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Lovely By: Sarah Jessica Parker

With KC Aka Kara &Cassie “Don’t make good first impresstions, make great long lasting one.” -Kara & Cassie

This perfume says it all. It is truly lovely. Not to strong and nor is it weak! Its great for those nights out or Valentines day! Any man will fall over after smelling this perfume! This would be a great gift to get for your sweetie! Very appropriate for this upcoming holiday! This bottle can run from $35-80 a bottle. Remember check out discounted stores. The more money you save.. the more money you can spend on your sweetie. This lucky lady will definitely appreciate the gift.

Spirit By: Antonio Bandera’s

The Shoe Wheel This little product is a great way for all you shoe people to keep your kicks organized and ready to go.



Men- unfortunately spraying this cologne will not give you a seducing accent and long sexy hair. Fortunately this cologne will make you smell amazing and ladies will go crazy once they inhale this heaven on you! This Bottle can run anywhere from $30-60. Ladies, this would be a great Valentines gift also. It’s a great way to tell your man that he needs to smell better! In a nice way.

Cream babydoll tank. Target 19$


-Bags under your eye? Try warm tea bags on each eye. Chunky bangle adds to your outfit.

-Try Main n Tail shampoo for horses on your own hair! Works better than most shampoos. -Tooth paste works great to make any silver shine.

Issaic mizahe 7$ target. Snake skin mary jane flats.

High waisted hot pants, denim. Gold buttons. Gives any look a nautical look. 7$ tj maxx

-If you sound like a horse in heels, its time to retire them. Tall people -Taller bodies can take larger prints and bolder colors. -Tired of green around the

The word “corduroy” neck or finger from your costume jewelry? Try basting comes from the French the jewelry in clear finger nail word “ cord du roi” polish. meaning “cloth of the VENTMAGAZINE FEB. 2009 | SOLUTION #2 .09 king”.

Vent Magazine Feb.  

Vent Magazine Owensboro Kentucky

Vent Magazine Feb.  

Vent Magazine Owensboro Kentucky