfect nightcap back in the room. Think of the above as Executive Chef Joseph Mills’ well-orchestrated production with farm-to-table ingredients, diverse quality flavors and culinary excellence that Californian’s recognize.

EST Prime Steakhouse | Sheraton Los Angeles-San Gabriel 303 east Valley Blvd. • San Gabriel, CA 91776 • 626-607-2012







Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine


return bar side on the second night of our stay acquainted us to a delicious and memorable appetizer, the Tamarind BBQ chicken flat bread. It also introduced a new friend--our mixologist Marty (church name, Martin, but everyone calls him Marty). And a friend bearing gifts is even better. Marty’s entrancing hands won us non-gin lovers over with a unique floral cocktail: the Prim Rose, a superlative blend of Botanist Gin, fresh lemon juice, honey water, rose water, Tempus Fugit Liqueur de Violette’s and garnished with a borage blossom. After my second martini, Dora the Robot led the way back to our sleeping nook--I’m a true lightweight. Humans also available if you need help finding your way back to the comforts of your room. 5-star service is definitely not a dying art at Sheraton Los AngelesSan Gabriel, it’s rather their specialty.

EST Prime Steakhouse | Sheraton Los Angeles-San Gabriel 303 east Valley Blvd. • San Gabriel, CA 91776 • 626-607-2012 VENTREMAGAZINE.COM



next stop...


WANDERLUST West Hollywood We just found where the playboys of the western world gather in Southern California.

Don’t let the high prices of Sunset Boulevard temper your excitement. Millennial travelers can be found at The Moment Hotel on Sunset Boulevard spending more money on rental cars than lodging. The ideal crash pad that won’t break the bank is this boutique property in the walk-able “Guitar Row” part of the famous Sunset Strip. The visual impact on this area is welcomed and should look familiar. Amit Apel Designs can be seen commercially and residentially across the globe, but especially prevalent in the diverse landscapes of Los Angeles. It’s the modern and minimalist appeal of his sloped and slanted designs that give motion and movement to a space--yes it’s THOSE homes you see on every corner here catching your eye and imagination.. The Moment Hotel is the proud child of Apel Designs in Malibu.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

7370 W. Sunset Blvd. | LA, CA 90046 | 323-822-5030






ne of the gems of The Moment Hotel (besides the easy on-site parking), is the roof deck Lounge and its stunning views. You and your friends should plan a toast here before your night on the town. Small plate appetizers are available, as we all know going out on an empty stomach is a no-no. Check with the friendly staff for their schedule, food options and how to rent this space for private events.

the Rooftop Lounge Celebrity spottings: Roger Lewis from the NY Giants, DC Young Fly (comedian), actors Eve Mauro and Kwame Patterson (The Oath).



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

Moment Hotel is now a pot tolerant property (outdoor only)!

7370 W. Sunset Blvd. | LA, CA 90046 | 323-822-5030 VENTREMAGAZINE.COM




You are the hot moment when you snag the King Suite and its private patio. Guests from the rooftop lounge will rubberneck to see who snagged that prime locale. Automated black-out curtains drown out the day and any envious eyes that may become too annoying. ** If you rent out this hotel for a bachelor party, its kinda obvious who gets this suite. 38 modern rooms are also available at The Moment in case you don’t heed our advice and get dibs. Each with its own color scheme, which means many more returns to gauge how each color palate will accentuate your stay and experience. This spacious King suite is ideal for sleeping in or hitting the town with proximity being your biggest asset to the Sunset Strip.The designs are just as cool as the front door staff. The Moment Hotel custom wood veneer furniture and Caesar stone quartz designs become the perfect neutral palate for any zonked or cranky traveler. The overly spacious shower is plenty for one or five; it really depends on how conservative you are. The edge of the weekend feels like The Moment Hotel. Ventre Tip: Mention that you are a guest of The Moment Hotel at the super cool LA staple, TOI on Sunset (Thai cuisine) just a half block down and get a discount on your meal. Makes for the perfect leftovers to bring back to your room!



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

7370 W. Sunset Blvd. | LA, CA 90046 | 323-822-5030 VENTREMAGAZINE.COM



next stop...




ecretly tucked in the concrete shopping jungles of Costa Mesa, California is the ideal place for boys becoming men.

Gain romantic points when after a day of shopping nearby at fashion mecca South Coast Plaza, you settle into this gem of a hotel in the middle of Orange County, a place many locals praise. “We came up from San Diego,” boasted a young, attractive couple in the elevator. “I was in a work conference around the corner 2 years ago and too tired to drive home, stayed here for one night. Never forgot about this place and knew I was going to surprise my wife with it one day”. Sometimes it’s good to capture the love the locals have for a place, straight from their mouths. Newly remodeled, Avenue of the Arts is dolled up again--everything is fresh to the senses through the eclectic arts-inspired design all around. This boutique property has recruited the friendliest staff and team members to keep hospitality in check. You’re not in NYC any more, slow down a beat here. The closer you get to the ocean the closer you get to civility.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

By Sam Russell

3350 Avenue of the Arts • Costa Mesa, CA 92626 • 714-751-5100






Did we luck into the perfect hotel for introverts? Even with a parking lot full of cars, you feel like the only guest when lounging on the over sized furniture in the Garden Retreat. Bellhops and grounds crew are standing at the ready nearby if you need anything, but this oasis has it all and felt like the perfect spot to just read. If you just arrived from John Wayne Airport (10 minutes up the road), the Garden Retreat is where you reclaim your well being. And if this space doesn’t work or is briefly being used for a wedding (see front desk for wedding party options), then a glass of wine from your balcony as you’re wrapped in the finest cotton pique bathrobe should do the trick.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

3350 Avenue of the Arts • Costa Mesa, CA 92626 • 714-751-5100





THE SUITE For all the action that is Costa Mesa during the day, this area is tranquil at night and healing to the senses by dinner time. Opt for a junior suite--the back property is green trails for locals and dog walkers. If you like walking or running, you’ll enjoy the view. It’s a break from the city hustle-disarmed and charmed. Large, scenic windows and the soft sound of birds singing in the morning was a transformation to the senses unto itself. Hardwood floors, modern decor, remodeled bathrooms,



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

super comfy bedding, Keurig coffee maker with microwave and refrigerator, and big screen TVs in both the living room and the separate bedroom--the Junior suite had it all. Nothing about work needs or screaming kids at home resonate at Avenue of the Arts. For all men looking to gain points with their other half, the above is my love letter to you.

3350 Avenue of the Arts • Costa Mesa, CA 92626 • 714-751-5100 VENTREMAGAZINE.COM




Expect exceeding results when dining out at Silver Trumpet in Costa Mesa.

The food truly is the blinding star.

Applewood smoked bacon wrapped medjool dates stuffed It’s no treacherous trek down with gorgonzola cheese is a a summit--Silver Trumpet signature must-have and becomes Restaurant is just downstairs the conversation starter on first from your junior suite at Avenue dates. Locals come back for the of the Arts Hotel. Coexisting in wild salmon over butternut squash harmony with this boutique hotel puree.Traditional scallops are pan and tucked away snuggly in the seared to perfection and served urban jungles of Costa Mesa is yet over parmesan risotto and grilled another Orange County secret. artichoke and peas with a vanilla An absolute sublime choice we bean sauce finish. Even the warm made twice for dinner to be exact. herbed focaccia bread on the table will summon you from the It’s always a toss up on what street—the choices are plentiful in kind of service you’ll get when the area, but Silver Trumpet is a dining someplace new. No two staple, and not by accident. experiences were alike for us-but what WAS consistent was the Devilish hands did us in with a culinary magic coming from the deconstructed apple pie--apple kitchen. The cut of that calamari pudding cake nested in a chilled was five-star quality all day and all spiced rum milk sauce and topped night. A sweet cilantro glaze and with salted caramel gelato and pickled veggies on the side only apple crisp. Every bite was a reeled our senses in deeper. The giving moment and ruined us food is what we took pictures of for traditional apple pies moving and still reflect on. You’re in for a forward. real treat at Silver Trumpet.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

3350 Avenue of the Arts • Costa Mesa, CA 92626 • 714-751-5100




next stop...

WANDERLUST Southern California To acquire a genuine to connection to the Southern California landscape, you start with the culinary scene and work your way out. Burbank to Costa Mesa and back...



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

2500 N. Hollywood Way • Burbank CA 91505 • 818-843-6000





2500 N. Hollywood Way • Burbank CA 91505 • 818-843-6000


here’s a definite culture of warmth in Los Angeles -- you just have to know where to find it.

Your layover at Burbank Airport (or weekend plans with your honey), just got a whole lot better. New to town and completely unjaded is e.d.b. Burbank. Tucked between two towers of the Marriott Burbank hotel is an outdoor oasis that invites you to take a break from the order of the day and relax. And stay longer than you ever planned to. E-- *EAT* After that job interview nearby, a good meal is calling your name. Let e.d.b. Burbank be your destiny. A grilled Cuban sandwich or double cheese burger to-go will hit the spot, when in a rush. Stay longer and connect with an old friend or client over the persuasive Wagyu beef sliders and Ahi lettuce wrap tacos. The afterglow of the chicken mole quesadillas or those succulent braised short rib bites will play in your mind like a tune that you just can’t quite shake. You’ve turned your phone off by this point, so nothing will disturb your crab asparagus salad or BBQ chicken pizza. Conversations with your bestie are always good, but life just got a whole lot better. Don’t miss a moment of it.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

D---*Drink* Handcrafted cocktails are shaken around in the air like artful ideas coming from the mind of someone who knows the outdoor drinking culture of Southern California. The bar genius here is attributed to bar manager Jessica Kasilian. She wears two hats and can also be seen

-a heavenly cocktail of El Silencio Mezcal, hibiscus, rosemary syrup, lime and Serrano--savoring and taking advantage of every single drop. My Cucumber Mint Mule(s)--yes plural, was a delectable stew of Tito’s vodka, cucumber juice, and Fevertree ginger beer. It’s easy to mix a drink and make me smile, but a whole next level of flavor celebrations in unique and thoughtful ways is something else entirely. Life is in color after all.

next door as the manager of the Daily Grill. Catch her in the early evening if you can or let the staff’s warm and eclectic faces win you over in her absence. We did. The drinks are seasonal here, but not the love. My date chose the Spicy Little Devil-

B---*Be* Frazzled nerves are welcomed here! You may valet or self park. The weather suggests that being indoors too long may be a big part of your crankiness. That unpretentious, laid back culture of warmth we promised doesn’t have to end. On my next visit--and there will be a next visit, as I have yet to work my way through the entire menu--I’ll bring plenty of friends in tow. We will require every dish and 3 extra orders of the crispy prosciutto flat bread pizza with brie and sweet dates. There will be no discrimination, vegetarians and meat lovers will bond over truffle fries and bottomless libations crafted by our new friend Jessica. I will befriend the waitstaff so that when they cater my wedding, we will all be old chums. In short, I’m coming for you e.d.b. Burbank.





tuck too far inland and can’t get to the beach? A bit of coastal relief can be found at Laurel Point Seafood in Studio City. The tightness of your work cubicle doesn’t resonate here, as Laurel Point is spacious with indoor and outdoor seating. Bar side dining merges with dining room seating by a fish-scaled floor design with nautical knotted details chicly thread into the experience. This maritime decor wraps around guests with unexpected warmth and class. Bring a client you want to impress--Laurel Point is five-star, top-tier service (Thanks again, Phil) and hands down the best seafood you’re going to find this side of the canyon.

Studio City

The spell we were put under started with the parmesan dinner rolls. If you’re licking your fingers before the entree arrives, you’re off to a good start. Crab deviled eggs topped with salmon caviar and the rainbow roll (salmon, tuna, crab, hamachi, cucumber and avocado) made two cranky commuters jovial friends again. Hands of a temptress are working in that galley. Jumbo lump crab cake and spicy tuna over crispy rice made staying for dessert impossible. Love for lobster rolls made it pretty clear that today was a cheat day. House made syrups accentuate the cocktail list romantically. Always available are craft beers, wine, sake, and a full bar. Brunch, lunch and dinner served daily. It’s pretty obvious where you can find us taking clients now. Some lunch jaunts can be disappointing, others heroic. Ventre Tip: Lower level parking was much less cut throat--Laurel Point will validate.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

818-769-6336 • 12050 Ventura Blvd. (at Laurel Canyon) • Studio City, California 91604





othing ever hurts at Grater Grilled Cheese, Irvine. Signature burgers, sandwiches and salads are at the cusp of your latest foodie outing. The signature Grater grilled cheese sandwich will tempt your senses with its basic five-cheese base complete with goat cheese, Applewood bacon, roasted bell peppers, balsamic caramelized onions, arugula, and smoked jalapenos, to boot. The lobster grilled cheese clouded my vision when ordering. My lunch guest opted for the Cordon Blue grilled cheese and complained when I brought two lobster grilled cheeses instead. A simple accident maybe. Between you and me, it was actually an accidental excuse to plan another outing to these parts. The food is transportable, but why would you stray? Lobster pomme frites topped with melted cheese, lobster, krab and Pale Ale beer chipolte aioli is at your beck and call and to finish this adventure, an ice cream float or Grater grilled cream sandwich will have you living the life of Riley. The above should get you off that rocking chair now.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine


Grater Grilled Cheese also offers frequent promotions to keep their customers satisfied. Happy Hour runs all day, everyday with your favorite craft beers for just $5. Food is definitely “grater” at Grater Grilled Cheese!

6628 Irvine Center Drive • Irvine, CA 92618 • 949-387-6455







here’s always been a deep sense of adventure calling our palates west. Maybe it’s the sea of Tesla cars and beach bodies climbing out of them that occupy our daydreams. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the original Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich at Bruxies. For all of us at Ventre Magazine, it’s definitely the latter.

Sweeter than your grandma’s kisses is Bruxies. The crispy waffle is perfect in size and accentuates the savory choices on the inside. Think all natural, hormone-free chicken marinated in buttermilk for 24 hours and then fried to order. You’ll be beside yourself. As the sweet smell of freshly baked waffles permeates the air, ponder as you wait in line if the Holy Chicken with maple glaze or the Kickin Chicken with its spicy and smoky tang should be ordered. The angry mac and cheese with homemade buffalo-spiced cheese sauce and bacon really made no one angry and actually brought us together in agreement, this place rocks. Governing the waffle game is Bruxies, hands down. Blame your after-dinner distractions on the nutella & banana with sweet cream dessert waffle or the waffle Sunday (custard, caramel, Belgian chocolate, peanuts, fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings). Now you know how we got those smiles on our faces. 114  VENTRE


Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

Santa Monica

1412 3rd Street Promenade • Santa Monica, CA 90401 • 424-268-9955





acred flavors from Indonesia have magically appeared in Glendale, California. Within shopping and artistic range of The Americana at Brand, The Glendale Galleria and The Museum of Neon Art is Rinjani--home to truly authentic Indonesian cuisine.


Something truly gangster and culinary seductive is coming out of this immaculate kitchen. The comforting Indomie chicken curry with noodles, shredded chicken curry and chicken curry broth will do any guest in quite dandy. Chicken and shrimp dumplings, the satay sampler, and roti prata (fried flat bread with that chicken curry broth again) will leave little room for an unsatisfied palate. Worthy of its own stand alone shout-out is the Rendang Tacos--braised short ribs, fresh pineapple and mango salsa and lime. Order two plates of this just for yourself and look at your lunch date like they may lose a limb if they even dare think to touch one. Never mistake kindness for weakness. Just kidding. The vibration at Rinjani in Glendale is all about love and love is sharing. The kind of attention you get here will fill you up. Of course, I’m doing a soft reference to those Happy Hour shrimp skewers when I say this, but it’s also the people. Manners and genuine kindness is not a dying art at Rinjani. Clearly, now the Happy Hour Sake for $8 is kicking in. You’ve got all day Tuesday and Wednesday for that alluring news. *(5-7 Thursday-Sunday as well).



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

107 East Broadway (at Brand Avenue) • Glendale, CA 91205 • 818-546-1273





t would take years of living in Southern California to find some of these sumptuous eateries. Pasadena has miles of shopping, restaurants and businesses-prosperity is on full display in this LA suburb--and all just minutes from downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood proper.




Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine

The finest and freshest Mediterranean food can be found on the second floor of a Pasadena hideaway titled Cafe Santorini. Tucked in a simple brick building with roots dating back to 1899, is a storehouse of grilled meats, traditional pastas, mouthwatering pizzas, wraps, paninis, salads, seafood and full bar for all the savvy locals in the know. We started with the baked-to-order shrimp saltado-jumbo shrimp baked in a garlic parmesan sauce with

grilled bread and roasted potatoes that were so soft, they surrendered at the touch of a fork. This decadent concoction took 10-15 minutes to bake and was worth every second of the wait. Don’t dare miss the star of the table: the red curry risotto with seafood. You will accidentally fill up on the generous serving of black mussels, clams and jumbo shrimp--the risotto will pack up easily as a stand alone to take back to your hotel. **Ventre Tip: Book lunch reservations in advance, this space is as lively as the flavors on your plate. Keeping Cafe Santorini on your radar is easy-visualize baby showers and birthday parties in the charming Mezzanine room or receptions up to 150 guests in the adjoining banquet hall called the Rococo Room. Call 626-564-4200 for all event space inquiries.

64 West Union Street (at Miller Alley- Historic Old Pasadena) • Pasadena, CA 91103 • 626-564-4200





For Him

GET THE LOOKCalifornia Did your body language just change? Whether aiming to up your confidence game before a big interview or looking to reinvent yourself in a new city, Moral Code will get you in fine feather.

High quality leather goods crafted in small quantities and never mass produced sounds like a winning combination to our ears. The first code to elevating your personal look is to find something not seen on every shelf. As you exit that job interview, the glowing review of how you pulled yourself together will speak within ear shot--or not. When looking to dress like a dapper executive with the latest Tesla, no one has to be the wiser with your public transportation existence. The prices are reasonable and the smell of the leather on the weekend bag has an allure all its own. The hunt for that unique card case, coin case, or watch box has come to an end. Moral Code is prepared to sexy up your accessories, too. “The Sublime”-- single monk strap with silver metallic leather speaks to you, but your finest hour may be the “The Scrupulous” --a dress wingtip with burnished patent leather and metallic underlay. The only wing man you’ll need on that first date is “The Miller”--Wingtip Brogue Blucher, a fashion forward wingtip with a mind of its own. The ability to cross over and walk in the shoes of the well-heeled for a moment is a gift. Give that to yourself everyday of the work week. The plan at Moral Code is to test your willpower, clearly.



Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Magazine • 833-289-2633 or email:




date NIGHT



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jumpsuits ROMPERS

For Her

GET THE LOOK California


If there is a palatable sense of change calling from your closet, Tahari ASL is here to help. You’ve seen this pulled together female boss either passing by at international airports or staring at you in the mirror. At Tahari ASL, it’s all about the details on the details-think high-neck chemical lace sheath with feminine ruffles edging the high neck and sides. It’s a mouthful we know, but so darn luxe on the human eye and even better in colorful pictures on your Instagram feed. Tahari ASL has distinctive and thoughtful fits that will replace your disposable finds and take up permanent residence in your armoire. Striped pant suits, beaded halterneck jumpsuits all showcase how feminine prowess is refined and reignited with the seasoned eye of Arthur S. Levine, the suit king of Seventh Avenue. Change up accessories and collections to go from boardroom to dinner with any client. Off-the-shoulder dress options caught our eye and many separates to boot. The crossover halter-neck floral jumpsuit takes your imagination to summer work brunch gatherings and Happy Hour first date romances without having to go home or back to the hotel. If you didn’t stop dancing until the DJ did last night, the reinforced quality of this clothing brand stayed in the fight with you.

And dancing people are never wrong. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM







with Lauren Goldstein

e all know, or at least

where you feel like nothing is getting

I hope we all know,

done and your business is eating you

that when you don the

alive. You know those moments when

new title entrepreneur

the thought of throwing in the towel

you are in for a rollercoaster ride. There

seems like your only option? Yeah, those

are ridiculously high highs, and some gut


wrenching lows. That begs the question,

Now I have been doing business strategy

how do we pull through those lows and

for long enough to know that those

make sure they are not fatal?

Personally, this matter has been


on my mind for a few months.


moments are the not so gentle nudges that say, “It’s time to pivot your business.” It

may not be a total 180, but it is time to make some changes and

More than once, my own business has caused me to really think

told me more than once that he wants to

make them fast or you and your business

about what I am doing and if it makes

throw in the towel. I used to take it with

won’t survive. If you find yourself in this

me happy. What concerns me even more

a grain of salt, yet the more he says it,

hauntingly similar situation, here is my

so is what I see with my father.

the more I think he might do it!

best advice - make a list.

Over the past 30 years, he has built his

Therefore, here I am, feeling helpless,

To properly set your expectations, know

small business into an internationally

and wondering how many of us go

that this list will be massive, as it should

recognized and respected authority

through those same moments of utter

be. I want you to list every last thing you

within his industry, but as of late he has

exhaustion and frustration; moments

do in your business from accounting,



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human resources, to bringing in the

forces you to focus on the things only you

bacon. Next I want you to break it down

can do that produce revenue, and better

into the following parts. First, things that

yet it clears out all the nonsensical stuff

you spend the most amount of time one.

that sucks your time and your energy.

Second, the things you hate doing the most. Third, the things you enjoy the

I know this may seem like such a

most. And lastly, the things that bring in

simple thing to do that it won’t make a

the most revenue that only you can do.

difference, but I am here to tell you if you actually do this and follow through,

Now these 4 parts to this list directly

not only will your life improve, your

correlate to what I call the 4 Ds. Do,

business will grow! When you can get out

Delegate, Defer, and Delete. This list is

of your own darn way and stop being

the most valuable thing when you feel

the bottleneck of your business, magic

like you’re being eaten alive. Chances are

happens. You’ll start to love your business

you don’t really hate your business, you

again. When the profit margins start to

just hate that you are being run by your

exponentially increase, you’ll love it even

business, rather than you running your


business like a boss. If you’re frustrated, drained, or Now that you have got this massive list

considering throwing in the towel, take

organized, it is time to turn and burn!

20 minutes to do this exercise and follow the plan I gave. Give it about 2 more

Go through the list, and I am not kidding

weeks and you will be amazed with how

here, if it doesn’t bring you revenue or

much smoother things are running and

joy it has to go - either delegate it or

how quickly you can bounce back from

delete it. I know you may be thinking

the inevitable highs and lows that we call

there is no way someone else can do this

the entrepreneurial roller coaster. Oh and

or there is no way we can cut this cold

don’t forget, you’ve got this!

“ Chances are, you don’t really hate your business, you just hate that you are being run by your business...


turkey, trust me, the answer is yes and YOU MUST! The magic of this is it takes the pressure cooker off of you, it








LIST OF SERVICES Paint Color Consultation | ReDecoration | Decor Shopping | Proper Furniture Layout | Proper Accessorizing & Placement Fixture & Finish Selection | Staging | Fix & Flips



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Our environmentally conscious cleaning products are designed to be openly displayed on your countertops. These uniquely packaged products are formulated from naturally derived ingredients and produce professional quality cleaning results in your home.


16 0Z. $9.99

Preserve your upholstery with our fabric cleaner. This gentle solution is safe for the most delicate fabrics, while effectively removing red wine, dirt, ink, coffee, blood and most stubborn stains. Simply blot the stain, apply the product, then let sit for five minutes and gently rub until the stain disappears. Reapply if necessary. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM



Your mother called. She said to put on sunscreen. And not just any sunscreen, the sunscreen she cooked up in the depths of her own kitchen, made from only the best ingredients she grew just for you in her own garden. Or, at least that’s what the Earth would say if it could talk… Raw Elements is certified natural, organic, and sustainably sourced sunscreen developed by an ocean lifeguard for the sole purpose to be good to you and good to the water he loves. While offering the ultimate in water and sweat broad spectrum



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performance – to the point where it can even be applied underwater! – it is safe for all ages, holds multiple certifications including Leaping Bunny and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and joined 1% for the Planet to guarantee that their products are not only safe for humans but for all ecosystems, as well. It also passed the all-important “DoesNot-Sting-If-It-RunsInto-Your-Eyes” Test! So, listen to your mother… Be good to her, and to yourself. Wear Raw Elements.






Organic, full leaf tea blends sent to your door in a gorgeous, high quality tins filled fresh when you order. And when we say full leaf, we mean full leaf, not crunched or broken. Freshly ground leaves ready to be steeped for their fullest flavor and health benefits.

The Perfect Matcha



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Ceremonial Matcha

Enjoy our ceremonial grade matcha, the finest matcha green tea in the world! With a smooth, silky, and sweet flavor, ceremonial matcha will bring joy and delight with its vibrant green pigment, and its unrivaled flavor. 1.5 oz TIN (approx. 40 servings)


The matcha, however, is ground from the best green tea leaves into a super fine powder. Why? Because just like green tea, matcha is packed with full of antioxidants, enzymes and amino acid. And the benefits are multiplied since you are actually consuming the whole full leaf ! With almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, this is a perfect matcha to your morning routine. VENTREMAGAZINE.COM



LSTN was founded with a singular purpose: to change lives through the power of music. Proceeds from sales of all LSTN products go towards giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide through our charity partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation.



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Known among beauty insiders as the

everything in between, we have a limited color

pioneering leader in luxury eco-friendly nail

selection that changes for all seasons.

polish, the quick success and notoriety of

Since it’s launch, the brand has expanded

PRITI NYC can be attested to it’s founder,

to include products such as soy nail polish

Kim D’Amato. The idea behind PRITI NYC

remover, a recycled glass nail file, and PRITI


came alive during her


pregnancy. D’Amato

Princess Nail Polish






effort to switch to

NYC Princess nail

organic foods and

polishes are housed

health products, yet

in 8ml size bottle (as

couldn’t seem to find

opposed to the 12

a way to


ml size of a standard

herself in the same

nail polish) - perfect

natural manner.

for the hands of tiny

PRITI NYC polishes are vegan, cruelty free

fashionistas. Many use them for travel. The

and gluten free. Free of toluene, dibutyl

PRITI NYC Princess Nail Polish Collection

phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin,

was named by the company’s honorary

and camphor, xylene, parabens, and TPHP.

creative director, Siena - who also happens to

These luxury polishes are fast drying, chip

be D’Amato’s daughter.

resistant, contain a UV inhibitor, and are

PRITI NYC is very active in working with

extremely durable and glossy. Available in

various charities and events in the community

over 100 different shades including cremes,


shimmers, sheers, metallics, classic nudes, and

women’s issues.










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THINK WITH YOUR VAGINA. Our 100% organic cotton tampons are free of harmful chemicals, rayon and fragrances, because we believe you should only put good stuff inside yourself.



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Our water-based formula is enriched with organic aloe vera, made to nourish your skin while enhancing your sexual pleasure. Our formula is pHbalanced, ensuring biocompatibility with a woman’s body chemistry.


*Available in Lavender or Unscented


Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (reconstituted Aloe vera), Xanthan Gum, Agar, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate (natural, food grade preservatives approved by leading natural product retailers for use in body care products and are used in trace amounts), Lactic Acid, organic-compliant Natural flavors VENTREMAGAZINE.COM





the business of giving back



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OUR MISSION We deliver joy by empowering and connecting remarkable, remote artisans to mindful customers.





ARTISAN BOX (Subscription)

Our Artisan Box is a monthly subscription featuring exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme by our editor to bring you exciting products that make you feel well traveled and connected with distant cultures around the world. 142  VENTRE


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It’s our passion to discover extraordinary, useful finds from all over the globe and share them with you. Our shop features products sourced from direct relationships with artisans as well as vetted partner organizations. From Mexican woven baskets to Ghanaian coasters, each handcrafted good we share with you is remarkably distinct.






WE USE BUSINESS FOR GOOD We empower remarkable artisans in remote areas with the tools to build sustainable businesses. Providing connection and guidance, we help our partners feel stronger, more confident and in control of their lives through the expansion of their craft. As servant leaders, we improve the lives of our artisans so they can take great care of themselves, their families and their communities. WE ARE THE SOUL OF CRAFT We love curating and sharing sublime creations made by hand with our community. We search the world for exceptional craftwork created by artists in small collectives where their techniques are rapidly vanishing. We believe that through our success, we can excite young artisans to learn these incredible techniques from their elders to help their art thrive. WE GIVE THE WORLD We help our customers discover amazing goods in distant lands from the comfort of their home. Through our delightful, useful and vibrant goods, we offer our customers the means to feel welltraveled and culturally experienced. For our artisans in the developing world, we give their business global reach as we connect them with customers to share their extraordinary creations and inspiring stories. 144  VENTRE


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WE ARE COMPASSIONATE STORYTELLERS We have love for everyone. We cultivate this sense of caring by treating others with compassion, reverence and respect. As we share powerful stories from our community, we help people realize that we can learn something from everyone and that each of us matters in a world that continues to grow more interconnected.






E n t r e p r e n e u r

L i f e s t y l e

M a g a z i n e

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