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Rebirth and it’s meta phori cal coast lines

Rebirth and it’s meta phori cal coast lines

The colour of the sea. Modified by the angle of the day the adjacent shallow leaden in delightful blue is given a milky appearance of Greek classical poets. A momentary glimpse of translucent green best observed from the interior of a sea-cave coloured by reflection from the animal’s face. A white object unusual colours finely divided with the azure blue churns up from below.

Distant objects.

The horizon hidden below recognisable landscapes of fairy-tale castles influences the sea's proximity and the refraction of air for the same reason.

The feel of water.

Little slimy stings cuts and grazes attracting moisture. Ordinary soap meant for a special being.

Variety and interest.

The depths misleadingly holdfast like a root in spite of their appearance the flower-like difference has special claim on our attention for their is reason to believe that ourselves are descended from brine.


Perfectly calm in sheltered ripples the glare of sunshine can be painfully dazzling but the gentle glow of moonbeams harbour liquid when eyes are opened strange water scenery and its even stranger skin.

The life.

A finely meshed net with a greenish-brown scum a very complicated structure of death sinks into depths dependent on daylight drift slowly down to them as invisible as a bitter taste.


Posses cells by means of comb-like eggs with intermediate gooseberry appearance. Entrap the thimble plainly visible.


Resembling an enormous bulge the earth is lowered into water. Exactly when we're surrounded almost stationary directed towards a clear run into other oceans.

Some ancient legend.

The idea of the existence three distinct types of squid-like tentacles impossible as this sounds was ridiculed by fragments of light. Whatever the truth suspect the second part of living.

List of plates.

These words are true they remain on the edge of great waters wonders in the deep detail of the world. To come by movements convulse swirling submerged by the fascinating. I have found my pleasure. Published in association with

Rebirth and it's metaphorical coastlines  

Booklet of surrealist poetry