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Internet has became the most popular form of entertainment for teenagers as well as adults. Some of the more well-known web sites include,, and for millions of people Youtube is an entertainment website much like many others with the exception of public use. The aforementioned website is geared towards providing you, the public, with the ability to display your home videos; many of which have been shot for the sole purpose of Youtube. According to,Youtube has produced over 91 million logins monthly and over 5 billion videos. An average viewer watches 54.8 videos during their surf time. Youtube allows the public to establish their own screen name and post their own videos. One of many good things about Youtube is that it is a no nudity site so most videos are suitable for all ages; you can find

anything from funny animals (*Funny Animal Video and Picture Collection*) to your average village idiot (*Ross doing a back flip off the blue bridge*) looking for his fifteen minutes of fame. Also included on the website are helpful instructional how-to videos(*How to Remove Scratches From Any DVD*) and various popular television clips(*Rob & Big Season 3 Trailer*) that can be viewed at your convenience. Then you can’t for get the newest movie trailer (* X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer*). The most ridiculous music videos (*Electric Feel - MGMT - The Rock-fire Explosion*) Vent Magazine has spent many hours on Youtube finding our favorite videos, we have narrowed it down to our top ten list. So here are our favorite videos:

1 (*Beyonce Battle*) This is hard to watch but even harder to look away.

6 (*Terry Tate Office Linebacker*) Be glad you dont have terry in your office.

2 (*Leprechaun Sighting*) Have you seen the leprechaun ? 3 (*Seven-year-old boy steals grandmother’s SUV*) Hide your keys

7 (*Baltimore cops V.S. skateboarder*) DON’T CALL ME DUDE !

from this little one.

8 (*Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis*) WOOOO WOOOO That’s it and that’s all.

4 (*Obama and McCain - Dance Off!*) This is no high school dance.

9 (*Indian Thriller*) THE BEST THRILLER EVER !

5 (*brokeback to the future*) Marty McFly and doc have something

10 (*Ken Block Gymkhana Practice*) If your a car person you cant miss this.

So there you have our top ten, let us know what you think or send us a funny link to your favorite video ( We here at Vent Video encourages you to log onto and look at your local filmstars such as “Nosurfers,” which is a group of local teens including Drew and Nolan Bramschriber, Janssen Payne, Matt Hayden, Colton Millay, Benjamin Biggs and many others that found themselves bored and looking to have some fun. Their

videos are prime examples of Owensboro’s youth at it’s best...boredom with a video camera. You will find funny parodies and nosurfers productions original videos. Here at Vent we encourage the public to give their own opinions, so if you have any Youtube videos you want us to see send them to us at Hope to hear from you soon!

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