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Chef: Gary Pickrell, Owner/ cook of Garys Drive- In


It started in 1970 when Gary married his wife Donna Tretter. They made an agreement -or should I say a deal, that Gary would be the cook of the house and Donna would be the cleanup person. Well that agreement still holds to this day in the Pickrell household. Gary has been cooking for his family and friends for more than thirty years and this the reason why VENT has chosen him for Chef of the Month. Gary stated, “I would go to various restaurants to try something new and I would actually come home and try to duplicate it.” With this said, we can surely say that Gary is a very creative person. On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of dinning with the Pickrells. Let me tell you, it was FABULOUS. We started off with a garden salad served with homemade dressing, then a entree that literally melted in my mouth. A marinated beef tenderloin, so moist and juicy that fell apart with a forks

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touch, fresh whole green beans wrapped in bacon, river potatoes that was cooked to perfection, and hot sweet rolls to top the meal off. When I think about the dinner, the taste still savors in my mouth today. Other than cooking for his friends and family, Gary also cooks for his customers. It was known as the Cree-mee Drive In in 1954, transferred to a burger joint owned by Carl F. Stewart in 1968, and today it is now Gary’s Drive In, owned by our chef of the month himself, Gary Pickrell. Gary bought the establishment in October 2000 and business is still going strong today. All items on the menu are cooked to order; nothing is left under a heating lamp. Fresh food, delicious milk shakes, signature soups with choices of bean, potato, vegetable, chili, and even Hoppin John, what more could you ask for? Not to mention the comfortable and cozy dining atmosphere gives Gary’s Drive In a great quaint place to gather. Besides the fact that this man has a Drive In, a hefty household chore, he also caters on the side. Can you say passionate? Gary’s love for cooking has been expressed throughout this article and he mentions, “Cooking gives me pleasure and I do it to relax.” Enough said, as for me I’ll just stick to the couch and the television for relaxation and hopefully Gary might invite me over for dinner again.


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