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Bound 2 Discourse The Misrepresentation of an Artist

looool what trash is this


Read it...

I did and was laughing


Wats ur take on the vid g...

Trash including the album's like a failed mixtape


You know what...When it first started I thought it was gonna be a really interesting vid, some really nice professional and arty shots at the beginning, good editing. Then it just cuts to green screen for the rest of it...just looks low budget and tacky. Bike that aint moving lol. Got Kim in the vid just because...”Look at how in love I am” “Look at my bad bitch”...Its the same shit for the entire video. This guy talking about he’s a creative genius, wtf was that. Was I supposed to be entertained? Was it thought provoking? No! Lame, pointless video

Song’s not exactly great either


Fair point. I thought that at first... But i video so bad that it has to have been done on purpose. Definately something underlining i think... Think its so wierd and so bad that its good

Im not defending him... im highlighting what alot of people will fail to recognise because the new stuff Ye has brought out is so far different in terms of how it sounds to his older stuff, people expected one ting and got something else. Don't think of Kanye as a Rapper, he is an artist in his pure form and the medium he used to express him self is through music. Picasso cut his ear off cz he went abit coo coo, he is labeled as a genius artist. Don't let someones personality get in the way of u judging the art for what it is... u may not like it...but there is always a method and means behind the madness



and remember the fact that ur talking about the vidoe and taking the time out to comment about it means you care, you have an opinion, which is what an artist is trying to provoke out of you


he hasnt provoken me. i just the video is shit and he’s going downhill is that what an artist wants?

Personally, I think he has an inflated sense of how good he is. What’s the point of having a great message if it gets lost in translation? A true artist lets the work speak for itself.


exactly..his ego has gotten to him. but kanye fans are too scared to critique him as they will be label haters. he used to be good but his “expression� isnt art. its attention seeking

Critique him about what tho? Liked the album, just because you didn’t doesn’t mean im scared to crituque him? Some of the people that ive met in industry who have worked with Kanye tell me that he is very polite and decent to work with. No one likes a big shot chauvinistic I get that. When I speak about Kanye, I am speaking about the actual Material he processes. If Michael Jackson was a Douche bag but still made all of that great music would you deny that he was a genius and that he’s music wasn’t great? Point being, His character doesn’t play a part in my judgement, weather you decide to let that play a part in your judgement is up to you


Video is gash. I think u can look at anything and try and find genius. All this report is someone looking for genius and finding something he believes in genius. I like the song, I like the album. The video just awful.

The video is suppose to be wack! lol You think Kanye West.. with all the other great videos he has done... is gona out out a video like bound 2 and not realise it isn’t great interms of production? The entire video is slapstick, tounge n cheek if u will. You think because the quality is poor that there isn’t a message behind it? come on guys... im not sayin its the best video ever made... he obviously made it to be awful for a reason


lol i give up..kanye fans would try and find genius in anything..he could wear a dress and you would say its artistic

nah.. when him n ASAP did the dress thing and tried to say it was a long t-shirt I was like... Come on Son.. thats a dress! lol


I wouldn’t mind Kanyes ego so much if his work actually lived up to it. Yeezus was ok. I like New Slaves, but in my opinion, alot of the tracks lacked structure. But I can appreciate its creative. I liked some of the sounds especially the beat for On Sight. Bound 2, I mean... really? Its not great rap is it. Alot of long pauses, lazy rhymes. And a shit video to go with it lool. If you’re gonna call yourself a creative genius, at least be one.

I’m a kanye west fan, always have been since college dropout, I think he’s a creative genius. Always does things that no artist would say...actually mos def is just as loud but a little more subtle. But I liked Yeezus. Not the best album of his but it was enjoyable, I think the reason why people are negative about the video is when you hear the song you picture a whole different video and people obviously hate kim that’s why


U expect one thing.. and get something else... Im done

But from complaining about spending over a million on the Touch the sky video to spending job seekers allowance on Bound...the video is dreadful


and all i have to say is LOL

Don’t get me wrong tho I think the dude has made a lot of quality music, I have all his albums apart from this one and Watch The Throne. Most of them are pretty good, but I see a decline. I think that when you get too caught up in your own hype and self absorbed it can affect the music


I kind of and kind of not agree. His ego is huge but I don’t think it affects his music cause look at dark twisted fantasy. Classic album. I think women affect is music. Think about it

Also, just because someone does something unexpected...doesn’t automatically make them a pioneer, groundbreaking or “genius”. Sometimes it’s just shit lol


This conversation about the video has taken longer than the actual video took to make.

its just another marketing scheme, make something that bad people will watch it and talk about it regardless. truth is its lyrically terrible! kanye lost the plot a long time ago


Kanye went down hill a few years back for me! before he turned into a arrogant obnoxious prick

It's like a good looking girl that knows she is good looking, instantly she becomes ugly. That's Kanye


*Van Gogh


Bound 2 Discourse The Misrepresentation of an Artist

An observable misrepresentation from one artist to another, Kanye West & Pablo Picasso. Sourced and transcribed from a single Facebook feed. The text remains verbatim.

Bound 2 Discourse  
Bound 2 Discourse  

The Misrepresentation of an Artist