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Our newest creation is for those who are not head over heels for liquid and prefer to keep skin moisturized with a chic crème. We are excited to be introducing our latest edition to the lineup of nourishing and sophisticated scent provoking elixirs: supreme skin nourishment. This mini but mighty 2 oz jar contains ingredients that deliver ample topical radiance and glow. Organic virgin unrefined shea butter, pure mango butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil, pure kokum butter, pure cocoa butter, walnut oil, macadamia nut oil are whipped together to form an effective emollient full of potent properties to maximize your skin’s suppleness and beauty. The marriage between blood orange and Patchouli amongst the salve accentuates your pheromones and works to invigorate your olfactory sense.



Inspired by traditional Indian chai tea and packed with cardamom and vanilla this little lip balm will warm your lips naturally. Keep it with you always to soften + hydrate.

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